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WARNING! Unmarked spoilers for the films Adam reviews follow.

  • Toy Story 3:
    • The part at the beginning announcing the results of a contest to win The Hurt Locker on Blu-Ray has several funny parts:
      • "ON BLU-RAY!!" (A slowed down clip from a Blu-Ray disc promo is shown, followed by a clip of someone screaming)
      • The fact that Sheamurph put multiple entries into the contest just to piss off Adam, and Shea wound up not winning the Blu-Ray because although he came up as the winner on the randomizer, he didn't follow one of the requirements, which was to favorite the video.
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    • Sheamurph‘s rant about why he hates Pixar films.

  • During his World War Z review he does a Shout-Out to How It Should Have Ended, by using a clip from their video on the film because they had already perfectly illustrated the glaring Plot Hole Adam was about to discuss: If terminally ill people don't get attacked, it would have become immediately obvious to everyone.
    Adam: Let's just forget about the 1.1 million people who would probably notice a trend with zombies not coming after them and all.
    Adam (As an HIV infectee): All my friends are dead, except every single person in my support group.
    (Cut to images of religious fundamentalists claiming AIDS is a punishment from God.)
    Adam (As an HIV infectee): Who's on God's side now, biatch?
  • Cool Cat Saves the Kids:
    • Upon discovering the label on the Cool Cat DVD is poorly glued on the disc, Adam proceeds to remove the label and draw a shoddy representation of the label's graphics on the disc using a marker pen. Cool Cat in particular gets a cartoonish posterior.
    • A bully decides to send a mean text about how ugly a girl's hair is because it's pretty. Adam's response?
    If a bully picks on you for wearing glasses, it's actually because you're not wearing glasses.
    Maria: I made a work area with the blanket and the more signs supplies!
    (As the camera rapidly zooms in on Cool Cat)
    Adam: What the fuck you just say to me bitch?
    I like to read this book with: No clothes on
    This book belongs to The Islamic State
    • He briefly zooms in on a man in the background who walked back into his house after presumably seeing Cool Cat.
    • The movie features a possibly drunk Erik Estrada, and his lines "That kid kicked sand in Cool Cat's face!" and "Dere he is!" get remixed.
    • The various times the film gives bad advice to kids, or contradicts its own.
      • Telling kids to open unsolicited text messages from strangers.
      • Telling kids that if you get a text saying you've won a secret contest and won a bunch of money, take it. It's not a scam.
      • The fact that both the bully in the movie and in the book are the only overweight people around, implying that Derek Savage has something against fat people.
      • Cool Cat advises kids to look both ways before crossing the street. Two minutes later, he completely ignores this rule as he chases after Butch the Bully.
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    • He edits a scene where Cool Cat is checking things on his laptop, making it look like he's browsing the Bad Dragon website and is admiring what said site sells.
    • When Cool Cat says "Have a seat!" to Maria, Chris Hansen appears in the bottom right of the screen for a second before promptly vanishing.
    • When Cool Cat gets two music numbers one after the other, Adam ups the ante a third time by imposing a bunch of hot women twerking behind Cool Cat while a Death Grips track plays.
      • It makes it ten times funnier that during the scene afterwards where Derek and Mama Cat are complementing Cool Cat, the scenes where MC Ride is giving his Nightmare Fuel behavior from "You Might Thing..." is imposed behind him.
  • The Host:
    • He likes to emphasize unnecessary pauses a lot, primarily through brief title cards with elevator music playing in the background:
    Melanie: When you touch me...
    5 Seconds Later...
    Melanie: I don't want you to stop.
    23 Seconds Later...
    Melanie: Sleep with me...
    11 Seconds Later...
    Jared: All I'm saying is...
    2 Seconds Later...
    Jared: We have time.
    15 Seconds Later...
    Melanie: We only have this... Now...
    • And when they finally kiss he adds loud slurping noises to the video.
    • Anytime the actors talk about the "romance" and sexual relations, a scene of Carl Winslow with shifty eyes fades in.
    • Saying that Ian loving Wanda even in Danny DeVito's body would be the testament of true love.
  • Megan Is Missing:
    • "Fuck yeah, non-specific drugs!"
    • When Amy walks in on Megan doing something sexual with a guy;
    Adam (as Amy): Oh my god! There's a chair in this house!?
    • Adam reveals who the director Michael Goi is for those who aren't familiar. The likely audience reaction is priceless.
    • When Adam makes fun of a bad transition in a news report which makes it look like the news reporter is eating what was in the previous shot:
      Adam (as news reporter): (slurping) That clip was delicious!
  • After Earth:
    • The running gag illustrating how Will's deliberately unemotional acting makes him look lethargically bored.
    • After Jaden throws his weapon at the Ursa;
    Adam (as Jaden): Take that; my one and only means of defense!
    • His comment that M. Night Shyamalan being the director is the twist of the movie.
    • The montage that plays when it's revealed Shyamalan was the director: An acid trippy combination of Micheal Scott shouting "No!" and clips of the worst moments of Shymalan's previous films.
    • The running gag where Adam plays beats from Will's rap career over footage of him.
    • Adam reading off tweets from Jaden's twitter.
    • Every time Adam says "hotspot", he shows a picture of Jaden with the Wi-Fi hotspot symbol on his furrowed forehead.
  • Frozen:
    • "Hi, welcome to my channel, where I take the fun out of everything."
    • Adam is glad he didn’t see Frozen in theaters because he thought he would get stares from parents due to him finding the scene where Anna is hit by Elsa’s ice magic as a kid hilarious.
    • To demonstrate how Disney songs have a habit of unexpectedly crossing people's mind due to their Ear Worm nature, the review cuts to an Overly Long Gag of Adam creepily staring half-naked in the shower while "Under the Sea" plays. It ends with a Kubrick Stare and a smile. The worst kind of smile.
  • The Amazing Spider Man 2:
    • Adam's entire review, but especially the section where he lays into Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams' score for the film and the "My Enemy / Paranoia" Times Square sequence.
      Hans Zimmer: This band I put together of Johnny, Mark and Pharrell, I didn't pick them because they're good. I picked them because they're really famous.
      Adam: For some reason, one of them thought it would be really fucking good idea to throw in this obnoxiously distracting rhythmical whispering!
      Soundtrack (as interpreted by Adam's subtitles): He lied to me! He shot at me! He hates-a-me! He's using me! Virginity! Electricity!
      Adam: Like, this shit is all happening during the movie.
      Electro: You're so selfish. You set me up!
      Spider-Man: No man, I did not set you up!
      Electro: YOU LIED TO ME!
      Soundtrack: He lied to me! He shot at me! He hates on me! He's using me! Afraid of me! He's dead to me! That Spider-Man, he is my enemy!!! FWOMP WOMP!!!
      (Spidey backflips over a car)
      Adam: (singing along to the soundtrack in a whiny effeminate voice) Spider-Man! Spider Paranoia, Spider-Man! (normal voice) So they have a really tame fight scene and it ends with Spider-Man spraying him down with a fucking fire hose. Okay, so the defining feature of this villain is that he can harness the power of electricity and you just beat him with water? And not only that, the way he beats him he literally just knocks him over, like the guy's still conscious and breathing and whispering shit under his breath like 'I hate Spider-Man, gar!' But Spider-Man just fucks off over to Gwen Stacy and has a conversation with her! Like, 'job well done, looks like the cops can just apprehend him from here, it's not like he's a supervillain made out of fucking electricity that we've been given no reason to assume is not able to still use his powers!' But fuck it, that's not important, let's cut to the next scene! Come on guys, we've got to finish this up!
  • Unfriended:
    • The Running Gag of sneaking in other reviewers into the Skype feed. You can spot Jeremy Jahns, the Nostalgia Critic, and Chris Stuckmann.
    • Turning Laura's ghost into Jessi Slaughter.
    Frank: "I'm the Trash Man! I throw trash all over- all over the ring! And then, I start eating garbage!"
    *Blaire's computer closes*
  • Nymphomaniac:
  • Jupiter Ascending:
    • He describes the general reaction of the audience to Jupiter being recognized as royalty because of bees as having "simultaneously farted".
    • Channing Tatertots.
  • Saw 1-7:
  • The Lovely Bones:
    • The opening to the review:
      "Hi, this is Peter Jackson. I hope you enjoy this exclusive REVIEW from my SHITTY movie The Lovely Bones, here on"
  • Cyberbully (2011)
    • Adam calling out the film for using the song "Breathe Me" by Sia during the part where Taylor attempts to commit suicide:
    (Record Needle Scratch) Stop it right fucking there! Does anyone recognize that song? It's called "Breathe Me" by Sia, and it is the most overused song EVER! It was used appropriately in the series finale of Six Feet Under, and after that point, it just got raped! And by 'after that point', I mean after I used it in some shitty video I made when I was 15!
    (Cue a montage of commercials, movie trailers, and TV shows that used said song)
    You're a little fucking late! This song used to be good, but using it is just a joke now! It's almost as much as a death sentence as using "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap!
    (Cue the clip from The O.C. that uses "Hide and Seek", followed by the Saturday Night Live "Dear Sister" Digital Short that parodied it.)
  • In an otherwise positive Quickie of It Follows, Adam goes through a bunch of potential questions the film's rules pose regarding the sexually-transmitted entity, some much more nonsensical than others.
    "Will it go after you if you only use oral?"
    "Will it go after two different people if there was double penetration?"
    "Is there a difference if you're wearing a condom?"
    "Is it the penetration or the ejaculation?"
    "If you came into a turkey baster and squirted it up someone's vagina, would they get cursed?"
    "What about gay sex? What if there was a mantrain?"
    "What if you lived on a houseboat?"
    "What if you crossed the ocean and never came back?"
    "What if you trapped it in a steel reinforced cage?"
    "If you already have sex with somebody but you have sex with somebody else after that person, do both of them get it?"
    "What if the person you had sex with dies in a way that's completely unrelated to the curse?"
    "What if you heavily sedated a shark, and then had sex with it, and then set it free in the ocean?"
    "What if there was a mantrain?"
  • Frozen:
    • The fact that both this and the review for Frozen have identical intro sequences, save for a few words being changed.
    Adam: [A]nd I figured whhat better what to show my appreciation than to finally getting around to nobody and their grandmother has been telling me to review since its release: Frozen! The original.
  • In the part 4 of "Childhood Trauma" when Adam's about to explain why the Ghostwriter traumatized him as a kid, a photo of said reason appears, causing him to abruptly shut up as it zooms in.
  • The entirety of "Adum & Pals: Catwoman" is a riot since it's a rapidly-edited-together stream of three guys riffing on and laughing at an already-hilarious movie, but some highlights:
  • Amusement
    • "Ah, bingo."
    • Adam points out a hilariously odd extra frame in the scene where a girl jumps from the semi-truck and lands on the car behind it. He then proceeds to play that clip over the review multiple times, with text added to the extra frame such as "memes" and "still funny."
    • The beautifully edited scene of the killer dangling the car keys as his next victim whips his head back and forth with dramatic music. Somehow even funnier because of how long it goes on for.
      • Not long after is a similar scene emphasizing a character assembling "one of the shittiest-looking sandwiches I've ever seen", complete with slow motion, greyscale, comical sound-effects, and Schubert's "Ave Maria".
    • Part 2 has the part where the deaf man held upstairs the creepy house reaches out towards Lisa's mouth rather awkwardly. It's editing of him playing with her lip at ludicrous speed can only really be described as comedy gold.
    • In Part 3: Adam's increasing exasperation at the reveal that Tabitha was being held in a dank underground lair and somehow didn't notice or question waking up in such a place, and that the trauma counselor apparently didn't see anything wrong with being called to a lair located under an abandoned farm that she'd have to get to via a rickety mine shaft elevator.
      Adam: If you have a better explanation for what could have happened, please let me know because I am desperately trying to apply logic to this film, and it's just not working out.
  • The Last Jedi: In the middle of Adam's review, he goes on a fairly long, detailed rant, venting about Rose Tico, and it is hilarious.
    Adam: But there was one part of the film that I think actually gave me cancer, when Finn is about to kamikaze himself and save everybody, but Rose crashes her ship into him. First of all, there’s a very good chance that you both should of died right then and there, so I don’t know how that was supposed to save him. But then they’re both magically okay and Finn goes up to her and is like, "Why the fuck would you do that?!", and the line of dialogue that she used to justify this fucking plot device triggered me so hard. She said "we’re not going to win this war by fighting what we hate, we have to say what we love". Ugh, really? That’s just fucking stupid. Also, Rose, you were literally fighting what you hate just moments ago! You were also in your own ship shooting at the thing! What, we’re not allowed to shoot at the things anymore?! That would kinda ruin Star Wars, wouldn’t it?! You’re not allowed to fight the bad guys that are trying to kill you?! "No, you can’t fight what you hate, that’s wrong! You’ve gotta save what you love!" Was he not trying to save what he loves by fighting what he hates?! Was he not trying to sacrifice himself so that everyone else would live?! What the fuck is your problem, Rose?!
  • Neil Breen's Double Down, I Am Here ....... Now, and Fateful Findings
    Derek: This film also covers mace, knife protection, stun guns, knife protection, karate self-defense, mace, knife protection, mace, karate self-defense, Baseball, bullying, karate self-defense, bullying, Baseball
    • The ending of Fateful Findings goes off the rails intensely.
      • During said scene, one worker simply calls himself "The President of The Bank". Cue Adam going "The Bank.", with such a grueling tone.
  • Oldboy (2013)
    • Adam referring to Joe's blood pillow as a "homemade dakimakara"
    • Father! *BANG*


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