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    Chrono Trigger 
  • Their Sylvester Stallone impressions near the end of Part 11.
    Pat: How 'bout this one? Aruharwawarawuh Taco Bell!
  • During the fight with Black Tyranno in part 21, Matt gets up and Pat guesses he's going to change the heater because his feet are cold, and Matt says he knows that because his feet are cold too. Then Matt goes and eats some Cheerios, which pisses off Pat who tells him to come back and do his "job", so Matt says his "job" is easier when he's doing it with Woolie, who Pat calls a failure, at about 17 minutes in.
  • Pat awkwardly attempts to make a Your Mom joke and botches it, only to be overshadowed by Matt's fumbling attempts to do the same:
    Pat: That's what I'm getting at, everybody— that I'm having sex with Matt's mother. Who, by all outward appearances, seems okay, but—
    Matt: Unfortunately my mom doesn't give nearly as good rates and clean services as yours does.
    Pat: Who is— who are you insulting there?
    Matt: I dunno.
    Pat: 'Cause it sounds like you're implying that your mom gives rates and services; they're just diseased and expensive.
    (Matt laughs)
  • Their reaction to Ayla's inspiring and eloquent speech to the pacifist Laruba elder at the end of Part 19:
    Ayla: Ayla fight while alive! Win and live. Lose and die. Rule of life. No change rule.
    Pat: This is a heartwarming speech here.
    Matt: Man, I should send everyone a Christmas card that says this.
    Pat: (reading Ayla's next line) "Old man breathe, but dead inside"? Send your dad that Christmas card!
  • When talking about Ayla being shameless, due to be being born before the concept of modesty.
    Pat: This girl's crazy, man. She'd be like "Let's go fuck on those rocks." And you'd be like, "Really? On the rocks? I like this girl!" "Rocks provide extra friction."
    Matt: Why would you want extra friction?
    Pat: I don't know.
  • "I'm done slurping shit with my shitballs."
  • In part 19, after meeting Janus and being told that "The black wind howls... one among you will shortly perish.":
    Pat: If you walked down the street, and some like 8-year old kid walked up to you and was like "Matt, the black wind is howling, you will soon perish."
    Matt: And I'm like "Oh no, Woolie's gonna kill me."
    Pat: Pretty much... Scrublords is getting out of control.
    Matt: It's getting out of control. Lots of broken bicycles.
  • Pat forgetting to save and heal after the Hopeless Boss Fight, then dying.
    Pat: Why what's wrong with-oh my god I forgot to heal myself!
    Matt: Oh man, you're dead.
    Pat: Oh this is the stupidest mistake I have ever made!
    Matt: At least you didn't die-
    Pat: I just fucking died.
    Matt: You're dead. Did you rotate your saves?
    Pat: No.
    Matt:...Well, that concludes today's episode of the Chrono Triggers.
    Pat loads his save, which starts at where he was twenty minutes earlier
    Hard Cut to where Pat died
    Pat: Whew, okay I'm back. I'm gonna use a shelter. I'm gonna use it. Everything's great.
  • Matt asking Pat about "that old grandma noise" and Crono's cranky grandma in the beginning of Part 24.
  • When Lavos is turning into his final form, Matt exclaims "Its the tubster!" referencing an enemy seen earlier in the game with a rather silly name, that Matt ceased to drop for the rest of the playthrough.
    The Walking Dead 
  • The Let's Play starts off with a bang when Matt dies in the very first zombie encounter.
  • Matt trying to explain away Lee's past to Clementine leads to two gems in rapid succession.
    Matt: Look, kid, sometimes there are shades of grey. Fifty of them, even.
    Pat: Sometimes another guy's shtoopin' your wife. You gotta shtoop 'im out the window.
  • "Look at this kid I found! My found kid is better than your real kid."
  • They make fun of Heavy Rain and pretend to not know what it is.
  • When starting out the chapters, Pat asks Matt if he's "going to throw the ax at that little kid".
  • The "Shame Car."
    Pat: It's a pick-up.
    • Also this:
    Matt (jokingly): You have to spend one hour in "The Shame Car."
    Pat (feigning horror & chuckling): I don't wanna get in the Shame Car! Lindsey Lohan's in there!
    • Becomes an Ascended Meme in their playthrough of Divekick, where the losers have to go back in a cab labelled "The Shame Car".
  • Matt's complete and utter hatred of Duck.
    • Best exemplified in the scene where they find out Duck has been bitten.
    Matt: Nice! Nice! Fucking radical!
    • Later On
    Matt: I feel like I just ran a Marathon and I won now that I know Duck's gonna die.
    Pat: Geez!
    • And then finally when Matt chooses to shoot duck.
    Matt: See ya later fucker!
    Pat: Na na na na
    Both: Na na na na! Hey hey hey! Goodbye!
  • Early in part 5, one of the dialogue options is "No one fucks with us." Pat and Matt periodically blurt out the phrase throughout the rest of the game.
  • When leaving the barn in part 6, the game glitches right before the loading screen, making it look like Lee Flash Steps right back into the barn.
    • They get a lot of glitches, and each one is hilarious. Ben appears to fly out of his chair while on watch at the motel, the backgrounds take a while to render during the preview of episode 4 (leading them to joke that Omid has teleportation powers), and when meeting Molly, Clementine briefly levitates and flickers in and out of view.
  • Following Larry's brutal death, Matt inquires if he has to get the coins from his pocket.
    Pat: (apalled) Yeah, you go ask Lilly if you can go through her dead father's jeans. (Beat) That's actually exactly what you have to do.
  • After another argument between Lilly and Kenny:
    Lee: Happy, Kenny?
    Matt: (as Kenny) My family's alive and everyone else has suffered horribly. I'm peachy-keen!
  • The many times Matt talks to Ben, where finishing the conversation makes Ben mope terribly.
    Lee: Hey, Ben.
    Ben: Hey.
    Lee: See ya.
  • Anytime Matt hears about or sees one of Ben's screwups.
  • Dead parents, basically Batman. The ladies love it.
  • The friend's tales of their school life, which includes Matt telling a kid with a peanut allergy to go to hell and Pat punching a "bitch kid named Bruno".
  • When Matt gives out all the energy bars:
    Pat: I'm gonna give one of these bars to a zombie and it's gonna be a peace treaty. The zombie's going to be like "uhhhhhhhhhhhh".
  • Anytime Matt calls Brie "Cheeseface".
  • In Episode 15 as Lee and the group are heading back to get the boat, Matt remembers that Ben is guarding it.
    Matt: Isn't Ben in charge of everything?
    Pat: Yeah, Ben is in charge of guarding the boat.
    Lee opens the shed door and sees it empty except for Ben.
  • Later on in the episode when Lee is instructing the group to fortify the house, what job do they give Ben?
    Lee: Go upstairs!
    Ben: And do what?!
    Lee: Just go!
    *Matt and Pat burst out laughing*
  • The Stranger calls Kenny an "asshole in a baseball cap"
    Matt: I like this guy!
  • The final episode ends with an absolutely heart crushing scene, but it's kind of hard to be sad when Matt is talking about how the end of Ratatouille made him cry.
    • Made even better by how Pat is actually tearing up, and Matt is ignoring him and rambling on about the film.
  • At the end of the game, there's a list summing up your interactions with all of the characters. When they get to Kenny...
    Matt: Look at all the great shit I did for Kenny. Look at all that stacked up shit!
    Pat: Yeah...what a dick.
  • And then the final lines of the Let's Play:
    Matt: Alright that was fun everyone! Heavy Rain is the worst ever!
    • They make constant digs at Heavy Rain, even from Pat, who unlike Matt, enjoys the game.

    The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC 
  • In Vince's story:
    Pat: This game is like, lionizing prisoners and criminals, to like a weird extent. Like Lee, and these guys-
    (A prisoner at the front of the bus starts strangling another prisoner)
    Matt: Oh shit!
    Pat: Well not that guy.
  • They both agree that seeing Wyatt and Eddie is surreal because Wyatt and Eddie are essentially Matt and Pat in a zombie apocalypse.
    • Pat thinks Wyatt looks like an alternate universe Caucasian Woolie.
  • The two actually take a moment to stop playing the game to argue over some crackers.
    Matt: I have some crackers in my bag, you can eat them later.
    Pat: No
    Matt: They're really good.
    Pat: You don't. You're lying. There's no way.
    Matt: Pass me my bag.
    Pat: I'm rattling this shit, there's no crackers in here you ass! You're full of shit.
    (Bag rattling)
    Pat: Fuck you.
    Matt: This is the sound of Matt's fucking crackers! What a great moment!
    Pat: Why the fuck do you just bring crackers around?
    Matt: 'Cause I was like 'I'll have Pat try these great crackers, they're yummy'.
    Matt: There's two.
    Pat: They're both for you!
    Matt: (laughing) I'm going to eat them both in front of you.
  • In a rather dark way, their reaction when they come across Carly's body. They scream in unison.
  • Pat's hypothetical exchange between characters in Shel's campaign
    Becca: What was that all about?
    Shel: I don't know. Probably not good, though. Stay here. It'll be just a minute. I'll fill you in when I get back.
    Pat (as Roman): I found a HUGE pile of food!
    Matt: *bursts out laughing* Just in the parking lot!
  • Their constant hatred of Becca is hilarious, coupled with how they see Clementine was some sort of pro-wrestler.
    Matt: Throw Becca in the fire!
    Pat: She probably burns real good cause she's from HELL!
  • Their impression of Tavia trying to convince the group to come with her.
    Pat: (As Tavia) Everyone, we've got sandwiches and blowjob robots over at the new thing.
    Matt: (As the group) Are those mutually exclusive?
    Pat: No, you can have a sandwich at the same time.

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 
  • Matt and Pat's reactions to Metal Gear RAY being the first boss.
    Pat: Fuck off.
    Matt: Right now.
    Pat: I've been playing for ten minutes.
    Matt: Maybe five.
  • Pat threatens to cut up a Metal Gear RAY's face "so much that even yo mamma won't like it". Matt remarks he is now imagining a RAY wearing an apron.
    Pat: [high-pitched voice] I can't believe you let them Solid Snakes fuck you up so bad! I didn't raise you like this shit!
  • Pat keeps forgetting that he can cut through barriers while running, despite the marketing of the game centering around cutting through everything.
  • After Raiden performs yet another insane feat of physics-defying badassitude,note  Pat more or less summarizes the premise of the game:
    Pat: Oh geez, goddammit! Okay fine! Raiden's cool again!
    • He then just keeps on gushing on how much he loves the game and how cool Raiden is.
  • While fighting Sam:
    Pat: Get fucked, Sam!
    Matt: No, you— you can't.
    Pat: Oh my god, he is so fast!
    Matt: He is unfuckable!
  • Their amazed reaction seeing Sam shoot his sword out of a gun.
    Pat: They finally did it! They went and did it! They made a gun that shoots swords!
  • Pat attempting to pathetically walk away from Sam, but ends up getting killed by him anyways.
  • Pat's reaction to Jetstream Sam's name.
    Pat: His name is Jetstream?!
    Matt: Jetstream Sam.
  • Matt and Pat's reactions to the Running Gag of Courtney being clumsy and spilling her coffee.
  • Their love of how all the music in the boss fights is buttrock (music designed purely to get the audience pumped, musical complexity be damned)
    Pat: God, this music is such buttrock.
    Matt: I know, isn't it awesome?
    Pat: People like to give buttrock a bad rap, but Guilty Gear was pretty good.
  • Pretty much all of their commentary on the Mistral boss fight; both them being hyped for it, and snarking at some of the dialogue bits.
    Mistral: I'm from Algeria, you know? I'm only half-French.
    Pat: Oh I see, they wanted to make a hot brown chick, but they also wanted to make a hot French chick too.
  • During Monsoon's villainous speech, Matt and Pat spend it looking at a guard playing with a random cat, culminating with:
    Pat: I'm sorry I didn't have time to listen to your metaphysical nonsense.
    Matt: I was looking at a cool cat.
  • Pat pointing out that the villains throughout Metal Gear have a tendency to make speeches on human nature and history to compare the heroes to themselves, and wondering if they are aware that "Team Snake" kills everyone who makes that speech ever.
    • And later, Matt commenting "Exactly!" when Jetstream Sam abruptly decides they've both heard enough speeches about higher causes mid-conversation.
  • After cutting off a civilian's clothes, Pat positions Raiden in front of the man, giving the illusion that Raiden is getting a blowjob:
    Pat: This is what I want. This is what I want.
    • Followed by a hilarious codec call between Raiden and Wolf.
  • Apparently (according to the Best Friends, at least), the Matrix Cat from the beginning of the game is Bayonetta.
  • Pat lampshades the increasing frequency of Matt's completely true facts about their friends:
    Pat: "[Woolie] loves molesting tiny animals?" Is this the path Best Friends will go on to? Slander to a degree that it is nonsensical?
  • Their reactions to the final boss are all hilarious. Special mention goes to when Matt, Pat, and then Raiden react with three consecutive "whats" to Armstrong quoting "I Have a Dream."
    Matt: What.
    Pat: What!?
    Raiden: What...?
    Pat: (after a Beat, completely deadpan) Fuck off.
    Matt: (in a whiny as hell voice) NAANOMASHEENS!
    Pat: Hey. Hey Raiden. Why do you think I'm so tough? (in the same voice) NAANOMASHEENS....
    • This was after Matt spent the whole game jokingly saying that word every time a plot point came up.
  • During the Credits, they compare Rising to DmC, and both agree that Rising is superior. And in an apparent Call-Back to Matt comparing Raiden to Dante in the All Stars video and in the first part of their Rising playthrough.
    Pat: If you had told me five years ago that I would care more about Sunny than Vergil, I would've stabbed you to death.
  • Matt mocking Sundowner's reaction to Raiden hurling a Slider at his helicopter.
    Sundowner: CHRIST!
  • They return to do the Jetstream Sam DLC, bringing Woolie along with them.
    • While fighting Armstrong, Pat is bowled over by the boss charging at him like a meteor. After the second time this happens, everyone decides to use Sam's double jump to avoid it. After a while, the boss charges at them again, and Pat leaps into the air. Armstrong follows them. Everyone freaks out.
    Matt: The jumping plan was for naught!
    • Their reaction to Sam's reaction during Armstrong's transformation.
    • Once they get to the second part of the fight and Collective Consciousness kicks in, they start singing along.
    • In another section, a huge guard with a large sword stands at the top of a set of stairs, looking out over a railing. Sam rushes up the steps, and then suddenly runs to the left as Pat makes a slight mistake running up the steps. He then runs to the right of the guard, both times standing literally within a hair's distance of the guard. He fails to notice Sam entirely. Then Pat makes Sam run through the door behind the guard, which closes behind him and loads a checkpoint. The trio begin cracking up.
    • Pat attempts to use Sam's taunt to make the Metal Gear Ray mad. It works.
  • Meta example. When listening to Senator Armstrong's speech, Pat interjects with "You know as crazy as he sounds, there's at least 30 people watching this video going, 'Oh my god, I would so vote for that guy!'" 3 guesses as to what the highest-rated comment for that video is.
  • Pat's continued ecstatic reactions to playing as Sam.
    Pat: This...this is playing drugs. This is injecting drugs into my scrotum.
  • The hype train rolls on as they play the Blade Wolf DLC. The three are discussing things as they get used to Blade Wolf, then start practicing with his attacks, ending with a combo move.
    Blade Wolf: Combination complete.
  • The trio's reaction to Mistral's over-the-top fanservice and Male Gaze in one cutscene of the DLC, with Matt guessing that Shinji Mikami had to have been brought in for that cutscene, and the other two immediately agreeing on seeing another utterly blatant fanservice shot of Mistral's ass.
  • They fight Khamsin, and find out that you can stealth attack him.
    (Bladewolf jumps on top of Khamsin's mech and Khamsin looks surprised)
    All Three: YEEEAAAAAHH!
    (Bladewolf proceeds to stab Khamsin right in the chest with his chainsaw tail)
    All Three: OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  • The ending of the Blade Wolf DLC, starting out with Woolie trying to imitate George's accent, which leads into a discussion about "spicy condoms" which then immediately segues into everyone getting hyped over the ending credits having Blade Wolf's chainsaw
    Matt: Lemme go get some spicy condoms down at the spicy condom store!
    Ending credits start with shot of Blade Wolf's chainsaw

    Predator: Concrete Jungle 
  • Matt's attempt to get Pat to join him in playing the game failing.
  • Matt and Woolie deciding to name the Elder Predator who exiles the player character "Uncle Phil".
    • They also start referring to the player character Predator as "Jerry", and consider him to be a loser.
  • Matt begins badmouthing a game based on Wanted, when Woolie interjects that he worked on that game... and then agrees with Matt's assessment of Wanted.
  • After messily killing two out of three gang member standing side-by-side with the third one completely oblivious, Matt expresses shock as the third guard is pointing is gun at a boarded up window.
  • Matt mentions offhand that the actress who played Topanga posed for Maxim, and we hear Woolie run out the door to get his laptop.
  • Half-way through the game, Matt & Woolie are told in a mission briefing that they'll have to deal with a gang called "The Matadors", they quickly joke about how they'll probably be some kind of racist caricature given the games track record, and then, almost on cue, the game cuts to the gang. A bunch of Luchadors with a Spaniard Boss named "El Hongo".
    • Noting that commenters had said that "El Hongo" translates to "Mushroom", Matt and Woolie begin a Predator-themed riff on the Badgers song.
  • In Part 8, much to their surprise, the game starts to improve in a flashback sequence. They note how the flashback level is much more visually interesting, better paced, and note how cool the cutscenes involving Bruno Borgia were. They even speak approvingly of Jerry. And then when the flashback ends...
    Matt: Boo!
    Woolie: Fuck you, Future!
  • Early on, they laugh at the fact that the Voodoo gang apparently worships a Scorpion God of Death. In the Flashback sequence, we get this callback:
    Matt (as mobster): Hey man, Bruno's kinda crazy!
    Woolie: Talkin' 'bout givin' birth ta new gods and shit.
    Matt: Hey, there's only one true god, and that's the 1930s Scorpion Death God.
    Woolie: I thought you were gonna say, like, the Red Sox.
  • At one point, after the boss fight with Bruno, Jerry confronts his pregnant wife. Matt immeidately starts screaming "Fuck Her!" and Woolie is more than a little confused.
  • In part ten, after being told to kill a Brainwashed and Crazy Predator named "Swift-Knife" before he can kill scientists that Jerry has to use to bypass biometric locks, Matt pauses and mentions that the Predators in each of the films has a nickname, reciting the various names of the Predators in Predator, Predator 2, Predators, and the AvP films. As soon as he finishes, the mission failed text appears; as Swift-Knife managed to kill all the scientists.
    Woolie: Thanks for that sterling recap! Too bad it meant...
    Matt: All the scientists were killed before... oh...
    Woolie: We were too busy recapping on Predator names. Jerry was trying to remember all his boys from high school, meanwhile, the Knife was walking around killing scientists.
    • Meanwhile, near the start of Part 10, Matt is desperately searching for the last few guards in a room. Unable to find them, they consult their map, only to find that the last enemy appears to be stuck in a wall. Approaching him to try and attack him, they discover that it is actually a whole squad stuck in the wall on the same spot when they all spring out at once. Woolie's reaction is utter shock.
  • At the end of part twelve, after some bizarre plot revelations regarding the Borgias, Matt and Woolie get immediately hyped up again once MOTHER sics some Xenomorphs on Jerry. This hype is abruptly cut off by the end-card, and then continues at the start of the next episode.
    • The duo sum up the events that led to the current situation as an "elaborate fuckup".
  • The final boss resembling a Caucasian Woolie.
  • At the very end of the play through, we get a call back to the very start.
    Woolie: Now can we play Persona (4 Arena)?
    Mat: No.
    Woolie: Fuuu- *episode jingle*

    Man VS Wild: The Game 
  • In part 5, they take a really good look at the Bear Grylls model's face, and they comment on how off it looks. They mock it by pretending it has a really creepy voice and moving the model so that face is even closer to the camera.
  • Matt mentions how Woolie hates it when they jokingly tell lies about their friends on the show, which Matt claims are "entertaining lies that are based in fact."
    Pat: Like the time Liam burned down that cancer ward. "It's not moe enough, you don't understand!"
    Matt: He wanted to create a real life Katawa Shoujo.
    Pat: (laughing) Oh God, oh that's the worst joke we've ever told on this show! Ever. Oh, oh God, it's true though.
  • In the Patagonia level, Bear Grylls cuts a dead animal's leg off so he has something to "test for hollow ice". Matt then questions this.
    Matt: Why couldn't he just use a stick or something?
    Pat: There's no sticks out here. *pans camera to show trees* Also, ignore that climbing axe on his backpack.
  • They mock the way jumping is handled in the game, with Bear doing an awkward pose and being able to turn the model in the air. They do it repeatedly a few times, pretending that they're doing "sick Tony Hawk combos".
  • They come across a gray fox in Patagonia, and excitedly let him go because he helped him beat Metal Gear.
  • Pretty much every instance of Special Effects Failure in the game, such as Bear's reaction to being attacked by sharks or gators, failing the rafting sequence of the deserted island level, the strange orb (or marble)-shaped debris in Patagonia's avalanche scene and whenever they come across a buggy texture or messed up camera angle.
    • More specifically, while escaping from the deserted island on the raft, they intentionally let themselves get caught by a shark, which starts to, VERY VERY SLOWLY, drain their life meter. After waiting for about a full minute, the raft and Bear lazily rotate upside down before the game over screen appears. The extreme lack of effort by the developers is hilarious, and it's clear that they never expected anyone to actually see it.
  • At one part, a random musical sting starts playing over and over for no apparent reason.
  • Every time Bear Grylls lights a fire, they crack up because his face is directly in the flames.
  • In the Sahara level, they mock the game's poor graphics design when Bear pulls out a camel's insides in one big clump so he can use the "smells worse on the inside" trick to survive a sandstorm. After it's done, they watch the footage of the actual episode and are shocked to find the intestines really did come out in a huge clump like that.

    Silent Hill: Homecoming 
  • Matt has no idea what to do, leading to this absolute gem:
    Matt: What's my objective?
    Matt opens the menu
    Menu: You don't have any objectives.
    Pat: You don't have any objectives!
  • The ending of part 2 has Matt and Pat desperately running around, looking for a save point just so they can stop playing for the day.
  • Matt doesn't understand why or just doesn't want to install Homecoming on his 360:
    Pat: Did you install this?
    Matt: No, why would I?
    Pat: Because it loads faster.
    Matt: Why would I install this?
    Pat: 'Cause it loads faster!
    Matt: But why would I install it?
    Pat: So that it loads faster!
    Matt: But why would I do that?
    Pat: So that it loads faster!
    Matt: Anyway.
  • The complete and utter lack of attempts to hide their contempt for the game is hilarious; Downcoming is perhaps the first game where Pat outright loathes the game and actively continues to recall more reasons why he loathes the game as they progress, and Matt ends up hating the game to the point he refuses to play against the game's end boss. Pat also has quote from members of the development team stating how bad the game is, and the LP is generally populated with their commentary on how grey the game is, how terrible the combat system is, how derivative of earlier games it is, or how bland the characters are, or infinite combinations thereof. Since succeeded by Indigo Prophecy, but surprisingly averted with Deadly Premonition, which both Matt and Pat have stated was a poorly made game, but they clearly loved what it was trying to do.
  • About halfway through Part 4, they find a fire axe buried into the ground in a chasm. Pat immediately declares that this is the fire axe from Silent Hill: Downpour and that it had traveled through time to get there.
    • Judging by the Mind Screw nature of Silent Hill, it's no wonder that Matt actually considers the idea.
  • Near the end of Part 5, after traversing for a good twenty minutes looking for photos, Matt finds himself sandwiched between three nurses that stunlock him to death with knife combos.
  • Pat's jaw-droppingly stellar reading of Carol's letter to Sam in Part 5.
  • Pat at multiple points tries to compare Homecoming to Downpour; and almost every time, flubs it and says "Downcoming".
  • The terrible design of the inventory management system causes Matt to accidentally use the super rare serum health items at nearly full health. Twice.
  • Pat's complete meltdown over the mask puzzle.
  • In Part 11, they find a bloody message on a wall. Pat decides it sounds like a pop song, and begins to sing it. He finishes the line by jumping up an octave like an old rock ballad.
    • Furthermore towards the end of the episode Matt trolls Pat with his own "ignorance" over where the save point is. The section is infamous for being long and buggy so when it's dragged out even longer (and saving is so important) Pat naturally gets a little upset by it...
    Matt: Where's that save point?
    Pat: It's behi-oh my! Urr-agh-AAAHH! Are you doing this on purpose?!
    Matt: [Where's that save point?]
    Pat: Are you doing this on purpose?
    Matt: [Gotta find that save point...]
    Pat: It's in there!
    (Matt "finds" it and starts saving.)
    Matt: (Beat)...Hey, there it is!
    Pat: Oh, you- you are doing it on purpose...!!
    Matt: You're getting too complacent.
    Pat: I'm gonna die of a fuckin' heart-attack because of this...-!
    Matt: Yaaaaaay!
    (Smash Cut to Title Card)
  • Part 12 reveals Matt's berserk button: Alex somehow washed up on shore after falling in a LAKE!
  • In Part 13, Matt tormenting Pat by ignoring a save point on purpose repeatedly, while Pat shrieks at him to save so they can stop playing the game.
  • "So the solution is BAC, for Blood Alcohol Content, because the guy who designed this puzzle was drunk."
  • Towards the end of the Let's Play, there are comments from viewers stating that they don't have to play the game anymore because it's so bad. However, Pat refuses to give in and insists on beating it.
  • The final boss is so cheap that Pat has to take over while an incredibly frustrated Matt refuses to say anything, resulting in several minutes of Pat awkwardly trying to start jokes and getting nothing but silence.

    Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut 
  • Matt and Pat discuss how paranoid Pat was a child:
    Matt: You listened to all those PSAs about weird touching in private areas.
    Pat: (as an announcer) "Be careful kids, the homosexual is out there to get you."
    (as himself) "Are you fucking kidding me? From this footage from the fucking 70's?"
    (as the announcer) "Yes."
  • Matt and Pat making fun of a dream sequence:
    Pat: Kids don't require as much oxygen, that's why they're so hard to smother.
    Matt: Oh my god.
    Pat: You gotta really hold that pillow down!
  • When York swerves off the road to avoid the Raincoat Killer, a pair of squirrels run out of his way while making the most accurate animal sounds ever.
    Pat: They used fuckin' noises for the fuckin' squirrels!
    Matt: That's what squirrels sound like, idiot!
    Matt: I've gotten pretty close to squirrels before, they're basically monkeys.
  • Near the end of Part 6, Matt and Pat find Quint's navigation AI having trouble with a staircase and a door. They proceed to laugh their heads off when he slides backwards through the door he just closed.
    • Speaking of glitches, at one point they investigate a house and discover that the doors and windows are glowing green from the outside.
  • Pat is tormented by how terrible the maps are, coupled with the lack of an immediate fast travel option.
  • During a driving section, an entire hillside turns neon green because of the textures failing to load. They don't notice it at first, but when they do, Pat completely freaks out.
  • Pat is dumbstruck by several of the animations, such as York walking away while apparently talking on the phone...without holding any phone. He's actually talking to Zach, and Pat just never picked up on it.
  • In Part 11, Pat uses a smoke for the first time to make the game skip forward in time. At midnight, the smoke ends, and they find that the sky has turned blood red, there's creepy fog everywhere, and they can hear evil noises. And then they find the Totally OP Beast-Ass Pimp Dog.
  • They discuss the difficulty of referring to Deadly Premonition shorthand because what else the acronym may refer to.
  • "Everyone's dead instantly. Basically everyone you hold dear. Because of Pike."
  • Part 14 has a problem with the placement of Forrest's model during his conversation with York. The result is priceless.
    • When they first meet Kaysen, the camera pans over his butt and shows that he has a patch of a dog on one of his back pockets:
    Pat: Is that KK Slider on his butt?
  • The long running saga of Pat trying to break into Quint's house.
    • Pat's Big "NO!" on one failed break-in happens to coincide with an in-game crack of lightning.
    • By the end of it, Pat breaks down in tears.
    • The sequel saga of trying to get into George's house, which manages to waste the entire duration of Episode 17.
  • At one point Pat grows increasingly frustrated with the game:
    Pat: (in despair) Oh... oh, I'm dying. Oh, this game is killing me—
    Matt: What are you talking about?
    Pat: I'm being killed.
    Matt: Hey man, I'm playing Homecoming right now. Shut the fuck up, maybe.
  • The discussion of what it's like to be friends with Plague of Gripes:
    Pat: We have Plague on our Facebook so we can talk to him about stuff, and sometimes that comes back to get you when he just starts mass sending people messages about duck penises.
  • The giant dogs return, and they can keep up with the patrol cars.
    Pat: This accidentally turned into survival horror.
  • At the midpoint of Part 21, they enjoy watching Carol fail at driving, but completely lose it when Quint decides to go for a drive.
  • Matt and Pat's continuing inability to maintain their composure in the face of the fast-travel car-screeching noise culminates.
  • Part 25 gives us "Woolie The Liar Stole My Pie!".
  • Pat's increasing bewilderment with York's quirky personality following a cutscene with Emily in York's hotel room after she spent the night drinking at a bar:
    York: (lying in bed talking to Zach) Zach, do you think Emily got home okay?
    Pat: You didn't drive her home?! You're the worst, York!
    York: Do you remember? Our conversation with Emily.
    Pat: Dude, it just happened!
    York: It seems like she's really interested in you.
    Pat: (high-pitched) He's so CRAZY!
  • The ongoing 'Big-Butt Jackson' jokes, which come to a climax in one of the recent episodes where they can't actually remember which character is meant to be 'Big-Butt Jackson'.
  • Part 27 has Pat's complete confusion and bewilderment at the fishing minigame.
  • Matt has commonly used a catchphrase "More than you think, but less than you'd hope" or variations on that as a response to jokes. Part 28 of the playthrough blows their mind.
  • By Part 29, it's hilarious just how much Pat in particular seems to veer wildly between seemingly enjoying the game for its quirky story and presentation, and downright despairing each and every time he gets stuck in one of the action segments.
    • The third episode of the podcast actually breaks down into a heated argument between Matt and Pat with Woolie, with Woolie talking about how much he dislikes the game, and Matt and Pat defending it... while going on about all it's problems and how poorly made it is.
  • Pat's stories about his family; An earlier episode details how Pat's Dad once managed to accidentally switch out the paprika he used for his egg sandwiches with Cayenne Pepper, and then sitting through a meal at the dinner table literally suppressing tears. Part 29 ties in with Rustlemania and has Pat's story about eating with his folks and due to wrestling being on the TV, having to inform his Mom that some of her old favourite wrestlers were either dead or drug addicts.
  • During the profiling segment in Thomas's apartment, Pat describes a grainy image of Thomas kneeling on the floor as "[Thomas] praying to his oven" and one of the Raincoat Killer lounging on a sofa as "a Jawa waiting for coitus".
  • A late game segment has the whole town infected by a Hate Plague. The game tells Pat that he has to get through without killing any of the townsfolk. The first thing Pat does? Pull out his machine gun and blast Quint. The results are an immediate Investigation Failed.
    Matt: You fucking stupid idiot!
    • The best part? Pat does it on purpose. He deliberately checks the characters in the crowd, distinctly says "No," when he can't find who he's looking for, and then blows Quint away.
  • The entire conversation near the beginning of Part 18.
  • Almost every single time they use the Fast Travel, as it uses a cartoonish braking sound effect to mark the passage of distance...and they keep forgetting it every single time it turns up and crack up laughing.
  • Their rapid-fire Shut Up, Hannibal! responses to George's Motive Rant:
    George: Why was I born in such a run-down dump?
    Matt: Why didn't you move away, stupid?
    George: Why did my mother beat me every day?
    Matt: 'Cause you suck!
    George: Why didn't Emily want me?
    Pat: 'Cause you're a PSYCHO!
  • Towards the end of the game, the Man Behind the Man is revealed. Pat is suitably dumbstruck.
    Pat: What? What?!
    Matt: [said with an audible grin] Oh I didn't say this was the final boss or anything..
    Pat: ... IT WAS KAYSEN?! Kaysen's behind it all?!?....NNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHH

    The Last Of Us 
  • In Part 3 Pat and an enemy have the same idea to jump through a window to attack the other one and they both end up clipping through each other at the exact same time.
  • Pat and Matt's conversation about why Ellie is so important leads them to try and out do each other (for anyone wondering it was the latter who was right):
    Pat: So this kid is the cargo?
    Matt: Yeah, no she has the cure in her blood.
    Pat: No she's a baby factory.
    Matt: Wait no, shut up. No she's got a tattoo on her back that shows where land is.
    Pat: Gooooddd, dammit. You fucking asshole. Oh my God.
    Matt: You didn't think I'd get a Water World reference in.
    • This gets a reprise later in the same episode:
    Pat: Okay. I see how this is gonna go. We're supposed to pass her off to a group from another city, and that group is gonna get fucking super-owned...
    Matt: Yeah, 'cause of the tattoo.
    Pat: And then they're gonna be li- God da- God d- God dammit!
    • It gets another reprise in Part 5, done by Pat this time of all people:
    Pat: I should always have a shiv ready, I'm thinking.
    Matt: You wanna have a shiv ready.
    Pat: They're pretty good.
    Mat: That time you spent in prison taught you.
    Pat: Remember that time I met Chris Redfield?
    Matt: Remember when I met Dracula and Chris Redfield?
    Pat: And he had a tattoo of land on his back.
  • Pat's name for the pointless rooms that take up (by his calculations) 30% of the game:
    Pat: Where the fuck am I suppose to go video game? Am I in one of those weird anti-rooms?
    Matt: (laughing) Anti-matter.
    Pat: That's the term we're gonna use now, anti-rooms.
  • Matt's Accidental Innuendo when naming the grunts characters make when they do things after Pat wonders if Ellie followed him, or "effort noises." Pat starts to agree and realizes what he's about to say. He spends the next couple of seconds trying to avoid finishing his sentence while Matt is trying to make him say it.
    Matt: Yeah there she goes. She made, um effort noises.
    Pat: Ah, I hear those. I love those- not going to say that.
  • When asked about the quality of the Uncharted games (sans the second), all Pat can muster is a incredibly high pitched "Eeeeeeehh".
  • In Part 4, Pat throws a brick to distract a clicker, then realizes he threw it right at Ellie.
  • In Part 5 Pat is navigating through a mall that is crawling with Clickers and is listening for their sound to locate them.
    Pat: Why does it sound so close to me- (Pat watches as the Clicker stumbles literally right in front of him) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Matt: Ellie got the fuck out of there.
  • In Part 5, while navigating the same mall Pat tries to count the clickers via listen mode, only for both of them to be scared by Ellie running past the screen.
    Matt: Oh!
    Pat: What the fuck, Ellie!
  • Pat: And than this guy, I'm going to piss him off super bad. (Throws the bottle, bottle bounces off the statue in front of him, clicker screams in his direction) FUCK!!!
    • It gets even better, he immediately runs behind a wardrobe , praying that the clicker won't find him. He then realizes that he's going to have to make a break for it behind the other clicker in the next hallway because the clicker that's near him is about to go around the wardrobe and reach him. The really funny part? He's screaming at the top of his lungs the entire time in a high pitch voice. It has to be heard to be believed.
      • It gets worse for him. Seriously. He managed to successfully get pass the two clicker and is in the room he was trying to reach. Everything is going well until he realizes that he's in the room Ellie and Tess escaped through and needs to go back through the hallway where the second clicker was to reach them.
    Pat: (to a clicker that can't see him) You fuck off. You fuck off. (Throws a bottle at it)
  • While searching a room the boys start to have a conversation about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    Matt: Man these noises sound exactly like Tokka from Ninja Turtles II.
    Pat: There, now- You know what, holy shit, holy shit you are so- (trys the door and learns it's locked) Mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhh!
    Matt: (ignoring Pat's fear) I wonder if they hired the same guy who did voice acting for those creatures.
    Pat: GOD. (Beat) DAMMIT.
  • The last minute of Part 5 which ends with a bang. After everything that has happened to him Pat finally gets sick of hiding, completely throws away sneaking, yells "Fuck it," and throws a Molotov cocktail at the clicker in the hallway. While he and Matt are just watching it burn to death the other clicker hears the noise, comes over to investigate and walks into the fire because it's blind and it manages to burn to death too.
    Matt: It's like "What happened Carl?"
  • When Matt points out a picture of a duck, Pat audibly groans because ducks have been ruined for him since his conversation with Plague of Gripes.
  • Part 10 when Pat forgets how to climb a ladder.
  • After the discovery that Bill's boyfriend killed himself after stealing all of Bill's supplies and leaving a note telling Bill that he always hated him Matt and Pat discuss their friendship:
    Matt: I hope that when I die you find a whole bunch of notes from me that say 'Pat you were always garbage.'
    Pat: But that won't hurt my feelings cause I'll have killed you.
  • Matt and Pat simultaneously completely losing their shit over the fact when Bill throws Frank's note away, they can then pick it back up because it exists as a pickup again in the spot Bill threw it.
  • When Ellie gets ahead of Joel in Pittsburgh, this exchange occurs:
    Joel: How about you let me go first. And keep your voice down.
    Matt: Maybe stop singing for one minute
    Pat: Stop practicing whistling.
    Ellie: (Successfully whistles) I'm whistling!
    Pat: I just told you to stop whistling!
  • Pat's repeated deaths to the Bloater in part 13 go from unfortunate, to sad, to absolutely hilarious in short order.
  • Pat gives Ellie the nickname "Garbage". He even uses the name when congratulating her for doing something right.
    • By part 23 they are completely on Ellie's side, cheering for her, telling her she's awesome and congratulating all her kills and stealth... and still calling her Garbage.
  • Part 23 is off to a good start, with Pat failing to kill and dying against a single clicker (At first, the weapon sway on the bow caused him to miss multiple times. Then he had headshot the clicker with the pistol and thought it was dead, as some headbits flew off, but it turned out it was still alive as it quickly lunged toward him.)
    • Later, Pat discovers that Ellie's stealth kill is really loud and attracts the attention of any nearby enemies. Cue him stealthing and running like hell through the rest of the area, which actually proves to be more effective than fighting it out.

    Super Best Friends Watch: Mortal Kombat 9 
Pat: (Imitating Kung Lao) My grandpa was radical! I have a dumb hat!
  • While discussing Raiden:
  • The Shame Car returns. Pat banished Scorpion there after killing Sub-Zero I. He was released to fight Liu Kang, but he smells like Lohan.
  • When talking about Liu Kang and Kitana's relationship, Pat misspeaks and says they will have a hot baby. Matt and Woolie immediately mock him.
    Pat: People will make Pictures! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!
  • When Scorpion kills Bi Han/Sub-Zero I, Matt, Pat and Woolie get a chuckle out of how he looks ashamed and embarrassed while showing Sub-Zero's charred skull to the other characters.
    Matt: He's like "Aw, sorry everyone, I kinda did it."
    Pat: "I peed on the carpet. It was me."
    Woolie: He's got worms; he's gonna drag his ass across the carpet, staining it everywhere.
  • During Smoke's chapter, we get the scene where Kano and Shang Tsung are testing out RPGs in the Living Forest:
    Matt: They're just shooting at Living Forest trees, and the trees are going "Nooooooo!"
    Pat: We have all this magic and shit, but man... guns.
    • Pat then goes on a brief tangent about how the earlier tarkatan assault on the White Lotus temple would've gone very differently if the defending monks had machine guns.
    • Then comes Smoke's battle against Kano, which starts with this:
      Kano: I'll take care of 'im, no charge! (Puts down the missile launcher)
      Matt: Yeah, but then you'd have to have a really bad Injustice minigame.
      (Mass cringing ensues)
  • Cyber Sub-Zero's chapter ends with a climatic battle with Noob Saibot... Only to be immediately followed by Nightwolf, who literally just appears onscreen to fight Quan Chi, to the Best Friends' disappointment.
    Pat: (As Nightwolf) "Now it's my time to shine!"
    Matt: This is literally the Aquaman chapter.
    Woolie: He fucking told the cool guys to go away, and just stepped in.
    Pat: "I can do it!"

    No More Heroes 2 
  • The segment where they play the SHMUP game and they start talking about which is their favorite "berry", until...
    Matt: This is getting weird...
  • Working out Jeane.
    Matt: (watching Travis put Jeane through stretching exercises) THE HYPEST GAMEPLAY ON YOUTUBE!
  • The anime segment.
  • Before every boss fight, Matt and Liam tell Woolie how cool it's going to be. Eventually, Woolie gets frustrated because apparently every boss is cool enough to get them to say that.

    Killer is Dead 
  • The overall enthusiasm from the two of them about the game overall. Sure, it's certainly satisfying to hear the Best Friends rip into something they don't like, but it's so funny hearing Pat get hyped about the game and how well it plays.
  • The suggestions from the two of them that one of the villains looks like Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, prompting a "Goodbahhhhh Mondooooo!" from Pat at one point.
    • "His son is the pioneer of weird man cleavage"
  • They suggest that this game is essentially a giant Sailor Moon tribute game with Mondo being Tuxedo Mask.
  • Pat tells the story of his German crush:
    Pat: The story is, I had the crush on the German chick, and she was like "ugh." And then I was like "I like you." And she was like "I go back to Germany now." And then she flew away. That's basically the entire story. I gotta keep people up to date- Holy Shit, its a fucking Unicorn!
  • In Part 5, a joke about an "organ filled with blood" goes off the rails once the word "caliber" is mentioned:
    Matt: I call my dick "Soulcalibur".
    Pat: *chuckles* I call mine "Soul Edge"
    Matt: It's got a big gross eyeball!
  • Part 12 has Matt and Patt's reactions to the twist in Episode 9: The Giant Who Stole A Planet. It is a cross between Flat "What", Big WTF, and ClusterFBombs. The whole thing is hilarious.
  • Their reaction to the game's Big-Lipped Alligator Moment, a "Please Stand By" image, which is just is hilarious as their reaction.
  • Their suggestion that a new attack in the game be a Power Geyser...only for them to find out that that's exactly what it is.

    Indigo Prophecy 
  • The Best Friends name their save file as "SADNESS" because they feel it's necessary for them to be reminded of how much this game disappointed them.
  • It has been over a year since their Heavy Rain playthrough and the Best Friends' hatred of David Cage has not waned.
  • The title card has "bizness bug needs u to work late" in comic sans along with various other stupid statements.
    • While playing Viewtiful Joe, Matt expresses disappointment that no one commented on the series' title card despite this example being up since they've started playing Indigo Prophecy.
  • Predicting the inevitable racism with the character of Tyler while he's investigating a murder:
    Woolie: They should just go to his thoughts and hip-hop should start playing.
    Matt: No, they should just go to his thoughts and have him thinking "I hope they find out that I didn't do it."
    (All three Best Friends lose it)
    • Which turns into a Brick Joke later in the game, as inappropriate music does start following Tyler around during his chapters (it's funk music rather than hip-hop, but still):
    Woolie: This is true to life! This is what we hear all day!
    Pat (disgusted): This is fucking racist as shit!
  • Pat's reaction to the effects of accepting Markus's cross mere minutes after discovering that the game has lives.
  • Pat immediately leaving when Tyler's girlfriend asks if he's going to kiss her.
  • The crackup immediately at the beginning of Part 4 as they recall what they named the save file.
  • The guys' incredulous reactions to Tyler and Jeffrey, dressed in jerseys, going outside to play basketball in 10 degree weather.
    Pat: How are you two not dying?
  • There's a scene where Carla is in her apartment talking to a friend, who talks about how he assumed people in New York wouldn't care that he's gay. The subtitles linebreak in a weird place, and Pat agrees "York wouldn't!"
  • Right at the beginning of Part 6 they meet Agatha, who seems to bear a resemblance to Madame Web (a character that showed up in Spider-Man frequently in the 90s, including in Spider-Man: The Animated Series). This induces all three of them to engage in super-good impressions of the character (and making fun of plots involving her):
    Woolie: "And now off to find the REAL Mary-Jane!"
    Pat: "The Beyonder thinks you're a shit!"
    Matt: "And the Beyonder is also a shit!"
    Woolie: "Spider-Carnage is so S-tier. You have nothing on him."
    Pat: "I think it would be funny if I made you fight the Juggernaut! Tee-hee-hee-hee-hee!"
  • Upon being given control of pushing a blind elderly woman in a wheelchair, the Best Friends immediately start wheeling her up and down the house, attempt to push her out of the front door, and get stuck in the kitchen.
  • At the end of Part 7, Lucas's apartment starts attacking him after the main villain hypnotizes him again. However, Woolie decides to embrace the madness, and gives the entire long segment hype commentary that makes it a wonder to behold.
  • Matt remaining quiet for most of Part 8 save for yelling at Pat to deliberately fail segments; Pat's irate screeching when he realises that he has to start a segment all over again and yelling at the other two about he's the one having to play it is perfect.
    • The dancing sequence of Part 8 - yet another section both Matt and Woolie goad Pat to fuck up, becomes hilarious with the game's clipping issues; "Mash your head into her fuckin' forehead - they love it."
  • Part 7, opening with Matt's imitation of David Cage, declaring "I made the bad game."
  • In Part 9, we finally reach the part of the game that Pat has been looking forward to, where, according to Pat, "The game shits itself." It is priceless.
  • Part 10 has Pat distinctly avoiding playing the section of the game that takes place in a mental institution in favour of another section; When the game loads the sequence anyway following the completion of a hiding sequence, Pat starts breaking down and wondering whether or not the game saved. He also then begins taking distinct issues, along with Matt and Woolie, at the background and design of the sequence; Knowing what we know about Pat's background and education, the sequence is clearly a genuinely frustrating button presser for him, as he clearly feels that the mentally ill are terribly represented in media - and the others agree - but Pat's trademark rage is still hilarious.
  • Also during Part 10, at the very beginning, the guys are investigating a murder at a laundromat, causing Woolie to remark that it would make for a great CSI: Miami reference, which Matt follows up on ("Looks like he got taken to the cleaners") and Pat accentuates with the typical "YEAH" sound from the opening titles. Woolie thanks Matt and jokingly replies that "That's why we keep you around". Pat, however, thinks the comment was directed at him and retorts that he is what helps make the show, before dismissively referring to Woolie as "Number 3". After chuckling to himself a bit, Pat starts playing the game to downplay the tension.
    Pat: Oh, this is awkward now.
    Woolie: I said... I said "Matt"!
    Matt: Matt, yeah.
    Pat: Whoops.
    Woolie: Jesus fucking Christ.
    Pat: (Starts Laughing)
    • The guys then start joking that Woolie is even lower on the hierarchy, behind Liam, Dork Girl, and Billy.
  • Any time they mention the bizarre parallels between the game's plot and Battle Tendency
  • Towards the end of the game, Pat mentions that people have been going back to their Heavy Rain playthough and mining for quotes about Indigo Prophecy, and being surprised that all the things they said which sound like crazy exaggerations are actually true.
    • Matt makes a call back to a joke from earlier in the playthrough, prompting Woolie to begin evangelizing about Coat Mountain.
  • During the finale, Woolie gives an impressive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to David Cage, damning his game for "not even having the balls to be original". Matt and Pat interrupt his tirade with the following:
    Pat: He gets to hang out with Ellen Page all day—
    Matt: —and YOU don't—
    Pat: [cackling] He's falling apart over here!
    Woolie: ...the salt, dude...
  • Matt is so over this game halfway through the final video:
    Matt: (pretending to be a character in the game) "I hope I get to have sex with someone before this tale is over."
    Pat: She's (the Indigo Child) like twelve years old!
    Matt: I'm doing Lucas's diary. ... I thought that's what you guys were talking about; I wasn't paying attention.
    Pat: (high-pitched laughter) Are you paying attention to anything?
    Matt: No. (that sets Pat off into sustained high-pitched laughter)
    Woolie: That was the most sincere 'no' you've ever delivered.
    Pat: You're not paying attention to us? You're not paying attention to the game?
    Woolie: He's looking at the fucking timer on the recording!

    Viewtiful Joe 
  • Liam tells a story where his little sister was taken to see Pooh's Heffalump Movie but The Ring was played instead. Woolie then mentions one theater that showed porn for about eight minutes before it was shut down and sued into oblivion.
  • When talking about Matt's pet snake and rats, they joke that next he should get a mongoose to continue the food chain. They then decide that a bear is the next animal he needs to continue the list.
  • At the beginning of Part 5, a discussion about mispronunciations rapidly devolves into Liam and Woolie trolling Matt for some of his mistakes, including pronouncing Shaolin as Sha-lo-in, mistaking rustling for wrestling, and an incident with a helium balloon, leading to Matt angrily asking them why they're bringing it up during the episode when they could've said it during the podcast.

    Wolf Among Us 
  • When they first meet the Woodsman Matt and Woolie immediately peg him as a dead ringer for Plague of Gripes. Jokes about Plague beating hookers proceed to fly free.
  • Woolie being surprised when the prompt of (Glass Him) meant "Bash the perp's face in with a glass cup" instead of something more diplomatic. With Matt and the comments making fun of him for it.
  • The game gives us confirmation that, while Woolie may not be a liar, his morals are just as screwed up as Matt and Pat say.
  • Matt and Woolie's reaction to Bigby's hairy chested Shirtless Scene.
    Matt: I am in love!
    Woolie: My eyes are up here Snow.
  • "People change when they get Boners." Woolie, noting how Snow's Stalker with a Crush went insane with love.
  • Colin of the three little pigs manages to ruin a romantic moment between Bigby and Snow and Woolie does not respond favorably:
    Woolie: PEACE OUT PIG! God! Read the fucking room!
  • Matt and Woolie, discussing the Crooked Man's eye issues, fondly remember the tale of "The Melted Face Man" .
  • Woolie's fondness for short-haired girls extends even to the serial-killing Bloody Mary. In the final episode, Matt comments on how a fan has told them something in this episode may change his feelings on the matter. Bloody Mary soon reveals her true form - a blood-stained ghoul impaled with broken glass and covered with occult symbols. Woolie almost immediately then decides he's okay with it with great fervor (despite the risk of cuts).

    Beyond Two Souls 
  • Similar to what they did to Heavy Rain, the Season 7 Machinima episode of this game is basically parts 1 and 2 of this playthrough.
  • The first 6 minutes gives us Matt's story of acquiring the game: At the same time as when he was purchasing the game, some other person was returning it. Right after launch.
  • The beginning of the Running Gag where they realize Aiden is like Jodie's Stand.
    Pat: I'll be the little girl, and you'll be the big scary ghost man.
    Woolie: I'll be your stand!
    Pat: OH MY GOD!
    Matt: Stop trying to make this cool!
  • The return of James Small in part 2.
    James Small/British Matt: Is this a Codemasters game? Cause if it's not, you can fuck off the edge of my dick!
  • This gem from part 4:
  • Pat's overly endearing, weirdly fatherly and brilliantly timed "Hey, Champ!" as Doctor Dawkins following Jodie and Aiden taking revenge for the former's incredibly poor treatment at the party.
    • Also at said party, their maniacal glee over the "Revenge" prompt.
  • Whenever the characters say monsters, Matt replaces it with Monstars.
  • Part 5 has two in quick succession when they finally get to the Condenser. One is Woolie's assertion of "Don't send me in that room, I'm gonna get fucked up!" and then Pat screaming "IS THAT THE EYE OF SAURON?!" when he sees the Condenser.
  • The trio's sheer bewildered excitement upon being given the prompt to jump off the bridge in part 6.
    Matt: [simultaneously] Jump!?
    Pat: [simultaneously] JUUUUUUUUUMP!
    Woolie: [simultaneously] YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    • And afterward, when Aiden stops her from falling.
    Matt: So what, is she Fortune?!
    • Meanwhile, Jodie rants to Aiden in an incredibly Tear Jerker speech about why Aiden should just let her go...and Matt immediately lampshades that it would be really sad if they didn't have to constantly jump around Jodie's life and had some clearer context.
  • Pat's dedication to having Jodie make the worst decisions possible, to see how bad David Cage's story gets. Best example occurs with the guy behind the alley in part 6, in which he offers 10 dollars for Jodie to give him a blowjob.
    [Jodie gets on her knees]
    Pat: No way! NO WAY!
    Matt: NoooOOOOOOOO!!!!
    Woolie: OH MY GOD!
    Matt: What did you THINK was gonna happen, ya fuckin' putzes?!
    Pat: I thought it was gonna STOP at this point!
  • Part 7 gives us the greatest "Woolie & Pat can be friends" moment, when Pat reveals he doesn't know how birth works:
    Pat: [high-pitched squealing] OH MY GOD!
    Woolie/Pat: [squeals/gibberish]
    Matt: [deadpan] Guys, you're supposed to feel emotions about the miracle of life right now...
    • Matt theorizes that the newborn baby will have David Cage's face modeled onto it. Cue more of Pat's squealing laughter.
  • Sometimes the simplest things are the most funny. Following Jodie's hobo-ventures, she escapes from the hospital after her coma. When the next scene opens on the side of a road, the camera, for some inane reason is fixated on a sign that says "Caution: Bears, Next 10 miles", even though it ends up having nothing to do with the scene.
    *all laugh*
    Matt: Okay, now this might start getting cool.
  • In Part 8, the introduction of Angsty Teen Punk Jodie and how it completely wins Woolie over.
    (cut to Jodie dressed as a punk rocker)
    All Three: OHHHHHHHHH!
    Woolie: NICE!
    Pat: Woolie, put your dick away!
    Woolie: Never!
    • In Part 9, Jay completely wins over Matt, and to a lesser extent, Woolie and Pat.
  • This conversation in Part 9:
    Pat: Okay, so I- I want to clearly point out that these guys are clearly are not the same actors who were saying that other dialogue.
    Matt: What?
    Pat: They brought in some different Native American dudes and have them do separate lines-
    Woolie: -and then dropped it in the middle of the English conversation.
    Pat: Assassin's Creed III was the worst about that.
    Woolie: No, it wasn't. They actually were the same people.
    Pat: They were?
    Woolie: Yes.
    Pat: But it sounded different.
    Woolie: No, they were the same.
    Pat: Well, now I'm an asshole!
    Woolie: You are.
    Pat: Aw shit!
  • Their constant attempts to give the game a chance while it throws stuff that they find completely asinine is hilarious.
  • "No, no. His leather jacket used to be a horse. And then he asked, 'oh leather jacket, teach me your secrets'."
  • The section during Part 7 with Tuesday's baby, I believe, where Matt starts to lose all interest and just starts shrieking the Muppet Babies theme.
  • In Part 10, Shimashani (the hitherto-silent Navajo grandmother) yells for her family to let Jodie fight a malevolent entity. As another character opens his mouth, Woolie jokingly blurts out "You can talk?!" The character says exactly that.
  • The fact that the game has become so predictable by Part 12 that the gang actually call the fact that the bloodied ghosts haunting a young Jodie are, in fact, the daughter and wife of Professor Dawkins.
    • In the same video, they confirm the guess they had made several videos before about the event that led to her being hunted (sent in to kill an African warlord). They even remind themselves of this prediction during the loading screen, right before Jodie is given a picture of the warlord during her briefing cutscene. Matt, Pat and Woolie are beside themselves.
      • If we're including things that they predicted super early, one would be remiss in mentioning that Woolie called The Reveal that Aiden is the ghost of Jodie's twin brother who died during childbirth and latched itself onto her. Woolie called that before they were even halfway through the playthrough!
  • The ceaseless desire to play Phantom Pain, based on the fact that aspects of the Navajo portions of the game (i.e. riding on a horse in a large desert environment) keep reminding them of it; In more than one episode, they've suddenly burst into "WORDS THAT KILL!!!".
  • In Part 12, Pat runs out from cover and hurtles straight into the first guard in the sequence. Pat dashes around in front of him for a bit before managing to hide. The guard, believing game overs are a failure of the game designer, does nothing at all.
    • The full repercussions of the "no game overs" design doesn't hit them until later in the video, when they are actually caught by a guard with an assault rifle at point blank range. Instead of shooting, he tries to melee Jodie, triggering a quicktime event.
    Matt: What the fuck just happened? Wait... wait, you can't fail, I forgot!
    Pat: You know why? Do you know why?
    Woolie: Because...
    Pat: [mumbled] gameoversareafailureofgamedesign.
    Woolie: There ya go.
    Pat: Wow, ALL of the tension just evaporated.
  • In Part 13, Kanye West is possessed by spirits and forced to go on a shooting rampage in Africa.
    • And in a moment provided by the game itself, Ryan trying to deny he lied to Jodie while a TV next to him is playing a broadcast that proves he did.
  • The best friends encountering the underwater Chinese ghost base in Part 15.
  • In Part 16, a critical plot-heavy moment gets interrupted when Woolie's controller dies. Everything said during the three and a half minutes as Pat desperately tries to recharge it is hilarious.
  • Part 16:
    Woolie: You know that feeling when you're seven hours into a movie?
    Pat: Yeah. I've had that feeling two times now.
  • The final part has the game basically forcing Jodie to kiss Ryan as the final scenes with the Black Sun approach. Needless to say, Pat - who has done everything to avoid Jodie getting together with Ryan at that point, completely and utterly rejecting him - is not particularly amused as the game basically confirms his usual complaint of the choices in a Cage "game" being meaningless. Their ultimate decision to remain in the Infraworld was, among other reasons, intended to be a final trolling / "screw you" to Ryan.
    Pat: I chooooose beyond, 'cause fuck that guy!
    Woolie: [while laughing] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! I approve! Fuck Ryan so much I'd rather die than go back into his waiting arms.
    Matt: Remember kids just kill yourself and give up.
    Pat: Shut up!
    Matt: That's what you did! That is literally what you just did.
    Woolie: Fuck Ryan.
    Pat: This is the sickest break-up ever!
    Woolie: You got stood up, motherfucker!
  • Their sincere disgust at Cage using his in-game term Infraworld in his tribute after the credits. Pat outright calls it "disgusting".

    Disaster: Day of Crisis 
  • In part 2, Matt and Pat begin discussing how gnarly (and not in a cool way) Woolie is, leading them to come up with the next Woolie meme: Woolie the Ent!
    • Ray catches on fire after breaking a box and shakes it off by eating an enormous slice of watermelon.
  • Part 3 has them discussing how they're sell-outs, remarking how ridiculous it is to say that when they're doing a Disaster playthrough, and then Matt takes shots at a number of other Let's Players for their playthrough of the Dead Space 3 demo.
  • Pat has some difficulties with driving the car in Part 9.
  • Any time Iris shows up, Pat is immediately reminded of the Narm found in Mega Man X4, since a lot of it revolves around the character named Iris.
  • An out of nowhere Yogi Bear impression in Part 10 when a bear shows up. Yogi is quite upbeat about how much he wants to eat Ray.
    • 'Yogi' returns in Part 11, only to have his effectiveness as a boss encounter utterly, hilariously nerfed - just like every other boss fight in the game - thanks to the enhancements the duo have put into Ray's ridiculously cool handgun.
  • Pat's story in Part 14 about his ex-girlfriend "jolting him into consciousness" by punching him in the face while he was sleeping, because she had a dream where he cheated on her.
  • Every time Matt goes to kick open a box or barrel and fire pops out is hilarious. This comes to a head where it still happens when the box is completely submerged in water, during a hurricane.
  • Pat spends the endgame incredulous at the Gameplay Roulette and Ending Fatigue, as Matt has to remind him that the game isn't over yet. Then Matt solves some minigame only for Pat to think it's which an all new game element is introduced.
  • When they get a game over during the "disarm the nuke" section, Pat's utterly flabbergasted reaction to Ray giving his standard death groan from a nuclear explosion.
  • Their reaction to The Stinger.

    Yakuza 4 
  • The Running Gags of Matt constantly bringing up Face/Off starting with Saejima's chapter (it begins on a private correctional facility) to Pat's increasing frustration, even going so far as to pre-emptively tell Matt to shut up when he accidentally says the phrase "face off" in a sentence, and of Matt and Pat being unable to convert yen into dollars, which continues all the way until the final part, where Pat claims that only the Japanese Minister of Finance could ever hope to understand the conversion rate.
  • In Part 0, Pat revealing that his dad apparently looks a lot like an old Japanese guy from Yakuza 3.
  • Pat making a Doge-style joke in Part 2.
    So discreet. Much secret. Wow.
  • Part 4 has Pat showing Matt the numerous mini games that the game has to offer. And then we have the inevitable introduction of Pachinko, which Pat claims is "sorcery". The sheer bewilderment that both players show throughout the duration of the game is just glorious.
  • Matt's seeming inability to get the "2spooky" meme down right.
    Matt: Man, this is 4yakuza5me.
    Pat: ...shouldn't that be 4yakuza8me?
  • Any reference to Super Chunk and her sybian vibro-stool.
    • Which is actually an exercise machine designed after a horse saddle, but everyone who sees it jokes it's a vibrator.
  • In Part 12, Akiyama bumps into Mack, who teaches about Revelations. Suddenly, a Panty Thief practices Le Parkour across some rooftops, misses a jump, tries to use a bra as a Grappling-Hook Pistol, fails and falls three stories in slow motion. Matt is Dumb Struck and mumbles that this had better not result in a new attack. 5 seconds later, Akiyama learns the Triple Strike, based on the panty thief's jumps.
    Matt: I'm starting to realize why Sega doesn't want to localize these anymore.
  • In Part 14, Matt loses it when they find a Japanese analogue of Doc Brown in the Kamurocho underground.
  • Also in Part 14, a random battle rewards Pat with a Large Blow-Up Doll. Given that they were just talking with one of the hostesses on how to improve their technique, the turn of the conversation becomes all too obvious:
    Matt: Use it when I get back to the club.
    Pat: Use it when I get back to the office!
    Matt: No, no, no! Dress it up at the club and then charge people to talk to it!
    *both laugh*
    Pat: "You're so reserved!"
    Matt: "I love how elegant you are! You're so buoyant!"
    And later, when coaching Lily...
    Pat: Get out there. Converse like you've never conversed before!
    Matt: Look, the blow-up doll's really rising up the ranks! You gotta outdo her!
    Pat: You will be replaced.
    *Matt loses it*
    Matt: Ah, Blow-Up Doll! I'm not even calling her a name! It's just "Blow-Up Doll"! "Blow-Up Doll-san!"
    *Pat loses it*
  • The first revelation scene of Saejima.
    (Saejima pulls out carving wood and slams it on the ground and starts working on it)
    Matt: Oh my god...oh, I thought he was gonna do some Naruto shit and turn into another piece of woo-
    Pat: Wait for it...wait for it!
    (Saejima lifts up his wooden statue, which has him attacking an enemy. Matt and Pat lose it.)
    Pat: Look at this move! Look at it!
    (Saejima lifts an enemy up in the air and clotheslines them as they come down. It hits so hard that the enemy does a flip in mid air, which Saejima uses to his advantage by slamming them back into the ground.)
    Matt: Holy shit...oh my god! (Pat laughs in the background)
  • During Tanimura's campaign, the two see a disgusting old man get shot in the back by his supposed ally, being told You Have Outlived Your Usefulness. The guys remark on how it really sucks with that happens, as if they have personal experience and have survived such events.
    Pat: I am super paranoid that Liam is just gonna stab me!
    Matt: And be like "you have outlived your usefulness!"
    Pat: NOOOOOOOO! I helped build this channel!
    Matt: And then you write Liam's name in blood and I walk in and go "Oh shit... Woolie!"
    Pat: Yeah, Liam just covers up the A and the M with rubble and writes Wool in front of it.
  • In the beginning of episode 29, the duo get off topic and Matt starts suddenly doing an Irish stereotype.
    Matt: *In an Irish accent* Oh Charles. My son Morpheus. Someone put a bomb in his potato.
    Pat: *Starts cracking up*
  • In episode 37, while doing a baseball minigame, Matt accidentally refers to baseball as "faceball". Pat calls him on it, as well as the running gag of Matt bringing up Face/Off.
    • Later in the episode, Pat shows off the golfing minigame, picks the club with the longest range, and declares that "No one can shoot as good as me!" as he tees off. As soon as he finishes, his shot ends up landing in a water hazard. He soon gives up after landing in a bunker on Hole 3, wherein Matt suddenly gets the mental image of Kiryu storming off in a huff at his poor performance and wonders just how confused the in-game audience would be at this sight.
  • In the finale, Kiryu's finishing blow to Daigo was a final 'Kick to the Balls'. The way he drops down in defeat is described by Pat to be like a 'sack of boners'.

    Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death (Oneshot) 
  • Their belief that the game would have been the worst piece of shit they ever endured but instead see it as the best thing ever. Their utter confusion is something to behold.
    Woolie: My body was ready...
  • Things are already at a good start the first seconds into the video.
    Pat: *Upon seeing the game's rating* Ooooh,that's a big fat mature logo. *starts cracking up slightly*
  • Liam has something to say about the game's antagonist.
    Liam: Fuck you, Dog Eyes!.
  • By the end of the video, the crew is pretty much giving the game a round of applause, due to it's sheer insanity and surprisingly good quality.
    Matt: I'm having heart complications!