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Anthiens, AKA Anthiena, is known on the net as a fan of Utena and Danny Phantom, of which she has contributed quite a lot of TUE-themed tropes for the latter. She totally digs the villains, especially Akio Ohtori and Vlad Masters. She thinks of herself as a Dojikko girl who means well but tends to go Tsundere from time to time (usually under great stress). She's gone through a number of things and most that know her use the Beware the Nice Ones trope to describe her. She also considers herself a Mad Artist, but luckily for friends and family, she is also an Actual Pacifist.


She describes herself as a fan's fan, particularly liking fanfiction and fan comics and writes horror-themed fanfiction. She also writes slash. Interestingly, she is also working on a novel that includes horror, sci-fi, fantasy and a sarcastic Magical Girl parody called Shadow Wings.

She used to play Mr. Masters on TV Tropes own Massive Multi-Fandom RPG.

She currently plays Exalted, as well as having two games. She also creeps people out as Souji Mikage on Dear Mun For the Evulz.

Original works include:

  • Waerloga
  • Magical Girl Rune
  • Queen's Asylum (Co-writer)
  • Through Weaver's Looking Glass (co-writer)
  • Delilah's Angel (co-writer)


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