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''I don't ever brag about the kills that I own. But I’ve got the sickest collection of bones.
'Smallz One

''Kaiser Soze, bring me souls,bring me babies, men, women, and animals. My victory over the almighty is very vital
cut sixes in their foreheads, and burn the bibles''
Lord Infamous The Scarecrow of Three 6 Mafia

Never praying at night Cause the heavens don't want me Sold my fuckin' soul so I can live through eternity. Killin' at night and watching victims in the daylight, A demon on the rise, and I'm snatchin' your fuckin' life, Been shot with a twelve gauge, I died and made front page, The devil sent me back and now I'm using the same gauge. Killin' like a maniac, livin' like a lunatic. Some would say the Strate is sick, the devil's who you're fuckin' with!
-Wish Bone aka Stratejacket of the rap group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony


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