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  • Chonny's sandwich-eating scene in the "Things I do when I'm sick!" video, when he chortles maniacally with each bite of his sandwich.
  • Chonny's dad reacting to Alison Gold's "Chinese Food"
  • The "How To Be A K-pop star" video, which lampoons many of the stereotypes associated with the South Korean music industry.
    • The COOL members' stage names: Chonny as C-Rap, Joe as J.I.Z, John as Gai 2, Darren as Gai 1, and Tom as...Tom.
    • "This is K-Pop, not fat-pop!" The members admit to not having eaten in 3 days.
    • The costumes and makeup, C-Rap's aegyo, Gai 2 getting booed as the main dancer, and the My Friends... and Zoidberg treatment of Tom.
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    • The teaser photo of COOL and their fandom name: Nipple Warriors.
    • The "live" performance of COOL's "Let Me Sarang You". The lyrics and dance are ridiculous enough with the awkwardly incorporated Korean language and pop culture references, but the members performed like they've never seen the dance before, and there are way too many crotch grabs that weren't part of the original "choreography".
      • During Gai 2's part, the audio skips, exposing COOL as lipsyncers. The confused look on Gai 2's face is priceless.
      • C-Rap falling flat on his face during the bridge, leading the other members to crowd around him as the music continues
      • C-Rap's impromptu dance during the chorus, right after falling flat on his face.
      • Their obvious use of a green screen, as half of Gai 2 disappears when he leans towards the side of the stage.
      • During the dance break (punctuated by a girly-sounding "just dancing, uwahhh!"), they just stand there, utterly confused.
      • During J.I.Z's part, he does a worm, and his hitting the ground can be clearly heard over the music. The members are actually laughing at him behind his back.
      • During the M! Countdown, COOL are pitted against another fake group called "FAP", likely a reference to B.A.P.
      • When the winner is announced to be COOL, you can actually hear So Nyuh Shi Dae.
      • C-Rap's yell and the look on his face after COOL is announced as winner must be heard to be believed.
  • Chonny flipping his mother off in the beginning of the "Things I do when I'm home alone" video.
    • Chonny scooting around butt-naked on the floor
  • Chonny's Shower of Angst in the "Getting out of the shower" video, which ends with Chonny wiping his face with his dad's underwear.
    • Chonny giggling while making armpit fart noises. His dad is outside the bathroom, which the most disturbed expression on his face.
  • "How Asian Dads Drive"
    • "You know how your aunty die? You know, she eat this." *brandishes a large sandwich and cackles* "Fat bitch!"
    • Chonny's dad(played by Chonny) angrily asks Chonny if he's studying. Chonny responds "HAVE YOU?" He promptly gets whacked.
    • "The butter in here make you shit for days!"
    • "You look in this mirror, look here, look here, look-OH, SHIT!"
    • Chonny's dad telling Chonny that he pretends birds on the road are Chonny's mother, he tries to hit them with his car.
    • When pulled over for doing 50 in a 40 zone, Chonny's dad goes on about how much he loves the number 40: he is 40 years, he has 40 chickens, his wife gained 40 kilograms... then he breaks down in tears, sobbing "she gain forty kilogram".
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    • When trying to buy his way out of jailtime, Chonny's dad hands the officer a bowl of rice.
  • From "Teenage vs Adult Life"
    • Chonny's bed (with a person beneath the sheets flapping about to make it look like it's talking) wondering where Chonny is.
    • Adult!Chonny failing to talk to a girl, then tearfully lamenting his failure with Gratuitous Japanese and a body pillow (which immediately cries out for help)
    • Teen!Chonny leaving a pot cooking on the stove for hours, then returning, and panicking (with a plumbob appearing above his head) about the pot which was on fire, then throwing the pot's contents into the sink.
      • Adult!Chonny washing a (doll) baby (which is being manipulated by a clearly visible string) in the sink. The leaving a pot cooking on the stove situation happens again, only for Chonny to dump the pot's contents into the sink, right over the baby.
    • Teen!Chonny complaining that Pythagorean theorem will never show up on the upcoming test.
      • Adult!Chonny getting held up for...answers to a Pythagorean theorem question. The Brick Joke is lampshaded.
    • Adult!Chonny and Tom recreating the Big Damn Kiss scene from Inuyasha, with (annoyed about having to crossdress) Tom as Kagome and Chonny as the eponymous character. Tom leans in to kiss Chonny, who pushes him away, saying "get the fuck off!"

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