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Heartwarming / D Reincarnation

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Like FiM proper, there're plenty of heartwarming bits!

  • Chapter 1:
    • After Fluttershy learns of Pinkie's reincarnation, Pinkie reveals her family never understood her powers, and shunned their use. Fluttershy feels bad for her.
  • Chapter 6:
    • Blueblood actually APOLOGIZES for his actions during "The Best Night Ever." Applejack soon realizes Blueblood's developing feelings for Pinkie, but says she won't tell.
  • Chapter 8:
    • When Spitfire is afraid to see Pinkie as she's Ace's reincarnation, Rainbow Dash talks to her, and convinces her to talk to Pinkie.
  • Chapter 9:
    • Spitfire and Pinkie bond while fighting Sandy Dune.
      • Lyra and Bonbon talking post hostage incident.
  • Chapter 11:
    • After learning of Twilight's history with Fire Stone, Pinkie comforts her.
  • Chapter 14:
    • After Bluebell's secret is revealed, Pinkie says she already knew it, and comforts Blueblood.
  • Chapter 15:
    • Blueblood's story behind Creating the Bluebell illusion. He is Hancock's reincarnation, the first woman to be reborn as a stallion. He'd created the illusion in hopes of impressing Luffy's reincarnation one day, and even planned on finding Ivankov's reincarnation to "kill off" Blueblood. After this confession, Cherry Branch reveals he's Chopper's reincarnation, and cue the happy reunion.
  • Chapter 16:
    • Just seeing Nami, Usopp, Zoro, and Sanji together in the afterlife is a bit heartwarming.
  • Chapter 19:
    • When Fluttershy is worried about the trouble her situation is causing, Cherry Branch comforts her, and the beginnings of love bloom.
      • Blueblood apologizes to Rarity about the Bluebell illusion, explaining his reasons. Rarity feels bad for him after that.
  • Chapter 26:
    • Glacier and Shining Armor make up after their arguments.

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