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Characters of the webcomic Dubious Company. Profile bios are paraphrased from the website bios. High School A.U. Profile pictures applied within.

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    The Pirates 

Captain Walter Herindale
Walter tries very hard to be a pirate, and with a little more practice he’ll be pillaging and looting with the best of them. Now, if he can only forget all that pesky magical engineering training.
  • Angel Winged Pirate: He’s a fairly good planner and knows how to keep the crew orderly, but he’s loaded with goofiness.
  • Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Averted. He does piracy, but he's just not good at it.
  • Sky Pirate: First just Walter, then the rest of the crew.
  • Who's on First?: Walter is the Abbott to Tiren’s Costello.
  • Winged Humanoid: He comes from a race of winged people. The wings start out cute and ineffectual, but later capable of retracting and flight.

Life has taught Tiren that often the most straight forward approaches yield the best results. That just happens to involve a lot of punching, or drinking. Tiren often finds herself acting as the brawn to the rest of the group’s lack of brain.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Through intense training Tiren has learned to hide an innumerable amount of weapons on her person, regardless of what she happens to be wearing.
    Walter: Lass, ya don’t have pockets. Where’d ya keep ‘em?
    (dope slap) Tiren: Shhh… Ninja secret!
  • Noodle Incident: "Shut up you damned pirate! I'm not going to just sit here and be sold into slavery again."
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: The series starts OFF with Tiren wondering that. Walter found her as a stowaway while she was sleeping. It happens a few more times in the story. (Hey, they're pirates. They get drunk)

Elator “Elly” Cernocis
Elator is skittish, squeamish, and easily shocked. This mind set does leave him oddly capable when working under pressure, mostly because of the constant state of blind panic he’s under. He also disavows all knowledge of that infernal raccoon.

Salindorani “Sal” Tuzmenalozapinus
Cards, dice, and even completely unrelated random real world events tend to be in her favor. The result is she is the most knowledgable of the group, though she specializes in probability and telling the difference between random events and chaos.
  • Awesome by Analysis: Sal does NOT see the future. Her expertise is analyzing what she already has to figure out the problems.
  • Born Lucky: Sal is the future high priestess of the god of Randomness, things tend to go her way.
  • Only Sane Woman Only person who comes up with a practical idea on figuring out who is Elly and who is The King Oh, and she wasn't aware of what was going on before they told her.
  • Designated Victim / Distressed Damsel: So common she treats kidnapping and rescuing like waiting for the bus.
  • Overly Long Name: Fitting for the Future High Priestess of Zelotalinixia Ixalinlexa AKA Phred

Leeroy Perkins
Sal's best friend and rival. He's second in command of temple security and second best in predictions... next to Sal.

The Raccoon
Elly is also unnaturally attractive to raccoons, or at least, a particular raccoon.

    The Imperial Guard 

General Roseus Izor
The most brilliant mind of our generation... is working for an idiot.

Mary Spirkoy
let the power of love come into your lives! So we can love and help and love...

Sue Spirkoy
Mary's more centered twin sister and functionally Izor's lieutenant.

Gary Stu
The elder of the Stu brothers.
  • Promotion to Parent: Gary disciplines and nags Marty much like a parent. Their backstory art implies he took the role during the fight with Nonspecific Evil Mage #157675, as Gary is exercising the powers inherent thereof.
  • The Radar: to Izor.
    “We have found the enemy and are pursuing instead of doing something useful.”

Marty Stu
The younger of the Stu Brothers.

The Dragon
The dragon probably came from certain parties deep seated desire for violence.

    Supporting Dark Horses 

Captain Barry Grindon
Remember this guy?

Emperor Kreedor
The human symbol of the Kreedor Empire.

Private Charles
Charles is a meek royal guard that the pirates befriended at chokehold in Kreedor's castle.

The Little Miss Perfect that falls head over heels for Walter in the High School arc.

Raqu’falicoona “Raque”
She may singlehandedly cause the world to fall apart by trying to fulfill a sex fantasy. And she is terrifying doing it.

Queen "Queenie" Marl'vadr'via
The High Queen of the Elfin Kingdom is quite calm and reasoning with her guests.


Temple of Phred

Kreedor Empire

Elven Royal Court


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