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  • Memetic Badass:
    • Xander Solo Clear explanation 
    • Pipple has also gotten this treatment, to the point of being considered a literal god among fans.
    • Ilia immediately got this treatment after the reveal of her design, with the fact that the "goddess" of the world is actually a gun-toting badass.
  • Memetic Mutation: Couple of examples:
    • Nope. Explanation 
      • RIP Nope Explanation 
    • Fat Notte Explanation 
    • Ring-a-Ling! Explanation 
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    • 123 Bread Explanation 
    • "SWEET SASSY MOLASSY!" Explanation 
    • Eldwater tears Explanation 
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    • Dragalia Lost... Won Explanation 
    • "Cygames' Armpit Fetish"Explanation 
    • Where's Luca? Explanation 
    • Who's Luca?Explanation 
      • Who's Laxi? Explanation 
    • Awaken, my Valfarre! Explanation 
    • Sky Knights! Prepare for battle! Explanation 
    • "Heh. ...Buttholder." Explanation 
      • By extension, almost all of Curran's malapropisms have become this.
    • Xunder Explanation 
    • Every banner is a bait Explanation 
    • Squishums Explanation 
      • Imitation Squish Explanation 
    • Big Boy Explanation 
    • BAM BAM BAM BAM LOVE HENTAI! Explanation 
    • Bring back Cinderella Step Explanation 
    • Boom. Explanation 
    • I can't believe Ranzal's dead!Explanation 
      • I can't believe X is dead!Explanation 
    • NINJA BRIDEExplanation 
    • The Cube Explanation 
    • Partying Explanation 
    • Make a wish /人◕‿‿◕人\ Explanation 
    • Berserker alt with his helmet still on Explanation 
    • Eventually Jurota stopped thinking Explanation 
    • Rate up is a lie! Explanation 
    • Fracktail's (literal) BSoD is common to bootstrap to Laxi in her berserk state, due to the latter having Robo Speak, in direct contrast to Mascula.
    • Thank You Mr. Lost Explanation 
      • This is now a Thank You Mr. Lost thread, show your appreciation by saying "Thank You Mr. Lost"
    • Mmm! So tasty! Explanation 
    • Fatalis farts and destroys the universe/Fartalis Explanation 
    • Euden 'Party Boi' Alberia Explanation 
    • Buff LucaExplanation 
    • Ebin Chimera Explanation 
    • We mustn't let Phraeganoth be revived! Explanation 
    • Tail Target the Explanation 
    • Golden/Silver Toilet Paper/I need toilet paper Explanation 
    • Oops! All (Character)s! Explanation 
    • CoVolk-19/Novel Coronavolk Explanation 
    • I have spent billions of resources for twenty Wyrmite. Explanation 
    • Welcome to [boss] pubs/pugs, anything with legs can clear/requirement: anything with legs. Explanation 
    • Everyone with pom-poms Explanation 
    • (MSNAME) (MSTEXT) Explanation 
    • [Boss] without context Explanation 
    • Euden you idiot. Explanation (spoiler warning!) 
    • Cygames hates Water Explanation 
    • I see no God up here...Other than me. Explanation 
    • Why not use [element]? We got... Explanation 
    • Go to horny jail Explanation 
    • It's popular to portray Kai Yan as a Racist Grandpa due to his age and theme of eliminating the weak.
    • DragaliaronpaExplanation 
    • Coat Rack Laxi Explanation 
    • Agito PTSD Explanation 
    • DAME DA NE Explanation 
    • "How dost thou fare, fellow kids?" Explanation 
      • EXPLOOOOOSION! Explanation 
    • "This hole was made for me!"Explanation 
    • Guns/Gun Alt Explanation 
    • It's high noon. Explanation 
    • Fuck Elysium. All my homies HATE Elysium! Explanation(spoilers) 
    • That's how Dragalia Works Explanation 
    • Harle, the lovechild of Sandalphon and Belial. Explanation 
    • "An opera singer? [puts on mask] LAPIS the opera singer?!" Explanation 
    • There is 1 Imposter Among Us Explanation 
    • What If It Was Purple? Explanation 
      • What If It Was Green? Explanation 
    • Was that the Bite of '87?! Explanation 
    • We are Pog-ito Explanation 
    • Heavy Chelle Explanation 
      • Gala Chelle will get said Manacaster.
    • Cygames hates old ladies Explanation 
    • "Lemme see what you have there, Notte." "A KNIFE!" "NO!" Explanation 
    • Mega Monarch Emile Reactions Explanation 
    • The SomethingdomExplanation 
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Xander is more or less portrayed as a reasonable lovable jerk, but his Off-Model appearance in Cleo's Ruse wyrmprint (lovingly referred to as Xunder) have the fandom portray him as a pervert instead.
    • Cupid gets this for being a Love Freak and his English voice sounding unsettling to some people.
    • Sha Wujing gets this from his own character story not only with his manner of speech, but also how he wants to disassemble Laxi after seeing she's an android, not to mention how his portrait looks very creepily close to touching her.
    • Halloween Akasha can be added to the list with her first appearance in "Postmortem Panic" looking very... predatory.
  • Memetic Psychopath:
    • Due to the "ring-a-ling" quote, Lily is often depicted as this within the English speaking fandom despite the fact that she's often portrayed as a Cheerful Child and Nice Girl in many of Cygames's works. With the introduction of the Manacaster weapon in the 2nd anniversary, some fans even depict her wielding a gun.note 
    • With the introduction of Nyarlathotep, it's been a joke that the real horror or horrors all this Maritimus, the Mascot Dragon!
    • Chelsea became this overnight with her introduction and Adventurer Story, drawing similarities to Yuno Gasai. The Castle Story "Till Death" makes it worse when she gets killed by a random bolt of lightning... and promptly tells death she will stab him if he gets between her and Luccy. Valentine Chelsea's portait puts it into Nightmare Face territory
    • All of the dragons that are victims of Complacent Gaming Syndrome get this treatment by some, as since you'll see them online a lot, when all players are shapeshifted, it looks like the dragons are huddled around the boss and brutally beating it to death.
    • Since a Mana Spiraled Karina is a Game-Breaker against Ayaha and Otoha, it's easy to make memes of her like an abusive stepmother, or like the twins are the younglings in Revenge of the Sith and Karina is Anakin Skywalker.

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