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  • 7 Seeds
    • Takashi recruits the celebrities for the Ryugu Shelter by asking if they would be able to fulfill their role, as entertainers, until the very end. The true meaning of the question hits Mark when he observes the culling, realizing just what Takashi had asked of them.
      Can you continue to lie until the very last moment of the very end?
    • When Ango blurts out the horror he and the rest of Team Summer A had been through, including the deaths of everyone but them, and the trauma it has caused them, Arashi stumps him with a question. Which Ango, and Ryo, admit would never have crossed their minds.
      Why didn't you run away?
  • A Certain Magical Index
    • The Will of the MISAKA Network asking Touma about his apparently blase response to Othinus erasing him from the world and people's minds.
  • In Accel World, a surprisingly heartwarming instance of this occurs in the second volume. Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus reveals to Haruyuki/Silver Crow that she's realized the reason why he's struggling- that he fears defeat and believes that each failure reduces his overall worth as a person. Haruyuki mentally agrees with that, but is shocked when Kuroyukihime then asks him if he really thinks the bond between them is fragile enough that she'd give up on him just because he isn't able to win
  • In Ano Hana The Flower We Saw That Day, Satoshi Honma is able to point out to his mother Irene just how much the latter had been absorbed in their grief over Menma's death that they had completely neglected him by asking:
    Satoshi: I grew three whole centimeters this year, Mom, did you know that?
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  • Attack on Titan: Late in the Uprising arc, it appears that Historia Reiss will turn into a Titan and eat Eren in order to retake the Founding Titan's ability to control all Titans, something only she, someone of royal blood, an use. Historia then asks a question that helps her realize that if she eats Eren, she'll be controlled by the first king's ideology, thereby losing her free will, which means that she can't free humanity.
    Historia: Father... my sister... why didn't she fight? [..] Not just Frieda. In the hundred years since humanity was first trapped by the Titans... why didn't the Reiss family ever get rid of the threat of the Titans and free humanity?
  • In Bakuman。, Azuma, an older and out of work mangaka who once worked as the main character's uncle's assistant, ends up collaborating with Nanamine to re-establish himself. Azuma says that he couldn't think of anything better on his own, and Hattori says he understands the feeling, but then asks him "Do you think Taro Kawaguchi would be happy about this?" That question resonates most with Azuma out of everything he and Hattori had discussed, and ultimately, he manages to, with Hattori's help, establish a series that gets serialized in Jump and thwarts Nanamine's plan.
  • Berserk:
    • When Guts tells Collette's father in volume 1 that he's being chased by a legion of evil spirits, he laughs and says that Guts is safe with him because he's a priest and has God on his side. The appearance of a frightening incubus that night shocks him and he asks if Guts was being serious before, but Guts points out his Arbitrary Skepticism by asking, "You're sayin' you believe in God, but not in evil spirits?"
    • In the Golden Age Arc, when Guts explains his decision to leave the Band of the Hawk so he can find his own dream to Judeau and Corkus, the cynical Corkus goes on a rant about how having a dream is nothing but an excuse for weaklings who can't face reality. Guts says, "You don't have something like that?" That renders Corkus speechless for a moment, before he dismiss the whole conversation and storms out angrily.
    • In Lost Children during the pseudo-elf attack on Jill's village, Guts stops them from killing a little boy named Thomas, and then uses the boy as live bait on the end of his sword to lure the elves into a fire trap. Thomas is traumatized, but his life is saved as a result. After the elves are gone the villagers come out of their houses and call Guts despicable for using a child like that, but he throws their hypocrisy back in their faces by saying, "You people make me laugh. When this kid ran out, did even one of you unlock your door?"
  • Bloom Into You
    • Koyomi meets her favorite author at a book signing, but is shocked to discover that said author is actually a woman. Maki, who'd run into Koyomi before the book signing, asks her about it, and when she tells him what she learned, he asks "Are you disappointed? Broken-hearted, maybe?" Koyomi, offended, decides to press on and continue writing to show that her admiration for the author is not a mere "childish crush."
    • Some time later, Koyomi reveals that she rewrote the ending to the School Play, so that the amnesiac protagonist, instead of choosing to "become" the person her lover saw her as, instead chooses to be herself, a change that everyone besides Touko accepts. Sayaka then goes up to Yuu, who admits that she asked Koyomi to change the ending because she wanted Touko, who has many parallels with the protagonist, to change and accept herself. The following exchange ensues, and after some reflection, Sayaka admits that she wants the same thing as Yuu, but was too afraid to openly say it.
    Yuu: In the end, this is just me being selfish.
    Sayaka: Yes. It is selfish.
    Yuu: Then... why did you support the new script?
  • Lelouch of Code Geass gives one to the Emperor and Marianne during their final confrontation when he talks about his banishment to Japan, which the Emperor then invaded.
    Lelouch: Only one thing is undeniably certain. I understand now that what you did to Nunnally and me may have been done out of good intentions, but... the hard fact remains that you abandoned us in a foreign land!
    Marianne: But we did that to protect you!
    Lelouch: Then why didn't you stop the war between Japan and Britannia? The plan was such a priority for you both that it didn't matter to either of you if Nunnally and I were alive or dead. That's why you abandoned us; all you have left are self-serving excuses!
    • The Japanese dialogue's a bit clearer, since he argues that his parents only thought they had good intentions instead.
  • In Episode 5 of Cowboy Bebop, Vicious and Spike have each other at point blank range, ready to strike. The question can go either way: Spike's statement left a void in Vicious' understanding to ask a question; so, also, by Spike's straight sentence, he asked an Armor-Piercing Question of Vicious, for which Vicious had no answer — rather than admitting this, he asks Spike the question, either implying that he believed there could be no answer, or that he desperately wanted his old friend to give him the answer. Either way, both strike in the next moment.
  • Death Note: After 25 episodes trying to get rid of each other, L knows he's lost and Kira (Light) will kill him at any moment. Up until this point they never openly admitted their mutual antagonism (at least Light didn't) until L asks him "Tell me, Light, from the moment you were born, has there ever been a point where you've actually told the truth?" In the anime the sound of the rain stops and the focus is on Light's shocked face to show how earth-shattering the question is. It should be explained that L and Light both understood that they were opponents in a game that would end in the other's execution in the name of justice, so they never spoke aloud about their competition for fear of the other gaining the upper hand. It's extremely significant that the outrageously over-the-top cautious L puts the game on hold to ask Light directly if he really is just that horrible of a person.
  • Digimon Adventure 02:
    • Takeru/T.K. asks the Kaiser/Emperor, "How long are you gonna live under the impression that you're always right? Is it fun?" He goes on to tell the Kaiser/Emperor that he doesn't know anything about the evil powers he's using. This causes the Kaiser/Emperor to lash out.
    • Later, Blackwargreymon arrives at the cabin where Arukenimon, Mummymon and Oikawa are hiding out, claiming to want to look upon his creator's face. Arukenimon sneers at this and points out that's she's the one who gave him life from her hair, to which he responds by asking both her and Mummymon who created them. Neither one has an answer, until Oikawa reveals that he did so.
    • During the first season, while Yamato/Matt is taking Takeru/T.K. home on the subway and they're discussing if Yamato should get off at the next stop Patamon asks, "Do you not like separating?" to which Takeru/T.K. promptly tells him to shut up, sparking a fight between them.
  • In Dragon Ball Z, after Vegeta explains why he made his Deal with the Devil to get the power boost from Babidi's magic he would need to fight Goku. He then goes on to say that he doesn't regret it. Goku asks Vegeta if he really believes what he's saying. Vegeta doesn't say anything, only responding with a Death Glare.
  • In Endride, Demetrio is the master of delivering these although a few others get their chance, most of them directed at Emilio about his plans. The one that has the most visible impact is Demetrio's: "So, you kill the king, what happens next?" to which he has no answer.
  • In Fairy Tail, after Sho states that Jellal told him and the other slaves Erza blew up the boats they planned to escape with, Gray and Lucy asks him if that is something the Erza he knew would have done.
  • In Fruits Basket, Haru confesses his love to Rin and asks if she feels the same way. Rin replies that Akito has forbidden them to have romantic relationships. Which is true, but doesn't answer Haru's question, so he repeats it until Rin gives a real answer, an answer based on what she thinks.
    • Played for laughs in an omake when Kyo was complaining about attending the same school as Yuki. Yuki simply asks Kyo if he was so set against attending school, then why didn't he just flunk the entrance exam on purpose? Kyo stood wide-eyed in shock and wondered why the hell he never thought of that himself.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Barry the Chopper upon defeat mind rapes Al by asking him how he knows he is even real. This leads Al to question whether he ever existed and if his memories weren't implanted by Ed. Naturally, this turns Al against Ed for a few episodes. Later in the series, the final words of Homunculus also pierce their armor.
    • After the homunculus Envy has been defeated and reduced to a pitiful worm-like creature, he starts a rant about how inferior humans are and ridicules the idea of the Dysfunction Junction Ragtag Bunch of Misfits getting over their mutual hatred and working together. Ed recognises the Inferiority Superiority Complex, and sadly asks him "You're jealous of humans, aren't you?" because of humanity's ability to overcome their weaknesses through their connection to each other. This triggers a Villainous BSoD that causes Envy to speed his own death rather than continue with his humiliation.
    • In the 2003 anime, Ed questions Lust's motives on helping him, pointing out that as a Homunculus, she's got power and immortality, so why would she want to give all that up to become a normal human? Lust counters by pointing out that Ed's brother Al has power and immortality with his armor body, so why take that away from him to make him human? Ed was taken aback as Lust had pointed out her situation is no different from Al's.
  • The Big Bad of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig, Kazundo Ghoda, delivers one to all of Section 9 after he blatantly uses them to transport a case of stolen plutonium out of a dangerous area: he intentionally opens the case to reveal it was empty, and informs that the real case of plutonium was safely recovered by the military. Batou protests how the jerk just used Section 9 as a decoy, leading to this as his response, making them realize even Section 9 could easily be wiped out in a fight if the enemy has numbers on their side.
    Batou: Just who do you think we are, pal?
    Ghoda: The real question is who do you think YOU are? An elite squad of the hand-picked chosen few?
  • Lampshaded in The Girl Who Leapt Through Space when Leopard asks "Do you humans understand what you are?" and gleefully comments how this question always short-circuits a human mind.
  • In Girls und Panzer, Miho tries giving her mother one in the prequel manga, Little Army, regarding whether Maho needed to shoot an enemy flag tank that went to rescue her teammates, but it fails; her mother coldly brushes off the question as "foolish", and essentially says yes, but the fact that she asked it causes Maho to realize how desperate Miho is, and apologize for her aloof behavior. Miho gives a more successful one to Anchovy in the main series manga when Anchovy approaches her after losing to her.
    Anchovy: There's no meaning to doing Panzerkraft if you don't strive for victory!
    Miho: So, is there no meaning to all the efforts you and your comrades gave?
    Anchovy: What?
  • Gundam:
    • In Season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Setsuna gives one to Saji to calling him on not knowing that War Is Hell and being selfish. Saji's response is to stumble over his words as it sinks in.
      Setsuna: So as long as you're the only one living in peace, you're happy?
      Saji: (pained expression) T...That's not what I meant.
    • Epically Subverted in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing when, during their climatic duel, Wufei asks Treize if he even knows how many people died for him in the war-And Treize not only gives him the exact number to the digit (99,822) as of the previous day, but then asks Lady Une how many have died so far in the battle being fought. Wufei goes berserk.
      Heero: How many more people do we have to kill? How many more times must I kill that little girl and her dog?...
    • In Gundam Build Divers Sarah does this twice:
      • The first time was to Koichi Nanase, who was unsure about why he was even in GBN and his feelings about Gunpla
      Sarah: "Do you love Gunpla Battle? Do you love Gunpla?"
      Sarah: "Then, why? Why are you crying?"
  • In episode 7 of Hell Girl, when budding actress Ayaka is banished to Hell, she says that through acting, she can become anybody. Hone Onna promptly asks her: "So... is there a real you in there?"
  • InuYasha:
    • During the Final Battle, Kagome questions Naraku's motives, observing that he couldn't have manipulated people's hearts so successfully if he didn't understand the human heart. She realises that the reason he still hadn't absorbed the Shikon no Tama was because the transformation into a youkai would destroy his human heart (and thus his power to manipulate the hearts of others). She shatters his composure by asking him if the Shikon no Tama failed to grant his real wish. Naraku's true wish was for Kikyo's heart, which he could never have, so he settled for his second-best wish which just happened to be the same wish the Shikon no Tama itself had.
    • Earlier, Naraku's own subordinate asked him what he was going to wish for now the Shikon no Tama was completed. This makes Naraku understand for the first time that things are coming to an end and that if he cannot have his true wish, he needs to settle for the one wish he wants that can come true, and that is a wish that will not come true immediately. He didn't want the thrill of having a Worthy Opponent to ever end and knows the Shikon no Tama will grant this desire because it overlaps with the jewel's own desire to survive. The jewel's original souls are almost burned out and need to be replaced. Naraku is willing to replace the evil youkai if the jewel uses Kagome to replace the original miko. Naraku gets eternal battle with a Worthy Opponent and has Kikyo's reincarnation with him forever while the renewed jewel has its survival ensured.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen has these two examples:
    • Before Yuuji is accepted into the Jujutsu Specialty High School of Tokyo, the principal of the school, Masamichi Yaga, asks him many questions to find out why he wants to attend the school and why he wants to collect the king of curses, Ryomen Sukuna's, remains. When Yuuji fails to answer the questions, the principal asks Yuuji sensitive questions about his grandfather and his true intentions.
    • Mahito also uses this trick as a part of his Hannibal Lecture by asking several questions, such as the meaning of life or the value of the human soul, so that he can corrupt other people easily.
  • Junkers Come Here has Hiromi's tutor, Keisuke, asking this to Hiromi's mother who believes her daughter to be very mature and taking her divorce quite well:
    Keisuke: When was the last time you saw Hiromi cry?
  • Kaze no Stigma: "So what are you doing with your powers now? I wouldn't call this protection, would you? And you're not defending anyone by trying to avenge the past. Tell me, who are you protecting now, Kazuma?"
  • Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka?: "Ojou-sama, would your parents be proud of you as you are now?"
  • In Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Aladdin is able to reduce Alibaba to silence by innocently asking why freeing a slave is wrong.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!:
    • Played for humor with Yue reducing Kotaro to a shivering heap with a series of these types of questions. ("What is love?" "What is the meaning of your existance?", etc.)
    • There's a later example played by Negi, which should amount to a Moment of Awesome, on Smug Snake Kurt Goedel as he calls him out on the real nature of the Magic World (with state secret level information, that Negi could not possibly normally know about [thing is, he had his personal information source on this specific issue in the person of Chao...]), and on why he only wants to save the people of his country and not the whole world (meaning he is virtually leaving 17 out of 18 of the Magic World to die). This is particularly satisfying as finally his composed attitude breaks down, when even a Curb-Stomp Battle brought about by Negi's Superpowered Evil Side didn't faze him.
    • Negi himself was eventually hit with an earth-shattering one that he can't bring himself to openly answer: "Which girl do you like the most?"
    • Related to the above, Evangeline is wondering who Negi likes, and pressures him to talk, until Satsuki Yotsuba, the quiet girl who barely talks, asks her:
      Yotsuba: You keep pressuring him to say who, but... Evangeline-san, what will happen if he says it's you?
  • In Medaka Box, Ajimu asks Zenkichi just how he plans to "defeat" Medaka. In other words, what exactly does Zenkichi want from his upcoming battle with Medaka? After some soul-searching, during which he deconstructs his own Subordinate Excuse, he finally has his epiphany: "Ah, I see. I want to go out with Medaka-chan."
  • Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: The Bandit does the to Tohru by accident when she asks her what the freedom of being a dragon is like. Tohru had never considered herself free and had never even wondered what she would do if she was.
  • In Monster, Johan delivers one to former cop Richard regarding an incident where he shot a teenager while intoxicated.
    Johan: You shot that boy while you were intoxicated. That's what you told the media, correct?
    Richard: What are you getting at?
    Johan: You see, I asked several witnesses about you, and they all mentioned seeing drinking in a bar after the incident when you shot that boy. But no matter how many people I asked not a single person could recall having seen you drinking before that.
    Richard: What?
    Johan: I think we've kept up this charade long enough. Detective Braun, were you really drunk when you killed that young man? I believe you were quite sober, and calm. You knew exactly what you were doing. He was scum after all, and so you executed him. Well? Did I get it right?
    Richard: (eyes widen in realization)
    Johan: You're guilty of murder, and you hid from the truth. Tell me, was it a lie to convince the press, or a lie you tell yourself? How will your little girl feel when she finds out that her daddy is a cold-blooded killer?
    Richard: (stares at Johan in horror)
    Johan: (grins sadistically, then pulls a bottle of booze from his coat) Well, Richard, how about a drink?
  • In Muhyo and Roji, after Roji is put on leave as Muhyo's assistant in order to think about what he can do, he starts staying with Judge Imai. Roji then begins offering to do chores for Imai, who angrily responds with "Is that what you want to do? ERRANDS?!" before telling him about how her subordinate Fujiwara was incompetent and cowardly, but worked his fingers to the bone. After that question and the follow-up doesn't quite sink in, Imai replies with "You don't want to know anything, do you?" which results in Roji taking the first steps toward finding out what he can do to improve.
  • Being the Genre Deconstruction of the Fighting Series Played for Laughs, at Muteki Kanban Musume this works to sustain the misunderstanding at the One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Wakana talks about how 10 years is too much a time for Belligerent Sexual Tension between Kankuro and Miki. Unknown Rival Kankuro believes Wakana chastises him because he Can't Catch Up with The Rival Miki:
    Wakana: You're just frustrated because of Onimaru-san, aren't you?... Have you felt that way for a long time?
    Kankuro: Ever since I met her at elementary school... so I guess It has been 10 years now...
    Wakana: Huh?! It's been teen years and you still haven't made any progress?! I can't believe it! And you call yourself a man?
    Kankuro: (thinking) On some levels that hurt more than any of Miki's punches, nya...
  • Dabi in My Hero Academia receives one from the pro hero Snatch. Who, with his last words, asks him if he's ever actually thought about how he affects the families of the people he kills. Dabi nearly drives himself crazy contemplating this afterwards.
  • In Naruto, after the revelation that Danzo might have manipulated Mifune into making him head of the alliance, Gaara notes that if people cannot trust each other, there is no future for the world. While the Tsuchikage mocks his ideals, Gaara asks the other Kages "When did you all forsake yourselves?" and in so doing, causes the Tsuchikage to remember "how (he) was before (he) became a stubborn old man" and veto a potential plan to eliminate the eight- and nine-tailed beast hosts.
  • In One Piece, Sanji deals a magnificent one to his Honey Trap Pudding:
    Pudding: You're surprised, huh? You must be disappointed, right? Don't worry, because soon you'll be dead! I've deceived a lot of people like this!
    Sanji: Does that include yourself, Pudding?!
    • Sanji receives one himself earlier in the same arc, after he tells Luffy that he intends to stay with his abusive biological relatives in order to save the Straw Hats and the staff of the Baratie. Luffy beats the crap out of him and then asks the one question nobody had ever before in Sanji’s lifetime bothered to ask: What does Sanji actually want? Sanji breaks down in tears and admits that he wants to come home to the Thousand Sunny.
  • In Persona 5: The Animation, when the Phantom Thieves are hesitant to steal Kunikazu Okumura's heart due to unease over certain issues, Morgana(aka Mona), who'd long struggled with his feelings of inadequacy, splits from the group and teams up with Okumura's daughter Haru to steal Okumura's heart first. The Phantom Thieves identify Haru and meet up with her, learning about why she wants to change her father's heart. She then asks a two such questions of them.
    Haru: Will you change Father's heart? For the sake of justice, or to become more famous?
    Ryuji: O-Of course it's for the sake of justice!
    Haru: But you can't help Mona-chan, can you?
  • In The Pet Girl of Sakurasou:
    • Sorata asks Jin why of all the women he rejects Misaki. Jin in turn asks Sorata if he's really meaning to escape the Sakura Hall.
    • When Sorata follows Mashiro to the Love Hotel, she asks him why is he there (he had told her previously he was too busy).
    • Ryuunosuke Akasaka seems to like doing this.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Alien granter-of-wishes Kyuubey, in response to Sayaka's anger over her situation, asks two questions of her. Sayaka's fall into despair is, among other things, coming to regret her becoming a Magical Girl.
      Sayaka: Why... why do we have to go through all this...
      Kyuubey: You had a wish you wanted granted even if it meant being fated to live a life of battle from then on, right? And that wish has certainly come true, hasn't it?
    • Even earlier, Mami made a question to Sayaka that fitted fairly well here...
      Sayaka: Does this wish have to be for ourselves? (...) If there's someone much worse off than me, I was wondering if I could make a wish for him or something like that!
      Mami: I don't really like the idea... Miki-san, do you want to make that person's dream come true? Or do you just want to make him indebted to you for making it come true?
  • Rurouni Kenshin:
    • Stepford Smiler Seta Soujirou, while fighting Kenshin, was already starting to suffer from a Villainous Breakdown, is muttering that Kenshin wasn't around to protect Soujirou when it mattered. Kenshin destroys what's left of Soujirou's cool with one question: "Is it too late to start over?"
    • Revenge-obsessed villain Enishi flips out when Kenshin asks if his dead sister is smiling for him.
  • In Saiyuki, the villain Kami-sama, who has stolen Genjo's sutra, claims that he was trained by a Sanzo priest and inherited the title from him. However, Genjo has a question for him: "If you really inherited the title, where the hell's your Sutra?" He goes on to point out that Kami-sama went out of his way to steal a Sutra from Genjo because he didn't have one of his own, and that his master may have taught him everything he knows, but he still never gave him the title of Sanzo. At this, Kami-sama finally snaps.
  • In the final arc of Sailor Moon, the Big Bad reveals that she was in fact the Galaxy's greatest Sailor Guardian that even she was unable to contain Chaos inside her, proving that sealing away such evil was impossible. Sailor Moon's response: "Why would you try to do that alone?"
  • In The Seven Deadly Sins, Gowther, after hearing about Slader's royality to the king, asks him why he follows orders from great holy knights, and when he tries to tell him that king is ill and they just representing him (which was a lie, that knights used to take over the kingdom), asks if king told it to him personally. After hearing that, Slader stops fighting and leaves to meet the king, still in deep shock.
    Gowther: Is that, what the king said? Did he tell you all this, while you were at his bedside?
  • Skip Beat!
    • The Guam arc shows Kyoko meeting Corn again, though she doesn't know that Corn is Ren Tsuruga's actual self. When Corn wants her to kiss him to lift a curse off of him, Kyoko vehemently refuses because she promised Ren Tsuruga to keep her chastity and virtue intact. Corn asks her why she would promise that to him, especially since Ren Tsuruga is not her lover. The questions stumps Kyoko, but she still tries to figure out a way to help Corn and not break her promise.
    • On a law-discussion show, a caller attempts one on Saena Mogami, Kyoko's estranged and emotionally abusive mother. She's worried her ex-husband is manipulating their child to hate the mother, and thus getting sole custody. Saena cooly states what the law on that matter is, but the woman's infuriated and drops a piercing question. But the pierce doesn't occur.
      Caller: You... you've never experienced labor pains or childbirth, have you?!
      Saena: Certainly, I have no child.
  • Sword Art Online
    • In the Mother's Rosary arc, Asuna's mother, Kyouko, is quite strict with Asuna, insisting that she transfer out of the SAO Survivors' school and submit to an Arranged Marriage (or failing that, marry someone "better" than Kirito) for the sake of her future, something Asuna believes is for the sake of Kyouko's own ambitions. As Asuna gets up to leave the dinner table, she asks Kyouko a question that eventually causes Kyouko to realize how ungrateful she's been toward her own parents.
    "You're ashamed of Grandma and Grandpa, aren't you? You're unhappy that you were born from a simple farming family, rather than some famous house with proper heritage."
    • In the Alicization arc, Kirito helps Alice the Integrity Knight gradually begin to realize that her master, the Administrator Quinella, is using her and the other knights, but insists that if Kirito and Eugeo overthrow Quinella, the two of them won't be able to fend off the Dark Territory's invasion of the human realm. Kirito, who's learned that Quinella's refusal to allow the existence of any armed force she can't control has doomed the realm, asks the following question.
    “Then let me ask you this…If you fight with the full might of the Integrity Knights, do you believe that you can absolutely, without fail, fight off an all-out invasion from the Dark Territory?”
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • This instance:
      Nia: So does this mean you hate me too, Adiane?
      Adiane: Hate you? I really couldn't care less about you. I was told to kill you, so that's precisely what I'm going to do! Whether I hate you or not is irrelevant.
      Nia: So you're saying that you're willing to kill me simply because you were ordered to do so?
      Adiane: Of course I am, what of it?
      Nia: If my father ordered you to take your own life, would you do that too?
    • An even better example comes later in the series, when Nia is taken over by her Anti-Spiral programming, and insists she no longer has any emotional ties to her past life. Simon responds to this by asking "if you don't love me anymore, why are you still wearing your engagement ring?"
  • When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace: In Episode 7, Hatoko gives many in rapid succession to Andou after she finally snaps, in the form of a speech.
    Hatoko: I don't understand. I don't understand! I don't understand a single word you say, Ju-kun! I don't understand what's good about the things you call good! I don't understand! I can't understand! What's so cool about "Bloody"? I don't like blood. Bleeding just hurts! What's so cool about "madness"? I don't understand what's good about being crazy! What do you mean by "sinful"? What's so good about having sin? Is it cool being a criminal? And what's with "chaos", anyway? Chaos? What about it? What about "darkness"? You want it to be dark? Between justice and evil, why is evil better? Why do you prefer evil? Isn't it evil because it's wrong? What's so cool about your right arm aching? "I love the feeling of being unable to control my power"? What's that? That just makes you a fool! It's much cooler when you have control! That's worthy of respect! What's so awesome about hiding your power all the time? That's just slacking off! It's much cooler to face things head-on, at full strength, without hiding anything! Why do you give everything nicknames and aliases? Having so many different names only makes them hard to keep up with! Don't use English or Katakana for everything! I can’t remember those! Don’t write "elegy" and read it "requiem"! Don't write "forbidden" and read it "taboo"! Don’t write "holy war" and read it "jihad"! Greek myth, the Bible, Norse myth, Japanese myth... Don’t start talking about them just because you did a little research! If you don’t properly explain it, I can't understand what you mean! If you're going to teach me, teach me right! Listening to explanations about mythological weapons is not fun! Gungnir, Longinus, Excalibur, Durandal, and Ama-no-Murakmo-no-Tsurugi all mean nothing to me! I don’t understand what’s cool about them! All your other terminology is confusing, too! Original Sin, Ten Commandments, Book of Genesis, Book of Revelations, Armageddon... (staring to cry) What do you mean by "their names are cool"? It’s impossible for me to "feel it by their atmosphere"! Relativity, Schrodinger's cat, universal gravitation... Don’t act like you understand them because you read a little on the net! I can't understand them at all if you give half-baked explanations! Don’t quote Nietzsche or Goethe! When you start quoting people I don't know, I can’t understand what you’re trying to say at all! Talk to me in your own words! I'm begging you, speak so I can understand you! What is "chuuni"? What does "chuuni" mean? I don't understand, I don't understand, I don't understand, I don't understand! I don't understand! I don't understand a single word you've ever said at all, Ju-kun!
  • X:
    • A Tearjerker along the lines of a villainous Armor-Piercing Question. The question, asked of a 14-year-old schoolgirl named Yuzuriha Nekoi. "Why is it wrong to kill humans?" Which, in intent, amounts to something like "Why are you guys the Good Guys and we (the Well-Intentioned Extremists) the Bad guys?" The Tearjerker? Her pet spirit wolf Inuki, who has been with her essentially since birth, springs forward to fight for her. And is immediately killed, causing said Genki Girl to go through a less over-dramatic version of a Heroic BSoD.
    • Yuzuriha finds an answer to that question, by the way, which is "Because someone will always grieve for your victim". Inuki is soon reborn shortly after this. Although, Yuuto was actually the one who first said so. And to the very face of Satsuki, the person who made the question.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Although Anzu / Téa is often criticized for her speeches, one of her best moments is when she delivers one of these to Kaiba in a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Although Kaiba tries to play it off cool ("I have everything I need."), he is visibly shaken.
    Anzu / Téa: What do you have? What do you have at the end of the day? Tell me? TELL ME!
    • There's another one later that overlaps with I Never Said It Was Poison. After losing to Jonouchi/Joey, Bandit Keith accuses Joey of entering the match with someone else's tournament entry card. Jonouchi reveals it to be true... and then promptly asks Keith how he knew that the card Jou was using wasn't his.
  • In an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, Yuma duels a guy who is a member of a famous soccer family. The guy rants that he hates soccer and has become a duelist to get out of his brothers' shadows and prove himself better than them. Yuma shakes him up by asking, "Then why are you using a soccer deck?"
  • Zatch Bell!: "What kind of King do you strive to become?", from Gustav to Bari. This, together with Zatch's own goal of "Becoming a Kind King" makes Bari rethink his style of fighting and define his own goal of "Becoming a Strong King".


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