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The series tagline "Believe in Steven" is...
...Rose Quartz's last words. Before she loses her physical form, the other Gems will be voicing their worries about what they will do with her gone. Since she seems to be the most powerful of the four of them, they are unsure if they can protect the world without her and are unsure if her child will be strong enough to help them. As they say this, Rose gently interrupts, then says her last words, something along the lines of "Gems. Believe in Steven." and disappears into a flash of light that fades to reveal baby Steven.

Pink Diamond orchestrated the rebellion and ordered Rose Quartz to shatter her
After arriving on Earth, Pink Diamond learned something that Blue Diamond only recently discovered about humans: that short-lived, organic beings possess traits like intelligence, love, and compassion. This caused her to value them as individuals, and also to come to appreciate that individuals can seek their own destinies rather than being slated for one predetermined purpose, which in turn caused her to reject the entire caste system that Gem society is built on.

Pink Diamond is responsible for creating Rose Quartz as well as the Rose Quartz Gem type in general, and Rose is the only member of that type that we ever seen. Furthermore, Rose has a power that we have yet to see any other Gem possess: the power to heal. While all other quartzes are designed to fight and destroy, Rose is designed to protect and heal.


However, Pink Diamond feared that as long as the Diamonds served as a symbol of ultimate power in Gem society, nobody would have the courage to stand up to them. Therefore, she called upon Rose, whom she had created with powers of healing and protection, to show other Gems that their destinies were their own by shattering her and taking up the mantle of her cause. Rose's healing powers were created to give the rebellion a better chance and to fully embody Pink Diamond's desire to protect Earth, protect lower-caste Gems, and heal the divide between the castes.

  • Partially Confirmed/Jossed. Pink orchestrated the rebellion, but she didn't order Rose to shatter her. She was Rose.

Pink Diamond was shattered later than the Diamond Authority believes.
Pink Diamond starts up the Crystal Gem rebellion as a delaying tactic, but as these things do it spirals out of control and factionalises. Then the other diamonds realise this far more successful rebellion has to have strong backing by someone who'd agree with the ideals. They would have to be powerful, Off-colour and Deep-cut - there is only one candidate. Pink realises that her cover has been blown, and needs her most loyal soldier to remove her from play before the Diamond's do.

As a secondary advanatge the rebel factions will be able to work together. Pink can't have any Sapphire especially Parapashaca too close or that will undo this scheme. And a diamond being shattered by Rose Quartz will help improve the morale of the rebellion and put the Crystal Gems in command. This partially backfires - Blue Diamond takes over Pink's duty(when we see her on Earth she's in her mourning veil). Then we discover Garnet.


We've assumed the picture is Pink Diamond being surrounded, and with an evil grin, but what if it is a grimace with Pink and the Crystal Gem's facing Bismuth's rebel faction. Pink Diamond will sell her life dearly. Pearl is surprised. Garnet is fearful and worried. While Pink Diamond does love humans, she loves them as pets. Despite Pink caring for humans, free humans see her as an oppressor - The Diamond. They shatter her with Bismuth's armanents, and that is why Bismuth got bubbled.

Garnet is fearful because Sapphire was a high-ranking Homeworld gem, and the rumours she's heard about Pink Diamond are not very flattering. Keeping humans in Zoo as Trophys, because normal homeworld gems don't understand why else Pink would do so. Erratic, bad tempered and collects trophies. A worse tyrant than the other Diamonds.

  • Jossed. She was never shattered at all.

Pearl is Rose's scabbard.
It's a metaphor. For how Pearl was Rose's closest friend and confidant.
  • Pearl has been like an empty scabbard ever since Rose left. Auhauhauhau.

A human will attempt to gain Gem powers.
By shoving an inert or corrupted gem into their own body, resulting in a horrific human/gem fusion monster.
  • And that human will be Ronaldo.
    • Most likely on the above post. If, for some reason, its not Ronaldo, I would put Lars as the next candidate. With Ronaldo and Sadie as his "caretakers".
  • Alternatively, Peridot, after seeing Steven immunity to Gem technology, is going to try to discover how that would be possible by trying to create a gem/human hybrid by other means.

Not only are snake people real, but they're responsible for corrupting Gems, transforming them into Gem Beasts.
  • Could be. Or maybe the snake people are corrupted gems. Or maybe the snake people are actually the Gem society that the earthbound Gems are hiding from.
  • What if the Sneople created the Gems?
  • Jossed. The Diamonds corrupted the Gems.

The Lion Lickers are a metaphor for an enemy of the gems. An enemy that is a society of sapient metals.
Cookie Cat is a metaphor for the Crystal Gems, if not gemkind as a whole. The very first episode Cookie Cat foreshadowed that the Crystal Gems came from space, fleeing an intergalactic war.

And we also have the Lion Lickers. The imitation Steven hates. We were told Cookie Cat could not compete with Lion Lickers. As such, the Lion Lickers won.

Now, do you recall the bubble inside Lion's mane? And how it had a bismuth, which is considered a METAL, not a gemstone?

The point is that the Lion Lickers are foreshadowing another alien society based on metals. The Gems were in a war against them (and might still be) and it looks like the gems lost or were losing. And so, a force of gems came to Earth for a plan to create an army. But Rose saw what the plan would do to the Earth. A faction of gems who opposed the plan formed around her and fought the loyalist gems.

Lion himself might be a member of that very metallic race since it's known he's not a gem and also obviously not a normal lion. He may very well be a Pink Bismuth.

Like the Gems they will also be musically inclined, however all their songs will be influenced by Heavy Metal.

The metallic race are actually the good guys in the war, trying to save the universe from the Gems attempts at domination.

Kindergarten Gems all share a cat motif.
More of an observation of artistic choices. Going off the theory that Jasper is also a kindergarten gem grown like Amethyst, both happen to share some very catlike characteristics. Amethyst has her distinct cat smile, huge mane of hair, and called herself the Purple Puma. Jasper's own white mane, her color scheme, and the stripe markings on her skin, along with her eyes and some of her expressions almost make her look more like a humanoid tiger than an anthropomorphic gem crystal. This could be something common with all kindergarten gems.

The real name of Homeworld
I don't believe that Gem's planet is just named "Homeworld". To continue with the geology theme, Homeworld will be revealed to be name "Geode".

The magic storm contained in the geode seen in "House Guest" was a Weapon of Mass Destruction sent by the Homeworld Gems during the war.
It could even be the thing that corrupted into monsters all of the Gems on earth that weren't already broken, being used to power artifacts, or protected by Rose's shield.
  • Jossed on the corruption front, as that was the Diamonds' doing.

One day, Rebecca Sugar was smoking weed with Peter Browngardt and this gave them the idea to come up with the Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa crossover
Well this is probably how Peter Browngardt came up with his other weird ideas on his shows "Uncle Grandpa" and "Secret Mountain Fort Awesome".

The uncle Grandpa episode was technically Canon
These even actually happened to Steven and the Gems, it just their memories were wiped by the reality warping Uncle Grandpa to fulfill his promise of it being non canon.
  • "Reformed" possibly supports this, as Amethyst is inexplicably shown to still have Pizza Steve's glasses. She likely has no recollection whatsoever of where she got them from but keeps them anyway because they look cool.

Why do the Crystal Gems in "Story for Steven" look younger?
It make no sense that they would, considering they are basically immortal beings.
  • The theory is that at some point after Steven birth they chose to take on more adult appearances to give themselves more legitimacy as Steven's surrogate guardians.

There will be an acoustic or maybe ukulele version of the "Mirror Gem" theme.
The theme must be specifically subtitled "(piano version)" for a reason...

The Gems invented English and humans adapted the language to their own culture.
We can see in this screenshot form Too Short to Ride that the alien dolls have fake gems engraved in them, meaning that the Gems likely had some sort of impact on Earth's culture. We also know from Steven's Dream that Pink Diamond was shattered somewhere in Korea, so the Gems could've been anywhere in the world during the war time. Using both of these possibilities, it is possible to deduce that the Gems also at some point visited wherever it is the founders of America came from in this Universe (possibly England, but with SU Earth you can never tell.) This would also explain why the Gems use female pronouns rather than genderless ones: Feminine pronouns used to be genderless, but when the language was adapted to Earth culture they were applied to female humans because of the Gem's similiarities to women.

Changes for Russian television
To avoid breaking Russian laws, Ruby and Sapphire will be stated to be sistersnote  or Ruby will be given a male voice.
  • Welp, they went the safe route and skipped The Answer and Hit the Diamond. Some cuts were made, too. (To think these two were also Russian... times change, indeed.)

The Crystal Gem temple is like a miniature version of whatever Peridot's Hand-Ship and the Red Eye came from
This came from a sudden realization that I had. It's heavily implied that the Crystal Gem temple is alive, seeing as it has a heart and whatnot. But what else does the Crystal Gem Temple have? Veins.

What does Peridot's Hand-Ship have? Veins.

So, what if the Crystal Gem temple is a long-unused ship or whatnot? It's possible that, when the Gems first invaded Earth, the Crystal Gem temple was "docked" for the Galaxy Warp.

If this theory is true, then why does the temple seem to be made out of rock? Well, maybe, since the series is 6000+ after the war, the cliff grew around the temple, and it was later carved into the giant woman that it resembles today. If we're also going into the theory that the temple is meant to resemble the fusion of Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and Rose, then it's possible that the rock grew around the temple originally, but was modified to look like the fusion. After all, some hands made of pure stone are missing.

Please share your thoughts!

The gemstones on Earth are unhatched Gems
If the Homeworld Gems wanted to use earth to harvest more Gems, what if some of the gemstones never got around to becoming full-on Gems? Thus, they became nothing more than shells.

Crying Breakfast Friends Dark Fics are about them committing suicide
It's a show about crying breakfast items... Dark Fics tend to take the series in bad places... do the math...

The Kindergarten literally sucked out Earth's life force to create Gems.
This W.M.G. is coming from the Gems' insistence that if the Kindergarten were to be reactivated, all life on Earth would be destroyed. Look at the environment of the Kinergarten: Everything is gray and lifeless. There are no trees, let alone a few shrubs. There's no life anywhere.

As it's already been pointed out, the machines in the Kindergarten look like bacteriophages. Bacteriophages inject their DNA into cells, and use the cell's life to make more bacteriophages. When the new bacterophages burst from the cell, the cell is killed. Just look at how many holes are in the cliffs at the Kindergarten.

I'm not sure if they're going to have a name for this "life force" or anything, but my guess is that it's what keeps the plants and animals on earth living.

  • Confirmed in "Now We're Only Falling Apart". In addition, the villain of the movie is attempting to use a giant Kindergarten injector to drain all life from Earth.

Alternatively, the Kindergarten process is toxic to other life.
For a more scientific explanation, it is possible that the Kindergarten doesn't actively drain life but sterilizes the area as a side-effect, much like many organisms produce poison as a result of their natural processes. (Plants' photosynthesis for instance.) This is a more optimistic interpretation, since it would mean that the gem empire does not necessarily have to colonize inhabited planets to make new gems. (If they did, that would raise serious ethical questions about why Rose was so invested in saving one planet while leaving all the other colonies to rot.)

There are no crystalized minerals left on Earth after the early Kindergartens.
IE, there are no gemstones, period, and modern humans have no concept of what gems are besides a phonetic name used by Steven's aunt-sisters. Two characters wearing jewelry (Lars' earrings and Vidalia's wedding band) only have gold. There is a diamond on the dollar bill, but that's as bizarrely symbolic in the Steven Universe Universe as the Pyramid Monster / Eye of Providence is in ours. Vidalia isn't stupid, and her "That's what you are, a rock, right?" question is also indicative of mineral gemstones not existing to humanity.
  • It's phase 2 of the Kindergarten that's so dangerous. After the initial tractor beam (which still caused major shifts in the teutonic plates), they'll start sucking up pre-crystalized minerals and process them to become gems. This process isn't picky, sucking carbon, chromium, iron, etc. out of any life on Earth would be easier than straight through the mantle anyways. This is what Rose Quartz rebelled against, what caused Amethyst to be "overcooked" and would cause Earth to be "janked".

The three toys on the windowsill are vague analogies for the Crystal Gems.
Pikamoogle is obviously Garnet, being made from two small cute things. Sanic might be Amethyst, for the spin dash and "overcooked runt". What is Gitaroo man implying about Pearl?

Rose was the inspiration for the fairy tale "Rapunzel".
Perhaps she spent some time in Europe during medieval times (maybe some Gem monsters attacked there?) and people noticed her gentle nature, her long hair, and her healing tears—in the older version of the tale, the Rapunzel's prince is blinded and she restores his vision with her tears. Maybe Rose fell in love with a man and did just that for him...foreshadowing what her son would one day do for Connie.

Alternately, as a more meta theory, Rapunzel was a partial inspiration for Rebecca Sugar to create Rose Quartz.

On the implications of the fact that World War II never happened.
Word of God from Matt Burnett says that the Second World War never happened in the world of Steven Universe. There are several things that would have to occur for this to be true, and several causes of those events.

Firstly, there's the matter of the symbol of the Nazis, the Swastika. If we take this animatic from Giant Woman into account, we can presume that the symbol does exist in the universe, but for out of universe reasons, it can't be shown in the show. So, with the fact that the Nazis never came to power, it would probably be more acceptable to show in this universe. By extension, the Roman Salute, which was used to do things like say the Pledge of Allegiance in America prior to World War II, may still be in use.

Secondly, for World War II to never happen, World War I must also not have happened, as the economic crisis in Germany as a result of war reparations is one of the main factors to Adolf Hitler rising to power. This could mean several things:

  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand was never assassinated. However, this must also mean that an attempt was never made on his life in the first place- an attempted assassination, even one that was unsuccessful, would still likely have meant war. This would be especially true if Gavrilo Princip was successful in wounding, but not killing, the Archduke and his wife, or if an attempt was made on their lives later in the day.
  • Austria-Hungary was on better terms with Serbia and the Slavic States in this universe than in ours, and may not have attempted to annex Bosnia and Herzegovina, leaving the Serbs in peace.
  • Serbian nationalism, one of the main reasons behind the assassination of Ferdinand, may not have taken off for various reasons, such as the idea being quelled by Austria-Hungary, or people seeing what violent lengths the Black Hand movement were willing to go to to achieve their goals.
  • The Alien Space Bats that the Crystal Gems are intervened directly and stopped the conflict, possibly due to Garnet's future sight seeing the results of the war.
    • Alternatively, if World War I did happen, it ended with the Allied Nations aiding Germany's economic repair, as they did after the second World War, instead of hindering it and causing the economic crisis in the first place. Possibly due to Rose Quartz's influence.

Thirdly, there are implications as to what this means for the geopolitical, technological and cultural state of the world.

  • Israel is most likely not a country, as its formation was spurred by the effects of the Holocaust in World War II.
  • Japan never went to war with the USA due to an oil embargo that they were pushing as a result of them supporting the Axis states. The existence of various anime and video games seen in the background of the show implies some form of cultural shift during the 20th century, however. It is also likely that Korea and Manchuria are still under Japanese occupation.
    • There may have still been an international conflict against Japan in some form, as Japan was very aggressive in conquering its neighbor during the first half of the 20th century, probably enough for the US to implement an oil embargo if they were still trying to push right into China and were just as bad towards the people they conquered as in our timeline. The cultural shift might have occurred thanks to two major criteria: 1) The revelation of Unit 731, which was shown loud and clear to the world at large without the Nazis existing to overshadow it, caused global outcry against the Empire and leading to a domino effect of further cruelty against civilians and POWs by the Imperial Army to be revealed; and 2) the Crystal Gems fighting against the Japanese as a response to said cruelty being revealed. Most likely led to Japan forcibly being disarmed in order to prevent the rest of the planet from going to war with it in China's defense, leading to the cultural shift mentioned previously.
  • The Roaring Twenties as a result of wartime prosperity never happened, and therefore the Great Depression may not have occurred.
  • No Second World War means the following pieces of media don't exist:
  • The modern computer, along with the concept of artificial intelligence, may have taken much longer to develop- after all, a lack of war meant a lack of need for Alan Turing to develop his Cryptographic Bombe at Bletchley Park, meaning ENIAC was harder to develop. Turing also came up with the Turing Test, which led to the creation of the concept of AI in science fiction.
  • Due to the lack of the second World War, the Manhattan Project never happened, the atomic bomb was never invented, and the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never occurred. This means that there was no Cold War or nuclear arms race, and that franchise based around nuclear war and its effects, such as Fallout, Mad Max, and Godzilla don't exist in this universe. This also means the Raygun Gothic aesthetic never took off.
  • The lack of a Cold War also means the space race may not have happened, which might mean that the United States never set foot on the moon, meaning it might not have a space program period. However, as we see in the episode Keep Beach City Weird, there is still some interest in space and the existence of alien life, most likely spurred on by the existence of the Crystal Gems themselves.
    • The space program definitely still exists in some form, as in the episode Space Race, Pearl mentions that several humans, a monkey, and a dog, made it into space. Perhaps it was knowledge of the existence of the gems as extraterrestrial life forms that led to the space program instead of the Cold War.
  • The Cold War never happening means that the following nationstates never formed:
    • North Korea (as the entire Korean peninsula is most likely still under Japanese occupation)
    • East and West Germany
    • The various Soviet Satellite States
    • Communist Vietnam
    • Communist China
  • The Bosnian Genocide may not have occurred.
  • The September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks never happened, and therefore, the current Middle Eastern War is not a thing. The justification here is that the fracturing of the Middle East as a result of the first two World Wars led to the instability in the region, which made it easier for extremist groups to form.
  • Due to weakened continental plates, and a Gem facility being in the area, the The Tunguska Event was hundreds of times worse. Most of central Russia became a large hole to be filled up by the Arctic Sea.
  • Canada was not populated by the French and the British, but rather the French and Greenland. (Hence a green maple leaf on their flag.) Greenland, by the way, in the Steven Universe really is green. And Iceland is mostly ice.
    • Iceland doesn't appear to exist, based on the map in the Moon Base.

Flash mobs are banned on Homeworld because of the possibility of accidental mass fusion.
Just because it sounds absolutely hilarious.

The creator of the Gems originally meant for Fusion to be what Garnet is - a physical manifestation of love. However, due to the racial/caste segregation imposed by the corrupt Diamonds, Gems were only allowed to Fuse with other Gems of their same kind. The original intent was completely lost to all Gems, except Rose Quartz, which is why she was so adamant that Garnet never question who and what she is.
Rewatching The Answer, it seems Rose knew far more about what was going on with Garnet than anyone. Rose's insistence that Garnet should never question who, what, or why she is, not only mirrors Garnet's own "You... are an EXPERIENCE!" statement to Stevonnie, but also suggests that Rose knew exactly why Ruby & Sapphire fused ("Love," as Garnet said herself), and left it up to them to figure it out themselves (probably, again, like how Garnet is letting Connie and Steven figure out and admit that they love each other themselves). Rose, after all, was all about love.

Since Rose seems to understand immediately that Ruby's & Sapphire's love let them fuse, it's very possible that she has knowledge of Gem nature that other Gems don't. Not only does this suggest that the intent from the very beginning was for Fusion to be like a wedding - a permanent joining of two beings into one - rather than a weapon as other Gems like Jasper and Peridot see it, but it also suggests that Rose may know far more about the origins of the Gems than anyone, save perhaps the Diamonds, who are possibly ALSO privy to that information. It's possible, even, that Rose is one of the original Gems, or learned from an original Gem.

Pink Diamond was Rose's Teacher, and Stood Against Yellow and Blue Diamond
We now know of 2 Diamonds - Yellow and Blue - thus all-but confirming the "Yellow/Blue/Pink Diamond Triumvirate" theory.

But while Yellow and Blue were totalitarian lords over the other Gems, Pink, like Rose, was sympathetic to the plights of all living beings, and shared secret knowledge of the Gems' origins with her disciple, Rose Quartz.

If Rose herself is an anomaly - a pacifistic Quartz, unlike the zealous warmongers that Quartzes, like Jasper, are attested to be (according to Peridot) - it's possible that Pink decided to pass onto her the secret origin of the Gems, the true purposes of things like Fusions, etc.

  • Pink Diamond was Rose Quartz.

  • From a meta standpoint, this has a lot of precedent - the thematic parallels between Steven Universe and Gen 1 Transformers is notable; the Gems, in many ways, are basically gender-flipped analogs of the Autobots, with a Jewel motif rather robotic, while Homeworld and Corrupted Gems are not unlike Decepticons. Accordingly, then, it would make sense that Pink Diamond may well be the Sentinel Prime to Rose's Optimus, and would have passed on the arcane history of the Gems and their creator.

  • This theory seems to be further supported by the fact that, over time, the symbol of the Great Diamond Authority notacibly changes; On structures built prior to the Rebellion, the symbol consists of four diamond shapes: one yellow, one blue, one white and one pink; so four leaders. On modern structures, the pink symbol has been removed however, leaving only the yellow, blue and white shapes (now in the form of overlapping triangles), suggesting that the Authority has been reduced in membership from four to three during that time. This could very well be because Pink Diamond, like her disciple Rose, rebelled against the other gems and is now either destroyed or leading another rebellion fraction on some other planet.

The creator of the Gems was a goddess or all-power sorceress with command over gemstones, known as Crystal, and her departure millennia from the Gems is what caused the Gems to fall to autocratic rule by the Diamonds
Given the Shoujo nature of the show, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that the Gems were created by some lonely galactic deity or wizardess.

Because they were inorganic, they weren't able to reproduce naturally. Therefore, she not only created a means for Gems to be grown from mineral-rich planets, but also granted them the ability to Fuse, as a way for 2 Gems to show ultimate love for one another by joining together to create an entirely-new being, as an analog of birth.

She created the first Gems. Then, she created the three Diamonds - Pink, Blue, and Yellow - tasked them with watching over the other Gems as their protectors, and granted each of them part of her own power, in order to carry out their duties. However, the Diamonds, as a price for receiving equal parts of Crytal's power, were left without the ability to Fuse, and thus could never become more powerful than they already were.

Thereafter, she disappear, died, or perhaps became the Gem Homeworld itself.

With Crystal gone, the Gems were free to live and develop. But over time, the Diamonds, or at least Blue and Yellow, became corrupt and obsessed with power. Rather than protecting the other Gems, Blue and Yellow subjugated them, destroying all Cross-Gem Fusions, forbidding other Gems from Fusing with any members other than their own archetypes (for fear of powerful Fusions rising against the Diamonds), destroyed all bits of knowledge about the nature & capabilities of Fusion, and created a stringent hierarchy & caste system, with the Pearls at the bottom as mass-produced slaves, Quartzes as the military leaders, & the Diamonds, of course, as the undisputed rulers of Gem society.

The Diamonds, then, began to expand their Empire to all reaches of Homeworld, draining it of all its natural resources in an obsession with spreading Gem life farther and farther outwards, seeing Gem-kind as absolutely superior to all other forms of life, eventually spreading beyond Homeworld and onto other planets.

Pink, appalled at her sisters' lust for power, but helpless to fight against both of them, drew away into isolation, her power slowly fading over time. After many eons, however, she found an extremely strange anomaly: a Quartz named Rose Quartz who, unlike her sister Quartzes, loathed fighting, admired life of all kinds, and sought peace & love. Pink took Rose under her tutelage, and secretly revealed to her the creation of the Gems by Crystal/Jewel, the long-lost truth of Fusion's mechanics and intent, and the vision that Crystal had had for them. After teaching Rose all this, Pink was either destroyed by her sisters or faded away - her magic depleted.

This left Rose as the sole being, other than Blue and Yellow Diamonds, with the knowledge of the truth of the Gems, their Creator, and their intended destiny. Following Pink's will and ideals, now Rose's own, was a major motivation in Rose's uprising against Yellow and Blue when they announced their intention to colonize the Earth, and eradicate all life therein, in order to strip it of its resources.

The Native Americans were wiped out by corrupted gem monsters
Doubles as Fridge Horror. We've never actually seen any Native American-looking characters in the show. In this version of history, when the first European settlers came to America, they were attacked by a giant gem monster, and only survived due to the intervention of a Crystal Gem fusion. (Note that these settlers never seemed to encounter any Native Americans.) The CGs then warned them not to stay because the continent was heavily infested with deadly monsters. They stayed anyway and were able to survive, but by that point the monster population was much lower than its initial peak due to a few thousand years of the CGs "poofing" and bubbling as many as they could. The fact that both known Kindergartens were on the continent probably has something to do with why it had so many gem monsters. In any case, when the event that initially caused gem corruption occurred, North America was overrun by an unmanageably large number of gem monsters, which drove the early Native Americans to extinction.
  • But the state of Kansas still has the same name. Kansas is a Sioux word. So Native Americans couldn't have been completely wiped out.
    • That's a good point. Which raises the question though: if the Native Americans were still around and thriving, why did the CGs try to deter William Dewey and his crew from coming to the North America on the basis of the continent being too dangerous for humans?
      • It's possible thriving might be a strong word in this situation. Plus, Kansas is more to the middle of the United States, whereas Beach City (and the place William Dewey would have landed) is on the East coast. Possibly the majority of the danger and/or damage left over from the Gem War on America was to the East?
    • Word of God informs us that Kansas is not the state, but what in the real world is known as Kansas City.

If this weren't intended as a family-friendly show, the gems would probably use "Oh Schist!" as an expletive.
Because mineral puns.

Camp Pining Hearts is this world's version of Total Drama Island
Seriously, think about it. They're both Teen Dramas set in a camp in Canada, that puts groups of teenagers on teams against each other. There's romantic subplots, but also some emphasis on physical challenges, such as the three-legged race. Peridot's shipping of Percy with Pierre because they make the strongest team and rejecting Official Couple Percy and Paulette suggests that, having no exposure to either concept prior to watching this show, she failed to understand the distinction between a romantic relationship and a reality show alliance, both of which would have been going on in this kind of camp.

Somewhere in the Gem empire, there is a planet used as a dumping ground for all the Gem shards produced as a result of the Diamonds' lack of hesitance to have subordinates executed.
Because they've probably been in the habit of doing such executions long before the gem mutants or the Cluster were conceived of, and they probably didn't use all that they had (relying primarily on Crystal Gems from the war rather than importing shards). And since bubbling them would be seen as too humane for condemned "criminals", they're probably set loose to manifest writhing body parts, and entire pits full of these are probably pretty hellish looking.

They may occasionally return to this planet to retrieve some shards for use in experiments or to power gem tech.

The impenetrable outer hull on the hand-shaped ship that Peridot and Jasper came to Earth in is the result of 5000 years worth of R&D focused on trying to replicate the power of Rose's shield.
It's not clear if they succeeded fully, but they clearly at least came close enough to be able to shrug off every long-distance weapon the CGs had at their disposal, both Rose's old Light Cannons and Opal's arrows.

The lyrics over the ending themes are part of a song written by Rose for Greg.
They are as follows. If I Could begin to be half of what you think of me, I could do about anything. I could even learn how to love like you. And I always thought I might be bad. Now I'm sure that it's true. 'Cause I think you're so good, and I'm nothing like you.

The way Fusions work was somewhat influenced by Communications classes that Rebecca Sugar took in college
A common metaphor used in Communications classes (which, in my own experience, a few of which are often mandatory even for non-majors), is to liken every relationship between two people (for whatever purpose) to a "spiritual child" of the two people involved. (see here.) If the relationship is good, the child will be strong and healthy (like Garnet) but if the relationship is bad, the child will be deformed and hideous (like Malachite). I'm guessing Rebecca Sugar picked up this metaphor in college and when coming up with the mechanics of Gem Fusion in her show, she later had the idea to literalize this metaphor.

All the Fusions will get songs, but it won't be in the show
Instead, they'll make a soundtrack with songs sung by the fusion gems. Highlights will include:
  • An extended remix of "Stronger Than You" for Garnet
  • A soft lullaby for Opal
  • A menacing Boastful Rap for Sugilite
  • A flashy Broadway-worthy number for Sardonyx
  • A happy, possibly Disney-like tune for Stevonnie
  • A discordant, terrifying Villain Song for Malachite
  • A fun, energetic song with some slight underlying sadness for Smoky Quartz
  • A powerful but slightly chaotic song for Alexandrite
  • A chorus featuring all of them together
  • If Rhodonite and Fluorite are included, then we'll get a beautiful, but sort of tragic song for Rhodonite, possibly explaining her backstory, and a soft, gentle melody for Fluorite

In this world, Las Vegas is "Silver City".
I'm just going on the fact that New York is "Empire City" and Pennsylvania is "Keystone", since their new names are nicknames in our world.
  • Okay nevermind, Empire City's a mix of New York, Las Vegas, and Paris.

Steven will rewrite the opening to include Peridot.
Since it's been shown in additional scenes that Steven was the one who made the opening song, this could be touched upon soon with him either rewriting the opening or writing a new song that includes Peridot.
  • We haven't seen it so far, and at this point the song would also need to include Lapis and Bismuth. The title song in Steven Universe: Future doesn't include a roll call, though it's entirely possible we may still get a reworked version of "We Are the Crystal Gems" at the end of the series, which might include everyone (also adding Little Larimar, Biggs Jasper, Crazy Lace, etc., and possibly also the Off-Colors and other allied Gems that aren't "officially" Crystal Gems).

A track in a future season finale will be called "Night Drive 3".

A future Fusion Dance song (Possibly involving Steven and/or Peridot) will be called "Combination".
When people think of putting things together, combination is usually the first word that comes to mind.

The Gems deliberately targeted Earth for destruction because it hosts organic life.
Think about it for a second — if Gems require the destruction of a planet in order to reproduce, why bother with Earth? Why not use an uninhabited planet, like Mars or Venus? Given Yellow Diamond's distaste for organic life, it seems possible Earth may have been *deliberately* targeted in order to remove humanity as a potential threat. Maybe Rose Quartz discovered this, and that was part of what led her to rebel.
  • It's indicated that Gem creation directly drains the life from Earth, supporting this.
  • Also supported by Nice Lapis and Mean Lapis seeking out another lush, green planet to terraform, when surely it'd be simpler to use one of the millions and millions of barren rocks.

It's not just organic life that makes Earth special. Something about it's unharvested minerals of Earth itself encourages growth in Gems.
It gives... a song, a radiation. It's the reason Gems who stay there start becoming independent, it's why Peridot developed her magnetic powers when Homeworld said she couldn't.

Rose's song, and the reason she had a child.
The song we've been getting during the credits is Rose's own song, a lamentation to Greg and perhaps Earth itself; she isn't human and she doesn't feel as though she is a "real person" as humans are. Her experiences on Earth and the new point of view on what gems are, including her much closer relationship with Greg, has showed her how monstrous gems really are, how ugly and empty they seem, and she can't help but believe that simply because she's one of them that she's just the same, despite how wrong she's been shown to be regarding gems being able to love since her departure."If I could, begin to be, half of what, you think of me, I could do about anything... I could even learn how to love."She knows Greg, and arguably many humans and even her own followers, see her as this beautiful, elegant, statuesque goddess woman, an icon of perfection... but she knows she's not, and it hurts to think about, but it's the truth. She's not perfect and in fact she comes across a tad manipulative at times, though it's purely speculation at this point given we never got a present moment of her alive, just memories, flashbacks and recordings."When I see, the way you act, wondering when, I'm coming back, I could do about anything... I could even learn how to love... like you."She feels as though her inner humanity is so close, especially seeing how Greg feels when she's not around, but she just can't bring herself to believe that she can love, not like humans do... enter Steven. As a gem Rose can't believe that she can feel and love for real. She saw the worst of gemkind, and may well have been part of it once upon a time, which is why she cannot believe gems feel the same way and with the same authenticity as humans, so out of desperation to feel that way and become capable of that she made a promise to Greg, and so she became Steven, whom loves sincerely the way his mother once desired to."I always thought I might be bad, now I'm sure that it's true, 'cause I think you're so good... and I'm nothing like you."But even then, it's about her. Maybe she wanted to return Greg's love, maybe she wanted to feel and give like humans do, but the creation of Steven was HER desire, her plan. She wanted so badly to feel and love that she ended up hurting everybody around her; Pearl, Amethyst, Greg, even her own self and son, Steven.

Maddening Creations.
There are more gems out there amongst the humans, likely in various states of damage and corruption, and at least one of them is responsible for such things as the now limited Cookie Cats, the Crying Breakfast Friends cartoon show, the GUYS line of interactive dolls and the senseless, complicated kitchen game the Crystal Gems are playing at the beginning of The Test.

Cookie Cat Is Evil?
Cookie Cat attacking Steven in one of his speculations about his imminent demise in Future Vision involves him shouting "I never considered you might be evil", referencing his doubt regarding what the Crystal Gems are in light of Mirror Gem.

In this world, San Francisco is Golden Gate.
I'm just going on the fact that New York is "Empire" and Pennsylvania is "Keystone", since their new names are nicknames in our world.

Homeworld is in irrevocable decline because of the Rebellion.
For whatever of many possible reasons, it's implied that the Diamond Authority is missing at least Pink Diamond, and possibly White Diamond as well, and that Rose is connected to this. If the Rebellion began because of the Crystal Gems refusing to let the Kindergartens drain the energy from the Earth, that means Homeworld went without the power they planned to get and then immediately had to expend resources to fight an interplanetary civil war. Peridot says that she doesn't have powers because of Homeworld's limited resources, but Yellow Diamond is willing to send out search-and-rescue teams to recover a single, very powerful Quartz like Jasper. It suggests that mass-produced Gems like Rubies (who are apparently dumber than they were in Ruby and Sapphire's day) and Peridots are considered expendable, while Jasper, who is every bit the failure that Peridot is (minus calling Yellow Diamond a clod), is still too valuable to lose, either because she's too costly to produce or too powerful to leave in enemy hands.

Homeworld Became embroiled with conflicts after the Rebellion
Between the Earth Rebellion and the current events of the series, Homeworld continued to expand their empire attempting to acquire of resources to replenish the numbers lost during the Rebellion. However other conflicts arose in the form of Civil Wars from other Gem factions within the empire inspired either by Rose’s Rebellion or past insurrections predating the Earth Rebellion. Considering How each mural of the Diamond Authority depicted each individual ruler with multitudes of worlds surrounding them, it is possible those worlds had their own insurrections, and like The Earth’s Rebellion, The Diamonds ended up having to quell these revolts in the same manner, though these civil wars would greatly diminish the populations of each world, causing the empire to burn through more resources to replenish their numbers.

Homeworld may have also come in contact with other alien species or an Anterstellar Alliance which were technologically on par with Homeworld, enabling them to fight back against the Gem Empires colonization campaigns.note  Millennia of conflict whether it be infighting, other outside forces or both diminished the Gem Empire’s might and their pool of resources, thus further expanding why future generation of gems become weaker and more dependent on advanced tech to compensate for their loss of raw power.

Jasper's mission was to see if she could find Rose Quartz.
Peridot's check-up on the Cluster was never treated seriously by anyone but her. Sending someone as powerful as Jasper with her doesn't make any sense unless the real target was Rose Quartz; additionally, this explains why they sent Jasper in particular (who had fought Rose before and had her own obsession with her.) As soon as she thinks Rose isn't there, Jasper dismisses the mission as a wasteful failure; when she has Steven and thinks she's captured Rose, she immediately starts returning home, abandoning everything else (despite Peridot's protests), saying that Rose is more important. The logical conclusion is that whatever Peridot thought, the only reason the higher-ups paid attention to what had happened was because they concluded that the disruption of Peridot's maintenance checks might have been caused by Rose Quartz and presented an opportunity to finally catch her. This is supported by the total disinterest her superiors show in Peridot herself; the mission was always Jasper being sent to find and capture Rose Quartz (either because Rose was important on her own, or because of a personal vendetta on the part of Yellow Diamond.) This also explains why Jasper was so harsh with Lapis; from her perspective, Lapis was concealing Rose Quartz herself and could very well have been a Crystal Gem sympathizer attempting to lead them into a trap.

Possible alternate names for the United States.
  • Alabama: Cotton, Yellowhammer.
  • Alaska: Frontier (as in, "the Last Frontier").
  • Arizona: Canyon, Copper.
  • Arkansas: Opportunity.
  • California: Golden, as theorized above.
  • Colorado: Columbine (after the trees from the state song).
  • Connecticut: Nutmeg, Hartford (the capital city of Connecticut).
  • Delaware: Delmarva being a state kind of interferes with this one.
  • Florida: Sunshine, Britton Hill (the highest point in Florida).
  • Georgia: Azalea (the flower is a symbol of Georgia).
  • Hawaii: still known as Hawaii, possibly not even a state in the world of the show.
  • Idaho: probably still Idaho. Good chance its nickname would not be "The Gem State," though.
  • Illinois: Bluestem (a grass native to much of the prairie lands of North America).
  • Indiana: Crossroads (the state motto is "the Crossroads of America").
  • Iowa: Hawkeye.
  • Kansas: Still known as Kansas, as Jamie confirmed after coming back from there.
    • Think again: "Kansas" actually refers to Kansas City, which IRL is older than the state and only appended "City" to its name after the establishment of the state. The very name indicates that the state either does not exist or must have a different name.
  • Kentucky: Bluegrass, Commonwealth.
  • Louisiana: Pelican, Boot.
  • Maine: Augusta (the capital of Maine).
  • Maryland: Delmarva being a state kind of interferes with this one.
  • Massachusetts: Bay, Greylock (after Mount Greylock, the highest point in the state).
  • Michigan: Wonderland, Mishigamaa (the Ojibwa word meaning "large lake", which Michigan is derived from).
  • Minnesota: Northstar.
  • Mississippi: Magnolia.
  • Missouri: Jefferson, after Jefferson City. However, the state is most famous for Kansas City, this world's counterpart to Hollywood and better known as Kansas.
  • Montana: Treasure, Billings (largest city in Montana).
  • Nebraska: Cornhusker.
  • Nevada: Sagebrush, Bristlecone (after the state tree).
  • New Hampshire: Hampshire, like how New Jersey is Jersey.
  • New Jersey: Known as Jersey.
  • New Mexico: Santa Fe (the capital city), Enchantment.
  • New York: Confirmed to be Empire in "Mr. Greg".
  • North Carolina: Oldnorth ("Old North"), or perhaps just Carolina, with S. Carolina having a different name.
  • North Dakota: Flickertail.
  • Ohio: Buckeye (after the state tree), Chesapeake.
  • Oklahoma: Native America, or maybe still Oklahoma.
  • Oregon: Willamette (after Willamette Valley, Oregon's most densely populated area).
  • Pennsylvania: Confirmed to be Keystone in "Keystone Motel".
  • Rhode Island: Oceanus (Rhode Island is called the Ocean State), Providence.
  • South Carolina: Palmetto.
  • South Dakota: Rushmore.
  • Tennessee: Watauga.
  • Texas: Lone Star.
  • Utah: Salt Lake, Wasatch.
  • Vermont: Green Mountain.
  • Virginia: Delmarva being a state kind of interferes with this one.
  • Washington: Evergreen.
    • May I suggest Cascadia? Could also apply to Oregon.
  • West Virginia: West Delmarva, or perhaps it doesn't exist.
    • It's probably still part of Virginia—or it's equivalent—in this universe.
  • Wisconsin: Dairyland. Or maybe it's still known as Wisconsin like Kansas is still Kansas.
  • Wyoming: Gannett (after its highest point).

Steven, Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet will eventually fuse into the Temple Gem.
  • Confirmed in "Change Your Mind", which reveals the fusion's name to be Obsidian.

The Diamond Authority is a hypocritical conspiracy.
They're all fusions. The murals on the ship are inaccurate because they were made by Gems who wouldn't know the difference, but the Diamonds are immensely tall and, of the two we've seen, wear long, loose, concealing garments while all the others we've seen so far wear form-fitting tights or dresses. They know what kind of power Fusion has and that's why they place such huge restrictions on it, but most importantly, all the fusions we've seen have a strong desire to do what they want because they're a unique combination of personalities that both Gems become aware of, it's the only way they can experience being "different" and become introduced to the idea of being able to change. Even Jasper completely abandons her obligations to Homeworld after getting a taste of fusion because of the power trip she's on. Restriction of fusion is how the Diamonds keep their people in line.
  • Jossed, they're not fusions.

Greg Universe is Orpheus.
He tells the story of important past events in the form of song. He managed to woo a millenia-old alien warrior with just a song. An advertising jingle simply based on one of his songs netted him ten million dollars. His music is imbued with godlike power. He's like a bard of ancient myth and legend. If he had better representation, his music would have changed the world like Bill and Ted.

"Love Like You" describes Rose Quartz's perspective on her own Broken Pedestal from within Steven
It's been noted a few times that the ending song can fit many of the characters because of its focus on insecurity and being unable to live up to someone's expectations and can be easily interpreted as being sung to anyone, by anyone, but the lyrics make perfect sense if you consider them to be Rose's thoughts on being part of Steven. As a rebel leader who hid the darker aspects of her life, becoming Steven and experiencing true growth and true innocence is a dream come true and she apparently trusted Steven to want to fill her no-shoes, but at the same time, she knew it was a hugely selfish move: leaving the Crystal Gems without a leader, without answers, vulnerable to repercussions by Homeworld in order to pursue her own dream of change. She knew from the beginning that Steven would idolize her and then have to come to terms with her flaws, but as Steven's gem, she's experiencing it for herself. That realization ("I think you're so good, and I'm nothing like you") is Rose learning that she could never have lived up to Steven's example, and that if she'd been able to, she wouldn't have needed to become him in the first place. Bismuth was right: he is better than her, that was the entire goal of creating him.

The series' AU is one where prejudice never existed on Earth to imply that bigotry is an "alien" ideal that Earth is better off without.
None of the human characters seem to exhibit any forms of racism, sexism, body shaming etc. basically any way that someone was born or anything involving their appearance. If a human character is a jerk or a bully, they pick on other people based strictly on their personalities. Word of God also confirms that several wars based on religion, nationality and class never occurred. The alien Gem World, meanwhile, exhibits a lot of Fantastic Racism, intolerance for mixed-gem fusions or defective gems and enforced class separation.
  • Jossed, if Andy is anything to go by.

Pearl's concept regeneration outfits will eventually be in the series.
The show has referenced the pilot outfits before (Pearl's regeneration cycle showed it before her outfit in the flashbacks, and Amethyst's green fanny pack in "Beach Party" seems to be a reference to her's) so why not concept outfits? Heck, it could even be another Pearl that wears one of them!

Mystery Girl's name will be an example of Floral Theme Naming.
To tie in with her Rose similarities. It would have to start with an S though. Possibilities include:
  • Sapling
  • Spirea
  • Saffron
  • Sumac
  • Sedum
  • Salvia
  • Sage
  • Sharon, as in the "Rose of Sharon", the same flower featured in "A Single Pale Rose".

If Amethyst and Jasper ever patch things up and bond, the accompanying track will be called "Quartz Sisters".

Bismuth will be in the SDCC 2017 poster.
Greg and Connie were in the 2014 one, Lapis, Jasper, Peridot, Ruby, and Sapphire were in the 2015 one, and everyone (minus Ruby and Sapphire) was in the 2016 one. If anything, there's a very good chance of it.
  • Jossed.

Season 6 will have a new intro.
Why Season 6? Well...
  • The Gems need new outfits. The new intro only showed up in the show once Amethyst regenerated, even though "Reformed" was five episodes into Season 2. Now that Amethyst has regenerated again, Pearl and Garnet have to as well, in order to balance their old outfits and new outfits in the intros (or something like that). Peridot also needs to regenerate at some point, considering she's a Crystal Gem now. Since there seems to be a "one CG regen per season" thing (keeping in mind that Seasons 1A and 1B were originally separate seasons), if you count the rest of 4 and the fact that Season 2's new intro started a few episodes in, three seasons would be probably be enough for all of them to regenerate.
  • New characters and character development. Ever since the second intro, there have been more characters introduced then you could shake a stick at, and several Beach City citizens have since had more development and characterization added to their characters. A new intro in Season 6 gives enough time for any other characters to be introduced, along with the already introduced characters getting more development and backstory (especially Andy and Mystery Girl, as their roles will eventually make them very important very soon). And now, the main reason why I think this...
  • The shorts. The main reason we got a new intro in the first place was because it was part of a short (specifically "We Are the Crystal Gems"). Making this stuff uses money, and seems like a bad idea to use it on an intro rather than an episode. But, since all the shorts count as a full episode, they can use money on making a new intro, as long as it fits the time of a short. As for why Season 6? There were no shorts for Seasons 1 and 3, so it can be assumed that shorts will only happen during even numbered seasons, and since Season 4's shorts have already been released, Season 6 is the next best bet. On a another matter entirely, "We Are The Crystal Gems" covers the full theme, not just the intro, so a sequel to that short would require a major rewrite to the first verse and "I will fight for" lines, considering all that's happened (and will happen, since the new intro would take place four seasons after the first one).
  • Confirmed, kind of, in that "season six" is actually a sequel series, Steven Universe: Future, with a completely different opening and theme song.

There is no Christmas in Steven's world...
...because Yellow Pearl stole it.
  • You're a mean one, Yellow Pearl.

The unidentified Gem in the Pyramid Temple Mural is White Diamond.
  • This image, specifically. Many people assume the one fighting Rose is Blue Diamond, because it looks like she's standing on water and has a triangle on her chest. What if it's actually White Diamond? White Diamond, given her placement on the Diamond Authority symbol, appears to be the highest Diamond. Rose could have been using Pink Diamond as a bargaining chip, and who better to offer the negotiation to than the highest authority of Homeworld? As far as the "standing on water" goes? What if it's not water at all? What if it's air?
    • "Your Mother and Mine" shows that White only got involved in the rebellion to unleash the Corrupting Light, so why would she ever fight Rose directly?

The Diamonds' Pearls aren't just servants, they're weapons.
The closest thing the Diamonds have to a leitmotif is the Corruption Song, and in "What's the Use of Feeling (Blue)", Blue and Yellow Pearl are commanded to sing, and immediately open by harmonizing in that exact same tone. If that's the purpose they were made for, since they seem to assist in their Diamonds' main functions, it wouldn't be strange for them to be made to be completely obedient and loyal so that they can't be mishandled. It may also be part of what what makes Pearl defective: her desire and affinity for being her own Gem, wielding a weapon rather than being one herself, especially if it's unusual for a Pearl to be able to manifest a Gem weapon on her own.
  • Doesn't seem to be the case.

The Roaming Eye only has a proper setting for Pearl
The Roaming Eye has a mechanism to defend a Gem's hard light body against the effects of faster than light travel. However, besides the fact that this mechanism can apparently only be set to one Gem type at the time, it most likely only would have a proper setting for Pearl. Garnet is a Fusion between two different Gems, something that's frowned upon on Homeworld, and thus not something the ship would need to have a setting for, while Amethyst is unusually short for a Gem of her type, and the setting for Amethysts would most likely be tuned to a regular sized Amethyst.
  • One of the settings is clearly for Rubies, and would probably have worked okay for the similarly-sized Sapphire as well.

Gems of the same type can perfectly harmonize with each other.

At least one character will have one of the Five Stages of Grief over Pink Diamond's death
  • Yellow Diamond is Anger. She wishes to destroy the Earth and every Rose Quartz gem as a result of her death.
  • Blue Diamond is Depression. She's reminiscing about Pink Diamond all the time, and keeps her Zoo, the Rose Quartz gems, and kidnaps Greg as memories of her.
  • The Crystal Gems are Acceptance, and the series will be working up to get the other characters up to it as well. They have made their peace with the fact that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond.
  • Jasper and White Diamond could both either be Bargaining or Denial, but given that Jasper is not denying that Pink Diamond is dead, she is more likely to be Bargaining. Perhaps she'll be told that someone can bring back Pink Diamond and she would work for the unconditionally as a result, be it truth or lie.
  • That would make White Diamond Denial. When we see her, she might be shown believing that Pink Diamond has merely been away for a long time.
    • She's definitely Denial, but not in that way: she thinks that Steven is just a Meat Puppet for his mother who's convinced "her"self that she's someone else.
  • But if White Diamond is Bargaining, then she could be conspiring with forces even the Diamonds can scarcely comprehend to restore Pink Diamond to life. Denial could also come into play with her blatantly ignoring what a terrible idea this is.

That was actually Rose in "Storm in the Room"
Or more like her consciousness, with her body being made by the room.

Assuming it was a thing in this universe, Rose and the Gems were a part of the Underground Railroad.

The Blue Diamond that we see in "That Will Be All" isn't the original Blue Diamond shown in "The Answer"
In "The Answer", Blue Diamond is shown to be a fantasy homophobe by ordering Ruby to be shattered; she also doesn't seem to care at all for the humans of Earth. She also appears to be very emotionless, whereas in "That Will Be All" and the rest of the human zoo arc, she is constantly weeping and seems to have been in romantic love with Pink Diamond. The reason she's changed so much? Because she isn't Blue Diamond at all. The original Blue Diamond was shattered soon after Ruby and Sapphire first fused, and Pink Diamond was the one who insisted that she be remade (hence new Blue Diamond's obsession with her- Pink Diamond is the only reason that she exists). This also explains the changes in color palettes between first!Blue Diamond and now!Blue Diamond.
  • First, no evidence she's homophobic in any way. She tries to kill Ruby because she fused with Sapphire. They had shown no signs of affection at that point. Second, if this happened before Pink's shattering like you say, she could have simply felt that devastated by her death.
  • You are overthinking. Different color palette is purely stylistic: Ruby and Sapphire also had different color schemes in this segment, so did Pearl and Rose. And the reason why Blue Diamond seems so different in this episode? Because it was told from Garnet's point of view. Of course Blue Diamond in her story would be presented as cold-hearted bitch with no redeeming qualities. This is how Garnet sees her.

The new ending theme (post-"Love Like You") is either:
  • Part of the Diamond's Corruption song
  • The song that will finally uncorrupt Corrupted Gems
  • The sound that is made when a Gem is fully uncorrupted

The soundtrack will included a couple bonus tracks
Like remixes (e.g., Pearl Remix), or some of Rebecca's demos.

Lion (and maybe Lars now) grants wishes.
  • Notice how every single time Steven says "I wish that...", Lion is standing by him expectantly. It happens in every Lion episode and most recently in Lars' Head. Lion grants wishes (in his own way). What this could imply for the other character is beyond me.
    • Actually, more often than not, it's Steven's gem that reacts when he says "I wish...", so it probably just has something to do with that.

Lars can escape from Homeworld by yelling really loud.
Because Lion has the power to create portals by roaring.
  • Probably jossed. Lion could only travel as far as Earth's Moon, 1.3 light-seconds away from us, before becoming exhausted. Homeworld is Many Light Years away from Earth.

The remaining two party members in Save the Light are Peridot and Lapis Lazuli
And the reason one of them is Downloadable content is because they're saving them for when their Fusion is revealed. The reason Alexandrite was the only Fusion you could activate in Attack the Light was because Sardonyx wasn't revealed yet.
  • Peridot has indeed been confirmed and Sardonyx was too later on. We'll see about Lapis.

A future Fusion Dance track will be called "Coalescence"
Coalescence can mean A) to grow together or into one body, B) to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc., and C) to blend or come together. Barring exceptions like Enticement or Consolation, the tracks of all Fusion dances have been related to things combining or coming together. So, coalescence could very well be a future track title.

A real version of Buddy Buddwick's Journal will be released.
Like Journal 3, it will have all the pages seen on the show, as well a new ones revealing new secrets about Gem history on Earth.
  • Not likely, since Buddwick's journal isn't nearly as important to the plot as Journal 3 is to the plot of Gravity Falls. It'd be nice to see, though.

Sega won the Console Wars in the series' universe
The Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast were worldwide successes, and the GameCube (or "Dolphin," as it is called in the world of SU) was the last console Nintendo made, which is why Steven has a GameCube and Nintendo 64 but no Wii or later system.

Corruption is actually a mental illness.
Specifically, a form of depressive psychosis. Think about it: Yellow Diamond is Anger, Blue Diamond is Depression, and White Diamond apparently did something to Pearl to forcibly prevent her from talking. Their powers of Anger, Sadness, and Mind Control combined to create a psychic attack that causes the Gem to experience such powerful, negative emotions that it distorts their view of reality and makes them unable to properly manifest their physical forms. That's why Jasper catches it from one of the Corrupted quartz beasts after fusing with her and immediately goes mad with rage when Steven tries to help. Hearing Rose Quartz call Yellow Diamond "her" Diamond basically breaks open the floodgates on all her emotional problems, and the Corruption takes hold of her.
  • How does that explain the Geode Beetles of Heaven and Earth, who are confirmed by Word of God to be Corrupted Gems but seem mentally stable? Maybe they felt powerless and insignificant, so they took the form of insects to reflect this. Also, it's now confirmed that it was Pink Diamond who prevented Pearl from talking, not White.

The gaming industry stalled in the SU verse.
Perhaps the video game crash of '83 lasted longer or happened later, but for whatever reason, video games went kaput for a bit. Then in the 90's, Nintendo released the NES, it took the world by storm, and history goes mostly the same, aside from the decade gap. Assuming the consoles had the same lifespan as they do in our world, and the show takes place in the modern day (when it first premiered at least, present day at most), the N64 would be on its last legs when the show began, with the rest of it being in the Gamecube's rein.

Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond.
Shapeshifting is an ability Gems have. We clearly saw Amethyst pretend to be Jasper at one point, showing that even shifting into other Gems is possible. As such, it's reasonable that a Diamond would be able to do the same. Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond share the location of their gems. It's also implied that Pink Diamond is something of an irregularity among the Diamonds. Her gem is upside down and has a completely different shape than the gems of Blue or Yellow, and it's also in a different location. Plus if Stevonnie's dream in "Jungle Moon" is any indication, she is also likely much smaller than the others. She's shown to not be taken seriously and appears in a lot of ways to not be as important. She's different from her fellow Diamonds, which could give her some insight and empathy regarding the Gems who are viewed as "defective" and may have led to her starting a group for them in an attempt to help them and give them somewhere to go. It's also noted in the few flashbacks we've seen that Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond aren't portrayed together at the same time. In addition, in the noted flashback of the Gems (sans Rose) fighting Pink Diamond, Pink is shown to be wielding gem disruptors as weapons instead of any actual notable weapon of her own. Maybe it's because she's a Diamond or as good as an off color, but it could be because the weapons she could form were already recognizable as being those of Rose. It could also explain why no one saw Rose Quartz before Pink was shattered, because Pink shifted into Rose Quartz and faked her own death, meaning that Rose would only have appeared AFTER Pink disappeared and was thought to be killed. As to why? Well, Earth may be considered Pink's colony, but the other Diamonds had been taking to hollowing out planets for their resources, and Peridot even pulled up plans for what the intention was for Earth — which involved decimating the already existing life on it. Remember, this is Pink's first planet. She likely would have been highly curious to see what was there, which was pretty evident given her creation of the Zoo for humans in the first place. What if at some point after Pink went there, she had come to like the planet how it was and didn't want to harvest it? But of course, she couldn't really go against the other diamonds either since one of them would likely just end up taking over from her if she refused and doing away with the organics regardless. This would make a gem-led resistance against her very useful, and would would also explain why she made such little progress fighting back against them if she really wasn't trying.
  • Except that Eyeball claims to have seen it happen.
  • Eyeball may have seen it, but that still leaves behind the possibility that what she saw was a lie: that is to say, she was tricked into thinking she saw Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond.
    • Confirmed; the Rose Quartz that "shattered" Pink Diamond and whom Eyeball saw was actually Pearl using shapeshifting.

White Diamond will be revealed to have a motherly, but extreme A God Am I complex.
This goes without saying, as Diamonds like real-world rulers carry feelings of privilege, and/or infallibility. Being the first Diamond, possibly the first sentient gem in existence, the largest and most powerful, White will inevitably feel this way. Identifying herself as a mother goddess of her kind, and viewing her "children" as merely extensions of herself.
  • The Corruption and geo-weapons like the Cluster maybe her experiments to explore the darker nature of what gem forms and their limits are truly capable of. White may desire an Assimilation Plot to make one perfect gem with her at the helm. She may have decided long ago that the more gems created, the more they stray from her will, the more imperfect and flawed they become. Her intolerance for "off-colors" are evident she wants perfection.
  • The colonization of the universe by the Diamonds was simply to perpetuate this goal of hers, with Yellow no longer caring about resources or potential, White has decreed the universe's remaining resources are negligible. The series is "on the eve" to her ascension into goddesshood, the final confrontation has her use her own weapons to become a gigantic crystalline monster that seeks to absorb all of her "children" back into her.
  • She definitely has some elements of this...

Blue Diamond will meet Lapis before reaching Earth
  • It is implied that Lapis used to be a member of Blue Diamond's court, and Lapis disappeared into space at the end of "Raising the Barn". Blue Diamond will ask Lapis, "What is worth protecting on Earth?" and Lapis will show her a complete box set of Camp Pining Hearts. This will play an important role in Blue Diamond's eventual Heel–Face Turn.
  • Jossed.

Sneople do exist, but they aren't quite what Ronaldo says they are.
  • Their homeplanet was destroyed by Homeworld colonizing it, and they escaped into space - either developing space travel on their own or learning it from sympathetic Gems - eventually finding their way to Earth and making a new home there in secret, as they don't want to attract the Crystal Gems' attention since they aren't aware of the rebellion.

Pink Diamond was shattered because she was about to make a Heel–Face Turn
  • It's been noted that the story that Rose shattered Pink Diamond has a lot of holes in it, and that the circumstances of Pink's shattering actually very strongly imply that it was another Diamond that shattered her. It's also been noted that Pink seems to have been a lot nicer and less sociopathic than the other three Diamonds. Putting those two ideas together, what if Pink Diamond was about to sue for peace with Rose Quartz, either because she'd come to understand what Rose saw in Earth, or because she felt the Rebellion was costing too much and it was time to cut their losses? If that were the case, it's quite possible that one of the other Diamonds (most likely Yellow or White) might have shattered her to keep her from suing for peace.
  • Jossed. She was never shattered at all.

Rose Quartz only poofed Pink Diamond. It was Bismuth who shattered her.
  • Not only would shattering Pink Diamond have gone against Rose's morals, it was also a tactically stupid thing to do. Rose had to have known that if she shattered Pink Diamond, the other three Diamonds would lash out exactly as they did. So let us suppose that Rose managed to ambush and poof Pink Diamond, and then bubbled her gem or otherwise took it as a hostage for the Earth's survival? However, Bismuth didn't want an end to the war. She wanted the war to continue, to grow worse, in hopes of eventually destroying the Diamond Authority. So she did the one thing that she must have known would ensure that the Diamonds would fight the Crystal Gems to the death, and shattered one of their own.
  • Jossed. Rose was Pink Diamond.

Someone saw what Pearl and Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz did using that viewing device on the Moon Base.
  • And that someone is... (insert own theories afterwards)
    • Yellow Diamond. Furious at Pink Diamond's betrayal, she didn't tell the others and went ahead with both the Cluster and the Corruption. Knowing that she could shapeshift so easily, she immediately recognized Steven as a "transformation" of hers. Yellow wanted the trial over with quickly so that "Pink" would be shattered, sparing Blue and White the pain of knowing that she was a traitor.
  • Jossed. However, White seems to have either known all along or figured out later what happened.

The reason all of the Rose Quartzes were bubbled instead of shattered...
  • Is because they were Pink Diamond's favorite and the other Diamonds couldn't bring themselves to destroy them.
  • Well, that's definitely the case with Blue.
  • This is outright stated in "What's the Use of Feeling Blue?"

Pink Diamond is actually immortal
  • If she were shattered, she might actually have healed from it, given enough time.

Pink Diamond has a hand beam attack like the other Diamonds.

Pink Diamond has the power to create Cookie Cats.
Lars sarcastically suggested Steven make more with his "magic belly button", to which Steven countered that his gem doesn't work that way. But then added in an unsure tone, "...Right?" Of course, given Steven can now make them the mundane way, it's probably moot by now.note 

Joe Johnston's statement that the scroll from "Together Breakfast" was painted from pigments made from crushed up Gems will eventually be retconned.
It wouldn't be the first time things the writers claimed on the internet were ultimately contradicted. Plus, how exactly would a photo taken by phone camera be just as dangerous as the image itself if it's what the image is made of that makes it the way it is?
  • Was recently mentioned by Ian JQ, so retcon is unlikely. And about the photo: most likely the photo isn't dangerous, and Garnet was merely trying to make sure Steven won't see the painting again in the future and doesn't realize what it actually is. It's dangerous to Steven's sanity, but nothing else.

The Forced Fusion process combined with Pink/Rose/Steven's healing abilities could potentially revive shattered Gems.
Alone, neither factor is enough to revive the shattered — just grafting the shards back into their original shape would just leave a Gem that's still cracked beyond functioning, and just trying to heal the shards back together wouldn't work either as they're too split apart. But put the shards back together into one piece and then heal the cracks, then the Gem can be made whole again.

Stevonnie is a Hermaphrodite
  • It's been stated that all fusions have "something extra", such as Garnet's three eyes, Smoky Quartz's three arms, or the extra eyes and arms most fusions manifest. Stevonnie, on the other hand, does not have any visible extra features. However, given that Stevonnie is created from a biological male and female, it's possible that Stevonnie possess both male and female genitalia.
    • Would make sense, since the original Hermaphrodite from Greek Mythology was essentially a fusion.
    • Jossed.

There will be a somber alternate set of lyrics to the theme song to make it about the Diamond Authority
  • This is our last chance to make things even... White, Yellow, and Blue... and Steven.
  • Alternatively, there'll be an instrumental whose opening notes will fit the words, "We... are the Diamond Authority..."
  • Jossed. The Diamond Authority had a Heel–Face Turn before they got around to it. Which is a shame.

At some point, Steven will call Lars "a beautiful pink human being".
  • Because it'll be a nice Call-Back to him calling Lion the same thing, only this time he wouldn't have to correct himself as Lars actually is a human being.

In the show's ending, a character will deliver a End-of-Series Awareness dialogue.

Season 5 Episodes 19-23
  • The episodes were very plot relevant, but also focused on the relationship between Ruby and Sapphire culminating in a wedding between them. The creators gayed the hell out these very important episodes to make it more difficult for censors in less tolerant countries to edit the episodes without cutting important plot elements.

Yellow Diamond and Ms. Maheswaran will interact.
  • Since that it seems the Diamond's are currently stranded on earth, they might as well interact with some of it's residents and given that the two have a surprising number of similarities it would be an interesting moment. It could also lead to a humorous nod to "Jungle Moon" which Priyanka discovers she can do a great impression of Yellow's voice.
    • Very likely happened at the end of "Change Your Mind", given all three remaining Diamonds were on the beach along with numerous humans, including the Maheswarans.

White Diamond's pearl is an automaton/robonoid
White Diamond's Pearl is the only one that isn't voiced by the other Pearls' voice actress, and is in fact voiced by White Diamond's voice actress. This, along with her robotic cadence, generally bizarre movement, ability to summon gemtech pods and travel through walls, points to White Diamond's Pearl not being a true pearl, but instead a robonoid/automaton.
  • Jossed.

White Diamond's Pearl is being directly mind controlled by White Diamond herself
Aside from the fact that she shares the same voice actress with her mistress, White Diamond's Pearl is seemingly able to exert authority over the other Diamonds. It could be that this is because she's directly controlled by White Diamond and it the latter that is speaking through her. It could be then that this is the final abuse that White Diamond did to her Pearl, or that she's abused her so much that she's a shell of her former self, making it so that White needs to take direct control of her.
  • Confirmed in "Change Your Mind", when she does the same thing to the other Diamonds and the Crystal Gems.

The giant bird the Crystal Gems fought prior to "Cheeseburger Backpack" was of a species native to another planet that had been in the process of colonization.
For whatever reason, some Gems may have brought a few eggs over via the Galaxy Warp.

White Diamond's Pearl is directly mind controlling White Diamond herself.
Yeah, it's a silly theory, but what if White Diamond isn't the one controlling White Pearl, but the other way around? Pearls are just a servant race, but White Pearl uses her Beneath Suspicion status as a Pearl and White Diamond's authority to effectively rule the Gem Empire by herself.

It all started when White Diamond attempted to possess her Pearl so she can see and hear through her, since Gems are more likely to say compromising things in front of a lowly Pearl than they would ever do in front of a Diamond. However, the it backfired when White Pearl reversed the process and turned it on White Diamond. She now keeps WD in seclusion to minimize the chance of someone noticing White's behavior is off.

  • Jossed. Actually, the reverse is true.

The series will end in a reveal that it was just Steven recounting his life story to his therapist
At which point, his therapist will begin diagnosing him on the assumption that all the fantasy elements were just Steven's imagination helping him cope with the struggles of his life. Insulted that his therapist thinks he's just making everything up, Steven summons his shield to prove it's real.
  • Probably Jossed. As of Steven Universe: Future, any remaining tatters of The Masquerade have been blown to pieces, and Gems mingle freely with humanity. The existence of Gems is no longer a question. A therapist might still be skeptical of other things, though, or might think Steven is just a crank with a craft store glass jewel glued to his stomach.

White Diamond's Pearl is actually White herself in disguise
It's been established that Gems can shapeshift into other Gems. White's Pearl seems to have a grander personality and be less servile in behavior than the other Pearls, even sitting on White's throne when observing the ball on her behalf, something the other Pearls seem unlikely to do. Perhaps White is invoking King Incognto so she can get a gauge of her people outside of the flattery and worship she'd normally receive as a Diamond; after all, who would care about what they say around a mere Pearl?
  • Not entirely. White's Pearl was physically herself, but her mind was controlled by White Diamond pretending she was speaking on her behalf.

A new alien race will be introduced in the universe to serve as new antagonists.
If this WMG becomes true, its up to anyone's guesses if they will keep up the rock themes (example: a race based around minerals) or do something brand new.

There are faint traces of the organic life from most, if not all, the planets that Gemkind colonized remaining. The Gems can potentially provide resources to help them rebuild.
It will take a fair amount of convincing to push them into actually doing it, especially the Diamonds, but they've begun taking Steven more seriously since the events of "Change Your Mind". So if anyone could talk them into helping fix what they broke, it's him.

Season 6 will take occasional breaks from the Steven-only perspective.
But only in cases where it would be funny.

The entire series is just Steven’s imagination.
Steven made up all the events in his head to cope with problems in his life. Each of the Gems are actually based on people in his life.
  • This is more Epileptic Trees. Absolutely nothing in the series provides any evidence of this.

White Diamond actually doesn't/didn't have a proper court; as in, a unique bunch of gems specifically designed to serve her.
She can actually control all the courts from her fellow Diamonds.
  • Supported by one major point: when the courts of the Diamonds gather for a grand ball, White doesn't show up, yet the room is still packed full of Gems. Either her Gems showed up without her, which given the "ball" includes an inspection seems unlikely, or she just doesn't have one.

The Sun Incinerator is the fastest ship in Emerald's armada, not necessarily the whole Gem Empire.
The Diamonds' ships are the fastest of all, as they keep the best jump drive technology to themselves. This, along with the Sun Incinerator's plot-mandated engine failure, is why Pink's ship made it from and to Earth faster.

Earth literally has something (probably of magical origin) on their ecosystem that allows Gemkind to develop proper personalities and break up from their Static Character nature.
Blue Diamond's claim in "Reunited" is actually not that far from the truth: there is a element on Earth that changes a Gem's mind to become independent and break it's pattern. It's unknown what exactly this element is, even today, but even the Diamonds aren't immune to it (see "Reunited" and "Change Your Mind" for reference). And the Movie's Gem might be the the only (or, for worse, one of the only) Gem(s) incapable of being affected by this element, for some reason.
  • Nah. Spinel was a bit more resistant, but she eventually comes around as well.

Rose temporary cut off direct contact with humans sometime before meeting Greg
It always struck me as odd that despite being so enamored with humanity, having had thousands of years to get to know them, and apparently already having had intimate relationships with them, Rose was still as naive as she was about humans when she and Greg started dating. Additionally "Story For Steven" revealed that The Crystal Gems used to have the perimeter of the temple fenced off and Garnet and Pearl's first instinct upon finding a Greg in the temple was to try and throw him out, with Rose seemingly not trying to have them befriend the people they protect. Maybe after realizing just how short human lives are compared to Hers and the rest of the gems and learning the pain of watching any of them she tried to get close to grow old and die, decided it was best to not try and get close to any individual human and instead, watch and protect them from a distance, and encouraged the rest of the Crystal Gems to do the same. It's only when Greg professed his love for her, that Rose decided to give fostering closer bonds between gems and humans another try.

Gems are naturally occurring lifeforms.
There's something in the soil of Homeworld, specifically, that causes crystalline structures to take on some biological properties. Gems weren't created by anyone; they're simply an example of the endless varieties of life. When they began to run out of space for Kindergartens on Homeworld, they probably tried building them on other planets and failed. This led them to discover the special chemical property of their soil and synthesize an artificial version. This can then be loaded into injectors, taken to cliffsides on other planets with proper mineral composition, and squirted into the ground to cause sapient Gems to form. The big problem is that the mineral composition required to form Gems is also very good for the formation of organic life, which is why the Diamond Authority conquers lush green planets instead of airless empty ones. And since making Gems uses up those nutrients without returning anything to the soil, places around Kindergartens turn into dust bowls where nothing can grow (as Peridot learned). One of the major problems Steven will have to solve in season six/Steven Universe: Future is how Gems can continue to propagate themselves without destroying entire ecosystems.

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