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My name is Cherry, and I've been a sort of lurker. Only with my recent, rabid fandom of Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army have I begun adding examples in any sort of volume, mainly because said game is far too obscure for its greatness (short and quite linear though it may be). If anything Needs More Love, it's Raidou. It is quite Just One More Level for me, as there is little else I think about.


Mainly, I am working on a Fan Fic, which you can read here.

Want to talk with me? (I check each of these every day)

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  • Email: (not for IM)
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  • Leave me a PM at the forums
  • Comment in my fanfic (see above), or send a PM to that Livejournal account
  • I am kirsche474 on Neo Pets, so you can find me there, too.
  • I am Cherry on Dragon Adopters as well. Even if you won't say anything to me, go meet Seiryuu and Suzaku, okay? They're lonely.

Note on Edits: If I don't explicitly state otherwise, it's a safe bet the edit dealt with Raidou.

I'm a bit weird, in regards to my writing. With a few exceptions, I only publish works I have finished.

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Launches (Items marked * were my idea to begin with, unmarked means I launched an Up For Grabs)

Random Thoughts on Games I Play

  • Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army
    • Ever watch the non-interactible NPCs? If you think Raidou's summoning is a bit flashy, you're not alone. The noninteractibles will turn their heads to watch Raidou as he summons - he is drawing attention to himself! Funny, isn't it?
    • The Kuzunoha elder spirits (or whatever they are) are jerks. When Raidou collapses from his injuries (read: hits zero HP), they transport him to their shrine, heal his wounds, wait for him to awaken, bash him for "slandering the name", and then, having sufficiently chewed him out, they kill him! When they might have merely left him to die in the original situation he fainted in. Jerkass spirits.
    • And now, having read about the instruction manual, I feel gypped for not having it (used game, no manual). Damnit.
      • Yo, I don't wanna intrude but have you looked online for manual scans?
      • Yep. Stopped when Google turned up with this very page.
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    • When you have to take Tae to Kasumidai, if you go to Fukagawa-Cho instead and talk to her, she'll say something like, "What? You want to take a bath before the interview? Okay...I'll be waiting out here. (new text box) ...What? No, I'm not going in there with you. Raidou, what are you thinking?" ...I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't have used five ox bezoars in that last boss battle... XD (To put it in context: In the ox bezoar item description it says it is also an aphrodisiac.) Also, Tae: I can take a stab at what he's thinking if you want. :)
    • If you talk to Satake at some point in Episode 5, he will mention that Narumi's gun is an automatic and standard-issue in the German military. Given that the setting is 1931... Narumi is most likely using this gun. First one on the page. Like they gave you enough information to find it on purpose, almost... Still, pretty cool.
    • As I said in Gushing About Shows You Like, the Daidouji butler, Nakamura, says at one point that he "must have fainted from overwork" and he "would be ashamed to face the spirits of the Daidouji ancestors", which jars rather lightheartedly yet painfully with the conditions of game over.) Yes, I copied and pasted that just now. If it weren't for the Fourth Wall, I'd think Raidou would be pissed/scared at that. I know my jaw tightened...
    • In Episode 2, after gaining access to the Red Light District (no, you can't do anything there, though it's implied Raidou could if he wanted) the "snooty modern woman" in Ginza-Cho (she's on the overpass) will say when talked to (to the best of my memory): "You're looking for an escort? You're barking up the wrong tree. No mere harlot could hold a candle to me!" At first I thought Raidou, what the hell did you SAY?, but now that I've thought about it, she completely missed his insult - he basically called her a whore! Priceless.
    • Found another Stealth Insult, this one easier to catch. At one point (I forgot which episode, one of the middle ones), there will be an NPC labeled "air headed woman" outside Ryugu. She has two lines. The first is:"If the waiter at a high-class restaurant knows you by name, you must be part of the social elite. (new text box) No, I don't suppose it has any effect on looks or personality, why do you ask?" I don't remember the second in its entirety, but I do remember it ended with, "Why do you keep asking about looks and personality? What's eating you?" Haha... Go, Raidou!
    • "Raidou the Exth" blows his cover pretty bad if you go to the Red Light District at the right time. (S)he'll say something like (don't remember exact phrasing) "Meetings here are cherished, because the two are not likely to meet again. Tension can only build when one is forced to live with the same partner. ..." I forget what else (s)he said, but that's pretty damn telling - Obviously, his research was insufficient, because girls of that time, particularly (one would think) from a high social standing, do not think in those terms! It's a jarringly-masculine statement. Oops. Plus, (s)he doesn't seem to react normally within the Red Light District at all - Tae's response is closer to what you'd expect. More damning is the Fukagawa-Cho dialogue from the switch before that. "The year is...Taisho...20, correct? This place hasn't changed much since the Edo period, so my sense of time gets... Anyway..." At least he caught himself there. It's a shame Raidou isn't allowed to respond to any of this.
    • I'm not sure how I missed this, but Gouto says, just before the end of Ep. 11, "You've done my name proud...". So, wait. Gouto is actually... The original Raidou Kuzunoha, reincarnated or something?
      • Yep, and it's right out there in the open, on the official Raidou Kuzunoha Vs King Abaddon characters page, so it no longer warrants a spoiler. I can get rid of those now. Cool that I caught that line - it was a little easy to miss, considering I only got it on my second time through.
    • Holy crap, I just beat Raiho at level 9. Alp and I jumped up four levels! Woo, it's my best achievement in this game ever!
    • SPOILER ALERT! STOP READING IF YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED THROUGH THE GAME! Let's try to figure out which number our antagonist is. Okay, for starters, we have 1200 years and 13 successors (we'll ignore the first for now; sorry, Gouto.) That's roughly one Raidou per century with one in every 13 dying a bit young. Okay, let's assume by 20XX they mean the highest possible bracket, the 2090s. With that set up, let's say the 14th dies of old age in the 1980s (putting him in his seventies, pretty reasonable). The 15th takes the name...just in time for Shin Megami Tensei I's The End of the World as We Know It. Boom, he dies. World War III occurs over the next two decades or so, and that's a pretty good time for, say two Raidous to die easily while still being heroic enough to keep their name (if the game over sequence is to be taken into account). So that's 16th and 17th. The 18th ascends in the 2020s...and gets killed in the flood. So now we're at the 19th with 70 decades to go. Let's say the 19th lives to the 2080s (assuming he took the name at around age 20, give or take, that'd put him in his seventies, too). The 20th takes the name at around age 20, and lives for ten years...30-ish is a good age for a Templar Knight, isn't it? So, being somewhat lenient on all sides, a good number for our antagonist is the 20th. ...Phew.
      • Deuxhero: Word of God gives hir as the 40th. And when is 92 average (not even counting their time before Raidou, even if they all got the title at 17 that's an average of 109) a "bit young"?
  • Raidou Kuzunoha Vs King Abaddon
    • Why is the Herald of Yatagarasu suddenly referring to herself in the plural? It's quite creepy.
    • The game over sequence is the same. The exact same! What a Jerkass tree! So going beyond space and time is not enough to secure his name after death!?
    • I'm loving the Evil-order. I want a Yomi-kugutsu...

  • Persona4
    • At some point, Yosuke says the phrase "cutie pie", at which point Chie responds, "'Cutie pie'? What are you, 80?" Because I am freaking obsessed with Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army: The game takes place in 2011. 2011 - 80 = 1931, which is the year Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army takes place. Too far?
    • I love how Parvati has Dodge Elec when she isn't affiliated with that element at all. ...At least, not in this game. I can't help but think that's a Shout-Out...
    • Look, a ShoutOut by name! Sorry for the quality - I actually took a pic of the TV screen.
    • And that design on the back of Chie's jacket is the Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army memory card icon!
    • Okay, an actual thought on the game, rather than its ShoutOuts. The battle with Shadow Kanji seems to me like a Take That! at slash authors' tendency for Character Derailment. Poisoning the males (slowly killing their character, I guess), and, most tellingly, enraging the females (this is what tipped me off). Also, though a valid point in-game, is the excessive angst (or wangst) over not being accepted.
    • And the comic "Lovely Witch Detective" is clearly a rather snarky Take That! at Twilight. I mean, come on! "A ploddingly-written romantic comedy about a girl on her first day of school in her new town. Vampires are involved. The content of this book was almost physically painful for you to read." If anyone can think of something else that might be, feel free to bring it up.

  • Shin Megami Tensei I
    • Um... where the hell is the UN!?

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And chances are, if it's about Raidou, it was probably me. ^_^ Have a great day and keep an eye out for rogue demons.

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