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Hello! 益 Ignore that piece... Ahem,As You Know, I am VoidsEmpathy and a resident troper of this wonderful land known as Tvtropes. Know this, it'll take me awhile to properly alphabetize the tropes and other things, so I apologize in advance for the arrangement as they come to mind. (I like cows. Moo moo~) Sigh

Voids Empathy invented Burritos! No, really!

While I reside within the Void, My human shell was created in CA, to those who know now I am currently in Washington spending time with my human family (mostly my dad's side). For the time being, I am in CA until Mid-January and I will return to Wash for a few things before I enlist in the US Navy, although it is unknown if I will be able to meet the requirements.

As of this day, I have been in the Navy for some time. Got to see some neat things, did stuff. As it is, though I am still in it, I find many things about it to be...odd

Human Age: 24 — Younger Than They Look...

Appearance: Well....I have an account for Facebook. And the link's gone....yes. Here's the edit link for those lazy enough to not use the edit page button.

I am currently participating in Twilight of the Gods, a Villain Episode of A Game of Gods, as Xemnas from Kingdom Hearts II. (You mean Manse-) ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL... Now I am Xigbar from the same 'verse, with S2 of A Game of Gods titled A Game of Gods:Infinities, fully underway. I also have Xigbar in Divine Comedy (A spinoff crossover of Eclipse, Infinites and Sifuri with no impact on canon whatsoever.)

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  • I'm kind of trying to organize your page, if you don't mind? I hope this doesn't make me come off as sneaky. -_- I just kind of wanted to help. I have the original order saved, if you want it back. -Risingdreams
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