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The Zoo will be repurposed as a human research facility
Now that the diamonds have made peace with the crystal gems and left earth alone, the zoo is now their best shot at answering questions like "What is a Steven Universe?" Furthermore now that humans and gems are on friendly terms the study of humans are far more relevant to homeworld than back when it just PD's legacy. Expect to see Blue Agate being promoted to "Expert in earth studies".
  • Jossed. Instead, they "turned the zoo ship into a cruise ship."

Plot ideas for future episodes in Season 5
It's go time. (IMPORTANT NOTE: If something is confirmed by a leak, please, for the love of the Diamonds, do not bold it. Also, please don't put down guesses that have already been confirmed by leaks/promos/episodes released on the App or the website.)
  • Stuck Together:
    • Steven Fuses with Lars.
    • Steven Fuses with Topaz.
  • The Trial:
    • Steven is put on trial on Homeworld for Rose's actions.
      • One/Some/All of the Rubies will testify. (Eyeball)
      • It will be a Kangaroo Court. (At least on Yellow's side)
      • The Diamonds meet Steven.
      • If the above is true, The Diamonds will have a major Villainous BSoD and/or Villainous Breakdown.
      • Lars will attempt to act as Steven's attorney, only to fail because he's a human.
      • Steven will, or try to, introduce the concept of individuality to a host of Gems.
      • The blue Gem is Steven's attorney, who is freaking out over the fact that the Gem she's representing shattered a Diamond.
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    • White Diamond will finally be revealed.
    • Steven will learn the details of Rose Quartz's shattering of Pink Diamond...
      • And it wasn't as Steven had been led to believe (for example: it was an accident for which Rose was blamed.)
    • Steven will inform the Diamonds that the Cluster is no longer a threat. Left with no other option, the Diamonds go to Plan B: full-scale invasion and extermination of all carbon-based life on the planet, rendering it uninhabitable.
    • Upon learning what Steven is, Blue Diamond tells Steven he has two options; die fighting, or surrender and die for the sins of his mother and Earth and it's inhabitants will be spared. She'll even sweeten the deal and send Lars safely home. Yellow Diamond however will not go along with it.
    • There's a flashback.
  • Off Colors:
    • The Famethyst and/or Holly Blue Agate will make a return.
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    • Steven will learn of underlying tensions between Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond.
    • White Diamond will finally be revealed.
    • Steven will meet other Gems rebelling, or are planning to rebel, against the Diamond Authority.
    • Lars has a Disney Death.
    • Lars gets to be a badass.
  • Lars' Head:
    • Lars has a Disney Death.
    • Steven Fuses with Lars.
    • Lars is Killed Off for Real.
    • Steven possesses Lars again to somehow get them out of this situation.
    • Steven has a breakdown.
    • White Diamond will finally be revealed.
  • Dewey Wins:
    • The immediate aftermath of Steven returning home from Homeworld is shown.
    • Someone calls out Steven for surrendering himself to Aquamarine and Topaz.
    • Steven tells Sadie and/or Lars' parents what happened to Lars.
      • Sadie and/or Lars' parents go through Lion's mane to visit Lars.
    • There is a mayoral election, and Dewey is one of the candidates.
      • At least one of the candidates is actually a Gem.
      • Ronaldo is one of the candidates.
      • Buck is one of the candidates.
      • Buck wins the election, meaning the title isn't a lie.
      • Dewey loses the election.
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    • Lion goes missing in this episode.
    • Dewey's campaign deals with Gem-related issues.
    • A new character is introduced.
    • The episode takes place right after Lars' Head.
    • In the event that the episode doesn't take place right after Lars' Head and the episode is actually being aired out-of-order, it features any of the Spoiler characters such as:
      • Bismuth.
      • Centipeetle, uncorrupted or not. Possibly her crew as well.
      • Jasper, uncorrupted or not.
      • Lars and/or any of the Off Colors.
      • Mystery Girl.
      • Any previously seen Gem not mentioned above.
      • A completely new character (including any new Fusion) that was supposedly introduced in a "previous" episode.
    • Dewey attempts to court Pearl, to hilarious results.
    • We learn how Dewey became mayor to begin with, including a young Buck helping him campaign with hand drawn posters. It ends with Mayor Dewey, with encouragement from Steven, finding a new resolve to try and win the election; to thank Buck for helping him win in the first place all those years ago onstage after winning. It then smash cuts to him losing by a landslide and Buck saying he's happy his dad isn't the mayor of Beach City anymore.
  • Lars Of The Stars:
  • Jungle Moon:
    • Stevonnie runs into Lapis with Lars while wandering around, and she's convinced to become an Off Color, turning the barn into the Off Colors' unofficial base.
  • Your Mother And Mine:
  • The Big Show:
    • It's a Musical Episode.
    • This is the episode with Sunshine Justice.
    • Mystery Girl appears.
  • Pool Hopping:
    • One of the timelines will be the alternate one where Navy really joined the Crystal Gems.
  • Letters to Lars:
  • Can't Go Back:
    • Lapis will reappear.
    • Assuming the above happens, Lapis will be living on the moon.
    • There will be angst.
  • A Single Pale Rose:
    • There will be flashbacks to the war.
    • Pearl's origins will finally be explored.
    • This is the episode where someone finally sings "Escapism".
  • Now We're Only Falling Apart:
  • What's Your Problem?:
    • Steven will have an emotional breakdown from all the pent up stress over recent events.
  • The Question:
    • Ruby and Sapphire will start to reconcile, and someone will suggest a wedding ceremony to make their reunion official, leading to Ruby to "pop the question"
  • Made of Honor:
    • Steven unbubbles Bismuth to tell her about Pink Diamond, and Bismuth, who doesn't know what Corruption is, flips the fuck out because she's in a room filled with hundreds of bubbled Gems.
  • Reunited:
    • The Diamonds will return, and learn the truth about Pink Diamond
    • The Diamonds will perform a Heel–Face Turn to one degree or another
    • Andy comes to the wedding
    • Lars and the Off Colors finally make it to Earth, and get invited to Ruby and Sapphire's wedding
      • Everyone believes the Sun Incinerator is piloted by Homeworld Gems and attempt to evacuate
    • When they evacuate for real, some of the townies will instead stay and help the Crystal Gems (Ronaldo and Greg try to, anyway)
    • Ronaldo will attempt to convince everyone to stay and fight the Diamonds
    • Ruby and Sapphire won't get to Fuse back into Garnet before the Diamonds arrive
  • Legs From Here To Homeworld:
  • Escapism:
    • Steven uses his powers to call for help from Lars (we know from the promo that he reacts when Connie laments that she has no one to call on her phone even if it worked on Homeworld)
  • Battle Of Heart And Mind:
    • The plot will reveal that White Diamond never cares about healing the corrupted Earth Gems.

Lapis will find Peridot's limb enhancers.
There isn't a Gem known more qualified for the job, and it'll make Peridot a more useful team member. Also, they should really take the chance to cover how there's nothing wrong with needing something to make up for a handicap.
  • Alternatively...

Amethyst will be the one to find Peridot's limb enhancers.
She was the one who got rid of them in the first place, and never apologized for it, either. When Peridot mentions them again, Amethyst will probably feel guilty and go looking for them.
  • Alternatively...

Peridot will be the one to find her limb enhancers.
Her Extra-ore-dinary power will come in handy for retrieving them.
  • Alternatively...

Peridot's limb enhancers will never be retrieved, and Peridot doesn't care.
  • Alternatively...

Peridot's limb enhancers will just wash up on the beach one day, and the rest of episode will be either Peridot trying to get them back from from someone who picked them up, or everyone else getting re-used to limb enhanced Peridot.

Peridot will be the only one of the current Homeworld trio to become a Crystal Gem.
  • Lapis just holds too much malice towards the Gems and Peridot to consider joining them. She only really cares about Steven, so she may be inclined to help him when he needs it, but nothing more. She will probably end up living on her own, either somewhere on Earth, or possibly on the moon.
    • Likely to be jossed for Lapis.
    • Hilariously enough, Lapis does live on the moon for a time, but not out of any animosity towards the Crystal Gems.
  • Jasper is a loyal soldier to Homeworld, who even fought in the war for Earth. If she didn't change her views then, she won't now.
    • Jasper's part is confirmed, as she does continue refusing to get along with the Crystal Gems even into Era 3.

Ronaldo will come out of nowhere, screw things up, and get himself into danger.
Ever since he figured out the plot, the show has been showing him talking about it at various times. It is just a matter of time. At some point, in the middle of the Crystal Gems doing something important, Ronaldo will burst in having somehow figured out but misinterpreted what they are doing, screw it up, and force the Crystal Gems to save him at the cost of their plan. In the end, they might convince Ronaldo to be an ally, either doing something useless to keep him out of the way, or a genuinely important job.

Peridot is going to die via Heroic Sacrifice.
As the final stage of her Character Development, she will make the ultimate sacrifice at some point to protect the Earth and the Crystal Gems.

Despite Word of God, the show will eventually have established villains.
I know this WMG is somewhat similar to the one above, but I can't help but write something based on a user's "Jossed" entry above. We need to keep in mind that Steven Universe is not just coming of age show about Steven, it's also about the Crystal Gems being heroes, and raising Steven to be a hero in his own right. Having villains of the day for a show that is slowly but surely increasing in popularity won't make much sense in the long run, because it will feel like there is no true adversity for our heroes to overcome, not to mention that having random mooks Attack! Attack! Attack! for no clear reason other than the fact that they're bad guys that must be defeated will get pretty stale.Rebeccca Sugar may eventually realize that the show will need a focal threat to the lives of the Crystal Gems, which is where she'll relent and do just that.
  • It is also possible it refers to the series first season. But that later season may start to show some antagonists.
    • This has never been stated by the show's staff, though.
  • The show already isn't just about the Gems fighting monsters though. There are adversities in the form of internal conflicts and interactions between the characters, which wouldn't necessarly be improved too much if a villain was added. If anything villains might lower it by taking the focus away from Steven and the Gem's interactions and more towards besting a new foe. A Big Bad could work, especially if it were handled like Gravity Falls where they often tie into the theme of the episode, but as it stands this apparant White-and-Grey Morality (or possibly Gray-and-Grey Morality, depending on where the Crystal Gems fall under) set up by the introductions of Lapis Lazuli and Perdiot seem more likely of a direction it's heading in.
    • Sort of confirmed with the appearance of Homeworld Gems such as Peridot and Jasper that are hard to construe as anything but villains and are involved in a long-term plot arc.
  • Also possible that the "won't have a villain" part is to be understood as not having a villain, as in, a single entity which once defeated somehow rights all wrong and unspoils spoiled milk. Even if the show does go somewhat in sync with the WMG of Yellow Diamond being the leader and wanting to destroy/conquer/something Earth, all the show has to do to keep its promise is to show that YD is not the problem, but instead the mentality that her leadership (or whoever started it) has ingrained in gemkind is the true bad; to the point that all defeating YD can possibly do is create a power void that will quickly fill itself with another gem and the whole issue will remain unsolved.

The show will get a major antagonist, but not a traditional Big Bad villain.
Disputes between the protagonist and antagonists will have shades of gray rather than black and white morality seen in heroes and villains narratives.
  • Although future character development could change this, Peridot and Jasper seem fairly conventionally villainous so far.
    • Peridot's becoming much more sympathetic. Jasper is still the most villainous character though.
    • Seemingly confirmed, with the Cluster taking the role of unwitting Big Bad.

If not Lapis Lazuli, the Corrupted Gems will be the ones to join the Crystal Gems against the Homeworld Gems.
  • Going with the idea that the corrupted Gems were originally the Gems made in the Kindergarten. Earth was one of the first few planets to be used to artificially create Gems. After being created by the Homeworld Gems, they quickly became corrupted because they were created unnaturally (at least to Gemkind). The Homeworld Gems eventually abandoned them and let them roam Earth on their own because they were too volatile, as the case with Amethyst, who was one of the last to be created and found before she could become corrupted. The Crystal Gems (mostly Rose) were horrified by this and stayed on Earth to not only save the humans, but the corrupted Gems, too. As soon as they find a way to uncorrupt them and turn them to normal, these Gems will naturally hold a grudge against their creators who threw them away and fight against them with the Crystal Gems.

We're going to get a serious Tear Jerker in regards to Lion's connection to Rose Quartz.
He was most likely her familiar, but she kept him a secret because it wasn't normal for a Gem to have a familiar and she probably didn't even know how she created him as Rose had a lot of strange powers that other Gems didn't seem to have. We will find out that for most of his life, he's been alone until Rose needed him or had a moment alone to spend with him, but he was still fiercely loyal to her, regardless. After a while, she never came back to see him (because of Steven's birth) and we will be shown a Seymour-esque montage of him waiting for her to come back.

The line about Amethyst never committing to being the crocodile in a moat will, somehow, become a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment.
Because a lot of stuff involving Amethyst has gotten pretty sad.

Steven's joke about fighting a giant foot will come eventually come true.
If Gems have giant body parts as ships, who's to say they don't have giant feet ships, as goofy as that sounds?

The Final Battle will involve...
Steven using his hybrid status to Fuse with both the Crystal Gems, possibly the then purified Gem Monsters, and either just the supporting cast or perhaps the entire town into one super Fusion to defeat the leader of the Homeworld Gems. This series has a LOT of continuity to it, it seems odd they'd introduce Steven's ability to Fuse with other humans and not make it a plot point somewhere.
  • And if they're going for Symbolism there, the Fusion might be called Seraphinite.

Steven will sing an extended version of his "Lapis Lazuli" song from "The Message" while dwelling on the namesake's Heroic Sacrifice.
Greg's "Wailing Stone" song used the same melody and then added another verse or so, so the music to extend the former song already exists...

The final fight will be against the Three-Diamond Fusion
If there are in fact three Diamonds, Yellow, Blue and White, it would only make sense to have the final battle be defeating their combined form, right? Extra points if its the five-gem fusion of all the Crystal Gems, including Steven, that defeats her.

In future episodes, Steven will Fuse with Sadie, Lars, and other human cast members that can be called friends of Steven.
  • These Fusions will happen when Steven reaches the apex of friendship with each of them.
    • If Steven Fuses with Lars, the Fusion will be called Stars.

Connie in a future episode will get some sort of power upgrade that will make her combat capable.
I kind of going with the sort of comparison brought between Steven and her and the characters in the book they liked. Where apparently the main girl started ordinary before gaining power. I thinking either she find a clingy weapon of some sort or even have a implanted into her body from some circumstance.
  • There don't seem to be any clingy weapons or body implants in Connie's near future, but she's learning how to fight with Rose's Sword, with "Nightmare Hospital" showing that she's actually quite good with it.

We will be seeing another side of Rose soon.
  • The Messianistic themes have been played to the hilt for her, but in spite of how good and wonderful she is, she was still a general, and a leader of a resistance movement. We're heading for a massive Broken Pedestal moment.
  • Confirmed. Rose bubbled Bismuth and never told the others what happened, and shattered Pink Diamond to save Earth. And then "A Single Pale Rose" reveals an even darker side to Rose where we find out that she was Pink Diamond all along and faked her shattering, leading to the remaining Diamonds launching their corruption attack on Earth!

Steven will end up befriending the big leader of the Homeworld Gems rather then killing her
  • After all, Steven has nothing against squares. He's fond of all basic shapes.
    • I kind of expect something like this to happen just because of how the show tends to be, action tends to be the exception rather then the rule. I can certainly imagine Steven at least trying to settle things peacefully.

Peridot remotely activated the escape pod in order to lead the Crystal Gems away from the temple and/or warp pad.
  • While the pod was seen banged up, it seems very odd that Steven caused it to act the way it did from just banging it. Plus shortly after it closes it's window, Steven the control energy.... whatever is seen disappearing from around his hands. She may not have expected Steven to happen upon the pod when he did but she used it to her advantage. Steven nearly getting iced by Garnet was just icing for her.

In a future episode, following up on the idea of multiple Pearls, the Pearl we know will be replaced by a duplicate working with Homeworld to spy on the Crystal Gems.
  • Probably jossed; Not only does Homeworld not know that the CGs are still alive, Pearls are supposed to be servants, so there's a very slim chance that a Homeworld Pearl could act like our Pearl.

Steven will respond to a question or statement Pearl makes with some comparison to something from pop culture, which Pearl will naturally not get.
His response? "Analogy wasted."

There will be a sequel to Garnet's Universe.
Garnet will bring Steven to tag along on one of her missions, and the episode will begin with their return. When Pearl and/or Amethyst ask what happened on their mission, Steven and Garnet will smile at each other and begin collaborating on the story of a fictional outing for the two, co-starring Hoppy and Hopper and featuring a new villain. In the end, Pearl and/or Amethyst will complement their storytelling...then demand they tell what really happened. The two will chuckle to each other as the episode ends.

Jasper will end up joining the Crystal Gems after being beaten very soundly.
She going to end up joining the Crystal Gems after a big fight where one of them soundly beats them. She did mention she admired Rose Quartz's strategies or something during the war, and I can see her turncoating to the "stronger side". Bonus points if the person who beats her is Steven himself.

A future episode will be set in the distant past, during the Rebellion.
Rose Quartz, Garnet and Pearl will be secondary characters. Instead, the episode will focus on all-new Gems. It may be grim, it may be light-hearted, but in the end, Steven and the audience will be reminded that all of these new characters are dead, since War Is Hell.
  • Or an even more tragic variant: All but one of this squad has been shattered. The lone survivor... the Centipeetle.
    • Considering we've been introduced to Bismuth, there's a possibility we might get something like this.
Connie will see that Steven has just drawn something and want to see it, but Steven will be too embarrassed to show her.
To his surprise, however, she'll like it.

Once Steven makes friends with the Homeworld authority and brings peace between the opposing Gem factions, Pearl will have the opportunity to go home.
There will be some uncertainty whether or not she'll take that opportunity, and Steven will maturely leave that decision squarely up to her while still clearly wishing she'd stay. In the end, she appears to make the decision to go back. But when Steven, Garnet, and Amethyst are settling back down, Pearl warps back into the house. And when Steven questions her about why she hasn't warped home yet, she'll answer, "Why would I want to go home...when you're here?"
  • Why not both? Rebuilding the Homeworld Warp would let her go on trips freely while still living with the Crystal Gems.

When Ronaldo's snooping eventually does land him in the middle of the Homeworld-Crystal Gem conflict, it's going to put him through a decent amount of Character means of some major Break the Haughty.
For as long as he can remember, he's been obsessed with being part of some bigger plot and uncovering just what that is, but what he'll eventually uncover and the danger he'll put himself in by doing so will terrify him. It's also likely that, seeing how far deep he's in already, Steven will take the time to disclose the whole truth to him so he can better understand what he got himself into.

Steven and the gems encounter a cloning Macguffin that clone gems
Perhaps giving Steven a chance to meet his mother if only temporarily.

Peridot will end up at a Scifi Convention
After crash landing she tries to get to safety she ends up at convention by accident and be mistaken for a cosplayer. It would be amusing to watch.
  • Alternatively, Peridot will go to the convention intentionally and have a blast. Since Peridot is now a fangirl and a shipper, Peridot might simply find new tv series to be interested in including parodies of Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Doctor Who. She'll learn about fandoms off-screen and drag Steven with her to this universe's version of World Con, where hijinks will ensue.

There will be a Prequel Episode Arc focused on what happened before the war with the Homeworld Gems told from Rose Quartz' perspective.
We already have an episode about Greg's origins, so, all that's left is Rose's origin story, and how Homeworld lost to the rebels.

Steven will accidentally fuse with Jasper at one point.
(That's if he can Fuse with the gems.)This Fusion will be cause by accident in one of the fights. This will be like the darkest moment for Steven, while being the most shocking moment of the serious. Once Fused, Jasper will realize how powerful they are together and try stay together, forcing Steven to submit. Steven, on the other hand, will want Jasper to see his side of things, but Jasper is too powerful and almost takes over Steven... Until the consciousness of Rose that been inside the gem interferes and talks to them and defuses. This leads to Jasper and Steven having a new understanding of each other and Rose. Which leads to Jasper backing down or not destroying the CG and earth.

There will be a Gem Hunter.
She will be a human antagonist which will be a first for the C Gs. It would be interesting to see the them fight a human when they have an oath not to harm them. The Gem hunter will have one of two back stories.
  • 1. She will be a rich girl using high tech gadgets hunting Gem as a hobby. The Gems are will pretty Gems, and she being a bored rich girl who will collect them for fun. She will hunt the gems as sport of view them as rivals for gem collecting. Or
  • 2. She will be hunting them as revenge for a Corrupted Gem hurting her or her family. With her next to target being the CG or something. She will be a 2-3 episode enemy. In the first episode she an the gems will be tracking the same corrupted gem and cross paths. Steven suggest the team up, with the hunter turning on them later. The 2nd episode will the have the Hunter in beach city. And since the Gems will not harm a human, Steven and Connie will have to deal with her. At the same time the hunter will learn more about the town and the gems. Ronaldo will fall for her. The Hunter will eventually mellow out and leave to continue hunting corrupted gems else were.

Each of the Gems will get their own episode.
The gems will get their episode.
  • 1. Garnet’s episode will be the sequel to “Garnet’s Universe” and WILL show what she really dose on her solo missions.
  • 2. Pearl’s episode will have her training and teaching Steven about stuff
  • 3. Amethyst's episode will be dealing with her past, a flash back, or a night out on the town.
  • Arguably confirmed. OP is not counting the episodes the individual gems have one-on-one time with Steven. For example:
    • Both "Steven the Sword Fighter" and "Rose's Scabbard" feature Pearl 'training and teaching Steven about stuff.'
    • "Tiger Millionaire" shows what Amethyst does with nearly all her free nights. (Wrestle) "Maximum Capacity" and "On the Run" both deal with her past.
    • The Garnet WMG is the only episode that hasn't happened yet.

There will be a training arc.
Not just a training arc for Steven but the other C Gs. Steven is still learning to use his powers so it beneficial for him, but also for the other Gems. The gems realizes that they are not as strong as they could be so they decide to train there skills or try out new skills

The entire conflict between the Crystal Gems and Homeworld Gems is a case of Grey-and-Gray Morality, with the Crystal Gems being A Lighter Shade of Grey
.It makes sense with Rebecca Sugar's comments about villains in the series, as well as a few of the Crystal Gems less than heroic aspects such not freeing Lapis from the mirror.

Sugilite will have a musical number in her next appearance.
Cause come on, having Nicki Minaj voice a character in a show with a lot of music and not having her sing at some point would be a waste.

Eventually, there will be a parallel episode to "On the Run" in which Amethyst learns that the things she says hurt Pearl in a way she never realized
Jasper refers to Pearl as "some lost, defective pearl", and pearls are organic minerals, which suggest that pearls may be second-class citizens on the Gem Homeworld. Just as Amethyst has insecurities about coming from a Kindergarten, Pearl has insecurities about being a "lesser" gem. But since Amethyst has never been to the Homeworld, she wouldn't know this, just as Pearl didn't know how Amethyst felt about being made in a Kindergarten.

Steven will attempt to use his Dream Walker powers to connect to a corrupted Gem.
He'll then try to get the corrupted gem back to its senses and return to the Gem's usual form. The Centipeetle will probably be the first (attempted) redemption.

Yellow Diamond will fuse with a green Gem (probably Peridot) and become Diopside.

A Fusion of Jasper and Peridot will resemble Hoopa Unbound.

There will be a flashback episode where Greg meets Ruby and Sapphire before Steven's birth.
Greg isn't that dumb, it's likely he understood Garnet was a fusion since "We Need To Talk" and was just unwilling to explain that to Steven, but the way he immediately recognized Sapphire in "Keystone Motel" seems like it wasn't the first time.

Ruby and Sapphire will be separated far apart from each other.
Ruby gets lost somewhere with Amethyst, and Sapphire with Pearl. At some point, we'll get to see Ruby and Sapphire fuse with Amethyst and Pearl without each other.
  • The fusion of Amethyst and Ruby will be almost identical to Jasper. If she actually is another Jasper, her name won't be revealed in that episode.
  • This would be a chance to see what Ruby and Sapphire are like as individuals rather than components of Garnet, and how they act when parted.
  • It would also be interesting to have those pairs the other way round, and put the Hot-Blooded Ruby with the calmer Pearl, and the wild Amethyst with the level headed Sapphire.

At the very definitely final end of the series, Steven will suffer a Disney Death, as a consequence of a villain's attempt to remove his gemstone that ends up cracking it.
Rose will materialize just long enough to cry on him and tell him how proud she is before disappearing forever.
  • I don't know if this confirms the theory on a degree, but White Diamond manages to remove Steven's gem in a way it doesn't crack, and instead of Rose/Pink materializing, it's the full gem side of Steven.

Garnet will transfer her future vision to Steven permanently.
Whenever she does it temporarily, she's getting him used to it. She has seen a possible future in which he will need it more than her and won't have time to come to her for a forehead kiss every time he needs it. Maybe after she does give the vision to him permanently, we'll see her lamenting in private that now he'll have no more need for her motherly kisses, but then we'll see Steven coming back for another one.

Steven will get an Evil Counterpart in the form of another human-Gem hybrid.
Probably as a result of a corrupted gem fusing with a human in an effort to survive. If it's a preestablished character, it's most likely Ronaldo or Lars. The gem might or might not be located in one of the eye sockets.

The Gems will have to deal with the corruption of one of their own, likely for an extended period of time.
Oh, will it hurt.

Steven and Connie's first kiss will be somehow related to Steven's healing abilities.
My best guess is that she will receive a dangerous internal injury during a battle or something, and Steven, probably in a state of emotional calamity due to his desire to save his best friend fighting with his anxiety over what he's about to do, will have to kiss her to save her life.

Lapis' return to Homeworld accidentally heated up the Earth War again.
Peridot was sent to check the theater of the Earth War when a Gem from Earth came home, Jasper took interest in the conflict at the possibility of Rose Quartz being out there, This might be why she was so insistent on neutralizing Jasper at such terrible personal cost, as she feels indirectly responsible for the renewed threat to Earth.

Malachite's true personality is severely mentally/emotionally disturbed.
Her two components actively warring inside her will bring up some strong parallels to schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder. Notably, she gives off an expression in "Chille Tid" which can only be described as a mixture of flat affect and a Thousand-Yard Stare.

Unstable fusions between the Crystal Gems can be stabilized by the inclusion of Steven.
They'd be new characters, most likely, but introducing him into the mix would create more balanced personalities. Those with naturally aggressive personalities (i. e. Sugilite) would be tempered by his inclusion, and those with opposed component Gems (Opal, Alexandrite, probably anything involving Amethyst and Pearl together, really) would be much more stable with him acting as a mediating force.

Peridot's remark about an expiration date isn't about Homeworld.
Something is coming related to the Homeworld's actions eons ago and that is the reason for renewed interest in Earth after so long but it isn't Gem in origin.
  • Jossed. Everything is correct except that the Cluster IS Gem in origin.

There will be an episode set in the future where Steven is grown up and married to Connie while no longer living with the Gems
Two likely plots are as follows:
  • It will take place while Connie is pregnant, with her parents and Greg moving in to help her and Steven is a Gem warrior working on an intergalactic scale years after the conflict with the Homeworld. The Gem monsters will have been cured and the Gem clusters returned to normal. Earth is now a center for benevolent Gem activity, with the Gems having integrated and the planet being a galactic super power. Greg will make a joke about how old he's getting to Steven who will start worrying over the lifespan of his human family and over his soon to be born child.
  • The episode will take place after the birth of Steven and Connie's child, who will be introduced to the Gems. The Gems will be lamenting Steven moving out of the temple when this happens and Steven will pick up on it, leading him to ask them to look after his child for a little bit so they can cheer up. The child will keep getting into mischief around the temple while the Gems try to keep it safe, leading them to become Badly Battered Babysitters.
    • It's a cute idea, but wouldn't the existence of such an episode kill the tension of all future battles, since we know for a fact that all our heroes are going to be okay?
    • Perhaps it'll be a "What If?" story.

At some point it'll be made explicitly clear Ronaldo's the way he is BECAUSE of his nearness to the Lighthouse Gem, it having mutated him to some extent. It likely having communicated with him, or tried to.
I mean let's just look at some of what we've seen in Keep Beach City Weird and Horror Club.
  • He speaks an apparent alien tongue talking about summoning psychic ghost powers, which is similarly actually shown in Horror Club.
  • He knocks Steven out (who has shown above human strength in the show) effortlessly, WITH A POTATO.
  • He even mentions Level 8 Beings stating as a race they cannot normally organize well. And what have we seen of Gems in the series without their leaders to lead them? IE Rose or Yellow Diamond's absences.

All of the Homeworld Gems except Yellow Diamond will be redeemed; Yellow Diamond will be irredeemable, but not a Complete Monster.
Here's how I think it'll go:
  1. The arc we're in now will culminate in Peridot's redemption and betrayal of Yellow Diamond.
  2. Steven will look into Malachite's dreams again and discover that Jasper is slowly losing her malice towards him, primarily because now she's just trying to free herself from Lapis' control. Steven will then see that Lapis has become almost as bad as Jasper after having trapped her for so long and then convince her to let her go. Both Lapis and Jasper will be so exhausted at that point that they'll poof and remain in their gem forms for an entire episode or arc.
  3. In the final battle against Yellow Diamond, Steven will observe that at one time she must have been a better person than she is now and will offer her a chance at redemption like he gave to Lapis, Peridot and Jasper. Yellow Diamond will consider it for a moment, but then refuse, deciding that it's too late for her to redeem herself and that the only chance Steven has to stop her is to destroy her in battle. Steven will do so, however reluctantly, and as she dies, Yellow Diamond's thoughts will turn to the Homeworld Gems. Her last words will be "Take care of them, Steven".
  • Considering Message Received, her attitude towards Earth and her reaction to Peridot calling her a clod, she probably will be beyond hope.

Peridot is going to fuse with one of the Crystal Gems at some point.
She was open for the idea in Log Date 7-15-2, if only briefly. It's probably not going to happen soon, but it might if she eventually gets more comfortable with the idea of being a Crystal Gem. Perhaps she will eventually get into a battle somehow and will have to fuse for practical reasons, only to experience firsthand how it's a manifestation of The Power of Love/Friendship. As for who she will fuse with, my guess is Amethyst.

The Diamonds will fuse.
Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond (possible White Diamond as well) will fuse together in a desperate attempt to defeat the Crystal Gems. This fusion will likely be called Green Diamond.

Pearl will have a Rival/Archenemy/Foil in the form of a Jet.
Pearls and Jets have a lot in common. Both are organic compounds, very beautiful looking, and considered to be gems despite not being minerals. But while Pearls tend to be brightly colored and come from life and water, Jets are black as night and come from death and fire. Therefore, I think a Jet will be introduced who is just as intelligent, graceful, perfectionist and skilled as Pearl, but has no moral code and serves as her antithesis.
  • Interesting idea, but having a black character as an Evil Counterpart to a white character would probably be seen by some as racist, so it's not likely they'll do it. Not to mention that so far, there don't really seem to be any inherently evil kinds of gems, so if there was a Jet, and she was evil, it wouldn't be portrayed as coming from inherent qualities that all Jets share.

There will be a love triangle between Amethyst, Peridot and Lapis.

Ruby and Sapphire will passionately tongue-kiss onscreen, when unfused.
Maybe complete with a Spit-Trail Kiss. Okay, it will be a Lighter and Softer and tasteful version, but it will be the last straw for Getting Crap Past the Radar. It would set new records for Children's TV shows. Shippers will throw parties. Seriously. Even if it's just once in the whole show's run.
  • And then the Crewniverse would be getting death threats from both the Westboro Baptist Church AND the Russian government. In the latter case, it would be cruel irony that Steven Universe could start World War III, and the literal end of Earth over a lesbian kiss.
    • Death threats from the Russian government because of a lesbian kiss? When did they ever issue death threats for trivialities such as that? The Russian government has better things to do. And the notion about World War III because of a lesbian kiss is even more ridiculous. I've heard a lot of lunacy left and right, but this takes the cake by a wide margin.

Pearl will somehow end up going on a date with Mayor Dewey
He's already expressed interest in her. It wasn't mutual at the time, but maybe at some point she'll be persuaded to humor him. The relationship probably won't work out, but she'll come away from it with a somewhat better understanding of humans.

By the end of the series, Steven will fully unlock and master all of Rose's powers, and possibly even access some of her memories. Then he will take his mother's place as the leader of the Crystal Gems.
The scene in the Season 1 opening sequence, and the extended version of the season 2 opening sequence, where the four of them are running on the beach, and Steven is lagging behind the rest of the Gems but then puts forth an effort and pulls ahead of them, could be seen as subtle foreshadowing of this.

Either Lapis or Jasper will return Peridot's limb enhancers
As a Brick Joke on Amethyst dropping them in the ocean, it'll turn out that Malachite found them and kept them for some reason. In addition, maybe the reason Peridot is so obsessed with getting on Lapis' good side is so she'll give her her limb enhancers back?

Peridot will accidentally inspire a revolution on the Gem Homeworld.
By insulting Yellow Diamond to her face and living to tell the tale, she became a symbol of defiance to scores of disaffected gems. She will become the face of the revolution, as a recording of her conversation with Yellow Diamond is somehow leaked. Any victory by the Crystal Gems over the forces of Homeworld will be attributed to her, no matter which Gem actually was responsible.

If Jasper survives Super Watermelon Island, she will take up wrestling under the alias "The Stone", just for the following exchange.
Jasper: I'm already as good as dead for fusing with one of Blue Diamond's inner circle. Capturing Rose Quartz is my only chance.
Steven: I told you, I'm not Rose, I'm-
Jasper: It doesn't matter what your name is!

The Gem war never ended.
Pockets of Rose Quartz followers are still around on hundreds, maybe thousands of other colonies in hiding or fighting with the Homeworld troops where ever they believe they have the advantage. Now this does bring up the question of why Rose would have effectively retired if her people were still out there fighting, the simple answer would be that she didn't know or was mislead to believe they had all been killed but it's also possible that Rose was only one part of a much larger war and when the galaxy warm was destroyed her part of it ended. She was cut off from the rest of the colonies with no hope of escape so she took the time to relax and recover with her few remaining friends.

Other alien races (besides the Gems) will be introduced.
  • Confirmed as of the Jungle Moon.

They will find some evidence that possibly points to Rose having done something bad
Pearl goes into denial, having been Rose's loyal servant for thousands of years. Garnet is, quite possibly literally, split on the issue. Amethyst is ready to believe it, having known Rose the least out of the three of them. Steven won't know what to think, having not known her at all.
  • Interesting, but I don't know if Amethyst would necessarily be more willing to believe it than the others, give that Rose was sort of a mother figure to her.

The purpose of the Cluster
Why would the Diamonds need such a massive weapon? Two major possibilities: only Yellow Diamond knows about the Cluster, and will use it as leverage against Blue Diamond and White Diamond to force them to submit to her, so she will be the sole ruler of Gemkind. Alternatively: there is another powerful space-faring civilization out there, and the Diamond Authority wants to conquer it or bring it under their rule, but needs a weapon of mass destruction to accomplish this.

Amethyst will either defeat Jasper or another 'proper' Quartz because of her size.
Amethyst is smaller, but Peridot implies she's no weaker than a normal Quartz is. She'll eventually get a victory over another Quartz because she's a Pint-Sized Powerhouse instead of a giant, and thus a smaller target that could actually be an advantage.
  • When Peridot said Amethyst could do anything a normal quartz could do, she was probably referring to the fact that she had just summoned a weapon strong enough to cut through the old drill head. I don't think it meant that she actually wasn't still weaker as a result of being miniature. That being said, Amethyst's difference in strength vs a full-sized quartz might not be 1:1 proportional (she might be, say, 60% as strong despite only 30% the size), and regardless of that she could still use her smaller size to her advantage when fighting a full-sized quartz, even if she is substantially weaker.

Steven will kill Yellow Diamond by the end of the series.
C'mon. You know you want it to happen, whether you realize it or not. Or, at least, I do.
  • Most likely reluctantly.
    • Or, out of extreme anger because she wanted to destroy everything he loves and stands for.
  • Less likely now she knows the truth.

Connie will be revealed to be a demigod/god
Her last name translated IS "Lord of the Universe".

Homeworld will send another Cluster, this one fully formed, to Earth.
Peridot's talk seems to imply there might be another one at least. However, Steven will defeat it the exact same way he did the one on Earth, and Homeworld will suddenly have a Cluster on the other side to contend with.

Jasper will fuse with the Cluster.
  • I've been feeling this would happen, too. She seems to view fusing as gaining more power, and she did kinda sorta fall behind the Earth's crust...and we haven't heard from her since. It's only a matter of time before she shows up and causes a whole heap of trouble.

While learning how to browse the internet, Peridot will stumble upon Ronaldo's blog, read his theory on the Diamond Authority, and freak out.

Yellow and Blue Diamond will perform a Heel–Face Turn, and White Diamond will take over as the Big Bad for Season 6.
  • Shaping up to be this.

Plot ideas for future episodes in Season 3
Feel free to add your guesses! If a guess ends up being accurate, bold it.
  • Drop Beat Dad:
    • Marty comes back.
    • Greg tries to embrace other kinds of music, like beat boxing.
    • It's the Musical Episode.
    • Vidalia/Greg/Amethyst's flashback to when Vidalia got pregnant. Since Sour Cream exists in this episode, we might have seen that already when we see Marty and Vidalia by Greg's van in Story for Steven.
  • Mr. Greg:
    • Another flashback.
    • Greg and the Maheswarans interacting more.
    • Greg's father meets the Crystal Gems, but not Steven.
  • Too Short to Ride:
    • Connie and Steven are too short, so Stevonnie happens.
    • Something about/involving Funland.
    • Peridot tries to Fuse again after someone insults her height.
    • The Ruby Squad comes back, and Steven takes them to Funland to distract them from their mission.
    • Peridot gets her Limb Enhancers back/They're brought up again.
    • Based on the preview clip, Peridot will fall in love (possibly literally) with the toy alien at the amusement park, and the whole episode will be about her being desperate to win it.
  • The New Lars:
    • Lars tries to better himself.
    • A new guy comes to Beach City, is also named Lars, and is the regular Lars's complete opposite.
    • Lars loses his job at the Big Donut, and somebody has to take his place.
    • Lars go through a life changing experience.
  • Beach City Drift:
    • A(n) return to/adaption of the comic's Beach City Bike Race.
    • It's a parody of The Fast and the Furious.
    • Perhaps "Drift" is using another one if its meanings, as in, something is making people in Beach City drift off to sleep.
    • Or drift away from the mainland.
    • It's a drag race.
  • Restaurant Wars:
    • The Fry Shop and Fish Stew Pizza have a battle over customers.
    • Frybo makes a comeback, so Fish Stew Pizza's mascot somehow comes alive to fight him.
  • Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service:
    • Steven helps Kiki deliver pizza.
    • Kiki gets an episode all about her having a totally normal, mundane day.
    • Lapis helps Kiki deliver pizza.
  • Monster Reunion:
    • The return of Centipeetle!
    • Centipeetle not only returns, but Steven heals her Corruption.
  • Alone at Sea:
    • We find out where Jasper went.
    • Something about Yellowtail.
    • Yellowtail finds Jasper, who steals his boat and strands him. Connie and Lapis save him, because it would be great to see those two interact.
    • Lapis and Steven grab a boat and head out into the open sea.
      • Which results in them finding Jasper.
  • Greg the Babysitter:
    • It's a flashback about Greg taking care of a young Sour Cream.
    • Greg takes care of some corrupted Gem creatures for Steven.
    • Greg takes care of Peridot and/or Lapis while Steven and the Gems are on a mission, and tells them about Rose.
    • Thanks to an important Gem thing, Greg has to watch Jasper and make sure she doesn't escape.
    • Greg takes care of and gets to know Centipeetle.
  • Gem Hunt:
    • The hunt for Jasper.
    • Several Corrupted Gem monsters escape from their bubbles, so Steven and the Crystal Gems have to track them all down.
    • Connie fights a Gem Monster.
  • Crack the Whip:
    • Amethyst fights.
    • Amethyst hurts herself somehow.
    • Amethyst's issues get out of control.
    • Jasper tries to convince Amethyst to join her/Fuse with her.
  • Steven Vs. Amethyst:
    • Steven and Amethyst fight. May possibly be an Immediate Sequel to Crack the Whip.
    • Steven and Amethyst don't fight, but compete in something.
      • Which results in an actual fight.
    • Steven faces another Amethyst, possibly one that wasn't "overcooked".
    • Steven and Amethyst have an out of control prank war.
  • Bismuth:
  • Beta:
    • The prototype Clusters are dealt with.
    • We learn more about the Beta Kindergarten.
  • Earthlings:
    • Rise up.
    • The citizens of Beach City help the Gems.
    • Exposition about how the Diamonds came to Earth.
  • Back to the Moon:
    • The Gems go back to the Moon.
    • We find out what that blue orb is/does.
    • We will see the pink portrait in full.
  • Bubbled:
    • We focus back on the Cluster.
    • We focus back on the Cluster and get to see the backstories of some of its components.
    • A Gem from the Burning Room gets unbubbled.
    • We learn what the bubbled object in Lion's mane is.
    • We learn the reasoning behind Bismuth's bubbling and imprisonment in Lion.

Plot ideas for future episodes in Season 4
You know the drill.
  • The Kindergarten Kid:
    • More about Amethyst's past.
    • The introduction of another Gem grown on Earth.
    • The introduction of a Gem grown in the Beta Kindergarten.
  • Know Your Fusion:
    • Fusion exposition, possibly because of a new Fusion.
    • Garnet teaches Steven about Fusion.
    • The return of Stevonnie.
    • Connie's parents overhear Steven and Connie talking about Fusion and immediately misinterpret it as something completely different; Hilarity Ensues.
      • Or they would interpret it correctly after seeing their Fusion—and still freak out.
    • The Crystal Gems teach a Homeworld Gem about Fusion.
    • It's a Fusion Showcase, giving more depth to Opal, Sugilite, Sardonyx, and Alexandrite.
    • The Crystal Gems "get to know" their Fusions with Steven.
  • Buddy's Book:
    • Steven learns more about Beach City's history, and the Crystal Gems, from an old book that turns out to be the diary of William Dewey's first mate, Buddy.
    • The book Steven and Connie find a Gem Book (As in, a Gem trapped on the cover of the book, like the one from the comics).
  • Mindful Education:
    • An episode about how Steven should be educated in the future. Greg did mention online classes.
    • Steven and Connie hone their Fusion skills.
    • Connie tries to tutor Steven, but struggles since Steven isn't book smart.
  • Future Boy Zoltron:
  • Last One Out of Beach City:
    • Beach City evacuates (again), with a look at how the citizens feel about it.
    • It's a play on the phrase "Last one to *Insert thing here* is a rotten egg!"
    • Earth gets invaded/the Cluster starts to emerge/the Diamonds show up/something otherwise terrible happens and Beach City calls for (another) evacuation. May be Mood Whiplash after a few fluff episodes.
    • "Last One Out of Beach City" is the name of a rock band In-Universe.
    • This is the episode Mike Krol guest stars in.
  • Onion Gang:
    • Onion and his friends aren't actually in a gang.
      • But Steven/someone else confuses them as such.
    • Steven ends up joining Onion's gang.
    • Onion and his friends are a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits.
  • Gem Harvest:
    • Similar to "Hit the Diamond", the episode will not be a deep, lore-filled episode.
      • It'll be about a farm.
      • It'll be about an apple farm, as a Call-Back to "Fusion Cuisine" (and may possibly have Alexandrite in it, to complete the reference).
      • The episode will take place during the fall, thus the need for harvesting crops.
    • Thanks to Steven carving out a pumpkin in front of him, "Veggiehead" will try to keep him away from Lapis and Peridot.
    • It'll be yet another "starts off cute before going horribly dark" Wham Episode, and it'll have a Double-Meaning Title to boot. Come on, it's a thirty minute special, it can't all be cute. Also, considering what the last half-hour episode brought with it, something big must be going down. A Mood Whiplash conversation may also occur, plunging us into the dark side of the episode. It may sound something like this:
    Peridot: Lapis and I have decided to partake in the strange autumn custom of the "harvest".
    Lapis: We've never had anything like this on Homeworld.
    Steven: Then what did Peridot mean when she asked if we were going to harvest her? (Peridot and Lapis freeze)
    • There'll be a new Fusion.
    • There'll be a new Gem.
    • We learn what Peridot meant by "You're going to harvest me?!"
    • Harvesting Gems will be/be related to the purge Jasper mentioned in "Earthlings".
    • Peridot starts her own collection of hunted Gem monsters, but comes up with the idea of using the corrupted Gems to power Gem tools. This causes a serious rift between the Crystal Gems over whether or not it's right to imprison the non-sentient Gem monsters within tools to gain an advantage.
      • The pro side will be Peridot, Garnet and Amethyst and the anti side will be Steven, Pearl and Lapis.
    • Greg's aunt and/or uncle, the previous owners of the barn, will appear.
      • Following off the above, the main conflict will be because nobody told Greg's relative that Lapis and Peridot were living in their barn, and that they pretty much moved in and redecorated without even asking first.
  • Three Gems And A Baby:
    • It's a Breather Episode.
    • It's not at all a Breather Episode.
    • It'll be a flashback, jumping to either right before Steven was born or a little bit after he was born.
    • It'll delve into how the Gems feel about Steven taking Rose's place.
  • Steven's Dream:
    • Steven goes into the mind of a Gem.
      • Steven goes into the mind of one of the Rubies.
    • Steven goes into the mind of an Earthling.
    • Steven goes into the mind of a being that's neither Gem nor Earthling.
    • Steven goes into the mind of a hybrid.
    • If Steven does go into someone's mind, who it is will be a Bait-and-Switch.
  • Adventures in Light Distortion:
    • The Gems try to find the palanquin.
      • Andy will help since he's been around the world and has seen it on his travels.
    • A Corrupted/cracked Gem is featured in some way.
  • Gem Heist:
    • The Gems try to steal the palanquin. They literally just try to steal it.
  • The Zoo:
    • ...Is full of Corrupted Gems/Fusions.
    • ...Is full of magical animals like Lion.
    • ...Is full of alien animals from worlds conquered by Gems.
  • That Will Be All:
  • The New Crystal Gems:
    • Connie, Lapis and Peridot explore and/or protect Beach City while the others are rescuing Greg.
      • To go with the above, the episode will be about Connie, Lapis and Peridot recounting what they were doing while the Gems were away.
      • Peridot and/or Lapis get stars on their outfits.
    • One/Some/All of the Rubies will join the Crystal Gems.
    • Peridot's Twitter will restart after the episode.
  • Storm in The Room:
    • Rose's Room freaks out in some way.
    • Rose's Room shows Steven a very accurate recreation of Rose shattering Pink Diamond, or at least something from the war.
    • The duct-taped Geode makes a reappearance.
    • What Steven sees in Rose's Room will help him to begin processing and healing from all the complicated feelings and trauma that he's been dealing with lately.
    • What Steven sees in Rose's Room will cause one of his worst breakdowns yet.
  • Rocknaldo:
    • Ronaldo will try to break/talk his way into the Temple to find out more about the "polymorphic sentient rocks".
    • Ronaldo sees Peridot and recognizes her as that "android eco-terrorist" from TV that he discussed in his blog.
    • There will be some sort of mention on whether or not Ronaldo and Jane got back together.
    • Ronaldo will come up with another wild theory that turns out to be true.
    • Ronaldo's investigation eventually leads to him kidnapping Peridot.
    • Ronaldo will accuse someone of being a rock person. Probably Onion.
  • Tiger Philanthropist:
    • Tiger Millionaire comes back, only this time, he's helping people!
    • Steven retires his wrestling persona.
    • This will be a very serious Wham Episode, belied by its innocuous title.
    • Instead of just Steven and Amethyst being wrestlers, all of the Gems join in. Even Lapis.
      • And they fight special guest stars John Cena, AJ Styles, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, and Finn Balor. Further to this, Tiger Millionaire teams up with Cena to get revenge on AJ Styles (just to continue one of the current SmackDown! storylines).
    • Greg is involved in some way.
  • Room For Ruby:
    • It's A Day in the Limelight for Ruby.
    • Steven and the Gems rescue the Homeworld Rubies from the depths of space.
    • The Rubies somehow end up in Ruby's room in the Temple.
    • One/Some/All of the Rubies will join the Crystal Gems.
    • One of the Rubies crash lands near the temple.
    • The episode starts with the Gems already in space, looking for the Rubies.
    • The episode takes a morbid turn when Lapis, Peridot and Navy start talking about death.
    • Someone almost dies.
    • Something happens to Pumpkin.
  • Lion 4: Alternate Ending:
    • Steven and/or the Gems try to find out more about where Lion came from.
    • Steven wonders what life would've been like if Rose hadn't had to give up her form.
    • We learn what Lion is.
    • Steven finds a device in Lion's Mane that lets him view alternate realities/timelines.
  • Doug Out:
    • We get a perspective shift to Onion right as he's getting kidnapped.
  • The Good Lars:
    • Danger in the forest.
    • Sadie disappears at the end.
  • Are You My Dad?:
    • New Gems.
  • I Am My Mom:
    • If none appeared in the previous episode, here will be new Gems.

The Gem in Lion's mane is the one who poofed Lapis.
And when she gets unbubbled, Lapis is going to be pissed. Bismuth (or whoever that Gem was) was the catalyst for Lapis' Trauma Conga Line in the first place. You really think she wouldn't be mad?
  • Partially Confirmed because Bismuth is the one who poofed Lapis, but also Jossed because, unless she makes a future appearance, Lapis didn't get a chance to meet Bismuth.

At some point Steven or Stevonnie will Fuse with Lion
Either by accident or in an emergency to save their life.

At some point the Pearls will Fuse
Maybe the Crystal Gem Pearl convinces the other two to switch sides and they fuse in battle?

Ruby or Sapphire will need to Fuse with another one of the Crystal Gems without the other
Maybe one of them will be captured and the other will have to fuse in order to help them?

Jasper will kidnap Steven and Connie.
She will take Steven to hold for ransom against the Crystal Gems, and Connie because she's there. The two will have to fight her (either as themselves or as Stevonnie) in order to leave.
  • Alternatively, Jasper takes Steven because she believes he's her ticket off Earth, and takes Connie so she won't blab to the Gems.

A Crystal Gem will be poofed AND damaged.
Steven will then, by intent or accident, place that gem in his mouth to heal them.

Like what you would do with rock candy.

Yellow Diamond will come to Earth.
Because when you need a job done right, you have to do it yourself. When the Ruby scouts fail to find Jasper, she will take her own ship, with an elite team of warrior gems as backup, to Earth to find out the status of the Cluster on her own. When she finds that it's been bubbled, she will be furious, but instead of attacking the Crystal Gems directly, she will attack Beach City and hold a number of the townspeople hostage. The Crystal Gems however will ambush them and get the townspeople to safety, via Lapis Lazuli temporarily moving them out to sea on an iceberg so the Crystal Gems can deal with Yellow Diamond and her team without any townspeople getting hurt. Pearl and Peridot will have a Back-to-Back Badasses moment, their former animosity fully replaced by mutual respect; Peridot will have created new limb enhancers for the fight with Pearl's help or possibly learned to summon her gem weapon (which she's never done before as she's always relied on tech instead of her natural abilities). The fight will ultimately have Yellow Diamond fighting Stevonnie one-on-two, with Yellow Diamond wielding a two-handed mace as her gem weapon (after Stevonnie breaks the gem destabilizer Hand Cannon she's using) and Stevonnie of course using Rose Quartz's sword and shield. At the end, Stevonnie will have Yellow Diamond at their mercy, and Yellow Diamond expects to be shattered and will even encourage them to "finish it", but Stevonnie will simply poof and bubble her like most of the other monsters the Crystal Gems have faced.
  • Perhaps instead, when Yellow Diamond encourages them to "finishes it" Stevonnie instead lets her go as a show of mercy, which will baffle Yellow Diamond. She will demand to know why they didn't finish her off when they had the chance, whereupon Stevonnie will give her a speech that would make her really reconsider everything she's done as a Diamond.
  • Confirmed, but she comes with Blue Diamond as well.

There will be a Take That, Audience! moment.
Come on, just think of the show scolding the viewers in some way considering the Zamii and Tyrant-Rex incidents.
  • Considering the show, I imagine it would be really subtle, like Steven mentioning that some parts of the Crying Breakfast Friends fandom have been "Getting really toxic lately".

Compared to last time, the poofing order will go in reverse.
What I mean is, It's going to be Amethyst —> Garnet —> Pearl instead of Pearl —> Garnet —> Amethyst.

Bismuth is not the same Gem who poofed Lapis.
She and that Gem are simply of the same Gem class. Lapis will initially think Bismuth is the one who poofed her, but even after the confusion is settled, Lapis will be distrustful of Bismuth.

Another human will get trained by the Gems
Best bet's on Sadie or Ronaldo, since it's been shown before that theycan handle themselves.

There will be an episode focusing on Jenny
Both Buck and Sour Cream had an episode focusing on them, so it stands to reason that Jenny would get one in the future as well.

We'll see Peridot and Pearl's Fusion
And it will debut against a Homeworld Gem who looks down on both of them for their low status (and Peridot being an Era 2 Gem). Cue curbstomping on their Fusion's part.

At some point, Peridot will face off against a Homeworld Peridot with full limb enhancers, possibly more advanced models...
And use her magnetic powers to hijack the enhancers and make the Homeworld Peridot beat herself up (or simply disable or remove them, but given Peridot's personality, she'd probably do the former), proving that her own unique abilities can more than make up for her lack of the enhancements.

Pearl and Lapis will eventually hook up.

We'll get at least one fight with a squad of Homeworld Gems before Yellow Diamond appears...
And it will go decidedly in their favor in comparison to the fight in "The Return", perhaps even a direct parallel to it, showcasing just how much the group has grown. Possibly starting with Peridot (possibly with Lapis' help) using her knowledge of Homeworld tech and new magnetic powers to allow them to cripple their ship as it's coming in. Now knowing of their Gem Destablizers, the Gems will quickly disable those with a combination of Steven's immunity to them and combat skill (possibly with Peridot using her magnetic powers to help with that). Without the technology edge, the Crystal Gem's better team work due to having worked through their issues more and having a larger party (not even considering Bismuth and the purified Centipeetle, assuming they stay as permanent members) will give them the fight. It'd be a good way of showing how much they've grown since last time.

We will get a Story Arc about trying to find a way to stop the Diamonds from being able to unleash the same weapon they did before in the future
The power has been introduced and revealed, Steven has found out about it, and it's been a plot point. It'd make sense that if things are about to start up again, they'd try to find a way to stop the Diamonds from using it again.

Jasper will show up at the barn
We know she's absolutely obsessed with reforming Malachite, and been tracking Lapis the entire time. It'd make sense for her to chase her there.

Healing the Corrupted Gems will be the idea of Connie's mother, and require both Greg's and Steven's abilities to perform.
It has been established that the problem is that the crystal itself is corrupted, not the "projection." This may mean that there are flaws in the crystal lattice of the corrupted gems. This is very much like the human condition of cancer, where cells can become corrupt, and those corrupted cells multiply, causing damage to the human body. Being a doctor, this would likely be a theory put forward by Connie's mother, who no doubt is aware that most treatments involve cutting out the cancerous cells and letting the body heal the damage with healthy cells.

Crystals can resonate due to the nature of their lattices; the homogeneous nature of the lattice means that it will be identical all throughout the crystal... except where the corruption is. This would mean that resonating the crystal will cause pressure to build up between the gem itself and the corruption tied to it, causing the two to break apart. This is where Greg, an expert in audio, comes in.

Once the corruption is broken away from the crystal's lattice, the gem itself needs to heal, hence Steven's gift finishing the work that Greg and Priyanka started.

Jasper will Fuse with the Ruby Squad.
(First off, this is going off the idea that the Ruby Squad was sent to rescue Jasper, not capture her.)Eventually, the Ruby Squad will realize Jasper isn't on Neptune, and come back to Earth. Meanwhile, Jasper has become addicted to Fusion, and while she wants to Fuse with Lapis, I'd imagine she'd Fuse with anyone she thinks could give her more power, and we've already seen that a Fusion of five Rubies is pretty powerful. With the Rubies trying to rescue Jasper (along with them being really gullible), and Jasper's manipulation skills, she could easily convince the Rubies that they all have to Fuse. All she needs is a dire situation.

Doug will get a focus episode
We've already gotten an episode about Priyanka learning about what Connie's been up to, but we haven't seen how Doug feels about his daughter being a sword fighter.
  • Confirmed with Doug Out.

Steven will defeat Jasper by tricking her into fusing with him.
We know that Fusions allow one half to experience things the other normally experiences. Steven will exploit Jasper's addiction to fusion to get her to fuse with him...only for her to be exposed to his kind nature and innate empathy, as well as seeing the world she's been trying to harm how he does, things she's not used to experiencing, which will set her up for her defeat (if not being what defeats her outright). It IS the kind of thing Steven would do.

A future episode will involve magic-powered time travel.
Steven will, somehow, travel back in time to back when Rose was still around. He'll, possibly, travel back to when Greg was young, do a mission with Rose, bond with his mom, Rose will learn that Steven is her future son with Greg, and her taking note of what he looks like will explain why Steven looks like he does (despite the fact that, for example, Steven has black hair despite Greg and Rose having brown and pink hair respectively).

Steven will try to fuse with a Corrupted Gem.
Monster Reunion shows that Steven is still trying to heal the Centipeetle, and by extension, the rest of the Corrupted Gems. At one point, he might try fusing with a Corrupted Gem, to see if he can then heal it from the inside.
  • Alternatively, Steven may use his dream abilities.
    • If what happened to Jasper is any indication of what happens when a Gem tries to fuse with a Corrupted Gem... It's not gonna happen.
      • Steven is half-human, so Corruption might be different for him than it is for a full Gem, if it even affects him at all.

We'll get a Beam-O-War at some point.
The creators clearly love to reference anime...a lot. Given the prevalence of this trope in that, then it's basically inevitable we'll get one.

Bismuth will return in a future episode.
Steven will believe that maybe she can be reformed, and will help get rid of her Blood Knight tendencies (given that, as far as we know, the war was just yesterday for her. Either that, or he finds that keeping a sapient, uncorrupted Gem in a bubble to be a cruel and unusual punishment.
  • Perhaps, after the Diamonds are taken care of, she will return as the next villain, similar to Kuvira.
  • Alternatively, when Homeworld invades Earth, they'll find out the Cluster has been neutralized. Rather than taking humans to the zoo, White Diamond will override Yellow Diamond's plan to destroy Earth and instead choose to exterminate all carbon-based life on the planet and turn it into a massive planet-killing weapon which they will then sell to the highest bidder. Furious, Steven unbubbles Bismuth and gives her the authority to use the Breaking Point, now viewing the Homeworld Gems as an absolute evil that needs to be destroyed.
    • Big issue: Steven destroyed the Breaking Point. Besides, I don't think that STEVEN of all characters would get that angry.
  • Confirmed in "Made of Honor".

Peridot will take Bismuth's place as weaponsmith, at least until for now.
Peridot has shown incredible inventive ability (like creating a pretty formidable Mini-Mecha out of a barn full a scrap) and has in depth knowledge of Homeworld's more advanced technology, so she'd be a good fit. Now the natural problem with this is of course her lack of strength...but then remember her power. Even though some of the material weapons seem to incorporate crystal, many of them seem to use metal and it's quite likely what looks like crystal may in fact BE an alien metal or alloy. Peridot could very well do with her metal manipulation ability what Bismuth used brute force for.

In the event Bismuth IS redeemed, perhaps the first real character bonding she could have would be having to bond with a defected Homeworld Gem she WOULD have shattered had she been on Earth at the time and coming to see her as an equal, combining their abilities to create incredible weapons (and maybe armor) for the Crystal Gems.

The Ruby Squad will stay on Earth
The Rubies' mission is to find and retrieve Jasper, who is currently Corrupted, poofed, and in a bubble. Steven can't keep lying forever (especially considering how much of a Bad Liar he is), and is eventually going to tell them the truth (and might even show them, since there's a good chance they wouldn't believe him). They can't exactly bring Jasper back like she is now, and I doubt they can go back to Homeworld without her. In the end, they would decide to just stay on Earth and wait until Jasper's uncorrupted, no matter how long it takes.

A big theme of an Arc will be breaking the Cycle of Revenge
We now know that some Homeworld Gems want revenge for Pink Diamond. Steven SAW first hand what seeking revenge did to Bismuth, and what it almost did to Amethyst. And eventually, he'll have to break a Homeworld Gem (possibly even the Diamonds) or even one of the Crystal Gems out of the cycle by pointing out that revenge has done no one any favors. Perhaps even having a chance (and perhaps at that point a reason) to shatter the Gem in revenge himself or one of the Crystal Gems having the chance and refusing to allow it, citing the previous incidents. If it's one of the Diamonds, he might even tell them outright he's only opposing them to protect the Earth, not out of revenge for any of the many, many things they've done to both the Earth and to innocent Gems.

A look at what Rose did during the war and what it means
As of "Back to the Moon", it has been revealed that Rose Quartz killed Pink Diamond by shattering her gem. I'd like to focus on why this happened, and what it means for Rose's leadership role. Given how much authority Diamonds have over the Gem populations, and Rose Quartz's fascination with Earth, I believe Rose may have made a deal with Pink Diamond to spare Earth. I believe Rose wanted Earth to be the beginning of a peaceful revolution, where one Gem World would have the freedom of thought and conscience, taken for granted by humanity and the modern day Crystal Gems. Things got iffy was when the other 3 Diamonds saw Rose's little thought experiment and how it was corrupting their sister, so the other 3 Diamonds threatened military action if Pink Diamond did not get Rose back in line and get the colonization of Earth back on schedule. Pink Diamond, afraid for the safety of the Gems on Earth, decided to discontinue Rose's noble plan on the grounds that it was too dangerous and might be too radical to even work. This clash of ideals eventually became violent when Rose stood her ground on the importance of this ideological revolution, which resulted in the death of Pink Diamond. With Pink Diamond's death, the Crystal Gem majority on Earth looked to Rose as their new leader arguably giving Rose the authority of a Diamond without actually being one, absolutely treasonous and heretical by the standards of the 3 remaining Diamonds. Rose's actions here are what led Blue Diamond's presence on Earth when Garnet met her and Pearl more than 5000 years ago, as an attempt of getting revenge for her sister's death, and thus the Rebellion on Earth.

The Crystal Gems will have to travel to Homeworld at some point.
  • Not entirely sure if it counts as Homeworld, but they did have to go to the Zoo to rescue Greg.

If there's some hidden layer to Pink Diamond's death, it will be vital to Jasper's redemption.
There's obviously some layer we don't know about this. Perhaps Rose somehow faked Pink Diamond's death (and might be her in that case), maybe Rose poofed her, tried to offer her in exchange for Earth's freedom to the other Diamonds and one of the other Diamonds (possibly White Diamond) ended up shattering her but spun it to make it look like cold blooded murder, maybe something else...but after Steven manages to eventually purify Jasper, this will be made known to her and result in her turning becoming open to redemption. If it turns out one of the other Diamonds IS responsible, then she might turn on them and form an Enemy Mine with the Crystal Gems to take her revenge on the actual killer which ends up mellowing her out like Vegeta ultimately did in his Enemy Mine against Frieza and the Androids.

Season 4 will give focus to White Diamond at some point.
Season 1 INTRODUCED Yellow Diamond with a name drop, Season 2 introduced Blue Diamond and gave her focus in "The Answer" (even though Yellow Diamond got direct focus), Season 3 introduced Pink Diamond and focused on the ramifications of her death, so it makes sense season 4 would be where White Diamond would at least receive some focus following this pattern.

The captured Roaming Eye will become a major plot point.
The Crystal Gems now have a fully functional and intact modern Homeworld ship, and a mechanic that knows exactly how it works. It makes sense it will be a major plot point at some point.

Perhaps they'll even find a way to turn it into a more combat capable vessel with the wreckage of the Gem Warship, or Peridot will somehow turn it into an Ace Custom.

  • At least partly confirmed. The Roaming Eye played an important role during the Gems rescue mission to retrieve Greg from the human zoo.
  • Kind of more confirmed? By the end of "Room For Ruby", Navy has retaken the ship, presumably to rescue her crew and/or head back to Homeworld.

"Bubbled" touched upon the idea that shattering, though a last and painful resort, is essentially an important part of war. When Homeworld and the Crystal Gems collide, Steven will do what he must and Shatter the Big Bad Diamond figure head.
The show has touched upon so many important and poignant issues that I believe it will handle The Hero using the ultimatum on an enemy that won't be negotiated with rather beautifully. It will be difficult, but I believe it is the foundation for Steven preparing himself for that hard call he might to make in the future.

Steven will have to expose the Diamonds' True Colors to Gemkind to truly defeat them.
We've seen with Peridot that learning the true nature of the Diamonds can destroy their hold on a Gem. After seeing how Jasper and Eyeball reacted to Pink Diamond's demise, he'll realize that if he wants to stop this, exposing the Diamond's true nature and breaking their aura of god-like perfection is the only way to completely defeat them.

Peridot will become the Crystal Gems' engineer.

The hunt for the Rubies will start when one of them falls back down to Earth.
Let's face it, the Rubies are coming back eventually. It's just that, like all other returns, it has to be kickstarted by something happening. Why not that something be one of them falling back down to Earth and causing a ruckus/confusion/panic wherever they land? Once whichever Ruby comes down, Steven will decided to search for the other ones, because the Gems have their ship, and Steven's the reason they're all in space in the first place. It could also give him closure to at least one thing.

We will see two Fusions Fuse.
Technically, we could have seen Opal and Garnet fuse into Alexandrite before now, but now that Steven can fuse with Amethyst (and likely will learn to fuse with the others), we'll see two fusions active at once, leading to the two fusions fusing into a fusion.

Blue Diamond will be the first of the Diamonds to come to Earth as an Arc Villain, not Yellow or White Diamond.
We know from the murals that Blue Diamond has fewer planets under her control than Yellow Diamond, implying that of the three living Diamonds she's the youngest, so instead of Yellow Diamond coming to Earth, Blue Diamond will. It'd fit the Sorting Algorithm of Evil, and could make sense if she becomes aware that Yellow Diamond had Lapis (who seems to have been a member of her court) and didn't inform her and she comes to Earth to reclaim her.

The next Arc Villain will be a Homeworld general
Quartz Gems are in general considered Supersoldier level warriors, but they're still soldiers intended for frontline work, so it'd be logical for there to be a much rarer class to serve as Generals. Instead of coming to Earth herself (either out of not wanting to waste her time or out of FEAR of Rose Quartz, who managed to shatter one Diamond already), Yellow Diamond will send a general with orders to find out what's going on with the Cluster and eliminate anyone who gets in her way. Perhaps Topaz or Emerald (as both are higher on the Moh Hardness scale than Quartz).

Eventually, the Crystal Gems and/or Steven will meet another Rose Quartz.
Just what it says. None of the non-Fusion Gems are completely unique, there's no reason to think that the Rose Quartz we know is the only one that ever existed. She's the most infamous, naturally, but that doesn't mean she was the only one, period.

  • This other Rose Quartz will be almost the complete opposite of the main Rose: cold, ruthless, and unflinchingly loyal to the Diamonds.
  • Other Rose will be created by Homeworld as a countermeasure against Steven once they learn of his involvement in the foiling of their plans. Forcing him to fight someone who looks exactly like his mom would cause him significant mental trauma, especially since he knows next to nothing of what she's really like.
  • Except that, even if they are the same gem, it is likely that she won't be identical or even that similar to our Rose. You can see this with the Pearls and even some of the Rubies have differences.

Rose Quartz are no longer produced by Homeworld because of The Rebellion.
  • Rose's rebellion left such a mark on Gem society that her entire type has become a symbol of revolution on Homeworld. As a result, any remaining Rose Quartz are mistrusted and discriminated against, if not shattered outright, and the creation of new ones is forbidden out of fear they'll turn out just like her.
    • Confirmed. It's gone so far that every Rose Quartz besides ours was poofed and bubbled, and, if not for Blue Diamond keeping them as a keepsake, shattered.

The Domain Holder properties of the Temple's rooms will be used to defeat a antagonist at some point.
Perhaps a foe that seems too powerful for them to defeat outright, or one member of the team isn't present to form Alexandrite at the time, and Steven gets the idea to lure them into one of the fusion's rooms (possibly Sardonyx's) and uses the Domain Holder quality to turn the tables by giving them a Homefield Advantage.

We'll see a Gem get shattered.
...In the past, of course.

The Cluster will be unbubbled, possibly as an ally.
It's possible that at some point, Homeworld is going to try and still get some use out of the Cluster, and will send a squad to forcibly unbubble it, causing it to form.

On the other hand, the Crystal Gems may discover a way to safely remove the Cluster from inside the Earth, and it will be unbubbled in this way. Since Steven showed it kindness and allowed its components to make friends with one another, it will express its gratitude by fighting on the side of the Crystal Gems, acting as a guardian to the Earth and preventing Homeworld's forces from getting close enough to be a threat.

  • Confirmed. It is unbubbled by the Diamonds, but it fights against them before entering in its dormant state again.

Peridot's fusion with either the main four Crystal Gems or them plus Steven will debut against Yellow Diamond.
It'd make sense.

The Gems will go to the Palanquin and find Blue Pearl, trapped in an object like Lapis was.
The Palanquin is almost certainly a Chekhov's Gun, they're gonna find something big there.
  • Where would Blue Pearl be trapped, though?
  • It was probably Pink Diamond's palanquin. Hence why Steven has no idea what it is, and the Gems have deliberately kept him away from it.
    • Jossed. Blue Pearl is fine, and has presumably lived on Homeworld for the last few thousand years.
    • Half-Jossed, at least. They do find Blue Pearl at the Palanquin—just active, and with her Diamond. So yes, they do find "something big" there, or rather someone.

Jasper will become the first Corrupted Gem to be healed.

Ronaldo and Jane will eventually get back together.
Here is the proof:

The group will perform an elaborate ruse to try and convince Homeworld that the Cluster has already emerged and destroyed Earth
Perhaps with Ruby in the Roaming Eye to "report" it, or somehow doing a bigger illusion (maybe a Fusion with Pearl to massively boost her hologram powers?), and (at least for awhile) sending Homeworld on a wild goose chase for the "awakened Cluster".

White Diamond will be the Final Boss of the whole series
And to beat her, the gems will have to finally form that huge fusion depicted in the statue above their home.

The Gems still have a Gem Disruptor, and will use it in an upcoming fight
In "Jailbreak", both Peridot and Jasper tried to use a Gem Disruptor against the Crystal Gems. Garnet destroyed the one she took from Jasper, but Steven was only shown taking the other one from Peridot. There is no evidence that suggests he (or the other gems) destroyed that one as well. So it’s not unlikely that they still have it, though of course that begs the question why they didn’t bring it out already to use against Jasper or the corrupted gems.

Mystery Girl introduced in Last One Out Of Beach City is not what she seems
She's a Homeworld Gem who's part of an elaborated Honey Trap for Pearl as they know she Has a Type for pink haired women.
  • She has a belly button. Gems don't have those, not to mention that Lauren's concept art of her has splotches of blond hair.
    • Gems don't have stomachs, either, but Amethyst specifically forms one in her projection so she can eat. If Mystery Girl is a Honey Trap, a bellybutton is doable.

Mystery Girl is going to be a recurring character and Pearl's new love interest.
Pearl very clearly gave her a Love at First Sight sort of look, and when the two finally talked, they seemed to hit it off well.

The Fountain of Youth exists in the SU universe.

Steven will invade Homeworld.
Steven will end up leading an assault on Homeworld either to force them to stop invading earth over and over again or to try and talk to the diamonds. Steven does after all, already possess an entire army of gems all of whom have very good reason not to like Homeworld anymore if he can just figure out how to remove corruption. He has not one but three combat experts on his team (Pearl the strategist, Garnet as the combat specialist, and if need be Sapphire as another strategist with the benefit of seeing the future), a trained Homeworld technician who managed to build a giant robot out of garbage and spare parts for a van, a hydrokinetic powerhouse with a serious grudge against Homeworld, a master weapon smith who was ready to kill the Diamonds before, and a living weapon the size of a planet.

In short he has a very good chance of getting through, plenty of reason to do so, and an army of specialists and pissed off subordinates who certainly want some revenge.

T-Pain will guest star in a future episode.
Pain is a fan of the show, and since they've had so many singers as either regulars or guest stars, it would make sense. He's also said that he had a crush on Amethyst, so a potential plot could be his character trying to mack on her, which she gets really annoyed by.

The Temple will eventually fall, and all the bubbled gems will be released.

The first Gems to be uncorrupted will Centi and her crew, followed by Jasper.

Centi's name not being revealed to the audience will become a Running Gag, at least for a little while.

Steven will realize his What Measure Is a Non-Human? tendencies towards sentient plants makes him Not So Different from his mom.
He likes the Watermelon Stevens, the Watermelon Dog, the Pumpkin Dog, etc. But he doesn't really view them as "people." They're expendable. He isn't horrified if they die. It doesn't occur to him why one might be horrified by him dissecting a non-sentient version of their species. He will realize this is exactly how Rose viewed humans.
  • He was horrified when Baby Melon died.

Bismuth and an uncorrupted Jasper will come into conflict at some point
They're both powerful warriors and they are both at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of position. Jasper believes in the strict Fantastic Caste System while Bismuth felt held back by it. Bismuth believes that shattering the Diamonds will free Gemkind from the tyranny of the Diamonds, while Jasper is incredibly bitter at the loss of her Diamond. It would be interesting to see how the two would play off one another. While I doubt Jasper will see the benefits of letting Gems exist outside their pre-assigned roles, Bismuth might start thinking twice about how eliminating the Diamonds will free Homeworld.

Connie will develop mind control abilities over Steven
As a result of acquiring aspects of Steven's own abilities through Fusion, Connie will gain the ability to control Steven (much like how Rose could control her plant life), thus fulfilling Connie's name "Lord (well Lady I guess) of the (Steven) Universe. This of course would be allegorical of changing yourself for a relationship.

Steven will develop a literal Power Of Music
Centipeetle describes the Corruption attack being preceded by a song, implying that the Diamonds' powers come with a musical component. Steven might be able to undo it, not through his healing power, but with a sort of musical counterspell.

"The Zoo" and "That Will Be All" will introduce a new alien or alien race that collects Gems, or perhaps exotic aliens in general.
These aliens will certainly want the one of a kind Gem/human hybrid Steven for their collection, and Steven and the Gems will have to escape with the help of other Gems/aliens being held captive.
  • Jossed. It involves a Gem-run zoo of humans, defective Earth Gems guarding the zoo, and Steven and the Crystal Gems breaking Greg out after he's captured by Blue Diamond.

The new Bomb is a week full of Wham Episodes.
You know how the previous Bombs usually had one or two wham episodes? It'd be like that, but Up to Eleven.
  • Confirmed. Yes. It's all on the CN app.

In "That Will Be All", Pearl will disguise herself as another Pearl as part of the story's plot.
The title hearkens back to Peridot attempting to shoo out Pearl by saying "that will be all" and the synopsis claims that Steven and the Gems are "making an escape". Perhaps Pearl will help this by pretending to be the Pearl servant of whoever has captured them. It would also be a good callback to how the other Crystal Gems have tried their hands at being The Mole for Gems from Homeworld (Ruby in "Hit the Diamond" and Amethyst in "Back to the Moon").
  • Confirmed, though all the Crystal Gems do it, not just Pearl.

Those bubbled Rose Quartz will have a huge healing role
The Rose Quartz that we know had healing powers and plant powers. Perhaps they were made be battlefield medics or just to make some place prettier.

Pink Diamond may have a thing for aesthetics
Similar to Lysandre she may detest ugly things or just be a spoiled brat. Also there is that zoo.

Blue Diamond will preform a Heel–Face Turn
Between wanting to preserve Earth (albeit for slightly selfish reasons), the fact that she's further down the grieving process than Yellow Diamond (Yellow seems to be stuck between Denial and Anger, whilst Blue seems to gotten as far as Bargaining and Despair), and her brief bout of camaraderie with Greg over their shared losses, it's possible something in a future episode (possibly discovering that the Crystal Gems thwarted the Cluster) that will cause her to preform actions (such as hiding said Cluster-thwarting from Yellow) that will slowly but surely give her the final push into Acceptance, and with it, possible forgiveness of what Rose did.
  • Factoring in the fact that Pink was Rose, this could be even more likely than before. Given Blue's soft spot towards everything Pink loved and where she is in the stages of grief, she may come to accept her reasons for what she did once they're properly explained to her. Possibly out of guilt for what she'd see as her unwittingly pushing Pink away.

White Diamond has been trying to restore Pink Diamond. That's what the Fusion Experiments are for.
If the stages of grief are the Diamonds' motif, then Yellow is Anger (wanting to destroy the remaining Rose Quartz gems), and Blue is Depression (sadness and clinging to the things she left behind), which leaves Denial and Bargaining for White. Pink Diamond's shards are still missing, and "Keeping it Together" shows that Homeworld has been performing experiments on making whole gems out of shards. It may mean that White Diamond is holed up somewhere, desperately trying to fix Pink, refusing to accept that she's gone while asserting that there is a way to bring her back as long as she's willing to put the effort in.
  • This theory would also explain why Era 2 has been having problems. If White Diamond is spending a lot of time and energy and resources on bringing back Pink, her leadership duties would fall to the side.
    • If that's the case, then that means Yellow's the only one doing her actual duties, if only because her method of coping is trying to forget about Pink.
  • Alternatively, she is "bargaining" with forces even the Diamonds can scarcely comprehend in order to accomplish this.

Jasper will learn the truth behind the Corrupted Gems...
And will be absolutely furious upon learning about it. Leading to her faith in the Diamonds being completely shattered and promptly revolting.

There will be a 'musical battle' with the Diamonds.
Namely the Diamond's Corruption Song vs the Crystal Gems (all of them, including Lapis and Peridot, possibly even Bismuth) singing a song of their own to counter it.

Music is a huge theme of the series, and there's a theory a song is needed to purify Corrupted Gems like a song was used to corrupt them. It'd make sense to counter the Corruption Song with another song, possibly it's opposite purifying song.

For added bonus, it's possible that Beach City will join in making it everyone in the series uniting to cancel the Diamond's ultimate weapon.

It'd definitely be thematically appropriate.

One or more of the Ruby squad will be joining the Crystal Gems.
That's why they made a point of reminding the audience of them during the quest to rescue Greg; the Rubies really are going to be rescued soon, and one or more of them will at least attempt to join the team. Most likely Leggy (since she's only recently made and therefore has little attachment to Homeworld or the Diamonds) or Navy (who seems the nicest of the bunch and has already stated an admiration for Earth's beauty).

The plot of "Room for Ruby" will be one of two things:
1. One of the Rubies will join the Crystal Gems, most likely Navy or Leggy as stated above.
  • The first two minutes of the episode were leaked, showing Navy landing on Earth. Subsequent pictures show her living at the barn with the B-Team (Peridot, Lapis, and Veggiehead), but Lapis is highly apprehensive. The Roaming Eye appears in one picture, leading to one of two scenarios: either Navy ran away because Lapis has been nothing but hostile, or she was actually a cunning mole sent to determine when the Cluster will hatch.

2. It will be an April Fools Day episode where Ruby and Sapphire somehow manage to conceive a baby Ruby, and things get crazier from there.

If the Gems don't rescue the Rubies soon, it's going to bite them. Hard.
Homeworld's coming, and considering how the Gems bumped into three Rubies on the way to Zoo, if they don't get them, Homeworld's going to find at least one. If they find at least one, then the following happens:
  • Best case, they find Leggy, who might not remember who shot them out into space.
  • Middle case, if Leggy remembers, or if they find Navy, Doc, or Army, they're going to tell them that the Gems shot them out. Now, I forget if any of them realized/learned that they were Crystal Gems, but whoever they tell will still know that there are uncorrupted Gems on Earth, Crystal or not.
  • Worst case, they find Eyeball, who is not only going to tell them that the Crystal Gems are alive and kicking, but so is Rose Quartz, who is now in a smaller, weaker form.

Navy will move into the barn with Lapis and Peridot becoming another Crystal Temp.
Image leaks for "Room for Ruby'' show Navy, Steven, Lapis and Peridot interacting with each other. If Navy decides to stay on earth, she may decide to pick the barn as her new home seeing it as her adventures on earth have all revolved around there and there are two gems (Lapis and Peridot) available to inform her of earth culture. This also would make the Crystal Gems and Crystal Temps parallel to each other with three gems: Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst/ Lapis, Peridot and Navy, one human (Steven/Connie) and the Team Pet (Lion/Pumpkin)
  • Jossed. Navy is nicer than ever in the episode, but she's just leading them on to steal back the ship and leave Earth.

The Cluster is an attempt to resurrect Pink Diamond
Diamonds are created from immense pressure deep in the earth. The Diamonds could only salvage a few of Pink Diamond's shards. They decided to restore what was missing by using the remains of thousands of gems, using the immense pressure within the earth to merge them all with Pink Diamond's remains and restore her to life. It's possible that not even Yellow and Blue were aware of the last part— that was exclusively White Diamond's little project. Steven unknowingly facilitated the Cluster condensing into Pink Diamond by getting the gem shards to start communicating with each other. ... however, using the shards of millions of rebels might not result in the Pink Diamond that White was hoping for. Could either turn out to be a kindhearted Pink Diamond that joins the Crystal Gems, or Pink Diamond, the Absolute Goddess of Hyperdeath. Or both.
  • Wasn't the Cluster Yellow Diamond's project?
    • The Cluster overall is Yellow Diamond's project, but an attempt to revive Pink Diamond using it was a hidden contribution by White.

Pearl is going to reform soon.
It seems odd that Pearl wasn't shown in the promotional pictures or video for Save the Light, despite everyone else (besides the two currently unknown characters) getting shown off, even Greg and Connie. Perhaps she wasn't shown because she had reformed by the time the game took place, and they didn't want her new outfit to be revealed from a promo for a game that uses a style similar to the far distance models?

Jasper will receive an incredibly brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at the hands of an Agate.
In an homage to Frieza beating the living manshit out of Vegeta, Jasper will be be stripped of the will to fight and be pummeled and flat out tortured by Yellow Diamond's Agate. Even after she can't move anymore.

All of the Rubies will return and will get their fight scene with the Crystal Gems.
After Navy stole the Roaming Eye in "Room for Ruby" it's become very heavily expected that Navy would go to Homeworld either before or after rescuing the other Rubies but I propose an alternate theory. The Rubies will return to Earth and attempt to fight the Crystal Gems using their Five Ruby Fusion that they've never gotten to use. It would likely be Eyeball's idea to fight the Crystal Gems as an act of vengeance against Rose Quartz. In addition, it is entirely possible that the Ruby Squad will mistake the fact that the Crystal Gems have constantly avoided fighting them for cowardice. Of course, we need to face the facts. If the Ruby Squad does return to fight the Crystal Gems, they will lose.

Lars will undergo some serious Character Development in Season 5.
Season 4 ended with Steven and Lars being taken away by Aquamarine and Topaz to the Gem Homeworld. Steven because he confessed to being Rose Quartz, and Lars because he was hiding on their ship when it took off. Before Lars hid, Sadie begged him to save her, but he was too scared to try. Chances are, Lars might feel a huge amount of remorse over not helping Sadie when he had the chance. When he hears what's going to happen to Steven on Homeworld, Lars will ultimately decide that it's time for him to REALLY pull through, and, on Homeworld, do what he can to save Steven from whatever is planned to happen to him and get them both back to Earth.

Pearl and Peridot's Gadgeteer Genius skills and Peridot's metal manipulating powers will be used to create a ship to rescue Steven and Lars.
Pearl did build a ship herself early in the series and there was a broken down ship in the ruins Steven visited in 'Lion 4' so it's not impossible that Pearl and Peridot could get said ship up and running to rescue Steven.

Peridot will repair the Homeworld Warp, or at least the warp to a planet with the resources to get them there, as part of a plan to rescue Steven and Lars.
The Crystal Gems still have her Flask Robonoids. If given them back, she could possibly make use of them.

Lars not wearing an undershirt is symbolic of something
I'm not sure of what, but this is the first time he's (by his own volition) only worn a t-shirt. It has to mean something.

Beach City is going to get a major wake up call in regards to Gemkind.
The humans of Beach City usually leave everything Gem related to the Crystal Gems, unless they're in a situation where that's not an option. What would be the outcome to learning that there's a foe the Gems can't beat, who have taken two of their own, and would've taken more had it not been for Steven?

Lapis will carry one or more Crystal Gems (possibly after they've retreated into their gems) to Homeworld for a rescue mission.

The Diamonds are going to try to kill Lars.
What could be worse than watching someone you know and love die before you do? Add that in with Steven's Guilt Complex, and you have a broken fourteen year old.

There'll eventually be an all out war between the Earth and Homeworld again by the finale. Gem War Part 2, with people on "Rose's" side and Gems on the Diamonds' side once more.

Episodes won't focus solely on Steven anymore, and several episodes will be focused on Lars' attempts to get back to Earth.

Steven will occasionally join Lars' journey on Homeworld.
It just seems too out of character for Steven to abandon one of his friends on an alien planet, with nothing but a few misfit gems who barely know how to fight.
  • Confirmed with the episodes "Lars of the Stars", "Letters to Lars" and "Your Mother And Mine" in season 5, where Steven drops by for a visit during the adventures of Lars and the Off-colors.

There's going to be tension between Yellow and Blue Diamond, as Blue investigates what really happened to Pink.
Which might even end with an all-out war between their two courts.

White Diamond is off taking over other planets, to try and solve Homeworld's current resource crisis.

Pink Diamond decided to turn against Homeworld and that is why she was removed from play.
With it becoming more and more clear that Rose wasn't Pink's shatterer and that something else is at play an obvious answer becomes that Pink was shattered by Yellow Diamond. But why? Well, we've seen that many gems become entranced by Earth; even Blue Diamond, who should hate earth as being the place where her sister died, enjoys its beauty. What if Pink Diamond came to realize Rose was right and decided to end the war? Yellow couldn't have that and, in a fit of rage, either shattered Pink Diamond or bubbled her and then blamed Rose. Pink's death became a false flag to ensure that nothing ever changed.
  • The big problem with this is that Earth belonged to Pink Diamond so Yellow wouldn't have a say in how it was used anyway and likely wouldn't care. If Pink wanted to spare Earth and keep it intact she'd be within her rights as a Diamond, it wouldn't be much different than her keeping the Zoo.
  • She was murdered, not for resources obviously, but out of principle. How can a single Quartz solider not only rebel, but evade capture, set up bases and build an entire army of various gems all by herself? The simple answer is: she can't. She would have been a fugitive at best, like the Off-Colors on Homeworld. The Rebellion was a farce - intended to forever stall the colonization of Earth. Its very possible, Pink had long fallen in love with her Earth. Ergo, Rose was ordered by Pink Diamond to lead her very own rebellion.
    • Unfortunately, while this worked, she was eventually discovered by either the power-mad Yellow or White Diamond, who in rage at being defied and denied, assassinated her on the spot.
    • Semi-Confirmed: She turned against the Diamonds, but they never realized it. Her "shattering" was actually her faking her own death.

Padparadscha will be the key to solving the mystery of Pink Diamond's death.
So far, she's only been shown seeing things a few moments after they happen. However, what's to say that she can't concentrate to perform retrocognition of events as far back as Pink Diamond being shattered?
  • She would have to (despite certain grumblings from Ruby) Fuse with Sapphire to accomplish this. Sapphire's ability to look beyond the present, with Padparadscha's defective vision of past events, will combine into a power that can see far into the past.
  • Jossed. It involved Steven traveling deep inside Pearl's gem to witness her memories of Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz faking her death.

Pink Diamond's Pearl is now part of Rhodonite
The reason Pink Diamond's Pearl was not present during her assassination was because she'd already fled after Fusing with a Ruby, thereby becoming the Off Color fugitive Rhodonite. Rhodonite probably knows something important about Pink Diamond's shattering.
  • Rhodonite mentions her components being under a Morganite, though.
    • Could still work out—it's entirely possible Pink Diamond's Pearl was given away to Morganite after her previous master's death.
    • True, but both Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl have their gems in the same place as their Diamonds, meaning that Pink's Pearl would most likely have a navel gem. Rhodonite's Pearl has a chest gem.
    • Jossed. Pink Diamond's Pearl is the Crystal Gem Pearl.

After being cured of Corruption, Jasper will avenge her Diamond.
Once she understands Rose was not responsible for Pink Diamond's death, she will rage against Homeworld for taking everything away from her, seeking to bring the murderer to justice. She will fight and/or deal the killing blow to either Yellow or White Diamond, but dying in the process. With one last sad smile at Steven, she'll point out the irony: That one of Pink Diamond's creations did end up shattering a Diamond, after all.

The Ruby Squad will preform a Heel–Face Turn.
And will play a crucial role in Jasper's redemption arc. One possible reason why they may defect from Homeworld is because of how one of the Diamonds possibly shattered Pink Diamond and put the blame on Rose Quartz. (As well as the fact that they view EVERY Gem that isn't them as expendable regardless of their loyalty and strength based on the Corruption Event) So if Jasper's going to defect, they'll follow her to the ends of the universe.

Lars will become the catalyst for the rest of Beach City getting involved with Gems.

Vidalia will shoot a Gem with her shotgun.

Steven will Fuse with Garnet and Pearl when he connects with them like he connected with Amethyst.

An Uncorrupted Desert Glass will become a Foil to Lapis.

All of the Diamonds will get a Villain Song

There will be a plotline about investigating what really happened at Pink Diamond's shattering
."The Trial" revealed that Rose Quartz might not have been the one to shatter Pink Diamond. Because of that, it's likely that Blue Diamond, seeking closure, will decide to launch an investigation into what really happened. Probably without telling any of the other Diamonds, should Defense Zircon's claim that one of them was the real shatterer be true. To that end, she might secretly send a team of investigator Gems to Earth to find out the truth, and uncover the real identity of Pink Diamond's killer.
  • Confirmed as of the episode "A Single Pale Rose" as we find out that Rose Quartz never shattered Pink Diamond, but she WAS Pink Diamond all along and staged her own death with her Pearl disguising herself as Rose to look like she shattered her with her own sword, when she was merely poofed and left behind some fake shards that she swallowed to emulate her being shattered.

The Off Colors will gain at least one new member before escaping to Earth

The Pearls know something
In "The Trial", Blue Zircon questioned where Pink Diamond's entourage were during the incident where she was shattered, and asking specifically after the absence of her Pearl. Note that right after she asked the final question regarding the Pearl, we are immediately taken to both Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl and shown how they react. One may guess that it's simply out of surprise, but the two seem to display the greatest expression out of those reacting to the line of questioning. And if anything, their expressions almost appear to be more a look of "Oh, Crap!" than simple shock over something they hadn't considered. It's likely that as the personal Pearls of the Diamonds, they would know Pink Pearl. So it would also be likely that they may know a bit more about the shattering than what has been revealed so far.

We'll see another Holly Blue Agate
After all we've seen another version of Pearl, and I guess that this Holly Blue Agate won't be a Jerkass like the one we know, and she may join the Crystal Gems, or be a Sixth Ranger to them. To emphasize the difference, maybe a new VA - someone like Bridget Hoffman, maybe?

Steven will fuse with Lars next.
Because they are both currently kidnapped, and he was one of the first characters on the show. Fusing would obviously be useful to escape the situation, and there were enough Lars based episodes to make it work. The fusion will probably be named "Stars".

Defense Zircon will escape to Earth
Defense Zircon, like Peridot, has become a pariah from Homeworld by realizing how deranged the Diamond Authority is, to the point of openly criticizing them in public. Even if Yellow Diamond didn't smash her Gem, she will still become an outcast to the rest of Homeworld for crossing their leader, but also because no one will believe her about Rose being innocent. But Steven and Lars, both remembering the legal help she gave them, will eventually come back and rescue her. Defense Zircon may initially struggle to adapt to life in Earth, but she will come to admire humanity for things like impartial judicial systems, and common law. She will even become a public defender, and be joyful she can defend someone without an absolute authority breathing down her neck.
  • DZ hasn't "realized how deranged the Diamond Authority is", she just came to the conclusion that one of the Diamonds shattered their fellow leader in an inside job. Even if she did, realizing that wouldn't instantly make her a pariah. I'd hardly call the trial public, either.
  • Not the realization, but the fact that she openly accused her leaders of conspiring against one of their own to their faces would make them a pariah. And Yellow Diamond poofing Defense Zircon would make her desperate to escape.

If Pink Diamond really was shattered, then her shards will become a Macguffin
It's already been shown how regular Gem shards can cause trouble like the possessed Frybo suit, the Gem limbs from "Secret Team", and the Gem Mutants, as well as how Gems can power different devices like the Pyramid Gem and Lapis. Imagine all the stuff that could happen if a Diamond's shard was used power something.
  • Jossed. Pink Diamond was never shattered and her shards were never hers; they were merely fake shards that she created to look like she was shattered so she could stage her own death at the hands of Rose Quartz, only to find out that Rose Quartz was actually Pink Diamond all along and her Pearl disguised herself as Rose to cover both of their tracks.

Follow up to "Dewey Wins".
At the start of "Dewey Wins", Connie calls Steven out over his Heroic Sacrifice before storming off, with Lion in tow. Either the next episode or the episode after is going to involve either Steven having a Heel Realization, or both him and Connie having a Both Sides Have a Point moment, and the two of them reconciling.

Rose's Room will make a return.
Tied to the above, Steven will enter Rose's Room and use it to recreate the events of I Am My Mom to try and see if there were any other way to settle that situation that didn't involve his Heroic Sacrifice. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a Kobayashi Maru situation, wherein there was no outcome that doesn't end with Steven/Connie/everyone killed and/or kidnapped, and poor Steven ends up spending hours, possibly days, trapped in no-win scenarios, and the Room not letting anyone in. And what do you wanna bet the only person it lets in is Connie...
  • Continuing on to this, the room keeps generating situations that are worse than the actual outcome because Steven himself believes that he couldn't have done anything else, which bleeds into the room as terrible alternate endings. It'll only be after Steven realizes that there were other, better options that the room will start to produce more positive outcomes.
    • Ultimately jossed, since their reconciliation in Kevin Party doesn't involve Rose's Room.

If the upcoming Garnet flashback takes place before Garnet decided on her name, someone, in an attempt to call her something other than "the Fusion", will call her Rupphire.
It'd be a nice Fandom Nod.

The Big Donut's manager will finally make an appearance.
Of the two employees at the Big Donut, one just quit, and the other's stuck in space. Having them appear now in an attempt to keep the shop running would be nice.

Connie's hair will gradually regrow to somewhat close to its original length, if not completely.
The decision to cut one's hair often signifies character growth, but so does the decision to grow one's hair out again. In Connie's case, her decision to cut her hair during her estrangement from Steven helped her to develop as a person while apart from him, and possibly, as her personal strength and relationship with him continue to grow throughout the remainder of the series, her hair will as well as a symbol of such growth.
  • Her hair seems to have grown to shoulder-length by "Lars of the Stars", which appears to occur a while after "Kevin Party". It could mean that several time skips will occur throughout the season, particularly in between Connie's future appearances.
    • Jossed in the above case: her hair was merely tied up in a ponytail and thus looked longer, and there have not been any seemingly major significant time skips or jumps throughout the season.
  • Her hair appears to have regrown to about mid-neck length by the time of "Reunited" and "Legs From Here To Homeworld", her first physical appearances since "Lars of the Stars".
Semi-confirmed. [[In "Steven Universe: The Movie", her hair has regrown to shoulder-length following the two-year Time Skip after the end of the fifth season.]]

Bill will start working at the Big Donut
He's out of a job, the Big Donut is out of employees, and he did say he'd find a new donut boy. Who better than himself?
  • Confirmed in the episode "Letters to Lars", when, after failing to find a new hobby, occupation, or purpose by integrating with those of the other Beach City citizens, he takes the job on Steven's suggestion.

Steven will fuse with Ruby and Sapphire while they're de-fused from Garnet.
In a situation that causes Garnet to de-fuse again, Steven, Ruby and Sapphire end up in a situation with only the three of them that ultimately causes Steven to accidentally fuse with them.
  • But that would be no different from fusing with Garnet.
  • Not the point either, just that it would be a fun twist that he fused with the two of them instead of Garnet, even if the result is the same.

An episode following Lars' return to Earth will be titled "The Pink Lars"
Because Rule of Three, naming conventions and Character Development. Also it'd just sound neat.
  • Hinted thus far in "Letters to Lars", after new Big Donut employee Bill Dewey gives a new donut the same name.

Ruby took the news better than Sapphire because of their original ranks
Sapphire was high ranking, and just had the loving person she most admired being revealed as the cruel person she most despised. And that's how Sapphire took it - as more evidence of Pink's cruelty. The war on false ideals could have been avoided. Ruby on the other hand is a low ranking soldier, and understands that a Diamond could lead a war, not a rebellion. Yes, the decisions were poor and she should have surrendered to herself rather than or at least before faking her death but the war was coming anyway because the ideals were real.

What will become of Garnet.
In the promo that aired after "A Single Pale Rose", we saw Garnet split, Sapphire angrily shout "she lied to us!", and then warping out of the house. Either Sapphire has warped someplace else on Earth to cool off, or she's pulled a Face–Heel Turn and gone to rejoin Homeworld in their invasion.

In the invasion itself, Sapphire will attack Steven viciously, forcing Ruby to fight her. In the end, Steven appeals to Sapphire, she and Ruby reconcile, and they reform Garnet to kick Homeworld ass.

  • Alternately, Sapphire will be brought back in the fold by the end of the "Heart of the Crystal Gems" event... but with the news that a massive invasion is coming thanks to her period of defection, starting a countdown throughout what will then be announced as the final season.

Steven will attempt to reveal what happened to Pink Diamond to the other Diamonds, and it will backfire horribly.
Either they'll refuse to believe Pink Diamond was Rose Quartz, and faked her death and think Steven is trying to trick them, or they'll be irreconcilably furious about what they see as Pink Diamond abandoning her duties as a leader and lying to her fellow Diamonds for the sake of some rebellious Gems and a single planet full of primitive organic life-forms.
  • Appears to be jossed. Although the Diamonds don't believe it at first, it takes Steven emitting Pink Diamond's aura as proof of identity to convince them and the promo following the Heart of the Crystal Gems arc shows that the Diamonds are not only non-hostile, but also glad to know that Pink Diamond was never shattered.

The next episode after A Single Pale Rose will show Steven revealing the truth to Connie and Greg.
  • Jossed. It was about Sapphire running off due to not taking the revelation well.

Greg knows Rose is Pink Diamond
She told him, but made him swear to never tell another soul, as she wanted to put everything she did back then behind her. Greg could relate, due to leaving his own family to become a rock star, which is why he only briefly talked about her past and what she told him when Steven brought it up.
  • I was going to say this one didn't make any sense, because surely he would have told Steven the truth when he started freaking out about "Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond". Except... does he actually know that that's what is bothering Steven? He's been kept very insulated from Gem stuff, so it's possible that nobody ever thought to tell him exactly what's wrong with Steven.
  • Jossed. He didn't know until Ruby tells him, and seems okay with it, since he didn't tell her the full story of his own past either.

The Diamond Authority is going to think that Lars is "Rose Quartz".
The Diamonds have no idea that Lars' hair forms a portal back to Earth, and so as far as they know, "Rose Quartz" is still trapped on Homeworld. And if they haven't already, they will soon be getting reports of a pink human male, who has united a group of Off-Color Gems, thwarted Homeworld security, stolen an advanced ship, and otherwise made fools of them. Sounds exactly like a description of "Rose Quartz", doesn't it? What's more, we know that the Sun Incinerator's Nova Thrusters generate a unique and trackable energy signature. So if Lars manages to repair the Thrusters and use them to shoot back to Earth, he may find the Diamond arm-ships popping out of FTL soon after him.
  • Jossed.

Lion is going to cough up the key to the mystery chest inside his mane.
  • And when Steven unlocks it and looks inside, he's going to find a recording from his mother basically going, "If you are watching this...then sadly, you learned the awful truth about me..."

Pink Diamond had a another Pearl before receiving Pearl
, and we've already met herGiven that the other Diamonds have Pearls who are more monochrome in colour and more like them in colour, it is entirely possible that Pink Diamond had a Pink Pearl monochrome in colour before receiving "our" Pearl. "Our" Pearl in the latest flash back is shown to incorporate pink, blue, yellow, and white into her design. I posit that there was Pink Pearl was present in Pink Diamond's life before "our" Pearl and I believe we've already been partially shown this Pink Pearl: Morganite. I think Morganite's base units, Pearl and Ruby, might have been a part of Pink Diamond's court, fell in love, fused, and were run off by a Diamond. I think this might have been a catalyst for Pink Diamond becoming appreciative of flawed Gems and of love in general. Furthermore, I believe Morganite was out of the loop regarding the rebellion and Pink Diamond's dual identity as Rose Quartz because she was run out of the court before Pink Diamond fell in love with "our" Pearl, orchestrating the rebellion.
  • Rhodonite. Morganite was Rhodonite's components' former boss, who kicked them out.

Steven will have to order Pearl to do something she doesn't want to do
Considering he has the gem of her owner, Pink Diamond, it's likely he can order Pearl to do things and she would be compelled to obey. He'd never normally do such a thing, but there could be a Batman Grabs a Gun moment where he's forced to do so, which would make Steven feel awful and the other Crystal Gems feel betrayed because it undermines how the Crystal Gems have fought Homeworld's oppression for millennia.

Amethyst and Peridot are going to start referring to Steven as "My Diamond" and deferring to him the way Homeworld Gems do to the other Diamonds.
  • Amethyst will be doing it sarcastically, because she's Amethyst and that's the sort of thing she'd probably find hilarious.
  • Peridot, on the other hand, will be doing it more seriously. Breaking from Yellow Diamond's service shattered her psyche, and devoting herself to Steven is the one thing that can satisfy all parts of her. Her love of Earth and freedom can be satisfied, because Steven loves those things to. But her built-in devotion to the Diamonds can also be satisfied, because she is once again devoting herself to the service of a Diamond.

There will be shout-outs to some of the fanbase memes in the next episode after "A Single Pale Rose".
  • Something like this:
    (Serious discussion)
    Amethyst: Guys! Do you realize what this means?
    Someone: What?
    Amethyst: If Steven is Pink Diamond, then that means that he legally owns, like, the whole planet!

If the news of the events of "A Single Pale Rose" gets out in Beach City, Steven will start getting the literal royal treatment from the citizens.

Steven and Pearl will fuse.
  • Pearl has just got off her chest the biggest secret she has been keeping from Steven, having basically bared all to Steven, once he works through most of his emotions about it, their bond will be strengthened and there will be a situation much like Jasper was for Amethyst, and they will fuse into Rainbow Diamond 2.0.
  • Confirmed in that they fused, forming the second Rainbow Quartz, but it was to "wake" her up from her gemstone in "Change Your Mind".

The first gem working for White Diamond that will appear will be a gray gem.
I personally put my bets on a Coral.
  • Half-confirmed/half-jossed. Her Pearl is monochrome (black-and-white), with some hints of gray.

Someone will believe Peridot's twitter where she says she is the leader of the Crystal Gems.
They will either go to her for help, or capture her for Homeworld.
Sapphire will meet with Lapis.
It's likely that the episodes from Can't Go Back through the end of the season will all flow into one another. Lapis figuring into the plot would make her return in Can't Go Back thematically fit with the others. If Sapphire were to betray the Crystal Gems, meeting with another gem with no particular loyalty towards them and a desire to avoid conflict with Homeworld would seem to fit the bill, and allow an episode title or two to make a "blue" pun of some kind.

Peridot's claim to ideas for eco-friendly ways to utilize Earth's resources will be brought up again.
If the Diamonds decide to let Steven have the Earth after learning his mother was really Pink Diamond, they might want to find some way they can still harvest the planet—especially given that resource crisis they're apparently dealing with. Obviously not wanting to see the Earth harmed, as that was the whole point of the Crystal Gems in the first place (and, y'know, it's his home), Steven will only agree when he remembers Peridot's proposal from back in "Message Received".

Possible way for Steven to prove to the Diamonds that Pink Diamond was never shattered
When/If Steven attempts to tell the truth to the Diamonds, they won't believe him at first. This is when Steven will bring out some evidence, namely him experiencing memories of when Pink Diamond still was before faking her shattering in "Jungle Moon" and "Can't Go Back". It's only natural that there's no way that no one else other than the Diamonds would have known of those, so if he were to describe them to the Diamonds, chances are it'll be more than enough to convince them.
  • Jossed on the specific. While the basis is more or less the same (try to convince the Diamonds and fail, and then provide solid evidence that convinces them), Steven instead uses Astral Projection and emits an aura that the Diamonds recognize as Pink's.

There will be a twist in Crying Breakfast Friends! mirroring the one in "A Single Pale Rose"
It will be used for Self-Deprecation with Steven saying he predicted it years ago, much like with Duck-tective having a twin brother and everyone being angry over that being the reveal, with Soos saying he predicted it a year ago.
  • Alternate theory: If Steven does claim to have predicted it long ago, unlike Soos's dismissive remark, his will be a more excited I Knew It! Because, like the theorists who predicted the twist in "A Single Pale Rose" years earlier, he feels vindicated in holding onto his prediction in the face of being told how ridiculous it sounded.

Bismuth will meet Smoky Quartz, and both will have speaking roles when they do.
Because when two of your voice actors come from Orange Is the New Black, why wouldn't you have both work together again on an episode?
  • And considering they both like and use puns, it's going to be an incredibly punderful time.

Bismuth will be shattered by the Diamonds in "Reunited".
Both to prove how much of a threat they are, and because Uzo Aduba is too expensive and busy with Orange Is the New Black to be brought in on a recurring basis.
  • Alternatively, they could simply give her far less speaking roles to compensate. Season 6 could see her having plenty of non-speaking cameos and possibly scattered lines here and there that the staff could just call Aduba up to record without disrupting her OSTNB filming schedule too much.
    • Jossed. Bismuth is still alive by the end of the episode.

Bismuth will upgrade Steven's shield.
Not only will she give it modifications to make it a more effective (while still nonlethal) weapon, she'll also change the design to make it less "Rose's" and more "Steven's".

The Diamonds will be horrified by the effects of Corruption, and turn against White Diamond for lying to them about the effects of the Corrupting Light
  • Jossed. They're really only mildly disturbed at worst, even blaming Pink for "making them ruin perfectly adequate Gems," but they at least agree to try helping cure them.

We will get a flashback episode about Pink’s early years from the Blue and Yellow’s perspectives
  • Now that he’s telling them what happened, they will tell him at some point maybe in early season 6 about when she was first made and why they were so dismissive of her.

Steven and Connie having The Big Damn Kiss will cause Steven to give off an aura.
Steven will be so hyped up on the emotion of the event that he'll unleash Pink's aura, which will affect the Gems nearby kinda like Blue's inducing crippling sadness except that it'll make everyone feel all schmaltzy. And Steven would be too frozen up in the aftermath of the kiss to even notice what he's doing!

Someone will give Steven a What the Hell, Hero? talk after he's too friendly with the Diamonds
Most likely Bismuth and/or Connie (since she remembers Stevonnie's dream of Yellow Diamond callously talking about wiping out a planet's life) will tell Steven that the Diamond's are genocidal Galactic Conquerors who cannot be forgiven.
  • Steven will likely counter that if they want them to stop being genocidal conquerors, use of force won't possibly work on multiple levels. He'll add that taking them out, even if it hadn't already been proven virtually impossible, would likely plunge Gem society into chaos, especially since most of their subjects still adore them—citing Pink's former subjects' fanatical hatred of Rose and the Crystal Gems after her alleged shattering. Ultimately, however, this conflict may likely end on a note of Both Sides Have a Point and working out a means to Take Athird Option.

We'll get to meet an actual Rose Quartz Gem.
  • Now that they know how their sister truly died, the Diamonds no longer have any reason to keep the Rose Quartz gemline bubbled. And it would be interesting to see what an actual Rose Quartz is like.

Peridot and Lapis will end up fusing immediately upon reforming.
Their gemstones are currently stored right next to each other, and it would make sense that they would instinctively reach for each other for comfort after their experiences in "Reunited". And because it would make for a fun episode opening for a completely unknown Gem to appear seemingly out of nowhere to everybody's confusion.

The final fight of the series will be a Three-Diamond Fusion, but it'll be Steven fusing with Blue and Yellow to defeat an insane White.
So far White seems to make Blue and Yellow seem well-adjusted by comparison, and she's not going to take it well when she realizes that Pink wasn't just going through a rebellious phase that she's finished with now. Yellow and especially Blue aren't going to be willing to lose Pink again. And like Blue Diamond said. Every gem that goes to Earth ends up turning traitor.

Such a fight might only come about AFTER Blue and Yellow go through some soul searching
Yellow and Blue are probably terrified/respecting of White Diamond. It is likely when "Pink" inevitably challenges White, White will order Blue and Yellow to fight/kill "Pink". They, at first, might obey White and (reluctantly) go after Pink, not wanting to obey White anymore. But eventually, White does something so cruel and heartless, maybe something to Pink, they finally erupt and turn on her.
Blue: (concerned) White, what are you-
White Diamond: (cheerfully) Teaching her respect.
Yellow Diamond: (grinding her teeth) You're hurting her.
White Diamond: I am merely teaching her the way I taught you too.

And then, this leads into Blue and Yellow becoming Crystal Gems.

Steven will have another birthday, this time with his friends, family, and the entire town of Beach City involved.
This makes a lot of sense since Steven has done so much good, changed so many lives, and brought out the best in so many people.

Kevin will return and try a new scheme to get at Stevonnie again, which will kick off a redemption arc for him.
Kevin seems to only appear when he wants something to do with Stevonnie, and it's likely that following his failure to get them to appear at his party in "Kevin Party", he'll develop a slight obsession with them, and try another scheme to get to them, which in someway will end up not only failing, but also result in a series of events that could ultimately result in Kevin becoming a better person.
  • This is likely as we saw in "Kevin Party" that Kevin wasn't completely the one-dimensional jerk we've seen him as so far.

In a spiritual followup to "So Many Birthdays", Steven would find himself changed into a girl.
She would then call herself "Nora" until she changes back to Steven (if at all).

Or, alternatively to the above...
There will be an episode where somebody In-Universe would write fanfiction starring a girl version of Steven (called "Nora") and male (but still non-binary) versions of the Crystal Gems à la Adventure Time's "Fionna and Cake".

There will be a Sequel Episode to "The New Crystal Gems".
Specifically, the misadventures Peridot, Lapis, Bismuth, and Pumpkin get into while Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Connie were away on Homeworld.

There will be a Homeworld Civil War.
White Diamond is like a strict 50's era mom confronted by a child who just came out. She's going to want "Pink" (Steven) to fulfill "her" role as a diamond and either colonize Earth or expand their empire. When Steven tries to get her to help the corrupted gems, he hits White Diamond's Berserk Button: White either doesn't care about her disposable troops or will blame "Pink". And she will punish her wayward child. This is just not cricket for Yellow and Blue. They will either plead Steven's case or will call out White for her past acts of anger.

White Diamond will pull a I Have No Son! on Steven.
White Diamond may get so pissed off at "Pink's" actions that she may just disown her outright to "her" face. To Steven though, it would be more of an Unishment because he needs to go back home to Earth anyway.

The Breaking Point will return.
Bismuth will reveal to the Crystal Gems that she had made more than one Breaking Point and still has the plans, averting No Plans, No Prototype, No Backup. The Crystal Gems will have to decide whether or not to destroy all of the Breaking Points, destroy most of them but keep one just incase they need it, or to keep all of them. They eventually decide to destroy all of the Breaking Points because they are to dangerous to have.

Bismuth will rescue Yellow and Blue Pearl from the wreckage of their Diamonds' ships
It would be important Character Development for her, making her realize that not all Homeworld Gems are bad (though I imagine Yellow Pearl would annoy her).
  • Jossed: the Diamond Days trailer shows them on Homeworld.

White Diamond will be defeated by other Gems forming a mass fusion with her, overpowering her with their love for each other

Connie will be instrumental in the final fight against White Diamond.
It is established that the Diamonds collectively have abilities that help cement their authority over the rest of Gemkind. Blue Diamond’s Emotion Bomb can only affect Gems, and while it's Yellow Diamond’s electrical powers can harm humans, it's only ever used to poof Gems, and the Gem-destabilizer tech - which Steven is partially immune to- is clearly modeled off of it.

With these implications, it is likely that White Diamond’s primary abilities are also Gem focused. In her case, she would be able to warp the thoughts or minds of Gems. This is why her Pearl is the way that she is.

Her Pearl is the only Pearl currently voiced by somebody other than Deedee Magno-Hall, instead being voiced by White's actress, Christine Ebersole. She is also frozen in a Y-pose, the same pose we see White Diamond in in "Legs From Here to Homeworld”. If the theory that White Diamond is blind is proven true, this would also explain why her Pearl was looking upward when she addressed Steven. While under White Diamond’s control, her Pearl is also blind and presumed that Steven (still being Pink Diamond) was taller than her. This would also prove why she did not question why Steven looked any different and simply presumed that he was still the Pink Diamond she knew.

So if White could control Gems like her Pearl, then it is likely that she could do this to any Gem, including Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, even her fellow Diamonds if they decide to defy her.

Connie, however, is not a Gem. Connie was the only one unaffected by Blue Diamond's Emotion Bomb and Steven is immune to the destabilizers. If White Diamond can mentally control Gems, this means that Steven is just as vulnerable as everybody else, leaving Connie the only one on Homeworld invulnerable to her attack.

If this happens, Connie will snap Steven out of it with The Big Damn Kiss, and the two will Fuse into Stevonnie to keep White from regaining control of Steven.

  • Jossed, as Steven is not mind-controlled and instead has his gem ripped off, creating an emotionless clone of him. However, Connie proves herself as instrumental by carrying Steven's weakened human half.

There will be a Breaking the Fellowship arc for the Diamonds, with White declaring the Great Diamond War.
When Steven realizes there is no reasoning with White, he will convince Blue and Yellow to help him escape Homeworld after giving them a much deserved Calling the Old Woman Out on Pink's behalf, leading to their Heel Realization. Once they help him, White Diamond decides to punish them by declaring war on Blue, Yellow, and "Pink"'s courts, while also revealing she used an observational orb to discover Rose's true identity. The Crystal Gems escape Homeworld to prepare another war, much to Steven's dismay, and Blue and Yellow stay behind to keep White at bay.
  • Initially, "Change Your Mind" does start somewhat like the first sentence of this theory (Steven convinces the Diamonds to Heel–Face Turn). However, the rest is Jossed since there's no war, White sabotages Pink's ship before Steven can escapes and Steven refuses to escape.

Or, alternatively to the above...
Tensions rise high, which leads to a big breakup between the Diamonds; all four of them choose to go their separate ways after a huge argument that escalates, and obviously nobody (not even White) is happy about it. While Blue and Yellow may end up going through a Break-Up/Make-Up Scenario (likely with the help of an equally miserable Steven), White will remain cold and claim to want nothing to do with them.

Lapis will attack Bismuth, remembering her as specifically the one responsible for her being trapped in the mirror.
  • Jossed. There's no animosity between them in "Reunited" and "Change Your Mind" (in the latter, they even cooperate).

Garnet will be poofed during Diamond Days.
She's a cross-Gem permafusion going to Homeworld, where it's taboo, and she tells Greg in "Legs from Here to Homeworld" that "Steven will be fine." As further evidence, the uncolored version of the promo art shows Garnet with a different design on her chest.
  • Confirmed in "Together Alone". However, Pearl and Amethyst are also poofed.

Steven will use his tears or spit on White Pearl. If it works, they'd revert her to the true Pink Pearl as seen in the dream that opened "Together Alone".
  • Jossed. She does come back to normal, but it's because she's freed from White's brainwashing along with Blue and Yellow Diamond and the three main Crystal Gems, and she still has her cracked eye.

"Battle of Heart and Mind" will end with Pink's entire court relocating to Earth, and White Diamond preparing a full-scale invasion.
Steven will appeal to the gems under Pink Diamond, saying there is so much more than Homeworld's rigid caste system, that they can be whatever they want on Earth, using Pearl, Peridot, and Lapis as examples.

White Diamond, seeing this as the ultimate betrayal, mobilizes her armies to invade Earth and carry out her ultimate plan: to exterminate all organic life on Earth, convert the planet into a Starkiller Base-style superweapon, and use it to destroy another civilization to use as leverage in blackmailing organics into surrender. At the same time, White Diamond's true colors are revealed: she views the Gems as the ultimate lifeform due to their use of hard light and nigh-immortality, and all organic lifeforms as inferior by comparison, so she seeks to rid the galaxy of them.

Blue and Yellow want no part of it and try to go to Earth to warn Steven, but White puts them under mind-control, and mobilizes the Grand Fleet to set course for Earth, and even begins turning other superweapons Homeworld has built from the remnants of planets towards Earth to destroy it if the invasion goes south.

Steven, Blue Diamond, and Yellow Diamond will have to fuse to take on White Diamond.

Building off some above WMGs about Blue and Yellow managing to have Heel Realizations, they'll have to contend with the fact that they don't stand a chance against White Diamond's power alone. The solution? A Triple-Gem fusion that will combine the power of all three Diamonds into something that can go toe-to-toe with the most powerful Gem in existence. Steven would be the most likely to pitch the idea, and while the other two will be hesitant, it might end up being a Godzilla Threshold, and at least it's closer to a Same-Gem fusion than, say, Garnet or Opal.

Bonus: The resulting fusion will be Black Diamond, as a consequence of their combined colors (if Blue=Cyan and Pink=Magenta for the sake of this, all three base pigment colors make black when mixed together) as well as playing Dark Is Not Evil to White Diamond's Light Is Not Good.

Not likely to happen but it'd be awesome if it did.

It will only sink in to the other Diamonds that Steven =/= Pink once he gets badly injured in combat.

Forgive me if there's evidence I'm forgetting, but from what I've seen and can recall, injuries to the bodies of Gems are all-or-nothing affairs: Either they're fine or they're poofed.

So if Steven obtained severe injuries at some point, especially if there's blood(which we probably won't see in this show), the Diamonds will be forced to wrap their heads around the fact that Steven isn't a full Gem, and his insistence on being called "Steven" and staying in his current form isn't just a game.

Season 6 will detail the fallout/aftermath of the events of "Change Your Mind".

Because this show is no stranger to subverting and averting a lot of common formula for cartoons, season 6, if it does happen, will go into detail about how any action has consequences, good or bad.

Specifically, it will go into detail about how all the uncorrupted gems readjust to life on earth, how Jasper might seek forgiveness/redemption and the rest of the CG's accepting her (especially Lapis...), Homeworld society changing for the better (if it does at all) and hopefully in-depth introductions to all the healed gems we saw in the season 5 finale.

White Diamond will make an effort to redeem herself, but go about it in all the wrong ways.
After the events of Change Your Mind completely shattered her worldview and left her an awkward mess for the rest of the episode, there's no way White Diamond would be able to just pick up exactly where she left off with ruling Homeworld. Instead, she'll attempt to make some changes, but seeing as she only just began her reformation, she'll only know that the way she was doing it before was wrong, not necessarily how to do it right. This will result in a lot of well-intentioned gestures based on misunderstandings that make everything really awkward and cause problems. Not to mention she might still not see what's wrong with the whole Gem world-conquering business.

Example: Say White Diamond gets poofed, like by a snerson or something. If by chance, in an attempt to teach her about living, Steven mentioned Nora (perhaps as part of explaining how his parents allowed him to be whatever he wound up being), she might try to appeal to Steven by reforming as a human-looking girl named "Nora White" or something, as like a "Look! I'm doing it too! I understand!" thing.

tl;dr In attempting to correct her behavior and redeem herself, White Diamond will become clueless problematic overcompensating mom.

A different sapient alien species will appear...
...and hold a grudge against gemkind, wanting to wipe them all out.
  • Sneople...

After recent revelations, Jasper will become disillusioned with the Diamonds' cause and rebel against them.
First, she learns that Rose Quartz, her most hated enemy, is actually her beloved leader Pink Diamond. Which results in her renouncing her out of anger. Next, she finds out that the rest of the Diamonds were responsible for the corrupted Gems and not the Earth like she believed; causing her to think that they built up her strength and loyalty for nothing. What serves as the final straw is when they start changing the order she so strictly adhered to; from having every Gem stick solely to their intended purpose to being able to choose to be whatever they want. Outraged, Jasper severs ties with the Great Diamond Authority and stages a coup. With the intent of overthrowing the Diamonds and keeping the order the way it is; deeming them false rulers that shamelessly abuse their power.

The Diamonds were fighting a larger war, and that's why Earth and Pink Diamond were not their main focus for most of the show.
And now that Steven came to them, the Crystal Gems and Earth will be asked/ forced by the Diamond Authority to fight Yellow Diamond cared about only two things during her introduction - getting rid of Earth so Blue will move on emotionally and be there to help her, and getting the superweapon she wanted from the Earth. So she seemed at that time to be pretty desperate and very busy, but we don't get to see with what? We see so little of what Homeworld was doing during the years after Pink was shattered, and it seemed like they wanted to leave Earth alone mostly. Except Blue couldn't forget her grief, and Yellow wanted to still get some good use out of Earth. The song "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)?" implies that the Diamonds are in some kind of desperate, ongoing war. It may also explain why they're so restrictive about unauthorized fusions. A fusion is a kind of unpredictable weapon, and in a war, a weapon that's reliable and does what it's told is much more valuable than something that could be really powerful, but is uncontrolled and unstable. It might explain their adherence to the hierarchy and why they eliminate off-colors on sight - they need military-like unity in the face of some very powerful enemy, an enemy we haven't seen yet. And Steven could very well accidentally veer into Nice Job Breaking It, Hero, if his actions end up costing Homeworld important battles. But in all likelihood, the off-colors and Crystal Gem fusions will end up winning the war for Homeworld, which will eventually give freedom and equality to all once-persecuted Gems.

Bismuth will be the one to act as an Audience Surrogate should elements of the Light series be incorporated into the show proper.
Bismuth is the only major Crystal Gem character who was absent from the events of both games, so if the show brings in game elements and needs to bring fans who haven't played the games up to speed, she'll be the in-universe reason for explaining everything most of the other characters would already know... Though she probably won't take kindly to hearing that a Homeworld Gem was running around in her forge.

Jasper will become a Straw Nihilist.
After learning that Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond are one and the same, she comes to the conclusion that all Gems are worthless, unappreciated, and made only to be thrown out like garbage, regardless of how well they serve their purpose. Her beliefs are reinforced by the fact that the Diamonds were responsible for the corrupted Gems and not the Earth like she thought. Jasper's arc will revolve around Steven trying to break her out of her newly-acquired nihilistic mindset.

How the Cluster will potentially be dealt with:
The Cluster has been safely bubbled and is in fact friendly, so it's not an immediate problem, but as "Reunited" shows, there's still the potential for an antagonist to try and get it to form. Since teleportation technology exists in this series, the most likely theory IMO is that Steven and company will endeavour to use said tech to move the Cluster into outer space (and possibly find something to fill the hole it was in) so that no one can do that.

The Korean Pop Music genre will be referenced in a future episode.
Probably with a Shout-Out, or a parody.

A prominent character will be shattered in Season 6.
Because a character getting Killed Off for Real should set the stakes higher. If it's one of the Crystal Gems, then it will most likely be Bismuth (Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl are too core characters to get killed, and killing Peridot or Lapis would be a waste of their character arc, whereas Bismuth has already completed her arc), but more likely it will be Jasper or one of the Off Colors.

Jasper will start an anti-Diamond rebellion.
This was already discussed above, but this theory postulates another reason why she would.

Jasper doesn't like peace one bit. She lives for battle. And with the Diamonds having turned pacifist, Jasper will think they've lost sight of what she believes is the ultimate destiny of the Gem race: to destroy all organic life in the Milky Way.

Recruiting Aquamarine, the Ruby Squad, and other militarist Gems, Jasper plots to shatter or at least subjugate the Diamonds, shatter the Crystal Gems, kill Steven, destroy Earth using a weapon other than the Cluster, and lead the Gems in a galactic war of extermination. Of course, she'll lose and end up getting shattered since Steven realizes she's beyond redemption (and she shattered Spinel to break him), and the Anti-Diamond Rebellion will be brought to a permanent end as the collaborators are bubbled forever.

Season 6 will introduce the biggest villain yet

Steven Universe Future will see the return of Black Diamond, an ultra powerful MALE Gem who, along with White, was the creator of the Gems as a whole.

Black and White were created along with the universe, and because of that they saw the beginning of life itself and formed their own ideologies around it.

White came to love the beauty of perfection and flawlessness, while Black became obsessed with controlled chaos, believing it to be the crux of evolution and power.

Despite their differences, Black and White came together on a remote planet containing all the minerals they needed to create all different types of Gems.

Despite both having no real gender, Black encouraged White to make the rest of the Gems in her image rather than his, secretly, this was because, while he loved her, he saw White as technically inferior to him.

Yellow and Blue Diamond were created and together the 4 of them turned the planet into what would eventually become the Gem Homeworld.

White eventually decided that the amount of Gem types they had created satisfied every need they had and that what they had created was absolutely perfect.

Black, on the other hand, believed they should keep going and find new Elements for new Gem types, but Yellow and Blue agreed with White and decided to form the Gem empire with what they had.

Black, feeling rejected, went off on his own to search for new minerals for Gem types and discovered a new element: Dark Matter.

He returned to homeworld having absorbed a great amount of this power and tried to convince the other Diamonds to use it to create a new super race of Gems so they could expand even further.

White, however, refused as she believed the Dark matter was to erratic and unpredictable and would be a detriment to their perfect empire, to which Blue and Yellow agreed.

Feeling rejected once again and believing he is losing his superiority over them, Black attacked the Diamonds in an attempt to start over without interference.

A great battle between Diamonds occurred, ending with Black being shattered and expelled into space, where the Dark matter carried his remains to who-knows where.

The other Diamonds, remorseful over what they had to do, decided to create Pink Diamond to fill the void left by Blacks betrayal.

This coincided with the start of Era 1 of the Gem Empire, leading to the Diamonds colonizing more planets to expand their perfect empire...

A millennia later, after the events of the main series and the movie, Black Diamond is revealed to have been reassembled and has created a new physical form generated from Dark Matter rather than Light.

Along with this, he has created his own army of “Dark Gems”, also made of Dark Matter and who, while still having no gender, all appear male like him.

During the events of Future, he will send his Dark Gems to collect parts for his new ultimate weapon: a massive faceship powered by Dark matter which has the ability to absorb entire planets from space(which is technically Dark matter as well).

He will also turn other Gems to his side using his ability to instill corruption, Jasper and even White Diamond will become victims of this, with Jasper willingly joining his side and White becoming corrupted as a result of their rematch that ends with Black driving the other Diamonds from Homeworld and conquering all of Gem-Kind.

Future will be about Steven and the rest of Gemkind forming a new rebellion against Black Diamond and the Dark Gems to prevent him from conquering the universe.

Finally, during this time Black will challenge what Steven and co see as right as wrong, questioning whether or not their desire for empathy and equality will truly lead to a brighter future(he could maybe even succeed in destroying Stevens Gem, lamenting over how he and Pink may have gotten along well under different circumstances)

Black may or may not be redeemed in the end, he attempts destroy the Earth in the big finale and either completely rejects Steven and co’s offer of peace and is defeated or comes to finally understand their viewpoint(though not completely accepting it) gets rid of the Dark Matter somehow after which he fades away without the Dark Matters power, with his Dark Gems becoming real Gems and integrating into Gem society after seeing the Crystal Gems ideology as well.

It's not over yet.
At some point, there will be a spin-off starring Lars and the Off-Colors. It will be called Lars of the Stars, and focus on the motley crew exploring strange new worlds inhabited by bizarre creatures, solving mysteries, and occasionally checking in with Earth.
  • There could also be a spinoff/prequel about the adventures of Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond.

If/When there is another series made in the universe, it'll be an Animated Anthology.
Related to the above guess, but instead of just focusing on one subject, it'll give us snapshots of different ones set in the past, present, and future of what we'll call the "Steven Saga" (i.e. the classic series, the Movie, and Future). The show overall could look into a multitude of different times and characters, including Lars and the Off-Colors both before getting back to Earth and after taking off into space again, the Gem War, Gems exploring their new lives in Little Homeworld and beyond, Homeworld itself during Era 3, Steven's road trip, Greg and the Gems living together, and possibly more.

This format could allow the Crewniverse to explore any and all the plot ideas they wanted to include but never got the chance to, such as an Amethyst origin story (with a motherly Rose), Rose deciding to have Steven, Rhodinite's backstory with an appearance from Morganite (who apparently has a canon design), Mystery Girl returning, why the Zircons were "in trouble", Spinel and the Diamonds having "problems to settle out", what happens when a gem is left in the dark too long, Lapis backstory and details about her powers, and Lars discovering his Lion powers. Steven's story being concluded by the end of the Future series would mean that the "Steven Perspective" can be retired, which means episodes centering around these things wouldn't even require a framing device to show Steven learning these things as we do.

If there's a fourth Light game, it'll take place during the months between "I Am My Monster" and "The Future".
As the game's plotline is concluding, it'll show Steven reflecting on George's journey to find himself between the second and third games and decide to give it a try for himself.

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