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Nothing to see here, move along, thank you.

Also, if you see him acting like a jerk, remember that he doesn't hate you. He's just a grumpy bear.

Aaaaalways, I wanna beeeee with yooou, and make belieeeeve with you~


We're not quite sure, but he seems to be prone to whimsy and sometimes heavy of mind.

He's an autistic ('Sperger's Syndrome) 17 year old Dutchman with a chip on his shoulder and a cool jacket that he will never part from. New addition: HAT (+5 Stetsonness). Fat, trying to lose weight semi-perverted, bisexual, bilingual, radioactive, eldritch, geeky, animal-loving, a noted anime-disliker, fan of Stephen King and an assorted other regiment of authors.


His favourite artist is probably Ursula Vernon.

He knows how to make pipebombs (he'll need some pipes, heavy fireworks, a drill, some fuses, and a workbench-mounted clamp. He will use his knowledge only for good, and to celebrate New Years Eve.

Used to participate in a lot of Forum Games, but no longer.

He is no longer in school, because the Dutch school system is made of assorted bits of fail and wank.

He likes writing. He wrote an SCP that was pretty well-recieved (363, if you were wondering. Not to be confused with 343).

He quit playing World of Warcraft a while after Cataclysm came out and has since bought a PS 3.

He used to be in a band called "He Did It", which never took off, in which he was the lead singer.

What's more? He owns a dog and two- scratch that, THREE cats. Plus two birds. And two turtles.


Before I forget, he likes a lot of music. Like, a whole lot of it. Except for trashy, vapid shit (read: most pop songs), fuck off.

And now you know.



IS. SPARTAAAAAAAAA! Now that I have violated you, I would like to say you are way too lulzy for my own good. - Epitome

-I plan on giving you more nightmares with tales of that insane game!!!-Dark Lady Celebrian

  • Mister Always: TACO, I WANT TO COVER YOU IN OLIVE OIL AND SLATHER YOU WITH CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES, THEN HUMP YOU LIKE A RABID CAMEL. Now nobody will forget that you said this. Degree of drunkenness is irrelevant, if at all present—Taco

Hey, man. - A friend.

Hello. You're Dutch. That's pretty cool. I know a little Dutch. Maybe. It's more fun to pronounce than English Rainbow Dust


Oops! I'm so slow. :P Sowwy! - Vorpy

'Sup. - Komodin

So here's an edit, it's my second. - Counterclock

So, you want vandalism? -graffitis the page- There. - Balmung

(begins scribbling swear words on wall) - Anonymous User

"Hollaback Girl" is a moderately fast song, being 110bpm, in the key of B major. It combines old school hip hop with dance music, and—like the majority of pop music—is set in common time. The main chord pattern of the song alternates between B major and D sharp minor triads.Most of the harmonic content of the song revolves around a two-chord alternation which music theorists may regard as an L (leading tone) transformation, in which the root of the major chord is lowered by a half-step to form a second inversion minor chord on the third scale degree (see image to right). This stepwise motion between B and A-sharp highlights this chord change. It is in verse-chorus form with a bridge before the fourth and final chorus. The song features sparse instrumentation, primarily a minimal beat produced by drum machine. A guitar plays the song's riff, a six-note pattern as Stefani repeats "this my shit" during the chorus, and a brass section joins during the second chorus. In part because of its cheerleading motif, it drew comparisons to Toni Basil's 1982 song "Mickey".


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