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For all canon characters, please see their individual pages in the Blazblue Section.

The Cauldron OC's

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    Rust Hetfield 

Rusty "Rust" Hetfield

"Welcome to The Duct Tape, I'm Rust Hetfield. Anything in particu- Why Hello!"

User: Blue Paladin

The first OC to be introduced to the site, and by far the most active. A British rocker who wields the armagus-infused guitar "Halford", he works at a mechanic's shop called "The Duct Tape", near the monorail in Wadatsumi. He is also a dropout from the NOL Academy, having attended for a year alongside several friends. However, he never once interacted with any of the canon characters during his stay.

After a while, he was given his parent's guitar, The Halford to use as a weapon. He took apprenticeship under an engineer who taught him how to fix things, and that the NOL oppresses lower-class people. Taking these lessons to heart, he set out to help people, the common man and upper-class alike.

Tropes associated with Rust:

  • Berserk Button: Held down and utterly pulverised by the Kingfisher trying to drown Nu in The Other Promise.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Try threatening Nu. Rust knows she outclasses him majorly, but that doesn't stop him threatening Jin Kisaragi after him and Nu have a fight. And then there was his line to the Kingfisher:
    My name's Rusty Hetfield, you translucent fucker. You touched my little sister. I'm going to break you in half.
  • Breakable Weapons: Rust throws the Halford at the Kingfisher in The Other Promise, destroying both the machine and the guitar.
  • Captain Ersatz: To Eddie Riggs of Brütal Legend
  • Can't Catch Up: His attitude to the rest of the OC's and Canon cast.
  • Chaotic Good: He dislikes the NOL's treatment of lower classes.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Big time. There is not one female he hasn't checked out.
  • Cool Car: The Death Leopard. Black Hotrod with sub woofers that boost the Halford's attacks.
    • Sadly used in Car Fu to blow up the doors to the N.O.L HQ in The Other Promise. What a way to go though.
  • Crazy Awesome: He fights with a guitar. A guitar that shoots flames (or can really rock, before The Other Promise). Combine that with his propensity for kicking ass in a spectacular fashion He qualifies.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: One half of the Halford's moveset. Taken to extremes in The Other Promise.
  • Emergency Weapon: During Tape Escape, Rust is set upon by two soldiers. After realizing that a chainsaw is not a good weapon, he fights with the Defiler.
  • The Engineer
  • Genius Ditz: Mechanic beyond peer. Can fix planes solo. CANNOT work a computer. Once set one on fire trying to play Minesweeper.
  • The Hero: The closest the OCs have to an active protagonist.
  • Heroic Willpower:He kept using seithr throughout The Other Promise for attacks, twice going into seithr shock and nearly vomiting out his soul. All to save Nu.
  • Heroic RRoD: As above.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Jobber: His win-loss record is not the greatest. And most of his wins were with help.
  • Meaningful Name: Really? A rocker with the last name of Hetfield and the guitar is named The Halford?
  • Mr. Fixit
  • Playing with Fire: One half of the Halford's moveset.
  • Pungeon Master: A lot of Rust's intro quotes are puns. Especially vs Desmond.
  • The Power of Rock: His fighting style
  • Running Gag: Rust Lose. Also, his shop getting destroyed in some way, be it fire, energy swords or the Tsubakizord
  • Shockwave Stomp: The Earthshaker
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot
  • Soul Jar: After the events of The Other Promise, Rust finds himself worse for the wear and is worked on by Epsilon. Among the additions to his body is the conversion of his first guitar pick into a soul anchor.
  • The Snark Knight: Oddly enough, not Rust himself. More his inner monologue which at times is like a different person!
  • Working-Class Hero


    Nisa Rembrandt 

Nisa Rembrandt

This is my first time working with you anyway, so I got an excuse to give you a discount...Unless you wanna take me out for a drink. Wouldn't complain about that!

User: GyppyGirl2021

A girl whose main weapons are a pair of gloves called Thunderflower that allow her to "draw" ink onto surfaces and charge electricity through the designs. She lives happily with her parents whilst also bringing in income in the form of her electrician side job, as being able to produce wires whenever you feel like it is a massive help. Currently living in Wadatsumi.

Tropes associated with Nisa:

    Ayva Cadell 

Ayva Cadell

"Fuwaaah! Okay, fine! But, you hafta` promise you won't tell anyone!"

User: Litchi Faye-Ling

A former member of the N.O.L, Ayva was the person who used to draw the Wanted posters for the criminals the N.O.L wanted gone. She was the one behind the infamous Ragna Wanted poster that looked nothing like the rebel. Anxious about the plans of the N.O.L, she decided to leave before getting too wrapped up in the business. Her main weapons are two chakrams, that she can control with a slight amount of telekinesis.

Tropes associated with Ayva:


Zacharias "Epsilon" Lorenz

"I've got this voice in my head, Maxwell's Demon and it's compelling me to follow random paths to try and find Terumi because order and balance and other stupid shit."

User: LornMind

Former Sector Seven scientist, of low rank and interested in the powers of entropy to be used as a weapon and tool. Eventually creates a special capacitor that he implants into his back that permits him to manipulate the changes in entropy in local areas around his hands and feet, and for short times, his body. The transformation destroys the (admittedly) small lab he was in, effectively firing him from Sector Seven. Now broke and jobless, Zacharias must contend with a new moniker, "Epsilon" and being forced (more or less) to restore the balance of entropy to the world because a voice in his head, Maxwell's Demon, demands it. He sounds crazy to almost anyone who talks to him, and for good reason. The will to balance has some adverse side effects.

Tropes associated with Epsilon:

    Belioz Mutsuki 

Belioz Mutsuki

"And now, with a flick of my baton, this play ends! And with it, the ruin of the Yayoi name!"

User: Velvien

The head of the N.O.L. Duodecim's second family. He is a politician first and foremost. In that sense, he is out for the people. On the flip side, his main goal is increasing his own power and sway within the N.O.L. He originated from Velvien's fanfiction "At Fates' Hands" as one of the main villains, almost in the league of Terumi and Relius. He fights with a baton which allows him control over rocks and minerals.

Tropes associated with Belioz:


Jagd Asimov Metschulin

"Jagd. Jarrod poor anglicized translation for those uncomfortable with alveolar ungent syllables."

User: Gleam

Jagd is quite possibly the most literal minded character thus far. Working as a Problem Solver, he's normally hired for assassinations and other dirty work. He has no real history, but is brutally honest, almost like he doesn't know how to actually lie. He's often compared to Rain Man in terms of his personality, but there is often subtle humour disguised behind the intelligent yet stoic Straight Man

Tropes associated with Jagd:


    Orpheus Xenos 

Orpheus Xenos

"Fear is my ally but not my friend. It allows me to create better order, which is what I live for."

User: GenocidalWurmpleArakune

An infamous member of the NOL's Zero Squadron called "The Doppleganger". Orpheus is covered head to toe in his uniform and long cloak, and wears his armagus, Catoptr, as a mask. Catoptr is a mirror that allows Orpheus to copy another person's face, voice, and one of their skills or weapons. For example, if he fights Nu, he can copy her swords, her wingblades, her Gravity Seeds, or her Act Parser attacks, but ONLY one at a time. To copy a skill, he must block with his Athena special move or hit them with the command grab Chaos. He can only switch skills if he uses either of the two again. His devotion to the NOL is unwavering.

Tropes associated with Orpheus:

  • Anti-Magic: Orpheus's "Athena" Special Attack is a barrier that nullifies any attack that hits it. Also "scans" the enemy, allowing Orpheus to copy one of the offender's skills.
  • Anti-Villain
  • Black Cloak: Inverted! Because he is in the Zero Squadron, he wears a white cloak, and he's not evil, just on the "bad" side because he works for what he believes is the greater good– Order.
  • Cool Mask: One that can copy faces, no less.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: Praxidike and Tartarus.
  • Ditto Fighter: More or less the concept behind Orpheus.
  • Dog Pile of Doom: Orpheus's Astral, Tartarus. A seemingly endless swarm of Orpheus clones attack the enemy, but the don't do any damage. However, they CAN hold them down, which is good for Orpheus, who is hidden in the crowd, aiming a bow and arrow at the foe.
  • The Faceless: His face is completely covered up by Catoptr. The only face that can really be called his is everybody else's.
  • Hero Antagonist: Seems to be this way so far, in a way similar to Hakumen.
  • Hidden Weapons: He hides a steel pole and six javelins under his cloak.
  • Lawful Neutral: Very loyal to the NOL.
  • Noble Demon: Just read Curtain Call. All compliments, all the way.
  • The Spook: Most people, NOL officers included, are terrified of this guy. Not much is known about him.
  • The Stoic

    Hizashi Kagehide 

Hizashi Kagehide

User: Musashi

An Ikarugan, and the son of a powerful, famous fighter named Musashi. He lived with his mother, older brother, and younger sister. Eventually, the Ikaruga war happened while Hizashi was still young, and Hizashi's family ended up serving in one way or another. His father died in the war and was used for experimentation by the NOL. Musashi took up his father's greatsword and his fallen brother's katana, and swore to avenge them, defeating evil wherever he can.

Tropes associated with Hizashi:

    Desmond Lang 

Desmond Lang

User: Smitejr

"Why did you try to run? Now you have to give me a reason why I shouldn't just kill you. And this time, promising me dinner isn't gonna cut it."

An assassin born in Ikaruga, Lang served during the Ikaruga civil war as a political assassin, determined to silence the NOL from the inside. Sadly, the war ended too quickly for his skills to matter much, and he ended up having to find another job. He became a vigilante at first, but became disgusted with his trade over time and became a freelance mercenary instead, fighting for his mission to restore Ikaruga and rid society of criminals.

Tropes associated with Lang:

     Erk Urial 

Erk Urial

"You must realize that there are no such things as "Friends" in this game of life. Everyone is simply out for themselves! Take us, for example. I, Erk Urial, LIVE for the hunt along with my faithful partner, Vistolos!

User: 3To3dSl0th

A Captain of the NOL's Air Corps division, he excels at archery-based combat, especially in regards to crossbows. He is a cheerful and over-the-top, yet ruthless individual who achieved his rank through combat ability. This impressed the NOL's engineering division, who wished to try a new weapon on a top-performing Air Corps member. After losing his left forearm in a skirmish years back, Erk was knocked unconscious and carried away to a medical division. However, he soon fell into the hands of Relius Clover, who had other plans for him. The missing left arm was replaced with an armagus-infused clockwork crossbow. Growing fearful of the Puppeteer's designs and intent, Urial's outlook on life soon turned into what it is today. Together with his half-mechanical owl familiar Vistolos, he hunts many a bounty, seeking Ragna the Bloodedge most of all.

Tropes associated with Urial:

    Wes Schtein 

Wes Schtein

"If you come in without struggle, I promise I won't hurt you. And who knows? If you're willing to reform, you may be given a pardon!"

Frustrated: "I mean, REALLY! Some people can be so INCONSIDERATE!"

User: Shuji Nonohana

A Corporal of the NOL's Ars Magi, known as the "Top NOL Negotiator". He is socially awkward, kind-hearted, and idealistic to a fault, to the point of trying to negotiate with criminals in order to bring about peace. Whenever he's forced to fight, he arms himself with a mid-length spear in conjunction with water-based ars.

Tropes associated with Wes:


    Korbin Faust 

Korbin Faust

User: Claret

Korbin is a former warrant officer of the NOL, who resigned and got an honorable discharge at the age of 18, after seeing "The true nature of the NOL". He now works as a Freelancer and works with his uncle, Eric Faust.

Tropes associated with Korbin:

    Micah Cholin 

Micah Cholin

"I'm Micah Cholin, owner and proprietor of this shop. You need a gun, we probably got something for you - and if not, we'll build it."

User: vicroc4

A Wolf beastkin and gunsmith. Owns and manages a store in Wadatsumi called SureShot Firearms & Gunsmith. He's a bit suspicious of the NOL's motives, but hasn't yet felt the need to actively move against them - especially not when they provide a significant portion of his revenue.

Tropes associated with Micah:

  • Badass Bookworm: One of his hobbies is listed as reading.
  • Eagleland: The Cholin family is thought to originate from America, a rarity in the BB world. Micah shows some traits of a Type 1.
  • Expressive Ears: Due to his being a Little Bit Beastly, as below - part of his expressive repertoire.
  • Gun Nut: Comes with his job.
  • Little Bit Beastly: He's a beastkin, complete with Unusual Ears and tail.
  • Last-Name Basis: He's on this with most of his customers, due to his attempts at maintaining professional distance. Also to people that he doesn't know very well.
    • One of his employees does not react well to being called by his given name, so Micah only does it when he needs to get a point across.
  • Neutral Good: Confirmed by Word of God. "He works within the system when he can, but when the cause of Good is at odds with Order, he'll follow Good."
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: His Ars Armagus: Fornax. An eight-gauge semiautomatic shotgun that charges its shot, which usually leads to...

    Saiga Yrog 

Saiga Yrog

User: MaesLawliet

Saiga Yrog is a tree. But not just any tree-A seithr-mutated oak tree, who's roots became legs, and his branches into arms. As his name may imply, he's an old, sagely figure, keeping watch over the forest as much as he can.

Tropes associated with Saiga:

  • Good Counterpart: To Erk Urial, in a sense. They both have nature-based motifs to them, and are associated with trees. However, while Urial's hat looks like a small Coniferous tree, Saiga is an oak tree, which is deciduous. Also, while Urial has little faith in humans and hunts them with sadistic glee, Saiga is a kind figure who can tolerate humanity, so long as they aren't trying to directly harm nature.
  • Green Thumb: His attacks often sprout plants.
  • Punny Name: Saiga's last name "Yrog" is roughly "Gary" spelt backwards. Take note of what kind of tree Saiga is, and how that could apply to the name {{Pokemon "Gary"}}.
  • Quintessential British Gentleman: The way he speaks seems to give off this tone.

    Albus Scaslivy 

Albus Scaslivy

User: GenocidalWurmpleArakune

Albus is an odd and rude man who has been following Rust's adventures since Practice Makes Perfect. His sister, Oksana, is in the Library's Intelligence Department and his main source of info. He is opposed the NOL and joined Rust in the aftermath of The Other Promise. His interest in the cultures of the pre-Dark War world cause him to occasionally drop words and phrases in foreign languages. His armagus is Infractus, which can create and shatter glass.

Tropes associated with Albus:


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