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When players aren't defending the ancients, they're likely to make a quip about internet memes circling around in their community.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote: Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

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  • Shitty WizardExplanation 
  • ded gaem, volvo disband Explanation 
  • Give DIRETIDE/Diretide GIVEN Explanation 
    • The meme is still in use even today, with "Diretide" being replaced by whatever the players are currently waiting for, whether it be the release of a new hero, cosmetic items, etc.
  • DIGITAL SPORTS! Explanation 
  • Mid or Feed/SOLO MID OR I FEEDnote 
  • Russians/Mexicans/Peruviansnote 
    • Pinoysnote 
  • New metanote 
  • I didn't choose the support life, the support life chose meExplanation 
  • LITERALLY NOTHING Explanation 
    • It's [unreleased hero]'s [body part]! explanation 
    • Black guy opens fridge, finds nothing explanation 
  • Polishing Explanation 
  • OSfrog Explanation 
  • We HotS now! explanation 
  • It's a free game though right so no bitching explanation 
  • "X is a card game". note 
  • CS LULExplanation 
  • VACExplanation 
  • Enough for do my power Explanation 
  • Literally taking no damage! explanation 
  • Can I work for Valve now?note 
  • GOLEM GET YE GONE Explanation 
  • Doka 2. [labelnote:Explanation]]A Russian-only meme that originated after the school shooting in Crimea. While discussing the incident on television, one of the TV hosts cited Dota 2 as a potential culprit for the shooting; however, not only did he heavily exaggerate the violence in the game, but he also mispronounced the name of the game, hence the meme. The host's angry tweets later produced a few smaller memes.

  • Can I meepo? I have perfect micro skills.note 
  • Oh, look at it go!Explanation 
  • Give Techiesnote 
  • Silencer's red-to-purple color change Explanation 
  • FUCK MAGICnote 
  • HO HO HA HA!note 
  • Necro ancientsnote 
  • Just ward his junglenote 
  • BZZ Pugna setnote 
  • 17%note 
  • Grandpa Marionote 
  • Terrorblade is shitnote 
  • Darude - Sand KingExplanation 
  • <Hero> has been removed for pressing ceremonial reasons. Explanation 
  • Pocket Riki strat Explanation 
    • Ascended Meme as of 7.00, where almost that exact upgrade was given to Riki as part of the 7.00 patch. As of the aforementioned patch, Riki can now target an allied hero with his Ultimate and can hide inside of that hero for the duration, and the Ult's AoE will move with the allied hero Riki is inside of.
  • KETCHUP! Explanation 
  • Let It GoExplanation 
  • Sven is here to pump you up!Explanation 
  • Increased Ogre Magi base armorExplanation 
  • GamblerExplanation 
  • But is it as good as +6 Treants?Explanation 
  • Puck's Illusory Orb speed increased by 1 explanation 
  • Can't spell Futa without TA! explanation 
  • Dedicated Rubick/Morphling dev team explanation 
  • 1 dagger and im die' Explanation 
  • Wolves need no armor! explanation 
  • Mushroom hat Prophetexplanation 
  • KOTOL GIFF ME MANAexplanation 
  • Blinkin' n' Slammin' Int Anti-Mageexplanation 

    Esports and pro players 
  • TI East-West Cycle Explanation 
  • Leg Strat. Explanation 
    • "Any themed hero" Strat, such as EG's Knight Strat (Omniknight, Chaos Knight, Sven [Rogue Knight], Chen [Holy Knight], and Dragon Knight), or Vega's "Purple Strat" (Bane, Enigma, Faceless Void, Dark Seer, and Slark).
  • Oppa Dendi. Davai XBOCT. Explanation 
    • 4. Explanation 
  • Maelk Awards. Explanation 
  • 322.Explanation 
    • Game of Throws. Explanation 
  • STUN THE BOAR! Explanation 
  • Good jokes mate real funny See u at FUCK YOUJ Explanation 
  • Scientists baffled Explanation 
    • FiftEE/FiftEE Explanation 
  • WAOW Explanation 
  • The Shanghai Major Explanation 
    • James is an ass/FIRED Explanation 
    • Ramzes' keyboard Explanation 
  • TobiWanKenobi is a Dota 2 caster known for his high-energy casting which does a great job generating hype for huge plays. Naturally, it also makes him something of a Fountain of Memes for the community:
    • No one has ever done that! No one has EVER done that in the history of Dota! Explanation 
    • BLACK HOOOLE!Explanation 
    • IT'S A DISAAAASTAH! Explanation 
    • YOU HAVE NOTHING!Explanation 
  • Brutal. Savage. Rekt. Explanation 
  • Sheever's Ravage Explanation 
  • Merlini's Manta Style. Explanation 
  • Puppey Drama Explanation 
    • 10% Explanation 
    • FIGHT ME! PuppeyFace Explanation 
    • Puppey throwing his headset at his monitor
    • Chair vs. Monitor. Explanation 
  • Mercedes Benz E400 Sedan Explanation  The Copypasta 
  • The 2017 Seasonal Chat Wheel comes with a slew of meme phrases, such as a frog sound for OSFrog or crying baby for babyrage. They even record some of casters' Memetic Mutation!
    Preparing for a gank: "Patience from Zhou."
    Enemy team wiped: "THEY'RE ALL DEAD!!"
    Doing something cool: "WAOW!"
    Roflstomping an enemy: "Brutal. Savage. Rekt."
    A teamfight goes horribly wrong: "IT'S A DISAAAASTAH!!"
  • Arteezy's BabyrageExplanation 
  • EE's Pizza PartyExplanation 
  • Eg still not top tier?Explanation  Copypasta 
  • Daryl the racistExplanation 
  • LAKAD MATATAG! Normalin! Normalin!/ECHO SLAMMA JAMMA!!! Explanation