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Gems evolved from Kyber Crystals.
According to more recent Star Wars lore, certain weapons like lightsabers are powered by semi-sentient "living" crystals known as Kyber. These crystals have a direct connection to the Force, allowing them to greatly amplify any type of energy they come into contact with. They've already shown that they have the ability to reshape light and energy, being used to form lightsaber blades and all, they have some degree of "emotion" and "personality", and are made of a combination of organic and inorganic material, and though they are considered to be alive, they don't deteriorate with age, making them functionally immortal.

Now... What if the gems were created by beings in the Star Wars Galaxy as a sort of upgraded form of Kyber crystals as weapons, and got way out of control and wiped out everything there? Or perhaps they naturally evolved from the kyber and turned to the dark side?

Team Fortress 2 is a Steven Universe AU.
One in which Gems are an extinct race, Pyro is actually Pyrite(the last Gem who hides herself in a suit to prevent human from discovering that she's an alien), and Australium is either Gem technology or the product of a Gem's inherent magical powers.

Rebecca Sugar saw King of Braves GaoGaiGar
  • The protagonists use gem-powers to defeat their enemies. Sound familiar?
    • It also sounds like Trollz. to an extent.
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    • And Sonic the Hedgehog, depending on what you define as "gem-powers."

Steven Universe and Transformers take place in the same universe.
And apparently, Gems and Transformers can't stand each other. Gems view Transformers as mindless killing machines incapable of anything other than blowing stuff up while Transformers are put off by how highly Gems think of themselves. Not to mention the war between the Autobots and Decepticons has inadvertently resulted in the destruction of many of Homeworld's resources.

The Grimm Fairy Tale "One Eye, Two Eyes, and Three Eyes" has something to do with this show.
  • Garnet has three eyes, Amethyst always covers one of her eyes under her hair (though this is not always consistent), two-eyed Pearl is the goody-goody, and Steven adopts a goat in one episode. The goat also gets billing on the CN website, as if it was a bigger character.
    • The "Goat Guardian" game features golden apples. This is almost confirmed.
    • Pearl is compared above to the Two Eyed girl, who is starved by her siblings. Which Gem doesn't like eating, again? (as of Fusion Cuisine)

The title of Steven's Guide to the Crystal Gems is a Shout-Out to Dipper's Guide to the Unexplained and Mabel's Guide to Life.

The cast are a recombination/compression of Azumanga Daioh's cast.

The Homeworld Gems made a special contract with Kyubey.
Because Incubators are that dastardly and it would be more efficient this way. Imagine! Generations and generations of Magical Girls to soon be Witches!

The Crystal Gems' gems are Soul Gems.
  • How many Puella Magi Madoka WMG's are going to occupy this page?
  • I can stop all this, if you make a contract...
  • Too many people don't read pre-existing WMGs and think that they came up with the same idea first...

We'll find out that Rose Quartz will have more and more Madoka.
They both love everyone, are pink-themed and Madoka's Soul Gem is tear-shaped while Rose's tears have healing powers.

the show will X-Over with Adventure Time like the Grim Adventures of the KND and Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United did
The two programs are the only ones who not only have similar enough styles of animation and oddness, but also have similar feels to them that it wouldn't feel as out of it as Gumball popping up in Bayville.
  • Problem: In Adventure Time, it's implied that most, if not almost all of the human race had been wiped out. And in Steven Universe, humans are very much alive and as far as we've seen, in at least decent numbers.
  • Who says that the Gem's can't access The Multiverse? They are magical beings after all.
  • Alternatively, Adventure Time could be a Bad Future for Steven Universe. The crossover could be a Multi-Part Episode about the Crystal Gems learning about the Mushroom War and trying to prevent it.
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  • Nothing on this so far, but the show is doing a Crossover with yet another show on Cartoon Network, Uncle Grandpa. No Time Travel required.
  • Unfortunately, AT's ending in 2018, and the final two seasons seem to be rapping up plot threads, so this seems incredibly unlikely.

The Crystal Gems are Puella Magi.
Or at the very least an equivalent. The Crystal Gems made a contract with Kyubey before the start of the series and in exchange, they become protectors of the universe. The gems located on their bodies are their Soul Gems. And the monsters they fight? They are, in fact, Crystal Gems/magical girls who fell into despair and became the very monsters they were sworn to fight.When the monsters are defeated, they leave gems that act as an equivalent of Grief Seeds.
  • That would explain the Mother Centipeetle and the Gem Shard used for Frybo, but what about the Gem in the Maze from "Serious Steven"? Unless it was actually, y'know, alive.
    • Speaking of the Centepeetle, the episode where it came back told a lot about the monsters that the Crystal Gems fight. Garnet said "that even Rose Quartz couldn't heal, them, no matter how hard she tried," and yet the Crystal Gems keep the 'Grief Seed' of every monster they defeat and put them in the middle of the temple instead of, say, destroying them. Are the Gems simply preserving all life by this, or are they hoping to one day find a cure for their corrupted comrades?
      • Also, this screenshot of the cenepeetle respawning shows it tried to take a clearly human-shaped form before reverting into the monster that we were introduced to.
  • Given that there was a witch based on the Arc de Triomphe in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a living maze would not be too far-fetched.
Interestingly, in "Steven's Lion" Steven refers to himself as a "magical boy". Seems Kyubey is shaking things up with Steven.
  • The places that the gems warp too would be Witch's labyrinths.
  • As of Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem, this theory is basically true.
  • Rebecca Sugar reports that she has never actually seen PMMM. So any resemblance is mere coincidence.

The gems are preventing some alien creatures from reaching the temple. None of that rings a bell?
  • In the words of Tumblr user ParadoxalBanana, "I Fucking Knew It."
    Pearl: Congratulations, Steven!
    Amethyst: Yeah, Congrats, little man!
  • The Gem's themselves do have some similarities to Angels themselves. They're only killed when their gem is cracked, much like how an angel can only be downed by destroying it's S2 organ. Additionally, they demonstrate some capabilities to adapt their physical form, which is a trait also shared by angels. Fusions themselves also call to mind the sea of LCL, or Shinji's time inside Unit One. It's not even a stretch to denote the fact that the three Gems share similar color schemes to the Eva's: Amethyst is purple (One), Garnet is red (Two), and while Pearl seems to buck the trend, both the original and rebuild versions of Unit Zero had white as a prominent part of their color schemes. Amethyst even shares her earthly origins with Unit One. As for Steven and Greg Universe, Steven and Shinji are both musically inclined and friendly, while Greg and Gendo are widowers with somewhat distant relationships to their sons.
  • ...I didn't just ruin some sort of twist, did I?

Garnet is related in some fashion to (Xenoblade spoilers) Zanza
  • Let's look at the facts.
    • Garnet is red, but has a recurring red/blue thing going on. The Monado is red, with a blade made of blue light.
    • Garnet has a British accent, much like everyone in the English dub of Xenoblade.
    • Garnet can see possible futures. The Monado can show visions of the future, and Zanza, who is both the Bionis' and the Monado's spirit, believes that he controls fate.
    • Garnet is the most violent of the Crystal Gems. Zanza wants to destroy and remake the world.
    • Garnet can seem pretty aloof, mostly in earlier episodes. Zanza has no regard for any life besides his own, and even regards the races of the Bionis as "bacteria."
  • Coincidence? Maybe. But there've been more baseless theories on this site.

The Gems were created by the same being that created Invader Zim Irkens.
  • Material from both produced episodes and particularly un-aired material paints the Irkens as distinctly unnatural life forms, animated meat puppets controlled by the computer brains inside their PAKs, while the Gems are hard-light(?) puppets controlled by the gems. Both show signs of being caste-based (Irkens will be reprogrammed when given a new assignment, while the Crystal Gems have built in weapons and little understanding of ideas outside combat, in comparison to the weapon-less Lapis and wise, scholarly Rose) and both Have no problem developing other planets for their own benefit.

Ronaldo Fryman's a Kids Next Door teen agent
  • His tinfoil hattery and use of elaborate acronyms on some blogposts are definite signs of something. And while there's no cartoonish adult supervillainy afoot, the supernatural happenings in Beach City might be worthy of KND interest.
    • I don't know he too old to be a knd agent and he seems too conspicuous to be one of the secret teen agents.
    • He may be a former KND agent whose decommissioning went wrong: He remembers that something is going on beneath the veneer of normalcy (well, "normal" for a certain value of the word) but not what that is. Those conflicting thoughts accounts for his unstable behavior, and/or the faulty decommissioning scrambled his brains some, but the KND either couldn't fix him or considered it "good enough."

The Stones of Power from ThunderCats (2011) are/were super powerful and very ancient gems who, possibly after having lived so long, are stuck in their crystal form or went into a kind of hibernation.
As Lapis was a gem who was socketed into a a mirror which gave it power, so too are the Eye of Thundera/War Stone, Soul Stone, Tech Stone, and Spirit Stone. Those stones posses unlimited power which can be harnessed through special means, and on top of that, the stones of power are implied to be sentient.

The characters of Lakewood Plaza Turbo will make an appearance in Steven Universe.
  • Thus, serving as a backdoor pilot for the LPT TV series.
    • Not the character, but the design for K.O. (The main character) was used as an inspiration for Ruby's design.

Rose Quartz is basically this world's version of Sailor Moon or Queen Serenity.
Which will make Steven a total magical girl prince by the end of the series.

Someone on Steven Universe is running a Chuubo's game about it, and using that for plot inspiration
The Arc Steven almost certainly has at least 2 points in, Sentimental, has a power that lets you project your dreams into the presence of people you care about and things that are considered owned by you - and in "Chille Tid" Steven gained this power out of nowhere. Garnet has The Ace, and in "Say Uncle" she clearly uses Anime Moment to punch a hole clean through the plot to get to where the rest of it is happening. Presumably this means that at some point Onion, who is on Creature of Fable, will be able to shut down someone's powers with Cut the Soul.

The Gem species are alternate universe counterparts to the Transformers.
Physically, the Gems aren't so much similar to the Transformers, as they are complete opposites. Transformers have metal bodies that surround an energy core, while Gems are hard-light projections from a gemstone. Each species can change their physical appearance. Each species has one faction that consists of imperialistic planet-looters, while another faction opposes them.

The Gerudo are related to Gems.
Always female with one exception? Check. Big shiny rocks? Check. Fusion? Check.

Steven was at least partially inspired by Antimony Carver.
They both channel their powers through pink rocks and have be-ringleted moms who sacrificed themselves to bring their semi-human child into the world.

Rose Quartz and Yellow Diamond are Silmarils.
Rose Quartz is incredibly powerful, and is also connected with growing things. Yellow Diamond can be inferred to be as powerful, and it is possible a third similarly powerful gem will be introduced.Rose Quartz would likely be the Silmaril taken by Earendil.

Greg has an older brother named Wirt.
See here.
  • You're a fucking genius.

Rose and Lion have a relation to Pink Sheep from the ExplodingTNT videos.

Oooooooh, that's why he's pink. It was a little obvious.

Gems are similar to Gemcraft gems.
Lapis' mirror and other objects are just really complicated weirdly-shaped towers/traps. The gem-making mages are using an ability similar to Centipeedle's mini-centipeedle creation or mana is the resource gathered in Kindergartens.

If the Gems played Sburb...
Their God Tiers would be:
  • Garnet is Maid of Heart.
  • Amethyst would be Witch of Void.
  • Pearl would be Mage of Hope.
  • Steven would be Page of Life, with Rose as his Ancestor(Sylph of Life).
  • The Homeworld Gems would all be Derse dreamers, as well as Sapphire(Seer of Time?).

The Gem Homeworld is Unicron.
The gems are his scouts, as well as his immune system. They go clean up all that nasty organic life so Unicron can eventually devour the now gem-controlled world. I weren't for the Crystal Gems or the Autobots, we would not only be extinct, there would no chance of any earth life existing again.

Steven Universe takes place in the universe of Undertale
It'd make sense.

Should Steven die, either from cancer or from a battle, his skeleton would be buried in a mountain and his grave marked Steven After Not Surviving
Abbreviated as SANS.

Crystal Gems and Crystal Beasts from Yu-Gi-Oh! are related.
And the Crystal Beasts are treated as familiars or pets by the Crystal Gems.

The Gems are the antithesis to the Hive
The Gems are non-organic beings that have seemingly magical powers explained away by technology. The Hive are organic beings with seemingly technological powers that are explained as magic.

Steven Universe and Adventure Time take place in the same universe.
The Stakes miniseries of Adventure Time established humans still exist on other continents. The way I see it, Ooo is Catalina Island off the coast of California (made larger thanks to volcanic activity), which successor governments quarantined due to the huge population of mutants. For all we know, the Great Mushroom War may have been between humanity & the Crystal Gems, and Homeworld, with Homeworld learning how to create nuclear weapons, culminating in the creation of the Mushroom Bomb and ultimately, The Lich. Homeworld, though, was forced to reatreat when many of their bases and ships were destroyed by human nuclear weaponry. That flash seen in Lapis' flashback in "Same Old World" was the Gem Mothership firing its main cannon, blowing off a chunk of the planet, a chunk that contained Oceania. So, yeah. Australia, New Zealand, and the East Indies are gone, and any species endemic to those countries and locations are either extinct in the wild or just plain extinct. Aboriginies and Kiwis are also critically endangered.

Radiation created the mutants, but also had the unexpected side-effect of corrupting the surviving Crystal Gems into Gem Monsters, which Platinum, the Gem Emperor (and the only Gem with a male form), was counting on.

Over the thousand years after the Great Mushroom War, successor states were formed. The new American government has censored all information suggesting the two World Wars ever existed, in order to alleviate the fears of current and future generations. The state of Pennsylvania was also renamed Keystone due to the name Pennsylvania being considered too close to Transylvania, where one of the worst massacres of the war with Homeworld occurred.

The remaining Crystal Gems are under government protection as thanks for guiding humanity through its darkest time. As for Ooo, a Marine operation is in the planning stages after it was learned that a human was living there and, under the impression that the mutants are holding him hostage (as well as advanced genetic-scanning spy satellites finding out some disturbing information about a girl supposedly made of fire), they intend to rescue them both and eradicate the last mutant holdout.

  • The Adventure Time Earth has a huge hole in it. And given what we've seen of world maps or earth shots, Steven Universe's Earth is intact.
    • The hole in the Earth is Finn's delusion. Ambiant radiation will do that to you.

The Kids Next Door would have serious problems with the Gems
In the KND finale, we learn the Galactic Kids Next Door are fighting the adulthood disease. Since the Gems come out of the ground fully formed as adults, the GKND may inaccurately perceive them as proof the disease has accelerated so far that some species no longer experience childhood at all. Just the fact that they are never children could make the GKND see them as a threat.

There will be an Crossover episode of Star vs. the Forces of Evil
Why? Because I see the potential of Steven Universe and Star vs. the Forces of Evil having great character interaction and even a rivalry between Pearl and Star Butterfly herself.
  • Disney would sooner reopen the People Mover than work with a Turner network. There's a very good reason Star Wars: The Clone Wars was cancelled.

Mabel wrote Camp Pining Hearts.
Her symbol, the shooting star, is the logo of the company that made the show. Plus it's totally the kind of thing she would write, a campy melodrama full of romantic angst.

What if Homeworld landed on another human populated planet besides Earth?
Basically an open invitation for everyone to put in ideas for crossovers where Homeworld landed on a human populated planet other than Earth and possible changes to the lore and humanity itself as a result.

1) A Song of Ice and Fire

  • Ned Stark would be Steven's father, and Steven would either be his first born or another bastard.
  • The Gem Race itself would have been revered as Gods initially. While some Homeworld agents would take advantage of it, the rest would merely brush them off, or even be outright horrified at worse. Despite this, it does not stop some Gem worshiping cults to spring up.
  • The Rebellion would have only been only briefly affected by the White Walkers and the Longest Night, as Gem tech and weaponry seems to be just as, if not more, effective than dragonglass in hurting the Others. In fact, the very fact the Gems are there factors in the Other's being nearly delegitimized as a threat to humanity.
  • On the other hand, Corrupted Gems basically replace the White Walkers as the man non-human threat, as while they tend of avoid populated areas unless provoked, the amount of damage they can do is equivalent to being walking natural cataclysms with the potential for eating humans that are not regulated by the Seasons.
  • Dragons are the Gem's only natural predators on Earth, being able to belch out flames hot enough to damage a Gem', Gem, along with teeth hard enough to potentially eat them.
  • The Crystal Gems only become involved with the politics of the World, particularly on Westeros, only when it directly affects them, such as Robert's Rebellion due to the Targanyens controlling dragons and when Rose fell in love with Ned Stark, forcing the Gems to get involved with House Stark on the virtue of Steven being a Stark by blood.

2) Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • The Gems invaded during the time of Avatar Yangchen, who had already mastered all four kinds of Bending. With the Avatar State she made a significant blow to the invaders, who retreated under the ground to create special Kindergartens.
  • Pink Diamond oversaw the underground Kindergarten while the other Diamonds pursued other goals far from Earth. She expands the Kindergarten and creates a personal elite guard of Quartz warriors to protect her from Yangchen should she discover her presence. Rose Quartz and Jasper were some of them.
  • Rose is fascinated by Bending, especially since Earthbenders are a natural threat to the Gems. Badgermoles allow Rose to follow them to a dig to the surface. She meets Yangchen who helps her see the error of the Gems.
  • The Rebellion is formed. With the help of Yangchen, the Crystal Gems, who are a smaller group in this scenario, are able to shatter Pink Diamond and drive the underground Gems to the surface and into fleeing to Space.
  • Earthbenders attack the Crystal Gems and kill many of them, only Rose, Pearl, Garnet (Ruby and Sapphire were both sent to the planet by Blue Diamond to aid Pink but rebelled), and Bismuth. Yangchen helps them escape to an unsettled island in the Fire Nation where they go into hiding from humanity.
  • The Gems stay uninvolved with the acts of humanity for a long time before the island is settled and a village is established. Bismuth creates a weapon meant to specifically kill benders in response, so Rose poofs her. They go under the earth in search of a new home, where they find Amethyst, who was part of a failed Fire Nation Kindergarten. They make a home similar to the temple inside a mountain.
  • The Crystal Gems stay there through the hundred year war, with their only interaction with humanity being visits to the village that has become a thriving community. The others wanted to stop the Fire Nation, but Rose told them that she had faith in Yangchen's next reincarnation to stop them. Aang saves the world, proving her correct.
  • After Korra is born, Rose meets and falls in love with a minstrel from the town, who becomes the father of Shion, Steven's equivalent in this world.
  • Since Shion is half-human he lives with his father in the village until the Crystal Gems build a house at the foot of the mountain where he can live with their guidance. They begin to interact more with the world thanks to him. Corrupted Gems are replaced by mutant Gems, coming from the abandoned Kindergarten without a Gem experimentation.

The Homeworld Gems will travel to alternate universes for resources.

Gems have met Trolls at least once.

Steven Universe and Doctor Who co-exist
The Gems (especially the Homeworld Gems) share numerous similarities to the Time Lords of Gallifrey, both are imperialistic alien species lead by absolute-power rulers (though the Diamonds are less centralized then the High Council of Time Lords/Lord President), both are difficult to kill and are capable of recovering from almost any damage, both have access to a bigger-on-the-inside tech, non-linear understandings of time and time travel, and both are convinced of their superiority over other races.

Long ago, the two forces came into conflict, and what followed as a short precursor to the Time War, eventually they reached a stalemate and agree to a non-aggression pact where they would stay out of each other's way. However, when the Rebellion against Homeworld started on Earth, the Doctor wanted to intervene and protect his favorite planet. The Time Lords told the Doctor he couldn't do anything and forbade him from getting involved, knowing full well he would ignore them and in fact become -more- likely to help the Crystal Gems, which he did. Though the Diamonds where furious with the Time Lords, they feigned ignorance, claiming the Doctor was a dangerous renegade who they had no power to stop, something all evidence over eons of time pretty much back up. The Doctor in the mean time, stuck up a easy friendship with Rose Quartz, even inviting her to travel with him after they won the rebellion, which she declined wanting to focus on reconstruction efforts/securing Earth from Homeworld. To this day, The Doctor is an ally of the Crystal Gems and routinely 'pops in' to check in, though he hasn't been back recently enough to know of Rose's death and Steven's creation.

  • Shortly before he picked up Romana, one of Four's routine visits turned into a very Gothic, bloody adventure when the badly burned Master, on the heel of Deadly Assassin, came to earth to try and restore himself with Rose's tears, and because The Master is a Sadist with Complexity Addiction this took the form of trying to murder everyone she cares about to destroy her emotionally instead of just breaking into her fountain.
  • Midway though his farewell tour, the Tenth Doctor gives both Greg and a rather nice young lady tickets to a Mike Krol concert...
  • Going on the above "the Doctor fought in the Rebellion" theory, the War Doctor did double duty fighting both the Time War and the Gem Rebellion, in a mad dash to hopefully induce a regeneration and become a man more capable of ending either war.
  • In light of later season revelations, I'd guess that Rose and The Doctor were easy friends... until The Doctor reached regeneration number Seven. The Chessmaster, Good Is Not Soft Principles Zealot of the Doctor's incarnations would be much less content with the Crystal Gems just sitting around on Earth and letting the Diamond Authority terrorize the known universe. He's already destroyed the homeworld of a tyrannical government of Scary Dogmatic Aliens once and would likely try and devise a plan to do the same to the Diamonds. His plan fails because until then, he hadn't known Rose's true nature, and upon it being uncovered by The Doctor, the two have a harsh falling out, Rose accusing him of having become as bad as the people he fights while The Doctor accuses Rose of being a selfish coward looking to preserve her own private slice of paradise while galaxies burn. On a later visit, Ace and Steven make an initial effort to mend the gap between their strange alien parental figures, only to discover they don't really get along either after Ace takes a baseball bat and a can of Nitro-9 to the nearest Homeworld Gem.

Steven can Fuse with The Powerpuff Girls.
Crack theory time! As You Know, the girls were originally made to be "the perfect little girls", so their DNA might resemble an actual human's, though changed and warped thanks to Chemical X. As such, their DNA may be close enough that Steven can Fuse with them.

Steven is Ness.
If Steven is supposedly Sans and Sans is supposedly Ness, then obviously Steven has to be Ness!

The Crystal Gems will team up with the SWAT Kats.
It only makes sense — Rebecca Sugar stated in an interview that she watched the show back in the 90s, they were on Uncle Grandpa's checklist in "Say Uncle" (one can only imagine how that visit went), there's a ton of cat-related motifs in this show already, and (partially thanks to the aforementioned reference in "Say Uncle") the Tremblay brothers have begun a Kickstarter to bring back SK. It's only a matter of time- and it will be KICKASS.

Star Butterfly was the babysitter Pearl threw a jungle gym at
Because she already took up babysitting for monsters. Babysitting for a baby Gem would only be a step up from that. Especially because Steven loves to have fun as well. Plus, with dimensional scissors, she could easily have visited this universe/dimension at any time.

White Diamond is actually a Rick working undercover for the Council of Ricks
That would explain why we haven't seen her yet; "Diamond Rick" is probably back at the citadel awaiting orders.

Rick shattered Pink Diamond
And guess what he did with the pieces. Go on. Guess.

Rick had, at one point or another, pretended to be White Diamond.

Which would explain why Steven nicknamed Doc as such. Both Steven Universe's Doc and Snow White's Doc are the leader of their respective groups and wear something that covers their eyes.

Garbanzo, Pinto, Soup, and Squash are from Herkleston.
They do seem like the type of kids who'd frequent the creek.

The Gems are derived from, or otherwise related to, the Mind Stone and maybe also the other Infinity Stones as well.
I'm surprised no-one thought of this before. I mean, gems are sometimes used to power Artifcats, the Mind Stone was used to power both Loki's sceptre and Vision. Gems' Gemstones are implied to have AIs inside them, the Mind Stone has an AI inside it. Gems can Shapeshift and are stated to be Holograms with Mass, while Vision can turn himself non-corporeal and can create clothing - and even a Human skin for himself - out of Hard Light. If we extend this logic to the other Inifnty Stones as well, we can even see links between the whole "Powers unharnessable by Immortals" thing from GotG1 and the Gems being created by sucking life-foce out of planets, as well as Sapphire's future vision and Dr. Strange reviewing 14 million alternate timelines.

Arnold Rimmer is a Gem.

He has a "light bee," which contains all of his memories and personality, and he's a hard light hologram, very similar to the Gems' light-based bodies. He also has different designs, depending on the current software he has, which is very like when a Gem gets poofed and reforms. Rimmer's a Gem.

Or not.

Mike Nelson accidentally damaged Homeworld some time before "Legs From Here To Homeworld".

That would make the count three-and-a-half!

(Since we're here) Mayor Dewey is actually Joel Robinson, gone into hiding.

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