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I'm mainly on the forum, so that's where you have to contact me if you want to talk.

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No need to thank me. -A friend

Tabletop Character Sheets:

Brackle Demp Derrevan


  • Where have you lived over the course of your lifetime?
    • I was born in Cyre, in Metrol. My family moved to Seaside when I was three, and I lived there until four years ago. Now I live in Sharn, because that's where I was on the Day of Mourning. I was there because I had been invited to an art show sponsored by House Phiarlan. Someone with some measure of influence had noticed a painting I had done and liked it. That particular painting was actually inspired by some things I saw in people's minds. And then came the Day of Mourning. Poof. All I had left was that painting, the clothes I was wearing, and some supplies I had brought. I decided to stay in Sharn, because there was literally no Cyre left to go back to. What the Valaes Tairn and Darguun goblins hadn't stolen, the Lord of Blades had destroyed! Well, that's my theory, anyway.
  • What's the one secret you have to keep from everyone you meet, especially your companions?
    • The painting I brought with me to Sharn before the Day of Mourning. Irdana Kaltoreth, a moderately wealthy half-elf art aficionado, the woman who invited me to that art show still has it. She occasionally brings it out when showing her collection, though she has it credited to a rather reclusive man called Tarl Tander, whom conveniently nobody other than Irdana has ever met. I prefer it that way.
  • Who once inspired you to a particular calling, and why do you no longer hold those aspirations?
    • I've always held images in my head in exceptional detail. Probably something to do with my psionics. My mother, Anri, was a painter, and I tried to follow in her footsteps. I haven't been able to so much as lift a paintbrush since the Day of Mourning. Gets me thinking of my mother. She was still back home when it happened.
  • Who would you least like to meet in a dark alley at night?
    • Mm. His name's Gerren Cantor. Human. Rather temperamental. Has some kind of dragonmark. I guess it's what they'd call 'aberrant'. He lived in Seaside, and I knew him since he was smaller than me. We were actually friends for a while, until one day when we were hanging out by the docks. Not much was happening, since were were both rather quiet kids, and I was getting kinda bored. So I decided to have a peek in his head, see what he was thinking. Maybe spark up a conversation. I did not in any way expect what I heard in there. He was thinking about leaving to try and join that House Tarkanan! This was very strange, seeing as they no longer exist. So, since I was his friend, and I didn't want him making any stupid decisions like that, I decided to give him my two copper on the matter. He got really pissed off that I was in his head. I tried to calm him down, I mean, I look in everybody's heads. Not exactly a sign of distrust on my part, just casually looking like that. And it's not like that was the first time I'd peeked in his head, either. But still, he took it really badly. Maybe it was the subject matter. As I said, temperamental. He even pulled out a dagger on me. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before, and having someone I thought was a friend doing it made it worse. I tried to apologise, but he wouldn't listen. But, I wasn't about to let myself get cut, so I dazed him. Dazed him and ran. Never saw him again, and I plan on keeping it that way. Still, wish I could've done something to help him out.
  • In what unexpected way did your psionic powers originally manifest?
    • It happened one day when I was thirteen. I was walking home from school when all of a sudden there was a veritable deluge of voices in my head. I was stunned for a few seconds, and then I thought I was going crazy. Of course, then I remembered the fact that if you actually go crazy, you probably wouldn't realise it. It all died down over the course of a few minutes, over which I realised I was reading people's minds, by the fact that I could hear what they were thinking of saying before they actually said it. I thought about it for a bit and then tried doing it purposely, which, at that very early point, didn't work that well. I had to really focus or I would just get noise, like a waterfall. After a week or so of this, I found myself surrounded by three statuesque figures in an alleyway. I felt something pushing against my mind for a bit, but after it stopped, they were confused. They were Kalashtar, and had assumed that I was a sleeper agent for the Riedrans, but when they found no quori spirit they realised that I was a genuine psion. After the confusion came relief, and they offered to teach me about being a psion, which I accepted.
  • What makes you stand out in a crowd?
    • Kara: The design embroidered on the back of my jacket is pretty distinctive, I think. Not many people wear a picture of a tiger’s face in shades of green, with the eyes done in amber glass beads. It would be easier to be inconspicuous without it, but I like the jacket too much. It’s comfy, and it reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. (She added the beads.)
  • How did you get the nasty scars on the palms of your hands?
    • Staghorn: I gained these not too long ago. I was hired by House Denieth to "take a look" at the leader of the Sharn branch of one of the other houses. They never said what one, just that they wanted to know what they were up to. I shouldn't have accepted in retrospect, but the reward that they offered looked really, really good at the time. It was when I saw the basilisk on the crests of the guards that were pointing crossbows at me the second I went through the window that I realized that I was sent to spy on House Medani. Performing espionage against the house with the Mark of Detection was about as smart as trying to kiss a troll. I tried to back away before I got shot, but I backed myself off of the tower. I tried grabbing on to anything that I could to slow my fall, but everything I tried grabbing onto only cut my hands. Fortunately, I was caught by a passerby before I could hit the ground. I still don't know why House Denieth wanted me to do something that was pretty much guaranteed to fail.
  • What do you most regret doing with your powers?
    • Lance: A job in Sharn went bad fast, (They always seem to, they never go bad slowly, with plenty of warning) and I was running for my life from The Guards of House Lobrashk. They're one of the 40 Families and of the few who are Half Orcs, Tracing their Lineage to the Founding of the Gatekeepers. In the Sewers beneath the estate frantically looking for a porthole or storm drain to scramble through, Lobrashk Is Known for Combining Artifice and Druidism and I didn't want to be on the receiving end of either. After Dragging myself through a broken gutter grate into one of the less well to do areas to put it simply, I had a moment to catch my bearings. Just some rundown slum market with some merchants trying to scratch out a living here in the twilight cast by the city of towers. The guards weren't far behind me, and they'd sent a pair of bloody mages after me, all closing in fast. In a Panic I used a psychic burst to guide their attentions and aggression to some poor shopkeep who was just passing by, just for a second. He hadn't done anything, but while I ran as fast as my legs could carry me I heard the WHOOMPH of a fireball igniting behind me, followed by a wave of warmth a few seconds later. I'm not sure I've ever forgiven myself that act of cowardice, that singular instance to surpass all others. I managed to Escape, Laying low down in the Cogs after paying a street-mage to scramble my trail. "Inferno's Respite" Is not the nicest of places, but Lenny, The Barkeep and owner, knows me lets me lend a room when I'm in need. He's a Nice enough guy, Tough as dragons teeth, Though that's not unusual for a Dwarf I guess. Just Don't start a fight in his bar. Seriously. Don't.
  • Who can you always count on to help you when you're in a bind?
    • Jinx: Kessa Burnwick. She’s a dear friend in Sharn. She had my back after the Day of Mourning. I had hit rock bottom when my family had been killed. I had developed a bit of a problem with drinking. I was kinda ruining my life a little there before she, quite literally, slapped me out of it.
  • Ring of feather falling:
    • After that nasty fall where I got my palms scarred, I instantly decided that I never wanted to experience that again. The man who caught me happened to be a wizard of Morgrave University, human, called Deran Hadolar. He helped me to a Jorasco hospital for healing. After that, I brought him to the Fizzing Flask, my friend Kessa's tavern/apothecary to buy him a drink and a nice, long conversation. We discussed what similarities wizards and psions have, among such things as the work done from Morgrave, and various historical topics like the ancient giant civilisation and the events leading up to the Day of Mourning. He thinks it was Karrnath sabotaging Cannith via the Order of the Emerald Claw. I guess everyone has their own theory. Before he left, he gave me a ring and told me to put it on before I did any falling again, and suggested that I talk to him at Morgrave if I need a job.


  • Aspect 1, Personality: Painting An Impression Of Failure
  • Aspect 2, Relationship: Green Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Aspect 3, Drive: Finding My Way Home
  • Aspect 4: The Bond Of Refuge
  • Aspect 5: Everything's Over My Head

Character Sheet


Charm, Psionic
Daze, Psionic
Inertial Armour
Read Thoughts
Telempathic Projection

Sarah the Singed


  • Phase 1, Childhood:
    • Sarah was born in a bad part of Philadelphia to a couple of poor, ignorant, working-class people. She showed signs of mental imbalance right from the start. However, being poor, nothing was done about it. Nothing good, anyways. Her parents, not understanding her situation at all, beat her in an attempt to get her to "straighten up". She also had a little brother called Larkin who didn't have these problems. However, he would frequently side with Sarah against their parents, as such, he got beatings, too. Her most prolific neurosis ended up being Pyromania. She quickly landed herself in juvy after a couple arsons, and when she proved to be too much for them, she was brought to the newly built Byberry Asylum in 1912, one of its first 30 patients. However, conditions in the institution quickly went sour - especially with Sarah around.
    • Pyromaniac
    • Steely Resolve

  • Phase 2, The Great War:
    • Sarah was still in Byberry when the war started. However, as she had showed signs of intelligence under her insanity, she was taken by the military in 1915 in their experiments for Project PASMAT, or "Psychological Adaptation for Self-control of the Mind for Advanced Tactics". While the experiments were a success and Sarah was now in better control of herself, the war ended before Sarah could be given a formal military education and be put to use. Soon after the end of the war, the general that had overseen the project died of being set on fire. Sarah saw it happen, out of nowhere. Spontaneous combustion. However, none believed her claims of innocence and she was imprisoned in a secret military base.
    • Project PASMAT Subject Gone AWOL
    • No Help For The Wicked

  • Phase 3, Post-War Antics, in Book Form:
    • Sarah the Singed in 'The Byberry Assault': Some say she escaped from a secret underground military base. Some say that she was just let free after funding for the project in which she was experimented on got cut after the Great War ended. Some say that the project isn't over. Whatever the case, the pyromaniacal and meticulous Sarah the Singed was out now. She returned home to Philadelphia and found that her brother, Larkin, had completely taken over the city's criminal underworld! Now with a secure network of resources to draw from, she sets her sights on the devil from her past with a dark secret: Byberry Asylum! Can she stop the horrid and dastardly happenings and save the lives and wellbeing of the mentally ill held there?
    • Brother in Crime
    • "BERNHARDT!!"

  • Phase 4, Sarah's appearance in Great Dane McCallister and the Grasp of the Black Talon:
    • The Great Dane is in Philadelphia, and is gladly given protection by the local Century Club-attending crime lord. The enforcer sent to help him is none other than fellow Centurion, Sarah the Singed! However, her iron mind has him utterly baffled, keeping him there longer than he should, trying to puzzle her out - now they have to fight the deadly Ordo Corvi agents together!
    • Centurion Guard Dog
    • Trigger-Happy

  • Phase 5, Sarah's appearance in Millie Diamond and the Mysterious Mistress of Memphis:
    • When Millie Diamond can't dig up any more clues, even with the help of Samson, they must call on Sarah the Singed, who they happened to find in Cairo's Century Club chapterhouse, far away from Philadelphia.. She agrees to help them, knowing that she'll be able to have a little fun scaring the wits out of Egypt's meanest!
    • Always Packing Heat
    • Gunpoint Intimidation


  • Superb (+5): [4d3-3]
    • Guns

  • Great (+4): [4d3-4]
    • Intimidation
    • Endurance

  • Good (+3): [4d3-5]
    • Athletics
    • Alertness
    • Academics

  • Fair (+2): [4d3-6]
    • Resolve
    • Stealth
    • Rapport
    • Investigation

  • Average (+1): [4d3-7]
    • Burglary
    • Science
    • Fists
    • Survival
    • Empathy

  • Mediocre (+0): [4d3-8]

  • Composure: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
    • Mental Consequences:
      • Mild:
      • Moderate:
      • Severe:
  • Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
    • Physical Consequences:
      • Mild:
      • Moderate:
      • Severe:


  • Rain of Lead [Guns], ignore up to two points of penalty when blocking with Guns
  • Shot on the Run [Guns], can defend with Guns
  • Scary [Intimidation], Can use Intimidate to resist Intimidate
  • Aura of Menace [Intimidate], fate point to intimidate as a free action
  • Aura of Fear [Intimidate], can intimidate entire crowds at a -2 penalty

FP: 10

Languages: English, German, X, X


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