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Heartwarming moments from Classic Who.

    Season 1 
An Unearthly Child
  • Ian and Barbara helping to heal Za despite The Doctor's protests.
  • Many little moments which show the care Ian and Barbara have for Susan, such as reassuring her when she can't find her grandfather, and gently explaining why Hur lashes out in jealousy when Susan tries to help Za. Despite the shocking revelation that Susan is not from their world, and the fact that, with good reason, they don't yet trust the Doctor, they clearly still regard her as a student in their care.
  • The Doctor is genuinely contrite when the group are trapped in the Cave of Skulls, and tries to comfort Barbara.
    Doctor: "Fear makes companions of us all, Miss Wright."
  • In the last episode of the serial, Za asks Ian if he is the leader of his "tribe". Ian nods towards the Doctor and simply says "No. He is." It's often a CMOH when people first decide to trust the Doctor, but much more so for Ian, who was effectively kidnapped by the man and so recently saw him attempt murder. A little moment which gains so much more weight with hindsight.

The Daleks

  • At the start of the story, Barbara is dismayed to find that the TARDIS hasn't returned to Earth, and horrified by the suggestion that the Doctor may not even be able to bring her and Ian home.
    Barbara: "I counted so much on just going back... to things I recognise and trust. But here there's nothing to rely on, nothing."
    Ian: "There's me."
  • When the Doctor is told the Daleks plan to wipe out the Thals and he exclaims: "That's sheer murder!" It's one of the first times we see the Doctor show compassion for anyone besides Susan.

The Edge of Destruction

  • Ian's frantic and unfortunately misunderstood attempt to pull the Doctor away from the controls. Despite his delirium and the fact that in their last conversation the Doctor accused him and Barbara of sabotage, his only concern is protecting the Doctor.
  • The Doctor and Barbara's reconciliation.
    • Mostly, when the Doctor acknowledges his threatening to throw her and Ian out the TARDIS was out of line.
    • During his rant about all the reasons he should throw Ian and Barbara off the TARDIS, the Doctor mentioned that his machine is "very valuable". After he reconciles with Barbara, he helps her put on a warm coat for the cold weather, and as he does so, this is nicely echoed with:
    Doctor: "We must look after you, you know? You're very valuable."
  • The Doctor hugging Susan when the danger is over, telling her she was very brave and that he's proud of her.
  • The final scenes of everyone preparing to go out onto the snowy mountains. The Doctor helps Barbara with her coat and gives her his arm, the two lightheartedly compliment Ian on his dashing new ulster, Susan lobs a snowball at Barbara and cheerfully urges everyone outside - in short, the TARDIS team looks like a proper family just going out to have fun in the snow together.

Marco Polo

  • When Barbara discovers that Susan and her new friend Ping-Cho have wandered out of bed and been caught up in a desert sandstorm, she has to be physically restrained from running headlong into the storm after them.

The Keys of Marinus

  • The Doctor defending Ian in court, without anyone forcing him into it. In fact, he volunteers to act as defence the moment he finds out about the situation.

The Aztecs

  • The Doctor's inability to leave Cameca's seal behind.
  • The Doctor's evident relief on seeing Ian alive after thinking he'd been trapped inside the tomb by Ixta.
  • High Priest Autloc freely gives away his entire worldly wealth in exchange for Susan's life, despite knowing her very briefly and having doubts about the identity of "Yetaxa".

The Sensorites

  • The opening scene with the TARDIS crew remarking on their adventures and how much fun they've had together. It's hard to imagine that they were antagonistic towards each other in the first serial.
  • Barbara cradling John as he cries like a child, saying "Don't be afraid. We'll take care of you." This is in stark contrast to the danger Maitland and Carol feared John might pose to Susan and Barbara.
  • While Barbara and Susan are trapped with the seemingly deranged John, the aliens telepathically induce John to try and frighten the girls, thus making them easier to control. Despite obviously being drained of strength and will, he fights off the Sensorites when Barbara says she trusts him to protect them.
    Barbara: "John, we're not afraid."
    John: "...Not afraid?"
    Barbara: "Not while we have you to protect us."
  • When John's finally restored to normal, Carol is reduced to Tears of Joy.

The Reign of Terror

  • Little Jean-Pierre if for nothing else, saving the First Doctor from being burned to death.
  • In what is overall a pretty bleak serial, set as it is during one of the darkest periods in French history, the selfless, heroic efforts of Jules and his friends to rescue innocent strangers from the guillotine stand out in relief.
    • Made even more heartwarming when it is eventually revealed that, contrary to Ian and Barbara's assumptions, Jules is not a member of the nobility, and in fact his social class would make him a natural ally of the revolution. He is nonetheless saving lives and trying to subvert the tyranny ruling France because it is the right thing to do.

    Season 2 
Planet Of Giants
  • The Doctor almost immediately apologises to Barbara for snapping at her during an emergency. It serves as a nice reminder of how far his Character Development has come.
    The Doctor: "Oh, my dear Barbara, was I rude to you just now? If so, I’m so sorry. I-I always forget the niceties under pressure. Please forgive me."
    Barbara: (smiling warmly) "There's nothing to forgive."
  • The Doctor behaving like a kindly grandfather to his human companions, particularly Barbara - constantly reminding them to be careful, telling Barbara to rest, climbing up the brick instead of her, insisting "Now, now let me do it, you might hurt yourself. You just rest easy." These are the people he kidnapped because of mistrust, and whom he willfully endangered and threatened back in season 1, and now he's as protective of them as he was with Susan.
    • One more little moment comes in the second episode when he encourages Susan, saying they have to constantly remind themselves that Ian and Barbara need their help. FirstSeason!Doctor probably would have left them without a second thought.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

  • Susan is unable to hide her joy on discovering that the TARDIS arrived in the wrong time to drop off Ian and Barbara.
    Susan: "I'm sorry Barbara. Is it selfish to want us all to stay together?"
  • The Doctor convinces Tyler to spare the life of a Roboman. Just in case there was the slightest scrap of doubt that he has Taken A Level In Kindness since An Unearthly Child.
  • The Doctor decides to leave Susan behind so she can marry a nice young resistance fighter and have some stability in her life. This scene is often viewed as the defining moment for the First Doctor's kindness and the show's future in general.
    The Doctor: "One day, I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye, Susan."

The Rescue

  • The Doctor is passing out directions and stops cold when he starts to say something to Susan, who is no longer there. Barbara offers to let the Doctor show her what needs to be done.
  • The Doctor's first one-on-one conversation with Vicki. He comforts her and assures her that they are not there to ruin things for Vicki as she fears they will. He also convinces her to forgive Barbara for Barbara's Hands Off My Fluffy! moment.
    • The way Vicki immediately takes to the Doctor is pretty sweet. When he explains that, in the same situation, he might also have killed Sandy, she protests "No! You haven't got the sort of face that kills things."
    Vicki: "It's funny, but as soon as he walked in, I felt that you could trust him."
  • Vicki the Heartwarming Orphan becoming the first person the Doctor invites onto the TARDIS. Made doubly heartwarming when he enters the TARDIS to let her consider her choice and Ian and Barbara, who are already inside and have not heard the Doctor's conversation with the girl, immediately start to ask if it's possible to bring Vicki with them.
  • The Doctor taking Vicki onboard marks the moment his character softened. Without prompting from Ian or Barbara, he takes on an orphaned teenaged girl stuck on a miserable planet because it's the right thing to do.

The Romans

  • Ian and Barbara's playful Ship Tease moments in the villa at the start and end of the serial.

The Web Planet

  • The ending. After five episodes of torment and tension from the threat of the psychic superpower Animus, the Zarbi, who had been mind controlled, are at peace with the heroes (Barbara even pets a Zarbi larva) and the Optera, who had been living in constant pain underground, playfully prance around in the daylight. When they leave, the Menoptra deliver a "they shall be remembered" speech.
    "Their deeds shall be sung in the temples of light. Viktos shall remind us of the time as it circles Vortis. Every time it points to the needle of the kings, as it does now, we shall weep songs to praise the Gods of light, and thank them that they sent the Earth people to save us from the Animus."

The Crusade

  • When the Doctor agrees to leave Vicki in the care of Princess Joanna, she's worried that he sees her as a burden and he might disappear. He reassures her, tells her he's just trying to keep her as safe as possible, and they cuddle.

The Chase:

  • Ian and Barbara use a Dalek time machine to return home, followed by a picture montage of them lollygagging around London, complete with Ian freaking out upon seeing a police box then finding out it's a real one.

The Time Meddler:

  • At the beginning of the episode, Vicki and the Doctor are mulling over Ian and Barbara's departure, the latter doing a very poor job of hiding how sorry he is to lose them, and the Doctor takes Vicki aside to ask her if she also wants to go home.
    Doctor: "I just wanted to ask you, are you sure you didn't want to go home too? I didn't give you very much time to consider now, did I? I should hate to think that you're just staying for the sake of an old man."
    Vicki: "Oh, Doctor! I made my decision. I wanted to stay."
    • And then they hug.

    Season 3 
The Massacre
  • Dodo coming aboard the TARDIS towards the end of the story. Steven realising Anne may have survived after all, the Doctor highlighting her resemblance of Susan, and Steven forgiving the Doctor and returning to the TARDIS. The preceding serial has been so utterly bleak and tragic for both of them (as was the one before it, given the deaths of Bret, Katarina and Sara), that it's wonderful to see some form of hope return - in the form of the young girl with the soon-to-be-revoked Mancunian accent.

The Gunfighters

  • In the final episode, when Johnny Ringo is holding Dodo as a hostage, Doc Holliday, who has throughout the serial been presented as an unscrupulous, self-interested outlaw, throws down his gun to save her. Luckily, she's a Plucky Girl and manages to return the favour before Johnny shoots him.

    Season 4 
The Evil of the Daleks
  • The humanized Daleks playing trains with the Doctor.
    The Doctor: "Jamie! They're taking me for a ride! They're playing a game!"
  • Jamie calling out the Doctor for manipulating him to use in his plan against the Daleks. It's the first real argument the pair have. Their reconciliation, as well as the Doctor's explanation of his actions, definitely deserves a place here.
    Jamie: "You don't give that much for a living soul except yourself!"
    The Doctor: "I care about life. I care about human beings. Do you think I let you go through that Dalek test lightly?"
    Jamie: "I don't know.... (softens) Did you?"
  • The Doctor explaining to Alpha, Beta and Omega that he and Jamie are their friends.
    Alpha, Beta, Omega: "Jamie. Doctor. Friends."

    Season 5 
The Tomb of the Cybermen
  • The Doctor's speech to Victoria where he comforts her over her recently deceased father.
    Victoria: "You probably can't remember your family."
    The Doctor: "Oh yes, I can when I want to. And that's the point, really. I have to really want to, to bring them back in front of my eyes. The rest of the time they... they sleep in my mind and I forget. And so will you. Oh yes, you will. You'll find there's so much else to think about. To remember. Our lives are different to anybody else's. That's the exciting thing, that nobody in the universe can do what we're doing."
    • Also, the fact that Victoria, having recently learned that the Doctor is Really 700 Years Old (well, 450, but you know what we mean), tries to stay awake longer on her night shift to watch the Cyber-Tomb, reasoning that as a very elderly man he must need a lot more rest. He doesn't, of course, but it's still a very sweet thought of her and he's clearly a bit touched by it.
  • While Jamie and the Doctor have few qualms about entering the Tomb, Victoria is too frightened to go in, prompting the Doctor and Jamie to comfort her and take her mind off things by complimenting her outfit, with the Doctor even going so far as to crack a joke at Jamie's own clothes, which Jamie takes in stride since he knows it's only to make Victoria feel better, and wasn't meant in earnest

    Season 6 
The Mind Robber
  • Despite acknowledging them all as fictional, Zoe expresses concern for all of the characters they've encountered throughout the story as they leave, acknowledging them as "our friends". Made even better when the Doctor confirms they will be ok.

The War Games

  • The Second Doctor's heartfelt goodbyes to Jamie and Zoe.
    • The fact that they both get to retain at least one meeting with the Doctor. The Time Lords show him (and us) enough to confirm that they really will be okay, and one of them even seems a little sympathetic.
  • The Time Lords accept the Doctor's argument that there are some evils out there which must be fought, and rather than kill or imprison him, they give him the relatively light sentence of exiling him on his favourite planet, and even let him choose what his next regeneration will look like. Considering how stern and aloof they're presented as throughout this story, and given their later portrayals, it's nice to know that the High Council do have some kindness in their hearts.

    Season 7 
Doctor Who and the Silurians
  • "Hello. Are you a Silurian?"


  • The Doctor has escaped the destruction of the parallel Earth in and meets Sir Keith, who was only slightly injured in his version of the car accident his counterpart died in. The Doctor realises that "Free will is not an illusion" and that therefore this Earth can still be saved.
  • The last scene where the Doctor has another argument with the Brigadier and storms off in the TARDIS, only to turn up seconds later covered in dirt from the local dump. The usually proud Third Doctor is forced to sheepishly ask the Brigadier for some help recovering his TARDIS. The Brigadier repeats one of the Doctor's insults, but in a lightly mocking rather than vindictive manner. And then they wander off together, arms around each other's shoulders while Liz chuckles.

    Season 8 
Terror of the Autons
  • The Doctor not being able to fire Jo despite her earlier mistake. And the glare he gives the Brigadier for forcing him to show his softer side and taking her on, as the Brig knew he would.
  • After being hypnotized by the Master and nearly killing them, it's understandable that the Doctor might've been angry at Jo's carelessness. Instead, he hastens to assure her that it's not her fault.

The Mind of Evil

  • The final scene after the Master calls the Doctor to taunt him, and the Doctor engages in some friendly banter with the Brigadier:
    The Doctor: "He's got his TARDIS back. He's free to come and go as he pleases while I'm stuck here on Earth. With you, Brigadier!"
    * The whole story is full of them being Vitriolic Best Buds, with the Doctor complaining, "For once in your life, could you manage to arrive before the nick of time?" and the Brig just smiling.

The Daemons

  • When the Doctor goes into the dig, he offers Jo the chance to stay outside, but she immediately declares that she wants to stay with him...if she won't be in the way, that is. The Doctor smiles gently and tells her he'll be glad of the company. Nice to see how much he's grown to appreciate her in the course of just a couple of stories.
    • In fact, throughout most of the story, even if he is grabbing the Jerkass Ball for much of it, he often has Jo help him with the exposition and treats her kindly, if a little impatiently at times.
  • Azal is almost swayed by the Doctor's eloquent defense of humanity and offers him the power to rule them instead of the Master. The Doctor of course refuses, and Azal angrily decides to kill him. Jo, in an almost insane act of courage offers herself in the Doctor's place. Unable to comprehend self-sacrifice, Azal literally suffers a Critical Existence Failure as a consequence of both the Doctor and Jo's selflessness.
    • Also the Doctor's response to Jo's action. Sure, he calls it ridiculous and foolhardy... But the way he looks at her...
  • The fact that, when the Master thinks he's actually killed the Doctor, he looks upset at the thought of a universe without his best enemy, and perhaps a little relieved when he hears that the Doctor is still alive.
  • When Jo gets captured, both the Doctor and the Brig get close to panic, and demand that Osgood activate the machine now.
  • In a strange way, the fact that Azal chooses the Doctor as being worthy to handle his immense power.
  • "You see, Jo? There is magic in the world after all".

    Season 9 
Day of the Daleks
  • The culmination of the Controller's Heel–Face Turn, by letting the Doctor and Jo escape, and his "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner:
    Controller: "Who knows? I may have helped to exterminate you,"
  • When the Doctor and Jo run up to the Brigadier, demand that he evacuate the conference, and later tell him to have his men fall back and let the Daleks into the house, the Brig barely hesitates at all to do what they ask with no explanation, even shouting down Sir Reginald and demanding he leave the house.

The Time Monster

  • The king of Atlantis being a Nice Guy and Reasonable Authority Figure is just very sweet to see. Pity about his wife.
  • Jo and Lakis have a nice Friendship Moment as she tries on Atlantean clothes.
  • The Doctor opens up to Jo about a dark day in his childhood and how a wise hermit helped him to see the beauty in life again.
    The Doctor: "It was the daisiest daisy I'd ever seen."
    • In general, seeing Jo's Undying Loyalty toward the Doctor, and his concern for her. It's clear to see they've come a long way since their first meeting.
  • The Master also seems somewhat touched that the Doctor speaks up for him against Chronos, and admits he'll actually miss him when he thinks he's dead.

    Season 10 

"The Three Doctors"

  • The Brigadier's salute to both Doctors as he prepares to leave the antimatter universe. "Splendid chaps, both of you."
  • Jo comforting the Doctor after he was forced to (he thinks) kill Omega.
  • The Time Lords recognize the Doctor's worthiness as well, by restoring his freedom to him.

Planet of the Daleks

  • The Doctor's speech to Codal about the true meaning of bravery.
    Codal: "Why didn't they kill us straight away, Doctor?"
    The Doctor: "Oh, I expect they're saving us for interrogation. They'll want to know what we're doing on this planet. You know, what you did back there, leading the searchers away from us, was very courageous."
    Codal: "I just didn't give myself time to think. If I had, I certainly wouldn't have taken the risk."
    The Doctor: "Oh, I don't know. I think you're doing yourself rather an injustice there. If you hadn't acted the way you did, we'd have all been captured. They give medals for that sort of bravery."
    Codal: "Bravery? I've been terrified ever since I landed on this planet. It's different for Taron and Vaber, they're professionals. They've seen action before."
    The Doctor: "And do you think they're any the less brave because of that?"
    Codal: "They know how to deal with fear. They're used to living close to death. I'm not. I'm a scientist, not an adventurer."
    The Doctor: "Well, forgive me if I'm wrong, but aren't you a volunteer?"
    Codal: "Yes."
    The Doctor: "Then you must have known what you were getting into?"
    Codal: "No. None of us did. We're not a warlike people, Doctor. We've only just developed space flight. No one had attempted a voyage of this length before, but every man and woman from my division volunteered. Over six hundred of them. You see, I didn't even have the courage to be the odd man out. What are you laughing at?"
    The Doctor: "Ah, you, my friend. You may be a very brilliant scientist but you have very little understanding of people, particularly yourself. Courage isn't just a matter of not being frightened, you know."
    Codal: "What is it, then?"
    The Doctor: "It's being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway, just as you did."

The Green Death

  • The Doctor giving Jo a Metebelis III crystal as a wedding present, and his obvious sadness as she leaves him to get married.
    • Indeed, all of Jo and Cliff's Ship Tease is quite adorable. Unlike some companion departure stories, it's clearly shown that Jo has grown up and become a formidable woman in her own right, one who doesn't need the Doctor anymore.
    "So, the fledgling flies the coop."
  • The dialogue at the beginning, where Jo and the Doctor are both ignoring one another to talk about where they're going, and then teasing each other about "never listening to a word [the other] says!"

    Season 11 
Planet of the Spiders
  • Tommy, a mentally disabled man with a heart of gold, having his mind cleared and healed by the Metebelis crystal, making him intelligent with no drawbacks. He has an overjoyed reaction when he finds out he can read with ease.
  • The friendship between the Doctor and K'anpo, one of the very few times-perhaps the first-that the Doctor has ever been humble onscreen.
  • Mike Yates attempting to make up for his earlier mistakes. Sure, he gets the Doctor killed, but he does seem genuinely repentant for his previous actions.
  • The Doctor's regeneration, a major shift from the Tear Jerker Two got, but especially his final line:
    "A tear, Sarah Jane? No, don't cry. While there's life, there's..."

    Season 12 
  • Sarah's acceptance of the jelly baby at the end of the story. Heck, the final scene of "Robot" altogether!
    • After Sarah takes the jelly baby, the Doctor gives her an absolutely Adorkable smile.
  • Sarah defending K1 after it'd had a minor mental breakdown after being ordered to kill. Asking it if it was all right, and treating it like a fellow sentient being.

The Ark in Space

  • The Doctor's famous Homo sapiens speech, acknowledging that the human race is one of the most extraordinary species he's ever met.
  • Noah and Vira's heartfelt exchange when Noah is revived.
  • Despite being The Stoic for most of the story, when Sarah Jane is going into the air vents and is clearly nervous, Vira gives her a warm "good luck" and a genuine smile.
  • The Doctor turning up at the end after being thought dead and acknowledging that it's thanks to Rogin's sacrifice.
  • Noah using his last grip on humanity to lead the other Wyrrn into the self-destructing shuttle and sending Vira a goodbye message just before it explodes. Vira is awed at his act while the Doctor is stunned.
    • Vira notably becomes less stoic after this point, now that humanity's future has been saved.
  • Sarah and Harry accompanying the Doctor down to Earth, even though he didn't ask them and was probably hoping to keep them out of danger.
    The Doctor: "I don't remember inviting you two."
    Sarah: "Er, no, you didn't. But here we are."
    Harry: "Well, the Brigadier did tell me to stick with you, Doctor, and orders is orders."
  • Vira, who has been an Emotionless Girl for the entire story, happily accepting a bag of jelly babies from the Doctor at the end.

The Sontaran Experiment

  • Harry and the Doctor, both of whom are usually cool in the face of danger, are visibly appalled at Styre's experiments on Sarah.
  • Vural's comrades refusing to kill him, even though they know he's a traitor. Styre is quite nonplussed at this.

Genesis of the Daleks

  • Harry's absolute refusal to leave the Doctor after he's stood on a landmine.
  • The Doctor hugging Sarah and Harry when they are reunited, thinking they'd been killed.
  • The "big one", of course, which serves as the ultimate proof of the Doctor's nigh limitless compassion:
    Sarah: "Well what are you waiting for?"
    The Doctor: "Just touch these two strands together and the Daleks are finished. (pause) Have I that right?"
    Sarah: "To destroy the Daleks you can't doubt it!"
    The Doctor: "But I do. You see, some things could be better with the Daleks. Many future worlds will become allies just because of their fear of the Daleks."
    Sarah: "But - But it isn't like that -"
    The Doctor: "But the final responsibility is mine. And mine alone. Listen, if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to become a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?"
    Sarah: (pause) "We're talking about the Daleks. The most evil creatures ever invented. You must destroy them! You must complete your mission for the Time Lords!"
    The Doctor: "Do I have the right? Simply touch one wire against the other, and that's it: the Daleks cease to exist. Hundreds of millions of people, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and never even know the word "Dalek"."
    Sarah: "Then why wait? If it was a disease or some sort of bacteria you were destroying you wouldn't hesitate!"
    The Doctor: "But if I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent lifeform, then I become like them. I'd be no better than the Daleks."
    Sarah: "But think of all the suffering there will be if you don't do it!"
    (Gharman then appears and tells them that Davros has agreed to negotiate.)
    The Doctor: "I'm grateful to you Gharman. More grateful than I can tell you."
    (Rips the wires out of the socket.)
  • The fact that despite the endless war, the majority of Kaleds not only see the Dalek project for what it really is, but actually revolt against it and demand a new leader and a new democratic system.
  • The final shot of the three friends drifting off together at last:
    Sarah: "You don't seem too disappointed. We've failed. Haven't we?"
    The Doctor: "Failed? No, not really. You see, I know that while the Daleks will create havoc and destruction for millions of years, I know also that out of their evil must come something good."

Revenge of the Cybermen

  • The look of relief on the Doctor's face when he gets the transmat working and saves Sarah's life.

    Season 13 
Planet of Evil
  • The anti-matter creature proving itself to be neither pure evil nor a mindless beast by returning Professor Sorensen with his mind and body intact and no memory of the horrors he's faced. The Doctor also makes sure he doesn't go back to his old studies and make the same mistakes again.

The Brain of Morbius

  • Yet another for the Doctor and Sarah Jane, though a brief one:
    Doctor: "I have had several [heads.] I had an old grey model before this. Some people liked it."
    Sarah Jane: "I did."

The Seeds of Doom

  • The Doctor introducing Sarah Jane as his best friend.

    Season 14 
The Hand of Fear
  • Sarah Jane refuses to be left behind when the Doctor goes to confront Eldrad, first saying that she worries about him, and then listing all the reasons why she deserves to be involved.
    The Doctor: "Yes, but..."
    Sarah Jane: "Oh, but what?"
    The Doctor: "I worry about you."
    • Prior to this: "And I'll give your love to Harry and the Brigadier.".
  • Professor Watson's phone call to his family is surprisingly understated, yet quite moving.
  • A heartwarming event that won't drop for another five years - the Doctor never forgets Sarah Jane and drops her off a present two years after she leaves, but Sarah Jane is so busy bopping around the Earth that she doesn't find it for five.

The Deadly Assassin

  • Castellan Spandrell refusing to let Engin cut the power to the Matrix while the Doctor is still inside:
    Engin: "The circuits!"
    Spandrell: "No, you can't! If you cut the power the Doctor will die in there."
    Engin: "But the circuits are blowing. If there's a fire in the whole panatropic net, thousands of brain patterns will be destroyed forever."
    Spandrell: "But they're not alive, the Doctor is I hope!"
  • Borusa gives the Doctor "his mark" for solving an assassination, exposing a traitor and saving Gallifrey: "Nine out of ten." The Doctor bursts out grinning - that's probably the best mark he's ever gotten.
  • One of the Timelords says that the Doctor's TARDIS is "out of commission, obsolete." The Doctor's reaction is a horrified "Obsolete!?!" followed by him stroking the TARDIS affectionately and saying "Twaddle. Take no notice, my dear old thing."note 

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

  • While Jago and Litefoot are being held prisoner, Jago admits he's not very brave and usually very cowardly. Litefoot is kind enough to point out that everybody gets scared sometimes, and that doesn't make one a coward.

    Season 15 
Horror of Fang Rock
  • Leela, after having continually given bad suggestions and proven her technological ineptitude over the course of the story, gives the Doctor the idea to take out the Rutan mothership by turning the lighthouse light into a laser beam. The way her face lights up when the Doctor tells her it's a good idea is wonderful.
    • And the Doctor never stopped listening to her suggestions.
  • Leela has unquestioning, absolute faith that the Doctor's superior brain will help them defeat the alien monster. Likewise, the Doctor seems to greatly appreciate her complete faith in him.

The Sunmakers

  • Leela's interactions with Cordo, from being the first to try and stop his attempted suicide, to the hug of relief they share when she's rescued from the steamer, to this moment when he volunteers to go with her to break the Doctor out of the correction center when members of the Undercity refuse.
    Cordo: "I'm not brave and I can't fight, but at least I can show you the way."

The Invasion of Time

    Season 16 / The Key to Time 
The Ribos Operation
  • The Doctor becomes rather annoyed that someone is putting holes in his TARDIS, especially as it's his future companion doing it.
  • The Doctor tells K9 they're going on vacation. "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" "Affirmative! Affirmative! Affirmative!" Pretty much the only time we see K9 get excited about anything; the Doctor even has to calm him down!
  • That same serial contains one of the most quietly powerful scenes in Doctor Who history:
    Unstoffe: "Thank you. Thank you for helping me escape."
    Binro: "Oh, it was nothing."
    Unstoffe: "Why'd you do it?"
    Binro: "Well, I know what it's like when every man's hand is against you."
    Unstoffe: "Binro the Heretic."
    Binro: "Oh, you heard that. Well, it wasn't much of a heresy, my friend. Just a little thing."
    Unstoffe: "What?"
    Binro: "Oh, it was many years ago now. Have you ever looked up at the sky at night, and seen those little lights?"
    Unstoffe: "Mmm hmm."
    Binro: "They are not ice crystals."
    Unstoffe: "Go on."
    Binro: "I believe they are suns, just like our own sun. And perhaps each sun has other worlds of its own, just as Ribos is a world. What do you say to that?"
    Unstoffe: "It's an interesting theory."
    Binro: "What? Hey, a broad-minded man. Perhaps in the north, they are a different people after all. You see, my friend, I have taken measurements of those little lights and of our sun, and I can prove that Ribos moves. It circles our sun, travelling far away and then returning. That's the reason we have our two seasons, Suntime and Icetime."
    Unstoffe: "Nobody believed you."
    Binro: "Nah, those blockheads. They prefer to believe that Ribos is some sort of battleground over which the Sun Gods and the Ice Gods fight for supremacy. They said that if I did not publicly recant my belief, the gods would destroy our world."
    Unstoffe: "And did you?"
    Binro: "In the end. See these hands? Useless for work now. That's why I live here."
    Unstoffe: "Binro, supposing I were to tell you that everything you've just said is absolutely true. There are other worlds, other suns."
    Binro: "You believe it too?"
    Unstoffe: "I know it for a fact. You see I come from one of those other worlds."
    Binro: "You?"
    Unstoffe: "I thought I should tell you, because one day, even here, in the future, men will turn to each other and say, "Binro was right"."

The Pirate Planet

  • The Doctor exploding at the Captain when he finds out what his collection is. Beware the Silly Ones indeed:
    The Captain: "My trophies, Doctor. Feast your eyes on them, for they represent an achievement unparalleled in the universe."
    The Doctor: "What are they? Tombstones? Memorials to all the worlds you've destroyed?"
    The Captain: "Not memorials. These are the entire remains of the worlds themselves."
    The Doctor: "You come here on the wanton destruction you've wreaked on the universe."
    The Captain: "I come in here to dream of freedom."
    The Doctor: "Did you just say the entire remains of the worlds themselves?"
    The Captain: "Yes, Doctor. Each of these small spheres is the crushed remains of a planet. Million upon millions of tons of compressed rock held suspended here by forces beyond the limits of the imagination. Forces that I have generated and harnessed."
    The Doctor: "That's impossible! That amount of matter in so small a space would undergo instant gravitational collapse and form a black hole!"
    The Captain: "Precisely."
    The Doctor: "What? But Zanak would be dragged into a gravitational whirlpool."
    The Captain: "Why doesn't it? Because the whole system is so perfectly aligned by the most exquisite exercise in gravitational geometry that every system is balanced out within itself. Which is why we can stand next to billions of tons of super- compressed matter and not even be aware of it. With each new planet I acquire, the forces are realigned but the system remains stable."
    The Doctor: "Then it's the most brilliant piece of astro-gravitational engineering I've ever seen. The concept is simply staggering. Pointless, but staggering."
    The Captain: "I'm gratified that you appreciate it."
    The Doctor: "Appreciate it? Appreciate it? What, you commit mass destruction and murder on a scale that's almost inconceivable and you ask me to appreciate it? Just because you happen to have made a brilliantly conceived toy out of the mummified remains of planets!"
    The Captain: "Devil storms, Doctor! It is not a toy!"
    The Doctor: "What's it for? Huh? What are you doing? What could possibly be worth all this?"

The Androids of Tara

  • As the Doctor prepares to infiltrate Count Grendel's castle, Farrah offers him his sword. Considering the young man had been, to put it lightly, a bit of a Blood Knight, it was an immensely kind gesture on his part.

The Armageddon Factor

  • When Romana has been captured by the Shadow:
    Romana: "Doctor, no. Don't give into him; it doesn't matter what happens to me."
    Doctor: "Well, of course it matters!"

    Season 17 
City of Death
  • The light-hearted bantering between the Doctor and Romana, and how she looks at him for his approval, really shows how much she's grown, not to mention the friendship between the two.
  • It's also great to see them on vacation and just enjoying the sights, and running for running's sake.

The Creature from the Pit

  • The Doctor and Romana bickering over the Doctor's old junk, like an old married couple.

    Season 18 
State of Decay
  • This exchange:
    The Doctor: "What time vehicles?"
    Romana: "Oh, I don't know, I forget. Type 40. I think."
    The Doctor: "Psst! The TARDIS is a Type 40."
    Romana: "Is it? Oh."
    The Doctor: "Yes. (pause) Psst! You are wonderful."
    Romana: "Me? Wonderful? (The Doctor nods) I suppose I am. I never really thought about it."

Warriors' Gate

  • After Romana's departure:
    Adric: "Will Romana be all right?"
    The Doctor: "All right? She'll be superb."
  • "You were the noblest Romana of them all".

The Keeper of Traken

  • Adric and Nyssa meet for the first time, and smile at each other.


  • Adric hears Nyssa calling his name off in the distance and runs to her. Her reappearance in this scene is completely unexpected and, even though Adric isn't always the most upbeat of companions, he just looks so happy...
  • During the Fourth Doctor's death, he first has visions of his enemies... then all of his companions and friends who've helped him.

    Season 19 
  • The Doctor assuring his companions that he's completely recovered at the end.


  • The Doctor and Adric making up after their earlier argument.

Time Flight

  • After all the time they spent bickering, Tegan is the one who suggests going back to save Adric.

    Season 20 
Arc of Infinity
  • Omega proves to be very sympathetic near the end of the story. Once he's gained a new body, he walks around and takes in the sights of Earth. In fact, except for murdering a groundskeeper to steal his clothes, Omega does absolutely nothing evil at all; no killing people en mass, no attempts at revenge on the Time Lords.
  • While it looks a little creepy, Omega briefly sharing a smile with the boy as they watch the street performer is surprisingly adorable.


  • Nyssa's departure. She reassures a tearful Tegan that she'll be okay and she kisses the Doctor goodbye.
    The Doctor: "You're a very brave person and I wish you the best of luck."
    Tegan: "She'll die here."
    Nyssa: "Not easily, Tegan. Like you, I'm indestructible."
  • The fact that she left the Doctor to help others. And according to the Expanded Universe, she became a humanitarian.

The King's Demons

  • The Doctor, observing Tegan's misery and sets the coordinates for Earth. "You don't have to pretend. It's a shame, of course..." and he talks on through Tegan's protests. The many wonders he'd wanted to show her. ("You still can!") The Eye of Orion... but she wants to return home. ("No I don't!" "You don't?") They sort it out and he agrees to show her the Eye of Orion. As he turns away, Tegan asks if he's not going to reset the coordinates.
    The Doctor: "No — that's where we're going."
    • And he gives a rare, genuine, gaps-between-the-teeth smile and walks off.
    • The Doctor's faith in Kamelion after he breaks free of the Master is quite touching. Pity it never goes anywhere.

    The Five Doctors 
  • The seminal Doctor Who special "The Five Doctors", wherein the First Doctor sees his following selves and remarks "It's reassuring to know my future is in safe hands."
    • The same special also has a lovely moment between the Fifth Doctor and his granddaughter, Susan, where the two share a smile after (on his part) many centuries apart.
    First: "This is Susan."
    Fifth: (with evident delight) "Yes, I know."
    • Susan's reuniting with the First Doctor is just as, if not more adorable. One takes a step back stunned, while Susan eagerly embraces him and gives him a hug.
  • When we first see the Brigadier, he reminisces about the Doctor.
    Brigadier: "Wonderful chap... all of them."
    • The Brigadier says this again later, this time to the Doctors themselves.
    Brigadier: (to Three and Five) "Splendid fellows, all of you."
  • Just before the Doctors depart, all the Doctors' incarnations part on (relatively) good terms.

    Season 21 
Resurrection of the Daleks
  • Stien finally breaking free of the Daleks' control and releasing the Doctor.

Planet of Fire

  • Turlough's leaving comment to Peri is a CMOH in itself - "Look after him. He gets into terrible trouble." (this from Turlough, who only joined the TARDIS to kill the Doctor).

The Caves of Androzani

  • After Sharez Jek makes clear his less-than-noble intentions towards Peri, the Doctor does all he can in following scenes to place himself between the two, physically shield her, and draw Jek's attention to himself. This despite Jek's repeated threats to kill him if he is too wilful.
  • The Doctor hijacking Stotz's ship and plunging it towards Androzani Minor, fighting his spectrox toxemia and calmly telling Stotz what he's doing ... all just to save Peri's life.
    • His clear concern for Peri's wellbeing throughout the story is one massive CMOH that just keeps on growing as the situation becomes more dire. He throws himself in front of an android guard. He runs through war zones and crawls through tunnels teeming with boiling mud. He does all this while enduring the agony of spectrox poisoning, and risking permanent death. All to save the life of one little human he has only just met recently.
  • Like his predecessor, the Fifth Doctor has visions of his former companions as he lies dying on the TARDIS floor, all of them pleading with him not to die.

The Twin Dilemma

  • The Doctor’s honest sadness and righteous fury upon seeing the once beautiful planet of Jaconda devastated by the Gastropods. It’s the first sign that while blustering and arrogant Six may be, he’s still The Doctor, and if you’ve done wrong, he WILL make you pay dearly.
  • The Sixth Doctor's reunion with his old Time Lord friend Azmael. Once he recognizes Azmael, he scoops the poor old man off his feet in a Bear Hug, he even adds a little spin to it. In fact, it's the first time the Sixth Doctor has done anything that can be called genuinely heartwarming since his appearance.
  • After spending his entire first appearance insulting Peri both to her face and behind her back. When they must separate, the Sixth Doctor states with complete honesty:
    "Such a nice girl."

    Season 22 
The Mark of the Rani
  • A little moment towards the end. The Doctor has just disappeared in the Rani's TARDIS and Peri is sulking outside by a coal mine shaft. He rattles a chain and grins at her, and this follows:
    Peri: "I could have been stuck in the 1800s forever!"
    The Doctor: "Did you really believe I'd abandon you?"
  • Also this (paraphrased):
    The Rani: "(Peri) isn't important."
    The Doctor: "She is to me!"

The Two Doctors

  • The Sixth Doctor's reunion with Jamie.
    Doctor: "I seem to remember I was always rather fond of Jamie."


    Season 23 / The Trial of a Time Lord 
The Mysterious Planet
  • A particularly bittersweet example occurs when the Doctor tries to console Peri upon their learning that the ruined planet Ravalox is actually a far-future Earth:
    "Planets come and go. Stars perish. Matter disperses, coalesces, forms into other patterns, other worlds. Nothing can be eternal."
    • Heartwarming because the Doctor's attempt to comfort her shows how the relationship between the two has warmed since the sniping and bickering of the previous season; bittersweet because although he can see she's upset and genuinely wants to make her feel better, he's still too alien to fully understand how.


  • The Doctor's reaction to Peri's “death”. He can't comprehend that his friend is not only dead but was killed by his own people. This soon gives way to anger and a grim determination to find out the real purpose of his trial.

The Ultimate Foe

    Season 24 
Time and The Rani
  • When Mel and the Seventh Doctor bump into each other in the Rani's lab, both of them spend a few moments not recognizing each other. Once Mel accepts that he is the Doctor, the Doctor gives her an adorable Headbutt of Love.

Paradise Towers

  • When the Kangs, Rezzies, and Caretakers all band together. Also, Pex's funeral, which all survivors attend.
    • The final shot of the same serial. Two words: PEX LIVES.

Delta And The Bannermen

  • When Billy sings "Why Do Fools Fall In Love?" for Delta at the dance, the Doctor awkwardly but immediately tries to make the heartbroken Ray feel better by asking her to dance. And when she runs away to cry, he goes after her to make sure she's okay. In fact, his whole instant relationship with Ray is adorable - he basically dumps Mel for Ray the moment he meets her (!) and calls her "my cariad"!

    Season 25 
Remembrance of the Daleks
  • During the army's assault on "Foreman's Yard", the Dalek appears and starts firing on them. Group Captain Gilmore tells Dr. Jensen to get out of there: "Go now, Rachel!" It's the only time in the story he refers to her by her first name. The novelisation marks this well and reveals that they got married a few years later.
  • Even though it ends very badly, Ace's budding relationship with Mike Smith is very sweet early on.
  • In keeping with this being the anniversary season, there are numerous nods to the show's past. As well as obvious ones like the Daleks, there are more subtle ones like Ace's ignorance of 1960s currency and finding the French Revolution book, showing the level of care and devotion the showmakers have put into the story.
  • The Doctor's little moments where he "tests" Ace (asking her what the burn marks mean, telling her to explain the Daleks racial hatred to the scientists) feel like this if you know about the producers' plan for the Doctor to send her to Gallifrey and become a Time Lord. It shows how much the Doctor thinks of her if he believes she's up to the challenge.
  • Ace comforting the sobbing little girl after the Daleks' control over her breaks, even though moments ago she was trying to kill her.
  • Ace and the Doctor confiding in each other at the end of the story. You can tell they both need some consolation:
    Ace: "Doctor?"
    The Doctor: "Yes."
    Ace: "We did good, didn't we?"
    The Doctor: "Perhaps. Time will tell. Always does."

The Happiness Patrol

  • The various moments when a character defies Terra Alpha's rigid system and opens up to their emotions: Susie Q's story of her disillusionment; the sniper being unable to shoot to Doctor whilst looking him in the eye; Helen A weeping over Fifi's body.
  • Ace's anger when Harold V is murdered:
    Ace: "I wanna nail those scumbags. I wanna make them very, very unhappy."
    The Doctor: "Don't worry Ace. We will."
  • Susie Q becoming genuinely happy by the end of the story, compared with her suicidal resignation at the beginning.
  • Even though she's a caricature based on the producers' loathing of Margaret Thatcher, the Doctor still tries to reason with Helen A by the end, to make her see why negative emotions are important. It says a lot for his faith in humanity that even the worst kind of dictator can be appealed to.

Silver Nemesis

  • The story starts with something we haven't seen in a long time - the Doctor and Ace just hanging out, listening to jazz and reading the papers on a nice evening.
  • When the Doctor and Ace are going after the Cybermen, Ace confesses that she's genuinely scared. The Doctor apologizes and suggests she return to the TARDIS. Despite her fear, Ace doesn't hesitate to refuse.

The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

  • The Doctor and Ace's joy at being reunited with each other in the caravan and showing it in their own ways: Ace shouting "Doctor!" and the Doctor silently pinching Ace's nose. Also this:
    The Doctor: "You're absolutely right. Clowns can be creepy."
  • The Doctor's unshaking faith that Deadbeat knows a lot more than he's letting on, even if Ace is not convinced:
    Ace: (laughing) "He's off. He's gone. I knew people like him in Perivale."
    The Doctor: (sharply) "Listen Ace!"
    Ace: "What to?"
    The Doctor: "The answers."
  • Kingpin's mind being restored by the amulet.
  • Mags refusing to be swayed by Captains Cook's talk of "survival of the fittest" and only caring for the people he sends to be executed in the ring.
  • The Doctor reassuring Mags that he has a plan once he returns to the cage.
  • When Mags is transformed into a werewolf, the Doctor tries to appeal to the humanity within her rather than resorting to violence.
  • The Doctor's rage at the Gods of Ragnarok for the way they've turned the Psychic Circus (which used to be a happy place) into a cynical nightmare. Made even better that it's aimed at the BBC executives at the time:
    The Doctor: "How many people have you destroyed, I wonder, before Kingpin was lured down here? Poor Kingpin. That's what you like, isn't it? Taking someone with a touch of individuality and imagination and wearing them down to nothingness in your service."
    Gods of Ragnarok: "Enough. You have said enough."
    The Doctor: "Enough? I've hardly started!"
    • Special mention also goes to the Whizz Kid, a devoted fan of the Psychic Circus who, even though it's fallen on hard times, is still entranced with it. Considering again how meta this story was, it's easy to realise the Whizz Kid was a stand-in for fans of the show who, even when it was at it's worst, were still watching it.
  • In a meta-sense, the ending is one of the most uplifting moments in the show's history, because, like the Psychic Circus, Doctor Who also survived.

    Season 26 
  • The Doctor finds Ace after Morgaine and her Destroyer threaten her for Excalibur.
    The Doctor: "Where's Excalibur?"
    Shou Yuing: "There was this woman with a pet demon. She seemed to want it very badly... so we gave it to her."
    The Doctor: "Good."
    Ace: "But it wasn't her fault, it—What do you mean "good"?"
    The Doctor: "Exotic alien swords are easy to come by. Aces are rare."
  • Morgaine telling off Mordred for desecrating the graves of Earth's warriors. Similarly, the Worthy Opponent vibe she shares with the Brig.
  • Ancelyn and Bambera falling asleep on each other's shoulders (until the Doctor wakes them up by popping an empty crisp bag).
  • The Doctor breaking down when he thinks the Brigadier has been killed, and the Brigadier not even hesitating before pulling a More Expendable Than You Heroic Sacrifice. Time may have moved on, but those two will never stop being best friends.
  • The Brigadier puts two and two together and basically thinks: "Aliens... plus stuff going wrong... who else is it going to be but the Doctor?" Just shows how well he knows the Doctor.

Ghost Light

  • Control evolving from a snarling animalistic creature to an overexcited Adult Child to a dignified lady. Her relationship with Redvers is also very touching despite its strangeness.
  • Mrs Pritchard and Gwendolyn getting their memories back
  • It's implied that the Doctor carried Ace, who had fallen asleep, exhausted, into a room so she could get some sleep.
  • The scene where the Doctor tries to get Ace to open up to him. Not only is it a turning point in their relationship, it's also one of those moments that beautifully encapsulates who the Doctor is:
    Ace: "Don't you have things you hate?"
    The Doctor: "I can't stand burnt toast. I loath bus stations. Terrible places, full of lost luggage and lost souls [...] And then there's unrequited love. And tyranny. Cruelty."
    Ace: "Too right."
  • And then, after she's told him the story of how her friend's flat was firebombed by neo-Nazis:
    Ace: "I didn't care anymore."
    The Doctor: "I think you cared a lot, Ace."
  • And then there's the final scene, when Light has been dispersed:
    Ace: "I felt it here in a hundred years' time."
    The Doctor: "An evil older than time itself."
    Ace: "So I burnt the house down."
    The Doctor: "Any regrets?"
    (Ace thinks for a moment.)
    Ace: "Yes."
    The Doctor: "Yes?"
    Ace: (lightly) "I wish I'd blown it up instead."
    The Doctor: (grins) "Wicked."
  • Redvers's giddy excitement at the thought of exploring the whole universe.

The Curse of Fenric

  • The Doctor's horror at Commander Millington's plan to eradicate Soviet cities with poison gas. It's more than just your average supervillain plan - it's an exact replica of the Doctor's plans against the Daleks and the Cybermen: let the enemy steal a superweapon which is booby-trapped to destroy them. That the Doctor finds this utterly reprehensible shows he's grown a lot from the man who talked a Dalek into committing suicide.
  • The Doctor repeating the names of his past companions to create a barrier of faith against the Haemovores. Other characters in this serial use their faith in things like goodness or justice to hold off the Haemovores, and it just barely stops them advancing. The Doctor thinks about his companions, and the Haemovores actually become frightened and back off. Think about that for a minute. This is the guy who travels all across time and space fighting for truth and justice and the greater good, and yet when he's faced with a situation where having absolute faith in something is the only way to survive, instead of choosing to think of any of those things mentioned, he thinks of his companions. He has more faith in them than in any other thing in the universe.
  • Captain Bates and Vershinin realising they're just pawns in someone else's game (Millington's, Fenric's, the Doctor's) and joining together as comrades.
  • After the absolutely brutal Break Her Heart to Save Her routine he put Ace through at the climax of that episode, the Doctor's gentle "It wasn't true. None of it was true." And the way he gently taps Ace's nose, telling her silently that everything's going to be all right again...
  • The scene with the Doctor and Ace on the beach has so many beautiful things about it. First, there's the Doctor encouraging her to jump into the water (which she's been afraid to do) to let go of her conflicting feelings about her mother. When she gets out, the Doctor is there to meet her on the beach, because he's always there for his friends. Ace happily tells him that she's not afraid anymore. And when they see a sign warning of "Dangerous Undercurrents", the Doctor declares: "Not anymore! Nyet!" And then the two friends walk off with their arms around each others' shoulders.


  • The final scene of the last broadcast story of the classic series:
    "There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Ace. We've got work to do!"
    • Especially Heartwarming in Hindsight because at the time, no one knew when or if the show would ever come back, with Executive Meddling making the idea seem very unlikely. This might have been the very last scene ever of the show. But it did.
  • The scene just before, when Ace - believing that the Doctor is dead - is slumped sadly on the ground, wearing his hat and holding his beloved umbrella. The Doctor merely walks up behind her, gently plucks the hat from her head and murmurs "Mine, I believe." The sheer look of relief and joy on Ace's face hits right in the heart.
  • Ace standing up directly after that and saying "Let's go home". By which she means the TARDIS, even though the pair arrived back at her home at the start of the serial. After her wretched childhood and after getting lost half-way across the universe, Ace finally feels at home.
    • The Doctor clearly feels the same way—when she specifies the TARDIS, he just beams.
  • The Doctor shows how far he's come since the beginning. The same man who kidnapped a pair of schoolteachers and considered murdering a wounded man to save his own skin brought a teenage girl home and refused to kill his mortal enemy.
    "If we fight like animals, we'll die like animals!"

    Doctor Who ( 1996 TV movie) 
  • From the 1996 film:
    The Doctor: "Grace, don't you see? I have thirteen lives."
    Grace: "Please! Okay, you're trying to tell me you've come back from the dead."
    The Doctor: "Yes."
    Grace: "No, sorry. The dead stay dead. You can't turn back time."
    The Doctor: "Yes, you can."
    Grace: "I'm not a child; don't talk to me like I'm a child. Only children believe that crap. I am a doctor!"
    The Doctor: "But it was a childish dream that made you a doctor. You dreamed you could hold back death. Isn't that true?"
    [Grace looks back at the Doctor for a moment, astonished and then begins to walk away]
    The Doctor: [softly hums to himself] "Don't be sad, Grace. You'll do great things."
  • In the novel, the scene above plays out (mostly) the same, but it becomes more touching when Grace tries to walk away, but the Doctor reaches out and gently holds Grace's hand as he speaks to her—and Grace realizes that it feels nice and doesn't let go.
  • Also in the novel, just before the Doctor and Grace part ways, the Doctor gives Grace the hat he wore in his previous incarnation to keep as a memento.
  • While it's brief, one of the first memories to come back to the Doctor is that of a pleasant day from his youth on Gallifrey. A memory of watching shooting stars with his father one night.
  • The Doctor kissing Grace when he remembers who he is comes across as surprisingly adorable.
    Doctor: (kisses Grace) "I am the Doctor!"
    Grace: "Good! Now, do that again."
  • The Doctor lifting Grace's spirits and gaining her trust over the course of the movie, to the point where she decides to not travel with him in the end—choosing to remain on Earth and return to the medical field with renewed confidence in herself.
  • Just after Grace and Lee have come back to life, thanks to the TARDIS.
    The Doctor: "Well, congratulations. You've both been somewhere I've never been."
    Grace: "It's nothing to be scared of, Doctor."
    The Doctor: (smiles) "I'm glad to hear it."
    • Eight, it seems, remembers that as, in Night of the Doctor, he's not afraid of dying.
  • The Doctor showing Grace and Lee a view of the universe. Then he shows Grace what Gallifrey looks like.
  • Near the end of the movie, when Eight and Grace hug.
    (Grace awakens after being revived by the TARDIS, looking up at the Doctor)
    The Doctor: (softly) "...Hello, Grace. How does it feel? To hold back death?"
    (He smiles as he sweeps Grace up in an adorable embrace)

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