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  • Memetic Loser:
    • The Shadow element has been subject to some mockery due to how long it's gone without an event or a new 5-star Adventurer compared to the other elements. The game even had second events for Light and Water before Shadow got its first event. There are also jokes about the Adventurers themselves not liking the Shadow element, since four of the game's seasonal variantsnote  are of Shadow Adventurers on a different element. It wouldn't be until New Year's Tidings: Fortune from Afar that Dark finally got an event and a new 5-star Adventurer, although the shadow adventurers happen to be limited, leading to this joke again.
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    • Luca has also gotten this treatment as well, seeing how many events either have him completely absent or only playing a very minor role to the story. It also doesn't help to note that his popularity is overshadowed by his younger sister, Sarisse (in both fan popularity and gameplay wise), and happens to be a Butt-Monkey lore-wise.
    • Fire-attribute bosses have been the butt of many jokes regarding them being at the mercy of a four Lily or Fjorm team and the ensuing onslaught of high-damage freeze skills. Also applies to a lesser extent to Water bosses and four Maribelle teams.
      • And speaking of Lily, Lily herself is subjected to this trope in regards to two Void Bosses: Blazing Ghost and Void Agni. The Blazing Ghost has ranged resistance, and since Lily is a Wand user, her damage does next to nothing against the ghost. Void Agni has skill damage resistance and a Scorching Air aura where characters take damage over time near inside his aura if they aren't equipped with the appropriate resistance to the Scorching Air aura. Generally, most Void weapons give the player either the Scorching Air resistance (i.e. most melee weapons except lance and axes) or Skill damage resistance penetration (lance, axe, and bows). Wand users like Lily, however, happens to unfortunate, as none of the Void weapons offer her either of these two. Not only that, both the Blazing Ghost and Void Agni inflict stuns while she has burn resistance, making her next to useless in both fights.
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    • High Midgardsormr. Initially the single toughest enemy in the game, thanks to many changes in the game such as dual wyrmprints and introducing more viable fire units, he is jokingly referred to as a non-threat. And the introduction to Marth from Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event makes this fight highly trivial.
    • Sabnock got hit with this when the Resplendent Refrain raid returned. Since it was months since he last appeared, everyone who participated in the original event have gotten much stronger (combined with various quality of life improvements to the game such as double Wyrmprints, the introduction of Void weapons, and the AI adventurer improvements such as more aggressive attacking and the use of Force Strikes when the boss enters Overdrive), to the point where even the EX version of Sabnock goes down pretty easily. It doesn't help that he came back right after the Lost Heroes event, where everyone that participated could get Alfonse, a 5-star Light Adventurer immune to Curse. This is probably one of the main reasons why the developers have introduced a "Nightmare" difficulty for the raid event.
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    • Elias has gotten this treatment within the fandom. Of all the free 4* units, he's considered to be the worst 4* free unit created. Not helping the matter is when Resplendent Refrain raid event returned where he was featured as the main character, many players have already completed the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event that came before the Resplendent Refrain rerun have obtained Alfonse, who's already a solid 5* Light Sword unit with Curse resistance against the raid boss.
    • Xuan Zang, a Fire-Lance unit was one of the units that had some hype surrounding her even before her event... which was immediately overshadowed by the reveal of May 2019's Gala unit being the long-awaited Mym, who was also Fire-Lance. Cue many players dropping their excitement to flock to Mym, leaving Xuan Zang in the dust. Although those same players who failed to get Mym did welcome her with open arms (considering that Xuan Zang differentiate herself from Mym for being a solid debuffer for a free 4* adventurer, while Mym is designed more for raw damage with her own dragon shapeshifting).
    • Void Poseidon is given this treatment, since of all the Void Dragon battles, he's the weakest of them to the point that a four Maribelle team can destroy him within less than a minute with Zephyr and Roc Dragons equipped.
  • Memetic Mutation: Couple of examples:
    • Nope. Explanation 
      • RIP Nope Explanation 
    • Fat Notte Explanation 
    • Ring-a-Ling! Explanation 
    • 123 Bread Explanation 
    • "SWEET SASSY MOLASSY!" Explanation 
    • Eldwater tears Explanation 
    • Dragalia Lost... Won Explanation .
    • Shadow event when? Explanation 
    • Where's Luca? Explanation 
    • Awaken, my Valfarre! Explanation 
    • Sky Knights! Prepare for battle! Explanation 
    • "Heh. ...Buttholder."Explanation 
      • By extension, almost all of Curran's malapropisms have become this.
    • Xunder Explanation 
    • Every banner is a bait Explanation 
    • SquishumsExplanation 
    • Big BoyExplanation 
  • Memetic Molester: Xander is more or less portrayed as a reasonable lovable jerk, but his Off-Model appearance in Cleo's Ruse wyrmprint (lovingly referred to as Xunder) have the fandom portray him as a pervert instead.
  • Memetic Psychopath:
    • Due to the "ring-a-ling" quote, Lily is often depicted as this within the English speaking fandom despite the fact that she's often portrayed as a Cheerful Child Nice Girl in many of Cygames's works.
    • With the introduction of Nyarlathotep, it's been a joke that the real horror or horrors all this Maritimus, the Mascot Dragon!

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