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  • Adventure Time is chock full of this, played for comedy.
  • American Dad!:
    • Hayley in the early seasons. Her initial role in the show was to act as a Not So Different Liberal rival to her extremist Republican father Stan, often proving to be just as self serving and vindictive as he is. She also has overly feminist ideals, despite often being implied to be a slut who treats her boyfriends like crap (as an extra bonus, she dumps Jeff apathetically on a frequent basis, though throws into a feral rage the one instance he did it to her).
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    • Stan Smith is this in general. He once took a job as college security and treated the rest of the staff as "unprofessional" even though he treated the job like a vacation, and pepper sprayed the students for not liking him. He once bullied his own son to toughen him, saying he had to stand up to bullies; Stan himself never actually stood up to his bully (who just moved) and when Steve hires said bully to beat up Stan for him, Stan doesn't even try to fight back.
  • Katara in the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode "The Runaway" is immediately dismissive and judgemental against Toph when she uses her earthbending to scam back against a cheating gambler. It's only later as the trio's scams escalate to outright crimesnote  that Katara's protests have any merit, but it's only because it could draw attention to the Gaang. Back in season 1, Katara was arguably even worse than Toph because she stole a waterbending scroll from pirates. While Katara claimed the theft was for the greater good, it's clear she stole the scroll for own sake when she snaps at Aang for his natural knack for waterbending and uses the scroll even after swearing not to, which directly leads to the Gaang’s capture. It's made worse at the end when it turns out Sokka had retrieved the scroll from the pirates and offers it to Katara, expecting her to have learned her lesson, only for her to laugh it off, using the same line she used to justify her initial theft no less.
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  • Beast Wars: When Blackarachnia finally breaks free of Tarantulas's control, he calls her "treacherous" while threatening to disassemble her. Tarantulas himself has such a case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder that Megatron keeps him around mostly to keep himself on his toes.
  • Ben 10: Omniverse:
    • Will Harangue always enforces propaganda and media harrass against Ben for his reckless antics. This coming from a guy who once created a Killer Robot in attempt to kill Ben in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. It gets even more deconstructed in "The Frogs of War" where in the first part he calls out Ben on hiding the existence of the aliens inhabiting Undertown, but in the second part praises the Incurseans as their new "benevolent galactic overlords" after they sent Ben into outer space and took over Earth. This ends up costing him his reputation and he still denies it.
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    • Master Kundo was an extremist who hated outsiders and technology, going to Earth to force Rook Blonko and his siblings back home. The siblings rightfully point out his hypocritical stance; despising technology despite his planet using technology, willing to trade some of his planet's valued Amber Ogia to a pilot to take him home, assaulting his people despite believing that he's saving them. He refuses to concede, instead blaming Rook leaving for Earth as the reason he had to make those decisions. He only agrees when he's been turned into a cyborg. Even then, he still considers technology evil despite it keeping him alive.
  • Bob's Burgers: Hugo Habercore takes advantage of making Bob's life hell with his work as a health inspector. He's shown to find even the smallest misdemeanor to make things worse because Bob married the woman he loved who left Hugo because she never really loved him. It isn't just Bob, Hugo is shown to have strict and unfair treatment towards any restaurant that fails to meet any safety expectations. However, he always turns a blind eye for Jimmy Pesto because the two have a shared dislike of Bob. To emphasize this, Jimmy Pesto has given people food poisoning and doesn't bother getting fresh ingredients, yet Hugo never bothers him.
  • Courage the Cowardly Dog: Eustace Bagge calls Courage a "stupid dog" when he himself gets injured, maimed, transformed, and otherwise killed for being Too Dumb to Live. In addition, he criticizes Courage for not doing anything right when Eustace himself can't cook, can't grow anything in his farm, and can't fix anything, not to mention that he's completely useless during whatever ordeal the Bagges come across. In short, Eustace is exactly everything he calls Courage out for being, with the only difference being that he's a much bigger coward than Courage, which at one point was even lampshaded by the Shadow in "The Shadow of Courage".
  • One of the reasons Sam Manson is considered a Base-Breaking Character in Danny Phantom is because of her hypocritical behavior. She says she opposes violence yet is fine with hitting her friends, namely Tucker, even when it isn't needed. She despises forcing beliefs and opinions onto others yet forced the entire school to eat her "recyclable organic matter" because "we don't need meat". She scolds Danny for using his ghost powers against powerless school bullies yet she's okay with causing millions of dollars in property damage to a dealership because they were selling eco-unfriendly trucks.
    • Danny's archenemy, Vlad Plasmius, may count as one too. Despite his claims that all he wanted was to be loved, he treats the only two people who showed him any kind of love or admiration like dirt all because they weren't the wife and son he always wanted. He instead obsesses over a woman, a married one at that, who doesn't even like him as a friend and doesn't care how she actually feels and gaining his teenage archenemy as a son.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: Dexter's older sister, Deedee, enjoys causing misery and grief to him by trespassing into his secret Laboratory and stealing, misusing, and breaking his things without even showing an ounce of shame for it. But one time when Dexter went into Deedee's room and messed up all of her stuff with labels, Deedee gets vengefully angry over it.
  • Princess Clara from Drawn Together. She presents herself as a racist religious fundamentalist who believes that masturbation and homosexuality are evil, yet she has no qualms about dressing in thongs and doing erotic dances to entertain men.
  • Family Guy
    • Brian has a nasty tendency to be a huge hypocrite. He claims he likes women for their personalities but we only ever see him dating bimbos, and even then only in short-term relationships. He has plenty of liberal opinions but we never see him DO anything about them. He has no obvious job and just leeches off the Griffin family. He drinks and smokes quite heavily. In "Dial Meg For Murder" he voices his opinion that the prison system has turned the innocent Meg into a hardened criminal but it's obvious that nobody, including him, went to visit her during the three months she was in prison. Quagmire eventually calls him out on how he really can be a prick. Glenn points out he himself has plenty of problems, and falsely adds "At least I admit them".
    • Quagmire has qualified in many instances since the introduction of his hatred for Brian, mostly for said hatred of him which are for reasons of both this trope and pettiness:
      • His The Reason You Suck speech to him is riddled with this:
      • One of his complaints about Brian is how he constantly hits on Lois, his best friend's wife, which Quagmire has done for years as well. The difference is that Brian at least believes she deserves to be with someone who respects her, while Quagmire just wanted sex with her. Additionally, Quagmire's lust for her is even more toxic with how he's been shown to harbor some of Lois' hair and has even gone as far as to dig through the Griffins' garbage for some of her toenails.
      • He says "How's that son of yours you never see?" in referencing Brian's failure as Dylan's father. Quagmire himself encountered several children that resembled him in "Tales of a Third Grade Nothing" and promptly ran away. He also gave his daughter up for adoption in the episode right before "Jerome is the New Black" while Dylan himself chose to leave Brian in order to take care of his mother. Brian would also go on to see Dylan again in "Brian's a Bad Father", while Quagmire has never returned to any of his off-spring.
      • Also, despite saying he "admits his problems", "Quagmire's Mom" reveals he actually blames them all on how his mother raised him. For the sake of Irony (and a dash of Laser-Guided Karma), Brian is the one who calls him out on it. Quagmire's retaliation is that an Atheist shouldn't support a Christian like his mother, another ethic he called Brian out on.
      • In "Peter-assment", he tells Peter that if he doesn't have sex with his (female) boss, he's gay. When Peter tries to have Quagmire have sex with her for him later, he says no, simply because she is "ugly". By his own logic, he must be gay, but this is never brought up. Likewise, he calls Peter out at the end for (supposedly) going through with the affair, when again, he said not doing it makes him gay.
      • A deleted scene from "And I'm Joyce Kinney" has him disgusted over the fact that he lives next door to Lois when her past of being a former porn star is revealed. Yep, Glen Quagmire (a registered sex offender) can't stand that he lives next door to a former porn star (and one that he'd been lusting after beforehand to unhealthy levels no less).
      • In "The Giggity Wife", he gets into a drunken Accidental Marriage with an older, washed-up Streetwalker named Charmise. Similar to the aforementioned "And I'm Joyce Kinney" example, he's disgusted with her for her sexual past, yet he has slept with thousands of girls and women, and continued to do so after that marriage ended.
      • In "The Heartbreak Dog", he's one of several characters that chews Brian out for having an affair with Bonnie. His presence at the intervention feels completely unfair since Quagmire has not only previously caused an affair of his own between Cleveland and his first wife Loretta, but he's also tricked Joe into letting him have sex with Bonnie.
    • Lois is also like this. She criticizes Peter for drinking all night and does it herself just because of a curfew and smokes pot, but criticizes Brian for it. She also has a tendency to tell Meg she loves her right after doing something very abusive to her.
    • Given the completely immorality of the entire cast, it's pretty much granted that any character that tries to pose themselves as The Straight Man will end up looking like this.
  • Generator Rex. Hunter Cain is obsessed with killing all Evos after his wife became one. He convinces everyone he is out to save humans from the Evo threat. However, he cloned an Evo to make sure only his men could destroy an army of it to discredit Rex and abandons his men when things go wrong. In his second appearance, he threatens to shoot an old woman for defending her Evo family. In his final appearance, he works with other enemies of Rex to get revenge, yet conveniently ignores that No-Face, who he personally set free, is an Evo. Rex even calls him out on it.
  • On Goof Troop, Pete has insulted and yelled at his son, PJ for being lazy, or cowardly, or dishonest, or doing poorly in school—when he treats PJ as a personal slave to avoid doing work, is shown to back down in most dangerous situations when PJ won't, lies to everyone, including PJ, on a regular basis (including both times he gave PJ a hard time for being dishonest), and also did poorly when he was in school. He also seems to think that it's perfectly okay for him to screw Goofy over deliberately, but that if Goofy screws him over by accident then he deserves all the blame in the world.
  • Laney Penn from Grojband dislikes "Boy-Crazy Girly Girls", but she has a huge crush on Corey and occasionally has shown a hidden girly side, also she gets mad when Singer Candy Jams doesn't have the creative mind to write her own songs when...well you get the point.
    • Trina Riffin hates Kin for being a nerd, but she's secretly a nerd herself, also in the episode "Dueling Buttons" she's shown to be singing and enjoying music.
  • In the last few episodes of the Nineties Iron Man series, the Mandarin uses the Heart of Darkness to shut down all advanced technology in the world. After the Heart and five of his rings of power are destroyed, the Mandarin retreats into his fortress. When Tony catches up with him, he finds the Mandarin decked out in a suit of Powered Armor. Tony even notes the hypocrisy. The Mandarin retorts that while he may like the idea of world without technology, he's no fanatic.
  • Justice League Unlimited:
    • Cadmus. They do have a point that the Justice League is a potentially dangerous organization. But they often go out of their way to straight up attack them, instead of preparing for their possible betrayal. They're afraid of the Justice League crossing the line and creating huge problems, when they themselves have already done so.
      • The reason they say they're better? They obey the government and aren't a bunch of loose cannons. And when the BFG fires on Earth, (which was caused by Luthor hacking the Watchtower's computers), orders from the president himself told them to wait before taking action while he looked into the situation. What do they do? Wait a while, and then put a loose cannon in charge of an army to kill the entire Justice League, without waiting for government approval.
    • General Wade Eiling, who goes after the Justice League because he believes metahumans are dangerous and can't be trusted. He ends up becoming a metahuman himself, and goes after a group of heroes who have no powers (admittedly, he was looking for Superman, but he wasn't available). When a nearby civilian points out that he's the only one at the site of the battle with powers, he concedes the kid's point and leaves, and is not seen again.
    • Lex Luthor has cancer from manipulating kryptonite for years. He blames it all on Superman, saying that he would never had caught the disease if Superman didn't oppose him in the first place.
  • The Legend of Korra:
    • Season 1’s Big Bad Amon, despite being the leader of a powerful anti-bending movement called the Equalists, can take a person's bending away. But to do that, he at first appears to use "energybending", which is the oldest form of bending, and then there's The Reveal that it's actually bloodbending, the most dangerous form of bending on the planet. And this makes Amon Tarrlok's brother and the bloodbending crime boss Yakone's other son.
    • For all of their rage about benders oppressing them, the Equalists have endangered and threatened other non-benders, effectively becoming the oppressors themselves. Hiroshi Sato had threatened and later attempted to kill his own daughter for refusing his side.
    • Unalaq, the Big Bad of Season 2, is this in spades. He goes on about how the world lacks spiritual balance, and yet he created a spiritual imbalance to have his brother banished so that he could become chief of the Northern Water Tribe. He also paints Tonraq and Tenzin as poor fathers and mentors for letting their children get in harm's way and controlling every aspect of Korra's life, yet he shows no regard for the lives of his own two children, even telling his daughter to leave her brother to die, and manipulated Korra into helping him. Finally, he accused the Avatar of causing chaos for separating the spirit world and material world by sealing Vaatu, yet he's trying to free Vaatu, the very incarnation of chaos, and has done nothing but cause chaos himself. Season 3 adds his objection to Korra being raised in a Gilded Cage despite him being the mastermind behind the kidnapping attempt that led them to do so.
    • Season 3 Big Bad Zaheer is a big fan of the Air Nomads, using how the Fire Lord nearly wiped them out as one of his more compelling arguments for the destruction of governments and leaders. He himself then threatens to wipe them out in order to pull a Hostage for MacGuffin (the prospect that he's bluffing is brought up but quickly dismissed given how far he's proven willing to go).
  • Kaeloo:
    • The eponymous character. She gets angry at others for cheating, yet will cheat at a game if she's bad at it. She's quick to get Pretty to stop hugging Mr. Cat because "there are kids watching", but won't think twice before hugging him herself, sometimes in a far more inappropriate matter.
    • Olaf accuses Kaeloo, Stumpy, Quack Quack and Mr. Cat of being insane. The thing is, Olaf himself seems to be lacking sanity. He's a Mad Scientist whose goal in life is to Take Over the World.
  • King of the Hill frequently features one-shot characters who had hypocritical attitudes when causing the Hills trouble. Examples? A Holier Than Thou woman protested Halloween to the point of having everyone under house arrest, so that she could invite all of the children to her home to spout her religious propaganda. A new family moves in, their son harasses Hank but they see it as harmless, but are annoyed when Bobby acts the same to them.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    "There's no need to go strutting around and showing off like that. That's my job!"
    • Then there's "Ponyville Confidential". The citizens of Ponyville enjoyed reading about the gossip that was spread about each others, but when they were gossiped about, they got angry.
    • In Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, despite continually showing bitterness and hate for his brother Scorpan betraying him to save Equestria, Tirek has no qualms about stabbing Discord in the back for power.
    • Starlight Glimmer preaches about equality by removing cutie marks and getting rid of special talents to avoid disharmony, partly on the basis that having special talents is going to make ponies think they're better than others. It turns out she's still got her own cutie mark, hidden with paint, as she needs her magic talent to accomplish this all... and that she thinks she needs to be the exception because she knows better than others what's good for them. So others should not have special talents because it'll make them think they're better than others, but she should because she is better than others. She also talks about how everyone is in her commune out of their own free will — but if someone freely wills not to take part...
      • It gets worse when Starlight returns for The Cutie Remark as Starlight, in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown, screams to Twilight that she has no idea about who she is and her past. Twilight concedes that part, but it's obvious that Starlight is in the same position towards the Mane Six. It's this little bit that makes her Make Wrong What Once Went Right plot a Didn't Think This Through plot - she had absolutely no idea that the friendship between the Mane Six was so integral to the history of Equestria that by disrupting it, it would plunge the entire world into darkness or, even worse, a barren wasteland.
    • Twilight Sparkle falls into this in No Second Prances where, after easily forgiving Starlight Glimmer for everything she pulled, she still holds a grudge against Trixie. Trixie and even Starlight herself both call her on her Double Standard at least a couple times throughout the episode. She gets better in the end.
      • A similar moment happens in The Times They Are A Changeling when Starlight is told of what Queen Chrysalis and the Changelings nearly accomplished back in A Canterlot Wedding, causing her to immediately be distrustful of Thorax when his cover is blown in front of her, Twilight, Cadance, and Sunburst. However, during Spike's heartfelt song to convince them to accept Thorax, Starlight realizes that Thorax is in the same position she had been in, and begins to regret judging him so harshly because of Twilight's past experience with Changelings.
  • Fred was this big time in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. The show had a bully named Red Herring (a very Meaningful Name, it seemed) who Fred would accuse Once an Episode of being behind whatever mischief was going on, with no evidence other than the fact that Red was a jerkass bully. In truth, Red was only guilty once, and that was when the crime was stealing his aunt's motorcycle - Red had actually borrowed it to fix it for her birthday.
  • In the Ready Jet Go! "That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!", Mitchell chastises Jet for singing to his pumpkin, but Mitchell himself insists that talking to plants is normal kid behavior and creepily talks to his own pumpkin and calls it his "precious". okay, Mitch?
  • Rick and Morty: Rick Sanchez, in spades. Just a few examples include:
    • Calls Morty "gay" despite being openly pansexual.
    • Rick really can't stand having to comply with others' wishes, but expects everyone around him to defer to his authority and whims at all times. Even Morty has pointed out Rick's seemingly bottomless selfishness.
    • In "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy", part of his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jerry is that Jerry ruined Beth's life by impregnating her while they were teenagers, conveniently leaving out the fact that his Parental Abandonment of her is easily the biggest reason the family is so messed up.
    • In "Morty's Mind Blowers", he won't give sexual favors to an alien for information because there are "some lines [he] won't cross", tricks Morty into doing it for him, and then tells Morty that if he's comfortable with applying torture (as Rick is), then he should be comfortable with that.
    • He blames Summer for the shit that goes down in "The Wedding Squanchers", because Summer introduced Tammy to Birdperson. When Summer retorts that Tammy only befriended her in the first place to get close to Rick, his only rebuttal is, "Fuck you, Summer!"
  • From the The Simpsons episode "Homer vs the City of New York":
    Bart: Don't judge a place you've never been to. That's what people do in Russia.
    • In the episode "The Boys of Bummer", Joe LaBoot chides Bart for losing a baseball game by missing a ball - completely ignoring the fact that he himself did the same thing years earlier.
    • In "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge", Marge goes on a campaign to get the popular Itchy and Scratchy cartoon banned from Springfield due to violent content she finds offensive. When a similar campaign to ban Michelangelo's David from Springfield due to its nudity takes place, Marge refuses to support the campaign and urges everyone to see the statue. Her opponents then call her on the hypocrisy of demanding that one form of controversial, potentially offensive art be banned because she doesn't like it while objecting to the banning of another form of controversial, potentially offensive art because she does like it.
    • Seriously played for laughs in "Bart's Girlfriend". During one of Rev. Lovejoy's boring sermons, Bart starts playing with a Troll Doll; Marge snatches it from him, saying, "I don't want you playing with something that has such bizarre hair!" Naturally, the doll has a similar hairstyle to Marge’s.
  • In the AIDS episode of South Park, when Cartman and Kyle both wind up getting HIV throughout the episode Cartman comes up with a stupid catchphrase "he isn't just sure, he's HIV positive." This leads Kyle to angrily berate him that AIDS is serious and no laughing matter, which would probably have some deeper impact if it wasn't for the fact that earlier in the episode he was continuously laughing at and mocking Cartman for getting HIV.
    • In the early seasons, Cartman was shown to be a homophobe and made fun of Stan's dog for being gay, yet as the series progresses Cartman has shown signs of being ambiguously gay to the point where he makes himself look bigger and gayer than Big Gay Al due to the Ho Yay he has with Kyle and Butters.
    • Played for Laughs in the controversial "201" episode. In a potshot at the double standards of which religious figures are and aren't okay to parody note , Jesus gets annoyed at Buddha for snorting cocaine, despite looking at pornography in the same scene.
    Jesus: Buddha, will you lay off that stuff already? It's getting to be a problem.
    Buddha: Oh, and you're one to talk, with all your internet porn.
    Jesus: Watching porn isn't like doing coke, fag.
  • Eddie Brock/Venom in The Spectacular Spider-Man. While it wasn't wrong for him to be angry with Peter, his actions as Venom don't paint him any better. He accused Peter of being a user and causing people's suffering, not caring who he hurts, yet proceeded to do the same as Venom, such as kidnapping Gwen, leaving her in a position where she could fall and die, traumatizing her in the process, and kept Peter from saving her. While Peter did cause people problems, they weren't intentional and he felt bad for it. Venom did it deliberately, even stating he'd sit and enjoy while Peter would be unable to save his loved ones from his enemies should he make Peter lose his powers and reveal his identity to the world.
  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars:
    • Jedi Padawan Barriss Offee becomes convinced that the Jedi are responsible for the war and have fallen to the dark side of The Force. However, the methods she uses to protest this - terrorism, mass murder, and framing her best friend for both - make it clear that she has fallen to the dark side herself. When Anakin confronts her, she gives some indication that she is aware of this.
    • Pre Vizla insists that he's holding to the honorable ideals of Mandlore's past culture, in defiance of Duchess Satine's unreasonably pacifistic regime. However in his attempts to overthrow Satine he commits several acts that are considered dire sins in Manalorian culture (kills an underage girl despite children being considered off-limits in war, betraying someone he made an alliance with, etc.), meaning that he's just as guilty of betraying his culture as Satine.
  • When they are introduced in Star vs. the Forces of Evil, the Magic High Commission are shown to be fairly reasonable with helping to rule Mewni despite their Immortal Immaturity. However, they are soon shown to be just as racist against monsters as the rest of Mewni, having imprisoned the former Queen Eclipsa and her monster lover for getting together and having a child, then sending said child to a school where she was horribly abused into becoming Miss Heinous, and replacing her with an average girl to become the next Queen - and all this was in spite of the fact that while they are not technically monsters, they do resemble monsters themselves.
  • Jasper from Steven Universe claims that fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak jems stronger and shows a lot of disdain towards Garnet for being a fusion. This doesn't stop her from attempting to fuse with Lapis when the chips are down.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012): The Shredder is this due to his Never My Fault mentality and being blinded by hatred. It's shown that he tried to convince Tang Shen to leave Hamato Yoshi because he's too loyal to his family and won't change. Once he finds out he's the last of the Foot Clan, he converts members of the Hamato clan to serve him and becomes just as, if not more so, attached to his family history and refuses to change. Years later, he blames Splinter for Karai being mutated into a snake mutant, despite that he was willing to use her as bait to lure the Turtles so that he could use the mutagen on them. The fact that he used someone he claims he cares for as bait is further proof of this, not to mention that Karai isn't his daughter, she's Splinter's.
  • ThunderCats (2011):
    • Pumyra. Even ignoring she wants revenge on Lion-o for not saving her because he was too far away to see her or hear her calling out to him, she is willing serving Mumm-Ra to do it. Mumm-Ra was the one who caused the attack on Thundera, the same attack that got her killed in the first place.
    • Many of the non-Mumm-Ra follower antagonists see the cats as oppressors and barbarians (understandably so, as the cats were The Empire until the events of the pilot), yet have no issues oppressing not only the cats, but also other species, and act like the animals they are (literally). Perhaps the worst is Vultaire, who in addition to this is also a petty Sore Loser who reacts to failure much in the way he accuses the cats of acting, and has two episodes worth of pretentious ethical rhetoric and then betrays his own civilisation to Mumm-Ra when it becomes clear he will have benefits for that. And that the cats will suffer.
  • In Total Drama, pretty much every character commits an act of hypocrisy at some point. Notable ones include:
    • Bridgette despite saying that she hates needless violence and confrontations, preferring to build bridges and not walls, she can get violent with her boyfriend Geoff. Once she force feeds Geoff a sandwich when he insults her for eating the sandwich, because she's overweight. She also hits Geoff on the head with a surfboard for looking at another girl.
    • Cody spends most of Total Drama World Tour freaked out by Sierra's Stalker with a Crush behaviour. Doesn't stop him pulling the same stuff with Gwen, including taking pictures of himself holding her while she's asleep.
    • Courtney spends the first season ranting about rules and order, before becoming the Big Bad of the next season who attempted murder on various occassions.
      • She spends most of "Phobia Factor" yelling at her teammates for not conquering their fears, but when her own turn comes around she's too scared to even attempt facing it. This incident seems to result in subtle Character Development, as when Bridgette, Duncan, and Geoff later mock Tyler for failing to overcome his fear, Courtney tells them to stop.
      • In Action, Courtney unfairly gets herself put back into the show. Then she complains about how Owen returned "unfairly", but Chris gets it shoved in her face that he came back the same manner as she did, so she's in no position to criticize.
      • In World Tour she flirts with Tyler (Lindsay's boyfriend) to make Duncan jealous right after criticizing Gwen for being a boyfriend-stealer.
      • After giving Gwen a hard time for betraying her friendship, she intends to betray her in All-Stars. It doesn't end well. She also tries to actively conceal the whole kissing fiasco with her, Cameron, and Scott from Gwen, while acknowledging that she's been giving Gwen a hard time about "the whole kissing thing" with Duncan.
    • Dave: He complains that all his teammates other than Sky are useless in the first few episodes when he himself complains more than lending a helping hand.
    • Duncan: In Island, he calls out Trent when he appears to be cheating on Gwen with Heather and votes him off. Yet, in World Tour, he has no problem kissing Gwen behind Courtney's back and is remorseless when Courtney finds out.
      • Also in Island, his aforementioned "At least I'm straight with people" line and later in Action says that he "Doesn't trust liars" but in World Tour he claims that "Faking sadness is a gift" thus disproving those previous two statements.
      • A more blatant example in "The Princess Pride", where he steals the airkiss that Courtney gave to Harold, but when Justin steals the airkiss meant for him, he says this was uncool of Justin.
      • In World Tour, he says about Courtney, "She doesn't have any [loyalty]! Trust a guy who's tried!" This coming from the same guy who kissed another girl behind her back. Though, to be fair, he could be referring to when Courtney almost kissed Justin in Action.
    • Gwen: When Heather kisses Trent in front of Gwen (who was dating Trent at the time) as part of a plan to get Trent eliminated, it's regarded as one of her most underhanded ploys to win and pretty much cemented the dislike Gwen and everyone else had for her. However, this doesn't stop Gwen from legitimately stealing Duncan from Courtney in the third season.
    • When Heather found out that Leshawna tricked her team into giving her the spa reward in Action by fake crying, Heather gets mad to the point of almost attacking Leshawna. Heather was the Manipulative Bitch Big Bad in the first season and did stuff that was just as bad.
    • Leshawna: After Island, she was shown to be extremely capable of being underhanded, two-faced, and unreasonable at times, just like plenty of the people she'd claimed moral high ground over.
    • Sky: She says in "A Blast from the Past" that she doesn't like underhanded playing... Cut to three episodes later and she's playing dirty as well. Granted, Jasmine was putting her under pressure to work with the team, but still...
      • She expects her competitors to be sportsmanlike, yet she's prone to becoming a Sore Loser.
    • Trent calls Duncan out for quitting in the first episode of World Tour and blowing a chance for a million dollars. This coming from the same guy who threw challenges for his girlfriend's team in the previous season.


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