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  • In Turnabout Storm, Rainbow Dash is accused of murdering one of her rivals in an upcoming race, a rare crime that could cost her a one way ticket to the Sun if she's found guilty. As Phoenix is interrogating her, she comments that the prize for the winner of the race is flight lessons with her idols The Wonderbolts, and she'd do anything to get that chance.
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  • Clark falls victim to this trope in Smallville X: Evolution. Teleporter Alicia uses her power to teleport into Clark's bed while he's sleeping and deliberately gets them caught in bed together to make it look like Clark's been cheating on Rogue with her. Clark's protest that if he was going to sneak Alicia in he would have been smart enough to shut off the alarms first doesn't help his case, as it makes it sound like he's at the very least given serious thought as to how to sneak Alicia in, even though it never even crossed his mind.
  • From Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv), what not to say when you're being accused of being a magical mass murderer:
    Light: Hey guys, the Shinigami's dead! I totally killed it! With magic powers that I totally have!
  • When rumors spread of Sakura's mother Barako sabotaging her own child, a kunoichi neighbor decides to visit her to see if the rumors are true in the First Try Series. Barako digs herself deeper when she talks about forcing Sakura on a diet when she got too muscular, how she didn't believe Iruka's advice because he was friends with Naruto, and was "helped" by Mizuki, who told her exactly what she wanted to hear. The neighbor leaves the Haruno residence disgusted and driven to drink.
  • Appears several times throughout For His Own Sake:
    • When Seta is called into the school to discuss his daughter's tendency to bully others, Sarah proceeds to brag about how much more fun she had at the Hinata Inn, gleefully telling the principal about all the havoc she raised there.
    • Called before her clan to explain her poor treatment of Keitaro, Motoko proceeds to blame him for everything because 'he's a perverted male'.
    • Similarly, Naru attempts to defend her attacking a man over an innocent misunderstanding as 'just impulse', claiming that it's Keitaro's fault because she's so used to punishing him.
    • When Shinobu tells Motoko and Naru point-blank that they're nothing but bullies who use violence to try to get their way, Motoko responds by slapping her across the face and then standing back to watch as Naru prepares to beat her senseless, doing nothing but proving Shinobu right.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • Just about every time someone tries to lecture her about her Hair-Trigger Temper, Arial ends up blowing her stack.
    • In Act III chapter 24, while explaining the reasons behind their Jerkass actions in the previous chapter, Apoch and Astreal insist that they didn't mean to be so cruel. Rrrright; they threaten the gang, blow up Felucia, lie to Ms. Nekonome to get the girls sent to the headmaster's office for simply asking them why they were mistreating Yukari, and try to kill Yukari right in front of God and everybody, and then say that they didn't mean to act like such bitches. So convincing.
    • In the first few chapters of Act VI, while escaping from the HDA compound, Moka and co. are forced to fight back against the soldiers, even killing some of them; the group even acknowledges that it doesn't help their claims of peace, even if they had no choice but to fight back.
    • In Act VI chapter 42, tensions between Kokoa and Sun over Gin reach their boiling point, leading Kokoa to power up and punch Sun clean through a wall and then chase her and Felucia through Fang Fang's villa in an Unstoppable Rage. It's subsequently discovered in chapter 44 that Kokoa's attack fractured Sun's skull and ruptured her eyes, and she would have destroyed Sun's head completely had she hit her any harder. Kokoa is instantly horrified and swears she didn't mean to hit her so hard. Considering that she had previously tried to murder Sun outright in a fit of jealousy back in chapter 11, as well as her actions in the aforementioned chapter 42, the others point out that Kokoa's claim rings a bit hollow:
      Kokoa: I'm sorry, Gin. I didn't mean to hurt her so badly.
      Felucia: You were chasing me in the halls to slaughter her in your rage. To an observer, it would seem like you were trying to kill her.
    • In Act VI chapter 47, when Tsurara tells Ageha that she looks like "a whore off the street," it leads to this exchange:
      Ageha: How dare you group me with those inexperienced and trashy sluts that claim they know how to satisfy a man. I'll have you know that I've slept with greater and more powerful men than you ever will!
      Tsurara: And that defends you against my statement of you being a whore how?
  • When Dipper is trying to get out of a jam in Conspiratheory Bill offers to give him a hand. Dipper figures he's more likely to get a literal hand in return, to which Bill calls him overly suspicious. Of course, he follows that up with, "I mean that sounds HILARIOUS (and like something I’d actually do)..."
  • Advice and Trust: Every time Asuka tries to convince Misato that she and Shinji are mature enough to be sleeping with each other, she ends up saying something sexual (usually about the wonderful things Shinji can do with his hands).
  • The Hetalia: Axis Powers fic Movie Night (Russia forces Prussia to watch Alexander Nevsky):
    Prussia: But I was not and have never been a Nazi. If Sergei Eisenstein was alive I would burn him alive!
    Russia: That would surely be a good way to prove Teutonic knights weren't the incarnation of evil.
  • In Black Flames Dance in the Wind: Rise of Naruto, two minor characters are talking in the aftermath of an attack on Konoha that left its inhabitants trapped in an illusion facing their worst fears, often leading to them killing each other. One of them, Tetsuya, found his wife and brother dead at each other's hands and worse, they'd been having sex beforehand. When he calls out the other shinobi, Shinnosuke, on the fact he knew about the affair that had been going on for two years, Shinnosuke tries to justify himself that first he kept quiet because Tetsuya's wife offered a night of sex. Then he kept quiet because they blackmailed him over it. The real problem comes from him deciding that if he's already forced to keep an affair from his friend, he might as well join in. Yes, he tried to justify having an affair with his friend's wife for two years.
    • Word of God says the conversation is based off an actual argument he'd heard in real life.
  • Young Boba Fett's insistence on being treated like an adult in An Open Secret isn't helped by him ordering what's basically a Kid's Meal when his cadre hit a drive-thru. Cad Bane mockingly asks if it comes with a toy.
  • Constellations: Taylor tries to explain she's not a parahuman by explaining she first met Sunny - the big white wolf following her everywhere and blatantly possessed of superpowers - when she was eight years old and lost in a dark forest, then found her again when her mother died and her school life went to hell. Since Earth-Bet runs on Traumatic Superpower Awakening, it only comforts her cape audience in their conclusions.
  • This is used to the point of a Running Gag for South Dakota in Stress Relief. Whenever she does something reckless, rude, or childish, she'll usually be denying it while simultaneously doing something that confirms the accusation. This is lampshaded in both the narration and by other characters.
  • Pyrrha tries to prove she's more than just the "Invincible Girl" in Service with a Smile but even though Glynda suggests she throw a fight, Pyrrha has such a strong competitive streak that she always goes all out, beating even full teams by herself.
  • Loved and Lost, an extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding" has a few examples.
    • After Twilight Sparkle has stopped the Changelings by shrinking them, Prince Jewelius calls all the other heroes out of their canon mistakes — like failing to realize "Princess Cadance" was actually Queen Chrysalis in disguise and refusing to believe Twilight about her — while the wedding guests and some guards are present. Taken aback by the previously mild-mannered prince's aggressiveness, the heroes are unable to properly defend themselves against his impudent accusations of them being foolish and selfish. He then makes a speech to the ponies in Canterlot's streets, ending it with a vow to rectify the collateral damage the heroes' mistakes caused them. At this point, Celestia tells the shaken heroes to run. Not only does the escape attempt fail, but it also gives serious plausibility to Jewelius' slander about the heroes, so when the guards subdue Celestia and the other heroes on Jewelius' orders, the wedding guests do nothing to help them.
      • The only defense Celestia herself offers against Jewelius' accusations is the claim that everything would have been solved differently if Twilight had only presented her accusations against Chrysalis calmly and gathered evidence to back them up. Unfortunately, this choice of wordsnote  gives the impression that she's trying to blame Twilight for everything. As Jewelius correctly (if one-sidedly) makes clear, the franticness and lack of evidence from Twilight's part were neither the beginning of, nor the only factors in the events leading up to the invasion taking place.
    • When Twinkleshine calls the disgraced heroes out of not caring about her, Minuette and Lyra's disappearance, Shining Armor tells them what excuses Chrysalis gave for firing them as bridesmaids and replacing them with Twilight's friends: that they only wanted to meet Canterlot's royalty in the wedding. Shocked and hurt that anypony believed such lies, Twinkleshine bursts into tears, and Shining Armor earns more ire for himself from the crowd that has sided with the three mares.
      Shining Armor: I didn't mean to hurt her feelings!
      Twilight: But you did! Just like me.
  • Burning Bridges, Building Confidence:
    • Having heard all about how her new classmates abandoned and turned upon her cousin Marinette, Cole has no interest in 'making nice' with any of them. Not when they're so firmly in Lila's sway. Lila naturally exploits this to turn them against Cole as well.
    • For some reason, Chat decides that the best way to win Ladybug over is by sitting on the sidelines and refusing to help against akuma until she agrees to date him. When this leads to Master Fu choosing a new permanent Miraculous holder so she has a reliable ally, Chat continues to be obstructive, complaining about Vexxin and getting increasingly argumentative.
    • After Alya realizes that a new Fox has been chosen, she immediately responds with an attack piece on the Ladyblog accusing her of stealing her Miraculous. Her temper tantrums lead to her getting akumatized and accidentally outing her Secret Identity, which Ladybug points out to her only prove how she can't be trusted with any Miraculous anymore.
    • Following her assaulting Marinette and Cole in class, Alya responds to Principal Damocles questioning if her virulent (and entirely false) accusations towards them give her the right to attack them with a Blunt "Yes". This naturally contributes to her punishment being much harsher.
  • Right at the start of the LadyBugOut AU, Alya's attempts to avoid admitting that Ladybug wasn't happy about the photo she took, as well as admit that it was taken under extremely sketchy circumstances only serve to affirm to her disguised classmates that she recognizes how shady her choices are and doesn't want to admit it. Nathaniel even sketches out a spiraling pit, illustrating the hole she's digging herself into.
  • In Telling Lies? No, Mama, Lila accuses Marinette of attacking and bullying her. Alya tries to stay neutral, but when she suggests that perhaps Lila simply mistook her attacker for Marinette, Lila accuses Alya of calling her a liar. When Alya tries to defend herself and Marinette, Lila just keeps twisting her words and insisting that Alya is accusing her of lying, to the point where Alya finally catches on that Lila is actively trying to make Marinette look like a bully. From then on, Alya is fully on Marinette’s side against Lila.
  • In The Fool Who Cried Foul, Luna points out that Luan's April Fool's Day antics bear a striking similarity to the sabotage that wrecked Luna's shot at opening for SMOOCH; Lincoln internally winces when Luan protests that they're totally different things while brushing off the idea that said antics are a problem since it doesn't give Luna any reason to consider Luan's innocence.
  • Fate/Gamers Only: After Rikku wakes up from her Heroic RRoD at the end of Septem, she finds Da Vinci next to her and accuses her of creepily sitting there the entire time, waiting for her to wake up. Da Vinci snaps back that she calculated the time Rikku would wake up and came in five minutes before, which Rikku says is also creepy.
  • White Sheep (RWBY): Qrow gropes Sapphire, Jaune's eldest sister (though Qrow doesn't know that) during a fight. When Sapphire screams and calls him a pervert, Qrow insists that he thought she was just a mindless Humanoid Abomination, not intelligent. It's repeatedly pointed out that this isn't really better.


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