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    Anime and Manga 

You're not a boy. You're a monster!
Cell to Gohan, Dragon Ball Z

Father once said there were two warriors in the universe I was never to challenge: Beerus the Destroyer and Majin Buu. You're telling me Goku beat that Buu?!
Frieza after being revived, Dragon Ball Super

Carrera Maaka: GRRR! Are there any vampires lurking around here? If I find an evil vampire, BANG! I'll shoot them in the heart with a silver bullet! Then CHOP! Cut the corpse's head off with an axe! Then TWIST-TWIST! I'll yank their teeth out with pliers, and then I'll...!
8-Year-Old Karin: Stop, Mama! There's no such thing as Vampire Hunters, is there?!
Karin listening to her mom read a scary story before bed

Haqua: To blackmail a demon... what a human.
Keima: To be blackmailed by a human... what a demon.
Haqua: Sh—shut up!

    Comic Books 

We... we cannot know what feelings our enemies have... but we may be certain, at least, that Hyde taught them terror.


    Fan Works 

Light: (with glowing red eyes) I loved you, L, and you smashed my heart into a million pieces. I will never love again.
Ryuk: Light, uh... you're scaring me.
Light: Oh, Ryuk, I haven't even begun to scare you yet! (Evil Laugh)

Toronto Magical Tribune:

When a pony stares into the abyss the abyss stares back; but when Pinkie Pie stares into the abyss, the abyss closes its eyes, sticks fingers in its ears and shouts, "LALALALALALALALALA," hoping Pinkie goes away.

Jiro the Yellow Spider: Cute, but let me ask you something, kid: you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Yami Yugi: As a matter of fact, I have - we were on a blind date. Unfortunately, he never returns my calls, says I'm too creepy.

    Film - Live-Action 

Viggo Tarasov: He once was an associate of ours. They call him "Baba Yaga."
Iosef Tarasov: The Boogeyman?
Viggo: Well, John wasn't exactly the Boogeyman. He was the one you sent to kill the fucking Boogeyman.
Iosef: Oh.

"There are men in this world who go about demanding to be killed. They argue in gambling games; they jump out of their cars in a rage if someone so much as scratches their fender. These people wander through the streets calling out "Kill me, kill me." Luca Brasi was such a man. And since he wasn't scared of death, and in fact, looked for it... I made him my weapon. Because I was the only person in the world that he truly hoped would not kill him."
Vito Corleone, The Godfather


Twoflower: But you're a demon. Demons can't call things "weird." I mean, what's weird to a demon?
Demon: Oh you know, things. Stuff.
Twoflower: What things?
Demon: (nervous cough) Oh, things. Evil things. Things we don't talk about is the point I'm broadly trying to get across, master.

And until this moment Thibor had not really known fear, but now he did. Thibor the Wallach – warlord of however small and ragged an army, humourless, merciless killer of the Pechenegi – utterly fearless Thibor, until now. Until now he'd not met a creature he feared. In the hunt, wild boar in the forests, which had wounded men so badly as to kill them, were 'piglets' to him. In the challenge: let any man only dare hurl down the gauntlet, Thibor would fight him any way he chose. All knew it, and none chose! And in battle: he led from the front, stood at the head of the charge, could only ever be found in the thick of the fighting. Fear? It was a word without meaning. Fear of what? When he had ridden out to battle, he'd known each day might be his last. That had not deterred him. So black was his hatred of the invaders, of all enemies, that it simply engulfed fear and put it down. No creature, or man, or threat of any device of men had ever unmanned him since ... oh, before he could remember: since he was a child, if ever he'd been one. But Faethor Ferenczy was something other than all of these. Torture could only maim and must kill in the end, and there's no pain after death, but what the Ferenczy threatened seemed an eternity of hell.
Necroscope II: Wamphyri

Never had the aberration seen such demonic eyes. He'd never really believed it was possible to stare into someone's soul, but with the way Gohvis was looking at him, he was beginning to have doubts. In fact, he was starting to think it might be possible to look at someone to death.
Ibai comes face-to-face with Gohvis, The Zombie Knight

When the horned head was just a few metres away, the kung whispered, "I'm told you can read minds."
"Just surface thought, lord."
"Read mine."
After a second, Sphandor's face was a mask of terror.

At this new presence, the starving unseelie of the garden scattered in fear, because that which is supernatural and nasty knows supernatural and nastier when it sees it.

    Live-Action TV 

Do you know what the most frightening thing in the world is? Nothing. That's what I found in the boy. No conscience, no fear, no humanity. Just a black void. [...] I just sat there and watched as he destroyed everything around him. Not from a belief in evil, not for any reason at all. That boy's mind was the blackest hell I've ever known. [...] I know you bring death. I do not fear it. All I have ever feared is in that house.

Generally speaking, when scary things get scared? Not good.
Xander Harris, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Elliot: Have you met monsters before?
The Doctor: Yeah.
Elliot: Are you scared of them?
The Doctor: Nah. They're scared of me.

The Doctor: It's just a nightmare, Reinette, don't worry, everyone has nightmares. Even monsters under the bed have nightmares.
Young Reinette: What do monsters have nightmares about?
The Doctor: Me.

House: Fear me. I've killed hundreds of Time Lords.
The Doctor: Fear me. I've killed all of them.
Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Wife"

I've been around the world. I've seen everything, things you couldn't imagine, and this... this is the only thing I've ever seen that terrifies me.
Euron Greyjoy upon seeing a wight, Game of Thrones

The Clown: What will become of us? Of me?
Janeway: Like all fear, you eventually vanish.
The Clown: ...I'm afraid.
Janeway: I knoooow...
Star Trek: Voyager, "The Thaw"

Castiel: Don't worry about the Winchesters.
Crowley, The King of Hell: Don't worry about... what, like Lucifer didn't worry? Or Michael, or Lilith, or Alistair, or Azazel didn't worry? Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn't underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares?
Supernatural, "The Man Who Would Be King"


Reject, are you no one?
Feel you nothing?
You know, I'll bet you think
You have a good reason to be living
In the limelight of the fortunate ones
You're too weakened by the poison
That they feed you in the living lie
They don't believe you
Call to no one
Trust in nothing
Little impotent one

What a nightmare... who were those guys?!
Freddy Krueger, "Dream Warriors" music video


    Tabletop Games 

Even other vampires grow uneasy around these eerie Kindred, and the clan's nickname of "Fiends" was given to it in nights past by horrified Kindred of other lines. The Tzimisce's signature Discipline of Vicissitude is the subject of particular dread; tales speak of crippling disfigurements inflicted on a whim, of ghastly "experiments" and tortures refined beyond human - or vampire - comprehension and endurance.

And from within the depths of the Dark World, Dethroned howl at the blakened sky, the fallen Nobles and near-gods to monsters, and the Darkspawns shiver, for there are things even monsters fear.

Slashers obsess over killing and very rarely expect their victims’ ghosts will seek revenge. Since a slasher relies on fine-tuning his ability to misdirect, charm and isolate his victims in an abandoned warehouse or deserted building, he’s often ill-prepared should the ghosts of his victims come back to punish him. Or worse – for his victims to rise from the dead and seek revenge. Some gangs of ghostwalkers go out of their way to hunt slashers and put them down. Permanently. [...] Since slashers are typically anti-social, their days are numbered should ghostwalkers and hunters start going after them together. Even physically brutal slashers, like Masks, are often horrified by what a group of angry ghostwalkers can do.
Hunter: The Vigil: Mortal Remains

You don't want to look him in the eye, Bolgut, trust me on that. I saw 'im at the Battle of Blood Rock, and it weren't pretty. Skrag was all whirlin' cleavers, surrounded by a red mist. Chunks of flesh and bone were flying everywhere. 'Ee went through the Elves like a Sabretusk through a bag of Gnoblars. Spears was breakin' on his skin like 'ee was made of rocks. All the while those Elves was screaming and 'ee was choppin' em up and chuckin' the bits of their bodies into 'is pot.
That was when the Gorgers arrived, dozens of 'em. Sniffin' and gruntin' as they followed 'is scent. Then the real slaughter started...
Gorg Three-Fingers, Ogre Maneater, on the infamous Skrag the Slaughterer, Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms Army Book (8th edition)

The infamous Ork Hunters of the Armageddon Imperial Guard are afraid of one Ork and one Ork alone. In the dark nights of the steaming equatorial jungles between Prime and Secundus, these grizzled veterans whisper tales of Boss Snikrot. They tell of a killer who slips through the jungle like a ghost, who can pass through throttlevine groves without disturbing a single leaf. They tell of a savage hunter who lives for slaughter, whose eyes blaze with malice. Finally, they tell of his victims, left to bleed to death with their eyes torn out and their scalps ripped free from their skulls.
Warhammer 40,000: Codex - Orks

    Video Games 

In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bite of his sword named him... the Doom Slayer.
Slayer's Testament I, DOOM

None have possessed the strength in previous Cycles. Your own species could be destroyed with a single thought. But you are different. I have witnessed your actions in this Cycle: the destruction of Sovereign; the fall of the Collectors. The Reapers perceive you as a threat. And I must understand why!
Leviathan, Mass Effect 3

You've got to figure "terrifying the piss out of werewolves" is a coup for any monster's CV.
Kirsten Geary, The Secret World

No... Chuck, you met... you met... Her? Lilith... Lilith ... She walks like a centipede on seventeen names. Oh god. Oh lord. Oh Outer Ones. The things Marquard whispered in my ear... Dangerous. Even her memory is dangerous. Her memory could kill. Hide, Chuck! Hide!

We sense... something... something ancient... a sickly smell... a chilling wind. My ancestors scream from within their chambers in my mind... but I cannot understand their words. This feeling... a memory? It sickens us, and for the first time in our lives... for the first time in generations... we fear.
The Ur-Quan, Star Control 2

When the Alpha Legion found themselves standing above the cold necropolis that had emerged from the Imosan sands, they saw not just a foe, but the one thing which - in their mad power and zeal - they feared and abhorred: subservience, silence, the void.
—Chaos Space Marines vs Necrons, Dawn of War: Soulstorm

    Visual Novels 

I meet someone that's scarier than that nightmare.
It runs. The thing that never felt fear ran away from the person. Golden hair and red eyes. The person that has the same smell as me. The golden Servant that...
The thing panics and flees into the back alley. But that's the end.
Sakura's dream about the meeting of the Shadow and Gilgamesh, Fate/stay night.

Lyra: Thistle, what happened? It practically ran into my arrow.
Thistle: [From out of sight] um. He ripped my hood. He saw me.
[Stunned Silence from Orrig and Lyra]

    Web Original 

Yes, Parody Janeway is crazy, but there was always a method to her madness, while Regular Janeway feels madness by itself is just fine, thank you very much. She has stared into the abyss as it has stared into her... and the abyss said, "JESUS!"
Chuck Sonnenburg, SF Debris review of "Year of Hell"


    Western Animation 

Vilgax: "I did not come here to battle, but you leave me no choice. This alien MUST be subdued!"
Ben: "What's so special about this alien?"
Vilgax: "It will destroy you and every other living thing on this planet! Including ME!"
— The Big Bad warns The Hero about Shock Rock, Ben 10 (2016), episode "The 11th Alien"

Man, I do not want to meet the kid that dreamt those things up.
Jason Voorhees reacting to the Woodland Critters's plan, South Park, "Imaginationland, Episode II"


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