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A Dalek vs the Doctor's teeny-weeny companion. Our money's on the teeny-weeny companion. "Who are you calling small?!" indeed.

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    First Doctor 
An Unearthly Child
  • The Doctor ends up saving the day, easily outwitting a murderous caveman:
    Kal: "Za killed the old woman with his knife! Here! Here is the knife he killed her with!"
    Doctor: "This knife has no blood on it. I said, this knife had no blood on it!"
    Kal: "It is a bad knife. It does not show the things it does."
    Doctor: "It is a finer knife than yours."
    Kal: "I, Kal, say that it is a bad knife."
    Doctor: "This knife can cut and stab. I have never seen a better knife."
    Kal: "Then I will show you one!" (He pulls out his own knife, which is covered in blood)
    Doctor: "This knife shows what it has done. There is blood on it!" (shows it to the tribe) "Who killed the old woman?"
    Za: "I did not kill her."
    Doctor: (turning to face Kal) "You killed the old woman!"
    • They then proceed to drive him out with rocks, at the Doctor and Ian's prompt.
  • Ian stopping the Doctor from killing the caveman Za with a rock, and having the sheer gusto to call him out on it. The Expanded Universe would later show that this act was the turning point in the Doctor's life that made him realise that Humans Are Special, and would have lasting repercussions for centuries.
  • Susan leaps onto a caveman's back and starts pummeling his head when her grandfather has been captured by the tribe.
  • Susan's idea to make the cavemen think that she and the others have died: place actual human skulls on flaming torches.

The Daleks

  • The cliffhanger to the first episode, with Barbara being menaced by a sink plunger. An effective way of showing the menace of the Daleks.
  • When the Doctor learns of the Daleks' plan to irradiate the atmosphere so that only they can survive, he makes it clear to his captors that he doesn't agree with it;
    Doctor: "This senseless, evil killing!"
  • The Doctor gets another when the Daleks, powerless and dying, approach him and ask him to find a way to save them after all they've done, to which he replies:
  • Susan finding her way back to the TARDIS alone, at night, in a storm, through a creepy petrified forest that she has been told is full of deadly mutants, in order to fetch anti-radiation medicine for the others who are dying of radiation poisoning and are being held captive by the eponymous pepperpots of doom.
  • Ian standing up to the Doctor and Barbra when they continue to selfishly advocate forcing the Thals to fight the Daleks for them, continually pointing out the Thals' lives are more important than their convenience.

The Edge of Destruction

  • Barbara giving the Doctor the telling off of his life, directly leading to the Doctor's very first Took a Level in Kindness moment when he apologises to her for his irrational behaviour.

Marco Polo

  • The Doctor ends up winning a big part of the Mongol empire off Kublai Khan in a game of Backgammon.
  • At the end of the serial, Marco Polo finally wises up and swordfights Smug Snake Tegana to the death.

The Keys of Marinus

  • Barbara smashing the Brains of Morphoton.
  • What one might call the Doctor's first official Big Damn Heroes moment.
    Ian: "The laws in this country are a mockery."
    Doctor: (suddenly and without warning, walks into the room) "I quite agree with you, my boy."

The Aztecs

  • Barbara easily sees through Tlotoxl's attempt to poison her with a drink.
    Barbara: "For as I prove my faith in you, so must you prove yours to me."
    Tlotoxl: "Tell me quickly that I might obey and all the past be forgotten."
    Barbara: "Drink first." [hands him the poisoned drink]
    Tlotoxl: [Beat]) "What?"
    Barbara: "Drink it!" [when he goes to drink the poison, she stands up] "So this is your friendship!" [throws the cup to the floor]
  • Ian defeating Ixta, an Aztec warrior, twice.
    Ixta: "And only I survive!"
    Ian: "Good commanders don't jump to conclusions, Ixta!"

The Sensorites

  • When the Sensorites decide that letting the crew leave is too dangerous, and have taken a vital component of the TARDIS, they start acting like they're totally in control, until the Doctor has a few choice words with them;
    Sensorite: "You're in no position to threaten us."
    The Doctor: "I don't make threats, but I do keep promises. And I promise you I'll cause you more trouble than you've bargained for if you don't return my property."
    [Sensorites trade looks, then one responds]
    Sensorite: "We must... decide what we shall do."

The Reign of Terror

  • Jean-Pierre, saving the Doctor from being burned to death in 18th-century France.
  • After Ian is captured by the traitor Leon, all looks lost. All of sudden, Jules arrives and promptly wipes the floor with Leon and the three guards accompanying him. Ian even helps to briefly knock one off balance to give Jules time to take them on.

Planet of Giants

  • The travellers manage to solve a murder, prevent any more deaths, contact the authorities for help, and all while about an inch tall.

The Dalek Invasion of Earth

  • A Dalek rises from the Thames to mark their return in an iconic shot. And then the Doctor snarks at it in response.
  • Barbara runs down Daleks with a truck.
  • Barbara dredging up every bit of history she could call to mind to make the Daleks think the entire human race was in revolt, worldwide, and get them in a panic.

The Romans

  • The Doctor manages to convince virtually an entire audience that he is a brilliant harp player without playing a note. Also, beating a big guy so easily, while laughing with delight.

The Web Planet

  • Barbara destroying the Animus.

The Crusade

  • Ian spends three episodes trying to get to Barbara to rescue her, but, by the time he finally meets up with her, she's already rescued herself and is on her way to look for him.
  • When Princess Joanna learns of her brother King Richard I's plan to marry her off to Saphadin without her knowing beforehand, she basically bites his head off.

The Space Museum

  • Vicki incites a revolution among the Xerons.

The Chase

  • The fact that, after just two encounters, the Daleks are already scared enough of the Doctor to send a hit squad to kill him. His reputation as The Dreaded isn't a new thing, folks.
  • Barbara spotting the fake Doctor just as it's about to get Ian to kill the real Doctor.
  • Ian and Barbara hijack a Dalek time machine to get back to London rather than relying on the TARDIS. After arrival, Ian sets it to self destruct.

The Time Meddler

  • The Doctor getting the Monk to confess his plan by pointing a stick into his back and claiming it's a gun.

The Daleks' Master Plan

  • Ancient Egyptians stop a Dalek by blocking its way with rocks.
  • At the end of the twelve-part serial, the Doctor and Steven are left standing on a barren plain that was a jungle planet only moments before. As they stand there, overlooking all the damage caused by the Time Destructor, the Doctor starts to go into a philosophic ramble about it, but Steven angrily interrupts him by listing the names of the people who were killed. This promptly shuts the Doctor up, and they walk back to the TARDIS together in somber silence.

The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve

  • Steven giving the biggest What the Hell, Hero? moment against the Doctor after learning he sent a young girl he met to die just because history said she would.

The Celestial Toymaker

  • Steven and Dodo making the clowns try the Blind Man's Buff course again without cheating.
  • The Doctor, Steven and Dodo are faced with Morton's Fork: If they lose they become the Toymaker's playthings (and if Cyril is any indication, the worst parts of their characters get perpetually encouraged). If they win, the Celetial Toymaker annihilates them in a Rage Quit. The Doctor finds and Takes a Third Option by tricking the Toyroom into thinking he is the Toymaker and making the final move during the Toymaker's turn.

The Gunfighters

  • Dodo pulls a gun on Doc Holiday and threatens him into returning her to Tombstone. This impresses Holiday enough to go ahead and bring her back, even though he had a small sidearm of his own to shoot her if she actually attacked. The moment is ruined just a bit by Dodo fainting at the sight of Holiday's gun.
  • During the shootout itself, Dodo gets taken hostage by Johnny Ringo. She manages to break out of his grip long enough for Doc Holiday to use the above-mentioned hidden gun to shoot him.

The Savages

  • The Doctor transfers part of his personality and conscience into one of the bad guys and successfully saves the day. It is then implied that he planned it all from the start.
  • The Doctor's absolute fury at the Elders' treatment of the Savages.
    "Oppose you! Indeed I am going to oppose you - just as in the same way that I oppose the Daleks, or any other menace to common humanity!"

The War Machines

  • The cliffhanger of episode 3. Soldiers are fleeing before the War Machine when their weapons all fail. The Doctor stays put where he is and then steps toward it instead.

The Tenth Planet

  • Ben manages to stalemate the Cybermen by realizing they're vulnerable to radiation and refusing to work on the Z-Bomb. Initially content to wait, on remembering the Cybermen still have the Doctor and Polly, goes on the offensive and uses radioactive rods and co-opted cyberweapons to briefly take back Snowcap base.
  • Heavily weakened from old age and the draining process of Mondas, the Doctor, sensing his regeneration coming, defiantly claims things as "far from being all over" to Ben and Polly.

    Second Doctor 
The Power of the Daleks
  • The Doctor escapes a sound-locked cell by replicating the tone with a spoon and a glass of water.

The Moonbase

  • Ben, Polly and Jamie blasting the Cybermen with various solvents made from nail polish remover.

The Macra Terror

  • Ben breaking free of the Controller Macra's hypnosis and blowing him up.

The Evil of the Daleks

  • Jamie beating Arthur Terrall in a Sword Fight.
  • Alpha, Beta and Omega are essentially Daleks that have had their feelings of love, kindness and righteousness restored with a bang by the Doctor. After a pep talk from the Doctor and on return to Skaro, they proceed to create an idealistic conflict that quickly evolves into a civil war that ends up (temporarily) destroying their entire species.
    Black Dalek: "Discontinue work."
    Dalek voice: "Why?"
    Black Dalek: "...who spoke? WHO QUESTIONED A DALEK COMMAND!????"

The Tomb of the Cybermen

  • The Doctor baits the monomaniacal and increasingly delusional Eric Klieg into revealing just how power-mad he is—and then caps it with the perfect put-down:
  • Victoria shooting a Cybermat and destroying it, with what was undoubtedly an unfamiliar weapon.

The Abominable Snowmen

The Ice Warriors

  • The Doctor KOs an Ice Warrior with a stink bomb.

The Enemy of the World

The Web of Fear

  • Anne Travers' delightful response to a soldier asking What's an X Like You Doing in a Y Like This?
    "Well, when I was a little girl I thought I'd like to be a scientist, so I became a scientist."
  • Jamie is the one who saves the day this time around, using a voice-controlled Yeti to disrupt the Intelligence's plan. It does result in a Bittersweet Ending, however - if he hadn't stepped in, The Doctor would have killed the Intelligence forever rather than just banishing it from Earth.

Fury from the Deep

  • Victoria's Screaming Woman status is put to good use, as it defeats the seaweed creature.

The Wheel in Space

  • The Doctor fries a Cyberman with a force field.

The Mind Robber

The Invasion

  • Zoe makes the International Electromatics computer work itself to "death."
  • Zoe reprograms a handful of missiles to shoot down the Cybermen's entire invasion fleet.
    Zoe: "Here. Feed this into your computer."
    Branwell: "You'd better be right."
    Zoe: "I am."

The Seeds of Death

The Space Pirates

  • The Doctor figures out how to deactivate an ultra-destructive bomb's detonator in a matter of minutes.

The War Games

  • The Doctor bluffing his way into the prison under the pretense of being a "prison inspector."
  • The central anti-war message of the story is well-handled and awesome. The heroes are a diverse group of soldiers from various factions and eras (some even from opposing factions), and they all cooperate and help take down the villains. On the other hand, the villains are meant to be united as one group, but they bring themselves down due to backstabbing and lies.
  • Jamie's last scene is easily one of his most badass. After the Time Lords return him to the battlefield where he met the Doctor, he wakes up to a Redcoat shooting him. His response to this is to charge the Redcoat with sword—and the Redcoat turns around and runs for his life.
  • The Doctor's speech to the Time Lords about how they simply can't just sit back in the face of all the evils of the cosmos that he's faced.
    Judge Time Lord: "It is not we who is on trial here, Doctor, it is you."
    Doctor: "No, no, of course, you're above criticism, aren't you."
    Judge Time Lord: "Do you admit that these actions were justified?"
    Doctor: "Yes, of course, I do. Give me a thought channel and I'll show you some of the evils I've been fighting against. The Quarks, deadly robot servants of the cruel Dominators, they tried to enslave a peace-loving race. Then there were the Yeti, more robot killers, instruments of an alien intelligence trying to take over the planet Earth."
    Judge Time Lord: "All this is entirely irrelevant."
    Doctor: "You asked me to justify my actions, I am doing so. Let me show you the Ice Warriors, cruel Martian invaders, they tried to conquer the Earth too. So did the Cybermen, half-creature, half-machine. But worst of all were the Daleks, a pitiless race of conquerors exterminating all who came up against them. All these evils I have fought while you have done nothing but observe. True, I am guilty of interference, just as you are guilty of failing to use your great powers to help those in need!"
    Judge Time Lord: "Is that all you have to say?"
    Doctor: "Well, isn't it enough?!"
  • The Time Lords are pretty awesome in their first appearance, slowing down time, covering the TARDIS in webbing and almost sinking it and punishing the War Lord and his followers by erasing them from existence itself. They also absolutely terrify the formerly-arrogant War Lord, a pretty satisfying moment in itself.

    Third Doctor 
Spearhead From Space
  • The newly regenerated Doctor manages to escape his captors. In a wheelchair.
  • As well as being utterly hilarious, the Doctor getting past the UNIT guard without letting him get a word in.
    "All right, all right, I suppose you want to see my pass? Yes, well, I haven't got one. And I'm not going to tell you my name, either. Now you just tell Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart that I want to see him. Well, don't just stand there arguing with me, man! Get on with it!"
  • This exchange:
    Channing: "You're too late."
    The Doctor: "On this planet, there is a saying that it is never too late."

Doctor Who and the Silurians

  • The Doctor owning the pompous Dr Lawrence with this exchange:
    The Doctor: It's the most extraordinary thing. I can't seem to find my sonic screwdriver anywhere.
    Dr. Lawrence: You're not proposing to dismantle a piece of equipment worth fifteen million pounds with a screwdriver?
    The Doctor: Well, it's not worth fifteen million pins if it doesn't work, is it?
  • The Brigadier gets a Big Damn Heroes moment by shooting the rebellious Silurian before he can kill the Doctor.


  • The Doctor debuts his Venusian aikido by defeating an opponent with two fingers.
  • Section Leader Shaw shooting the Brigade Leader so the Doctor can escape the parallel Earth.
  • The last few moments of Inferno. The Doctor has called the Brigadier a "pompous, self-opinionated idiot" as he thinks he can leave Earth and then reappeared after transporting himself only as far as a rubbish dump. He asks the Brigadier for help getting the TARDIS console back and the Brigadier just says "Pompous, self-opinionated idiot, I believe you said, Doctor?" Making the Doctor swallow his pride is most definitely a Moment of Awesome in and of itself.

Terror of the Autons

  • The Master's Establishing Character Moment, where his TARDIS materializes in front of Rossini and he's barely stepped out of it before he's hypnotized him. And casually blocking his whip.
  • The Master shows that he's not one to be trifled with by making McDermott sit in a chair that smothers him to death.
  • Jo following the Doctor to a circus and freeing him by clogging the large henchman on the head.
  • When Captain Yates is told that the Autons are Immune to Bullets, he gets in his car and rams into one, sending it tumbling down a hill. As soon as it reaches the bottom, it just whips back to its feet.
    • What's even more awesome is that the actor had actually gotten hit by the car and tumbled down the cliff, and been injured on the way, but he still managed to get up!
  • This bit when the Doctor and Jo are tied up:
    The Doctor: "Jo, it's a pity your curriculum didn't include escapology."
    Jo: "Well, it's funny you should say that." [holds an un-cuffed hand]

The Mind of Evil

  • UNIT staging an assault on Stangmoor Prison to rescue the Doctor and Jo.
  • The Brigadier's Big Damn Heroes moment by shooting Mailer before he can shoot the Doctor.

The Claws of Axos

  • The Brigadier is faced with an Obstructive Bureaucrat. His response? Go over the man's head.
  • The Master and the Doctor working together to defeat the Axons

The Dæmons

Day of the Daleks

  • Attacked by a human guerilla, the Doctor karate-chops him, strolls over to a nearby table, has a sip of wine, then continues the Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • The Doctor fending off an Ogron attacker and then casually having a drink afterwards.
  • As the Controller converses with the heroes and becomes more empathic with them, he finally decides to turn on the Daleks and helps the heroes go back in time to change history. When finally confronted for his betrayal:
    Gold Dalek: "You are a traitor to the Daleks! You must be exterminated!"
    Controller: "Who knows? I may have helped to exterminate you!"
  • Jo rescues the Doctor from an Ogron by knocking it out with a wine bottle.

The Curse of Peladon

  • The Doctor's defeat of Grun in a pit battle.
  • When Arcturus attacks the Doctor, Izlyr shoots him without thinking twice.

The Sea Devils

  • The Doctor not only manages to best the Master in a Sword Fight - he disarms him, holds him at swordpoint, steals his lunch for no real reason other than to prove that he can, then gives the Master his sword back because he's having too much fun to stop, and then beats him again.
  • Jo escapes from captivity, takes on two guards and rescues the Doctor.

The Time Monster

  • The Master's completely failed to hypnotize the Atlantean king and is being led away by guards. His one consolation is that at least he's killed the Doctor. So when the Doctor and Jo show up, he's literally speechless. And Jo prompts him with "How about 'curses, foiled again!'?"

The Three Doctors

  • The Second and Third Doctors are able to use the Second Doctor's recorder in The Plan to get them out of Omega's world.
  • The First Doctor also deserves mention for being the only power in existence to force the two Doctors to work together.
    First Doctor: "So you're my replacements, [completely nonchalant, and deadpan] a dandy and a clown.
  • The two Doctors have a Battle in the Center of the Mind against Omega, and do fairly well against him. Omega, for his part, beats both of them together in a battle of wills.

Carnival of Monsters

Frontier in Space

  • The Doctor single-handedly breaks out of the Draconian Embassy, defeating several opponents on his way with little difficulty.
  • Jo, when she responds to the Master's attempted hypnotism first by shouting nursery rhymes at him and then by sheer force of will.

Planet of the Daleks

  • The entire Thal species taking a level in badass or three and going up against the Daleks

The Green Death

  • The Doctor's fight with the security guards. Just as they're about to arrest him, he warns them that he's quite spry for his age. And he proceeds to school them all.
    "Venusian akido, gentlemen. I do hope I haven't hurt you".

The Time Warrior

  • In Linx's first scene, he casually shoots the axe from Irongron's hand.
  • Professor Rubeish, a kidnapped scientist who is blind due to losing his glasses, re-invents them in the 13th century by heating up a microscope. He then stays captive as he refuses to leave the other scientists during the affair and then becomes the first character in the show's history to take advantage of a Sontaran's probic vent when the Doctor divulges it as the weakest spot in the armour.
  • Irongron is about to execute Hal the Archer by sending Linx's robot after him. The Doctor saves him by shooting the control box out of Irongron's hand with a crossbow.
  • Sarah leading a raid on Irongron's castle with King Edward's forces to capture the Doctor.
  • The Doctor repelling Irongron's forces with a weaponised stink bomb.
  • Irongron, frustrated that Linx has made slow progress in making him weapons, attacks the Sontaran, who effortlessly slaps him down and across the table.
  • The Doctor is trapped by Irongron's men shooting at him with rifles. Then Sarah swings a chandelier at him which he uses to make a hasty exit.
  • Hal the archer shooting Linx in his probic vent as his pod's doors are closing, limiting Hal's vision.

Invasion of the Dinosaurs

  • Benton wrestles two superiors into submission over the course of one episode. First he takes down traitorous Mike Yates with ease when he's distracted by a private bringing the crew tea, smacking the pistol from his hand. Then, catching an equally traitorous general by surprise who has him at gunpoint. Instead of sitting around and taking immoral orders from him, Benton tackles him, smacking his gun arm repeated against a table to knock it away, and bapping him in the nose!
    General Finch: "You'll be court-martialled for this, Sergeant!"
    Benton: "Yes, sir."
  • The Brigadier's stand against Finch must also count. Superior officer or not, the Brigadier will side with the Doctor, every time.
  • Sarah singlehandedly turns the inhabitants of the "spaceship" into La Résistance, simply by repeating the truth until they listen.

The Monster of Peladon

Planet of the Spiders

  • The Doctor facing the Great One and his own fears in order to redeem himself for his theft of the crystal from Metebelis III.
  • Despite being an unrepentant scoundrel, Lupton gets a small one:
    Lupton: "What did you do to my mind? It felt like red-hot needles. Was it, was it this that you did? Or no. No, was it this!"
    Spider: [agonized scream]
  • When the possessed humans try their Force Lightning against K'anpo, he effortlessly No Sells it. Later on, he helps the Doctor regenerate.

    Fourth Doctor 
  • Sarah Jane delivers a killer ice burn to the Scientific Reform Society.
    Sarah: "I'm sure I can find room for you... between the flying saucer people and the Flat Earthers."

The Ark in Space

  • Noah fighting the Wirrn influence long enough to blow them all up, saving the whole of mankind.

The Sontaran Experiment

  • Styre beating the Doctor in hand-to-hand combat.

Genesis of the Daleks

  • Harry saving the Doctor when he steps on a landmine.
  • The Doctor's "Do I have the right?" speech where he, in spite of Sarah's insistence on destroying the Daleks, decides to stick with his moral compass and not destroy the helpless Kaled mutants.
  • You wouldn't think that a man in a wheelchair with one working arm could have a Moment of Awesome. Then Davros comes along with his legendary "To hold in my hand..." speech.
    The Doctor: "Davros, if you had created a virus in your laboratory, something contagious and infectious that killed on contact, a virus that would destroy all other forms of life, would you allow its use?"
    Davros: "It is an interesting conjecture."
    The Doctor: "Would you do it?"
    Davros: "The only living thing... The microscopic organism... reigning supreme... A fascinating idea."
    The Doctor: "But would you do it?"
    Davros: "Yes... yes! To hold in my hand, a capsule that contained such power. To know that life and death on such a scale was my choice. To know that the tiny pressure on my thumb, enough to break the glass, would end everything. Yes! I would do it! That power would set me up above the gods! And through the Daleks I shall have that power!"
  • Davros betraying the Kaled Elite by exterminating them all...and then the Daleks exterminating him.

Pyramids of Mars

  • The Doctor defeats an assassin with his scarf.
  • The Doctor gives Sarah the job of shooting a pack of explosives next to Sutekh's rocket to destroy it. Even though we've never seen Sarah use a gun, she coolly tells the Doctor: "Don't worry. I won't miss." And she doesn't.
  • Sutekh containing a gun blast to destroy one of his rockets with his mind!
    • And then there was his famous line:
    "Your evil is my good. I am Sutekh the Destroyer. Where I tread, I leave nothing but dust and darkness. I find that good.
  • The Doctor's response is just as awesome. Speaking with uncharacteristic seriousness and utter gravity, he formally curses Sutekh in the name of all life.
    "Then I curse you, Sutekh, in the name of all nature. You are a twisted abhorrence."
  • In a villainous Moment of Awesome, Sutekh managing to Mind Rape the Doctor.

The Brain of Morbius

  • When the Doctor faces Morbius and challenges him to a mind-bending contest.

The Seeds of Doom

  • Harrison Chase is about to turn Sarah into a Krynoid. The Doctor suddenly jumps in through a skylight, knocks out The Heavy, grabs his gun, seizes Sarah and heads for the door.
    Chase: "What do you do for an encore, Doctor?"
    The Doctor: "I win!"

The Masque of Mandragora

  • The Doctor escapes being beheaded by tripping the executioner up with his scarf and making his getaway.

The Deadly Assassin

  • The Doctor's Refuge in Audacity when he's about to be convicted of assassinating the President of the Time Lords: declare himself as a candidate for the position of new President (replacing the very man he just supposedly assassinated), meaning he can't be executed until the election has been resolved, buying himself the time he needs to investigate.
  • The Doctor's episode-long cat-and-mouse game with Goth is one slow-burn of badass.
  • Castellan Spandrell, the most sensible and wise of the Time Lords appearing in this story, is completely peaceful, collected and reasonable through the entirety of the serial... that is, until a guard who was under the Master's influence tried to kill the Doctor, at which point Spandrell shoots him without skipping a beat.

The Face of Evil

  • There's a reason this exchange from The Face of Evil is in the Funny Moments list, but the Doctor's sheer unflappability even as his bluff is called is pretty awesome as well:
    Doctor: "Now drop your weapons, or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby."
    Tribal: "Kill him."
    Doctor: "What."
    Tribal: "Kill him then."
    Doctor: (calmly) "I don't take orders from anyone." (noms jelly baby stoically) "Take me to your leader."

The Talons of Weng-Chiang

  • Leela saving the Doctor by jumping the Tong trying to strangle him and holding her own against the gang.
  • Even though he didn't approve of it, Leela saving the Doctor's life by shooting a Tong thug with a Janus thorn.
  • The Doctor saving Leela from a giant rat with a very large gun.
  • Leela's Badass Boast to Magnus Greel before she is Bound and Gagged.
    Leela: "When we are both in the Great Hereafter, I will hunt you down, Bent-Face! And put you through my agonies a thousand times!"

Horror of Fang Rock

  • Leela getting rich Jerkass Lord Palmerdale to shut up:
    "You will do as the Doctor instructs, or I will cut out your heart!".
  • Leela fatally wounding the Rutan with the Doctor's weapon and gloating about it:
    Rutan: "Your triumph... will be short, Earthling... Our Mothership... will blast this island... into molten rock!"
    Leela: "Empty threats, Rutan! Enjoy your death as I enjoyed killing you!"

The Invasion of Time

  • K9 Mark I stunning a Gallifreyan guard and then destroying the Transduction barrier.
    • Also, despite Andred's objections, The Doctor disarming the Gallifreyan force field, with K9's assistance.
    Andred: "Now, look—"
    K9: "I'm in charge. We will now trace the circuit again and fuse it."
    Andred: "But the circuit is part of the Academy. Instruction and investigation control."
    K9: "We will give them a day off school."
  • Leela, just after being told a Sontaran's weakness, throwing a knife the full length of a decent sized room straight into a 5mm probic vent.
  • The Sontarans invade Gallifrey, one-upped only by the fact they accomplice this via their deception of the Vardans. That's right: The most powerful civilization in the universe, and the Sontarans managed to march their way in and conquer it.
  • The Doctor completely fooling the entire Time Lord citadel and Vardan empire into thinking he's a traitorous madman with Obfuscating Stupidity. And then wielding the De-mat gun against the invading Sontarans.
  • Borusa playing the Celebration chimes fifty times louder than should be allowed to assist the Doctor and co.'s escape from the Sontarans at the start of the invasion.

The Pirate Planet

  • After the Captain reveals the true nature of the Planet Zanak to him, the Doctor then gives this epic speech of utter outrage:
    The Doctor: "Appreciate it? APPRECIATE IT?! What, you commit mass destruction and murder on a scale that's almost inconceivable, and you ask me to appreciate it? Just because you've happen to have made a brilliantly conceived toy out of the mummified remains of planets!"
    The Doctor: "THEN WHAT'S IT FOR?! What are you doing? What could possibly be worth all this?!"

The Androids of Tara

The Armageddon Factor

Destiny of the Daleks

  • Romana shows her Guile Hero chops here by pretending to be dead to escape the Daleks.

City of Death

  • Romana opening a puzzle box after the Countess smugly tells her she won't be able to do so.
  • Duggan punching Scaroth in the face, which prevents the latter from stopping his past self from blowing up his ship and giving the spark of life to the amniotic fluid from which all life on Earth will spring. In other words, that one punch allowed life on Earth to happen at all. Immediately followed by the Doctor's hilarious: "Duggan...that was probably the most important punch in history!"

The Creature from the Pit

  • This episode is one long string of CMOAs for Romana. She's kidnapped by bandits, and within three sentences has them terrified of her and bowing to her every whim, and eventually tricks them into summoning K9, with whom she simply walks away. And then when captured by Adrasta, although her escape fails miserably, she manages to threaten and manipulate the crazy lady into more or less doing what she says; this despite the fact that she spends most of her imprisonment with a sword at her throat, tied to a chair, or both.

The Horns of Nimon

  • Romana's arrival on Skonnos is pretty damn impressive. Soldeed comes out to greet the latest shipment and the co-pilot immediately calls out Romana as the source of all the trouble. Then she butts in and tells her side of the story. Not only does Soldeed believe her, almost without question, but punishes the co-pilot right there for being a liar.

State of Decay

  • From the climax, the Doctor launches the Great Vampires' scout ship from the surface of the planet, then guides it to fall straight down, piercing the Great Vampire's heart, using it as a makeshift "stake", causing the Three That Rule to die alongside him.

Warriors' Gate

  • As Rorvik and his men are about to blow the Doctor and Romana away, Adric calls to them from the doorway where he's suddenly appeared and covering them with the MZ Cannon and advises them to drop their weapons?
    Adric: "I don't know what these levers do, but it's pointing in your direction."
  • Romana has apparently built a sonic screwdriver good enough that the Doctor tries to pick-pocket it.


  • The Fourth Doctor's final MOA, with his brutal fight with the Master on a satellite array, including stringing up his scarf to trip the Master.

    Fifth Doctor 


  • After being captured by security guards, Tegan manages to sneak into their van and drive off right under their noises, allowing the others to escape.

The Visitation

  • Nyssa destroying the Terileptil android.

Black Orchid

  • George's escape from his room; light the door on fire, wait until the entire door is an inferno and then break through the door, while it's still on fire!
  • Also, the Doctor winning the cricket game. It's mentioned that the team was doing poorly 'til he joined in.


  • Adric taking out an android with a rock, then him and the Doctor defusing the Cybermen's bomb with just moments to spare, and both Nyssa and Tegan at separate opportunities gunning down Cybermen.
  • The Doctor killing the Cyber-Leader by jamming Adric's star into the Leader's breathing vent.
  • Adric impressively crunching numbers at quick speed in an effort to save Earth, knowing full well what was going to happen to him if he failed, which it's pretty clear he knew was highly likely, and tricking the others into getting away without him.
    • Prior to that, we get this:
    Berger: "There's an override on the navigational control. My instructions are instantly countermanded."
    Briggs: "It's this thing that's causing it."
    Scott: "Can't you disconnect it?"
    Briggs: "It's probably booby-trapped."
    Adric: "Maybe so, but it can be disconnected."
    Briggs: "How?"
    Adric: "Solve the three logic codes."
    Berger: "That could take forever."
    Adric: "Well, then I suggest we start at once."

Arc of Infinity

  • Nyssa's attempt to save the Doctor from execution on Gallifrey. She stuns two guards and even holds the Lord President himself at gunpoint.


  • Tegan blocking Marriner's attempts to read her mind. In almost all fictional universes where telepathy plays a role, people have to be told that such a thing is possible, and often taught how by a telepath. Tegan just figures it out and does it.
  • Turlough rejects the Black Guardian's deal for the enlightenment diamond in exchange for the Doctor and then pushes the diamond off the table, into the Black Guardian, who then BURSTS INTO FLAMES. An epic moment for the otherwise shy and cowardly Turlough.

The King's Demons

  • The Doctor is about to engage in a duel. He is warned that his opponent is the greatest swordsman in France. His response?
    • Then, for the second time in the series, the Doctor and the Master engage in a Sword Fight that the Doctor wins. Made more awesome by the fact that Peter Davison and Anthony Ainley did it themselves.
  • Later on, the Doctor beats the Master in a Battle in the Center of the Mind.

The Five Doctors

  • The Raston Warrior Robot single-handedly destroying a squad of Cybermen.
  • The Brigadier when he "greets" the Master.
    Brigadier: "Nice to see you again." (punch)
  • The Master manages to trick an entire platoon of Cybermen into setting off a laser trap in Rassilon's Tower. When the surviving Cyber-Leader gets angry and tries to attack him, the Master shoots it.
  • Rassilon himself saves the day, by nodding. And he turns Borusa to stone.


Resurrection of the Daleks

  • The Doctor participating in shooting a Dalek mutant.
    Soldier: Is it dead?
    The Doctor: Would you care to take a look?
    • And later he helps push another Dalek out the window.

Planet of Fire

The Caves of Androzani

  • Who could forget the cliffhanger to episode three. Big Finish made it better with "Winter", where it is revealed the Doctor is not only saying it to Stoltz, but to himself, as he is stopping himself from regenerating.
    Stotz: All right, snoop, hands in the air and over here!
    The Doctor: Why?
    Stotz: Because I'll kill you if you don't!
    The Doctor: Not a very convincing argument actually, Stotz, because I'm going to die soon anyway, unless of course-
    Stotz: I'll give you to the count of three!
    The Doctor: Unless of course I can find the antidote! I owe it to my young friend to try because I got her into this! So you see, I'm not going to let you stop me now!
    Stotz: (as the ship is about to crash) THREE!
  • The Doctor, carrying Peri across a battlefield surrounded with explosions, nearly dying of asphyxiation in an earlier scene and generally engaging in derring-do - all so he can save the girl he accidentally got into this situation and while dying from spectrox poisoning. And not only this, but in the final moments of the first scene mentioned, he knows he has no cure for himself - he still delivers Peri to safety and meets death with dignity.
  • Morgus's secretary taking over his job and informing him that he's under arrest for treason and murder. And then Sharaz Jek finally getting his revenge on Morgus.

    Sixth Doctor 
The Twin Dilemma
  • Peri deciding she's had enough of the Doctor's attitude and giving him a big telling off in Episode 3.
  • Once the Doctor is in full form again, his standing up to the Lord Mestor is rather impressive.
    The Doctor: In my time I have been threatened by experts. I don't rank you very high at all.

Attack of the Cybermen

  • The Doctor stealing a gun and fighting the Cyber-Controller.

Vengeance on Varos

  • The Doctor fighting off two guards, who then fall into an acid bath. He follows this with a Bond One-Liner:
    The Doctor: You'll forgive me if I don't join you.

The Mark of the Rani

  • The Doctor is beyond angry at seeing Luke turned into a tree by the Rani's mines. So much so that he grabs the Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator and threatens the both of them with it.
    "Right, move, you two. I want you off this planet before you commit any further atrocities."
  • The Rani kneeing the Master in the groin.

The Two Doctors

  • Even while held captive and strapped to an operating table, the Second Doctor handles the Sontaran commander in charge with ease.
  • What does Jamie do when being held captive by a Sontaran? Pull out his knife and stab him in the leg.


Revelation of the Daleks

  • Orcini destroying a Dalek with ballistic bullets.
  • The DJ in when he blasts Daleks with his music as an intense sonic beam. As he himself put it:
    DJ: "This is a highly directional, ultrasonic beam of ROCK! AND! ROLL! It kills!"
  • Davros reminds us why he is feared throughout the universe when he takes a page from the book of fellow Magnificent Bastard Palpatine and shoots lightning out of his hand. He also shows he's Crazy-Prepared, building a fake Davros on the off-chance an assassin would come calling.

The Trial of a Time Lord: The Mysterious Planet

  • When Katryca bursts into Drathro's chamber, she starts giving a dramatic speech, when Drathro simply decides to electrocute her.
  • The story's opening shot, with the camera swooping around the Time Lords' space station and looking absolutely gorgeous in the process. It's almost impossible to believe this shot was pulled off by a British TV show in The '80s, when it was getting even less than the normal budget.

The Trial of a Time Lord: Terror of the Vervoids

  • Bonnie Langford was a professional singer before she got cast on "Doctor Who". At the end of the first episode, John Nathan-Turner asked her to scream an F note so it would segue seamlessly into the credit music. She nailed it.

The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe

    Seventh Doctor 
Time and the Rani
  • Mel proves to be capable in defending herself when she tosses the Doctor around with ease with her judo moves, and for him to then start getting the upper hand until she is able to wrestle him back to the ground.

Paradise Towers

  • Once again a Dirty Coward grows a spine and sacrifices himself—this time draft-dodger Pex lures a murderous Mad Artist into a room full of explosives and sets them off.
  • Crossing over with Funny is the Doctor's using Rule Fu on the Caretakers.

Delta and the Bannermen

  • The Chimeron Queen proving herself an Action Girl against the Bannermen.
  • The Doctor's Badass Boast to Gavrok:
    Seventh Doctor: "I came here under a white flag, and I will leave under that same white flag. And Heaven help whoever gets in my way."
    • And then he just walks off with the hostages, basically by intimidating the Bannerman through sheer force of will.


  • It looks like Ace is about to mark herself with the coin that marks people as belonging to the Big Bad — and then she knocks it away and threatens him with Nitro-9.
    Ace: "Do you want to argue with a can of deodorant that registers 9 on the Richter Scale?"

Remembrance of the Daleks

  • The Doctor briar patches Davros into blowing up the Dalek home system, with a Time Lord weapon he'd stashed away in his first life. His vicious serving of Davros in the following moments are brutal.
    Davros: "Do not do this, I beg of you!"
    The Doctor: "Nothing can stop it now!"
    Davros: "Have pity on me!"
    The Doctor: "I have pity for you. Goodbye, Davros, it hasn't been pleasant." ''(cuts off transmission)''
    • And then he manages to do away with the Supreme Renegade Dalek solely through talking to it.
  • Apart from her big moment with the baseball bat (which inspired the Moment of Awesome trope and is pictured above), Ace also killed another Dalek by shooting it in the face with a rocket launcher.
    The Doctor: "You destroyed it!"
    Ace: "I aimed for the eyepiece."
  • The Imperial Daleks deserve a mention here, for sheer awesome firepower. After their landing party starts being beaten back by renegade Dalek forces, the Emperor orders the Special Weapons Dalek into action - and onto the screen trundles an extraordinary machine: Basically a Dalek chassis topped by an independently-swivelling turret. No eye-stalk, no plunger arm, just a massive cannon version of the Dalek gun, and the whole thing scarred and grime-stained as though it had been through dozens of battlefields. It rolls up to take aim on a pair of opposing Daleks, and fires - once. The resulting massive explosion wipes out the renegade Daleks completely. The Special Weapons Dalek fires its weapon exactly twice more in the episode - once to totally demolish the gates of the renegade Daleks' compound, and once to annihilate the remaining renegades. Each time, it's awesome.
    • The Special Weapons Dalek in the novelisation is even scarier. Among all the Daleks it is unique - it has a personality of its own. This is basically because the weapon's radioactive recoil has so warped the creature inside that it has developed individuality and a sense of self. And only Davros's explicit orders keep the other Daleks from killing it out of fear and loathing. That's right: This thing is The Dreaded for the Daleks.
    • One for the meta: the explosion of all the Renegade Daleks being blown up was a practical effect, which was so loud and violent it actually caused the police to be called, because local people thought an actual bomb had exploded in the area

The Happiness Patrol

  • Only the Seventh Doctor could disarm someone by telling them to shoot him.
    Sniper 2: "Get back. Or he'll use the gun."
    The Doctor: "Yes, I imagine he will. You like guns, don't you?"
    Sniper 1: "This is a specialised weapon. It's designed for roof duty. Designed for long range. I've never used one up close before."
    Sniper 2: "Let him go."
    Sniper 1: "No."
    The Doctor: "No. In fact... let him come a little closer."
    Sniper 1: "Stay where you are."
    The Doctor: "Why? Scared? Why should you be scared? You're the one with the gun."
    Sniper 1: "That's right."
    The Doctor: "And you like guns, don't you?"
    Sniper 2: "He'll kill you."
    The Doctor: "Of course he will. That's what guns are for. Pull a trigger. End a life. Simple, isn't it?"
    Sniper 1: "Yes."
    The Doctor: "Makes sense, doesn't it?"
    Sniper 1: "Yes."
    The Doctor: "A life, killing life."
    Sniper 2: "Who are you?"
    The Doctor: "Shut up. Why don't you do it then? Look me in the eye. Pull the trigger. End my life."
    Sniper 1: ""
    The Doctor: "Why not?"
    Sniper 1: "I can't."
    The Doctor: "Why not?"
    Sniper 1: "I don't know."
    The Doctor: "You don't, do you. Throw away your gun."
  • The Doctor decides to take down the empire, and does it in a single day. With music, instead of violence.

Silver Nemesis

The Doctor: "Ace, I don't suppose you've totally ignored my instructions and secretly concocted any Nitro-9 have you?"
Ace: "What if I had?"
The Doctor: "Then of course you wouldn't do anything so insanely dangerous as carry it around with you?"
Ace: "Of course not. I'm a good girl, I do what I'm told."
The Doctor: "Excellent. Blow up that vehicle."
  • In a scene cut from the final broadcast, but shown on the extended edition, the Doctor and Ace successfully bluff their way past security guards at Windsor Castle.
  • Ace defeating the Cybermen with a slingshot and gold coins.

The Greatest Show In The Galaxy

  • The Doctor calmly walks away from a circus tent — which proceeds to blow up very violently right behind him.
    • In a meta-moment of awesome, the explosion was actually a lot bigger than Sylvester McCoy realized it would be, but he still didn't even flinch, because he knew the studio wouldn't be able to do a reshoot.
  • When the others are attacked by a killer robot attendee demanding bus fare, the Doctor stalls it by requesting a series of accommodations and then blows it up with its own weapon as it figures out how to go about doing that.
  • He also delivers a "Reason You Suck" Speech to the Gods of Ragnarok.


The Destroyer: "Pitiful. Can this world do no better than you as their champion?"
Brigadier: "Probably. I just do the best I can." [opens fire]

Ghost Light

  • After Light has outlined his plan to end all life and evolution so that his catalogue of life will remain valid, the Doctor drives the godlike alien to suicide.
    The Doctor: "But you evolve too, Light."
    Light: "Nonsense."
    The Doctor: "Of course you do. You change, you adapt, all the time. Your attitude, your place, your mind... I mean, look at you now: you're no longer your original shape. And I don't think much of your catalogue— it's full of gaps."
    Light: [suddenly alarmed] "All organic life is recorded!"
    The Doctor: "What about the gryphons, the basilisks? You missed the dragons, the bandersnatches... then there are the slithy toves and the crowned Saxe-Coburg."
    [strolling into the entrance hall, he casually clicks his fingers and Light immediately appears at the staircase]
    Light: [frantically reviewing his data screen] "Where are these items?"
    The Doctor: "I can't think how you missed them. You have to complete the catalogue before you destroy all life here."
    Light: "Control?"
    The Doctor: "She's no use to you, she's evolved as well."
    Light: "No! All slipping away..."
    The Doctor: "All is change, all is movement. Tell me, Light, haven't you just changed your location?"
    Light: [gritting his teeth] "Not yet."
    The Doctor: "What's the matter, Light? Changed your mind?"
    Light: "You are endlessly agitating, unceasingly mischievous, will you never stop?!"
    The Doctor: "I suppose I could. It would make a change."
    Light: [desperate] "Nimrod—I can rely on you! Assist me now..."
    Nimrod: "I'm sorry, sir, but my allegiance is to this planet—my birthright."
    Light: [hysterical] "Everything is changing! All in flux! Nothing remains the same!"
    The Doctor: "Even remains change. It's this planet—it can't help itself."
    Light: "I... will not change... I'll wake up soon. No... change... dead..." [trails off as he begins to evaporate]
    The Doctor: [to the data screen] "Subject for catalogue: file under "imagination, comma, lack of."

The Curse of Fenric


Dimensions in Time

  • When the Rani starts boasting her victory prematurely to the Fifth Doctor, he counters by focusing all his energy on summing a different incarnation of himself, which, despite the Rani's claims of weakening him, manages to conjure up the Third Doctor, whom the Rani backs away from in fear.

    Eighth Doctor 
Doctor Who (1996)
  • The Seventh Doctor manages to resist anesthesia three times to warn his human surgeons not to operate on him because he is a Time Lord. Sadly, they are not convinced he's of sound judgement to decide that with bullets lodged inside him and had assumed him to be an addict due to his high pulse rate. The last time he resists the anesthetic, he wakes up screaming like hell. Which leads to his tragic death and regeneration inside a morgue. Do Not Go Gentle indeed...
  • The way the Eighth Doctor punches a steel door so hard it dents and then knocks it clean off its hinges post-regeneration.
  • The scene where the Eighth Doctor escapes from the policeman by stealing a gun using a jelly baby... and holding himself hostage, thus beautifully subverting the behaviour of nearly every action movie protagonist in existence. ("Now, will you stand aside before I shoot myself?")
  • Towards the end, the Master, having murdered Bruce, Chang Lee and Grace, brought the Earth to the brink of destruction and very nearly stolen the Doctor's remaining lives. He leaps at the Doctor, but is blinded by the glare from one of the Eye of Harmony's mirrors, and flies into the black hole that powers the TARDIS. And as he hangs on for dear life — The Doctor reaches out and says, "Give me your hand."

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