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Characters played by various people in TV Tropes' own The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG, season one.

The Troper (played by the current Game Master)

Master of the City and its inhabitants.

Ahiru (played by Mint Pearl Voice)

Raidou Kuzunoha (played by Cherry)

Laharl (played by Eriksson)


Gavin Taylore (played by Bobby G)

Kotarou (played by Rogue7)

Kimimaro (played by Alkthash)

Felix (played by Nyktös)

Rincewind & The Luggage (formerly played by Lemurian)

Skitty (played by Matrix)

Travis Touchdown (played by Trope Kira)

Gordon Frohman (played by Pacific)

Aftem (played by Mister Always)

Ganondorf (played by Theoneknownasme)

Rei Ayanami (played by Guest Of Dishonour)

Kirby (played by Space Jawa)


Nightcrawler (played by Te Chameleon)

Deadpool (played by Suke Sho)

Jaya Ballard (played by Tropers/Apocalypsering)

Kel'Thuzad (played by Random Trope Loser)

Waspinator / Waspinator (formerly played by Scrounge)

Mike Jones (formerly played by Just A Username)

Mike Jones is an all-American teenager from the year 1990. During his summer vacation, Mike visits the tropical C-Island to see his uncle. Mike finds out upon his arrival that his uncle is missing, so he sets out on a rescue mission, with his trusty yo-yo as his only weapon.

After a short while, Mike discovers that his uncle was abducted by aliens. After a series of sidequests involving talking dolphins, witch doctors, a giant octopus, an obstinate parrot, and zombie pirates, Mike reunites with his uncle - who has been trying to save a bunch of good aliens called the Argonians, from an evil alien overlord named Zoda. Mike climbs aboard the alien craft and defeats Zoda, rescuing an Argonian princess and six younger children in the process.

A few months later, Mike, his uncle, and the Argonians discover an alien code that lets Mike travel through time via a magic book. Mike travels through the stone age, ancient Egypt, 19th Century London, the Wild West, Renaissance Italy, 1800s Transylvania and Camelot. Along the way, he defeats duplicates of Zoda and is helped by Merlin, who reincarnates himself into several forms. Mike returns to C-Island to rescue his friends, who were taken hostage by the last Zoda clone, and the plot coupons combine to reveal the king of the Argonians. Mica, the king and the rest of the children than leave Earth to rebuild their civilization.


After staring at the same sky that the aliens left the Earth, Mike heads back to C-Island’s Village. A boy told Mike that he dropped his ball in a dungeon and Mike agreed to fetch it for him. Mike easily found the ball but before he could even touch it, he was teleported to the Troper’s city.

Makuta Teridax (played by Makuta9999)

Suiseiseki (played by Kulsprutejojjo)

RED Engineer (formerly played by Firock Finion)

One of several mercenaries hired by the Reliable excavations and demolitions company (aka RED), one of the two companies that are secret fronts for world-dominating forces, the other being the Builders' leage union (aka BLU). Engineer had been employed onto the night shift of a facility known simply as "2-fort" which RED and BLU had been fighting over for several months. One night however Engineer woke up in the city instead of the 2-fort facility, with no idea how he had gotten there (of course).

Bumblebee (formerly played by Deadbeatloser22)

Small (relatively speaking...), yellow and just a bit hyperactive.

The Question (played by Shadowmancer)

Charles Victor "Vic Sage" Szasz or Charlie to his friends. By day he’s the Investigative journalist Vic Sage, by night the faceless vigilante known as The Question. Not a previously seen version of the character but an amalgamation of the comics and JLU versions.

  • Indy Ploy - What he lacks in powers he makes up for in some quick thinking and strange plans.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero - If he thinks it will be useful later it's going in a pocket...
  • Non-Action Guy - Compared with the rest of the cast
  • Punny Name - The bottom of the barrel has yet to be scraped on question related puns.

Crash Bandicoot (played by Mr. X)

Keroro (played by Heffy)

The Bird (played by Starbound2)

A young bird hatchling that has no need for sleep, and blessed with a sense of adventure and a desire to explore. Once part of an avian race forced to reside in a small town or otherwise face punishment of death, the bird defeated the leader of his oppressors and met a powerful being, possibly the creator of his race. After the being told him to nurture his adventurous spirit, the bird was returned to the mortal plane and sailed off with another bird in search of new lands. Sometime after exploring new lands, he unexpectedly found himself in the City, with no clue how he arrived.

The Ball (played by Introbulus)

Asch (played by Staramster)

Thursday Next (played by Luthen)

Balrog (Formerly played by Taco)

A former slave to the villainous Doctor, Balrog woke up in the city an indeterminate time after escaping the island. Somewhat of an Affable Evil character when being controlled by someone with the Demon Crown.

Shiki Yamaxanandu (played by Catch The Sun)

The Judge of the Dead. Basically, she decides whether someone goes to Heaven or Hell. Often lectures people on their sins in the hopes that they will recognise them and take actions to repent. Also has the power to perceive things in black and white. "If you've sinned, you've sinned and must perform a good deed to atone for it." Wandered into The City after hearing about people dying and then coming back to life again, fearing that Komachi was slacking off again.

Samus Aran (played by Cylink)

Sho Minamimoto (played by Suke Sho)

An insane and power hungry mathematician. He can can not cooperate with others at all, and often sees himself high above the rest, and often uses his ability to control Taboo Noise to get the top.

Upon entering the city, he plans to join with both Darth Vader and the Borg, and then take the alleged power of the Meteor to take down the Troper and take his position of power and authority on the City. This didn't exactly work out as planned.

  • Bishōnen Line: Let's just say that Sho is even more good looking as a Taboo.
  • Red Right Hand: Both of his hands become black, once he goes Taboo.
  • Catchphrase: "SOHCAHTOA", "So zetta slow!", "CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap"... he's got a lot of these.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: It's understandable really. A hot guy with a cool hat and a Math fetish (not to mention he's completely batshit insane)? Instant win!
  • Facial Markings: His "whiskers".
  • Mouthful of Pi: The incantation for a Level i Flare, at that!
  • Nice Hat: Also known as Pi-Face's Cap, its slick, calculated style can turn you into a zetta math whiz (probably). Funny enough, he loses it as a Taboo.

Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy (played by Ronnie, now the GM's characters played by Ronnie again)

A pair of fairy godparents and their godchild, no one can know their real relationship to Timmy, lest they go away forever. Wanda is responsible and levelheaded, while Cosmo is a spastic idiot, and Timmy is a relatively normal 10 year old boy with buck teeth.

Appeared in The City after teleporting there by accident.

Alucard (played by Hilarity Ensues)

A very powerful vampire who serves the Hellsing orginization. He is very ruthless towards his enemies and prefers to draw out his battles as long as possible.

  • BFG -His weapon of choice.

The Rookie (Played by Deadbeatloser22)

Lance-Corporal James "Rookie" Damon (Service Number 11282-31220-JD), UNSC ODST.

Vlad Masters (Played by Anthiens)

A millionaire scientist who is half-ghost and has his own goals.

Ryofu Housen (Formerly played by Kaze Koichi)

Hot schoolgirl with a soul of legendary Sky General from the China history 1800 years ago.

Danielle Fenton (Played by Ronnie)

A "failed" clone of Danny, made by Vlad. She's pretty spunky and has a bit of a naiveté about her- an untempered optimism about people that you wouldn't expect from someone with a past like hers. Has strong morals, but also knows the moral grey area very well. Time on the road has toughened her- she's learned fairly well how to defend herself, both with her powers and with improvised weapons. However, over time the road has grown weary on her, and the loneliness has begun to become a heavy load on her. And now, with Danny having attained Superman level acceptance after saving the world from the Disasteroid, she's come under the scrutiny of the Guys in White...

Selvaria Bles (Played by Demovere)

Age 22, Brigadier General and member of the Triumviri, the leaders of Prince Maximilian's Gallian invasion force. Cold, professional and truly fearsome in battle, yet compassionate and caring towards those under her command.

  • BFG - her custom rifle, The Ruhm, named 'Glory'. It's not big per se, but it is long. It also combines the range of a sniper rifle with the rapid-fire capabilities of a machine gun.
  • Custom Uniform - It's hard to tell which applies to her, as the original game never shows female Imperial troops. Her uniform does follow the color scheme of black/red/gold the other officers wear, however.
  • Desperation Attack - more like a Desparation Mode; Selvaria can only achieve the Valkyria state if she is near-death and wielding Valkyrian weapons. Compare with Turns Red, if you're talking about the original game.
  • Wave Motion Gun - Selvaria's lance has two modes: an innacurate gatling mode that is normally used for individual enemies, and a high-powered single shot that makes Swiss cheese out of anything and anyone it hits - literally.

Albert Heinrich aka 004 (Formerly played by JC Cy C)

Garrus Vakarian (Formerly played by Gaunt88)

A young alien police officer, specialising in electronics, computer systems and marksmanship. While generally softly-spoken and courteous, he has some serious Cowboy Cop tendencies. He dislikes police bureaucracy and red tape, especially when it leads to a suspect being let go or escaping - he thinks it'd be better to kill some criminals rather than risk them escaping thanks to a legal loophole. Can get very passionate about his work and beliefs - an old cynical ex-cop once described him as a hot-head who "still thinks he can change the world". See him in action here.

  • Honour Before Reason - He often obsesses with seeing villains get their just desserts, regardless of whether pursuing them is the wisest course of action (ie, there are hostages in danger)

Conan of Cimmeria (Formerly played by Tricksterson)

A wandering mercenary/adventurer/bandit (chief)/pirate (captain) from a medieval world. Often amoral but with a strong personal code of honor. Mostly based on the Robert E. Howard stories with a couple of personality tweaks from yours truly

  • The Lancer: Of the rival variety is kind of where I'm pushing him in regards to Nightcrawler.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Faster than he looks as well as smarter.
  • Omniglot: There basically isn't a language in the Hyborian world he can't speak and he can read several of them as well.
  • Seen It All: Subverted. This was pretty much the case in his world. Not so much when it comes to the City, especially regarding technology.
  • Animals Hate Him: He's always running into snakes, they're always huge and and they're always trying to kill him. Apes and giant spiders ain't too crazy about him either.

Lucas (Formerly played by Light Dark Hero 250)

A fourteen year old raised in a world untapped by technology. First entered the City on Mecha Day, and is investigating on a way to get home, along with the others. Knows PSI, a psychic energy gained from the Magypsies. He learns a new power once every Day inside the City.

Rorschach played by Kentok

A 'costumed adventurer' from New York. He's known as the scourge of the underworld and continues to work despite the Keene Act, which outlaws vigilantes (excluding the ones that work for the government). He uses extreme methods to deal with criminals and is a exceptional detective. He's also a expy of The Question, who is already on this RP. He roams the dark streets and back alleys of New York at night, trying to bring justice and retribution upon those who are evil in his eyes.

Commander Vimes (played by Megafire)

GLaDOS (played by Marioman19)

V. V. Argost (played by Scrounge)

Razputin (Played by Firock Finion)

Road Kamelot (played by Maharet_91)

Ranma Saotome (played by Ezekiel)

Gaz (played by Nimitz)

An elite British Special Air Service operative. Back on his Earth, a Russian political faction known as the Ultranationalist Party has been gaining power. Its goals are to undermine NATO and establish a new regime not unlike the U.S.S.R. Gaz and his squad have been deployed into the country to destroy the Ultranationalist threat from within. Being a normal human, Gaz does not have any special powers, but he is highly proficient with firearms and is adept at hand-to-hand combat.

Yoshuya "Joshua" Kiryu (Formerly played by Xiphoniii, Kaze Koichi and Demovere).

  • Real Men Wear Pink: At the alternative chapter "Another Day" the main characters form Kindret Spirits group. Joshua chooses Pink as his codename because he is humanitarian and pink is a color of love.

Caim and Angelus (Formerly played by Liirian)

Caim is a Sociopathic Hero with emphisis on the sociopath part. He wants to do nothing more in life then too slaughter as many people as possible. After getting mortally wounded in a fight with The Empire he met the dragon Angelus, who was also mortally wounded. To save themselves, Caim proposes they form a pact, a magically bond between the souls of two races binding them into one. They both lived, and Caim recieved the dragon's vast strength but lost his voice. He then went on to slaughter most of the Imperial Army before being sent to the city. He likes to Kill things.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: During the finale, Angelus unleashes a massive fireball on Nightcrawler's Copy in a desperate attempt to take him down in between teleports. Because she was already wounded, her fireball also caused her to eventually succumb to her wounds. And because of their pact, Caim dies too.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Caim has 64 different weapons at his disposal, all with a magic spell attached. Don't ask him were he keeps them all.
  • One-Man Army: While Angelus helped a bit, Caim personally killed most of the Imperial Army by himself and committed genocide against several species of 'sub-humans' before being brought to The City. The power he gained from the pact really just quickened the rate he could kill things, he didn't need it to go on his homicidal rampage.

Bowser (Played by Sir_Screwloose)

The fearsome King Bowser Koopa, leader of the Koopa Troop and ruler of Darkland.

Geo Stellar and Omega-Xis (Played by ?????)

  • Bag of Spilling: Geo was temporarily locked into his weakest deck for 3-4 days.
  • Flash Step: A limited variation
  • Hard Light: When visable, Omega-Xis/Megaman is made of something like this.
  • The Heart: At first. YMMV on whether it worked
  • Invisibility: Since his attack power's not the best, this aspect has been emphasized.
  • Kid Hero

Kopalny (see here) (Played by Korodzik)

A janitor/gardener/slacker working for a videogame review magazine. Has some experience with weird things, since his home setting is something of a World of Weirdness.

Kopalny's main interests involve beer and finding new ways to slack off from work. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer; he's not exactly stupid, per se, he just doesn't really like to think. Occasionally he shows moments of cleverness. Most of the time, Kopalny has a ditzy, dreamy face. He's a social fellow, fast to make friends and reluctant to make enemies. If Kopalny ever got into combat, he could hold his own with his bare hands for a while, especially with some convenient sticks, planks or furniture nearby. He's also a pretty good marksman with a pistol.

Miles Straume (Played by Protoplasm)

A psychic with the ability to hear a dead person's last thoughts. Very sarcastic and a jerk a lot of the time. Came to the Island in Lost in 2004 on a freighter, and spent 3 years there due to time travel. Arrived in the city a few days after returning to present time.

  • I See Dead People : Somewhat - he can only read a dead person's last thoughts, and nothing more.

Simon the Digger (Played by The Pulse)

A young digger from the underground village of Giha, Simon was an outcast with only his surrogate brother Kamina to keep him company. One day, he finds a small mecha while digging, using it to bring he and his bro to the surface. There, they discovered that humanity is forbidden from coming to the surface by creatures known as the Beastmen, who kill any humans who dare to come out from their underground villages. From there, Simon and Kamina start a rebellion against the Beastmen, going on adventures and searching for the Beastmen headquarters. Then one day, tragedy struck...

Lirael (Formerly played by God Of Awesome)

Currently the owner of the only secure safe haven in the City after Darth Vader took over the X-Mansion and Vlad's Mansion got destroyed and flooded. She is the de facto leader of those gathered in her home as a result.

Scott Mitchell (Played by Flanker 66)

An American special forces operative from the Ghosts, first seen in Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

  • Gunship Rescue: Mitchell uses the Black Hawk's gatling guns to take out enemy armor and troops.
  • Made of Iron: Survived an EMP strike in Mexican territory by the end of Advanced Warfighter 2.
  • One-Man Army: In some versions of Advanced Warfighters 1 and 2. Also in some parts of those games, Mitchell needs to go alone in order to achieve some of his objectives.

Maria Renard (played by Game Guru GG)

Maria Renard appeared in the City right after Richter Belmont's defeat of Dracula alongside her house while the City was flooded.

The Joker (Played by Over Master?!)

Batman's nemesis and all around demented Loose Cannon.

Dan Phantom (Formerly played by Akatsukin)

Vezon (played by Lizard Of Aus)

A Biomechanical lizard, capable of dimension-hopping and just a few pawns short of a chess set.

Aigis (played by Oni-Lord)

A robot created and given a personality in order to be able to summon a persona and combat the threat of Shadows.

50Cent (played by Taco)

  • Cluster F-Bomb: Among other words...
    • This Troper is waiting for when he finds out that he entered The City on nonviolence day.
  • Self-Insert: Fiddy voices himself.
  • Sociopathic Hero: He really just wants the skull and will basically kill anyone who gets in his way, but the skull was taken by ambiguous "terrorists," so it's alright.

Roland (played by Sonica)

A loyal Carnavan knight who accidentally became the second Rune Knight. Arrived at The City before Mother Lapis' Trial began.

Kamina (played by Luke_Prowler)

The badass leader of Team Dai-Gurren and pilot of the titular Gunman, Gurren.

Ken Ichijouji and Wormmon (played by Jewely J)

Wikus van der Merwe (played by Astroraptor)

Wikus is a corporate Punch-Clock Villain turned alien currently being hunted down by his former employer, MNU. All he wants is to get back to his normal self so he can be with his wife.

Demitri Maximoff (NPC)

One of the nobles of Hell, a vampire with great ambitions, who think of mortals as weaklings and fools.

Nikolai Dante (and his weapons crest) (Formerly played by Shiningknight)

A swashbuckling thief and ladies man who is unfortunatly bonded to an sarcastic computer who always acts and sounds like a disappointed school teacher. Crest may or may not have a real soul.

  • BFG It's big, it's long and it'll take your head off very quickly. The huntsman 5000 not available in any shops!
  • Chivalrous Pervert

Sam & Max (played by Ud The Imp)

The founding members of the Freelance Police, they dispense justice upon villains using a combination of vigilante justice and their own wits, they take on missions given to them by their mysterious Commissioner that are so dangerous and crazy no sane man would EVER dare do them. Their exploits take them all over the world, from their hometown of New York City, to all around the United States, exotic locals like Germany, the South Pacific,and Easter Island, and even to the Earth's moon once or twice. Their signature vehicle is a 1960 De Soto Adventurer armed to the teeth with so many concealed weapons it would make an entire military blush.

Iji (Played by Gaunt88)

A 20-year-old girl implanted with nanotechnology to combat an alien invasion. Rather than a stereotypical Action Girl, Iji is as close to a pacifist as her situation allows, having only killed a handfull of enemies before coming to the city.

  • The Berserker: Borderline (at first). She's reluctant to kill - except when her blood is up.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Stemming from her Missing Mom and Dead Little Sister. Iji's very protective of her True Companions.
    • As time goes on, this protectiveness increases to Mama Bear levels.
  • Break the Cutie: She loses her Heart and becomes a Nobody after Xemnas subjects her to psychological torture during Day 12.
  • Cool Bike: Her spaceship during Day 11 was a modified Shredder jet-bike.
  • Despair Event Horizon: She loses her Heart and becomes a Nobody after Xemnas subjects her to psychological torture during Day 12.
  • Face–Heel Turn: She loses her Heart and becomes a Nobody after Xemnas subjects her to psychological torture during Day 12.
  • Mind Rape: She loses her Heart and becomes a Nobody after Xemnas subjects her to psychological torture during Day 12.
  • Nanomachines: The source of her superhuman abilities. Her implants boost her strength while an invisible cloud of protective nanobots act as armour.
  • Swiss Army Weapon, Morph Weapon: Her alien-made nanogun, which uses nanotech to generate a range of projectiles from machinegun bullets to plasma beams to nuclear explosive crystals.
  • Wild Hair: After being in a coma for 6 months, Iji's hair is shaggy and nearly reaches her waist.

Xemnas (Played by Revolver J)

Spriggan (played by Ominae)

A 16-year old Chinese-Filpino high school student and combat specialist operative for the Trans Global Specialist Inc. (TGS), a Canadian-based multinational specialist company that does services for either individuals, governments or law-abiding organizations. Although he works for TGS legally (which he doesn't feel like telling usually), rumors in the underworld have mentioned that he works under a TGS-sanctioned special forces group of combat/non-combat specialists. They are tasked by the company to conduct covert/covert operations ranging from assassination to combat search and rescue (CSAR) and special operations with/without the consent of national governments and public/private organizations to help maintain global stability in all parts of the world. He was orphaned when his parents were killed in a bombing attack in Dili, East Timor by pro-Indonesia, East Timorese militiamen before being adopted and trained by FALINTIL guerrillas prior to being turned over to Red Cross representatives 5 years after the group was demobilized and reintegrated into the East Timorese Defense Forces in February 2001 as he spent some time in the ex-Indonesian province studying prior to his relocation back in the Philippines with the help of unnamed East Timorese independence sympathizers who have heard of his exploits.

And the rest... is history.

  • Child Soldiers - Fighting with FALINTIL until his early teens.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome - Operates in covert TGS missions without hesitation, even if he is "paid" by the company for his work. See Samaritan Syndrome below.
  • Cool Guns - Thanks to his knowledge/training in using various types of small arms.
  • Custom Uniform - Wears a different military/police beret and BDU with a black balaclava prior to conducting TGS operations. I guess that can said for his equipment too.
  • From a Certain Point of View - Believes that people/organizations threatening people/countries are the enemy, even if they are done for the greater good.
  • Good Samaritan - See the two above.
  • I Work Alone - In certain TGS missions. In other missions, he works alongside fellow TGS specialists.
  • Knife Nut - Uses a combat knife as part of his personal weapons.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution - Assassinated militia leader responsible for parents' death, using TGS resources without authorization. Has no regrets about it.
  • Occupiers out of Our Country - See above.
  • One-Man Army - Works if on his own.
  • Orphan's Ordeal - Parents killed in bombings in Dili, East Timor by loyalist militiamen. Spent some time to hunt down their murderer after recruitment to TGS.
  • Part-Time Hero - Balances his TGS specialist job with his high school life, sometimes with some problems.
  • Samaritan Syndrome - Is this in TGS missions such as hostage rescue and CSAR operations since he wants to help people after a FALINTIL guerrilla leader told him: "You still have a chance. Make good use of it." See Chronic Hero Syndrome above.
  • Taught by Experience - Learned guerrilla tactics from his time with FALINTIL before learning military tactics.
  • Weak, but Skilled - Despite having not having powers, he makes it up with his expertise in small arms, martial arts, etc. A bit similar with Badass Normal
  • Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters - During his time with FALINTIL.

Luigi (played by Taneb)

Brother of Mario in the Super Mario Bros. game series.

Harbinger (Formerly played by The Malignancy)

A member of a race of robotic EldritchAbominations, complete with tentacles (which end in lazers) and a healthy disregard for organic life.
  • Mind Rape - Not only does it have this effect on people, Harbinger is also momentarily mind raped by Max, due to the decrepitude of his mind.

Anonymous (Played by The Malignancy)

The lord of the internet, apparently looking for a young girl with green hair and four ponytails.
"I am an army, an asinine association of arseholes, armed with an arsenal of ambiguously adult arguments. This abrasive armada, no mere attack force, is an astounding assembly of ardent internet aristocrats. Hidden beneath the aegis of anonymity, my associates attack avidly and assertively.

But alas, I ramble.

You may call me Anonymous"

Koga (Played by Lifeofalimabean)

A ninja and Pokémon Poison-based trainer, he was once the gym leader in Fuschia city before he joined the Elite Four.
  • Seeing how torn his daughter is about him disappearing, I'm guessing she won't be happy if she ever found out.
  • Ninja: He uses his Pokemon for ninja-esque techniques and modifies his Pokeballs into shuriken. The Pokemon thing is justified as real life ninjas actually did use animals.
  • Torture Technician: Particularly in his battle with Green in the RBG arc.

KOS-MOS (Formerly played by Demovere)

Her name stands for Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems. She is a gynoid created by Vector Industries, designed to neutralize and exterminate creatures known as the Gnosis. She is unusual in her world, being a mechanical creation where bio-engineered Realians are the norm.

Henry (Played by Endark Culi)

Travis Touchdown's rival. Currently divorced thanks to Travis, Henry would still come to his aid if needed, as long as he can be a Jerkass while doing so. His weapon of choice is a purple beam katana.

Lezard Valeth (Played by Shiningknight)

A sorcerer and necromancer, his is obsessed with getting Lenneth for himself. As such, he's a vile schemer and wild card for his party members.

Dimitri (Played by The Great Pie)

Knuckles' reeeally great-grand uncle.

Kaidan Alenko (Played by E350)

A human Sentinel and Systems Alliance Marine Corp soldier, he served under Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series with the rank of Staff Lieutenant.

Rondeau (Played by God Of Awesome)

Terra (Formerly played by Revolver J)

Naked Snake (Played by Re Dead)

Operative of the CIA's black ops special forces unit called FOX and the founder of the US Army's special forces unit FOXHOUND, he was a member of the Patriots before he began to plot against them due to the belief that the Patriots were not doing what the Boss believes in the first place.

Marco (Played by Akatsukin)

Brian (Played by Hydronix)


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