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Comedic nudity in live-action TV.

  • On the Angel episode "Rm w/a Vu", Angel is naked after a shower when Cordelia comes in after her apartment becomes unusable. He grabs a book to hide it.
  • Angie Tribeca: When Angie shows up at the hospital to visit Geils after his unfortunate elevator incident, he turns away from the camera and is shown to be wearing the typical backless hospital gown, giving the audience a pixelated butt shot. Then Angie turns to follow him, and for no apparent reason, her clothes are backless as well.
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  • In an "On the next episode" gag of Arrested Development, Tobias, a former Never-nude, overcompensates when briefly cured. He walks down to the family breakfast naked.
  • In the Babylon 5 episode "Sic Transit Vir", Ivanova has a "Not Wearing Pants" Dream in which she's wearing, in fact, nothing at all. Claudia Christian was given the option of doing the scene in her nightclothes or completely starkers; citing this trope, she went for starkers. Now that's dedication.
  • Baywatch did this once, with the requisite random Baywatch girl who suddenly remembered she was really interested in this kind of stuff, even defending their rights against another, suitably offended Baywatch girl. Also had the crazy old naked man subtype, as well.
  • In an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard sits in Sheldon's spot naked after his Iron Man helmet was taken. Later that same episode, when Howard comes to park in the parking spot that he was given (which started the events of the episode), Sheldon breaks into Howard's car, undresses, and utters the quote on the main page.
  • Bones:
    • In the season 5 episode, "The Goop on the Girl", Booth was present when the "goop" was created (an apparent suicide bombing) and slowly discovers bits of it on his suit, causing Temperance to take off his clothes so as not to compromise the evidence. By the time she's done Booth is being wheeled around on a cart.
      Angela: Uh, are we doing experiments on Booth? Because if so I'd like to help.
      Booth: Go ahead, make fun of the naked guy. Knock yourself out.
    • In the Season 7 premiere, Angela becomes very interested when she learns that Brennan took a photo of Booth making an omelet while naked.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", the Slayer gets turned into a rat. When she's turned back to human, she is (obviously) naked but retains her modesty with some conveniently placed furniture. Luckily for her, this happens in the presence of Oz, who is cool about it, because Oz ends up naked all the time anyway. Commented upon in various DVD commentaries.
  • Caroline in the City had a scene when Caroline decided to allow her nude body to be seen by her fiancé for the first time. Unable to bear the embarrassment, she covered her eyes, disrobed and walked out to her fiancé and two friends, who had just arrived.
    • At the end of the episode, the two friends try to return the favour.
  • Charmed (1998):
    • Piper and Phoebe arrive to rescue Prue from a kidnapper who had dealings with demons, only to find that Prue and the kidnapper (who only wanted Prue's help against the demons) have just had sex;
      Prue: Uh... What are you guys doing here?
      Phoebe: We're rescuing you from the tall, dark, and naked man.
      Prue: I told you to stay away.
      Phoebe: Yeah, now I know why. He is yummy.
    • Piper and Phoebe go to a coven in the Season 2 premiere - and are shocked when the women all strip off.
      Phoebe: When in Rome...
      She starts to strip.
      Piper: We're not in Rome. We're in San Francisco! And it's illegal here!
    • An episode stars Lady Godiva and makes a Running Gag out of her doing Dress Hits Floor as she prepares to make her famous ride.
      Piper: Lady, please. This is a family show.
    • In the third season episode "Magic Hour", Kit, the sisters' cat traps an owl on the front porch, and Piper yells, "Bad kitty!" when she sees this. Then, because of a magic spell, the owl turns into a naked man.
      Prue: Good kitty.
  • Chernobyl: Glukhov, the miners' foreman, asks for fans because it's extremely hot in the tunnel they're digging under the reactor. The military representatives refuse, stating that fans will stir up radioactive dust that the miners will breathe in. In one of the few comedic moments in an incredibly serious drama, the miners therefore decide to work completely naked - well, almost completely.
    Glukhov: What? We're still wearing the fucking hats.
  • Corner Gas episode "Poor Brent" has, after a series of smaller arguments, Oscar deciding to walk around the house unexpectedly nude, as he used to when he was younger. Emma retaliates by deciding to stop informing him beforehand when she invited her female friends over for sewing circles. Oscar finds out the hard way.
    • In the "Spin Cycle" episode, Lacey learns that the women of Dog River have a nude calendar every few years or so and she is tasked to find people to sign up. Karen and Wanda are about to strip wherever they were and Lacey stops them each time. Turns out Emma thought Lacey wouldn't bother with being in the calendar so Lacey goes to her and the photographer and strips naked. Then it turns out that the photographer was just a customer of the diner.
  • On Designing Women, the decorators were hired to work at a nude resort. Hilarity Ensues as much as it ever does, which doesn't say much.
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Time Monster" does this when Benton is reverted from a baby back to an adult, naked and clueless. Cue an "Everybody Laughs" Ending.
    • "Bad Wolf": Captain Jack Harkness is hit by a defabricator ray, and therefore loses all his clothing. He doesn't mind at all. And neither do the viewers.
    • "Gridlock": As the Doctor tries to track down the carjackers who took Martha, one of the couples occupying the cars he climbs through is a pair of nudists. He doesn't hang around long enough to bother giving them an alibi.
    • "Blink": Sally Sparrow first meets Larry Nightingale when she drops in at his house late at night, and he dazedly wanders out of the bathroom and asks her if he's wearing pantsnote , so she tells him he isn't, prompting his sister to run downstairs and tell him off. He barely remembers it the next day... but when he does, his first instinct is to cover his crotch despite being fully clothed.
    • "Journey's End": How about Donna Noble and the Metacrisis Doctor's first conversation, after he's just grown out of the spare hand on the TARDIS:
      Donna: It's YOU!
      Metacrisis Doctor: [emphatically] Oh yes!
      Donna: [glancing down, then pointedly to the left] ...You're NAKED!
      Metacrisis Doctor: [plainly] Oh, yes.
    • "The Impossible Astronaut": An Elizabethan-era nobleman barges into his wife's bedroom demanding she tell him where "that doctor" is. She insists that she's alone, but when an inconveniently-timed sneeze gives the game away the Doctor reluctantly crawls, stark naked, out from under the noblewoman's voluminous skirts.
    • "The Time of the Doctor" plays with it: it is considered customary to visit the Papal Mainframe naked, but the Doctor still gives himself holographic clothing, which both Clara and the audience can see. But... not anyone else.
  • The Dukes of Hazzard: Bo and Luke had their clothes stolen while skinny dipping in two separate episodes, both to comedic effect: "The Deputy Dukes" and "The Ghost of the General Lee". In the latter episode, after being chased away naked from an angry neighbor's home, Luke ruefully commented "A man ain't truly been insulted until he's stood buck naked in front of a woman and she didn't even notice."
  • In a rare case of this trope being invoked entirely though dialogue, this classic scene from Extras in which Patrick Stewart recounts a plot which involves women's clothes falling off. This led to the memetic line "I've seen everything. I've seen it all."
    "It's a comedy, is it?
  • Family Feud: "Name something that a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house." Contestant's answer? NEKKID GRANDMA! The best part: it was the number-two answer on the board! (which it politely listed as "Gun/Occupant")
    Steve: Nekkid... HUH?!
    Other contestant: I don't wanna see that either.
  • Father Brown: When Father Brown, Lady Felecia and Mrs. McCarthy are stranded in the middle of nowhere, Mrs. McCarthy is shocked when a man wearing nothing but a fez wanders past and greets her politely. He turns out to be a naturist staying at a local hotel.
  • Firefly: The episode "Trash" is a How We Got Here bookended with naked Mal, stranded in a desert, calmly saying "That went well..." Inara (who has seen plenty of naked men) simply tells him he is naked, Zoe stoically ignores it, Kaylee grins from ear to ear, and Wash sneaks a peek with a stage-whispered "So he's Jewish!"
  • The Fosters: In the Series Finale, "Where the Heart Is", Stef and Lena have a Two-Person Pool Party in the ocean by a beachside resort at night ... only to wind up stranded without clothes or ID when an oblivious resort worker picks up their robes as well as their room key. In their next scene, they're scurrying across the property with only palm fronds to cover themselves up before taking some Modesty Towels from a hamper. Then to get a new key to their room, they walk up to the front desk clad in the towels where they run right into Jim and Diane, Brandon's soon-to-be parents-in-law. The two then try to nonchalantly explain their predicament without admitting to anything but give up bashfully.
  • Franklin & Bash: At the start of the Season 3 premiere, Franklin and Bash lose a bet and end up having to give a live nationally broadcast interview on the Piers Morgan Show in the nude except for shoes and socks. (They're concealed by a desk, but the sideshots suggest that Mark Paul Gosselaar was actually naked.)
  • In the Freaks and Geeks episode "I'm with the Band", Sam is confronted by a bully while showering after gym class and shoved out in the school hallway naked.
  • In Friends there's the "Ugly Naked Guy". This is an interesting example as he is almost never actually seen but only described by whichever friend is spying on him at that moment.
    • Poked fun at in a flashback episode, where the girls mourn the fact that "Cute Naked Guy is really putting on a lot of weight".
    • Joey revealed in one episode that he cooks while naked.
      Joey: Oatmeal, toast... Nothing that spatters.
    • And Phoebe.
      "Why do you think it takes me so long to answer the door?"
    • The same episode as the above has Rachel deciding to walk around the apartment naked while everyone else is away. Ross sees this from his apartment and assumes she's enticing him for "the physical act of love".
    • And Ross when he's trying to persuade Ugly Naked Guy to let him rent his apartment.
      "Oh, my God! That's our friend! It's naked Ross!"
    • The whole point of "The One with the Boobies".
  • In the Get Some In! episode "Field Exercise", naïve RAF National Serviceman Matthew Lilley charges toward a mob of RAF Regimentnote  members who are playing the "enemy" in the field exercise, who promptly engulf him and strip him of everything except his beret and glasses, laughing as he frantically covers his remaining modesty with the beret. Their laughter, along with that of Drill Sergeant Nasty Corporal Marsh (nominally the umpire of the exercise, actually just there to point and laugh at the recruits' failures), evaporates when they realise three of Matthew's fellow aircraftmen have successfully reached the finish line of the exercise (a first in the history of the camp); Matthew proudly puts on his beret and salutes... and then remembers what he was using his beret to cover and quickly "replaces" it.
  • The ghosts in the BBC series Ghosts (UK) are permanently stuck in the clothing they died in. Julian Fawcett (Simon Farnaby), a Tory MP who went Out with a Bang, is thus perpetually Caught With His Pants Down.
  • In a story-telling episode of The Golden Girls, Dorothy, Rose and Blanche recall the time they accidentally booked in to a nudist hotel. After initial awkwardness, they decide to go for it and walk down to dinner completely naked - into a restaurant full of fully-dressed patrons. Apparently they dress for dinner.
    • Another episode had Sophia's love interest sneak into the shower to surprise her - only to find it was actually Dorothy.
  • Horrible Histories has a sketch about the Elizabethan sumptuary laws, where a man visiting the Queen's court is told, continuously, as he's trying to conduct actual business, that his articles of clothing are now illegal. He's left standing there in only trousers (and a wool hat, as that was one article he was required to put on) as the Queen says "There is a naked man in my throne room." And Cecil, responsible for the man's clothing being removed in the first place, informs her there's no law about that.
  • In one episode of House, House, living with Wilson at the time, introduces himself to Wilson's new girlfriend by wandering out into the kitchen in the nude while she's getting breakfast (most likely an intentional act on his part).
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • In the episode "The Naked Man", the gang learns of and uses the titular seduction technique:
      Step 1: Wait until your date leaves the room.
      Step 2: Strip naked.
      Step 3: When your date comes back in, they're so impressed by your bravado that they have sex with you.
      (Works two out of three times)
    • The "inventor" says that it's a "Hail Mary" play. As in, the date's not going so good, you know there won't be a second one, so you may as well give it a try since you've got nothing to lose.
  • iCarly has indulged in this at times.
    • In "iGo to Japan", Spencer and Mrs Benson get wrapped in seaweed at a spa. When they realize it was a trap, they try to get out of the tightly bound seaweed. Spencer eats his way out of the seaweed, and then he slashes the seaweed covering Mrs. Benson with a sword. She also has to constantly remind him that the towel he's wearing around his waist keeps falling down.
    • In "iTwins", Freddie is upset that Carly and Sam trick him into wearing a clown suit to school by sending him a letter that says it's Clown Day. Spencer tells him that some boys at camp once tricked him into thinking it was Naked Day.
    Spencer: Have you ever played dodgeball naked?
    Freddie: No.
    Spencer: Don't ever do it.
    Freddie: I won't.
    Spencer: Because...
    Freddie: I get it.
    Spencer: OK.
    • In "iQuit iCarly", Freddie adjusts a mirror so Spencer can watch TV while he showers and notices he has a birthmark on his rear end.
    • In "iSaved Your Life", Carly is the only one on hand to help an injured Freddie when he falls in the shower, and wears a blindfold so she won't accidentally see him naked.
      Freddie: Ow ow ow!
      Carly: It hurts?
      Freddie: Well it doesn't feel good!
      Carly: Okay, um... where's your bed?
      Freddie: (groans) Right here...
    • In "iToe Fat Cakes", Carly gets her toe stuck in the tap while taking a bath. Shenanigans ensue as she desperately tries to get out before her date arrives and sees her naked.
    • In "iBattle Chip", Spencer shows up completely naked, only a big handful of branches covering himself (Chuck did that). Later, when they ask what's that on the branch, Spencer thinks it might be a beehive while shaking it a bit for a better view (which Freddie warns about). As soon as he asks why, it begins buzzing... Ouch.
    • The plot of "iShock America" revolves around Gibby accidentally exposing his "danger zone" to all of America on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
  • Is It Legal?:The second act of "Office Party" focuses on the firm figuring out what happened at their Office Party. It turned out that they all got naked and wandered through the local shopping centre whilst drunk.
  • The Jonathan Creek episode "Mother Redcap" has Maddie dropping around to the home of a nudist real estate agent who was helping her with a mystery and ending up having tea with him and his nudist friends to her obvious discomfort. (He had actually told her he was a nudist before this occurred, but she hadn't been listening.)
  • The Kids in the Hall: The heart of a few skits, like one where an employee at a meeting won't stop giggling while going over his report, leading to the revelation that he wrote the whole thing while naked, much to the disgust of everyone else there.
  • The League of Gentlemen: Nude Day. The fact that what you're seeing is a man in a naked woman costume is one of the more alarming things on the entire show, and that's saying something.
  • As above, the first the audience sees of Zedd in Legend of the Seeker is the old wizard naked talking to the clouds. Well, talking to a rooster about the clouds, anyway. Which is to say that Kahlan catches him naked, and holding his c--
  • In the first episode of Malcolm in the Middle, Malcolm's parents, Hal and Lois, wander around the house naked for various reasons, oblivious to the discomfort this causes their sons and anyone who drops in.
  • Used on M*A*S*H, almost always involving the showers, often entailing stealing someone's clothing, usually including Radar, and occasionally presenting actual danger in the form of snipers or homicidal patients.
    • Not to mention the episode where Hawkeye goes to dinner in the mess hall wearing nothing but his boots, just to see if he could get a rise from the other war-weary members of the camp.
    • In one memorable episode, after Hawkeye has fallen victim to one too many of BJ's pranks, he convinces Winchester, also a victim of BJ's joking, to aid him in stripping BJ of his clothes while sleeping, nailing his blanket and pillows to his cot so that he can't use them as cover, and then relocating him to the nurse's tent. Then they make the P.A. announcer call for all surgeons to report to the E.R., forcing a naked BJ to run out naked in front of the whole camp.
    • In "Chief Surgeon Who", Klinger goes on guard duty naked while a General is visiting the camp. As usual, he is trying to look crazy so that the Army will give him a Section 8 discharge.
  • This scene from Merlin. Arthur usually has no problem strutting around his chambers naked, but when Gwen is there to see him, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Monk had a nudist episode, aptly named "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man", wherein Monk had a meltdown about there being naked people on the beach, trying to accuse the nudist he met of being the villain, despite his airtight alibi. Said nudist was a new-age hippie, of course. Monk's fear of nudists turns out to come from a memory he had when he was young in which he was seen naked and then being hit by someone and being held upside down. He gets over it when he realizes he was just remembering his birth. On the subject of a Noodle Incident, Natalie mentions having been on nude beaches in Europe when she was in college.
    • A great case when Monk uses this without problems is in "Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger": he proves Ms. Mass is lying about being blind by bailing out a known streaker who has interrupted TWO police press conferences and sets up a meeting with her in the park where he would usually run and watching her reaction. Her own laughter and notice of the streaker gave her away.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • Something of a subversion: One episode featured a recurring BBC announcement that one channel was showing a debate on censorship between the Bishop of Bristol and a nude man. At one point, the debate is shown, where the nude man argues vehemently that such filth shouldn't be shown on television.
    • Played straight with Terry Jones' nude organist character in many episodes. Subverted in "The Dull Life of a City Stockbroker", the humour being the complete ''non''-reaction by the title character to an attractive topless clerk at the chemist (part of a running gag involving his lack of reaction to any of the outrageous circumstances surrounding him). There's also Carol Cleveland's semi-topless scene at the end of the "Scott of the Antarctic (Sahara)" sketch, and the surprise bare-bottom scene at the end of the "Sit on My Face" song from Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl. The Pythons had a lot of fun with this trope.
    • Another sketch had a cricket game being held in a nudist colony; Complete with a fully clothed "Streaker" being marched off the field by a nude police officer holding his helmet over the streaker's trouser fronts.
  • Mr. Bean, after losing his trunks in the swimming pool.
  • Discussed by Statler & Waldorf of The Muppet Show:
    Statler: Well, how do you feel about nudity?
    Waldorf: Well, personally, it always left me cold.
  • There is actually a show from the Ukraine called "Naked and Funny", which is a hidden camera show in the style of Candid Camera, but often featuring public nudity played for laughs. It's also one of the many reasons to love Europe.
  • The season one finale of Ned & Stacey had Stacy (Debra Messing) having a Naked Freak-Out when she walked out of her bedroom completely naked after a long hot afternoon of steamy, satisfying sex with her school teacher lover... and promptly got caught by Ned (her husband by convenience) and his bosses whom she was supposed to join for a "fake wife thing". A completely humiliated Stacy threw her hands over her chest protectively before running away.
  • On Jessica Alba's appearance on Punk'd, a naked man got in the way of her shopping. Surprisingly, she kept her cool the entire time.
  • In one Relic Hunter episode, our heroes are chasing a Viking artifact in a very much Hollywood Atlas version of Stockholm. Turns out an Important Clue is on a runestone... which nowadays sits in a park part of a nudist center. So Sydney and Nigel go, erh, undercover and steal the runestone. And during the whole scene, there just happens to be object censoring both their naughty parts and those of the center's guests...
  • Rizzoli & Isles: In "This Is How A Heart Breaks", Maura dates a sculptor who sculpts in the nude.
  • The first episode of Rome had Atia nonchalantly walking around completely nude in front of her son, to help establish the different social attitudes of ancient Rome. Cough.
  • In an episode of Roseanne the main characters discover that they can look from their window into their neighbours' home and see the elderly neighbours walking around in the nude. Naturally they spend their every waking moment obsessed with this view.
  • Saturday Night Live had Rob Schneider as "The Sensitive Naked Guy" - his son complains about teasing from his classmates, and he concludes it's because his son's classmates have a problem, not that his dad is always inappropriately naked.
  • Seinfeld:
    • In an episode, Jerry has a girlfriend who was not that concerned with wearing clothes when there was no one around to see her except her boyfriend, with whom he discovers that there is "good naked" (walking, for example) and "bad naked" (coughing). She didn't react especially well to Jerry deciding to take the same approach - she apparently felt that all male nudity was "bad naked."
    • In another episode, Jerry is on a subway car across the aisle from a fat man and he falls asleep. When he wakes up, everyone else on the train has gotten as far away from the fat man as possible, because he is now naked.
      Man: I'm not ashamed of my body.
      Jerry: See, that's your problem. You should be.
  • In an episode of the 80s detective show Simon & Simon, Rick and A.J. go undercover at a nudist resort. Standard hijinks for this trope ensue, with A.J. considerably more at ease than his brother. At one point they end up at a dinner party only to find everyone dressed but themselves. Apparently it was resort practice to always dress for dinner. Even A.J. is cowed, and after donning their Hand-or-Object Underwear, they beat a hasty retreat.
    • While the aforementioned episode was built almost completely around this trope, there were other episodes where the trope appeared. In the Halloween-themed episode "The Skull of Nostradamus", the bad guys (somewhat inexplicably) knocked Rick and A.J. out with gas, stripped them naked, and left them in coffins planted in open graves in a cemetery with nothing but thin white sheets to cover themselves with. They later had to beg for change while so dressed in order to get money to call their mother to bring them clothes. And in "Sunrise at Camp Apollo", the brothers went undercover at a boy's summer camp and immediately got into a prank war that culminated with A.J. stealing Rick's clothes while he was showering before cutting off the water just after he'd gotten soaped up and then turning off all the lights.
  • Likewise, the Baywatch parody Son of the Beach had a nudist episode. Slightly memorable because the European male-bimbo character's censor-bar for his... bits... was hilariously large, and that of the main character was nearly nonexistent.
  • In the "Less than Zero" music video from Square One TV, Stanley gets the first of his negative scores after his second dive, where he surfaces with his swim trunks on his head. Naturally we don't see all of him; it is a kids' show, after all.
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • There is one episode where Daniel Jackson comes back from the dead naked. (It's implied that it's some sort of Ancient practical joke that Oma was playing on him.) He wound up landing in Jack's office while the General is trying to have a briefing with the rest of SG-1 (Sam and Teal'c, at the time). It is awkward.
    • The other time he came back from the dead naked (yes, this happens to him more than once) is played less humorously... except when we find out that his nickname translates to "The Naked One".
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • Mentioned in several episodes. In an episode where Counselor Troi was (briefly) engaged to be married, we learn that Betazoid weddings are traditionally held in the nude. Their culture believes that it symbolizes love. Betazoids, being telepaths, are a very open people.
    • In "Cost of Living", Lwaxana Troi shows up to her own wedding naked, after getting tired of her fiancé and his advisors' cultural insensitivity towards her.
    • In "Ménage à Troi", the Ferengi transport Deanna and Lwaxana minus their clothing. It's mostly played for laughs, but with a sinister edge.
    • Data's "mother" (Soong's wife) mentions that Data originally had no concept of modesty, and thus wouldn't wear clothing because he didn't see the need to. Naturally, an anatomically correct android in the buff was a problem. His shipmates thought it was pretty funny.
    • When Q was stripped of his powers and kicked out of the Q Continuum in the third season, he makes his first appearance in the episode naked.
  • There is an off-screen moment in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where Morn, fearing a Dominion invasion, apparently began shouting "We're all doomed!" and ran naked into the Bajoran temple to pray for the Prophets' protection.
  • On Star Trek: Enterprise, when Hoshi tries to sneak into Reed's quarters via the ventilation shafts (for entirely legitimate reasons), her shirt snags on something as she falls. We get a shot of her topless and covering her breasts with her arms. Her line when Reed sees her:
    Hoshi: Whatever you were going to say, I don't want to hear it. Just get me a shirt.
  • Averted in Star Trek: Voyager when Q2 removes Seven of Nine's clothes and is disappointed by her lack of response. He does appear to be impressed by the rest of her though.
    Q2: Now that's perfection!
    • In "In The Flesh", Chakotay tells Valerie Archer about a transporter malfunction he once experienced:
      Chakotay: Turns out the transporter malfunctioned. My uniform ended up in the pattern buffer.
      Archer: You're kidding. You were naked?
      Chakotay: Not entirely. I had my commbadge.
      Archer: I hope it was well-placed.
    • "Waking Moments" starts with a series of nightmares which includes Tuvok reporting to the bridge naked. The entire bridge crew is there to laugh at him. (Tim Russ used a Gag Penis to make sure this would happen.)
  • Supernatural has Cupid, who caused some very awkward moments when he hugs people...
  • Richard Hatch from the first season of Survivor infamously went around naked when he celebrated his birthday on the island. Fridge Brilliance sets in when Sean notes that he is celebrating in his "birthday suit".
  • Hal Sparks once did an entire episode of Talk Soup in the buff.
  • In Titans, Gar has to be naked to use his superpower, which is usually Played for Laughs, especially in "Together" when he transforms back in a human in front of Kory and Rachael. Rachael quickly averts her eyes, while Kory finds it hilarious.
    • Conner was raised in a lab and thus has No Social Skills. When he wakes up from recovery, he wanders naked around Titans Tower and is completely oblivious to why Gar is uncomfortable.
  • Played straight and deconstructed in Toumei Shoujo Ea (Invisible Girl Ea), a Japanese video-game storyline turned live-action TV miniseries. Ea's compulsive invisibility prohibit her from wearing clothing, as her skin being touched causes her invisibility to turn into a Predator-style CGI effect. The comedy comes when the main male lead has to make excuses and generally freaks out when Ea's powers turn off, usually at the worst possible times. The deconstruction comes when the main male lead and Ea realize that she's never going to be able to live a normal life, as she can't wear clothing, turns invisible and visible at more or less random, and has to hide from any number of random government and corporate interests who would love to dissect her and figure her powers out. Finding a way to remove her powers is the major plotline of the series.
  • Veronica Mars:
    • In the first season episode "Clash of the Tritons", Veronica is sitting in the waiting room outside the counselor's office when a group of naked teen boys trying out for the Tritons (a frat-type organization) run down the hallway. This also gets a callback in the second season episode "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough".
    • In the third season episode "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week", Logan and Wallace are in a class that does a variation of the Stanford Prison Experiment, where Logan is a prisoner, and Wallace is a guard, with the guards having to learn a secret from the prisoners. Logan and Wallace make a Side Bet that the loser has to streak naked through the campus after the experiment is over, and Wallace wins, so Logan streaks at the end of the episode.
  • Rex in Victorious apparently likes to make jokes about Robbie when he's naked.
  • In an episode of Wheel of Fortune, a contestant named Kevin is down to one letter in the puzzle "A STREETCAR NA_ED DESIRE", spins to guess the last letter, but ends up calling the letter K. After some audible gasping, and a buzzer Pat replies "Nooooo." in sort of a 'don't go there' tone. The next contestant, Lisa, calls out the correct letter M and solves the puzzle (A Streetcar Named Desire). Pat summarizes the round saying "Although (Lisa) got the correct answer, I'd rather see Kevin's play."
  • Wings had an episode where the main character and his wife, upon having finally gotten their last roommate to move out, decided to get naked inside the house. They like it to the point that they're naked most of the episode, and talking about visiting a nude beach. The rest of the episode was one Scenery Censor gag after another, until their neighbors' perverted kid managed to get blackmail photos of them... cleaning the rain gutters in the nude. Huh.
  • In the "Bitter Suite" episode of Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena and Gabrielle wake up in Illusia completely naked. Gabrielle notices her own nudity when she is musing over whether or not she is in the Eluysian Fields before running away, hands over her chest protectively, to avoid being seen nude by Joxer, who later provides her with clothes. Xena is initially dressed in blue and beige robes by her nemesis Calisto, but when she confronts Ares, the God of War strips her completely naked with two quick sword slashes, exposing her firm, shapely body before his minions, much to her quiet yet humorous anger.
  • In an episode of Zoey 101, Michael and Logan get sprayed by a skunk, and after the many failed attempts to efface the stench, Quinn comes up with a solution to use her scientific spray on them to get rid of the smell, which finally works. Unfortunately for the former two, it also has the side effect of disintegrating clothing, which leaves Michael and Logan in the nude by the end since Quinn sprayed their entire body. The former two then dress up in trash bags to cover themselves while they run through the campus, eliciting an encore from the other students who watch them dash by.