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If you've stumbled across this that means you're reading my tvtropes page. Im Pikmintendo. Nice to meet you. Call me Pik, use female pronouns, lets be friends. Prepare to Diewait wait wait...

Anyway, A little about myself! I immensely enjoy creative activities and fiction and want to become a writer or game designer one day, and I have a particular interest in character and game design. I realllllly love to play video games, and I have a full list of ones Im interested in below, but some of my favorites include:

But enough lists! Theres plenty of those below. Other things Im interested in include anime, visual novels, and general animation. Ive been told some of my better traits are that I am kind and have a good sense of humor and that I can be relied on! I am 17 years old and In High School. I dont use my tvtropes much anymore, just for browsing and editing the occasional page. If You are a halfway decent human being it is very likely that We Could Be Friends So just talk to me if you Want. Anddddd thats it i guess, have fun.


Works Of Interest to Pikmintendo:

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    Anime & Manga 
    Films — Animation 
    Films — Live Action 
    Live Action TV 
    Video Games 
    Visual Novels 


    Web Video 
    Web Animation 
    Western Animation 

Pages started by me:

Image Pickin' Threads I started:

I'll add more later

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