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Persona: One Last Promise is a Shin Megami Tensei: Persona fanfic by dangstaBOI, or Dangsta. It features OCs as well as characters from past games.

When his parents died in a car crash, Kazuhiko Sukima had been branded an outcast by just about everyone around him. Unable to bear the pressure any longer, his godparents send him to Yasoinaba to wait it out. Ten years later, he returns to his hometown of Nuzoko. There he will encounter a strange case in which people are committing suicide. What’s the cause of all this, and what does it have to do with this strange world within the mirror?


Because the story features characters from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5, all spoilers for those games are UNMARKED. You Have Been Warned!


  • Acceptable Breaks from Canon: It's heavily implied in the game that Persona 5's events takes place in 2016. Here, Dangsta has them take place in 2020, so the Phantom Thieves are around the same age as the SPT.
    • Also, with the exception of Wild Cards, Persona users can only have one Persona. Daichi, on the other hand, has two, Hugin and Munin.
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • Chapters 46 and 47 both focus on Nanako.
  • Adaptation Origin Connection: In canon, there was nothing that indicated that Chisato Dojima's death had anything to do with Personas, much less the Kirijo Group. Here, it turns out that she was killed by an artificial Persona user stationed in Inaba when his Persona went berserk. Because the Persona in question took the form of a car, the incident was covered up as a car accident.
  • All Just a Dream: What the omakes for chapters 38 and 39 turn out to be. However, they’re the dreams of the REAL Kazumi Sukima rather than Kazuhiko.
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  • All There in the Manual: The questionnaires for each character can reveal information about them that isn't stated in the story itself. For example, Mikan is a fan of Danganronpa.
  • Answer Cut: Happens in chapter 10. Kazuhiko wonders if there's a way to get rid of Pyro Jack. Then it cuts to Igor saying that there isn't. But he can fuse him instead.
    • There’s another one in Chapter 44, which clarifies how Shirou was able to deal with the kids breaking into his cemetery.
  • Arc Words: “Break the chains of despair”, which appears whenever Kazuhiko forms a new Social Link.
  • Art Shift: Apparently striking a pose from Jojo makes you look like you were drawn by Hirohiko Araki in the omake of Chapter 46.
  • Ascended Extra: Downplayed. While Nanako is already a major character in Persona 4, she is likely to be a member of the SPT sometime in the future.
    • Also an Out of Universe example, as Dangsta originally wanted her to be The Cameo in chapter 2, playing no major role in the story. That changes when he asks the reviewers regarding the prospect of Nanako being a main character in chapter 22. They approved of the idea, and in chapter 24, it was confirmed that Nanako will move to Nuzoko.
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  • Ass-Kicking Pose: The iconic poses from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in C Hapter 46's omake. It's to the point where the SPT gets a bit of a power boost when they use them.
  • Beach Episode: Chapter 24, which is actually earlier than usual in Persona games.
  • The Bet: In chapter 25, the boys make a bet to get a first kiss from a girl they like, with the penalty being to walk into the girls' hot springs area while they’re in there or die trying. All of them fail miserably, and while Kazuhiko did get a kiss from Nanako, it was way before the bet was made, and thus didn’t count.
  • Being Watched: It turns out that the Harbingers are watching over the SPT at all times from a "Mission Control Center".
  • Big-Bad Ensemble: The Harbingers of Death, a group consisting of about 8 Persona users, not unlike our heroes.
  • Bland-Name Product: Pepsi is called Pepshu in this fic, as shown in chapter 37. Doubles as a Take That! to Pepsi itself.
  • Blatant Lies: In chapter 5, Kazuhiko asks whether Igor pulling him into the Velvet Room is going to be a regular thing. Igor assures him that this will be the last time, but anyone who has played the games will know he's lying.
  • Breaking the Bonds: The SPT’s method of calling their Personas evokes this, as they are quite literally breaking the chains that bind then.
  • Brick Joke:
    • The whole stealing Daichi's wallet in the omake of chapter 14. It was mentioned in Daichi's interview, and he finally gets his revenge in the omake of chapter 21.
    • In chapter 2, Nanako smacked Kazuhiko with a hard book. In chapter 31, he does the same to Johei.
  • Butt-Monkey: Aside from Johei and Loki, Dangsta himself can be one in the omakes.
  • Call-Back:
    • In chapter 2, everyone uses Yosuke's credit card to pay for Kazuhiko's farewell party without his permission, just like when Chie and Yukiko paid for Teddie's clothes in Persona 4.
    • Nanako slapped Yu in the butt in the same way she slapped her dad back when Yu came to Inaba. The difference is that now she's tall enough to actually slap the butt instead of the leg.
    • Nanako falls off the edge of the platform when saying her last minute goodbye to Kazuhiko as he's leaving Inaba, just like Teddie did when Yu left Inaba. Even Yu feels like it's happened before.
    • Futaba references the time when Ryuji and the others tried hitting on some girls at the beach, which ended with them being ambushed by those guys from Shinjuku.
    • Nanako references the King's Game that the IT played when she mentions soda can make someone feel drunk.
  • Calling Card: Played With. It turns out that the function of the Suicide Order is to manifest a Reflection. The matter of life or death depends on the person themself.
  • The Cameo:
    • The Sleeping Table makes an appearance in the omake of chapter 17, with Hugin and Munin refusing to attack it.
    • Yuuta Minami appears during the Tokyo field trip during Golden Week.
  • Canon Character All Along:
    • The waiter at the cafe turns out to be Ken Amada.
    • Later on, the woman in the second photo is revealed to be Minako Arisato
  • Caught on Tape: It turns out that Nanako has been recording the Personas' discussion, which Ken listens to in chapter 37.
  • Cathartic Exhalation: The SPT does this after their encounter with the Reaper in chapter 38.
  • Censored for Comedy: The omake for chapter 37 pokes fun of the lack of the word "Fuck" in Persona games. This is shown with Johei by saying the word, with it being censored. Dangsta tries to get Ryuji to say one, which ends with Ryuji having to be taken back to Atlus Headquarters by security for a glitch check.
  • Central Theme: Despair, and breaking out of it.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The waiter who keeps appearing recurrently whenever the SPT hangs out at the Café. Chapter 32 reveals that he's actually Ken Amada, and it is implied that he was sent by the Shadow Operatives to keep an eye on the SPT.
    • In chapter 39, there was a teacher marked by the Harbingers in the photo they gave to the SPT. The very chapter reveals that this teacher was none other than Minako Arisato, then a college intern.
  • Class Trip: The top ten students of each year in Nuzoko can visit Tokyo during Golden Weeknote . Yasogami High School apparently has something similar.
  • Closet Shuffle: The SPT hide behind numerous objects in the Ikebukoro Residence in order to hide from Yuriko's parents. Unlike most examples of this trope, however, they succeed in getting away by using their Personas.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Daichi's Personas, Hugin and Munin.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Kazuhiko's lived for ten years in Inaba before he returns to Nuzoko. He even managed to befriend the whole Investigation Team, and Nanako in particular.
    • Teddie is in charge of Junes after Yosuke left for Hokkaido, and Chie becomes a police officer.
    • A Kanji-made pink alligator from a certain story makes an appearance as a gift for Kazuhiko.
    • Kazuhiko remembers that Yu and Yosuke got in trouble for brandishing weapons in public when he and Johei are out buying one for themselves.
    • Starting from chapter 22, Alexandria begins giving requests to Kazuhiko, in a way similar to Elizabeth. It's revealed that the reason she does this is because she wants to find out why Elizabeth left permanantly.
    • Kazuhiko and Tyr are reading Magical Witch Detective in chapter 22, with Kazuhiko wondering how did Yu finish this abomination.
    • The whole school trip in Golden Week. The SPT goes to Tokyo, visiting Shibuya, Shujin Academy, Leblanc Café, and the Miura beach. They sleep at the Wilton Hotel. They also meet the Phantom Thieves along with Kawakami, Mishima, and Sojiro. Futaba is also a second year. Yasogami High is also having a similar trip.
    • Apparently, Futaba's nickname for Yusuke, Inari, is known throughout the art world.
    • As always, Mitsuru’s “executions” are feared by just about everyone who knows of it, including Nanako.
    • The Animal Crackers are shown in chapter 41, but instead of someone looking for the penguin cracker, this time the crows are wondering if its dangerous for Daichi to eat.
  • Contrived Coincidence: What're the odds that the file that reveals the truth of Chisato's death just so happens to be by the doorway? Likely subverted in that the Harbingers could've placed it there.
  • Conveniently Timed Distraction: Daichi’s Big Damn Heroes moment in chapter 38 gives Kazuhiko enough time to disarm Jujunna and have Iselin use the Harbinger’s knife.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Turns out Mitsuru has set up multiple Impromptu Hideouts for the Shadow Operatives within the Kirijo Group's branches across Japan.
  • Cutaway Gag: In Yuriko’s interview chapter, Dangsta assures her that their interview is in a limbo, and thus no one can hear them. The next shot shows Rise and Futaba and their respective Personas listening in on the conversation.
  • Death by Despair: Kokatsu reveals that the deadline of one’s suicide(including their reflection) in the Mirror Dimension is determined by how much they succumbed into despair. The closer they are to despair, the closer they are to death. It explains why Yoichi’s deadline had changed so quickly, and why Yuriko's took so long.
  • Despair Gambit: The Harbingers perform one whenever they find a potential member of the SPT.
  • Divine Intervention: It turns out that Elizabeth is trying do this, first by having Sho keep an eye on Yuriko’s rescue operation.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": Dojima tells Kazuhiko not to call him “Officer” when he’s not on duty.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: This happens quite often, especially from Mikan and Skadi.
  • Dramatic Irony: The SPT seems to already be familiar with Ken, to the point that they know his name, but they aren’t aware of his true role.
  • Drawing Straws: This is how everyone solves the study partner problem in chapter 33.
  • The Dreaded: The Reaper. One encounter alone certainly made the SPT know that.
  • Driven to Suicide: The fate of anyone who has their Reflection destroyed.
    • Chapter 37 reveals that Hikari Amano also hung herself after seeing how Soratsu was corrupted by involving himself with the yakuza.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: When the fic began, it was set in August of 2021, probably because Dangsta thought Japan followed the traditional school year format. Later chapters change it to April, keeping in line with the Japanese school year.
    • The first half of chapter 1 was told in first-person, before switching to third-person.
  • Elemental Powers: So far the element distributions are Kazuhiko with lighting, Johei with wind, Mikan with ice, Daichi with light and dark, and Iselin with fire.
  • Eldritch Location: The Mirror Dimension is this, as per the usual.
  • Extranormal Institute: It appears that SEES has become one, acting as a training program for future members of the Shadow Operatives.
  • The Food Poisoning Incident: While Iselin is a good cook, she bakes a pecan pie without knowing that Daichi is allergic to pecans, which leads to him getting food poisoning.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: When a new party member joins the SPT, Dangsta asks the reviewers to submit questions to the characters.
  • Foreshadowing: In Daichi's interview, Hugin and Munin imply that Kazuhiko has ties with Odin, but Dangsta stops them from explaining further, because it's within spoiler territory. What exactly those ties are remains unknown as of this writing.
  • Freak Out!: This is a common reaction for those who meet their Personas for the first time. So far, Yoichi and Yuriko don't follow this 'trend'.
  • "Freaky Friday" Flip: The omakes for chapters 28-31, and chapter 33 are this. Johei and Loki switch places with Mikan and Skadi, Daichi, Hugin, and Munin switch places with Iselin and Hildr, even Igor and Alexandria. Kazuhiko and Tyr jumped over bodies with each other, Naoto(along with Sukuna-Hikona/Yamato-Takeru), and Minato during the July Operation where he was slapped by Yukari.
  • Gambit Roulette: The SPT does this in chapter 37, intentionally ordering Soratsu’s suicide in order to talk to him in Niflheim. Of course, they have to do this quick before he dies. Thankfully, they succeed in convincing his Reflection, but not before having to fight him.
  • Gayngst: Yuriko is bisexual, and is shamed for it at school by a third year named Soratsu, who blames her for, as he puts it, ‘stole his girl’. Later chapters show that it’s a bit more complicated than that.
  • Genre Throwback: Unlike in Persona 5, there are no shadow negotiations, and the team fights the Shadows from Persona 3.
  • Heads or Tails?: Kazuhiko's solution to solve the debate between Arcade and Karaoke in chapter 12. Karaoke wins.
  • Heel Realization: Much like in Persona 5, those whose Reflections were convinced by the SPT are trying to atone for their actions, such as Soratsu and the Colburnes.
  • Heroic BSoD: Chapter 17 is this. The entire team(along with Iselin who hasn't joined them yet) are wallowing in despair as a result of Rika's death.
  • History Repeats: Like in Persona 4, Dojima is once again looking into a case involving the supernatural, and his daughter has become involved. The difference is that now Nanako is more directly than simply being a Victimized Bystander.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: How the SPT are able to defeat Reflection Soratsu.
  • Hot Springs Episode: Has one. Though this story has it happen much earlier than in the games.
  • Imagine Spot: The omake of chapter 36 is an homage to E3 2018, with Johei imagining that the SPT will be in a game… while they are having a meeting.
  • Invisible to Normals: Along with Personas, the 'Chains of Despair' can only be seen by those possessing a Persona.
    • Chapter 37 reveals that Personas can't be heard by normal people either. However, their voices can be recorded, as demonstrated by Ken.
  • It's Personal: This is the main reason why Kazuhiko ends up refusing Minako’s offer. It’s very similar to both the Investigation Team and the Phantom Thieves, as Minakoherself notes.
  • Kimodameshi: The SPT(along with Nanako) do this in Chapter 24, using the Personas as ghosts.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: In the omake of chapter 14, Dangsta steals Daichi's wallet, leading the latter to blame the Phantom Thieves. In the omake of chapter 21, Daichi kidnapped Akira and the rest of the Phantom Thieves, and Dangsta gets arrested by the ATLUS Police because of the theft.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The story tends to do this a lot, especially in the omakes.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Kazuhiko and Johei apparently have this type of relationship with Minako.
  • Literal-Minded: When Daichi says that 'there are more fish in the sea', referring to other girls besides Mikan, Johei assumes he's talking about fishing.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Tooru, Shirou’s nephew, is kept out of the issues between his dad and his uncle.
  • Long-Distance Relationship: Defied. If Kazuhiko had stayed in Inaba, then he and Nanako may have actually confessed their love for each other. Instead, they decide to renounce their attraction for the time being. Keep in mind that this was before it was revealed that Nanako moved to Nuzoko.
  • MacGuffin: The envelopes the Harbingers leave behind, as they contain hints related to Nuzoko Elementary and what happened ten years ago.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: Rise says that Naoto could make this happen when the Lovers Arcana girls are about to beat Dangsta in the omake of chapter 13, because he didn't like them as romance options.
  • Meaningful Name: Niflheim, the tower the SPT climbs in the Mirror Dimension, is known in Norse myth to be the resting place for those who died a less than noble death. And committing suicide isn't something one would call noble (well, usually).
  • Meanwhile Scene: Happens quite often in this fic.
  • A Minor Kidroduction: The first chapter takes place when Kazuhiko is a little kid, about ten years before the story really kicks off.
  • Mirror World: The Mirror Dimension.
  • Norse Mythology: The main characters’ Personas in this fic are based on the Norse pantheon.
  • Moment Killer: In chapter 2, Kazuhiko tells Nanako that for a girl, she's got huge balls. She reacts by smacking him with a hard-cover copy of War and Peace. Kazuhiko repents by kissing Nanako for five seconds.....until Teddie ruins it again by asking when's their wedding.
  • Morality Chain Beyond the Grave: Many deaths of a character's closest person leads to this. So far, this includes Johei, Mikan, Iselin, Yoichi, Yuriko and Soratsu.
  • Mr. Exposition: After Daichi becomes a Persona user, the Harbingers of Death have surprisingly become this. It’s usually the main antagonists of the arc.
  • Mundane Made Awesome:
  • The Harbingers of Death have this, though they somtimes pick targets by themselves.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Kazuhiko's first visit to the Velvet Room is just like Yu's, where he falls asleep during his train ride to this story's setting.
    • In chapter 3, Kazuhiko and Mikan get mistaken for dating on his first day because he walked up to the school with her, just like Minato and Yukari.
    • In chapter 15, Kazuhiko, Johei, and Daichi try to pick up girls and fail miserably, which Johei calls Operation Chick Farmer, which the others found rather disturbing. This is clearly the fic's version of Operation Babe Hunt.
    • Akira mentions that he has a sudden urge to start a dance crew. This alludes to the rhythm game Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.
    • Mikan “executes” the boys for peeping on them with a Mabufula. No points for guessing this one.
    • In chapter 26, Johei suggests the name 'Investigation Team' for their group, but Kazuhiko and Tyr refuse because they felt that it was already used.
    • Nanako at one points mentions the memetic tendencies of a certain Phantom Thief.
    • At one point, Yuriko thinks that Kazuhiko is a manwhore after he says he has relationships with multiple girls at once. This reference a scene in Persona 4: The Animation where Nanako asks if Yu is one himself, thanks to an encounter with Margaret.
    • The omake of chapter 45 pokes fun of the costumes in the Persona series, having the SPT dress up in costumes based on Crusade Heroesnote , Underwatchnote , and a loincloth.
  • Named by the Adaptation: The protagonists of Persona 3, 4, and 5 are named Minato Arisato(including his female counterpart, Minako), Yu Narukami and Akira Kurusu respectively.
  • Narration Echo: Kazuhiko mutters "And a little while later..." in chapter 37, before the narration says "And a little while later...literally..."
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!:
  • Discussed. Daichi wonders if the SPT saving potential victims is actually part of the Harbingers’ plan.
  • Had Mitsuru told Nanako the truth about Chisato's death when she joined the Shadow Operatives, she likely would not have lashed out like she did here.
  • No-Sell: The SPT even lampshade how nothing they do works against the Reaper, or at least in their first encounter.
    • The car Shadow that attacks Nanako
  • Not-So-Fake Prop Weapon: In the omake of chapter 18, Kazuhiko dies shooting himself because he thought the pistol Minato gave him was an Evoker. Minako tries to stop him, but it was too late.
  • Not-So-Imaginary Friend: Mikan uses the 'imaginary friend' alibi against Shirou in chapter 22. Well, Personas really exist but they can't be seen by a normal person. Loki lampshades this by saying she's not that far off.
  • Official Couple: Among the P4 cast, Yosuke and Chie are confirmed to be dating, with Yu/Yukiko and Kanji/Naoto being teased. For the Phantom Thieves, Akira and Makoto, along with Yusuke and Futaba are also dating.
  • Oh, Crap!: The SPT have this reaction when Yuriko’s parents arrive home in chapter 36.
    • Daichi and Iselin also have one in chapter 44, when they hear rattling chains, signifying the Reaper’s approach.
  • Old School Building: There is an old, abandoned second-years building in Kyuto, which served as Sejimura and Yumo's secret spot during their school days.
  • Omake: At the very end of the chapters, starting with Chapter 3, Dangsta will either do an interview with one of the characters or one of these, which usually pokes fun at something in the story.
  • Ominous Fog: Nanako’s dream in chapter 45 is set in a world full of fog, much like the TV World.
  • One-Winged Angel: The transformed forms of the characters and Reflections as a result of fusing with other Shadows, much like in canon.
  • Paintball Episode: The omake of chapter 27.
  • Panty Thief: In the omake of chapter 19, Loki tried to make Kazuhiko, Johei, Tyr, Hugin and Munin perform a panty raid as homework for his lecture. However, Mikan, Iselin, Skadi and Hildr managed to bust them before they could do anything.
    • Happens again in chapter 34. Naturally, the girls suspect Johei of being the culprit. It's actually the work of a girl named Yuriko Ikebukoro.
  • Person as Verb: In chapter 33, Johei tells Iselin to make her move on Daichi before he either hooks up with another girl or gets John Lennon'd.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The SPT, which is more or less a tradition in the Persona series.
  • Recurring Boss: Once again as a ‘tradition’ in the Persona series, the Reaper has made its appearance (starting from) in chapter 38.
  • Red Herring:
    • In the Daichi's stolen wallet incident, Daichi blames the Phantom Thieves. However, it turns out that the real culprit is Dangsta himself.
    • In the panty thief incident in chapter 34, the girls suspect Johei and/or Loki. The real culprit was Yuriko.
  • The Reveal: In chapter 38, Kokatsuna reveals that the Suicide Order’s sole function is to manifest one’s Reflection, and that whatever happens next depends on how much its real-world self has succumbed to despair...and if there’s an action from an outside force taken at it.
  • Revenge: After Suzuki kills herself, Johei decides to kill her parents in the Mirror Dimension, believing that they were responsible for her suicide. Luckily, Kazuhiko manages to stop him, though it doesn't stop them from dying anyways. Later on, Iselin tries to avenge her friend Rika’s parents for similar reasons, even going as far as to suggest them as targets on the Harbingers' website.
  • Running Gag: Whenever one of the SPT awakens their Personas, they freak out upon seeing them for the first time. This dies out when Yuriko isn’t surprised at seeing the Personas, and even Yoichi had an awkward conversation with Mimir.
  • Sequel Hook: The omake of chapter 42 sort of is one for the fic, teasing a possible sequel where the SPT team up with the Shadow Operatives, the Investigation Team, and the Phantom Thieves to free Minato from the Great Seal. Unusual for the trope, the story was not finished when the omake was written.
  • Shout-Out:
  • She Is All Grown Up: Nanako Dojima. Back in Persona 4, she was a little girl. Now, about 10 years later, she's not only a high school student, but she's also a Persona user.
  • Ship Tease: Dangsta does not shy away from certain couples from being teased, such as Kazuhiko/Nanako, Mikan/Johei, and Iselin/Daichi. Yoichi/Mikan also gets teased for a bit.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: The seagulls from chapter 24 apparently swear a lot. Iselin thinks that it's because they spend a lot of time around sailors.
  • Soap Opera: Kazuhiko lampshades that his life is like one in chapter 31.
  • Speak of the Devil: Shirou outright says this after his brother arrives just after mentioning him.
  • Speech Bubbles: Parodied in the omake of chapter 39, where a bunch of them stab a rather timid boy as he’s being rejected by Kazuhiko/Kazumi. Doubles as a Visual Pun of “her” words hurting him.
  • Spirit Advisor: Unlike in canon, Personas are portrayed as being capable of speech here.
  • The Stakeout: The SPT do this in chapter 27 and 28 against Yoichi and again in chapter 37 against Soratsu. The former is to keep an eye of Yoichi and make him opens up more to the team while the latter is to find Soratsu in order to talk with him.
  • The Tease: Clotho is this to Masamune, teasing him about cutting his life string.
  • They Call Me Mister Tibbs: Kazuhiko seems to always call Kanji “Mr. Tatsumi”, something Kanji says he doesn't need to.
    • Later, it’s shown that the SPT does the same for Ken Amada.
  • ¡Three Amigos!: Kazuhiko, Johei, and Mikan, the initial members of the SPT(unless one includes Daichi).
  • Think of the Children!: Dangsta tels this to Yuriko in chapter 41’s omake, after she tells Nanako that she touched herself just thinking about her in the “bloopers”.
  • Trauma Button: As chapter 44 shows, the rattling chains of the Reaper have become this for the SPT. Not without reason, of course.
  • Unexpectedly Abandoned: Chapter 33 reveals that Nuzoko Elementary has been abandoned for ten years.
  • Unprovoked Pervert Payback: Whenever Loki is doing something perverted to someone who can't see him(also Yuriko in chapter 34), Johei(or Loki if he's not the culprit) will always be the one to blame.
  • Villains Act, Heroes React: This how the arcs have gone so far. This is justified in that the SPT don’t know what the Harbingers are going to do, and so they can’t do anything. Daichi in particular isn’t pleased with this.
  • Where the Hell Is Springfield?: It's never stated where Nuzoko is located. Kazuhiko takes a train from Inaba to get there at the start of the story, yet when he goes to Tokyo during Golden Week, he has to take a plane, in spite of Inaba being based on Fuefuki in the Yamanashi Prefecture, which is about 116 km from Shibuya, Tokyo.
  • Wham Episode:
    • Chapter 47. The reviewers even note its nature as one. It turns out that Nanako's mother was killed by an artificial Persona user named Takumi Fujinomiya, who was stationed in Inaba at the time. Due to his Persona taking the form of a car, the cause of her death was written off as a car accident. This revelation explains why Dojima was never able to find the killer even after many years of potential leads. Naturally, Nanako is super pissed at the Shadow Operatives and decides to take her anger out on some Shadows. It's heavily implied that this has caused Toyotama to revert into a Reflection, thereby setting Nanako up as the next potential victim.
  • Wham Line: At the end of Chapter 24:
    Nanako: Yeah… Kazuhiko's here too… don't worry, I'll be fine… Do they have what?… Oh, yes. Definitely, they do have Personas… Don't worry, Naoto-senpai, I'll get to the bottom of this.
    • Nanako once again does this in chapter 32, revealing the true identity of the café's waiter:
      Nanako: Shut up, Amada-kun!
    • Chapter 38 has one, once again by Nanako.
      Nanako: Alright Toyotama. Still, though, why can’t I see you?
    • Yet another appears in chapter 38, but this time not by Nanako:
      Sho Minazuki: ‘Sup fellas! The name’s Sho; Sho Minazuki!
    • And yet another one in the omake of chapter 39, which creates a bit of a Mind Screw.
      Kazumi(?): I’m just the same old Kazumi Sukima I’ve always been.
    • At the end of chapter 41, Minako asks Kazuhiko and Johei something that completely changes the topic of their conversation:
      Minako: *showing the Mirror App QR Code* Do you know anything about this?
  • Wham Shot:
    • Chapter 33 ends with the SPT gasping at the remains of Nuzoko Elementary School.
    • Chapter 38 ends with the reveal of Sho Minazuki.
  • Wild Goose Chase: An unintentional example. Dojima's hunt for his wife's killer has turned out to be one, as her killer died a week after his Persona went berserk. The Kirijo Group intended to cover it up as a hit-and-run and leave it at that. Unfortunately, they didn't expect Dojima to look into it.
  • Wistful Amnesia: It seems that no one remembers what happened during Kazuhiko's last month in Nuzoko. Not even Kazuhiko himself. As of this writing, the reason behind this remains unknown.
    • Tyr also appears to have this regarding a frail, black-haired child, whom he obeyed as though he was his master. It's heavily implied that the child is Kazuhiko.
  • Written Sound Effect: Utilized every so often.
  • Writing Around Trademarks: Averted for the most part. The story mentions real-life franchises such as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: According to Iselin, boys-love is such a big fantasy of a lot of the girls in her dorm (i.e. the Foreign Exchange Dorm), it influences her to become one in some way too… and it turns out that both Johei and Loki are this too.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: No matter what happens, you can't prevent the fusion of someone or their Reflection in despair and the Shadows surrounding them, triggering the transformation to their One-Winged Angel state.
  • Youkai: Strangely, a Gashadokuro appears in chapter 29, within the Norse-themed Niflheim.

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