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Desmond Daniel Amofah (May 12, 1990 – c. June 19, 2019), better known as Etikanote , was an American YouTuber, livestreamer, and model. A son of Ghanaian politician Owuraku Amofah, he was known for his reactions to various Nintendo games and products.

His channel EWNetworknote , prior to its public deletion, was originally meant to be a collaborative effort between multiple users, but in the end, only Etika ended up using the channel. He rose to prominence during the rise of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, often discussing elements and new developments regarding the game.

His channel consisted largely of stream material, namely playthroughs of recently released games (which he rarely, if ever, finished) and over-the-top reactions to trailers, alongside additional edited videos. His fanbase, which is (in)famous for being very enthusiasticnote , is collectively referred to as the JOYCONBOYZ (occasionally the JOYCONMEN).


In October 2018, Etika experienced what is now believed to be a manic episode that involved him deleting the EWNetwork channel and exhibiting increasingly erratic online behavior. He subsequently relocated to another channel called EtikaFRFXnote , only for it to meet a similar fate in April 2019 due to another, much worse manic episode. His only currently existing YouTube platform is the side channel TR1 Iceman, which was dedicated to more chilled-out, improvised streams.

Throughout the rest of April and up through June, Etika's mental health took a sharp downwards decline, with worsening episodes of mania prompting him to act increasingly hostile in addition to his erratic behavior, leading him to be hospitalized multiple times under police restraint. He was last heard from on the night of June 19, 2019, and was reported missing the following day. On June 24, a body in the East River was reported to the NYPD; the following morning, the NYPD confirmed that the body was Etika's, and that he was dead at the point of recovery. His death was determined by the coroner's office to be suicide by drowning.


Prior to his disappearance, he had posted a video onto YouTube in which he heavily alluded to suicide. It was shortly deleted thereafter for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines, but it was quickly archived and reuploaded several times across the Internet, including on Wikimedia Commons where it was previously used on Wikipedia.

Uploads of his old videos and stream highlights can be found on RoseKami's channel, alongside several others run by fans.

His former Twitter and Instagram accounts can be found on here and here, and his subreddit is here.


  • Badass Baritone: He had a deep, powerful voice.
  • Badass Creed: The JOYCONBOYZ have one that, while comical, is still taken very seriously:
    "No bitch n*ggas. No snitch n*ggas. No Twitch n*ggas. No fake Switch n*ggas."
  • Berserk Button:
    • invoked Invoking any Old Shame was this for him; mentioning 12-inch Subway sandwiches,note  Minecraft,note  or his old rap career as Iceman Etika are some examples.
    • Trying to mess with his channel's monetary flow. On one occasion, someone donated money during one of Etika's livestreams, only to try and take it back (Etika believing that the donor only wanted a shout-out for his channel and nothing else). Etika eventually went through PayPal to legally force the donor to honor the donation.
    • Accusing him of just wanting money from his viewers.
  • Big "NO!": When watching a Direct for ARMS, Etika already had decided that Min Min was the best character. Upon seeing Twintelle in the Direct (who seemed to have hit more checkmarks for him), he immediately let out one of these, followed by a Big "WHY?!" or two.
  • Big "OMG!": In one of his most famous (and memetic) reactions, he let out a slew of these when it was revealed that Super Smash Bros. was coming to the Switch.
  • Big "WHAT?!": His reaction to seeing "Super Smash Bros. X Final Fantasy VII" shortly before the reveal of Cloud Strife in Smash. Due to its being used as a $100 donation alert for an extended period of time on his streams, it gained some memetic legend.
  • Broken Pedestal: He hoped to defy this with himself; though he was flattered by such comments, Etika warned viewers that maybe he isn't as cool or nice as he seems when he's not on camera, acknowledging that Internet personalities, celebrities, and other strangers have a tendency to be "fake", especially online. He warned his fans to avoid setting their expectations of him too high to avoid his true self being a disappointment.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "NANI?!"
    • "What's going on, guys? Etika from the Etika World Network here."
  • Caught with Your Pants Down:
    • His autofill for "F" became "", which turned out to be a Cookie Clicker-esque type game with scantily-clad anime women fighting monsters in a fantasy world. Also, one of the other autofill options was a hentai site.
    • He accidentally showed his Switch photo gallery, which was full of NSFW in-game photos of Mythra.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: BobJones became a sponsor when Etika fights Sans for the first time. BobJones was later partly responsible for Etika watching a "questionable Minecraft video".
  • Chewing the Scenery: He was well-known for his reactions to trailers, especially for Super Smash Bros.
    • Turned Up to Eleven with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate section of the E3 2018 edition of Nintendo Direct, where he broke his shelf during his reaction to Snake's return to the series. When Ridley was revealed in the same Direct, Etika picked up a piece of the shelf he had broken and destroyed the rest of the shelf with it.
  • Disappeared Dad: Downplayed. Etika's father had his hands full with his political work in Ghana, so his mother primarily raised Etika and his siblings. However, Etika said that his father was a good dad and a good role model whenever he was around.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: While Etika was reacting to another reaction video. In said video, AfroSenjuXL ripped his shirt in excitement upon seeing that Joker from Persona 5 would be DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Etika tried to do the same thing on the ZeRo shirt he was wearing, and easily ripped it open despite being perfectly calm. Etika even said "Oh my God, I'm so strong now!" after it happened, as if he wasn't expecting it to be that easy.
  • Downer Ending: “I’m Sorry”, in which Etika talks about his struggles with mental health and how he doesn't expect to live much longer. Sure enough, a few days after the video was posted, his body was found, with the coroners confirming his cause of death was suicide by drowning.
  • Epic Fail: At the end of his first stream of the 2b2t server, after spending the whole play struggling to find a way out of spawn and to meet up with FitMC, he dies and Fit was less than five minutes away from reaching him. Cause of death? AFK when he thought he was safe.
  • Everybody Has Standards:
    • He was not happy when people asked for refunds after donating, as it feels rude/disingenuous and shows lack of frugality. In one case, Etika suspected that a donor that wanted a refund was only doing it to advertise their own channel, so Etika went through PayPal to legally force the donor to honor the donation.
    • After watching a video of a Twitch streamer beating his pregnant wife in front of their kids while streaming, he said that joking about this sort of thing wouldn't be funny.
    • He was appalled and infuriated about the swatting incident that got an unrelated man killed and that the person who called for the swatting deflected responsibility. It made him so mad that he stopped watching the dude's interview with Keemstar mid-video and ended the stream right then and there.
    • While reacting to 6ix9ine's arrest (which involved gangs and unnecessary violence, and he was going to be charged at a minimum of 25 years or possibly get sentenced for life), he warned his viewers to stay out of gang business for exactly these kinds of reasons.
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: When explaining the situation of his apartment elevator being out of order for six months, he noted that he would only be staying for 12 more days before moving and mentioned coming across and sympathizing for a man who had a lot of stuff to move by himself and would have to do so up and down flights of stairs in 90-degree weather. He then eventually read a comment asking how he himself would move with no elevator, at which point he realized that he would be following in the other man's path.
  • Genre Savvy: Two minutes into The Promised Neverland, he initially dismissed it as an anime aimed towards children due to the lighthearted moments among the kids at the beginning, but then immediately retracted that statement, suspecting that the light tone was to catch viewers off-guard with Surprise Creepy at the end of the episode or at least soon, since that was how Goblin Slayer started.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: Etika sometimes peppered his speech with Japanese, owing to his anime and video game fandom. When he meshed this with his usual hammy manner of speech, the dissonance heightened the comedy.
  • Ham and Cheese: invokedHis live reaction videos tended to include screaming and exaggerated movements, including destroying things around him when his excitement got too intense.
    • When Cloud was announced as DLC for Smash 4, Etika grabbed long strips of stuffing paper on the ground while throwing them around his room. He even lampshaded how loud he was being, saying, "I'm getting kicked out today!"
    • While reacting to the E3 2018 Super Smash Bros. Direct, Etika ended up fiercely hitting one of his shelves so many times that it broke apart into pieces. When Ridley was announced at the end of the Direct, Etika broke what was left of the shelf with another part of the shelf.
    • When Isabelle was announced for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he threw bottles of lotion to the ground, which smashed across his floor.
  • "Hell, Yes!" Moment: When he beat the Genocide run.
  • Hypocritical Humor: One of the pillars of the JOYCONBOYZ creed was "no Twitch niggas". Guess where he started streaming after being kicked off YouTube?
  • I Hate Past Me: A lot of his past endeavors fell under Old Shame for him, especially his time as a battle rapper named Iceman Etika.
  • Jump Scare: Humorous variant. One of his former donation alert sound effects was a really loud soundbite of his initial reaction to Bayonetta being confirmed for Smash, and it popping up out of nowhere during his streams startled him on multiple occasions.
    • Etika lampshaded this during a playthrough of Doki Doki Literature Club!. As things start to take a Surprise Creepy turn in the story, one of his donation sounds pops up, prompting Etika to remark how his donation sound effect is way too loud.
  • Large Ham: Even in videos that weren't live reactions, he tended to be quite loud, quite vocal, and quite intense in defending what be believed in.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: He openly enjoyed sexualization of female characters in video games. He talked about receiving footjobs from Kamui/Corrin (calling her his "barefoot waifu"), and was caught accidentally revealing his Switch folder full of NSFW artwork. And then it stopped being so lovable when he starting spamming his Twitter and YouTube with porn during a mental breakdown.
  • Mood Whiplash:
    "Thank you for tuning in. Just a small message. Take care of yourselves, have a good one, and SUCK MY DICK."
  • Name's the Same: invoked YouTuber CanDaMan had to come out with a video explaining that he's a different CanDaMan than the one who Etika had called out in a video discouraging refunds due to receiving attacks from fans that confused the two of them.
  • N-Word Privileges: Discussed. Etika (who was African-American) frequently dropped the N-word and made jokes about giving or revoking N-word permission cards from his viewers, even if they're not black.
    • At one point, in November 2018, he was demonetized by YouTube and Twitch for using the N-word, leading to a Creator Breakdown.invoked
  • Rage Quit:
  • Reaction Video: He was very well-known for his live reactions to Nintendo game announcements, to the point that other live reactors on YouTube and Twitch wondered about his responses in particular and would go see archives of his reactions when their own livestreams were done.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: The "eviscerations" he partakes in elevate this to an art form, and always result in the victim of said evisceration having their public image irreversibly ravaged. See this as an example.
  • Running Gag: His habit of stalling during streams due to being easily sidetracked.
  • Sanity Slippage: From when he got demonetized for saying the N-Word in 2018. It got increasingly worse in early 2019, and sometime after the Keemstar interview, it had evolved into sheer hopelessness.
  • Say My Name: One of his most famous reactions involved him repeatedly shouting "Mewtwo!" when the Pokémon was announced to be returning to Smash as DLC for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • Schmuck Bait: While playing in the 2b2t server, Etika was advised by the chat to find a Nether portal, but the chat only told him later that Nether portals closer to spawn tend to be traps. When Etika found his first Nether portal, the chat warned him that it was definitely a trap. Etika heeded their advice, but panicked and went in anyways when he saw a diamond-armored player approaching him. Needless to say, it turned out to be a trap (as in, the Nether portal in the Nether is blocked off, making the player unable to step out of the portal), but fortunately for him, some friendly players pushed him out and freed him soon after.
  • Signing Off Catchphrase: Often signed out with, "I'll talk to you in the next one. Take care of yourself. And of course, as usual, please have yourself a damn good one."
  • They Changed It, So It Sucks: Subverted. Initially, he felt mixed about Mythra's Tamer and Chaster redesign in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a Spirit. He later changed his mind and said that he preferred Mythra's updated design to her original one.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: His was Twizzlers. After his death, fans memorialized him with packs of Twizzlers.
  • Trash the Set: At his hammiest, he had an affinity for destroying any nearby shelves or items. The reveal of the roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate saw this at its most intense — as more fighters were revealed, Etika pounded on his shelf so much that the shelf eventually broke. When Ridley was revealed as the first new fighter at the end of the presentation, Etika promptly smashed what was left of his shelf with a broken part of the same shelf.
  • Weird Crossover: Upon learning of the 2b2t anarchy server on Minecraft, he looked up FitMC's channel, a well known 2b2t player, and sought out his help while trying out 2b2t for the first time. Considering Etika (un)seriously tried to distance himself from Minecraft out of embarrassment and tried to deny still liking it, this "crossover" between him and the 2b2t server and FitMC was unexpected.
  • You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!: He was incredulous at the end of an Undertale Genocide Run when he saw the first attack from the SNK Boss, saying "that's not the fight!" over and over. It ended up taking Etika several hours to win.

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