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well Let's see.

JewelyJ is a Danny Phantom Enthusiast, also loves Digimon (especially Digimon Adventure 02), Harry Potter, Fairly Oddparents, Lilo And Stitch The Series. She is an aspiring writer. She started out as a The Secret Of NIMH fan but she wouldn't suggest reading her early works as they are mostly consisting of So Bad Its Horrible Old Shames.

JewelyJ is generally pretty friendly though can be a bit harsh when it comes to her pet peeves. Please note that this doesn't mean she hates you.


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All graffiti goes under this line. I need something to fill this space up. Please be polite.

Say 'ello to my little friend! — greetings from QQQQQ -(waves back)

Fawriel is extraordinarily polite to JewelyJ~! Top of the morn, milady! - LockonLockon

  • same to you, my good sir
Morgulion sends erstwhile greetings. Thanks for the Character Nightclub contributions.
  • You're very welcome. Such things are fun.
Misuki sends you a ♥! Will you...
  • Take it?
  • Give it back?
  • Or eat it?
-I take it it adds to my warm fuzzies- JewelyJ FringeBenefits here. Don't be too embarassed about your Old Shame material. Trust me, everyone has at least one work they never want seen again.

What is your current avatar (28/07/10) of, by the way? —A. A. Aokage

  • a character of mine from an original work in progress.


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