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Sad Wings Of Destiny

  • Bonesy's initial application to act as Bang.


  • "Jin's Sobriety Method", which involves him freezing his head in a block of ice and smashing it against the bar.
  • Hunter DiAmerez. That is all.
  • The Help Me, Professor Kokonoe RP for Blue Paladin's Original Character, Rust Hetfield. "ARE YOU MY CONSCIENCE?"
  • In "There for You", Sena reveals his gender issues and almost talks about how they apply to using the restroom. Luna tells him to shut up, and Carl responds with an awkward "Okay..." asking his sister what she thinks. Her only response is "lewd".
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  • Azure Warrior. Velvien and Bonesy are especially great at working together.
  • In "Positive vs Negative" Tager fights GWA's OC Orpheus, who hides inside a building, attempting to lure Tager into a trap. What ensues is this:
    GenocidalWurmpleArakune: Orpheus Waits
    Blue Paladin: Tager Waited.
    GenocidalWurmpleArakune: Orpheus, bored, started counting the lines in the crate he was behind.
    Blue Paladin: Tager's gauntlets crackled. He pushed his glasses back up his nose.
    GenocidalWurmpleArakune: Orpheus started thinking of cats. The copy scratched it's butt.
    Blue Paladin: Tager released the steam that had built up in his systems. The sun began to dip below the horizon.
    GenocidalWurmpleArakune: Orpheus snores.
  • "Bury The Hatchet" has Ragna and Tsubaki attempting to turn the subject away from ghosts due to Ragna's fear. The first thing that comes to mind? "You have a neck."
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  • "Bad Shrimp" gives us Lime Wire Tager, who alternates between bad music and porn adverts.
  • "I am demolitions. Stop stealin' mah cookies."



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