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She only looks cute to you.

It had been hard enough, being one of the first. With the walls dropped, leaving her nation, her herd, traveling to Japan and trying to exist among so many strangers... every day had been a challenge. But she'd tried. Day by day, hoofstep by hoofstep, she'd felt she was finding her place in the human world.

But now there are no humans. No other demis or liminals. Nothing to anchor her. She exists among tiny horses and the scent of their fear, or at least what little of it drifts into her cell.

For nopony can look at a centaur and see anything but a monster.

Daily Equestria Life with Monster Girl is a ongoing crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (using most of the setting, characterization, and magic rules previously established in the Triptych Continuum) and Daily Life with Monster Girl, written by Estee. The story can be read here.


Greetings, trope list! I see thou dost remember me!

  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range: Part of centaur biology: any being that large needs some interesting flexibility just to reach the far end of their own backs. It's also how Cerea starts to work on her escape after the original capture: not only did the locals not know how to shackle something with hands, but she's capable of compressing them to be slightly smaller in diameter than her wrists, allowing her to slip the cuffs. (Which still scraped some skin off and hurt like hell.)
  • Anti-Magic: Cerea's only defense, along with being part of the problem in the first place. For some reason, anything plastic which was with her during the transition actively neutralizes any magic it directly touches, for as long as it's in contact. In practical terms, this currently means a few cheap hairpins — and her sword. Slicing through an active corona projection weakens whoever created it. Just holding the sword against a pony makes them feel ill, and nopony can stand to pick the thing up in their mouths. (It can't be lifted via corona or teleported, and no pegasus can fly while in contact with it.) The edgeless practice blade has become a very real weapon — but it's also one of the reasons everypony is so frightened of her: Tirek absorbed magic, while she can attack it directly. It makes it that much easier for everypony to mentally link her with him.
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  • Arc Words: Or Arc Thought: I'm no better than second to anyone.
  • The Bus Came Back: So Cerea is officially applying for legal immigrant status? There's a pony for that.
  • Conveniently Precise Translation: Averted. The device loaned to Cerea works with the concept of language, and that's why it can translate something never before heard. However, it has trouble with terms that either party has never encountered, and frequently stutters through multiple, overlapping attempts before it finds something which can be roughly understood. Cerea's attempt to explain smartphone videos ultimately comes across as a "handheld movie camera which instantly places its pictures onto distant screens": similarly foreign concepts can confuse or stall any final results in both directions. In particular, after a feverish Cerea introduces herself to Luna in the forest, nopony addresses her as anything but "centaur". It's possible that this is rudeness, belittling — or given that her full name is Centorea Shianus, the device may have made everypony hear nothing more than "centaur".
  • Cute Monster Girl: Not any more. As far as the locals are concerned, Cerea is a trotting incarnation of the uncanny valley, and that's on her best day. Everything from the waist down is perfectly suitable (if somewhat oversized): everything from that point up qualifies for Eldritch Abomination.
  • Everyone Looks Sexier If French: Well, not to Equestrians... However, the story clearly establishes Cerea's herd is located in France, and she considers herself to be a native of that country.
  • Friendless Background: Early indications hint that her mother's attempts to push didn't exactly make anyone fond of the daughter: Cerea was forced to compete against just about every filly in the herd, and the times spent outside the competitions mostly found her alone in the bedroom, reading tales of knightly glory.
  • Gag Boobs: It's mentioned that Centorea's large bosom was a source of much mockery, derision and vulgar commentary, due to how amply equipped she is compared to humans. And now she's living among a species that only displays some degree of swelling when actively nursing. Whenever any pony looks at her chest, their reaction is invariably Yearrggh....
    • In-Universe, female minotaurs (ageládas) have breasts, but the majority of ponies haven't met any. It does mean there are proper corsetiere shops — but they're mostly in Mazein.
  • Gentle Giant: Centorea is 6'7", which just about matches Celestia's height and leaves her towering over normal ponies, who aren't exactly confident about the "gentle" part.
  • Humans Are Ugly: While the ponies think Centorea's horse half is attractive, they think her gorgeous by human standards human half is hideous.
  • Magic Misfire: Potentially. According to the sisters, summoning spells frequently can't be focused on a specific target: most of the time, the caster is effectively biting into the dark and pulling back the first thing they can get a virtual jaw grip on. So it's possible that Cerea was summoned by accident — but at the same time, some castings have drawn in exactly what the caster was looking for. As of yet, there's just no way to tell.
  • Mermaid Problem:
    • Played for drama during Cerea's emotional collapse in Chapter 10: she winds up convincing herself that no matter how much attraction might be shown to her upper torso, ultimately, she would have been asking a human to have sex with a horse. It's doubtful she would have appreciated the knowledge that this actually is not as big an issue for humans as she fears.
    • And effectively flipped around in Equestria, where to pony sensibilities she has a perfectly attractive (if oversized) mare's body... and then there's a monstrous, inequine thing replacing her head. She's not exactly going to be finding a boyfriend among the locals.
  • Muggle: Her biology can create a few surprises, but she's still the only sapient on the continent with no magic of her own.
  • The Nose Knows: One of Cerea's biological advantages: her sense of smell is considerably stronger than that of a pony, to the point where, once she learns which reactions go with what, she can scent what kind of mood they're in. So far, this has mostly meant fear.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Cerea spends at least two days in a wild zone before encountering ponies. The injuries sustained lead to infection, and Equestria's knowledge of centaur medicine is limited to treating the wounds they inflict. There are no antibiotics for her, and the only thing which saves her life is Celestia burning out the infection.
    • Also applies to the entire Monster Musume world. The flashbacks we've seen from Cerea's perspective have been demonstrating exactly how harsh parts of that environment are, along with the sheer number of problems caused by the integration laws — and the damage done through having all of those species isolated for so long in the first place.
    • No matter how much knightly training Cerea's received, she's essentially a terrified teenager who's trying to reconcile the idea that not only may there be no way for anypony to send her home, but everyone she's ever cared about has probably decided she's dead.
  • Summoning Ritual: Chapter 8 establishes Cerea as the victim of one. She didn't randomly appear in Equestria: somepony found a way of using one of the least-cast categories of magic to call her — and nopony knows why. So far, the only thing we can be relatively sure of is that the caster failed to have her reach the target destination: Celestia is certain having her appear in the wild zone couldn't have been the plan. It gets worse: in a setting where the maximum number of unicorns who can truly combine their strength into a single working is three, the summoning seems to have involved several dozen casters. Not only does that potentially imply a cult, but a working which allows that kind of group effort on any spell could take down the Diarchy.
  • Thinks Like a Romance Novel: A variant. Most of what Cerea believes about the human world comes from the stories she's read and in the best case, this just makes her Wrong Genre Savvy. She also believes in magic coming about through repetitive action and ritual — in other words, tropes. This is a girl who truly thinks galloping down an alley as if horribly late for something is the best way to meet your future beloved (as opposed to trampling him), and it's pretty much stated that her advance study on Japan partially consisted of reading a few light novels and getting some really bad ideas.
  • Too Soon: An In-Universe example applies to Cerea's arrival. From all indications, she reached Equestria a few moons after Tirek's attack. Given that the first centaur anypony in the current generation had ever seen just about destroyed the world, having a second appear was guaranteed to trigger a panic-based attack.
  • Translator Microbes: Averted. Upon arrival, nopony can understand Cerea, and all she hears are some rather complex horse noises. The only reason she can currently comprehend anypony (and vice-versa) is the loan of one of the rarest devices on the planet — out of the five known to exist. However, the magic only works on sounds. Cerea finds herself rendered fully illiterate — and for someone whose fillyhood window on the outside world came from stories, who now finds herself surrounded by tales no centaur has never read, unable to make out a single word... it's agonizing.
  • Voice Changeling: Downplayed: centaur vocal chords are just extremely flexible. Not only does Cerea have a very impressive octave range, but she's capable of accurately imitating pony sounds. It might be possible for her to learn and speak Equestrian — with the proper tutor.
  • Weight Woe: Nopony can get her on a scale, and just trying to take measurements can set off a near-phobic reaction: both are indications that she has some fairly major body issues.
    • Actually becomes worse in Chapter 11: Luna, observing one of Cerea's dreams, notes that the majority of dreamers will appear as they truly see themselves — and Cerea's modern-day dream self is constantly switching between frail, overweight, half-blind, deaf... The exact flaw varies, but there's always something wrong.
  • World Building: As per usual. The story has already gone into how the exchange students went to school (online: some well-connected principals were stalling the building refurbishments), and early indications hint that we'll get a look at the start of the program itself.
  • Ye Olde Butcherede Englishe: Played with, satirized, and ultimately discarded. While Cerea's usual verbal formality is very real, most of the syntax she works with has been picked up from "several hundred stories, most of which had been written by authors who saw research as something which only got in the way of a good tale." As a result, her attempt to "speak properly" in front of the Princesses, processed through the translator, turns into something so severe as to make Luna tell her to reacquaint herself with the concept of contractions. Immediately. She's been speaking a little more normally ever since.


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