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  • Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto started off as a Youtuber known for his involvement in the Furry Fandom, his fanfiction work, and commentaries regarding webcomic artist Christine Weston Chandler (better known as Chris-chan), who is most well-known for Sonichu. However, LoGatto became more well-known for the fact that all of his commentaries express extreme hatred towards Chris, to the point of wishing abuse and even death upon her. While Chris-chan is just as controversial, even the most vocal detractors of the artist felt that LoGatto took his disdain for Chris way too far. And that's not even getting into the numerous other bizarre things about LoGatto that are actually comparable to Chris, resulting in him earning the nickname of "Chris-chan 2.0". "A-Logging" even became a term for people being overly harsh on Internet weirdos (sometimes to the point of threats), often with implications that they're trying to deflect criticism away from themselves.
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  • Website security company Cloudflare has come under scrutiny several times for providing technical support to highly controversial sites such as LulzSecnote , 8channote , and The Daily Stormernote , due to CEO Matthew Prince's staunch support of freedom of speech, although they would reluctantly terminate support for the latter two sites over time - TDS would be stripped off support in 2017, and in the wake of the Dayton and El Paso shootings in August 2019, 8chan's support was also terminated.
  • DaddyOFive will forever be tainted by allegations of child abuse, the massive amounts of evidence supporting the claim posted on YouTube, and the controversy over their "Invisible Ink Prank" video. The backlash eventually grew so big that two of the five children shown in the videos were removed from their parents' custody, and every single one of their channel's videos were taken down.
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  • Animator and former Philadelphian pistachio vendor Emily Youcis was always a polarizing figure, but was well known in some parts of the internet (particularly the indie animation and horror scenes) for her Black Comedy and for her Alfred's Playhouse series. The revelation that she had ties with alt-right groups in 2016, and two tweets that supported this (where she first mocked Jewish people, then African Americans) destroyed her reputation. Not only did it cost Youcis her job as a vendor, but also her support from Troma, and the respect of the animation community. Then she protested outside of Twitter's headquarters after being fired, which showcased her not just as a racist, but mentally unstable; at one point, Youcis handcuffed herself to the front door, and required a police offer's help to get free. After all of this, her page was slapped with a warning about the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment and permanently locked.
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  • Very few knew of the web film Innocence of Muslims on YouTube until after protests against it in Muslim-majority countries were sparked by an excerpt that aired on an Egyptian television station. The video actually led to YouTube being banned in many countries with said majorities.
  • Chris Bores, a YouTuber known as the creator of The Irate Gamer, has had a few controversies to his name.
    • The only thing most people know about The Irate Gamer is accusations of plagiarism he faced due to the similarities to The Angry Video Game Nerd, and his questionable responses to it, most infamously a reply that James Rolfe copied him and then telling one who gave him that comment to "go shove a kactus (sic) up your ass!"
    • His "History of Video Games" series, itself ill-regarded, was overshadowed by several inaccuracies (most infamously calling Pong creator Allan Alcorn Al Acorn) and an incredibly crude scene in the Magnavox Odyssey episode in which he drew three fake cards from a game, which features two children on the overlay, reading "penis", "masturbation hand", and "vagina". The video was also the subject of scorn from the console's creator Ralph Baer, who Chris claimed "didn't understand the video and was honored," prompting Baer to address the inaccuracies in response.
    • His E3 coverage was already considered to be lackluster, especially compared to more professional coverage, but it's mainly remembered for Chris pretending to blow up the Ubisoft building after he was denied entrance into their press conference.
    • In general, Bores is infamous for his egotistical behavior, crass sense of humor, lack of applying any actual research into his videos, and seeming inability to take criticism.
  • Former Vine user, YouTuber, Team 10 leader, and former Bizaardvark star Jake Paul is better known for many accusations of controversy than his career. This includes his reckless behavior during his three-month stay in Beverly Grove in Los Angeles, his infamous feud with RiceGum, and numerous accusations of arrogance, rude behavior and abuse from former Team 10 members. This has resulted in his reputation going downhill, his eventual departure from Bizaardvark and Team 10's popularity declining.
  • Jason Ethier, best known as Jaystation, is generally regarded as Snark Bait for his "3 AM CHALLENGE", videos and use of clickbait. However, Jason has also become infamous for doing monetized videos that center on dead creators after their death, such as Mac Miller, XXXTentacion and Etika. The video on Etika in particular caused extreme backlash for a scene where Jason remarks "If you don't feel how Etika did, you don't got depression. Next time you sad, suck it up", which many felt mocked those with depression.
  • While JonTron is still a famous and beloved online comedian known for his stint as the co-host of Game Grumps, he is also known for getting his voicework removed from Yooka-Laylee after expressing statements that were viewed as racist and nativist on Twitter and during a live stream with well-known streamer Destiny note . He has since apologized and, though his reputation hasn’t fully recovered, if the views and comments on his two videos when he returned in August 2017, it appears many of his fans have since forgiven him.
  • Josh Macedo was formerly a very popular and very well-liked blogger on both YouTube and Tumblr, known for his adorkable nerd persona, his "I'm late for school" meme, and especially being an outspoken male feminist which helped garner him legions of fangirls. That is, until various women, a majority of them being underage, came out stating that Josh had sent them sexually explicit messages pressuring them for sex, along with images of himself either naked or masturbating. This ultimately destroyed Josh's reputation, and Josh himself has long since disappeared from Internet life, with his current whereabouts being unknown.
  • The King of Hate, already a divisive figure for his gaming skills (or lack there of) and bad attitude, is also infamous for many things besides his Let's Plays. This includes his jokes about women, ethnic minorities and homosexuals that many found to be offensive, his Dead Space 2 demo playthrough (where the only joke was about a Nazi killing Jewish people, which got him banned from, his apparent inability to take criticism or respect others' opinions, rude behavior towards his fanbase, his treatment of John Rambo, Respect the Pact (which led to them both cutting all ties with him) and former girlfriend Leanne (PandaLee), and the time he was accidentally caught masturbating during the end of a stream. These incidents have turned him from one of the most polarizing YouTubers to one of the most hated.
  • Fashion and cosplayer vlogger Marina Joyce, famous for her friendship with ComedyShortsGamer, is also infamously known for the fact that in mid 2016, many fans feared she had been kidnapped due to her videos showing her to be a lot less brighter than usual. While Joyce later admitted she was fine, her reputation has been rather sour among people who didn't know her before the incident, who see it as a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong.
  • It's often hard to discuss anything related to Miiverse without bringing up the site's strict policy and administration system. It became even more controversial in July 2015, when the site was revamped from the ground up to make a post limit and a crackdown on topics that didn't relate to gaming. This immediately caused the site to gain the ire of anyone on the site who wasn't a hardcore gamer (as the site was popular among image-board users, artists and roleplayers). The controversy regarding Miiverse is likely why the site was not given Nintendo Switch support, and its eventual closure in November 2017.
  • It's impossible to discuss the videos of postmodern feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian from the Women Vs. Tropes web series without discussing the critics she attracted, both legitimate and sexist, particularly during the Gamergate controversy.
  • Very few people know anything about comedian Nicole Arbour other than her making controversial videos to attract viewers, her most infamous being "Dear Fat People" and her This Is America parody This is Women, which many have viewed as a tone-deaf white feminist mockery of the original, and her abuse of Matthew Santoro when the two were in a relationship.
  • PewDiePie is among the most-subscribed and most watched YouTubers. Throughout 2017, however, his reputation started to derail due to making videos that were identified as anti-Semitic, which resulted him getting dropped by Disney and Google, his rape jokes, using the N-word during a livestream, badmouthing Bear Simulator so much that the developer of the game had decided to quit making games because of "drama" from the game, guest starring right-wing activist Ben Shapiro, and endorsing a YouTube channel featuring offensive and politically-charged humor. Things got even worse when the white supremacist perpetrators of the 2019 Christchurch massacre endorsed him while livestreaming the atrocity. He was at least smart enough to try to distance himself from that one, saying that he was disgusted by the whole thing.
  • Pokémon YouTuber Tamashii Hiroka is more infamous for her radical-feminist viewpoints and behavior on social media than for her videos. Some incidents include her hatred of the Ralts (particularly Gardevoir), Buneary and Machop lines for being what she perceives as gender stereotypes, insulting women with a feminine lifestyle, her angered responses when being confronted, and for calling someone a "Gardefag" for defending Gardevoir, all of which have made her a pariah among the Pokémon fandom.
  • The Top Tens is a pretty average ranking list site. However, many people outside of the site tend to bring up many infamous lists that have attracted attention that shouldn't be mentioned here for the sake of political flame wars (especially lists to do with countries), the administration and policy system which is regarded as being very lackluster, and the Broken Base between pop fans and rock fans.
  • GameLife was once celebrated for being the first YouTube channel centered towards gaming, with talks of making the channel into a television show. Nowadays, they're not known for anything but the fact that the founder of the channel, Andrew Rosenblum, was arrested after threatening to shoot up his ex-girlfriend's school a day right after the Virginia Tech shooting.
  • Vlogger and former Vine user Logan Paul, the older brother of the aforementioned Jake Paul, quickly rose up through his vlogging videos and popular clothing chain Maverick. However, Paul made himself the target of major controversy that tarnished his already polarizing reputation:
    • The most infamous case would be in late 2017, where Paul posted a now-deleted video on YouTube featuring himself and three others finding a man in the Aokigahara "suicide" forest of Japan who had hanged himself and made insensitive jokes at the victim's expense, even including the dead body in the video's thumbnail. Not only did this lead to Logan Paul getting suspended and demonetized from YouTube, but to his reputation doing a complete 180. On a related note, not long after, the incident caused YouTube to make significant changes to their creator program that have significantly divided the site's users.
    • The above incident also caused a lot of Paul's other questionable antics in the past to start coming to light, which in turn caused even more controversy towards Paul, such as a prank involving him getting shot in front of his fans and tricking several underage girls into kissing his father, along with his series of vlogs showcasing him doing reckless behavior in public during his visit to Japan which culminated in said suicide forest video, causing some people to fear that it would lead to repercussions against foreign tourists visiting Japan. His attempts at healing the damage, such as trying to become an ambassador for suicide awareness and chopping off his signature curly perm, have done nothing to help.
    • He later shot back up into controversy after he was temporarily demonetized in February 2018 after videos of him killing a fish and tasering two dead rats came to light.
  • Cartoon Brew is a news website that was initially popular among animation fans for publishing articles, commentaries, and reviews about the animation industry. However, in subsequent years, the website has become notorious for the abrasive behavior of co-creator Amid Amidi, who has made biased and often slanderous criticisms towards various animators and networks in the industrynote , organized a petition to stop people from drawing Rule 34 of Zootopia, stated that The Loud House should be cancelled just because its creator was fired following sexual harassment allegations, even though the rest of the show's staff and cast were completely innocent, and having an apparent belief that animation as a whole is dead. All of these factors have made him, and the blog as a whole, a complete pariah among the animation community.
  • YouTuber and blogger Lily Orchard (also known as Lily Peet) was already a divisive figure on social media, but it has become impossible to even mention Orchard's name without bringing up her radical political views and arrogant behavior. The most noteworthy incidents involving Orchard include her mangled relationship with former friend Josh Scorchernote , various statements that were regarded as sexist and ableist, a Tumblr post were she basically said that all Republicans are bigots who should be killed, expressing support for a friend of hers who was discovered to have possessed child pornography, her complete inability to take criticism or tolerate the opinions of others, accusing Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar (a Jewish bisexual nonbinary woman) of being a Neo-Nazi, and the clear lack of research in her reviews. The controversy surrounding Orchard eventually got to the point where her Twitter account was banned, and her TV Tropes page was permanently locked.
  • Asalieri is remembered more for his jokes and comments that were viewed as transphobic (most infamously his Steel Beth character, a parody of Iron Liz and calling her ex-boyfriend Lewis Lovhaug gay after she revealed that she was transgender), his social media fights with Angry Joe and his fanbase, and his apparent opposition to YouTubers monetizing their videos despite monetizing his own videos, than for his Reviewing a Reviewer series.
  • While MLP Analysis continues to be popular with most My Little Pony fans, it’s safe to say that their reputation will forever be tainted after an incident in January 2018. One of the community's members, ToonKriticY2K, was discovered to be engaging in sexual roleplays with an underage girl. Made worse when people started accusing other members of the analysis community, such as Dr. Wolf and Silver Quill, of being pedophiles themselves after posting a video that explained the issue, which was mistaken by some people as them defending ToonKritic and his actions. While that was eventually cleared up — Dr. Wolf and Silver Quill had nothing to do with ToonKritic's behavior, and were not defending his actions — they later posted videos emphasizing that ToonKriticY2K's victims should forgive him to find closure. This was perceived by a few people as Victim Blaming, causing the controversy to flare up again.
  • The Harry Potter Lexicon was one of the two largest fan websites for the Harry Potter series while the books were still running (MuggleNet being the other). Shortly after the book series concluded, the site became overshadowed by a copyright infringement scandal dubbed "Lexicongate". The webmaster was trying to get the site's content published as a Harry Potter reference book, but it was discovered that he was trying to do it without series creator J. K. Rowling's permission. When the site's creator complained about how hard it was to compile all the information into a book, Rowling quipped back "I know, I wrote most of it."
  • The Fine Brothers were fairly well-known as directors/producers of popular YouTube web series, most notably the React series which consisted of people of various ages (kids, teens, and adults) reacting to different forms of media like cartoons, music, movies, etc. However, in early 2016, the brothers announced a program known as React World, in which they attempted to copyright the term "React". This caused massive backlash, since many saw it as the brothers attempting to make money off of other people using a popular genre that they didn't even invent, as well as the fact that many other YouTubers had their reaction videos get copyright strikes shortly after the announcement. The brothers later tried to address the controversy, but only created more problems when they referred to the genre as their "brand".
  • Toby Turner, better known as Tobuscus, was a fairly popular YouTuber thanks to his parody videos and comedy songs. In 2016, allegations of rape, abuse, and peer pressure from several of his various ex-girlfriends were made against Turner, causing many within Turner's fanbase to turn their backs on him. Although the allegations have yet to be proven, and no one ever took Turner to court for his alleged abuse, the accusations still haunt Turner to this day. He's nowhere near as popular as he once was thanks to the scandal, and it's likely that he will never escape the controversy.
  • Popular Instagrammer Kayla Itsines also fell victim to controversy in 2017, due to people claiming that the Instagram was "fake news", mainly because of the attitude from 2017 onwards towards the media, with some people claiming that it was either astroturfing, and some conspiracy theorists believed it was part of an attempt to distract people from Brexit and Donald Trump. As of November 2018, it still remains controversial.
  • Beauty YouTuber James Charles has become a very polarizing figure due to making comments some have interpreted of being racist and/or transphobic, falsifying his origin story, and a video produced by longtime collaborator Tati Westbrook titled “BYE SISTER ...” accusing him of betraying her, being dishonest, manipulative behavior and even sexual predation. While Charles was able to defend himself against the allegations quite well with a video entitled “No More Lies” that presented evidence which seemed to refute many of Westbrook's accusations, he's still a contentious individual, especially in the Beauty YouTube community.
  • Tumblr as a whole was one of the most popular and commonly used social media websites on the Internet, thanks to its embrace of pop-culture, easy-to-manage dashboards, the ability to tag one's posts to allow easier access to specific content, and wide appeal to specific content creators. However, as time continued on, the website has grown infamous for a multitude of reasons:
    • In general, Tumblr always had persistent problems regarding intense cyberbullying, lack of any official content policy, failure to effectively incentivize or financially compensate its content creators, the creation of social justice blogs whose creators engage in extreme Moral Guardian behavior, bloggers who openly support and/or engage in taboo subjects such as bigotry, shoplifting, pedophilia, etc., the rise of porn bots note , and the website staff's failure to take any sort of action on any of said issues.
    • In November 2018, the site's app was removed from the Apple store after the site was discovered to have contained child pornography. The staff responded by terminating the accounts of the aforementioned porn bots. Unfortunately, they went overboard and also terminated other NSFW blogs that were otherwise harmless. This fully came to a head one month later with an announcement that the site would no longer allow adult content. As Tumblr was one of the very few prominent blogging sites that allowed explicit content, this announcement inevitably upset many NSFW content creators. Some users were on board with this, since it would eliminate things like child porn and incest porn. However, the site's faulty filter bots began flagging everything but adult content, including harmless LGBT posts and the site's own official announcement blogs. Ironically, one of the posts showing what sort of NSFW content would still be allowed was flagged by these bots as inappropriate. Those who were still active on Tumblr following the first crackdown saw this as the final straw, with many either leaving Tumblr altogether or taken to alternative websites note . To really pour salt on the wound, it turned out that the whole thing was being planned months in advance and was only about ease of advertising on the site, not removing dangerous people or illegal content. However, the timing of the announcement could not have been worse. This was presumably why Verizon sold Tumblr to Automattic for an undisclosed amount that was reportedly only $3 million in 2019, a massive drop from its $1.1 billion price sticker when Verizon had bought it six years earlier.
  • Atheist YouTube vlogger Phil Mason (better known as Thunderf00t) is well known for his exposing of creationism and junk science. However, he's even more well known for his extremely caustic attitude and his willingness to go after the social justice movement... in particular, being banned from Free Thought Blogs after one week, then publishing the members' mailing list in retaliation, mostly for refusing to go along with their feminist-positive ideology. His videos about Anita Sarkeesian in particular have brought about the most heat of all of his videos, leading many viewers to label him an unrepentant misogynist because of them.
  • Bryon "Psyguy" Beaubein was the creator of the website Fireball 20XL, a site that hosted web comics, Sprite Comics, music, podcasts, and video series centering around video games, especially Sonic the Hedgehog. In 2016, allegations surfaced that Beaubien was a serial abuser, harasser, and ephebophile who had engaged in gaslighting and other abusive behavior towards his female staff members and other contacts. Though Beaubein denied it at first, an overwhelming amount of evidence soon came to the surface that he was lying. All of Beaubein's attempts to remove the damning evidence only spread it further, resulting in Fireball 20XL and Beaubein himself essentially getting chased off of the internet due to the backlash. The other staff members of the site would move on to bigger and better things, while Beaubein now does Let's Plays under the handle Bit Polar. Even so, his channel's low subscriber count indicates that Beaubein will never escape the controversy around him.
  • Austin Jones started off as a YouTube star who gained fame in the early 2010s thanks to his musical talent, songwriting, and A cappella song covers. However, beginning in 2016, Jones became far more known for multiple instances of sexual misconduct towards his underage fanbase, most notably his arrest and eventual conviction for the production and possession of child pornography.
  • Chilean YouTuber Peluchin Entertainment, real name Matías Vera, was already hated for his amateurish videos, badgering other users, and the sexual misconduct allegations from his female classmates. That being said, footage of him hitting one of his cats to death and throwing another to a toilet destroyed his reputation altogether. Many, many Spanish-speaking YouTubers condemned his attitude, including famous ones like AuronPlay or Jordi Wild. His friends turned against him, and the outrage was so big that it even became worldwide news.
  • Internet celebrity, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Jeffree Star was once known for being the most followed person on MySpace. But this claim to fame has been eclipsed by his feuds with various celebrities (especially tattoo artist Kat Von D) and his being accused of racism.
  • Max Gilardi, aka "HotDiggedyDemon", is already a divisive figure due to his crude and dark sense of humor. But his reputation was tainted in mid-2017 following allegations of expressing racist and antisemitic viewpoints on Twitter, most infamously a drawing of Steven Universe, who was created by the Jewish-American Rebecca Sugar and based partially on her brother, as "Steven Jewniverse".
  • Low Tier God has become a very polarizing figure in the Fighting Game Community due to his toxic behavior, his Hair-Trigger Temper, his Sore Loser tendencies, his habit of starting shit with other people, his inability to take criticism, and the multiple racist rants he's made against black people despite being African-American himself.
  • Monalisa Perez, aka La MonaLisa, is only known for when she made mainstream news by attempting a dangerous stunt: Shooting a bullet at an encyclopedia shielding her husband's chest, seeing if the encyclopedia would block the bullet. It did not work and the husband ended up dying, leading to her conviction of involuntary manslaughter. Because the controversy was used to highlight how stupid YouTubers will be just to rack up views, an unfortunate phenomenon, it has stuck onto her, and to this day, each of her videos have more dislikes than likes.
  • GoAnimate/Vyond is probably best known for the infamous "Grounded" videos and founder Alvin Hung's apparent attempts to stop more of them from being made.
  • The Game Grumps are a Let's Play channel run by Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and Leigh Daniel "Danny Sexbang" Avidan of Ninja Sex Party. The channel began in 2012, and it has had its fair share of controversy since its inception.
    • The Grumps in general (but especially Arin) have a bad reputation for their utter refusal to look at tutorials and hints, or otherwise avoid learning how to play the games which they feature on their show. The Grumps also have a tendency to blame the games themselves whenever they do badly. Arin is a clear proponent of Instructive Level Design, covering this in his web series Sequelitis by praising Mega Man X for how it teaches the player its rules without any onscreen instruction. Even so, the Grumps clearly ignoring things they ought to be paying attention to causes no small amount of ire in their viewers.
      • Their first hit of this was during their playthrough of the game Naughty Bear. Despite clear instructions on how to progress past the first screen of the game, Jon "Jontron" Jafari (the former co-host, who's also mentioned on this subpage) and Arin completely ignored the instructions and complained about not knowing what to do, despite the game clearly telling them. This caused a significant amount of dislikes on the video, and became their most disliked episode for quite some time.
    • On June 25, 2013, the Game Grumps informally announced that Jon would leave the Game Grumps and be replaced by Danny, alongside a new show titled Steam Train hosted by animator Ross O'Donovan and Danny where the pair played PC games. Fans were angered due to the fact that the change in hosts was so sudden and that they weren't given any sort of notice of Jon's departure prior. This not only caused a significant amount of dislikes on Danny's first video with Game Grumps and Steam Train's first episode (where they played Hotline Miami), but it also caused the official subreddit to be locked down for a time.
    • During their playthrough of Sonic Adventure, the Grumps mocked the ambiguity of an online walkthrough for the Knuckles levels, where Knuckles is supposed to find three Master Emerald shards. Because the shards are randomly placed every time, the walkthrough just gives performance hints rather concise details on how to beat the levels. During the playthrough, Dan read aloud the name of the author of the walkthrough, Daniel "The Leadfoot" Rosmus. This caused many fans to harass the author, resulting in Danny apologizing on the official subreddit. The video was taken down and reuploaded, albeit this time with the author's name bleeped out.
    • Ghoul Grumps is a Halloween-themed series where Dan and Arin will play horror games. The pair did this consistently from 2013-2017, but only one Ghoul Grumps video was released in October 2018 which caused many fans to get angry to the point where they even flooded the comments of Ninja Sex Party's music video for their cover of Toto's "Africa". Arin apologized to the fans in a different video about there not being any new Ghoul Grumps videos, claiming that he'd been struggling with mental health and overwork. In the same video he announced that they would be putting Jingle Grumps (a Christmas-themed series) and Ghoul Grumps together for the then-upcoming Christmas season. While some people praised Arin for coming forward and owning up to the responsibility, some people saw this as insincere and shilling, and it only made matters worse when former colleague and animator Chris "OneyNG" O'Neil hinted on Twitter that the video was monetized, which turned out to be true. Arin would eventually donate the money made from the video to charity.
    • Despite Dream Daddy, a game developed by the Game Grumps, having generally positive reception from critics and fans, the game will also go down for its Troubled Production. Some fans also saw the game as a cash grab and exploiting their fans (especially their LGBT fans), and for Oney's counterparts Ding Dong and Julian getting into a Twitter argument with Suzy Berhow and Brian Wecht (a.k.a. Ninja Brian, the other half of Ninja Sex Party) after Ding Dong and Julian expressed their dislike for the game.

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