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Those with their own page:

  • Superman is subjected to three of these in the Cartoon Hooligans episode "What If Superman Got Sick?!", the first with Darkseid and the next two with the rest of the Justice League (bonus points for all of them involving actual stomping on Superman).
  • Counterspell: For a majority of the series, Black Mage fears being on the receiving end of one of these against the heroes of light. At the end of the series, not only does he and Bruiser manage to beat the heroes, they do so without taking any damage.
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  • Daneboe's Video Game Mashup has Punch Out vs. Mortal Kombat where Goro fights Mike Tyson. Needless to say, Goro kills him with a brutality before he could even land a single hit in.
  • The Easter Bunny facing off Genghis Khan in Epic Rap Battles of History, spends his entire second verse chickening out.
    • Babe Ruth delivers this combining with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech towards Lance Armstrong to the point he looked speechless.
    • Ludwig van Beethoven completely wipes the floor with Justin Bieber.
    • It's pretty much unambiguously agreed upon that the victor of the Stan Lee vs Jim Henson rap battle is Walt Disney, who delivered an absolutely horrifying curb stomp to not only Stan and Jim but Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist, the creators of ERB, as well.
    • Bruce Banner vs Bruce Jenner has the latter having three times as many lines in the second verse against the Hulk's. The Hulk was still far more liked by viewers.
  • A Grey World's Alexis demolishing Haley. She was, at this point, used to ruthless life-or-death fights with men twice her size.
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  • Hero House has Solid and Liquid Snake resuming their epic struggle, with Solid absolutely demolishing his brother.
  • Played amazingly well in Red vs. Blue season "Revelation" (it was choreographed and animated by Monty Oum), the reds are cowering as something is battering down a door, door is thrown out off the hooks, and a certain character says "Okay. So who's first?" What follows is 7 minutes of pure awesome.
    • In Season 10, Agent Maine vs the Strong Insurrectionist, Round 2. It's over in ten seconds. Strong Guy throws a punch, Maine catches it, effortlessly twists the arm back, then punches him so hard that the guy is decapitated!
    • In Season 3, Caboose defeat all Zealots (Both of Red and Blue) Soldiers with easily and Tucker kill Red Zealot in one single attack.
    • In Season 5, Red Team (Sarge, Grif and Simmons) kill all but one Agent Wyoming and his clones with easily.
    • In Season 11, Donut destroy Lopez 2.0 aka Dos.0 in C.C. Body with easily.
    • In Season 12, Felix completely wipes the floor with Tucker in their first fight.
    • In Season 13, Blood Gulch Crew delivers this to Felix before kill him in their final fight.
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    • In Season 15, Bucky vs Tucker and Temple vs Tucker are short fight.
  • The Screamsheet's Fights section has a few of these. Most notable is "The Biggest Damned Fight Ever," which features Bruce Campbell stomping almost everyone who had appeared in that section prior.
  • In the pilot episode of Cause of Death, the nameless protagonist lays into the much larger man.
  • Despite the initial scare (literal Legions of Hell invading earth? Game over man, game over!), the demons from The Salvation War are total pushovers (due mainly to the demons still relying on Bronze-Age weapons and tech against the humans' modern technology) and massacred with barely the most token of resistance...that is, until Satan is forced to rely on Belial and his ragtag band of pariahs for outside-the-box retaliation. The angels, on the other hand... well, one of them manages to destroy a Russian jet by yelling at it., and later Dumah and Fluffy... er, the Whore of Babylon and the Scarlet Beast cause havoc on Jerusalem, the former destroying an old Israeli jet the same way.
    • The war against the demons was actually nicknamed the "Curb-Stomp War" in-universe.
      • To be fair, the army revealed that if the war with Hell went on a little longer, humans would have faced some big troubles. Oh, not from the demons — the humans were running out of ammo.
    • This would have more long-term consequences, since at least in Western countries it led to pity and even sympathy for demons that affected human relations with them post-war (and, it seems, influenced human harshness against the angels in return).
    • Just to give you an idea of how badly the demons were destroyed, in the first battle the demons were fielding around 440,000 troops, and were facing several thousands of humans. The humans suffered 600 casualties. Only 300 demons lived.
    • In Pantheocide, Michael fears that the angels would be on the receiving end of one if Humanity ever found a way into Heaven, so the war between Heaven and Earth consists mostly of various disasters being dumped onto Earth (though this is partially because Yahweh believes his own propaganda and thus the angelic game plan follows the Book of Revelation to the letter), as well as trying to trick the nations of Earth into fighting amongst each other. It's later revealed that Michael is taking advantage of this, choosing the least controllable angels and sending them out to pour the Bowls of Wrath (and invariably get shot down by human aircraft), and convincing Uriel to attack towns where he'll be attacked by the Military and hopefully killed.
  • In terms of Break Them by Talking, Pickles completely destroys all of poor Alfred's hope, dignity, and purpose after showing him the true purpose of the Playhouse and his inability to cope with reality.
  • The TGWTG Year One Brawl included a few of these. Most notably The Nostalgia Critic, despite effortlessly dispatching anybody else he runs into and having fought a pretty close battle with The Angry Video Game Nerd previously, seems to get beat up pretty badly whenever he runs into the Nerd in the battle. This includes taking multiple attacks to the crotch. Even so, the battle technically ends in a tie and the Critic does gain the upper hand on a few occasions. Also, nearly every character is introduced by literally appearing out of nowhere and knocking the previous character to the ground. Nearly all of Angry Joe's scenes consist of him screaming and doing crazy karate gestures before being knocked out by another character seconds later. And Ma-Titakes a particularly large amount of punishment from just about everybody.
  • Just after Linkara manages to defeat Mechakara, he winds up on the receiving end of one at the hands of Lord Vyce.
  • "The Turks or the Geek" in the Whateley Universe. Team Kimba finally figures out who bushwhacked and stomped their least battle-worthy members a month or so earlier. They challenge said team (the Young Turks) to an arena match in front of them whole school, with only the four team members considered the least threatening. Team Kimba uses their abilities to learn how the Young Turks plan to game the fight: extreme curb stomping ensues.
  • In one episode of Strong Bad E-Mails, Strong Bad decides to find out what would happen if he were to poke Pom-Pom with a pin while he's on fire. To make things more interesting, Strong Bad blindfolds himself. He didn't see what happened, but he's sure that Pom-Pom exploded in a big fiery ball that was visible from space, and that in no way did Strong Bad get the ever-loving crap beaten out of him.
  • Mecha Sonic (to be renamed Metalix in the reboot) in Super Mario Bros. Z practically specializes in this, having technically only been defeated once (thanks to a conveniently-produced Super Star), but the two instances that specifically qualify as this trope would be the No Holds Barred Beatdowns of Yoshi, then later the Axem Rangers and the Koopa Bros. (Yoshi at least got better. The others didn't.)
  • This has happened (for both sides) in Comic Fury Werewolf, but is most prominent in Game 8 for the town (3 wolf lynches in 3 days), and Game 10 for the Werewolves.
  • Though it mostly happened off-camera, the fight between Evan and Slendy in Everyman HYBRID seemed to be this. Evan swung a baseball bat at Slendy, who blocked it with something like telekinesis and seemed to wreak internal damage on Evan. Surprisingly realistic Blood from the Mouth ensued.
  • Whenever Mario fights anyone in the Bowser's Kingdom series, he usually comes out on top.
  • In Touhou: a Glimmer of an Outside World, Yukari and Yuyuko both attacked a panicked, seemingly sleep-deprived Reimu to get her to calm down. Reimu, rather unsurprisingly, lost.
  • In the Final Battle of Suburban Knights, Malachite curbstomps everyone except Ma-Ti with little effort once he gets his gauntlet back.
  • In the Yogscast (specifically Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane) and TotalBiscuit's cooperative Let's Play of Magicka, their battle with Khan in part 6 ends up being literally 10 seconds of lasering him to death, whilst the rest of the level involved them messing around around and getting screwed over by their own ARSE mines.
    Simon Lane: "Are you kidding me... Is that it? Is Grimnir the Dark Lord also going to take like one second to kill?"
  • Here Cracked details seven examples involving comic book superheroes.
  • Menelaos is shamefully curbstomped by Daichi in Greek Ninja when he tries to attack him.
  • In Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv) it's implied that Kira easily killed Beyond Birthday because Beyond fooled even himself into thinking he was L.
  • DSBT InsaniT:
    • When Lisa and Sand Snake show up at the end of 'Beach Brawl', they defeat Cell with a single chop.
    • Portica makes quick work of Boo in 'The Camping Webisode' due to him being a Harmless Villain.
    • Just about any battle involving Balloon or Evil Balloon will be this towards them.
    • Dave quickly defeats his Darkness counterpart in a fit of rage by pushing him through a grate until he is cut up.
    • In 'Carneelval', Killer fights a brainwashed Cody, Lisa, Sand Snake, Crystal Dragon, and Amber at the same time and easily wins.
  • has had some battles that were like this:
  • Worm:
    • Weaver and the Chicago Wards get singlehandedly demolished by Contessa in her first appearance. It's implied (and from what is shown, pretty accurate) that trying to fight higher level thinkers like Contessa or Number Man tends to go like this, as their powers allow them to know how to win a fight before it starts.
    • Taylor Hebert hands out a bunch of these, against Lung, against the Fallen, the Teeth, the Protectorate, and Alexandria.
    • The Endbringers are kaiju that appear every three to four months. The Protectorate considers a "good day" to be roughly 1 in 4 capes who participates in the fight dying, not even considering civilian casualties. The exact nature of the battle varies a bit with which Endbringer is attacking, such as Behemoth killing more capes due to it's "Instant Death" Radius or Leviathan being responsible for far more property damage (including destroying the entire island of Newfoundland), but the results are nothing short of catastrophic. Despite numerous battles against them, they've never come anywhere close to actually beating an Endbringer, with the plan mostly just being to stall them until Scion to fully push them back. It's even speculated later in the series that they've even been holding back.
  • In Noob, Omega Zell once decided that he would prove himself worthy of the Justice guild by beating Saphir in battle. Saphir killed him with an energy projectile before he could even pull his sword out.
  • Most of the battles in Vaguely Recalling JoJo are cut in length. The Fight with Forever the orangutan ends as fast as it begun. Jotaro finds that Forever is suspicious and pummels him into oblivion.
  • After kidnapping Donnie and destroying the present they made for him, Tom Collins in Demo Reel gets a well-justified beatdown from a very angry Rebecca. All he can do is cower, pull a gun on her and call her a bitch.
  • In an episode of Maricraft, Mari and Lasercorn were at war in their game of Minecraft after Lasercorn massacred a village so he could conquer it as "Lasercornia", and when Mari objected to this, Lasercorn declared war on her for "insubordination". When Jovenshire entered the game and claimed to be a neutral party, Lasercorn decided to kill Joven and steal his stuff. Bad idea. Joven, who had previously been playing in Creative Mode, was clad in full Diamond Armor and wielded a Diamond Sword. Lasercorn got in one or two attacks, producing Scratch Damage, before Joven annihilated him. This also convinced Joven to ally with Mari. Lasercorn spent the rest of the episode in permanent Oh, Crap! mode.
  • Happens a few times in Monty Oum's Dead Fantasy series:
    • Episode 2 starts out fairly evenly matched... And then Rinoa turns up...
    • Episode 3 is a match between Tifa and Hitomi. Hitomi hands Tifa the first decisive defeat of the series, and she does it in style, literally beating the Materia out of her.
    • Episode 4 has Yuna's Aeons swiftly overwhelmed by Kasumi's illusion clones.
    • Episode 5 has Tifa on the receiving end again, at the hands of Hayate. He downs her in a single blow after using a bunch of ninja to wear her down, without breaking a sweat.
  • RWBY has a few examples:
    • A few dozen White Fang and a few gunships, vs. Penny. The White Fang lose. Horribly.
    • Pyrrha vs. Team CRDL, a four-student team. Pyrrha beats all four of them with ease.
    • Torchwick's second battle against Blake in "No Brakes" doesn't really go well for him.
    • Yang's clash with Neo, also in "No Brakes", is a much less funny, more horrific example. Neo defeats Yang totally without being hit once and the rookie huntress would have certainly been killed if not for outside intervention. Later on in Volume 3, Neo casually defeats an entire warship's armed crew on her own.
    • Long before the series proper was even aired, the Yellow trailer had Yang trash every poor sap in Junior's nightclub with ease. Also, the Red trailer had Ruby carve through a veritable army of Beowolves without even being hit once.
    • In Volume 3, Mercury and Emerald finally get their spot in the limelight by mopping the floor with the experienced Beacon second-years Coco and Yatsuhashi. In that same episode, Qrow horribly defeats Yang and Ruby... at video games, to the extent the game loudly declares "TOTAL ANNIHILATION!"
    • An even more horrific example is in "Heroes and Monsters", when Adam defeats both Blake and Yang at once, leaving both girls with serious injuries, and the latter minus an arm.
    • In "Lighting the Fire," one of Raven's bandits leads Yang into a trap where he and six of his buddies attack her. Yang is suffering from serious PTSD, anger issues, and still isn't in top physical form after a few months of moping. She defeats all seven of them with hilarious ease, while her expression the whole time makes it clear that she is far more bored than even the slightest bit threatened.
    • In the second chapter of the manga, Ruby is put up against Cardin in a surprise mock fight by Goodwitch and Ruby beats him handily.
    • In "The More The Merrier", Vernal proves her skill by dominating Weiss in a fight, who is on the defensive throughout and never once lands a decisive hit. Weiss actually manages to partially summon her knight only for Vernal to casually one-shot it and then follow up by depleting Weiss' aura with a powerful laser shot. To add even more salt to Weiss' wounds, Vernal never once used her Semblance or her Maiden powers (that we later find out she never even had). Poor Weiss never stood a chance, not even for a moment.
    • When Salem's army attacks the Two Brothers, the God of Darkness simply gathers up all their magic into one claw, then with a gesture disintegrates (except for Salem) not just the entire army, but the entire human race.
  • It happens pretty often in Dreamscape.
    • Episode 1: Keela in her and Ahjeen's fight with the Possessor Ghost
    • Episode 2: Anjren in her fight with Dylan, and Jasmine in her fight with Ahjeen.
    • Episode 3: Vampire Lord in his fight with Keela.
    • Episode 6: Most of the characters in their fights against the Mooks Melissa summons.
    • Episode 7: Keela and Mechelly in their fight against Kaila.
  • Happens in Void of the Stars whenever a spacefaring species wants to conquer a planet inhabited by a more primitive species.
  • In the first episode of audio drama series Night Warrior, supporting protagonist and formerly-fictional fantasy hero Cillian Balor faces off against a Giganta named Zeiber, and losing his magically-enchanted sword and undergoing a Heroic BSoD left Cillian on the losing side of the battle, before declaring that he was willing to beat down Zeiber no matter what it took. Enter Cillian's rival in heroism, Leona Nia Grace, who takes out Zeiber with one blow without breaking a sweat.
  • In Citadel: Duncan Nightmare gets his jaw slapped across the room by Achala Juggernaut. Duncan Nightmare versus Bruce Richards is even worse. Despite being described as one of the more powerful members of the class, the poor guy loses every fight the reader sees him in for at least the first fourteen chapters
  • It's not uncommon for someone to start a winning streak that's lead by a number of these in Achievement Hunter's VS series. Most notable was Ray's first reign as champion, whose crowning moment was beating Jack in a crane game. By getting two dolls.
  • Captain Sparklez and Tay Zonday played Team Fortress 2 for charity in 2014, against gamers such as Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane. Jordan and Tay's team won every single round in the first half. Later games also went badly for Team Yogscast, with Team Shibby winning 7-1, and Team Nilesy recovering from a four-loss streak to win.
  • Fallout: Nuka Break:
    • The first appearance of an NCR Veteran Ranger is marked by him absolutely trashing both Ben and Twig with minimal effort. Veteran Rangers are established as absolutely badass in the source material, so it really only could've ended one way, really. And as if he wasn't already badass enough, Season 2 reveals that he's not actually a Ranger. He beat up a Ranger and took his gear.
    • The Mysterious Stranger versus... a radroach. Overkill at it's finest.
  • One time, Rockstar Games held a livestreamed series of Last Team Standing matches in their own Grand Theft Auto Online between the Sidemen (represented by Vikkstar123, Miniminter, Zerkaa, and KSIOlajidebt) and "Mae and the Boys" (represented by missesmae, Lui Calibre, Mini Ladd, and Daithi De Nogla). "Mae and the Boys" won every single round in every match save for one fluke round win for the Sidemen.
  • In The Frollo Show:
  • The Alternate History World War II presented in The Anglo/American – Nazi War is basically a Hopeless War as far as the Nazis are concerned. Many of Nazi Germany's failures can be put down to tactical and industrial inflexibility inspired by sheer pig-headed Nazi lunacy. Specific examples:
    • The so-called "Calais Quail Shoot", which has a number of Allied fighters, including a score of RAF English Electric Lighting fighters, annihilate the entire Luftwaffe in France at the cost of around 30 fighters.
    • The Nazis attempt to bomb New York with trans-Atlantic Ju-688 bombers was a catastrophe. "To put 36 bombs onto Manhattan, and an additional 18 bombs into Georgetown the Reich had expended 378 aircraft and over 4,000 men." The Nazis suggest that the relatively light civilian casualties being reported were clearly American propaganda, as there's absolutely no way that so many bombers could cause so little damage.
    • The Battle of Iceland, which "was about as one sided as it is possible for such an action to go". Three German aircraft carriers engaged two American carrier groups. 600 Allied aircraft swept aside the 25 aircraft the Kriegsmarine were able to get up before descending on the carriers and blowing them to bits. The Americans lost 162 men, mostly from one ship being sunk by a U-boat, while Kriegsmarine losses exceeded 20,000.
    • In an engagement on July 2nd, 14 M-92 Chamberlain tanks (basically the Allied equivalent of the infamous German Maus) took on a Waffen SS Panzer force four times their number, composed of Panther III tanks - note, Panther III not Panzer III, as in an upgraded version of the same armoured juggernaut that in real life gave Sherman crews a very hard time. Only one Chamberlain received minor damage to it's tracks. Said tank scored 26 kills.
  • In America's Stepbrother, America's Enemy V2.0, the real life United States of 2012 is transported to the world of 1984 and consequently, Oceania tries to invade under the wrong assumption that the United States are traitors and thoughtcriminals trying to rebel against Big Brother. Between the hideously outdated and impractical nature of Oceanian weaponry and the gross weakness and stupidity of the Party leadership, Oceania is on the receiving end of one of the most gloriously well-deserved humiliations ever put into words.
  • In JourneyQuest, every battle featuring Glorion can count, aside from his battle against the river. Granted, the Water Spirit, the Gargoyle, the Wizards in the Temple of All Dooms (or Some Dooms or Select Dooms, depending on who you ask) and the Warlock don't exactly expect Glorion to just kill them and bypass the puzzles. It's also implied to have happened to the Orcs.
    Carrow: I'm not sure you had to kill all the Orcs.
    Glorion: What do you mean?
    Carrow: You... Really went through a lot of trouble to kill every Orc that crossed our path. And some that were nowhere near our path.
    Glorion: I don't follow.
    Carrow: You killed every Orc in the village.
    Perf: And the retirement village.
  • Beyond the Impossible: Artemis versus the entire Chinese army, the navies from a dozen countries and the superhero Blue Star. She doesn’t even break a sweat.
  • If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device:
    • On one side, Inquisitor Fyodor Karamazov, leading an enormous army of every rebelling inquisitor that refused to disband (meaning about 75% or so). On the other, a recently pardoned Magnus the Red, already on edge by his dad's sarcasm-saturated antics. As soon as Karamazov leads the charge, Magnus just tears a warprift open and tosses everyone in, ending the "battle" in about fifteen seconds.
    • Parodied later with the battle between an extremely pissed off Magnus gone One-Winged Angel and a recently-summoned Kaldor Draigo. Except there is no battle; before Kitten's even done briefing him, Kaldor says he's already done. Cut to Magnus, back to human form, out cold on the floor. Par for the course for a one known for regularly Worfing powerful daemons.
  • Nightwing: The Series: Nightwing's first battle with Deathstroke results in this. Although Nightwing manages to hold his own at first, he ends up getting his face battered and then gets kicked through the wall of a nightclub.
  • Enter The Farside: In Entrance: 1-8, Jolly picks a fight with Shaun. After Jolly and Shaun trade blows, with neither of them giving ground at all, Jolly realises he can't hurt Shaun and he's just keeping him occupied. Jolly tries to go to attack the people he can hurt, Visionary and Tether. Shaun realises this and grabs him before he can, then ends the fight in two punches before launching him out of a window with a single shove.
  • There is no GATE; we did not fight there: The interlude *Banish The Darkness/Find The Light* showcases the absolute massacre of every beast of the swamp that ambushes the camp at Swampbreak by the 22nd legion when they are empowered by the power of Julianne and Hestia, through Lena's prayer. They rightfully earn the moniker of "the Champions of the Flame," empowered of the Hearth and Civilization.
    • Kytheus proceeds to cleave the heads of a hydra in one swing, before killing the dark-robed figure riding it with another blow. Kytheus destroyed the boss monster and enemy leader/hero in two swings.
  • Several weeks after Vladimir Tumblefluff, Halfling Assassin, cons them into helping him take out a target by posing as a child, PATHCO catch him in the process of trying to weaken the Marshop Inn Army's defenses ahead of a Boggard raid. Both sides geared up for a tough fight, but thanks to a combination of low rolls and lack of knowledge of the party abilities on Vlad's side, and a combination of Dave's Ear Piercing Scream and Thyra's hammer on the other, Vlad was forced to surrender within three rounds.
  • The SB Nation series Breaking Madden features a lot of these, as one of the easiest ways to provoke bizarre reactions from the computer is to throw horribly overpowered, underpowered, lopsided, or bizarre players at it. One of the most satisfying was when the writer decided to respond to recent controversies involving Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano, widely seen as a Smug Snake who blamed his team's losing streak on not having more "Schiano men," by creating a team of identical players with stats designed to simulate him. This dropped the Buccaneers' rating from an 81/100 to a 3/100, being a team of coaches in their late forties. He then pitted them against the unaltered Carolina Panthers (who the Buccaneers were scheduled to play against at the time). The real-life game was already a Curb Stomp Cushion in the Panthers' favor; the "broken" game had the team of Schianos losing so hard, the game stopped keeping score at 292-0 halfway through.
  • The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles depicts a Canadian football game that turns into a rout so one-sided, the Toronto Argonauts advance thousand of miles, while the Ottawa REDBLACKS fail to get possession of the ball even once.
    I try to remain a humble man. I take no special joy in humiliating these REDBLACKS. I'm bragging as much as I would be bragging if I told you that I held a glass of wine in front of me and dropped it and it shattered on the floor. We whooped them all up and down French Canada. This is a statement of fact.
  • C0DA, written by former The Elder Scrolls series writer/designer Michael Kirkbride, takes place in the far distant future of TES universe. Numidium, the Reality Warping Humongous Mecha of Dwemer construction, presumed destroyed following the events of Daggerfall, returns after having been caught in a time warp. It continues its war on the Aldmeri Dominion, led by the fascistic Thalmor, leading to an apocalyptic event known as "Landfall", which has forced the remaining inhabitants of Nirn to take refuge on the moon Masser. Curb Stomp Battles are the only kind Numidium knows how to dish out. It effectively Unpersons the Altmer, bringing the Landfall upon Nirn. Further, in the Uninstallment Missing Episodes, it "stomps Hammerfell into the ocean". Only the Nerevarine (the Morrowind Player Character) piloting Akulakhan (another Humongous Mecha built from Numidium's blueprints) even slows it down. Numidium is only finally defeated using words.
  • The first episode of ORIGIN ZERO has a unit wiped out by the alien enemy with no indication they managed to so much as hit a single one back.
  • Mahu In "Crownless Eagle" the armies of the Commonwealth Republic are known to achieve decisive victories against their foes even when outnumbered 2 to 1.
  • Deviant: A few - Terminus as a whole tends to do this often, given that they're a team of the most powerful individuals in the country. Vanquish beats an entire team of superhero teenagers on her own effortlessly - the chapter is even called "Curb Stomp".
  • Dragon Ball DC naturally has plenty, like its source material.
    • Kakarot comes to Metropolis hearing that Lex Luthor is "the most powerful man Earth" and assumes that means he is World's Strongest Man. He knocks him out with a single punch after Luther's security fails to force him out.
    • The Saiyan Saga has the villains initially dealing this in all their fights. Kakarot is nearly killed by Raditz, only surviving thanks to Hal Jordan's intervention, and Hal is subsequently killed by Raditz for his efforts.
    • After Kakarot learns to draw on the power of the Oozaru, he dishes out one against Raditz.
    • Vegeta dishes out one against Kakarot after becoming an Oozaru. Kakarot was only holding his own before thanks to the Wrath State and the fight caused him to use up all the energy to he has surpressing it with, causing him to lose his mind to the power of the Oozaru. Between that and Vegeta's far greater power, he had no chance.
    • Broly is introduced doing one in Mongul's Gladiator Games, beating a villain an opponent who had previously given Wonder Woman a tough fight, knocking him out with a single blow before Mongul could even finish introducing him. We later learn that all of Broly's matches were this, every single opponent unlucky enough to step into the ring with him had been defeated in a single blow.
    • Kakarot is initially facing this from Rogal Zaar, until Batman's death causes him to become a Super Saiyan. After this the fight is completely one sided in his favor, Rogal Zaar struggles to even touch him and only manages because Kakarot kept floating close to him. Even then his attacks had no effect, Kakarot letting one connect just to demonstrate how outclassed he was. The fight is so bad that Rogal Zaar chooses to kill himself to prevent Kakarot from doing so.
    • Kakarot dishes out an even more brutal one on Mongul, his rage from leaving a perfect life behind after escaping the Black Mercy causing him to transform into the Awesome, but Impractical bulkier Super Saiyan form. The lack of speed makes no difference because Mongul is too outclassed to actually do any damage. Even when he did land a hit on Kakarot, Mongul only hurt himself.


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