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She never wears deodorant, though.

"Thy beauty is the beauty befitting women, but thy hairs are the hairs befitting men. Hair on a man’s body is comely, but uncomely on a woman's."
King Solomon to the Queen of Sheba note 

In Western culture, the majority of women tend to remove their body hair (e.g. leg and underarm hair, and sometimes trim or remove their pubic hair as well) for cosmetic reasons. Various media reflect this in fiction, as almost all female characters have smooth, hairless skin in the aforementioned regions. Despite that, a Hairy Girl may have body hair in scripted storytelling for one of the following reasons:

  • Negatively, to portray the character in a weird or disgusting light for comedic effect.
  • Neutrally/Positively, to distinguish the character as unique or different.

In Real Life, girls who choose not to shave their body hair are generally associated with some form of counter-culture. As such, a female character may sport body hair as a way to stick it to unfair beauty standards, or simply because she thinks all that shaving is impractical. Sometimes, however, the Hairy Girl is not a taboo in the context of the work's setting, perhaps due to its region or time period. Despite that, this trope is usually just Played for Laughs with throwaway Granola Girl characters who are hippies or feminists. Another common comedic use of the trope is when referencing French girls, a stereotype which exists in fiction much more than in Real Life.

Meanwhile, if the trope isn't actually rubbing your face in it, odds are that it's a means to simply distinguish a female character as unique, rugged, or au naturale. High school girls like this are traditionally associated with Nerds.

Compare the New-Age Retro Hippie and Granola Girl. Warts and All is another related trope, especially when it's not meant to be funny. Compare female examples of Bald Head of Toughness, where a lack of hair on the head is used to communicate that a female character is tougher and sometimes less feminine/more masculine than other women. Similarly, Delinquent Hair that involve shaving/baldness use a lack of hair to combat gendered beauty standards and norms. Contrast Perma-Shave, which is often the complete inversion of this trope, especially in a situation where the women would find shaving impossible. Also not to be confused with Girls with Moustaches, which focuses on the unnatural phenomenon of women possessing thick, properly-styled facial hair.


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  • Boost Mobile features a commercial where a Badass Biker has comedically long armpit hair hitting her tandem rider in the face behind her. She asks, "You think that's wrong? Hidden cell phone fees are wrong."

    Anime & Manga 
  • Genshiken. Rika Yoshitake insults a male character's skimpy facial hair, telling him, "I have more armpit hair than that!".
  • Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. In at least one scene, a gratuitous sideboob camera angle reveals that Mirei has a little bit of armpit hair growing.
  • The Vampire Dies in No Time. After the vampire Mr. Lewd hypnotizes everyone in the entire city into admitting their personal Fetish kinks, Shot tells everyone "I can't help it... I like cute girls with body hair." After this, Draluc busts his chops over this in almost every scene they appear together in.

  • The Nude Maja: The painting is cited as one of the earliest depictions of pubic hair in Western nudes without any sort of symbolic connotations to it (since it is commonly associated with sex-workers).

    Comic Books 
  • Persepolis:
    • Marjane's roommate, Lucia, has hairy armpits. They aren't very noticeable in the comic, but in the animated film they comically blow in the wind from her hairdryer.
    • Marjane is fairly hairy, but it's treated a sign of her lack of self-esteem. After she becomes determined to take charge of her life following her failed suicide attempt, a montage ensues of Marjane working to make herself look nice again, including plucking out all her body hair in a comically painful manner.
  • In Wanted, one of the ways Wesley Gibson knows that his relationship with his girlfriend is falling apart is because she's not bothering to shave her legs anymore.
  • In Runaways, it's implied that Karolina stopped shaving her legs for a while after Xavin left her.
  • Gender Queer: A Memoir: Maia's mom doesn't shave her legs and hasn't from childhood. It fits her hippie style.

  • Borat's daughter Tutar spends most of the movie comically neglected and ungroomed in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm prior to her makeover. During her "fertility dance" at the debutante ball, her armpits are noticeably hairy, and later on her leg hair is visible in other scenes. Most notably, at the hair salon they visit, she flashes her bikini area and pubic hair after the hairdresser says "Let's have a look at that hair", and then later awkwardly quips "...Not that hair."
  • In The Dictator, the eponymous main character and unlikely love interest, Zoey, somehow manage a particularly funny fake out during their "sex scene" swapping what appears to be oral sex with The Dictator Aladeen instead licking her hairy armpits.
  • Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves: Holga the Barbarian has visible armpit hair throughout the movie. Actress Michelle Rodriguez stated in interviews that she stopped shaving specifically for the part, on her own accord, as well as bulking up at the gym, to really play up the tough image of the character.
  • Mrs. Doubtfire does some zigzagging with this trope. Daniel, dressed in drag as Mrs. Doubtfire, boards a bus with his stockings falling down. The bus driver begins flirting with "her" and upon noticing some legs that are considerably hairy, the driver admits that he likes women that way.
  • Discussed in Home Alone:
    Buzz: Is it true that French babes don't shave their pits?
    Rod: (pause) Some don't.
    Buzz: But they got nude beaches.
    Rod: Not in the winter.
  • Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games is mentioned as not shaving her legs, though it's more of a downplayed example given that it comes up only for the sake of a Painful Body Waxing scene.
  • Without a Paddle: While lost in the woods, the protagonists stumble upon some Granola Girls who have taken to living in a tree to prevent it from being cut down. Their joy at seeing the first women after several days of cold, starvation, and hugging each other to stay warm quickly diminishes when they notice the girls' hairy legs (both because they didn't have access to shaving supplies and since they consciously decided to go back to nature). Dan though still likes one despite this (they're both pretty and very nice).
  • In the Swedish film version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Noomi Rapace has several topless or nude scenes, showing that either she doesn't shave her underarms in real life, or she did it for the role. Most likely the former, as she's Swedish.
  • Anna in Together refuses to shave her armpit hair. Then again, this is The '70s.
  • Monty Python's Life of Brian: Judith is shown to be one in her nude scene after she and Brian are discovered by his mother after having had sex.
  • The Hour of the Pig: Accurately for the era, all women who show them have unshaved pubic areas.
  • Life Partners: Discussed by Sasha and Jenn regarding Vanessa, who's never shaved at all "down there". Jenn tries to drop this as a bombshell on Sasha, who already knows (with the implied implications for oral sex).
  • Killer Joe: Sharla is shown in the very first scene to not shave her pubic hair, answering the door bottomless. In her nude scenes, Dottie shows that she doesn't either.
  • Room in Rome: Neither of the female protagonists have shaved their pubic hair, as we see from their copious nude scenes. This is Truth in Television for many European women, unlike the American fashion.
  • Black Book: Rachel's pubic hair is completely unshaven, which we see as she's dying it blonde as part of a disguise (along with the hair on her head). This was common for European women then (and now).
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire: While in bed with Marianne, Héloïse shows her unshaven armpits a couple times. Marianne was also shown earlier to not shave her pubic hair. Both were standard then (and now) in France.
  • In Shrooms, Granola Girl Holly doesn't shave her armpits or her legs (or, by implication, her pubic hair). This earns her mocking from Girly Girl Lisa, and is one of the main area Lisa attacks when then get into a full on insult fight (that then turns into a Cat Fight).
  • 100 Girls: Matt and Rod join a Women's Studies class simply to meet girls. They are immediately turned off by the teacher's visible underarm hair, which the camera zeroes in on.
  • Kate Winslet allowed her underarm hair to grow out when she played 19th-century paleontologist Mary Anning in Ammonite, as it was set decades before women shaving their body hair became commonplace.
  • Titanic (1997): The nude girls sketched in Jack's portfolio have unshaved underarms, which is accurate for both the period and setting (they modeled for him while he lived in Paris). Later, when Rose disrobes for her own drawing her pubic mound is very thick.
  • Somebody I Used to Know: Cassidy is described as a hippie by Ally (she's actually a punk musician) and doesn't shave her armpits, which is shown when they're in the steam room together.
  • Below Her Mouth: An interesting variation in that the very feminine Jasmine has a full bush but butch lesbian Dallas is completely hairless.
  • Cynara: Poetry in Motion: Cynara and Byron both have unshaved pubic hair, as shown when they are nude at length. This was standard for European women in the 1800s (and still is often).
  • Film Eloises Lover: Àsia and Eloïse have partly unshaved pubic hair it turns out when the two appear naked.

  • Katniss Everdeen, and by implication, the other women in District 12 from The Hunger Games. Her prep team is somewhat horrified that she never shaves her legs, armpits or plucks her eyebrows. Given the difficulties of life (and lack of fashion) in the district, one can presume that the women have more important things to worry about than some unneeded grooming. This was mostly left out of the film version, outside of the short, aforementioned Painful Body Waxing scene because they couldn't let an attractive lead female appear in a big movie with body hair, now could they?
  • In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Charlie mentions seeing his English teacher's hippie girlfriend who "even had hair under her arms!" Charlie seems delighted by the fact she fit the Granola Girl stereotype.
  • A positive example from Quest for Fire: Gammla, the most beautiful woman in a tribe of neanderthals, is noted to have hairy arms and this is framed as a desirable trait.
  • Tales of the Pack: Lexie and her lover Archer both have an unshaved pubic mound, as described when they have sex. Jerk Jock Brian also makes disparaging comments about the lesbian feminists from the Pack also being hairy, as a stereotype (it's uncertain if they are).

    Live-Action TV 
  • In a third Season episode of 1000 Ways to Die, the narrator described a hippie girl as having the "world's longest patch of armpit hair".
  • Alone: A wilderness survival series, where female contestants obviously have no access to grooming supplies. One contestant, showing off all the muscle she's built from hard work, notes how hairy her underarms have become.
  • In the episode "The Honorable Order of the Debras" of Three Busy Debras, one of the ways Debra is tortured is when her captors forcibly shave and remove her pubic hair which legitimately upsets her. "My life's work! Gone!"
  • The Middle. In the episode "Role of a Lifetime" Axl torments Sue in one scene by telling her he thought of a good insult towards her but won't tell her what it is. Sue then starts rattling off guesses, one of which asks "Is it my unruly leg hair?"
  • Saturday Night Live. Gilda Radner's character "Candy Slice," a parody of Patti Smith,note  has furry armpits, and at one point grabs someone else's comb and uses it on her pits.
  • On NCIS, Tony starts hitting on a female park ranger who's aiding in an investigation, but gets an unwanted glimpse of her unshaven armpits. He's immediately turned off by the sight, and makes up a clumsy sob story about being a recent widower to derail her interest.
  • An episode of Popular had a girl put on fake underarm hair as the boy she was interested in was rumored to like Granola Girl types. (It didn't work, but not because of the hair.)
  • Though not in context, some of the footage from the survival-themed Discovery series Naked and Afraid contains female survivalists who haven't shaved in weeks, for obvious reasons.
  • A non-contextual (but historically accurate!) example in the Deadwood episode "A Lie Agreed Upon"; Alma Garrett reveals hair under her arms during a sex scene.
  • In one of the Cynthia Worthington skits in The Amanda Show, Cynthia declares that she hasn't shaved in days and lifts her skirt to reveal a hairy legs, which she then uses a weed whacker on. This drives away everyone in the room, leaving Cynthia to comment, "How rude!" before she uses the weed whacker on one of her hairy armpits.
  • In the sketch show Smack the Pony, during one skit Doon MacKichan is seen in the communal changing room at a swimming pool, mentioning to her friend that she hasn't had a bikini wax in a while. She turns around, revealing a whole forest of hair climbing out of her bikini.
  • The Big Bang Theory:
    • Sheldon notes, "Leslie Winkle recently started shaving her legs. Now, given that winter is coming, one can only assume that she's signalling sexual availability." She indeed does want to have casual sex with Leonard.
    • When Penny takes Amy Farrah Fowler for her very first bikini wax ever, she remarks that it's the first time the salon ran out of wax and had to send out for more. Amy jokingly says she feels like she's lost five pounds in weight. Bernadette's jaw drops and she says, disbelievingly, "Only five pounds?" It can be inferred that up until meeting Sheldon, Amy simply didn't bother with any sort of depilation.
    • There is a gag about gorgeous Penny (who however grew up in on a farm in Nebraska): when she was younger, she was experimenting with melted crayons and duct tape to save money. She admits this was a bad idea.
  • Asian/British stand up comic Shazia Mirza explored society's attitude to hairy women in a documentary ''Fuck Off! I'm A Hairy Woman!'' by not shaving her bodily hair for several months and then deliberately going into situations where this would be immediately obvious, such as swimming pools and wearing summer clothing. She also challenges lads' mags editors about their prejudices, showing just what you have to do otherwise by taking the hair off one's leg.note 
  • In the first episode of The George Lopez Show, Carmen has been skipping swim class because her classmates were making fun of her for her hairy legs and her "jungle pits".
  • Angie Tribeca: After waking up from a 9-month-long coma, Angie gets out of her hospital bed with some seriously unshaven legs.
  • In the FX historical drama, Mrs. America, one episode sees anti-feminism activist main character Phyllis Schlafly sitting in an auditorium, when she notices a girl in front of her has a tag sticking out from the back of her shirt. Schlafly fixes the tag without saying anything, causing the girl to reach backwards to feel what happened by raising her arm, which shows that she has armpit hair. Schlafly is mortified by this visual.
  • In the Young Sheldon episode "A Lot of Band-Aids and the Cooper Surrender", Mary won't let Missy shave her legs, so she's made fun of when she comes to school in her miniskirt. She tries to shave them herself, but since she was never taught how, she ends up badly cutting them.
  • The Bisexual: Leila hasn't shaved for fourteen years, and asks Gabe whether she should or not. After being pressed (and shown Leila's hairy armpit) he says yes, definitely.
  • Avocado Toast: Molly has unshaved armpits, with Elle jokingly saying they have to braid them later. She shaves later before going on a date.
  • Will Trent: A rare example which is becoming more common as societal trends evolve, the character Angie Polaski has hairy armpits in multiple episodes (such as episode 3 You Don't Have To Understand) in Season 2, with no context or any narrative purpose, and is simply because actress Erika Christensen chooses to not shave in her personal life.

  • Singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer has said that while she will occasionally shave her legs and underarms, she usually doesn't, her view being that it's natural and there's no real reason to shave. One of her songs, Map of Tasmania, was written about pubic hair.
  • blink-182: The video for "I Miss You" features several haunting women in 1920s style dresses; at least one also shows her unshaven underarms.
  • Singer Patti Smith was militant enough on this issue for the front cover of Easter to show her in a tanktop, flaunting hairy pits.
  • "U Stink But I (Heart) U" by Mucky Pup, an Anti-Love Song originally credited to Billy and the Boingers, has among the various things the singer hates about his girlfriend her "hairy derriere", yet he still loves her regardless.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic: In the music video for Smells Like Teen Spirit, amid all the chaos going on in the video, one of the female cheerleaders shaking pom-poms has comically bushy armpit hair.

    Newspaper Comics 
  • Bloom County:
    • Referenced in a comic when someone says that feminists don't shave their legs. The next panel has a woman saying, "Stereotypes. The language of hate." Her legs are very shaggy.
    • It is revealed that Opus' fiancé, Lola Granola, normally doesn't shave her legs. She grudgingly does so at Opus' behest, "Because, Miss Tall and Stubbly, I get rug burn when we dance." However, this caused Lola's "Dead Head" membership to be revoked.
  • Tina's Groove: Monica, Tina's not-too-bright co-worker, has hairy legs, which are described by the other workers in a mix of awe and horror. In one strip Monica was overheard shaving for a date by yelling "Timber!" repeatedly behind a restroom door.
  • A short Betty arc has Alex grow out her armpit hair, which is treated as so transgressive it shocks a heavily pierced, tattooed punk girl who notices. She admits that she'd only taken a break from shaving to recover from a reaction to her antiperspirant, but thought it was funny how uncomfortable it made Betty.
  • FoxTrot: Roger decides to stop shaving for a while. Unfortunately, it comes out scruffy and unimpressive. Andy finally tells him that fine, he doesn't have to shave. Roger is ecstatic, until...
    Andy: By the same token, these are my leg hairs...
    Roger: You wouldn't...
  • Pearls Before Swine: Rat is quite admiring of an attractive French woman, only to be disgusted when she raises one of her arms while calling for a friend, inadvertently showing him her armpit hair.


    Tabletop Games 
  • Garbage Pail Kids: Fitting the parody theme of the card series, the character Armpit Brit resembles a cutesy Cabbage Patch girl, just with hair locks flowing from her underarms.

  • Monster High:
    • All female werebeasts naturally have fur across their bodies. Originally, this was only heavily implied and not physically shown on designs; the first werebeast doll to be designed with body hair (depicted as molded fur on the wrists and ankles) was G1's Mouscedes King, and G2 and G3 had the other female werebeasts follow suit.
    • G1 character Marisol Coxi also had molded hair on her wrists and ankles, fitting her monster type (the maricoxi). Fellow Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and Yeti character Abbey Bominable would also get extra hair in her design from G2 onwards.

    Video Games 

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

  • American Dad!: In the episode "Shallow Vows", Francine gets very hairy arms after she stops trying to make herself look pretty for Stan. She also gains a Big Ol' Unibrow and facial hair.
  • Bob's Burgers:
    • In "Mother Daughter Laser Razor" Tina has to come to grips with the fact she now has hairy legs, being a teenager. Though at first she struggles with what to do about it, at the end of the episode she accepts her new 'little hair friends' and decides to keep it.
    • In the episode 'Itty Bitty Ditty Committee' Linda develops a rash which makes her unable to shave her armpits for the duration of the episode. Surprisingly enough, like Tina mentioned above, by the end of the episode she admits she kind of likes it and decides to not shave after her rash goes away.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: When the show pulls its own Night at the Museum episode 'So In Louvre Are We Two', Mona Lisa exhibits some leg hair when inviting The Thinker to take a dip in A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. (It makes sense in context.)
    Come on big guy, let's you and me get naturale and jump right in.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • One episode has a flashback to Eddy's mom promising him that he would inherit his brother's room if he got a good picture taken for picture day. In the flashback, all that can be seen of her is her right arm, and it's clear that she never shaves, as she's very hairy.
    • The Kankers are also shown with hairy legs and armpits, particularly in "Once Upon an Ed", "Home Cooked Eds", and "Out with the Old, In with the Ed".
  • The Fairly OddParents!. After Timmy's wish for his parents to stop caring so much, his mother gets the opportunity to save him by swinging across traffic using her "braided underarm hair rope!"
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Fecal Matters", Brian finds out he's part-cat and tries to prove his heritage by scratching on what appears to be a hairy post, but is actually Meg's leg. Not that she's bothered by it.
      Meg: (excitedly) Don't stop!
    • In "Single White Dad", Lois reveals to Brian that she has grown leg hair since she broke her leg.
      Brian: Oh, God, your leg is covered in hair.
      Lois: That's right. I can't shave down there 'cause the cast will get wet. Look at it. Smell it.
      Brian: No.
      Lois: Take a deep breath and smell it.
      Brian: (sniffs) Ah! What is that?
      Lois: Four days of sweat and a dinner fork that got stuck when I scratched my ankle.
  • Drawn Together Toot Braunstein is shown to have hairy legs and armpits.
  • King of the Hill. After Hank and friends' campsite is overrun by hippies in one episode, they witness a classic hippie lady sporting hairy armpits as she dances through the river where they're fishing.
  • Recess. Miss Grotke, who is clearly something of a New-Age Retro Hippie teacher, is often seen with rather heavy stubble on her legs.
  • The Simpsons:
    • After having her leg broken in "Little Big Mom", Marge has her cast finally removed and discovers that her leg could use a waxing, much to Dr. Hibert's alarm.
    • Marge's sisters Patty and Selma often employ this trope to comedic effect. One specific example comes from "Flaming Moe's". During the slideshow of their vacation, they lament not being able to find a way to plug their electric razor into any of the European wall outlets before showing photographic evidence of this.
    • In Lisa's spelling-bee dream in "I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can", she is tempted with a free ride to the Seven Sisters college of her choice. The Vassar College representative says Lisa can "Non-conform, like me!" while raising her arms showing visibly hairy armpits.
    • Played With in "D'oh-in' in the Wind", when Homer becomes a hippie, he encourages Marge to let her leg hair grow on the grounds that it's more natural. "Come on, I want to see those legs all furry and gross!" She doesn't agree.
  • The South Park episode "The Magic Bush", in which a video of Craig's mom and her "magic bush" goes viral. Interestingly enough it portrays her in a somewhat sympathetic light, having her tell off everyone that it's natural and nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Sym-Bionic Titan: A mismatched couple, including a European-looking woman with hairy legs, is seen walking a baby stroller in the background of a city scene in the episode where Octus tries to figure out why all humans have become frozen in time.
  • X-Men: Evolution: In the episode "SpykeCam", after Rogue absorbs Sabretooth's powers, her body hair quickly grows all over.
    Rogue: Aw, and I just shaved my legs last night!

    Real Life 
  • There's definitely some Truth in Television here because despite being uncommon in Western civilization, there are still plenty of women in real life who choose not to shave. Some abstain as a social commentary on double standards, some do so since it makes them feel more natural about their own bodies, and some even don't shave simply because it's too much work. This is, after all, the whole basis of this trope.
  • Singer Amanda Palmer is known for being fiercely body positive and refusing any kind of body shaving. She has zero issue showing it off, including posing fully nude on the cover of her album There Will Be No Intermission. She also wrote a song about her bush called "Map Of Tasmania."
  • A fair share of female celebrities have been seen once in a while choosing to sport some armpit fur in public. Julia Roberts, Madonna, Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, and others have all been spotted doing so. The Paparazzi ensure that it usually doesn't end favorably for them.
  • Many older films originating from Italy, France, and the Czech Republic before the 1980s featured actresses with unshaven armpits, as it wasn't yet fashionably mainstream in Europe.
  • No one is quite certain exactly why Western women began shaving their legs and underarms, though it is known that it's only been happening on a wide scale since the early 1900's. Theories range all the way from changing fashions, to the "Bathing Beauty" short films by Mack Sennett, who, upon seeing the first cut of his first effort, allegedly told an assistant: "That looks like hell. Have 'em shave."
  • Notably, look at European and American paintings over the centuries. Lovely female nudes will abound, but you'll rarely see any body hair. Maybe women were removing their hair back then, others speculate that it's because pubic hair was associated with sexual debauchery at the time, but it's likelier an artistic choice— the same reason the artist didn't include birthmarks or cellulite. The Realist movement in art tried to steer things in a different direction— Gustave Courbet's "The Origin of the World," for instance, is simply a close-up of a woman's unshaved crotch.
  • When a photograph of a two years old Leonardo DiCaprio with his parents was shared on social networks, most comments were reactions about his mother's hairy armpits (as well as appalled reactions about those comments). The photograph was taken in 1976, at a time when it was less common for women to shave.