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Ahoy Gang!

Profile of Jester_Punslinger:


Age: Young Adult

Nationality: British

Western Zodiac: Gemini

A TV Tropes greenhorn who's In need of friends, advice, direction and the name of Mr Eaten. Just started out and I'm drowning in a sea/zee of tropes/rules/admin/Tribbles. Send help! or a TV trope guide for dummies...

Due to having Developmental Coordination Disorder/Developmental Dyspraxia (DCD) a neurological condition that causes hand-eye coordination issues as other problems. I have issues with spelling, Punctuation and grammar. Not good things to have issues with on a wiki site but I'll try to persevere. But in all honesty advice on how to create or use trope pantheon templates, How to use images and general advice would be appreciated.


Other aliases of The Punslinger:

Tropes retaining to The Punslinger:

Favorite works of The Punslinger:

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 

  • A Face Like Glass: Read this as a kid, the twists and turns are well thought out and the story has good pacing. Worth a read to those who like High Fantasy with a sprinkle of Low Fantasy and mystery and intrigue.
  • Demon Road: A great trilogy by Derek Landy about a Loser Protagonist who's finds out her parents are literally demons and they want to eat her. An amazing thrill ride with some interesting new takes on vampires, demons, haunted cars, hell and The Devil (The Blood Dimmed King really should appear in a future novel). Oh and one of the best Xanatos Speed Chess by a hero I've seen in a long time.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Goodies: Great comedy show that was a favourite of mine growing up (had a few sets on DVD).
  • Inspector George Gently: Period crime drama that was not afraid to show the attitude of the time. Dealing with topics like Dirty Cop's, homophobia, racism and sexism. One stubborn old man refuses to let prejudice get in the way of catching the culpable.
  • In the Flesh: An interesting short run series about the aftermath of a Zombie Apocalypse that deals with the human side of things and the struggle to deal with choices made before and during the outbreak on a much smaller scale.
  • Vera: Another excellent crime drama from Oop North with a great detective who is 50% frumpy to 50% snark.

  • Aviators: Great artist with wide range of songs. Done especially good collaborations over the years. Well worth a listen.
  • Florence + the Machine: Been listening to her songs for a long time now. We with DCD have to stick together...
  • Miracle of Sound: The best filk singer out there bar none. I'm really thinking of buying some of his albums for my MP3.
  • Of Monsters and Men: An amazing band that I had the luck to find online. I bought their first album and loved it. Favourite song is "King and Lionheart".
  • Sabaton: Great power metal band from Sweden! My current favourite song is Shiroyama.

    Video Games 
  • BioShock:
    • Bioshock 2: Was the first game in the series I played, yes really.
      • Minerva's Den was a great piece of DLC with a really intriguing mini story.
    • Bioshock Infinite: Liked the gun style and vigors, Played through the story multiple times and 100% completed it (see achievements).
  • Borderlands: Mained Roland, beat the main game and all the story DLC. Thought it was fun but the sequal is a definite improvement.
  • Dawn of the Dragons: Been playing since secondary school. I'll keep grinding till I die. Also some of the magics and generals are really good for an avatar and the Black Comedy of some lore is fun to read through.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: ♫Broken body built anew / Spirit lingers, torn in two / Metal fingers grip my heart so cold♪. Great game with a awesome narrative but that pacifist achievement was downright nasty and I never asked for that (You can't kill anyone during the prologue and you have NO none-lethal abilities).
  • Dishonoured: Amazing Steam Punk world with a dark atmosphere and fascinating lore and story. The ability to be a non-lethal assassin who makes his victim's wish he only killed them cathartic. I've not 100%'ed it because I never want to put the characters I grew to respect through the hell that is High Chaos. Revenge solves everything.
  • Dragon's Dogma: An amazing JRPG with some really neat little things like height and encumbrance being a real mechanic. The boss fight against the Griffin and Dragon were really well paced as well. But fair warning the Dark Arisen expansion is nasty, Bitterblack Isle is not for the underleveled.
  • Fallen London: A reckoning is not to be postponed indefinitely. Amazing blend of Black Comedy and Gothic Horror that I'd recommend to all. I even spent real world money on it which is something EA can try to get me to do but never succeed.
  • Fallout 3: Fun fact about this one, to get all the alignment achievements I kept the megaton quest open and used that to massively shift my karma rating to the desired level. Hellfire armour and Shishkebab for the win!
  • Far Cry 3: Beat it all, even that broken Co-Op mode.
  • L.A. Noire: Immersive Noir mystery with some really intresting ideas and a story with interesting twists and turns (Roy Earle turning into a corpse sadly did not happen). The driving was underwhelming but the cars were great (The Fetch Quest's could go do one). Favourite missions were the DLC Nicholson Electroplating and the finale A Different Kind of War.
  • Legacy of a Thousand Suns: I played this game right up until it's end. Found the Flavour Text interesting and enjoyed the art of the various ships and crew. I also really liked how they managed to merge the story of DOTD and the characters from it to the main storyline and was happy to see the campaign through to it's finale.
  • RAGE: An unpolished gem of a game. The combat was engaging and the weapons were awesome and brutal to use (such as the nail-gun and mind control bolts). It's less impressive part 2 can be compensated for the DLC which adds a boss fight against an airship.
  • Red Dead Redemption: Possibly the best western game ever made with a story that tugged at my cold apathetic gamer heart. I actually played the good guy and did no wrong. Even managed to get 100%, here's to you Mr Marston.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Over the Garden Wall: In such a short time this series managed to tell a story that is beautiful, sad, funny and scary. Gorgeous art as well.

Miscellaneous of The Punslinger:



    To-Do List: 

    The Neathian tales of The Punslinger down below: 

The declassified thrilling tales of “The maniac of Mortlake. The pariah of Putney. The renegade of Richmond”.

Exceptional Tales Of Fate - !WARNING! certain information !EXPUNGED! by order of The Ministry of Public Decency.

  • Organised The Marriage of Feducci and the Captivating Princess, learnt several truth's and pieces of valuable knowledge and decided to—!REMOVED!
  • Uncovered Secrets Framed in Gold with a painting, that with layers several layers removed gave up it's truth's...!REDACTION!
  • In For All The Saints with an Intrepid Deacon at my side we hunted for a missing/lost saint. Infiltrated the Brass Embassy. Finally we Ventured through the Battlefields of Hell itself to discover the truth of The Brazen Brigade and the The Chandler and why they were "martyred before the walls of Hell for love"—(This information has not been removed, simply never put into writing).
  • Helped the Dashing Debunker AKA Harry Houdini discover the truth about the Noises From Upstairs in the decrepit isle of Brinehouse... !Moonlight guides the way!
  • Entered the House of Chimes as a "A cold-hearted killer". What will I find in this place of fate?
    • While there I became caught up in a Soldier's heartbreaking tale. Can for once there be a happy ending?
    • My visit to the House of Fun I met a Silk-Clad Expert we discovered some disturbing things about spiders...
  • I became Involved in the Soul Trade. Specially the saving part.
  • Discovered a Long Lost Daughter. Or did I?
  • Uncovered a Temple to Mithras, discovered something far more dangerous and lead a expedition down the REDCATED road. Not everyone will make it back alive In: Tauroktonos.
  • Discovered the secrets of the Stag and their Placid Patriarch alongside my "Daughter" during the The Seven Day Reign. Then T__ F___T happened and I had to make a damning choice to make...
    • Speaking of Toffs I met a Stag who which to do more than silly larks and wished to see some more unusual sights. Went on a fishing voyage to see Bound Sharks captained by a mysterious fisher-woman who may have a more sinister agenda In: The Stag and the Shark.

Making Waves is increasing...

    Punslinger the World Guardian of Gielinor: 

Free to play Frolics.

  • Started on the original tutorial island and made my way to Lumbridge.
  • Helped the cook of Lumbridge bake a cake!
  • Helped get a child's ball back from a Wicked Witch.
  • Foiled a Zamorakian blood pact to resurrect and control a necromancer via Human Sacrifice to terrorise Lumbrige.
    • Defeated said necromancer and remade his mask.
  • Infiltrated two rival gangs and combined two broken fragment to remake the shield of Arrav.
  • Went into the Land of Snow to investigate the Myths of the White Lands for Explorer Jack.
    • Years later helped an orphaned human girl raised by yeti's reach the yeti town festival for the first time.

March of the Membership.

  • Flew a hot air balloon and created an entire network that stretches across the entire land.
Deliberately disappearing dead body:

Bob has just found Alice's body, he confirm's she's really dead and isn't pretending. However something distract's Bob for a short amount of time and when he return's Alice's corpse has gone missing...

Some reason's for the body vanishing include:

  • The killer has taken the body to dispose of it, Or to Gaslight other characters.
  • Someone's peckish...
  • The Victim was killed in a way that eventually resulted in No Body Left Behind
  • The Victim was the victim of a Ret Gone (Likely that character's will not remember there ever being a body)
  • Someone (Including the victim) has brought them Back from the Dead and they've simply walked off.
  • There was never a body there and Bob is having Hallucinations brought on by some Sanity Slippage.

Not Never Found the Body because both character's and the audience know/knew the character is dead. May provoke the reaction of It Was There I Swear. Possible Sub-Trope of Horror Tropes and Paranoia Fuel

And when everything is upside down
When you’re yelling but you make no sound
Life is gonna spin you round
Oh and get a little bit stranger
When everything is upside down
A tremor in the underground
The nights are gonna take this town
Oh and get a little bit stranger
Lost in the spaces behind
Hold out a hand in your mind
Don’t have to face it aloneUpside Down, Miracle of Sound


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