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Guesses relating to the human residents of Beach City and the city/setting itself go here.

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     Greg Universe 
Greg's Music was unpopular because he was trying to make 80's style music in the late 90's
Sour Cream is in his teens and Marty was with Vidalia when Greg was playing 80's style rock in Beach City. That means that Greg was playing 80's style rock in 1995-1999. No wonder it was unpopular, it was out of fashion.

Greg's tape from "House Guest" has healing powers.
The tape fixed the geode, maybe it has magic? Like maybe it was a gift from Rose before she died. It would explain why Greg was so confident it would work. You can even see the tape sparkling towards the end of the episode, which is something Steven's spit sometimes does.Of course, if this is the case, that would mean Greg's leg was healed before Steven got involved.
(Unless Rose isn't gone for good) Greg will eventually gain a Second Love.
What so you want Steven to have another mom? I sure hope the bride is not Pearl or Garnet (leave the gems alone, Greg)
  • And in Adventure Time fashion, Greg will end up losing his shot at romance.

Greg didn't know that Steven's birth meant Rose would be leaving him until the last minute.
In the home movie Greg seemed a little too happy about the pregnancy for someone who knew what it would result in. Also, Rose seemed to be making sure Greg wasn't listening when she recorded her message to Steven.

The first time Amethyst shapeshifted into Rose for Greg he kissed her in a moment of weakness.

The uncle Greg mentioned that left him a mansion deed is the same one showing up in that episode where Steven's crazy uncle shows up

Greg's real last name isn't Universe like Priyanka suspected
He might have legally changed it to that, but it's not his birth name. Considering that throw away line about a rich uncle, it could be that his entire family is rich, and Greg had a major falling out with them.
  • Rose didn't understand the concept of stage names and kept returning Greg's mail because it was addressed to a Mr. Jones, and no such man lives here. He eventually gave up and just legally changed it.
    • He could have legally changed his name to that even before he met Rose. Rock stars are always changing their names to crazy things.
    • Confirmed! Well, the name part anyway; his last name was actually De Mayo before he changed it to Universe. No word on when he changed it, though.

Greg's farmer's tan isn't from the sun; it's the result of an energy blast generated by Rose Quartz as she gave up her physical form to give birth to Steven.
In the video tape in "Lion 3: Straight To Video" (which was shot before Steven's birth), Greg's skin is a uniform shade of light pink.
  • Greg is also wearing clothes that fit into the outline of his tan then; in future episodes, he wears a tank top instead of a tee shirt, meaning we can see his farmer tan.
  • So he gets to live the rest of his life wearing mild burn scars that commemorate the day that he lost the love of his life? Harsh.

Greg's real name is Starchild Universe.
He got into the habit of going by Greg because Starchild Universe is a hell of thing to be called as a kid. Marty kept calling him Starchild to get under his skin.

Greg 'saw' the War, and reacted to that knowledge in a similar way Steven did
Greg tries to explain the Gem invasion and resulting war as a way to convince Steven they have to leave town. Steven just responds by deciding this is exactly why they cant'' leave the Crystal Gems behind. Perhaps at one point in their relationship Rose used her Room to show Greg the truth behind the Gems' history on earth.

(Perhaps this was out of simple honesty, perhaps a It's Not You, It's My Enemies situation. For all we know Rose and Greg shared similar uncertainties about their relationship; he thinks he's a 'dope', she sees this Nice Guy becoming attached to her, but knows she's experienced terrible things that may not be over).

Except rather than seeing the Gems as 'invading aliens' as Rose feared, he decides that the ones who stayed - Rose in particular - are just people trying to make up for past actions. And, naturally, Greg just loved Rose all the more for this.

Greg will drive his van into the temple's heart at some point
Obviously, this show loves foreshadowing. Greg has a song called "Let me Drive a Van Into Your Heart", and there is a giant heart in the temple. This would be a perfect target for a van-ram, as smaller hearts would be less dramatic.

Greg and Amethyst were in a brief relationship after Rose died
Maximum Capacity states that they used to spend a lot more time together in the past and their interactions in that episode could be read as people who had previously been in a fling that ended badly. I suspect that they fell into a relationship together due to their mutual grief over Rose and then that relationship kinda blew up on them because that's kinda what these relationships do. Garnet and Pearl never really knew what was fully going on because Amethyst doesn't like opening up to them necessarily, and because Garnet and Pearl don't really know how to relate to Greg (Plus Pearl doesn't really like Greg, but still...)

Greg looked exactly like Steven as a kid.
Given that Rose was a Gem who likely wouldn't have DNA to pass on to Steven, it stands to reason that Steven is, for lack of a better term, a "clone" of Greg, as he only received DNA from Greg in this case.

Greg's Financial History
The following is a chronicle of all the things Greg buys using the $10 million in royalties since he got the cash. Feel free to make corrections and additions to the math as necessary.

  • Starting Amount: $10,000,000
  • Custom-made business cards: $10 for a set of 50
  • At least one night at a fancy hotel: $100,000
    • Includes: penthouse suite with working fountain, water slide, and pool; fancy gourmet dinner; broken dinner table; tailor-made tuxedos for three people; pizza; and random tips to employees
  • Tablet: $500
  • Used, good condition '96 Dondai Supremo: $10,000
  • Fishing pole: $50
  • Boat: $500,000
  • "Sweet" Minidisc player for the van (parts and installation): $400
  • Fancy gold watch: $1,000
  • Equipment for Sadie Killer's show in Empire City: $2000
    • Includes: "really expensive" fog machine, laser projector, t-shirts, suits, ghost getup, coffin, and wreaths
  • Telescope: $500
  • Remaining Amount: $9,385,540

Greg has an undiagnosed heart condition
He is often seen holding his chest when under stress. His reaction when Steven told him about what happened when he was captured by Jasper was basically a Hollywood Heart Attack. No one ever comments about it, so he may not even know.

Greg's family doesn't know Steven exists.
Besides the mention of his aunt and uncle in "Space Race", Steven and Greg have never talked about Greg's side of the family, not even in the flashbacks. For whatever reason, it seems like Greg didn't keep any ties with his family, so they might not know he had a kid. Or at the very least, not know the kid's a Half-Human Hybrid.
  • Confirmed! Andy, at least, had no clue Steven existed.

Greg is a fusion of both members of Tenacious D, therefore proving that humans can fuse, even with eachother
Greg is also the Hero of Another Story. Raised by a humble religious family, he was often at odd with his dad, who saw rock music as devil's work and who also showed favouritism towards his brother Andy, who was more subdued. After one nasty argument, which involved his dad tearing up his beloved posters, he was finally fed up and made a run for it.

Greg is also the reason why Satan didn't took over the world, as he and Greg have regular strifes and epic rock battles, which Greg is only able to jam in stressful situations. Since he is not able to recreate them, all he does is writing tributes for the great songs.

Greg knew Rose was Pink Diamond
It had to be said, but there have been hints, such as in "Steven's Dream" where, in response to Steven asking if Rose ever talked to him about Pink Diamond, Greg responded that Rose felt she had to confess everything to him, and said the very suspicious "The past is the past. All that matters to me is who you are now." before changing the subject.
  • Seemingly jossed by "The Question", as Greg states Rose never told him the truth. So unless he figured it out on his own from context clues but then kept that to himself when asked about it, he didn't know.

Greg will feel more open to the idea of dating again, if possibly not quite ready to jump back into it just yet.
The major theme as of late seems to be embracing the fact that Nothing Is the Same Anymore and striving to build a better future from it. Greg may start to accept that it's time to move on from Rose and consider the possibility of finding a new love in the future, though he may also point out that it's not something to push into and say that if it happens, then it happens. Depending on how much longer the show has, we may not even see Greg dating again in the future—just get assurance from him that he's willing to do so if the right one comes along.

Greg has a crush on Pearl
In "House Guest", he hugged her. In the "We Are The Crystal Gems", he said she did a great job of building the house and handed her a bottle of water. In "Coach Steven", he was lifting weights and asked Pearl if she wanted to check out some "buff studs". In "Mr. Greg", they finally reconciled and danced together in the music video to "Both Of You". In the movie, even though he was disturbed at her being his servant when she got rejuvenated, he and Steven fused to become Steg and Steg basically flirted with Pearl. Greg X Pearl will never happen in the show though, because Pearl is a lesbian.


     Steven's Friends 
Steven will form a Five-Man Band with the side characters
One episode will entail him leading a group to fight off a monster with Peedee, Connie, Onion, Lars and/or Sadie.
  • Given the events of their island adventure, you might want to reverse the roles of Lars and Sadie.

Ronaldo Fryman wrote this entire page
Even the parts that contradict each other. Perhaps even this very entry!
  • That's just what they want you to think!

There is some significance to Connie's parents' voice actors.
Both Crispin Freeman and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn are long time prominent anime voice actors. It could just be alluding to Connie being fan of anime, something not yet seen directly in the show (her use of Gratuitous Japanese in one episode could be a subtle hint). Or maybe it will involve a reference to a certain work they were both in, though that could be anything from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex to Digimon Frontier.

The Cool Kids' similarities to the Crystal Gems will be important later on.
  • Sour Cream wants to be a DJ instead of a fisherman like his stepdad wants. Pearl became a Gem warrior instead of whatever she was meant to be. Might not be important but be clues to what might be revealed. Could this mean that Amethyst has a calmer "twin sister" (Maybe Citrine), Buck has a split personality and Pearl has a younger, destructive "sibling"?

Sadie is related to Sour Cream and Onion somehow.
They might be cousins. Sadie looks similar to Onion, not just with hair and skin color, but the same head shape.
  • Barbara, Sadie's mom, has hair that comes to similiar "points" like Vidalia's does, so maybe the two are sisters?

Ronaldo will eventually become the Evil Counterpart to Steven.
Ms. Sugar is fond of foreshadowing. Remember back in "Garnet's Universe" where the antagonist "Ringo" was basically another version of Ronaldo?

Connie’s father is Japanese
His facial features are noticeably more Asian than Middle Eastern and his skin is lighter than his wife’s. Adding to the theory is when Connie said “itadakimasu” before eating (unless she’s just really cultured). In Japanese culture, if a man marries a woman of higher status (since his wife is a doctor), the man changes his last name to his wife’s.

Lars' parent(s) are abusive
So far, he's the only non-adult character on the show who's parentage has yet to be confirmed or even hinted at, and it would make perfect sense considering his personality. Plus, given the show's knack for handling darker subjects, especially ones having to do with adults and their relationships with children, it really feels like something the show could handle well without breaking tone.
  • Jossed. Lars' parents are very understanding and patient for him. Lars on the other hand is rude and neglectful towards them.

Lars is related to Mr. Smiley
  • Word of God confirmed that Lars isn't white, and in "The Return" he seems to be traveling with Mr. Smiley while evacuating Beach City.
  • Also, it can work for the sake of irony. Someone as sour as Lars having the last name "Smiley" would be very ironic.

Connie will grow up to marry Steven and successfully run for the presidential office.
  • Because Steven stated these things as fact with far too much certainty for it not to come true.

Sadie has some form of dwarfism
Actually, it's so plain to see I'm not even sure if it qualifies as a WMG. She's in her late teens if not her early 20s, but she's much shorter than all the adults. And she's much shorter than the teenagers too, so it's not just Teens Are Short.

Lars' parents are neglectful and/or very rarely home, and have been that way since he was a kid.
As a result of this, the young Lars thought he had done something wrong and began to care too much about what anyone he perceived as "normal" or "cool" so they would accept him and he could ride their coattails to feel adequate. Ronaldo was nice to him and they were friends, but Lars' insecurities were always present since people ignored or scrutinized Ronaldo as well, which boiled over that day at the Lighthouse when he pictured a world where even Ronaldo could be less embarrassing than him. He continued this philosophy into his (young) adulthood, becoming even more desperate for companionship with "cool kids" and doing harm to the relationships he has that he fails to recognize since he has such an idealized view of people who wouldn't call themselves his friends like Steven. He's still a Jerkass, but it stems from wanting his idealized view so much that he ruins what he should count himself lucky for.

Sadie has no father.
Maybe Barb wanted a kid, but didn't want a physical relationship with a man (it could be possible she's asexual, cause you never know), so she got a sperm donation to conceive Sadie and intentionally picked a man whose file photo had a resemblance to herself.

Sadie and Lars will get married when they're a bit older. Then they'll divorce.
Steven predicts it, and so it shall be!

One of the Beach City kids will get their hands on a discarded Gem weapon
Ronaldo will most likely be the one to put it to use due to his obsession with the supernatural. He'd use it to fight Gem Monsters and get good videos for his Blog. Ronaldo (along with Lars) is among the Beach City residents who is in a great need of Character Development.

Steven will be able to fuse with some of his other human friends
Sadie, Peedee, and Onion are the most likely candidates since they seem to be the ones Steven is the friendliest towards.

Lars's last name will be a type of crab
Because he's got a crabby personality.
  • Jossed.

Ronaldo really *does* have "ghost powers"
Ronaldo claimed to have "ghost powers" when he was fighting the Crystal gems. Soon after, the fight ended, and several episodes later we discover that there is gem in the lighthouse with ghost like powers. He is also capable of knowing things he shouldn't know, on top of the diamond authority/hollow Earth thing he is more recently correct about giant hands coming from the sky to collect people to bring to a human zoo, in addition to having comparatively normal predictions like how he was able to tell that Steven's plan to end the restaurant war would end poorly. We have seen Garnet lend Steven her power on several occasions, who is to say that the "ghost" (that is to say, the gem that was in the lighthouse) hadn't somehow done the same thing to him?

When Steven and Connie finally kiss, Ronaldo will be there somehow and cry out how the ship is canon.
Naturally, one or more of the Gems will overhear his declaration and get confused by what he means about a cannon.

Lars' powers.
Okay, so, after his transformation into a being similar Lion, Lars has displayed some new abilities. Let's see what we've got.
  • Pocket Dimension: He's got the portal hair for sure.
  • It's implied he doesn't need to eat or sleep, but we see Lion doing these things so maybe it's more of a diminished need.
  • Extended Lifespan: We don't know how long Lion has been alive, but the last time we saw Rose in the desert was a very, very long time ago. And since Greg and the Crystal Gems don't recognize Lion, he was probably transformed some time ago. He could be decades or even centuries old.
  • Sonic Abilities: Lion's got a powerful sonic roar, Lars might develop sonic powers or something similar.
  • Portals: Lion can open portals with his roar, so Lars might develop the ability to open portals.
  • Walking on Water: Lion can do this, too. So maybe?
Any other thoughts?

Lars' bad attitude partially stems from frustrations of being a closeted transgender.
This is not to say being transgender is what makes Lars a jerk, of course. Many trans people have openly admitted to having mean streaks before they came out, especially if they were resisting to out of fear of stigma, because they lived in denial of the one thing that would make them more comfortable in their own skin, and several fans of the show who are trans have claimed that Lars' obsession with self image is not unlike their own anxieties before they came to accept who they really were.
  • At what point does Lars ever show any signs of gender dysphoria, or anything else that would indicate the anxiety causing his behavior is any different from the same insecurity and self-consciousness practically every teenager has felt to some extent or another?
  • There actually have been subtle hints in that direction: Lars' discomfort with Steven's chest-pat, the fact that he thinks Sadie is referring to him when she talks about Gems being trapped in their, well, gems, his need to prove himself to the Cool Kids...this WMG is still highly subjective, but there's more proof for than against.

Sadie's room will actually be used as a bunker.
If the Homeworld Gems do invade, then Sadie's room would be the headquarters of the Resistance against them.

Connie is becoming a quarter gem due to fusion
This one is definitely a bit fanficy, but since we don't know exactly how 1 gem managed to fuse 1.5 humans together, it's possible that one of the side effects of this is that Connie's going to take on some unexpected gem like properties. Maybe with a minor Healing Factor so she can take a hit but not go down entirely. Or getting a small physical boost to her abilities.

     Onion and Family 
Yellowtail, Onion, and sometimes Sour Cream are speaking another language.
The "gibberish" they're uttering is just this world's version of Norwegian, or a similar country. Or rather, the Blah Blah Blah non-speakers hear. Sour Cream could be heard talking into his ipod this was before getting hit in the head in Shirt Club. His slower "Whomp Whomp" is his speaking with an accent, since he uses both languages.
  • Apparently Confirmed: "Drop Beat Dad" has Sour Cream getting angry at Marty and yelling at him in this mystery language. Marty asks him what he's saying, and Sour Cream pauses for a second and switches to yelling at him in English.

Onion is the silent protagonist of a video game.
No one knows what he says because dialogue isn't the player's responsibility, and he does whatever amuses him because he knows it's not real.

Onion is evil and will get worse.
The fact that The Gems didn't punish Onion at all at the end of "Onion Trade" will lead to him committing even more evil acts in the near future.

Onion is autistic and mute.
Onion has autism and he can't talk. He finds other ways to communicate. Alternatively, he's mute but not autistic. Either way he can't talk because he doesn't know how or is physically incapable of talking. Even his sigh in "Steven's Lion" wasn't vocal at all. Perhaps he has selective mutism and he only talks to his brothers and dad?
  • Jossed. Onion does communicate vocally with his father. It's incomprehensible gibberish to Steven's viewpoint.
  • Many people with autism can communicate just fine with parents and close family members. This probably shouldn't be jossed just yet.

Onion and his dad aren't human.
  • They are aliens from another planet-one that the Gem Homeworld took over.
    • And they are actually Snake people.
  • This would not surprise me. I don't exactly know what Onion is, but I don't believe it's human! Not for a minute!

Onion and his father aren't gems, but they ARE aliens...based off of foods.
It's practically in their names! Onion and Yellowtail are from some other race of beings, these ones based off of foods instead of gemstones. They could be one of the alien species displaced by the gems, or even have been brought there thousands of years ago as simple servants. Like gems, they might have their namesake food on their body: Yellowtail could be hiding a fish growing out of his body under that hat or raincoat, or Onion's little cape might hide an onion in his back.
  • This has really worrying implications for a town with whose families include Pizza and Fryman, as well as Onion's likely relatives, Vidalia and Sour Cream. With Onion and Yellowtail that makes 11 in a town of like 15 people.

Vidalia belongs to a race of echinda-like beings
Vidalia belongs to a race of humanoids who inspired the ancient myths of echindas in Greek mythology with the ability to give birth to near perfect clones of either themselves or their mates, depending on which of them has the greater amount of will, and the offspring will also have the opposite personality of their human parent. The reason the echinda can easily blend into human society seemlessly is because the myth about them being so warped throughout history most don't make the connection, and because their lack of human features/possession on non-human features are either so minute nobody actually notices. If the above WMGs that Sour Cream and Onion are half-brothers is correct, it would explain Onion's lack of ears, as he's actually not human, but few people actually notice or really care.

It also explains the boys' personalities: While his father Marty is a complete hedonistic scumbag who's business knowledge extends only to swindling people, Sour Cream himself is a nice guy who's pretty chill about most things and has a natural talent for DJing. Meanwhile, while Yellow Tail is a hardworking, boisterous family man, Onion is a budding criminal sociopath with violent tendencies.

Vidalia painted the portrait of Rose Quartz hanging above the door in the temple.
In "Onion Friend" we learn that she and Amethyst were friends and that Vidalia painted dozens of portraits of her. Amethyst could have introduced Vidalia to Rose sometime before Steven was born.

An ancestor of Onion and Vidalia, or the Frybo family, was a sentient plant creature created by Rose Quartz
  • In Watermelon Steven, it's established that Rose could create grow plant life to "act as her defenders"—Steven can also grow sentient plants with his saliva.

Vidalia's pregnancy was what inspired Rose Quartz to have a baby in the human way
Amethyst and Vidalia mentioned in "Onion Friend" that they used to hang around with Greg, which means that Vidalia probaly met Rose aswell. Vidalia surely was in her early to middle months of pregnancy when they met, and surely kept hanging out after Sour Cream was born since Amethyst remembers him as a toddler or little boy. Rose must have got curious about human reproduction and Greg explained her mostly about the emotional meaning of having a baby and what it represented to a couple; most likely he mentioned that he'll like to have one someday (or maybe Rose herself asked him) and from there Rose the resolution of trying to have a baby human style and went to Vidalia for information about what it was requited.

Even if it's a Meaningful Background Event, since his relationship with Yellowtail has been repaired.

Onion genuinely doesn't know what he's doing is wrong
His parents are very hands off with him and he's capable of doing nice things, he just imitates media with violent material because he can't distinguish between reality with his Ambiguous Disorder.

Onion is deaf
He cannot talk and he never seems to respond to others. That's also why he isn't drawn with ears - he likely has them in-universe, but for us, it may be a symbol of the fact that his ears do not work.
  • He seemed to understand Steven and Doug just fine in "Doug Out". Also, Onion can talk, he just doesn't.

Most kids, or at least those in rural areas like Beach City, are not formally educated but are instead expected to take up their parents' trade.
Connie is the only character we know goes to school, and as we know, her parents are super strict AND her mother is a doctor, so she could be expected to become a doctor as well. We never hear Peedee, Ronaldo, Lars, Sadie, or the Cool Kids talk about school or college, and most of them work for their parents. Sadie and Lars seem to work full-time at the Big Donut. Yellowtail wants Sour Cream to be a fisherman, there have been multiple generations of Mayor Deweys...It's not just Steven who doesn't go to school.
  • Jossed for Lars and Sadie.
  • And Jossed for Kiki (and presumably Jenny), as the second issue of the second run of SU comics is about Stevonnie taking her to the prom.

The town was built over the ruins of an old civilization
The same civilization that built the statue the gems live in. Until something happened and destroyed it. leaving only the statue standing.
  • Maybe it was built by the Gem civilization. Or even the Crystal Gems themselves.

Mayor Bill Dewey has aides named Tom and Crow.
Come on! You know he does!

There's a nudist beach somewhere in Beach City.

Beach City is a substitute for Ocean City in a split apart United States
At some point in time (most likely 1789, when the States were the weakest due to the power the Articles of Confederation gave to the states), infighting started to occur within the U.S., eventually ending in the splitting apart of the US into different factions and such. That is why Delmarva is an actual state, most likely part of a federal nation trying to regain control over the U.S. (Note how Delmarva is near Maryland, the location of the U.S. Capitol) in former Northeastern United States, and why the Department of Justice's seal is a broken up snake, because it represents how the States did not cooperate with each other and ended up failing as a combined nation.
  • Considering the next state over from Beach City's is called "Keystone," and looks to be analogous to Pennsylvania, putting Beach City somewhere in New Jersey makes sense. Beach City does have a cheesy Northeast summer tourist town vibe happening.
    • Beach City is (explicitly?) located in Delmarva, which is an actual name for a region comprised of parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, thus the name. There's also an Ocean City, Maryland, which is probanbly the city that Beach City replaces, not Ocean City, NJ.

There are spies secretly monitoring the Crystal Gems and their activity in Beach City and around the world.
Because you would have to be pretty stupid not to try and keep track of the super powered aliens battling other, crazy super powered aliens and have some sort of contingency plan/s in case something got out of hand.
  • And it will be revealed that it was some sort of background character shown right from the show's beginning.
    • My money's on Connie's parents. They say they move around a lot, their very over protective of Connie; especially when she gets around the Gems, since they basically been Ensemble Darkhorses, the revelation would blow people out of the water.
    • Seems unlikely now that Connie's mother is secretly spying on the Gems for the government. She was too clueless to quickly figure out that the forced-fusion monsters that showed up in her hospital as "car accident victims" were gem-related, so she's probably not monitoring the Gems. Her father on the other hand... who knows, maybe.
    • Other possibilities: Mr. Smiley? Dr. West? Onion? Maybe even Greg?
    • Ronaldo and Peedee's Missing Mom.
    • Suitcase Sam. It's got to be Suitcase Sam.

William Dewey was a Dutchman, or at least had Dutch ancestry.
De Weij - also spellable as De Wey - is a plausible Dutch surname. And to the Proud Merchant Race Dutch, who had sailing as one of their hats, Dewey's maritime incompetence would have made him even more of a laughingstock and failure than to most.

Jenny and Kiki's mom is in Ghana.
She never loved Kofi, so when he decided he wanted to emigrate with their girls, she left him and stayed. The girls were young, so they didn't develop a strong relationship with her yet. Nanefua may have come along to be an emotional support for them.

Kofi's original surname was phonetically similar to "pizza."
When Kofi first came to the US with his mother Gunga, he wanted to change his name to something that would appeal to his new home country, but did not want to change it to something that sounded like he was completely abandoning his roots. He eventually settled on the word "Pizza" because it sounded similar to his original name.

Open invite to anyone that can find out what kind of a last name would sound similar to "pizza."

  • Piza?
  • Prempeh. A bit of a stretch, but it is a real Ghanaian surname.

In a twist of fate, Buddy Buddwick is Jamie's ancestor.
C'mon, it'd be the most hilarious coincidence ever.

The woman on the face of the Crystal Temple is a representation of all four gems fused together.
  • She has hair like Rose's, 8 arms, and appears to have a gem on at least one palm, on her chest, and on her forehead.
    • It also has Alexandrite's "double face", a muted version of Pearl's nose on the higher face, and the entrance to the temple, before Steven's house was built there, both resembled and was in the same place as Rose's Gem.
    • Considering that the power level of the gems fused together increases the size of the fusion form, the temple statue may be an actual size depiction of this fusion!

Mystery Girl will eventually gain eternal youth.

Barb is a retired military veteran
She has a big, commandeering personality for a postwoman, she seems to be a little deaf, she wears a leg support (possibly having injured it in service?) and she occasionally speaks like a soldier- "Yes, sir!", telling Steven to "guard [her] girl" for her, etc.

Lars and Connie are cousins, by virtue of Doug and Dante being brothers; Lars' last name is also Maheswaran.
They do look similar, and it wouldn't be the first time SU used the "these two characters are related, but it's not revealed until much later" thing before. Lars' last name being Maheswaran would also explain why the show's gone four seasons without revealing it, despite revealing the last names of almost every other Beach City Citizen; We learn things because Steven learns things, and Steven suddenly learning that Lars' last name is the same as his best friend's would make him want to ask a lot of questions.
  • Jossed. Lars' last name is Barriga. Dante is apparently Filipino. He could also possibly be Latino, but he definitely isn't a Maheswaran.

Mystery Girl is around 22 years old
I'm tired, but I just want to say that it'd make a nice parallel, since Greg was 22 when he met the Gems.

If Mystery Girl speaks, she'll sound exactly like Rose.
Just to further their similarities.
  • Or she'll sound completely different as part of Pearl letting go of Rose Quartz.

Mystery Girl is Sabina, Kevin's ex-girlfriend.
She's definitely the partying-type, and her name does start with an S.

And they'll piss him off, because they remind him of what he used to be.

Next time Steven has a birthday episode, Andy will be a guest.
And he will gift him with a pepperoni stick.
Kevin will be killed off or at least have one or more worse things happen to him than falling into a swimming pool.
Which could be a good opportunity to deconstruct the Asshole Victim trope as at first, Steven and Connie could be overjoyed by hearing the "bad news" until they see how Kevin's family are affected by the accident/tragedy/whatever (assuming Kevin's family care for him and are not abusive and thus the cause of him being a jerk).


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