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Heartwarming / Daily Equestria Life with Monster Girl

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  • After having her first week on the receiving end of a magical kidnapping include being attacked by multiple monsters, a terror-based assault against her from the first town she found, and being imprisoned twice (with the second time for her own protection), Cerea is beginning to have some reasonable doubts as to whether it's possible for her to find any degree of acceptance in this new land — especially given what happened with the only other centaur. Even Nightwatch, the Guard who's been kindest to her, openly admits that she's scared of Cerea and has been using pegasus magic constantly to shift the smell of that fear away. And then she stops using that technique — allowing Cerea to scent that the terror is fading, because the pony has not only seen Cerea fight for them, she's read to her — and it's a little harder to be frightened of someone after you've read them a story.
"It won't ever be everypony," Nightwatch told her. "There's always going to be ponies who are afraid of you, and so it won't ever be everypony who accepts you. But... it also won't be everypony who's afraid of you. Not forever. And if there was somepony who tried to bring you here, on purpose, if they come to take you — I’ll fight for you."

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