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Needs A Better Title. Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Luthen is secretly anote god!
Luthen knows of the darknote tricks. Truly they are one to be reckoned with.

Hi my name is Luthen and I'm a tropaholic. I hooked sometime in late high school or just after, I don't remember anymore. I've been clean for, *checks watch* thirty seconds.

Clap Clap, Bored Shuffling.

More seriously, I'm from Melbourne, Australia, 214 and on my way to a BSc. In physics or genetics. I'm have trouble deciding. The time for uncertainty passed. To bad I couldn't get a Degree in Panology.


Well turns out that my first university doesn't like budding panologists and cut me loose. Now I'm taking my two-thirds of a degree and going somewhere else. Where they like panology! Oh wait... it's pedagogy? Close enough!

Surprisingly I have little patience for most Sci-Fi, though I love Animov. Probably due to a story before ideas mentality. My genre home is fantasy, mainly because it's fun!

Also I have a poor, neglected writing blog.

And a slightly less neglected tumblr.

My work on the wiki is somewhat ninja-like in that even I don't notice I've done it.

I also kinda come a go from the forums mostly. A previous reappearance, which lasted almost a year.

Tropes that describe Luthen:

This list could do with some wiki love!

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    Character Sheet for Pokemon Tabletop 

Character Sheet for Pokemon Via Tabletop

Feel free to copy and fill in.

Name - Level 0 Pokemon Trainer

Age: x Gender: y Pokedex
Height: ? Weight: secret Seen: Owned:

Physical Description:
Currently fairly AFGNCAAP

Currently an extreme doormat.


  Value Mod*
STR 10 0 Max HPnote : 40 Current HP: 40
DEX 10 0 Evasion Bonusnote :0
CON 10 0 Damage Bonusnote :0
INT 10 0 Knowledge/Academicsnote :0
WIS 10 0 Perceptionnote :0
CHA 10 0 Bluff/Diplomacynote :0
*+1 for every 2 above ten, -1 for every 1 below ten

Badges, Ribbons, Medals, Trophies:
None so far.

Whatever starting stuff is.


  • List them Possibly hottipping their descriptions 

Arms Features:

  User Prof Master Damage
Weapon     ___ + MOD

Current Pokemon:

  • Just list name, species, level, gender, maybe moveset and HP. We'll see. Full descriptions go below.

Stored Pokemon:

  • Same.

Pokemon - Level x Gender Species

Type: Electric Electric Level:100 Total EXP:1,000,000
Nature:Composed WIS+2 WIS-2 Height:20'10" Weight:9283lbs
Egg Group:List egg groups Max HP: lev+3*HP Current HP:999
Stats Basenote  Added Total
HP 1 1 2 STAB:1d4
Atk 1 1 2
Def 1 1 2 Evasion Bonus
Sp. Atk 1 1 2 Physicalnote :0
Sp. Def 1 1 2 Specialnote :0
Spd 1 1 2 Eithernote :0


  Value Notes   Value Notes
Overland x  Burrow x  
Surface x  U'water x  
Jump x  Sky x  
Power x  Intel. x  


Natural Moves: (Level/Egg)

Type Name AC Freq Dmg Range Effects/Notes
Normal Tackle 3 At-will 2d10 Melee Attack 1 Target, Dash, Weight Classnote 

Technical Moves: (TM/HM/Tutor)

Type Name AC Freq Dmg Range Effects/Notes
Normal Tackle 3 At-will 2d10 Melee Attack 1 Target, Dash, Weight Classnote 

RP characters

    Tanaka Hiraku - 2012, "YOU" are the future 
  • Name: Tanaka Hiraku
  • Troper: Luthen
  • Age: 15 so Sophomore?
  • Clubsnote : Computing Club (Secretary), Kyouto Gamers (Video Games Club), Kyouto Kendo Tigers, Anime Club, LGBT Club (email listing only)
  • Power/change: Budding technomancy, beginning with minor Machine Empathy, better instincts, building to full on Techno Wizardry and control, possibly even unintentional granting of sentience to a fridge or something.
  • 2012 Belief: Hopes for The Singularity but fears that there will be a huge worldwide volcanic/tectonic cascade.
  • Appearance: Hiraku is tall and lanky, average skin, dark grey eyes, black ponytail that skirts the dress code in length.
  • Personality: Hiraku tends to watch, and comment only when he feels the need. He's very good a multitasking, so often surprises people by telling them the answer to their problem when he was apparently playing some game. He's an optimist, and a bit of a Fleeting Passionate Hobbies, but he generally cycles through the clubs he's in. He's on the newsletter lists for almost every club, and probably has been to one or two meetings.
    • Talents: A knack for computers even before the change, talent for kendo rarely supported by interest note , can speak English quite well..
    • Flaws: As alluded to above, Hiraku has a bit of an all-or-nothing problem with larger things. Also the part of him analysing your problem rarely figures that he really shouldn't but in other people's conversations.
  • Backstory: Hiraku's home life is more or less the definition of average. Bar the two older sisters (one in college, the other a senior) and two younger brothers (twin terrors, freshmen).
  • Other: Helps out weekends and some nights at the family shop (a computer parts/service/software, internet cafe and video rental store).

    Elievra "Elly" Shamayame - Hercine, City of Wonders and Magic 
Name: Elievra "Elly" Shamayame (Sha-my-ya-may).

Species/Race: Malaka, see other for full explanation.

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Elly is a pretty girl, short and fine featured. Platinum blonde hair, tanned skin, sparking pupiless blue eyes. And feathery, very dark blue wings, with a slight rainbow iridescence at the right angle. On the inside they are creamy white, similar to her hair.
She tends to wear black/dark leggings & undershirt, various blue tunics and sandals. The tunics reach to her knees and have two slits at the back for her wings. The next most important accessory is her belt, which not only keeps her tunic from fluttering everywhere but has some very important pouches. The pouches are each a Bag of Holding, so she keeps almost all her worldly possessions on her at all times. Which brings us to...

The aforementioned belt holds most of Elly's possessions:

  • Barak, a longish dagger than doubles as a wand. Steel slightly darker than normal, there are hebrew-ish characters engraved on it, saying "Barak Samayame" (~Lightning from the sky). A family heirloom. Elly is sure it has a mind of its own but there is no proof for this.
  • A letter left to her at birth. More for sentimental value.
  • Couple of basic magical tomes
  • A stopwatch (well functionally, its magic not clockwork) for her work.
  • A diple, a double barrelled flute.
  • Not much cash (she's not good at saving. Saving up for something, yes. In general, no).
  • Various odds and ends.
Elly doesn't have a real home, she as a room at the university but she spends about equal time back at her orphanage or visiting the Plaza of Faiths.

Elly is quite upbeat and outgoing. Unfortunately she is prone to mood swings and over-reactions, normally only verbally but occasionally more. She appreciates everything she has and isn't afraid of a little (or a lot of) hard work. One of her major drives is to find out what left her stranded in an orphanage. She tries her best to well mannered but sometimes is too impatient to fully act the part.


  • Elly is a scholarship student at the Whitebolt Academy. Though even she couldn't say exactly what she's been learning there. But she has a solid grasp (or Barak an affinity) for weather magics, particularly lightning, and light spells. She's not bad at enchanting but not good enough to make a living.
  • Naturally she's a very good flyer, and has developed a keen spatial sense of Hercine.
  • Despite owning a dagger her whole life, she's only moderately proficient with it.
  • She's a multi-linguist, speaking four languages, and reading twelve. Elly also has a better than average memory - hardly photographic but still pretty good.
  • Some musical ability.

Elly was left to an orphanage at about two and half. Only old enough to remember vague recollections of her parents. Life at the orphanage wasn't bad, but a toddler who could fly was too much any chance at adoption. At age fifteen she started acting as a courier, having the distinct advantage of being able to fly over the busy streets. This brought in enough income for some creature comforts and to realistically cover the shortfall of a scholarship. So after saving enough, Elly enrolled at Whitebolt. She still acts as a courier, often carrying messages between the academy and the nobles quarter.

Elly is a Malaka, basically a winged humanoid. Superstition links them with divine angels but there's no proof one way or the other. And the stories are really mixed up, Malaka are fallen angels, grass roots divine reporters, offspring of humans and angels, offspring of humans and the Hercinia. Other than their flight and Required Secondary Powers, Malaka aren't much different from humans. Maybe live a little longer, little better at magic, but the average Malaka is still within human norms.

    Zack Alley, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures 
Name: Zack Alley, really Keiran D'Lyonnote 
Age: Says he's 17, when really he's 15
Gender: Male, really.
Height: Average/short
Weight: Wiry build
Zack's a little confused. He doesn't like the kind of people his parents act like, but any outside observer would see that he's very similar. Competitive, self-assured, bit of a determinator. He's a little teenage jaded/cynical (read: naive). Lack of real consistant peers his age means his social developments a bit off kilter. He's more comfortable dealing with adults than people his own age.
Zack's father (Dan D'Lyon) is a touring professional trainer (Attack Stat Ace in fact), and his mother is his publicist. The family travels a lot, never settling anywhere. Oddly Zack dreams of settling down somewhere. He was raised as much by (if not more) his parent's pokemon, since they spent a lot of time networking and training. Particularly his father's Poliwrath. Recently he ran away after getting fed up with being dragged everywhere by his parents (#First World Problems). He's gone to some length to prevent them finding him. Which is stupid since a) his parents were waiting for him to declare he wanted to go off on his own, and b) they've made enough contacts (who've also met Zack/Keiran) in their travels they could easily find him.
Zack's a little below average height wise, definitely above average muscle wise. He has green eyes and short, spiky black hair. In reality his hair's blue like his mother's. His wardrobe consists of sneakers, shorts, tank top, vest and a bucket hat. He has a hachimaki given to him by his father, but he only puts it on for important fights.
500P, 5 pokeballs, 5 potions, 2 super potions, 2 ethers, 4 antidotes, 4 paralyse heals, 4 awakenings, and a partridge in a pear tree.


Level: 5   HP: 88note 
Str: 16 (+3) Int: 7 (-3)
Con: 14 (+2) Wis: 11 (+0)
Dex: 14 (+2) Cha: 7 (-3)
______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______
Pokedex: 1 seen/ 1 owned. Full list

Pokemon Trainer features:

  • I Can Take a Hit
    Effect: When taking damage from anything reduce that damage by 5. This does not reduce the cost of activating Features that require HP loss.

Ace Trainer features:

  • Enhanced Training, Static, Trigger: Your pokemon gains experience points.
    Effect: Each of your pokemon gains and additional 20% the amount of experience they would gain normally.
  • Improved Attacks, Static, Trigger: Your pokemon’s damage dealing attack hits.
    Effect: When adding up damage dealt to the foe, add either half of your STR modifier or half of your CON modifier before your foes subtracts their defense or special defense from the attack.
  • Affirmation, 3 x Dailynote , Trigger: Your pokemon fells a foe.
    Effect: Your Pokemon gains temporary Hit Points equal to your CON modifier.

Martial Artist features:

  • Combat Focus, Static, Trigger: You hit a foe with an attack.
    Effect: Add your STR or DEX modifier to the damage you deal as a trainer.
  • Martial Endurance, Static, Target: Your HP value.
    Effect: Add half your STR and DEX modifiers and multiply the total by 5 HP. Add this to your HP total.
  • Karate Chop, At-Will, Target: Pokemon or Trainers.
    Effect: Use the Move Karate Chop. Use your STR modifier as your ATK stat.

Walter, Watt
Species: Oshawott Gender: Male
Type: Water
Egg Group: Field, 10 days Nature: Adamant + 2 attack, - 2 sp. atk 
Height: 1'8" / 0.5m (Small) Weight: 13 lbs / 5.9kg (1)
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
Level: 10 Exp: 1,000 HP: 34 / 34note 
 Base (BSR) Added Total STAB
HP 6 (2) +2 8 2
Attack 8 (1) +3 11 Evasion Bonus
Defence 5 (3) +1 6 1
Sp. Atk 4 (6) +0 4
Sp. Def 5 (3) +1 6 1
Speed 5 (3) +2 7 0
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
Overland Surface U'water Jump Power Intel.
6 8 6 2note  2note  3 Dull 
Fountain A Pokemon who has the Fountain Capability can produce freshwater. details 
Aura Pokemon who can use Aura are blessed with a great power. Pokemon who can use Aura can read the minds of other Pokemon and humans, although they cannot transfer their thoughts to others unless they too have the ability to manipulate Aura. Pokemon with the Aura Capability can also read a person’s Aura. details 

Hyper Cutter, Constant, The user’s Attack Combat Stages may not be lowered.


Name Type Dmg, Freq, AC Stat, Range Keywords Contest
Tackle Normal 2d6, At-Will, 3 Attack, Melee 1 Target, Dash Toughnote 
Tail Whip Normal —, At-Will, 2 —, Ranged (4) 1 Target Cutenote 
Water Gun Water 2d6, At-Will, 2 Sp. Atk, Ranged (10) 1 Target Cutenote 
Detect Fighting —, Center, — —, Self No Target, Intercept Coolnote 
_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____
Move keywords: Dash , Intercept 

     Farralai "Farrah" Ta-Roven, There's a Dragon in My Driveway 
Name: Farralai "Farrah" Ta-roven

Race: Half-human, half-elf (not quite normal, see appearance below)

Gender: Male

Age: 20 but appears 13

Farrah looks like a thirteen year old, a tall, wiry one but still much younger than he really is. He has mid back length brown hair that is kept a whole lot of little braids which are then normally knotted together. Hazel eyes. Fairly tanned.
The noticeable oddity to his appearance is a feline cast to his features. Hidden under his hair, his ears are slightly pointed and possess a thin, curved shape like a cat. His eyes vary a bit, becoming more cat-like when he's emotional or using magic. And yes he has a tail, normally wrapped around his waist.
His wardrobe tends to be intense earthy colours - particularly blues, reds and browns, and his iconic piece is a Badass Long Robe. More or less a sleeveless duster in blue with gold embroidery at the hems, and his father's coat of arms subtly on the back. He doesn't wear it all the time though, since it is a little silly.

Powers and abilities:
Non-magically, Farrah has some cat-like abilities. Good night vision, balance, reflexes.
Magically, he's learning but seen as a bit of a prodigy. Though this may be simply a case of hybrid vigour. His two fields of "expertise" are cryptozoology and elemental summonings. At this point he's only capable of summoning minor elementals (salamanders, undines, nothing much larger (or smarter) than a dog).

Farrah's father ended up (not entirely happily) the ambassador of one elven nation to Earth. So he lives in the "embassy" and has a degree of diplomatic immunity. The embassy's a bit of a joke since neither side put forward much diplomatic effort.[[note  Thus he has access to transport and money, but prefers to feel self-reliant, travelling via parkour and rollerblading.
Materialistically, his main possessions are standard phone, wallet, and a less standard pair of rollerblades that are enchanted to transmute between rollerblades and normal sneakers. He also has a mage's staff but he doesn't tend to carry that with him.

Farrah is a student, studying magic and political science at the local university. His appearance doesn't help. And he refuses to wait until he's thirty or so and appears old enough.
In his spare time he does translation work over the internet. Mostly minor stuff. It's an easy job.

Farrah likes to think he is mature, and most of the time he is, but occasionally he acts more his apparent age than his chronological age. He values independence and is very curious.

Plot hooks:
Most likely source is something to do with his father's work. Political kidnapping? Maybe he tracks Latch the kelpie? Or maybe he gets embroiled in someone else's?

Farrah is a slightly modified version of this guy.

Characters from dead/dropped R Ps

     Brendan Xing - Machinemen 
Name: Brendan Xing

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Brendan is Chinese (though fourth generation Australian), and looks pretty average, a little pudgy. He prefers to wear casual clothes, and as of his augmentation gloves.
His augmentations are pretty subtle. There are little lenses (5mm diameter) on the tips of his index and pointer fingers. In the middle of each palm there's a larger (2cm ish diameter) lens. On his back is a dinner plate sized, metal... thing. It has a dull sheen, several cracks radiating from the centre, and is covered with engraved detailing reminiscent of penrose tiling and insect wings.

Symbol: Laser warning symbol, with the long beam going over his shoulder to his wing pack.

Personality: Brendan is pretty laid back and easy going.

Brendan's an Aussie, and was a secondary school math teacher. In his spare time he also like to sculpt but never made much from it.
His augmentation happened during a motor holiday, so he had a couple of days of privacy to adjust. He tried to hide it on his return by wearing gloves and bulky tops. He managed for about three months, until one night he had a nightmare about guns and torches, and woke up in Der Fals.

The lenses on his hands are the external evidence of his first set of augmentation: the ability to shoot lasers from his hands. Not sci-fi laser pistols, but more akin to a welder's torch. His fingers can produce a fine beam, whereas his palms a wider beam. The palms are a stronger but less focused.
The contraption on his back houses a set of wings, like dragonfly wings. Brendan is capable of flight, but it's hardly stealthy.

Other: Brendan speaks Mandarin reasonably well (his grandmother didn't speak English).

    Ambrose Hayes - Who wants to live forever 
Name: Ambrose Hayes

Appearance: Thirty year old in his prime, well built. Army crew cut. Blond hair and blue eyes. His fashion sense is a little off, being a mix of old-man and homeless chic.

Personality: Ambrose is a good guy. Regular boy scout, unfortunately his views are a little out dated (not racist, but tends to think people have it easy these days). A minor clean freak, even homeless he makes sure to have at least a scrub wash each day.

Notable Skills: Ambrose served in both World War II, so he has army training in armed and unarmed combat. Afterwards he became a mechanic.

Ambrose was born in the wake of World War I and enlisted to serve even before World War II was obvious. He served in the Royal Marines, and got a couple of medals. Somehow he made it through without even an life threatening injury so he didn't know he would be immortal. He was a career soldier for a little while but once he could no longer meet the physical demands he retired to the reserves and became a mechanic.
He had a long life, ending up in a retirement home in Rankenopolis. He was "sentenced" early at merely sixty-five, something he never quite forgave his kids for. Eventually he died peacefully in his sleep.
Then woke up naked in the dark, on a metal slab in the morgue. And thirty again. He nabbed some clothes and made it out of the home, and has been living homeless ever since.

Notes: Not sure how the reversion to youth works. I'd considered it knocking him out long enough to be declared dead and placed in a coffin before it became obvious. Then waking up buried alive. Possibly added embalming poisoning to the mix.

    Farralai "Farrah" Ta-roven, from a still-born shared universe in Writer's Block 
Name: Farralai (Farrah) Ta-roven

Tall (6'2") and wiry, looks about 16 even though he's Really 700 Years Old (well 615). Has mid back length brown hair that is kept a whole lot of little braids which are then normally knotted together. Hazel eyes. High cheekbones. Fairly tanned.
His wardrobe tends to be intense earthy colours - particularly blues, reds and browns, and his iconic piece is a Badass Long Robe. More or less a sleeveless duster in blue with gold embroidery at the hems, and his family coat of arms subtly on the back.

Race: Seelie Sidhe (Neutral Good)

Staff/Student/Other: New Staff Member

Archetype: Mage

Farrah is a trained mage, so capable of most basic magics. His speciality is summonings, particularly elemental summonings. I've been inspired by China Melville's depiction of elementals merely beginning with fire, earth, etc and ending up with crazy stuff like summoning a moon elemental which is an embodiment of all moon myths at once. Though that kind of summon would take hours to prepare and weaken him severely.

Farrah is very curious about how the world works, less so people. He finds beauty in both magic and wildlife, and is extremely pleased to get a chance to share this fascination. An energetic and passionate Absent-Minded Professor, he's prone to social Faux Pas. He's a bit superficial in friendships as a result of his years at Nephilim, where he just didn't mature very much compared to his classmates.

Farrah comes from a fairly average Sidhe family. Not particularly high ranked, there wasn't too much pressure for self advancement. So there was plenty of time for relaxation and hobbies. He enjoyed crafting things and exploring the local forests for magical wildlife.
He attended NIFGI (Nifty?) when he was 450 studying magic and cryptozoology. Since graduating he's oscillated between each of his chosen fields every few decades. An area of magic he furthered his studies in and has become something of a master of is summoning. This talent is what brings him back to Nifty, now as a teacher of Summoning 201 and assistant to Magic 101.

Fighting Style:
Prefers ranged combat, and summoning elementals to fight for him. If forced into melee his Weapon of Choice is a quarterstaff.

Relationships (if applicable):
I'm thinking of him having a fiance or a kid. Not sure yet. Probably still be too young for both.

     Catherine Landerson, Reunions 
Name: Catherine "Katie" Landerson

Role: The Big Sister

Age: 21

Appearance: Somewhat tall and toned, Katie stands at 5'6". She tends to keep her waist long black hair in a braid, and wears a minimal amount of make-up to appear naturally beautiful. Not entirely successful as her face would be described as pretty rather than beautiful by most people.

She is dressed in a form fitting (but not revealing) white shirt, with a dark-blue loose shin length skirt and tallish boots. Over this she is wearing lighter blue long sleeved, short waisted jacket. She has some white opera gloves but she is not wearing them. Katie is also wearing some jewelry, matching bracelets, earings and a necklace of 22 karat gold and small sapphires.

Personality: Quite frankly, Katie's a bit of a bitch libby/Kuudere. She likes to be in power, and maintains it by being superior, verbally sparring and running her social network. Though the select few which become family to her, would confess that she can be overbearing in a completely different way. Being far to loving/smothering. And woe betide anyone who hurts (even sligtly) her family.

Bio: Katie did well at the private boarding school her parents sent her to, earning a scholarship to a prestigious distant university. She is halfway through studying towards a degree in medicine, since she wishes to become a doctor. In her spare time she likes to fiddle with steampunk and clockpunk stuff but freely (well as much as anything) admits she doesn't understand very much. Most of it is her boyfriend's work.

Secrets: Katie's a kleptomaniac and has been doing favors to get tutoring to keep up with her studies. Probably others when I think of them.

Power: Katie can use Hammer Space. To a limited extent. Getting about three times the expected volume out of her pockets. Her hands have to be completely hidden for her to retrieve something, so she can't pull things out of thin air from behind her back.

Skills: First aid and intermediate medical knowledge, minor steampunk skills (repair and understanding mostly), cooking, skill with a pistol.

Weapons: Pistol (suitably clockworky), with sniper attachments and Trick Bullets (yet to be decided upon).

Inventory: Her luggage (including clothes, books and toiletries), her purse (containing, make-up, mirror, money, some jewellery, bullets, very basic toolkit, first aid kit, notebook, pen and pencil, glasses, pocket knife, and possibly more). Note only about a third of that could be retrieved by anyone besides Katie. Pistol is in a holster hidden in the ruffles of her skirt.

     Fingers, Pokemon in the City 
  • Name: Fingers really Pommy. Can you blame him?
  • Species: Aipom
  • Clothing: Muted orange vest, the back is a big velco pocket.
  • Occupation: Gang-less jack-of-all-trades - steals, scrounges, busks, etc.
  • Moves:
    • Fury Swipes
    • Swift
    • Thief
    • Charm

     Danielle "Copper" D'Lyon, Pokemon Creation's Egg 
  • Name: Danielle "Copper" D'Lyon.
  • Age: 14
  • Gender: Female
  • Home Region: Violet City, Johto
  • History: Copper grew up in the city but took every chance she could to escape it. She had been caught exploring the neighbouring routes since she was eight. Often bringing pokemon home with her, such as Sunny and Barry. She never tried to hide her ability to understand Pokemon, but people didn't care. Everyone talks to their Pokemon, and every kid thinks they can understand theirs. As she got older she stopped asserting that she could, but continued to converse with her Pokemon. The moment her parents gave her permission, she set off on her journey, collecting the first three Johto badges and her team.
  • Personality: Always cheerful and optimistic, Copper tries to befriend everyone she meets and generally raise spirits. She's a bit of a nature loving girly-girl. She hates being chained, whether literally or metaphorically, and will fight for her freedom.
  • Appearance: Most notable feature is her copper hair.
  • Team:
    • Sunny
      • Species: Skiploom, level 21, female
      • Moveset: Tackle, Bullet Seed, Synthesis, Sleep Powder
      • Personality: Sunny's personality matches Copper's. Being happy, optimistic and idealic as well.
    • Barry
      • Species: Zubat, level 21, male
      • Moveset: Wing Attack, Bite, Astonish, Confuse Ray
      • Personality: Has taken a big brother position to Copper, and often the rest of the team as well. Calm and level-headed.
    • Leddy
      • Species: Ledyba, level 20, male
      • Moveset: Comet Punch, Mach Punch, Supersonic, Safeguard
      • Personality: Hyperactive, Leddy buzzes everywhere, looking at everything.
    • Kerry
      • Species: Oddish, level 20, female
      • Moveset: Mega Drain, Acid, Poisonpowder, Stun Spore
      • Personality: Quiet and cynical, mostly only ever talks to snark.
    • Sidney
      • Species: Sudowoodo, level 19, male
      • Moveset: Low Kick, Rock Throw, Woodhammer, Mimic
      • Personality: The team clown, Sidney likes to joke and mimic others.
    • Gypsy
      • Species: Gligar, level 19, female
      • Moveset: Quick Attack, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Sand Attack
      • Personality: The newest member of the team, Gypsy is unsure, but in battle she's supremely confident.

     Jasper, failed Pokemon Tabletop 

Jasper - Level 0 Pokemon Trainer

Age: 14 Gender: Male Pokedex
Height: 5'8" Weight: 110lbs Seen: 0 Owned: 0

Physical Description:
Jasper is skinny, with short spiky black hair which is mostly hidden by his hat. His eyes are hazel, getting greener the more excited he is. He's dresses in cargo pants, a red t-shirt and a black open vest with a pokeball symbol on the back. He also doesn't go anywhere without his bucket hat, which has a half pokeball like the PC from Diamond.

Jasper is a mess of contradictions. He's quiet but outspoken. A loner who likes to be in a group. Never a leader but always suggesting direction. This generally boils down to the idea that he's laid-back, only doing something when he thinks it's necessary. So he sits and watches, only speaking briefly. He prefers to get into a position where he can finish quickly, whether that be by building a balanced team and reconning his opponents, or quietly shuffling round the room to grab the last donut.


  Value Mod*
STR 11 0 Max HPnote : 44Current HP: 44
DEX 10 0 Evasion Bonusnote :0
CON 11 0 Damage Bonusnote :0
INT 12 +1 Knowledge/Academicsnote :1
WIS 10 0 Perceptionnote :0
CHA 10 0 Bluff/Diplomacynote :0
*+1 for every 2 above ten, -1 for every 1 below ten

Badges, Ribbons, Medals, Trophies:
None so far.

Money: Who knows?
Whatever starting stuff is.

Features: None yet.
Arms Features: None yet

Current Pokemon:

  • Quilton - Level 5 Male Cyndaquil

Stored Pokemon:

  • None

Quilton - Level 5 Male Cyndaquil

Type: Fire   Level:5 Total EXP:125
Nature:Composed No Change Height:1'9" 0.53m Weight:18.3lbs 8.3kg
Egg Group:Field Max HP: 17 Current HP: 17
Stats Basenote  Added Total
HP 4 0 4 STAB:1d4
Atk 5 +1 6
Def 4 0 4 Evasion Bonus
Sp. Atk 6 +1 7 Physicalnote :0
Sp. Def 5 +1 6 Specialnote :1
Spd 7 +1 8 Eithernote :0


  Value Notes   Value Notes
Overland 3  Burrow 0  
Surface 0 Sinker U'water 0 Sinker
Jump 3  Sky 0  
Power 1  Intel. 3  
Firestarter, Heater, Sinker

Blaze - 1.5x damage for fire type moves when below 1/3 HP.

Natural Moves: (Level/Egg)

Type Name AC Freq Dmg Range Effects/Notes
Normal Tackle 3 At-will 2d10 Melee Attack 1 Target, Dash, Weight Classnote 
Normal Leer 2 At-will No Dmg Ranged 1 Target's defense is lowered one stage
Normal Smokescreen 0 EOT No Dmg Ranged No Target, Wallnote 

Technical Moves: (TM/HM/Tutor)

     Zinc, Pokemon Monstrosities 
  • Name: Zinc
  • Age: 11 and a half
  • Gender: Male
  • Team:
Nickname Pokemon Species Moveset Personality
Slo Slowpoke, ? Water Gun, Confusion, Headbutt, Yawn Trademark Slowpoke absentness not due to stupidity or laziness but propensity to excessive thought.
Ee Eevee, ? Tackle, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Helping Hand Happy go lucky, living in the moment kind of Pokemon.
Hou Houndour, ? Ember, Smog, Bite, Fire Fang Simple and extremely pack orientated, Zinc is his Alpha. Non-packmates aren't people so it's fine for him to steal from them or hurt them.
Atu Natu, ? Peck, Night Shade, Teleport, Confuse Ray Neurotic and twitchy. Teleport spams frequently due to nerves.
Kon Vulpix, ? Ember, Quick Attack, Hypnosis, Disable Vain and manipulative, an oxymoron fire type ice queen. Except that she adores Zinc.
  • Starting Location: Cinnabar Island
  • History: Zinc's family own a Pokemon breeding ranch, just north of Azalea Town, specialising in breeding Slowpoke, Eevee, Pichu, Munchlax and Azurill, as well as requests. He grew up helping on the farm, and was particularly close to the Slowpoke and Flareon. His Slowpoke and Eevee were gifts from his parents and eldest brother to start his Pokemon journey. His other brother met him at Azalea Town and gave him Hou's almost hatched egg. Zinc trained a little and got his first two badges (Zephyr and Hive) before deciding to drop home for a visit. Turns out it was a good ideanote since his brother Nickel (the one who gave him Hou) was there. He offered to take Zinc on a adventure through Kanto, and Zinc accepted. They took the mag-lev to Vermillion and then headed south to Fushcia and then Cinnabar.
  • Personality: Zinc is a little bookish, and from an early age he was enthralled by stories of trainers discovering secrets and treasure. As such he has a deep wanderlust, both to see as much as possible and as deeply as possible. He is a bit of a determinator, having an inner fire that isn't easily extinguished. He may develop Hot-Blooded-ness eventually.
  • Note: Zinc has minor telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities, at this point he is able to exert about a finger's strength or create a candle flame. Though he normally disregards evidence of these abilities as coincidence or blames someone else (an easy option when surrounded by psychic and fire Pokemon)

    Rachel Smettering, A Land of Souls 
  • Name: Rachel Smettering
  • RP of Origin: First a superhero RP over at xckd and then sort of currently in the Nemesis RPs. Also a couple of superheo RP eaten by the fora clean up.
  • Work: OC
  • Powers: Technopath and golem creator. See links above for description. Happy to limit her powers if they're a bit much. Not that there seems to be much technology for her to work with...
  • Bio: Going with xkcd as backstory, an engineer given superpower she was involved in an unexplained event at a research station in Antarctica.
  • Role in original rp: Neutral good? Just trying to work out what was going on and survive.
  • Weapon: None. (Except debris).
  • Skills: Programming and engineering. Some skill at Krav Maga
  • Theme Music: Eh...
  • What you remember: The crash and snow. Also a cat.

     Rachael Emet, Max Hardlight, Hiashi Technocool - Nemesis Superhero/villain RP 
  • Name: Rachael Smittering
  • Alias: Several: eMet, Butterfly, iRabb, Rabbi Princess, Edward Cedric Forever
  • City: London
  • Alignment: Somewhere between True Neutral and Selfish Neutral.
  • Physical Description: Tallish woman, very Jewish looking, dark brown hair is normally kept in a tight ponytail. She doesn't care much for her appearance. Doesn't really have a costume since she's more of a hands off player in the super worldnote , but when she does need to, it's normally black jeans, grey shirt with a butterfly on it and a coat of some kind.
  • Powers: Technopath and golem creator.
  • Skills: Very good with technology even without her powers, intermediate-to-proficient at Krav Maga
  • Personality: Quite mercentile, though after a certain amount of business or a sufficiently large favour, she treats herself as indebted forever. Fairly down to earth, and a little anti-social.

  • Name: Maxwell Killerman
  • Alias: Hardlight (open to suggestions)
  • City: New York
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, tries his best to stay within the law but is willing to break it.
  • Physical Description: Lanky 25yo, caucasian, messy dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Costume is fairly traditional spandex, though Max has put slightly moulded bulletproofing under it (he isn't Made of Iron). Dark blue with yellow accent lines. He projects a hardlight cape when he has the mental space to do so.
  • Powers: Hard Light projections (comes with Not Quite Flight) and Intangiblity
  • Skills: Nothing out of the ordinary really.
  • Personality: Basically a really nice Everyman, heart of gold, not that smart kind of thing.

  • Name: Hiashi Hamamoto
  • Alias: Technocool
  • City: Tokyo
  • Alignment: Selfish Chaotic Evil (chaos is his prefered method of getting what he wants)
  • Physical Description: Takes great pains to keep is appearance a secret. Yet we the forum gods can tell he's short, not-quite-tubby-but-definitely-soft and Japanese. Maintains his air of dangerous villany with his exo-suit. Not very bulky, makes him a foot taller and has a range of small devices installed in it. Most notably some Combat Tentacles he stole from was inspired to create by The Octopus.
  • Powers: At the base of his superpowers is Awesomeness by Analysis which expresses itself as Combat Clairvoyance and the success of his mad engineering projects.
  • Skills: He's awesome at Super Mario Bros.
  • Personality: Immature teenager who can get whatever he wants by either stealing, buying, or occasionally making it. Deeply bound by instant gratification and a small superiority complex.

The three have standing relations. On the web (and to an even greater degree in real life) Hiashi is Rachael's Unknown Rival. Rachael often provides Voice with an Internet Connection support to Max for saving her life that one time. As such there's a chance I'll reference her in all three threads.

     Orrick Alloi, Escape to the Islands 
Name: Orrick Alloi
Gender: Male
Age: 10

Orrick is a very sturdy looking ten year old, with copper red hair and grey eyes. Naked, you would see burns down most of his right side and back. His clothes tend to lean towards function over fashion, being heavy cottons and wools. His standard outfit is made up of three-quarter pants, simple shirts and a woollen jumper if it's cold. His boots are similarly made to last, and are a couple sizes too big, forcing him to wear multiple pairs of socks. On him he carries a few knives (in his boots, armpits and belt), and crude looking metal bracelets.

Orrick is a very serious young boy, partially due to his nature, partially his upbringing. A mini-determinator in training, once he decides to do something it takes a lot to stop him. That said he is ten and if surrounded by kids his own age he tends to act more it. He's grown to appreciate any chance to relax and craft things, and much prefers sculpting with his power than fighting with it. He has a fear of fire and frequently has nightmares. So basically he's a Cute Shotaro Boy. Except not so sugary cute.

The Alloies have control over metals. But it is limited to the transition metals (no Aluminium, Lead, Sodium, etc.). Orrick can only change the shape of metals, he doesn't have any Elemental Baggage. He can only control metal when he's either touching or has a small sample of for 'resonance'. Masters in his family could control any metal at a distance without a sample but Orrick has neither the training nor the experience for that. Similarly, in theory Orrick could commit Bloody Murder but the focus required to grab individual iron atoms is currently beyond him. He can't cause metals to float or fly, but any he lifts become weightless to him.

As far as Noble rulers went, the Alloies were pretty good. They were Royals Who Actually Do Something, having their own concept of Noblesse Oblige, and it was reflected in their rule of their province Orrvei. They were the heads of the army, and the province's lucrative mines and forges. They were a little Spartan in their mindset, and this was reflected in the harsh training that their children received to prepare them for their duties. They were also rather open by Noble standards, since they seemed to compare their bloodlines to metals, and recognised that sometimes alloys were just better than pure ores. So they'd have yearly competitions where a commoner could win the hand of a Alloi lady. The man would have to give up his own name of course though. And politics did effect the outcome. The Alloies applied their own expectations to their serfs, enforcing the law strictly with heavy punishment for offenders.

When the peasants revolted thirty years ago, the province of Orrvei descended into civil war. The peasants wanted to curtail the Alloies' power but there were differing opinions on how much. Rightly many feared what would happen if the province was left without its strongest soldiers. After a few years of tense unrest, the Alloies surrendered much of their power becoming more of a constitutional monarchy. However that wasn't the end, as the new parliament continued to erode their power until they were demoted to third string jobs and restrictions were placed on their exposure to metals.

Orrvei was one of the hardest hit targets in the invasion five years ago. Both because of the need to rid the Gaeans of some of their strongest fighters but also the rich mineral resources of the region. Had the Alloies still been in power they may have repelled the invaders without too much trouble. However, handicapped by their people's fear-born restrictions, they went to battle ill-equipped. Though they did successfully repel the human invaders, all the men and quite a lot of the women died in battle.

Orrick's mother died in that battle, leaving him with just his father, a commoner who won one of the last engagements, and two older siblings. As the cold war progressed, tensions rose about a family with noble children, who were now feared as being savage, uncivilised warmongers. It escalated three years ago when drunken villages burnt down their house while they slept. His uncle, Farren, managed to save him from the fire and took him in. Fortunately both were declared dead in the fire and so they began a life anew as 'father and son'. Recently, Farren has started to worry about Orrick's safety and decided to try and make their way to the Island Empire.

    Zavi and Adrian, failed Tortall Knights RP 

  • Name: Xavier "Zavi" of Meron and the Watching Desert Fox.
  • Age: 11
  • Rank: First year page
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Skills (Combat): A natural at horse riding and archery, and their combination. Slightly better than average at swordplay and unarmed fighting.
  • Skills (Gift): None, but Zavi has the Sight. Part of the basis of his skill with the bow.
  • Weaknesses/Fears: Fire. The sea. And to a lesser degree snakes.
  • Personality: Quiet and observing, preferring to choose his words to maximum effect. Not shy, but quiet. Very sympathetic to other people and does his best to play peacekeeper.
  • Appearance: Tall for his age, and still has a bit of baby fat. Deep tan, dark eyes and curly black hair. A mix of Tortallan and Bazhir qualities.
  • Backstory: Zavi's father is Geoffrey of Meron and his mother Fatima Bassan - the daughter of the Bazhir chief of the tribe of the Watching Desert Fox (the tribe that controls Persopolis). The marriage was arranged to further connect the Bazhir to the rest of Tortall, and Zavi's parents only came to actually love each other when he was about four. Thus Zavi will be the first Bazhir to train at the palace (as opposed to knights that have become Bazhir).

  • Name: Adrian of Linshart
  • Age: 14
  • Rank: Squire
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Skills (Combat): Not very good technically, but wins more than he looses. His preferred methods are unarmed or quarterstaff. His swordplay is rather atrocious (well by the swordsmaster's standards).
  • Skills (Gift): Quite strong, burns a lapis lazuli blue. Talented in the area of shielding and protecting.
  • Weaknesses/Fears: He likes his creature comforts and would be afraid of getting lost in the wilderness.
  • Personality: Cheerful and welcoming, not afraid to make his opinions known.
  • Appearance: Kinda of short and stocky, curly black hair and bright blue eyes. Has a scar on his lower left cheek.
  • Backstory: Second son of the Lord of Linshart, Adrian should have gone to the City of the Gods while is older brother trained as a knight. But their father had the unconventional notion of asking them which they would prefer. Much like Thom and Alanna did but with their father's blessing. Other than that he's more or less any other noble's son.

     Hugo Walderburg, Another Shade of the World 
  • Name: Hugo Waldeburg
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Profession: Student
  • Appearance: Long black hair, often in a ponytail, grey blue eyes, thin and tall.
  • Clothing: Grey cargo pants and short sleeved dress shirts.
  • Personality: Affable, and happy to make small talk with just about anyone. Generally laid back but takes whatever duties he's given (or thinks he is) very seriously.
  • Backstory: Hugo's dad died a year ago, and he has just recently come to terms with it. The day after this epiphany, his dad had the balls to show up as a ghost and tell Hugo that he was now the local Grim Reaper. A duty that had been passed down father to son for generations, and his cousin had been substituting while he mourned. After a fortnight of woefully lacking tutoring, said cousin left Hugo on his own. Well, his dad's ghost is still following him giving some advice.
  • Skills/talents: He has an interest in acting, and is quite good. Not particularly sporty but has always been very good at endurance things. As a Grim Reaper, he can now see things, walk through walls, becoming unnoticeable to normals, and is developing personal time warping skills (a necessity when he has to reap a guy across time in the time it takes for his teacher to get suspicious of his bathroom break's length), also he's becoming a bit of an insomniac.
  • Inventory: Standard school back stuff, high end phone, silver sickle of death.

     Fred, Tarvus Sector 
  1. Name: Fred, or SDB.168.X23.FRD
  2. Gender: Professionally male (he's a machine but understands that human's don't like its)
  3. Age: Oldest component: 2PP SD Byears = 1666 Eyears, Identity system: 45 SD Byears = 77 Eyears, Last major hardware upgrade: G SD Byears = 9 Eyears
  4. Occupation: Anthropologist and general explorer/field researcher
  5. Appearance: In deference to blending in, for this expedition Fred has uploaded himself to a humanoid 'body'. Consisting of a solid endoskeleton, overlaid with a fluid of mircoids (even the machines haven't yet got nanites cost efficient yet, especially for a frontier case). Overall effect is that he as moments of being a Ridiculously Human Robot but most of the time is a Deceptively Human Robot. His most common appearance is of a stocky, middle aged man aging well. Grey hair and very grey blue eyes, but fairly smooth skin and smooth movements.
  6. Personality: Fred is very curious like most of his brethren but unlikely most is somewhat deficient in the self-preservation, common sense and yearning for organisation subsystems. Though he has been an avid academic of human culture this is his first real contact (Tabriz doesn't really count since the humans there are generally used to machine quirks) and is discovering the "In theory practise is the same as theory" paradigm. Hard.
  7. Background: A lower middle upper upper caste machine from the 11th district of the 13th technome of their 27th system. Humanly known as the Bernov District, Hali IV gamma. Did some 'national service' i.e. mindless drone work, joined a university and became very interested in anthropology. His trip to the Tarvus Sector is for his doctorate.
  8. Possessions: His chassis, including recording equipment, limited analysis units, microid factories, assorted equipment (knives, stun guns, railgun(not detachable)). A backpack with some clothes, papers and an ebook (it's not very human to stare into empty air when you read, though everything is stored in his memory banks).

Note: dates and numbers were just arbitrary and if they go off the scale of what the setting should have I'm more than willing to change them. Machines work in base32 for the hell of it.

     Andrew Woods, A Tale of Divinity 
  1. Name: Andrew Woods
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Age: 19
  4. Appearance: Tall and lanky, reddish brown hair and green eyes. Cute, boyish face (which he bemoans frequently). Above average quality clothes (though a practised eye will spot the repair jobs), tends to keep himself clean and neat.
  5. Personality: Doesn't quite suffer from Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!, but close. Definitely a man of Fleeting Passionate Hobbies, Andrew has just about done everything Lire has to offer. He's kind of reserved when he first meets people but often after becoming friends they'll occasionally reminisce about when he was quiet.
  6. Backstory: Andrew's family are city-folk, and his father is the local fixer. The man can fix almost anything, and taught Andrew as much as he could. Instilled with a love of learning, the boy pestered and watched everyone to get a basic grasp of everything. Though a lot of it he doesn't understand the why behind and would probably screw up if he tried himself since he wouldn't understand the significance of some variable. One notable area he hasn't been able to properly investigate is magic.
  7. Abilities: Andrew's greatest abilities are his quick wit, fingers and feet. He has weedled some combat lessons out of the guard - mostly unarmed and a little pike work - but doesn't have much really experience. He has also tried to teach himself knife fighting, since they're a weapon he could get his hands on. Not that he's much of a fighter.

Very much not specialised, though he might become a thief, mage of some sort or something different altogether as the game progresses.

Character's whose sheets have disappeared

  • Totan, Feudal Pokemon
  • Jeremy Lane and Nathan Way, Traditional Pokemon
  • Steven, Two Schools Two Swords

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