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  • The first female Boss's voice options (double points being voiced by Laura Bailey) reaction when the National Monument gets destroyed.
  • When Zinyak is taking over and abducting people, Kinzie just stands there next to him silently geeking out about the fact that her Properly Paranoid nature paid off in actually thinking an alien invasion would happen one day. Then when he says that the smartest and brightest will be taken, Kinzie just sort of raises her hand to get his attention.
    Kinzie: I'm smarter than all these people.
    Zinyak: Delightful! (she immediately gets abducted and doesn't even resist)
  • All the 'romances' (save Shaundi and Gat, which are actually rather sweet taking the series as a whole). Of note:
  • Homie conversations, all chronicled here, but here's a sampling:
    • The conversation between Matt and CID if you have them as companions. Turns out that Matt managed to salvage data from an internet satellite that wasn't destroyed. The data was 1.4 terabytes of naked photos of Kinzie. Oh, and she knows about it now.
    • Tanya Winters compliments Kinzie on her "sexy librarian" look and asks if she'd like to join a brothel she's opening up in Steelport. Kinzie's response? "Teacup. Tea. Cup."
    • Pierce asks Asha if she's tried Saints' Flow. Asha then describes a mission where she was caught and placed in a pit 6 feet deep, with nothing to consume but her own urine and the insects buzzing about her. Pierce is understandably baffled, until Asha explains that she'd rather live all that again than taste his drink a second time.
      Pierce: "Well, did you try the grape?"
    • Cyrus Temple heaps praise on Benjamin King's book, saying it inspired the formation of STAG. King is...less than flattered.
    • Asha compliments Keith David's work, and asks for his history. Keith then explains his beginnings as an actor, but it turns out Asha had no idea he acted. She just loved the way he handled a gun.
    • Keith and Tanya have a chat about plans going wrong, when:
      Keith David: Wait, didn't you die a few years ago?
      Tanya Winters: Gawd, don't remind me.
    • Keith and Maero talk about the Boss, and what he thinks of his victims. Turns out, the Boss has talked about everyone else except Maero. Even Donnie Wong got a mention before he did.
    • Asha talks to Cyrus Temple about how STAG used MI6 technology. Cyrus denies this, saying that he was assured by his higher-ups, but Asha points out the current state of affairs. He isn't very happy about it.
    • Veteran Child makes fun of Rowdy Roddy Piper for wearing a kilt. Piper's response is priceless:
      Rowdy Roddy Piper: You wanna know what I wear under this kilt? Your girlfriend's lipstick!
      • Of course, Veteran Child's girlfriend was Shaundi. It's really not that much of a burn when you think about it, but Rody can't be expected to know that.
    • Rowdy Roddy Piper ribbing Keith David about his simulation.
      Rowdy Roddy Piper: So...I guess that would mean making a movie with me was your worst nightmare, huh?
    • Piper trolling Asha.
    • CID knows all about Asha's past as captain of the cheerleading squad. She is less than enthused about the fact...
      Asha: You tell anyone about that, CID, and I will rip every last resistor off your circuit board WITH. MY. TEETH.
    • Veteran Child thinks that he and Matt have some common ground as former enemies of the Saints brought back to life as homies. When Matt tells him that he's already reformed, joined MI6, and has been working with the Saints, the former is a bit disappointed.
      "The Saints beat you? And let you leave? They let you live?! What the hel- this is bullshit, man."
    • Current!Shaundi and Veteran Child don't exactly get along:
      Veteran Child: Gotta say, Shaundi: you're lookin' really gooood.
      Shaundi: Don't you fucking talk to me.
      Veteran Child: C'moooon, if we're gonna work together you have to get over ...
      Shaundi: GET OVER WHAT?! That you tried to kill my friends? That you used me as a human shield? Or that you threw my Feed Dogs limited edition vinyl into a fire?
      Veteran Child: Shaundi, I was stoned. Besides, the Feed Dogs are terrible. I can't believe you ever liked ...
      Shaundi: IT WAS A LIMITED EDITION!!! We... We're not talking anymore.
    • CID attempting to get Kinzie to date him:
      CID: Are you sure you do not want to go out with me sometime, Kinzie?
      Kinzie: Yeah, I'm sure.
      CID: It is just that I have been alone for so very long and you and I have so much in common.
      Kinzie: CID, I've been doing this hacking thing for a long time, I can smell bullshit even through a monotone computery voice like yours.
      CID: Well damn.
    • Keith David Talking to Himself with Julius.
      Julius: You know, some folks say I remind them of you.
      Keith David: Yeah, I get the same with you.
      Julius: I don't see it though.
      Keith David: Me neither!
    • Fun Shaundi trying to flirt with Matt but Matt turns her down out of fear about how the actual Shaundi might react.
      Fun Shaundi: What are you doing after this? You wanna smoke a bulb? Maybe see where things go?
      Matt: I... don't think older you would appreciate that very much.
      Fun Shaundi: She doesn't have to know.
      Matt: But she would. Older Shaundi knows everything.
    • And Matt fanboying the hell out of Roddy Piper, which creeps him out.
      Matt: You were probably my favorite wrestler of all time.
      Piper: Thank you.
      Matt: I even had one of your action figures. I had another of myself too, homemade, not professional of course. I'd pretend we were tag team partners and we'd obliterate our opponents with devastating moves.
      Piper: Oh yeah?
      Matt: As our co-op finisher you would throw me over your head and I'd land on the opponent and deliver a massive suplex in midair. Then you and I would go have a tea party with Mr. Fluffykins and Penelope Rabbit.
      Piper: I'm... gonna be over here, kid.
    • Cyrus Temple can't believe Keith David is the Vice President. Why? Because Keith isn't the actual President.
    • Veteran Child wants CID to play some Feed Dogs music. CID refuses; he normally does favors and requests only when being paid. But...
      CID: For Fun Shaundi's ex, I will make an exception and just say, "Piss off."
    • Doubly funny when you consider the hypocrisy, as he previously told Shaundi that the Feed Dogs suck.
  • The Nolan North as the Nolan North voice. Comedy gold.
    • Especially since his Large Ham moments seems to remind most viewers of his Deadpool persona, whose brand of Crosses the Line Twice Screwball Comedy would fit right in with the Saints Row-verse.
    • Some of Nolan's dialogue is different from the subtitles, but what he says makes it even funnier.
      Kinzie: Don't forget about the block button!
      Nolan North: I have a block button?
      Kinzie: I labeled it for you.
      Nolan North subtitles: I don't pay attention to these things.
      Nolan North audio: I can't read, okay? I CAN'T READ!! *sobbing* I can't read...
    • When the alien attack at the beginning happens, most of the voices will complain and get angry and have a blast blowing up aliens. Nolan North, on the other hand...
      Nolan North: What the hell am I doing here?! I'm an actor, not a president!
  • Pretty much all of the 1950's world, from the Boss's goofy walking animation to the cheesy laugh track.
  • When discussing the hub menu with Kinzie the Nolan North voice says "Can I play games on it? *Laughs* Just kidding, I don't play games. Can I get porn?"
  • I'M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!! (cue to being booted in the face by Oleg.)
  • The effect of the Dubstep Gun is that everything in the vicinity, along with most aliens, starts immediately dancing. Including nearby vehicles.
    • A fully upgraded Dubstep Gun causes the world to turn into bluish-purple wubs of explodey goodness for about two minutes.
    • The best part? Even the corpses dance if you have it aimed right on them.
    • There's the part where the Dubstep Gun is unlocked (Assuming you haven't unlocked it from Keith's first sidequest), during the return to the '50s simulation where the Boss needs some Loophole Abuse with the "No Weapon policy" enacted by '50s Cyrus:
      The Boss: You gotta give me some kind of weapon!
      Matt: I can't! I'm telling you, the simulation is locked— (starts getting excited) Oh, oh, wait a minute...
      The Boss: Excited Matt... This can't be good...
      (later looks in the weapons crate)
      The Boss: Um... a music gun. (nervously laughs) Are you serious Matt?
      Matt: I told you, no weapons allowed... But the power of music can overcome all obstacles...
      The Boss: -F**k it, I'm in! Music gun it is...
    • Alternatively:
      Matt: I can't! I'm telling you, the simulation is locked— (starts getting excited) Oh, oh, wait a minute...
      The Boss: Music to my ears...
      (looks in the weapons crate)
      The Boss: Not what I meant by "music to my ears"!!
  • The Inflato-Ray's effect is also giggle-inducing. The victim's head begins to swell up to SD-level proportions before their eyes also cartoonishly pop out with a comical *pop!* sound. They then explode after a beat.
  • The simulations the Boss and their homies are trapped in are tailored to mirror their worst fears, their most bloodcurdling nightmares, the thoughts that make them scream at night and reach for their blankie for comfort. So, what does the Boss of the Saints consider terrifying beyond all reason? PEACE. A world where people are kind to each other, swearing is frowned upon and s/he is a model citizen. Zinyak realises his mistake a little too late:
    Zinyak: I should have realised that a prison of peace would never hold a sociopath like yourself.
    • It comes up again during Johnny Gat's loyalty mission; he asks the Boss what his/her worst nightmare is. Actually, the whole discussion is hilarious, not just the following part:
      Johnny Gat: (...) I'm curious what yours {worst nightmare} was.
      Boss: Oh, you know. 1950s sitcom.
      Johnny Gat: What?
      Boss: (male boss 1/Nolan) Non-conformity, nobody swears, no violence... / (male boss 3) You should have seen what I was wearing... / (female boss 1) When I close my eyes I can still hear the laugh track.... / (female boss 2) I couldn't swear, I couldn't shoot anything...
      Johnny Gat: No, I get it. Jeez. That's fucking terrible...
  • If you look around the Simulated Steelport, you'll notice just how all the advertisements are changed to Zin propaganda, including the sexy ones for Technically Legal and Tits N' Grits. They keep the sexy female bodies but have horrid Zin heads instead.
  • Matt's loyalty mission. You help him live out his Nyteblade fanfic. The Boss's reactions are killer.
    • Matt's Squee! when Nyteblade shows up has to be heard to be believed.
    • The Boss' reaction to finding this out as well. Their voice just sells it, like they plan on hurting Matt when they exit the simulation and aren't afraid to admit it and the following conversation with Matt trying to justify putting the Boss into his fanfic.
      The Boss: Matt... is this NyteBlade fanfiction!?
      Matt Miller: Well, with the world gone, it's up to the fans to keep his legacy alive! It has a rich mythology and, like any good series, it's as much a part of the creators' love as it is the fans'!
      The Boss: I actually sympathize with you.
      Matt Miller: You do?
      The Boss: Oh no, I don't; I just want this conversation to end and I'm just acting like it.
    • Another fun bit is that The Boss seems to start enjoying Nyteblade lore by the end of the simulation.
      Male Voice 3: Pure poetry.
  • When you and Kinzie try to hack a CID, the download starts and you hear this:
    Boss: How long now?
    Boss: Uh...Kinzie?
    Kinzie: That's...just part of the process.
    Boss: Apparently the sweary part of the process...
    • Even better-the Caucasian female voice will say ''There's a Potty Mouth part of the process?"
    • The French voice says it's the ladylike part.
  • Zinyak fucked with Biz Markie!
    • For clarification: At one point, the President and Pierce are driving, singing along to Biz Markie's "Just a Friend", when Zinyak hijacks the radio signal, and starts singing along in a deep opera voice.
    • Special mention has to go to the Male Voice 2 and Nolan North's reaction. The former gives a Cluster F-Bomb all throughout Zinyak' rendition while the latter screams "IT'S NOT AN OPERA!"
      Male Voice 2: Aw hell naw! Hell naw! Naw man, fuck that motherfucker! YOU DON'T DO THAT SHIT! YOU DON'T FUCKING DO THAT SHIT! THAT MOTHERFUCKING BITCH, HE BETTER SHUT THE FUCK UP! beat Zinyak stepped on Biz Markie!"
      Nolan North: Zinyak you leave Biz Markie alone! YOU LEAVE MARKIE OUT OF THIS! *A classic exasperated Nathan Drake groan* son of a bitch. I'm gonna fucking kill you! IT'S NOT OPERA!!
    • Just before they sing Opposites Attract. Play as Laura Bailey!Boss and you'll get this.
      *sing along* And he's always broke *aside to Pierce* You are.
    • On the subject of singalongs, there's Kinzie's steadfast refusal to participate in a duet to "Opposites Attract" even in the face of an Executive order.
      Kinzie: Fuck. That.
    • On the subject of "Opposites Attract", for added hilarity, play the boss as a gruff-voiced London Gangster with Male Voice 3, and listen to him singing the sultry Paula Abdul's lines.
  • When saving Shaundi from her simulation prison, multiple clones of Veteran Child spawn, and Kinzie corrects The Boss on their pluralization. Even the objective UI changes to reflect this.
    Boss: That's a lot of Veteran Children.
    Kinzie: Veteran Childs. Proper plurals take singular construction.
    Boss: Okay, is this really the time?
  • Saving Pierce for the first time involves a giant Saints Flow Mascot named Paul. What really sells it is how the boss decides to just roll with it.
    Boss: Fuck you Paul!
  • One of the taunts references the bullet-dodging rooftop scene from The Matrix, and most character voices simply say, "Whooooaaaaa..." in a snarky impersonation of a low voice pitch. Male Voice 3, meanwhile, says, "Dodging your bullshit!"
  • The Dance Party Ending. Special mention to Matt and Gat's Epic Fail dances which Matt tried to play off while Gat gets angry and punches the camera. And then there's Kinzie, who lets her Covert Pervert out.
    • Perhaps the mere fact that CID, a floating sphere of a robot, can dance better than both Matt and Johnny Gat?
    • Not to mention Keith David doing the robot, and Zinyak coming in to do the worm at the very end.
  • Introducing Johnny to Professor Genki.
    Boss: Gat, you're about to meet your spirit animal.
  • Insurance Fraud has always been a source of comedy, but with super powers? It's a lot better when your character is tumbling all ragdoll-like across the map. The Boss's "This Is Gonna Suck" commentary drags the whole thing into a new level of absurd humour.
  • The Boss dancing on stage to "Simply Irresistible" is the most hilarious thing ever. Especially if you are playing as female voice 1, who has always said she enjoyed dancing. What really sells it are the facial expressions of pure, unadulterated glee and pep.
    • It's even more hilarious if you deliberately made your Boss unattractive. All the while dressed only a cowboy hat, a lime green vest, a Third Streets Saints brand g-string, and fuzzy boots. And the crowd eats it up.
    • The conversation with a traumatized Matt afterwards is also amazing.
    • And this section is a mandatory quick time event. The game makes you do a strip dance in a stupid costume during a mission.
  • Keith David tells the Boss that nobody calls Roddy Piper for help, Roddy only appears where he's needed most. Cue the unlockable card:
    Forget what Keith said, you can call Roddy for help whenever you want!
    • And during the cutscene where they speak about him, Keith's head slowly cants upward, as if looking up to the heavens like Roddy's some kind of guardian angel watching them.
      • Developer comments on Twitter said the animators specifically went back to make Keith look even more wistful just before release!
    • Speaking of Roddy,
      Roddy: I'm Roddy Piper.
      The President: Hi, I'm the President of the United States.
      Roddy: Sure, why not.
  • The final mission is titled "Punch the Shark".
  • All instances of music being used.
    • Jumping onto the nuke and suddenly hearing DON'T WANNA CLOSE MY EYES
    • Asking if you can get radio in space. Kinzie is in the middle of explaining how you can't possibly get any radio signals from where you are when The Boss switches on "WHAT IS LOVE? (love?)" and makes their escape while jamming out to Haddaway.
    • There is literally no other song that could have played for the finale other than YOU GOT THE TOUCH! YOU GOT THE POWEEEEEEEER!
  • Give a read through Zinyak's text adventure. His dry wit and combination of disgust and respect for your options are great.
    • Of note is that, while the author he admires the most is Jane Austen, he claims to have much respect for the impecable works of Dr. Seuss
    • Shaundi also has one in How the Saints Saved Christmas where she tries to withstand the snarky answers that can be given. Note the word tries.
      NO! THEY DID NOT SMOKE A BULB! I'm gonna hit you I swear to God...
  • The Penetrator is back (one is placed in a hidden cave and others appear during Gat's loyalty mission) and comes with 2 new skins: bright glowing neon blue, and CANDY CANE!
  • The credits have artwork of the Saints using time travel to screw around throughout history.
  • Johnny Gat's side mission titles. Gat is so sociopathic that he even changes the names of the subquests.
  • C.I.D.'s "dialogue" when you get missions from him achieves new heights in bluntness.
  • Shaundi's catfight with her past-self.
    • Even better, in her Loyalty mission the two attempt to Kamehame Hadoken each other after getting drug-based superpowers. It ends as well as you'd expect.
      • Also Boss having to follow and talk sense into them around while they aimlessly run and jump through the virtual world, like an adult having to track down two kids on a sugar rush. Also since most players will be experienced with the super sprint, jump and glide at this point, they will most likely be far more graceful at it than the two.
  • The ending of the first mission "Zero Saints Thirty". Once the Boss jumps onto the missile, it becomes hilariously over-the-top, with Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" playing in the background and the crew giving their final words as the Boss climbs the missile... mostly. Matt says that he wouldn't have tried to kill the Boss if he knew they would save the world, and Asha, having just met the Boss, can only say that they seemed nice. It doesn't stop there — the Boss manages to disable the warhead and make the missile explode harmlessly in mid-air, and gives a thumbs-up as they fall. And then, they fall into the Oval Office of the White House, right into the President's seat, where they kick their feet up and lean back. And then, the mission lists the rewards (with the backing of a Saints Row-fied "Hail To the Chief" remix) — the adoration of America, the Presidency ("Press all buttons to initiate global thermonuclear war!"), Benjamin motherfuckin' King, and Vice President Keith David!
  • In Asha's loyalty mission, you're briefly tasked with keeping lookout with a sniper rifle from a rooftop:
    Boss: Pew pew pew, pew pew!
    Asha: What are you doing?
    Boss: Pretending to shoot stuff.
    Asha: You're easily bored, aren't you?
    Boss: I dunno, I'm usually too busy being awesome to be bored.
  • In the final mission, as the Boss skydives into Zinyak's throne room with a suit of Powered Armor and Stan Bush's "The Touch" plays in the background, your mission objective simply reads "Be A Badass".
    • Even better? Boss and Zinyak quote the "One shall fall" dialog from the original 1984 Transformers movie, word for word. While The Touch plays in the background.]]
  • One piece of male voice 1's idle dialogue:
    Boss: "So first I'm silent, then I'm an asshole, then I become world famous, then I topple a worldwide crime syndicate, then I defuse a nuke and kill a terrorist, then I'm elected president, and then I'm in an alien spaceship in outer space fighting aliens in a simulation..." Giggles. "I have the best life ever."
  • During one of the missions before you save Gat, a bunch of enemies from various simulations start flooding yours. You have three Bosses to fight in this battle, all of which are the default characters and the co-op player from the first two Saints Row games. What should be noted is Boss' reaction to all of this going down.
    Boss: Ah, the default players...
  • Some of the lines of the dying guards in Asha's simulation.
    Dying Guard: I was two days from retirement!
    Dying Guard: Agh! Famous movie quote!
    Dying Guard: Not again!
  • The end of a certain mission involves an Interface Screw that results in a load of computational style 'errors' showing up:
    Gat_Dancing_HShake FILE CORRUPT
    Shaundi_Sex_Tape ACCESS RESTRICTED
    MattMiller_NyteRyder_Slash Fic_Chapter1 DO NOT OPEN
    Dead Island_X_SaintsRow COMING 2015
    DildoWielding_Dinosaurs OUT OF MEMORY
    PubFinder_TeeAichCue OUT OF MONEY
    • And then you get glitched out into the title screen of the the first game.
  • All voices of Boss once again have different comments during mission dialogue. Hearing them all is one big reason for replaying the game with each.
  • During Asha's recruitment mission, The Boss wants to know what exactly is wrong with his evil twin. Asha tells him to think of his worst attribute times a thousand. Half of the voices reflect on how awesome that must be, but the others....
    Male Voice 2: So Pierce times a thousand?
    • Male voice 3 on the other hand...
    • Female voice 2 - the French one - said this:
      Female Voice 2: One thousand Kinzies? Kill me now.
  • Zinyak loves him some fine human culture:
    Zinyak: To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.
    • Female Voice 1 Thanks for sharing your high school poetry.
    • Female Voice 2 Sorry, I don't really follow American hip hop.
      Zinyak: It's a quote from Macbeth.
    • Female Voice 1 Yeah I don't know what that is.
    • Female Voice 2 Sorry, I don't really follow Scottish hip hop.
    • Then there's the room in a text adventure that's an Edgar Allan Poe pastiche with a skeleton in the wall holding a glass of wine, a heart under the floorboards and a raven perching atop a blade pendulum. All the Boss gets out of that is that there's a dead pirate with a parrot.
  • At one point in "Ghost in the Machine", Kinzie tells the Boss to defend a location while she uploads some data. When the Boss asks her how long it will take, she replies with "55 minutes". The kicker is that a timer counting down from 55:00 appears like it's an actual objective, while the Boss mentions that they "usually take three to five minutes, tops". While the time decreases to a more reasonable amount later on, it's pretty funny that the game takes the joke that far.
  • As a Take That! to a certain competing open-world crime game, Volition has released a Johnny Gat-themed DLC on the same day as the latest entry in said competitor's series. Not only is the title of the DLC only one letter switch away from being the title of the competitor's game, but Volition made the DLC free on Steam for one day just to drive home how the dueling game has not been released on PC as of October 2013 (despite all of its predecessors being present on that platform), bought the Twitter hashtag #GATV and got it trending to further troll the other series! The icing on the cake came when CNN tweeted about the competitor's release and accidentally used Volition's hashtag, thereby getting a little more free publicity. Bravo, Volition!
  • In "Miller-Space", the Protagonist is given the choice to kill themself and save all of humanity by walking through a red door or free Matt by walking through a blue door but keep fighting the Zin in a moment that totally isn't a reference to The Matrix or Mass Effect 3. Picking the red door will roll the credits, but at the end, the simulation shuts off and the Mission Failed screen appears.
  • Jane Valderama's Bad "Bad Acting" when reading the part of Juliet on the classical music station.
  • Any time NPCs in the Simulation glitch out. You have typical things like vertex errors, torsos and heads growing in size, then there's NPCs standing and walking upside down, NPCs driving outside of their cars, and cars being upside down with their wheels still in place on the ground.
  • The reunion with Kinzie right after she's released you from the simulation for the first time.
    The Boss: Let me take the stick. I'm gettin' us out of here.
    Kinzie: (ranting and waving her arms) 'Gee Kinzie, thanks for saving my life.' 'Why thanks boss, I love being appreciated.' 'Boss? I'm the President now!' 'When did you turn into such a jerk? 'Surprise, Kinzie! I've ALWAYS been an asshole!'
    Boss: (puts his hand on Kinzie's shoulder reassuringly) Thank you. I mean it.
    Kinzie: (awkward pause) ... you're not wearing pants.
    Boss: (yanks his arm away like he touched a red-hot stove and looks down worriedly) This just got weird.
    Kinzie: Little bit.
  • Benjamin King's loyalty mission: Tanya has left King's simulation and moved to the Boss's, taken over Technically Legal, and has been infecting citizens with a computer virus that turns them into her enslaved strippers and prostitutes. Matt has given the Boss the ability to cure the infected people by absorbing the virus into him/herself, and tells the Boss not to worry, since he/she should be immune to the virus since he/she is a real person and not just code unlike everyone else in the simulation. He's wrong. As you cure people, your outfit changes piece by piece into stripper gear, and when you finally get to Technically Legal, the Boss is utterly overcome with the urge to get up on stage and do a sexy dance routine. Set to "Simply Irresistible". And you QTE the whole thing. What sells it is the Boss's extreme pride in his/her performance, and Matt's extreme disgust and horror at it. Works best if your Boss is someone whose physical appearance entirely justifies Matt's reaction.
  • During Johnny's loyalty mission, the Boss essentially recaps the third game for Johnny and talks about all the new additions to the Saints. On the topic of Oleg...
    Boss: [nostalgically] Man, the first time I met Oleg he was naked and hooked up to a big machine.
    Johnny: [impressed] Damn, Steelport sounds like a party town.
  • Enter the Dominatrix, To quote Donnie, "It was too crazy for Saints Row."
    • The DLC is done documentary-style, and has all the characters poking fun at themselves and the plot.
    • Zinyak was to be a Zero-Effort Boss, getting killed very early in the game via a single gunshot followed by a short quick time event. Zinyak, who is commenting on the scene, is less than thrilled about his original demise and is clearly humiliated at getting taken down so easily. He then pretty much Rage Quits the commentary.
      Zinyak: This was meant to be my shining moment! I mean, will you LOOK at that health bar! (a single bullet drains it to nothing) Just... just... just insulting! Agh! And now they want to draw it out with these ridiculous button prompts! (The Boss pulls out a gun for the Coup de Grâce) Yes, yes, yes, look at you, with your enormous weapon. OOOOH!
    • Poor Donnie just can't get a break even as a badass super-powered guru. He gets cut from the game, gets kidnapped and gets no respect from the cast.
      Donnie: Now I know what Dex is always complaining about.
    • Donnie: Do we at least get to see the seven minute QTE video of us constructing the ship?
      Boss: (Very forlorn headshake)
    • Kinzie spazzing about her "Big moment". Which is a very lengthy sequence of Techno Babble. Pierce fast-forwards and it still takes a long time to get through.
      • And during said fast-forward, Professor Genki is goofing off in the background.
      • Since everything nearby is still going on while she talks, it's possible for Kinzie to be run over by a car while she's talking.
      • Also, the mere fact that it's Pierce, the gang's resident Butt-Monkey, who actually gets to shut Kinzie up, matter-of-factly saying it's boooooooring.
    • The ultra low-budget "animatic" for the "escape from Paul" sequence at the end of "Pop His Top", which is basically a couple of guys from Volition playing around with models.
    • Zimos makes a surprise appearance in the Dominatrix's BDSM club, and winds up in a pony cart again, officially making it a "Running" Gag.
      • And of course, the fact that the Sex Club is where the Dominatrix is found was derided by Shaundi and Kinzie, while Matt and Pierce high-five over having proposed the idea.
    • While in the club (after having wrangled some furries), you're told you first have to please a client before you can see the Dominatrix.
      The Boss: Fuck me.
      Dom: That is up to the client.
      • Even better is that Female Boss 1's line is a very agitated "Fuck me running..."
    • If you have Super Homie Kinzie unlocked when getting to the club, you can have her saying she's dressed a blue PVC catsuit with a hood and ample Cleavage Window.
    • Later in the mission, you have to fight a "Super Gimp" who wasn't originally planned; he was just walking by the set and the production crew invited him.
    • One of the interview segments where Kinzie is talking about how Donnie got cut from the game because they already had two Mary Sue-type genius techies bickering with each other so they didn't need another one:
      Jane Valderama: So why did Donnie get cut and not you or Matt?
      Kinzie: Oh, that's because Matt and I blackmailed the shit out of people.
    • The ending of the final mission — Shaundi puts it best by describing it as "Total. Fucking. Batshit." The Saints escape the simulation on the backs of talking velociraptors, one of whom even sings "the song of my people": "Walk the Dinosaur" by Was (Not Was). And the ending cutscene that follows, with [an entire raptor civilization bestowing gifts upon the Saints.
    • The ending scene, which is one big reference to the ending scene of A New Hope. Complete with Donnie doing the Chewbacca roar.
    • The audience with the King of the Velociraptors. Who despite being... King of the Velociraptors... has a surprising amount of gravitas and manages to provide happy endings for everyone. Including getting married to Shaundi and backing up Donnie. He also agrees to go bowling with The Boss, how he's going to bowl remains a mystery for the ages.
  • "How the Saints Saved Christmas" offers plenty of laughs, including:
    • Matt's nativity scene features a velociraptor, the Bloody Cannoness, and Nyte Blade.
    • The mere fact that Zinyak kidnapped Santa Claus.
    • Every single glorious second of the candy cane licking action command once the player gets to Santa's workshop in How The Saints Saved Christmas. Especially since the door is locked and can't be opened anyway. All of the blurbs that appear are also hilarious:
      You just like making that sound, don't you?
      We hope there aren't any children watching this.
      You know type 2 diabetes is on the rise, right?
      You must really want the reward, huh?
    • One of the weapon skins is a candy cane. The one for the Penetrator. Think about that for a moment.
    • The ending: Santa wakes up inside Zinyak's command ship.
      • Not to mention the ending montage of the Saints celebrating Christmas. Special mention goes to The Boss, Matt, and Asha going Christmas Caroling.
    • The collectible letters to Santa found throughout the missions. They're all wish lists from the main cast. For example, Matt wants a Bloody Canoness body pillow and a Nyte Blayde body pillow. Johnny's list consists of various firearms but ends with some hair gel. As for Keith, he has but one wish: "Get me off this ship."
    • The other type of collectible is Future Shaundi's story which plays similarly to Zinyak's text adventures. While it's normally lacking in humor, there is one option of "Dinosaurs took over the Earth!" The response from that is, "No, that DLC wasn't canon."
  • In the opening, when you're customizing the Boss, one article in the news stream at the foot of the screen says that the honey badger has now joined the list of United States national animals.
  • With Kinzie being controllable in Gat Out of Hell there's a gold mine for potential hilarity while she rampages through the city.
    "I'm starting to understand why the Boss likes violence so much."
    • While we are talking about Gat Out of Hell, let's talk about Vlad the Impaler's torture. How is he being tortured exactly? By being forced to sit in a nursery-like room at gunpoint, having to listen to The Wheels on the Bus over and over again. As if that wasn't enough, there is also a demon DJ rocking out to the song like he is in a nightclub.
  • Another one from Gat Out of Hell. Satan and his daughter are introduced in an over-the-top, five minutes long, Disney-style musical number, in which both of our protagonists get to participate as well. Awesome. Then his daughter escapes and meets with Johnny Gat and Kinzie. They ask who the hell she is, and she prepares to do yet another musical number....... but is suddenly interrupted by Gat who states in a matter-of-factual tone "We're not doing this again". The look of disappointment on her face is both hilarious and heartbreaking at once.

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