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Gender: Male. Location: Rural (though not outback) New South Wales, Australia. Also known as Marionette on the Beast's Lair forums, Romanesque on the Kunin Group forums, Kurayami-Omamori on the forums and as Romanesque-Marionette on Fanfiction Dot Net (no relation to Marionetta).

I first came to TV Tropes in early 2008 (disturbingly enough, just before The Great Crash), although I only officially signed up, escaping the Unknown Troper rank, much, much later. As I was so used to using 'Guest' as my title, I decided to incorporate that into my actual username, which is a play on Guest Of Honour. My, erm, rather interesting initials completely unintentional.

Went from unnoticed to boomingly VERY POPULAR (well, alright from unnoticed to not unnoticed) when I started the RPG Fate Silence Broken. Though it is no longer active, I've been trying to restart it here and here, though with a slight change in setting and backstory (You'll need to register with the site to see the second link).

I'm an aspiring writer, manga-style artist and piano player. I started the fanfic Fate/megami atelier (although it's barely gone anywhere at this point) and I also started the post-apocalyptic Forum RPG The Definition Of Reality. My most recent projects are Sayonara, Zetsubou Tsukaima and Starmaiden Of Akasha.

I also reviewed Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Persona4 on this site, however since those reviews were both rather negative they didn't go down so well. My opinions on both SZS and P4 have not changed a bit since, but I admit both reviews were pretty poorly written, mainly because I wrote them up from scratch.

I'm planning to review (may or may not be in this order):

(What do you know, my Fate Zero Book 1 review happens before all of them).

I'm also quite the (male) Shrinking Violet in Real Life. I also don't have a very high opinion of my own writing.

Note: Due to various issues I have decided that any person who is participating in the forum RPG The World Of Skara Brae by The Sarge cannot participate in any RPG I create unless they resign from that game.

It's clear I have an unusual relationship with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. On one hand I play Nozomu in a few (yet to be started) Play-by-Post Games and my currently only fanfic up on Fan Fiction Dot Net crosses over with it, on the other I frequently state how much I think the show sucks and how irritating and unfunny it is. I theorise that I'm a big fan of what the manga/anime could be, and of course its music (except Kuusou Rumba, that was pretty ordinary), what the manga/anime actually is on the oher hand can just go-

Pages I've started:

Not to be confused with the Guest found at the link at the bottom of the page, or any other Guests.

Tropes that apply to me (Anyone's free to add anything they think applies to me, more to come):

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The guy with coolest roleplaying ideas that I have met, Long live Guest! - daltar

I'll have to second that. Some of the most creative story and character ideas I have seen yet. Go for it! - CTS

I just have to say; I loved Fate/Silence Broken and I'm really sad the first take ended the way it did. I never tried an RPG with preset characters before, but it was so much fun! Looking forward for take two! - Lemurian