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Healing Factors in anime and manga.

  • Chirico Cuvie from Armored Trooper VOTOMS is called an "abnormal survivor", and has the capability to not only survive normally fatal physical injuries and illnesses, but to resist damage from certain types of injury, such as being burned alive by mecha fuel. However, as a negative side effect of this, he suffers extreme mental stress from all of the fatal injuries he has taken, to the point of being more or less outwardly emotionless. His early memories include being burned alive and shot through the heart.
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  • Koro-sensei, the Villain Protagonist of Assassination Classroom, can completely regenerate his tentacles and skin within seconds of having them sliced, melted, or blown off. It's eventually revealed that his top speed decreases by about 20% for every tentacle regenerated in succession.
  • In Attack on Titan, the Titans are extremely fragile and relatively light despite their size. To make up for that, they have an extremely potent healing factor and feel almost no pain. They can recover from any injury as long as the napes of their necks aren't destroyed. Titan Shifters also possess this ability, whether in human form or transformed into their Titans. Eren has regrown missing limbs and a tooth thanks to his powers. Likewise, Bertolt survives getting a Slashed Throat that should have been fatal and is barely slowed down. Reiner took this Up to Eleven when he survived his head (his human head, not his Titan head) getting blown up with explosives by distributing his consciousness throughout his nervous system while his brain regenerates. Bertolt confirms that this is an ability all Shifters possess, but it's viewed as a last resort because it can lead to various kinds of brain damage (when Reiner recovered he was severely disoriented and had lost several hours of memory).
  • Immortals in Baccano! get this standard with their immortality. They also avert the Regenerative Baggage issue by using the damaged or spilled flesh and blood to patch up the wounds. Yes, even if their remains are splattered across the room, thrown off a speeding train, or (in the novels) burned into smoke. A special version of the elixir was made by Szilard and given to Dallas and his cronies which gives them just the healing factor but they still age.
    • Usage of this ability varies. One immortal escapes from ropes by tossing himself into a lit fireplace and crawling out once they're burned away. Another... cuts himself at parties so that he can impress his friends by how he can bleed in reverse.
  • Mostly human protagonist Araragi Koyomi from Bakemonogatari can survive surprising amounts of punishment, up to and including getting his heart torn out of his chest. A vampire's healing factor is explicitly weakened by poison, yet Araragi is usually up and running by the next morning.
  • In Berserk, the Apostles can usually heal from wounds if given time. Zodd for example has had his arms sliced off multiple times, but he simply bends down picks up his arm and retatchs it like he's made of lego.
    • However when Griffith forced him to join his cause, Zodd lost his horn and it hasn't grown back, it seems Apostles can't heal metaphysical injures.
  • The BirdMen's power allow them to survive many injuries. Kamoda's dust allegies are gone, Eishi's eyesight is improved after getting the power, and is no longer required to wear glasses.
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  • Dante from Black Clover. His innate magic is Body Magic, regenerating his flesh to heal himself. Thanks to hosting the high-ranking devil Lucifero, this power is incredibly boosted to the point he can't age, deteriorate, or die. He survives getting slashed through the chest and having his torso destroyed repeatedly, regenerating his body to become a distorted, muscled giant.
  • Killy from Blame! has a very slow-acting Healing Factor. He can apparently recover from any damage, but it takes years, or even decades. Severed limbs take less time to reattach, which is fairly necessary considering the weapon he uses.
  • Bleach:
    • It is actually an ability of many hollows to self-regenerate. Ulquiorra mentions that most of the Arrancar gave up this ability to become more powerful, though they retain a version of it when they activate their Resurreccion to heal any injuries they received in their base forms (though if they take damage in this state, all bets are off).
    • Aizen has this as well in his Butterfly form. Case in point: he survived Ichigo's ultimate attack that bisected him vertically and blew off most of the fancy features of his One-Winged Angel.
    • Similarly, the Vandenreich give us Giselle Gewelle and apparently Askin Nakk Le Vaar. In the case of the first, she's able to easily survive being nearly cut in half. Later, when Ichigo arrives and tosses her and other characters into a bunch of destroyed buildings, the impact breaks Giselle's neck... but not only she survives to that, but she then puts her own neck back in place like it's nothing. ( This doesn't make Giselle absolutely invulnerable, however; after being stabbed through the chest, she actually needs to consume someone else's flesh and blood to heal herself). The second has the power of surviving every time he should be close to death — which might have allowed him to, alongside Ishida, survive The Purge from Yhwach.
  • Rin from Blue Exorcist heals from wounds pretty fast. Like, getting stabbed in the stomach only for it to heal in mere minutes? Arthur even cut off his foot, since he knew it would grow back sooner or later.
  • In Blue Ramun, the people of the Blue Ramun tribe heal at an accelerated rate because their blood naturally has healing properties. Most cuts and bruises they sustain heal inside of a few hours, and the blood they give on a daily basis (to use in medicines and poultices) seems to regenerate without issue. When Jessie is stabbed in the stomach at the end of Volume 1, she recovers completely from the wound in just few days.
  • The monomakia from Brigadoon: Marin and Melan heal rapidly, especially if they return to their ampules. The monomakia Cosmos can apparently confer a lesser degree of healing factor on its user, too.
  • Buso Renkin:
    • Gekisen, the cross-spear buso renkin of Alchemist Warrior Genji Ikusabe, gives him the ability to regenerate any wound inflicted on him, up to and including the complete destruction of his body, as long as he was holding the spear when the wound was inflicted.
    • All homunculi have a natural healing factor that allows them to almost instantly regenerate any damage caused by non-alchemical means. A homunculus can also regenerate damage cause alchemy but it takes longer and if their emblem mark weak point is destroyed then they will die.
  • In A Certain Magical Index:
    • Tsuchimikado's esper ability is "Auto Regeneration", basically accelerated healing. He's only a Level 0, though, so it isn't accelerated by all that much.
    • Every time Touma loses his right arm, it can be seamlessly reattached or grow back if the arm is destroyed. It's not clear if the same applies to the rest of his body — he often has to spend time in the hospital after severe injuries — but it's speculated by fans that this is the case.
    • Another example, creatures made of AIM demonstrate the ability to rapidly heal any damage done to their physical body; the only way to kill them is to destroy a prism-shaped "core" somewhere within them.
    • Othinus has an extremely powerful one due to being a goddess. She fires a massive arrow through her own torso so Touma won't see it coming. When he looks up, the wound is already gone.
  • In Claymore, Priscilla has an extreme form of the healing factor that takes it to the next dimension. To be specific, Dae speculate it is an embodiment of Priscilla's hatred boiling over from inside, leading Rubel to ask if he is saying it is creation. In short, a form of the healing factor residing in the domain of gods.
  • C.C. from Code Geass, who can recover from fatal injuries (such as a bullet to the brain or heart) in a matter of minutes. A few episodes imply that she might be near Wolverine in terms of regeneration: Her former partner Mao intended to cut her into pieces so he could ship her to Australia in luggage, and fully expected her to survive. In the season finale, her current partner Lelouch witnesses her tormented memories, including being burned at the stake, the Iron Maiden, and apparently being guillotined. The first season also ends with her trapped at the bottom of the ocean in a Humongous Mecha, meaning she had to purge the cockpit and die at least twice due to pressure and drowning before she floated to the surface; Word of God confirmed this because there was no way they would get away with showing anything that gruesome on television. And for all this, the only mark she bears is a very deliberate-looking scar under her left breast. Which was actually already there when she got her powers
    • In the audio commentary, when the staff and cast discuss C.C.'s powers, voice actress Yukana jokingly suggests probably the cutest version of a Healing Factor ever: that when C.C. is killed, her body breaks apart into several miniature C.C.s that run together to re-form her original body
  • Corpse Princess in the show of the same name normally heal faster than humans, and can regenerate limbs given enough time. They can also have most wounds healed instantaneously by their contracted monk.
  • Princess Ixquic from Cyborg 009. Then it's subverted, since she's a Robot Girl.
  • In Date A Live, Kotori and Shido have this, but it only seems to activate when they are dealt life-threatening wounds. Once this happens, blue flames appear from every injury they have and then they all heal.
  • In Demon King Daimao, Sai gets an arm chopped off. The stump sprouts a new one, out of blood, which regenerates back to a regular arm in seconds.
  • D.Gray-Man:
    • Kanda has accelerated healing, but at the cost of some of his life.
    • Also Road, who can't be killed unless you know her "true form".
    • And Krory, who can heal himself by drinking Akuma's blood.
    • Taken Up to Eleven in the Alma arc, in which both Kanda and Alma come back from being blown up. Alma was the bomb. Subverted in that Alma dies soon after and Kanda's healing factor seems to have run out.
  • The Gadoll from Deca-Dence are extremely dangerous for their ability to regenerate limbs and heal wounds within seconds so long as they have enough of their blood, "oxyone", in their systems. The primary means of dispatching them is by hitting their major arteries with special harpoons to bleed them to death and if they're too large for that, a single burst of massive, blunt-force trauma with a jet-engine powered fist also does the job.
  • Kyouya from Diabolo, despite his terminal illness, claims to heal in his sleep (and considering after a night's rest some scratches on his face disappeared, this may not have been a bluff).
  • In Dragon Ball, Namekians like Piccolo regenerate as long as their vital organs are intact. The later villains in Z have even greater regeneration abilities: Cell can regenerate From a Single Cell thanks to having both Piccolo's regeneration and Freeza's ridiculous durability, while Majin Buu can regenerate after being reduced to vapour (due to being a very ancient being of magic.) In fact, regenerators like Cell and Buu get maimed so often that it's pretty blatant that the creators are just looking for opportunities to show off their self-healing abilities.
  • From Dragon Ball Super, out of the two Arc Villains of Goku Black and Zamasu, Zamasu's fighting gimmick is that a wish for Complete Immortality made him nearly indestructible and had this trope fill in for where he wasn't. Later the two fused into a new entity called Merged Zamasu, with the intent of having Zamasu's immortality and Black's seemingly endless potential. The consequences of this are different between the anime and manga:
    • In the anime, things go awry due to Merged Zamasu being simultaneously mortal and immortal (combined with Black's biology attempting to improve damaged body parts while Zamasu's immortality attempts to revert them to their original state). Not only is Merged Zamasu killable, but healing from damage causes him to become increasingly mutated and deformed. Unfortunately, killing him turns out to actually make things worse, as Zamasu's immortality continuously attempting to "heal" his disembodied spirit causes it become an infinitely-expanding Eldritch Abomination.
    • In the manga, Merged Zamasu's fusion has a 1-hour time limit, but while fused he repeatedly has parts of his body destroyed and regenerated. Combined with the villains' exceptionally high compatibility due to Goku Black being a Zamasu from another timeline, this results in his Healing Factor interpreting the end of the fusion as damage, causing Goku Black and Zamasu to heal into two Merged Zamasus. Worse, it soon turns out that this development isn't a one-off, and splitting either of the Merged Zamasus' bodies apart will now result in each piece regenerating into a new Merged Zamasu.
  • In Durarara!!, Quarter-Dullahan Ruri Hirijibe has this ability. A comment made by Shinra while treating her wounds suggests that not only does (the entirely human. Supposedly) Shizuo Heiwajima have this as well, but that his is greater. If nothing else, it would explain how he's recovered completely from things like shattering his spine and pelvis or getting shot.
  • Both Yukiko and Liselotte Werckmeister from 11eyes share the same immortality with rapid healing factor and undying. It is revealed that the Voidstone is the source of the immortality and separating it from the host will disable that immortality.
  • Franken Fran:
    • Chapter 3 is the story of a girl with a Healing Factor that reached Body Horror levels. See, not only does it replace lost arms and legs, but it keeps on creating new body parts even when she's perfectly healthy. The end result is a body with multiple faces, organs, limbs, and torsos growing out of it at once. Fortunately for her, Fran manages to keep it in check, and cure the girl; she had to remove some of her actual limbs in the process, but the girl grew them back almost immediately. Fran believes that this spectacular recovery was made possible thanks to the girl's incredible will to live.
    • In Chapter 28, a man on death row survives and recovers from all of the methods of execution he's put through. After ruling out all other possible explanations, Fran comes to the conclusion that the guy is just Born Lucky.
  • The Homunculi from Fullmetal Alchemist all have this power. The Shapeshifter Baggage is somewhat justified by having the Homunculi powered by a Philosopher's Stone, which converts energy into matter. When their stone runs out of juice, the Homunculi lose their powers & have to get it recharged (or run the risk of becoming Deader Than Dead).
  • GUN×SWORD: This is one of the perks of being linked to one of the Original Seven armors (mechs). Unfortunately, the symbiotic link also means that riders need their armor to live (at least if they have had reconstructive surgery).
  • One of the "signature" abilities of the Deadman soldiers in Gungrave is the ability to regenerate/near-instantly revive from almost all injuries sustained. Beyond the Grave, the heroic Deadman of the series, has this ability because of the technology used to reanimate him and other Deadmen. Grave's weakness? His healing is powered by full-body transfusions of his (rare?) blood type. Lack of blood for a prolonged period of time results in him decomposing and slowly reverting back to true death.
  • Guyver: The Guyvers from Biobooster Armour Guyver can regenerate their entire bodies if destroyed, so long as the control medal on their foreheads is not damaged. At one point, lead character Sho contemplates being a clone since his original body was killed.
    • In addition, Aptom develops a massively potent regeneration ability, still limited to available biomatter unlike the Guyvers, which he uses to great effect by splitting up in to clones and using one as a distraction.
    • Finally, any of the monsters created by Chronos could have damage regenerated by spending some time in a giant test tube.
  • In the third episode of Haré+Guu, Guu regenerated her arm. After chopping it up and eating it.
  • Yuki Nagato from Haruhi Suzumiya is able to regenerate using her Magic from Technology, apart from being seemingly unaffected by physical injuries. The limits are unknown, but it does happen in an instant.
  • Most of the major characters of Hellsing, and the Nazi vampire mooks that show up later in the manga, have impressive regeneration abilities; Alexander Anderson, for example, can take several headshots in rapid succession and keep fighting. Every single one of them is put to shame by Alucard, though, who allows himself to be near-liquified at the beginning of several fights before putting himself back together just to completely demoralize his opponents before brutally killing them.
    • Schrodinger probably takes the cake; it's implied that his ill-defined ability to be everywhere and nowhere lets him ignore any injury, and he shrugs off having his head splattered by an extra-large anti-vampire bullet.
    • Schrodinger's case is more a rejection of state than actual healing, of the 'he was never there in the first place' variety.
  • The nations of Hetalia: Axis Powers have this, and it allows them to regenerate near-instantly from wounds that would be fatal to humans so long as the country they personify remains intact. In fact, one of the signs that Prussia may be beginning to fade away or die after no longer being a country is when his brother Germany notices that Prussia has been bitten by one of Germany's dogs, Germany thinks dismissively that the bite will heal right away. As it turns out, he was bitten a week earlier.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Youkai always heal much quicker than humans do and Sesshoumaru is tougher than most. At one point, he gets his one single arm torn to shreds resulting in him having to be rescued by Inu-Yasha. This results in the following exchange, which angers Sesshoumaru so much that he actually earns a regeneration upgrade that, by the end of the fight, enables him to not just regenerate the damage to his right arm, but to also eventually regenerate his missing left arm.
      Inu-Yasha: [to Sesshoumaru] You just stay back! This is no place for an injured person!
      Jaken: What's that?! Just whose fault do you think it is that it came to this?! It's solely because Meidou Zangetsuha was turned over to someone like you that Sesshoumaru-sama has...
      Inu-Yasha: Shut up! [thinks] I know that. If he'd at least had a weapon, Sesshoumaru wouldn't have been wounded to this extent...
      Sesshoumaru: [to Magatsuhi] Hmph. You despicable creature. Making me receive pity from the likes of a hanyou...
      Jaken: Oooh! He closed his wounds with pure fighting spirit! Nothing less from Sesshoumaru-sama!
    • Then, there's Naraku. Being cut to bits is only a minor inconvenience to him.
    • Kikyou is capable of healing herself using the souls that she has collected to sustain her fake body. After being beat up particularly bad (which happens a lot, she has fallen from many a cliffs), she retreats into her barrier to recover and collect more souls for a while before showing up again, fine and dandy. The power of the soul in question seems to determine how much she is capable of healing and one particularly powerful one allows her to recover from wounds that threatened to destroy her body. Considering that many of the souls she collects likely belong to no name and weak village girls, it makes sense why this ability probably wouldn't be capable of doing all that much normally.
  • Is This a Zombie? Ayumu will heal from anything. It helps that he's already dead but he still feels pain and can be injured. When he leaps off a building holding a bomb the girls in his harem have to collect all his body parts and reattach them before he heals.
  • In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, vampires and the Pillar Men have this, making them immortal. The only way to kill them is with sunlight or the Ripple.
    • Although, as demonstrated in Joseph's fight with Straizo in Battle Tendency and Jotaro's fight with Dio in Stardust Crusaders, the healing capability of vampires has a weakness in that it can take several moments for significant injuries to heal, and seem to be flat out incapable of regenerating lost body parts. The Pillar Men's healing ability, though, is on a whole different level — they demonstrated the ability to not only completely ignore such injuries, but even hijack replacement limbs from corpses with little effort.
    • Okuyasu's father in Part 4 also has this. In his case, it's an example of Blessed with Suck as he is extremely deformed and has mentally regressed into an animal due to being infused with Dio's vampiric cells and his son, Keicho, wants to put him out of his misery.(Speculated to be his un-named Stand)
    • On that note, Highway Go Go/Highway Star Green Day/Green Tea, Catch the Rainbow and Tusk (AC Ts 1-4) allow the user to heal themselves/regrow body parts. And that's not even to mention Stand users who can freely apply their Stands' negative effects to themselves to conceal them being the real user, but reverse them at any moment. (i.e Grateful Dead's aging power can be applied to the user too).
  • One of the abilities of Life Fiber hybrids in Kill la Kill, including protagonist Ryuko.
  • In Love Hina, Keitaro's immortality is expressed as being able to completely heal from the worst Megaton Punches and landings from said punches within a few panels. This is averted only once, when he gets his leg broken; that takes several chapters to heal, and the Hinata girls are amazed that it actually happened. Oh, and the reason? The giant decorative thing on the top of the university hall fall on him. And this only happened because someone said he used up all his luck.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
  • In Magical Girl Raising Project, Hardgore Alice can regenerate from any injury as long as a molecule of her still exists. She has her stomach blown open, she's decapitated, she's burnt to ashes, and she heals up quickly no worse for wear. However it only works in her magical girl form. She is eventually ambushed and stabbed in her human form. She tries to save herself by transforming, but cannot concentrate enough to do it and succumbs to her injuries.
  • The Immortals from the Mermaid Saga can regenerate from any wound, naturally, except burning to ash or having their heads completely severed.
  • Dragons in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid are capable of recovering from fatal injuries overnight. There's also a Running Gag of Tohru chopping off her tail and trying to feed it to Kobayashi, only to grow it back in a second.
  • This is Rin Asougi's only power in Mnemosyne. Unfortunately for her, this means she loses fights quite regularly, with fatal results. Seeing as how she can only permanently die from being devoured alive by a specific monster or having her 'time spore' pulled out by a specific person, this isn't quite Blessed with Suck.
  • Musuko ga Kawaikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya: Lizette is able to instantaneously heal her wounds if she consumes enough blood. Following Lizette drinking some blood after being exposed to sunlight and burned then healing instantly, Chiharu is stunned and questions the biology behind it.
  • Naruto:
    • Subverted in some aspects with Tsunade and Naruto: They can regenerate from grievous injuries very quickly, but they do so via rapid cellular growth, which ages their bodies prematurely and shortens their lifespans (which actually happens). Also, Naruto tends to pass out and become famished regenerating anything more than minor injuries. "No matter what the injury is, one night of sleep has always been enough." This isn't as serious a problem for Naruto since he is descended from a Long-Lived clan.
    • Played straighter with Orochimaru though, who has survived being cut in half amongst other things and shrugged it off. He can even shed his skin which regenerates himself, giving the appearance of vomiting out a fresh body. He also can soak up an insane amount of blunt force trauma, far more than any normal character in the story. He can do so without fear of shortening his lifespan because he regularly commits Grand Theft Me on others. It does however mean he burns through weaker bodies in just the three years he has before his transfer form can survive another transplant.
    • Tobi and Madara are able to pull this off thanks to cloned flesh grafts from Hashirama. Tobi has sacrificed his right arm on a few occasions while Madara recovered from losing an arm and having most of his chest cavity pulped.
    • One of the greatest dangers of the Edo Tensei is that physical damage will only slow them temporarily. They will repair any damage, even being completely torn apart, unless they can be sealed before regaining mobility.
    • Karin, another Uzumaki, has a healing factor boosted by Orochimaru's experiments to the point where she can shrug off impalement. And she can heal others by letting them bite her and feed off her chakra.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
    • Kotaro has one as part of his ultimate demon form, and it's pretty freaking good, considering he survived getting impaled in the chest by a bunch of Rakan's giants swords.
    • Negi can reform severed limbs in his lightning mode. This is because he turns his body into lightning, and therefore can't be permanently injured by physical attacks. Naturally, he promptly runs into an opponent who can bypass that protection...
    • Evangeline can easily heal things like being impaled, losing a limb or having her hair cut in a matter of seconds.
  • Berserk Evangelions from Neon Genesis Evangelion have this ability, ranging from regrowing shattered bone to manifesting whole limbs out of angelic flesh or its own AT Field. Angels have his by default, as all of them have S2 organs and couldn't operate alone without support units.
  • Setsu, the protagonist of Oddman 11, usually frequents the local comic store for healing. While at first the audience is led to believe she means some sort of "emotional healing" through reading manga in there, she's actually shown recovering broken bones and torn-off skin unusually fast while inside the store. This is noted as strange by other characters, even considering the scope of the Oddmen's strange characteristics.
  • Both averted and played straight in One Piece. Characters who have eaten Logia Devil Fruits appear to have healing factors. But in reality, they can just put themselves back together if they get cut while using their abilities. If they actually get injured, then they can't heal themselves simply by changing into whatever element they have. But then there's Marco, First Division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, who actually does have a healing factor, thanks to eating a Mythical Zoan Fruit that lets him change into a phoenix.
    • Arlong is a more specific example in that he can regrow his teeth almost immediately, to the point that he rips out two whole sets himself to use as impromptu weapons.
  • The Pro Hero Zombieman from One-Punch Man has this ability, able to heal from any wound with ease. It's said that the only way to kill him permanently is by completely reducing him to mincemeat. Even if he's only a head he can regrow his body.
  • This ability is one of the signs that the Baskervilles from PandoraHearts are Not Quite Human: they can recover very quickly and survive any attack from ordinary humans, including a bullet to the head. Only a select few Chains (and their contractors) can kill a Baskerville, most notably Mad Hatter and the Blood-Stained Black Rabbit.
  • In Pokémon Adventures, Arbok is shown to be able to regenerate from any injury (other than decapitation) after Blue's Charmeleon cuts it in half across its hood.
  • Deoxys in the seventh Pokémon movie is depicted regenerating a vaporized limb. In fact it can regenerate its entire body as long its crystal core is intact.
  • In Popcorn Avatar, this is one of Ryuudou Taiga's abilities as his sister's avatar.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Sayaka gets this, as a result of her wish involving healing. It's indicated that they can all do this with healing magic, but Sayaka is probably the best at it.
  • Taken Up to Eleven with Saffron in Ranma ½. Any wound inflicted on him, in any way, is healed within seconds (or sooner) through the power of his own flame. When being frozen solid and shattered forced a massive regeneration, but still failed to kill him, you know you're in the big leagues of Good Thing You Can Heal.
  • Loosely implied to be a vampire's source of immortality in Rosario + Vampire. Their blood has a powerful regenerative effect on anyone, which Tsukune is quick to demonstrate once this is introduced. To date, a quick infusion of vampire blood or the activation of the blood already present inside of him has saved him from: being burned alive, slashed through the heart, having his neck snapped twice, taking two fatal slashes to the torso, having the entire left side of his body crushed, taking an absurdly long beating and a giant scythe-like appendage to the chest immediately after, and that's all in the first season.
    • Akasha Bloodriver has a very powerful healing factor that can cover up even the most fatal of injures. Even cutting her in half won't be enough to kill her.
  • The Wu from the manga and anime 3×3 Eyes are people who have had their souls extracted by an immortal Sanjiyan Unkara and kept within the Sanjiyan. As long as the Sanjiyan lives, the Wu cannot be killed or destroyed — by anything. Their healing factor is so great that main character Yakumo once regenerated from being chewed into tiny scraps by a giant demon in a matter of minutes. The one time where an Wu was dismembered without re-attaching it instantly after the fight, the arm was kept in an sealed container. However, that might have been just to keep the arm from moving; after all, Wus can still move their body parts even if they're cut off. When the container shattered and (more important) the seal on it, Yakumo's arm instantly started to grow back, informing him something was going wrong. And in the manga, he almost regularly loses his limbs and regows them (often resulting in him losing his combat gloves). -> Note: Wu go into "super" mode when their linked Sanjiyan is in danger, and this includes this healing factor becoming many times more powerful.
  • In Slayers, trolls have such fast regeneration abilities that they are nearly impossible to kill. The main character, Lina Inverse, solves this issue by casting a magic-reversal spell on all the trolls so that even the tiniest scratch results in nearly instant death-by-implosion.
  • Soul Eater has a couple of examples. People infected the with Black Blood have been shown to heal quickly from those injuries their nigh-invulnerability doesn't protect them from. Werewolf Free thinks nothing of getting stabbed because he can easily heal. Lastly, Kid gains this at one point in the manga, being able to re-attach a limb.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann — Viral undergoes some form of bioengineering that causes him to stop aging and gives him this, making him effectively immortal.
    • This was given to him by Lordgenome, who achieves immortality by putting cells into biological stasis. He applied this to himself hundreds, possibly thousands of years before episode 1 takes place.
  • In Tiger & Bunny, one of the less utilized advantages of Kotetsu's Hundred Power — one that doesn't see use until the thirteenth episode — is the ability to accelerate the speed of his healing by a hundredfold. Unfortunately, this only means that (at the absolute most) he can give himself less than eight-and-a-half hours' worth of concentrated healing, which, as any doctor will tell you, is barely enough time to sort out the cosmetic damage, let alone the serious stuff. Though he'd be able to cram almost a weeks worth of recovery in a single day if he'd use it after every hour or so (more if he'd be willing to forego sleep).
  • In Tokkô, a healing factor is one of the powers gained by people with phantoms living inside them.
  • The titular Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul can regenerate as part of their standard set of superhuman abilities. This ability varies wildly between individuals, with the Rinkaku types typically having the strongest regenerative abilities. Protagonist Ken Kaneki is noted to have inherited powerful regenerative abilities, which allows him to do things like regrow severed fingers or even survive being stabbed through the skull twice. The most extreme examples in the series are horrific beings capable of literally Pulling Themselves Together, treating decapitation or being sliced in half as a minor annoyance at most. While a weak ghoul can be killed fairly easily, the strongest are almost impossible to kill due to their powerful regeneration.
  • Quon of Towa no Quon has this as one of his abilities.
  • In Trigun, members of the Eye of Michael can have a really strong healing factor capable of regenerating the loss of a large percentage of the body within minutes by drinking out of special vials. This leads to their fights being some of the most prolonged and grisly in the series. This ability comes at a cost of being Cast from Lifespan.
  • Abel from Trinity Blood has been shown regenerating a lost arm (from the leftover pool of blood) after it was blown off.
  • Poseidon and Yggdrasil in Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle both have this. Both routinely gets their tentacles/branches destroyed and regenerate them almost as quickly. Yggdrasil can also implant its parasitic seeds into other things to give them a healing factor as well. Philuffy is a surviving host of Yggdrasil, and demonstrates the ability to recover in several days from a wound that would be fatal to a normal human.
  • Inugami Akira of Wolf Guy - Wolfen Crest has this on account of being a werewolf. During the full moon, he's night invulnerable.
  • In Wonder Egg Priority, Ai and the other Wonder Egg hatchers are shown to have this ability while they're in the Eggs' dream worlds, healing almost instantly from any wounds they may sustain. The twist is that this doesn't apply to the real world - once they awake in reality, they'll still have whatever wounds they sustained, and invariably end up being rushed to hospital.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho. The older Toguro brother, who can both regenerate and restructure his body at will, and will apparently survive any and all injuries as long as even a single cell of him is still alive. So Kurama ultimately traps him in a Fate Worse than Death. The younger brother also has a healing factor, though not as strong as Elder Toguro's, as shown when Genkai blows a large hole in him with the Spirit Wave. He simply doesn't have to use it as much since he's also Made of Iron.


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