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A new destroyer joins the Yokosuka Naval Base, befriending old and new allies alike to fight their sworn enemies, the mysterious Abyssals. Little do they know, the first act of the war is drawing to a close...

Kancolle Alt is a KanColle fanfic written by Masterbaiter4.0, set in 2015 where the Abyssal War has been going on for about twenty years, beginning from the first Abyssal sightings in 1995, the war having been kept under wraps for the First Decade.


In 2003, the decision was made by the world governments to go public with the existence of ship girls, garnering public support at a time when the Abyssal Princesses were introduced, allowing public support to boost their productivity as the Abyssal War raged on.

It's been a little over another decade since then, and the Abyssals haven't been adhering to their Five-Year Plan to push out another wave of new technological developments and units since then, and although the routine of war has lulled everyone into a false sense of security, but the lesbian Admiral, Admiral Mako of the Yokosuka Naval Base, isn't convinced.

And a newly-crafted lucky little Shiratsuyu-Class destroyer arriving in Yokosuka will coincide with the Abyssal War taking a turn for the worse...

Inspired by Hieda no Akyuu's post-apocalyptic story, Ambience: A Fleet Symphony. Dead Fic not updated since January 2018.


Kancolle Alt contains examples of:

  • 20 Minutes into the Past: The fanfic takes place in an Alternate History 2015 where the Abyssal War has been going on for 20 years by the start of the story.
  • Alien Invasion: The basic premise of the story, where the alien Abyssals come from deep beneath the ocean and invade mankind, held at bay by the anthropomorphic personification of World War 2 warships called ship girls.
  • Alternate History: A global naval war against aliens notwithstanding, the real divergence begins with the nuking of New Orleans, Chicago and Atlanta as part of the Abyssal plan 'Apocalypse' kicking off World War III.
  • Amazon Brigade: The Yokosuka ship girl navy so far into the series, and the Abyssals can count as well.
  • Anatomy of the Soul: The ship girl is made up of three parts, all of them achieved with technological miracles that are currently beyond that of mankind's reach: the body, the mind, and the soul, the last of which is the most poorly understood, despite being the most advanced.
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  • Arch-Enemy: Yuubari to Akashi. This is best exemplified in Chapter 52, where despite being on different sides, they wish to capture and enslave the other out of 'love'. If capture is out of the question, they express their desire to either kill or be killed by the other, and no one else.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Shigure gives one to Shimakaze at the end of Chapter 10 when it becomes clear she's outrunning her guilt of having caused Amatsukaze's sinking.
    Shigure: You know that we destroyers utilize our extreme speed to outrun everyone.
    But I'm truly curious.
    Since when did you start running like a coward?
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: the Princesses in general, although they do have the stats and even the techniques to back up their pride.
    • The strongest Abyssal boss thus far, Phoebe the Battleship Water Demon, takes on Musashi, Mutsu, Nagato and Ise in close combat. All at once. Away from her Beast. It ends in a draw due to the battle ending and the Abyssals retreating.
  • Artificial Human: The ship girls are made out of steel, drink fuel as one of two major power sources to drive their superpowered modes, and are crafted to be above-average beauties with fully-developed and adaptable personalities.
  • Ass Kicks You: Iowa does this in Chapter 47.
  • Author Appeal: Several.
    • The author loves well-endowed adult women, as evidenced on his profile page as well as the uncommon occurrences where the text fixates on the jiggly parts of a woman's anatomy, the Admiral being in a relationship with nine ship girls, every single one of them being at the very least decently-stacked. He is also quite detailed in describing the love-making scenes between girls, be it human, ship girl or Abyssal.
      • Apparently, the Nagato, Yamato and Atago-Class are the Holy Trinity of that attraction, and the author explicitly wishes for their Kai Ni remodel to become reality.
    • He likes close-quarters combat, as evidenced by the myriad of techniques used to take out Abyssals, several moves being inspired by Dead or Alive, itself a fanservice-y game with admittedly high-octane combat techniques.
    • The amount of gore and brutality also seems to be inspired by Call of Duty: World At War, also about World War 2 with detailed gore mechanics.
    • The amount of Les Yay shipping is also something to note, what with the Admiral herself being in a relationship with nine ship girls, as well as Shiranui x Shigure and Zuikaku X Kaga being the most prominent ships.
      • And now there's Abyssal Yuubari X Akashi.
  • Badass Boast: Several in the course of the story thus far.
    • Hiei gives one in Chapter 12 after catching two large-caliber shells.
      Hiei: Let's play a game. You play, 'Shoot', and I'll play 'Catch'. I'll show you the might of a Kongou-Class battleship.
    • The Southern War Princess utters one in Chapter 23 when she realizes that she's fighting against auxiliary ships and weaker ship girls.
      Southern War Princess: Who are you to even dare to dream of winning?! I'm a god compared to you ants!
      • And in response,
      Kiso: Ahh, yes. When they ask of Kiso the Great, they'll know of the one tale where her cutlass drew the blood of God.
      Yes, that'll be quite the tale to tell…
      Unryuu: I don't care what you call yourself. An Abyssal, a Princess, God, whatever.
      You show up as a red dot on my radar, you're already marked for execution.
    • In Chapter 36, Sendai boasts,
      Sendai: To my knowledge, there's one Ne-Class and Ri-Class heavy cruiser, one Ru-Class battleship, a Ta-Class fast battleship and two He-Class light cruisers remaining.
      Don't worry.
      With me here, we'll be able to take 'em all down in five.
    • In Chapter 43, in response to Akatsuki's offer for 'flying lessons', Hibiki answers,
      Hibiki: Please. You don't teach a phoenix how to fly.
    • Unryuu had this to say when she sustains significant damage in the Battle of Twelve Navies.
      Unryuu: They can bleed me white, they can kill me, but they will never stop me.
      • Subverted when her own teammates knock her unconscious for her own good.
    • Phoebe the Battleship Water Demon drops three on the battleships, two in succession and one later on in Chapter 47.
      Phoebe: Quite the contrary, Jayme. I'm becoming rather fired up myself.
      I will sink them all, but not before making every single one of them realize their sin of daring to even dream that they could put a scratch on my armor with their sticks and stones.
      Phoebe: I am the epitome of all Abyssal-kind, that which represents the embodiment of everything you could never hope to become.
      In the company of ants, what has a Titan to fear?
      Phoebe: [After killing a Kai Ni Hiei] Besides, even when putting us on the defensive and outnumbering us, did you think I would deign to strike down someone who was hors de combat?
      The strong have no need to resort to such despicable acts to win.
  • Big Badass Battle Sequence: The Battle of Twelve Navies from Chapter 43 to 48. Ten Naval Bases in Kanto sortie almost all their available ship girls, working with the JSDF as the eleventh Navy along with ground and aerial vehicles to do battle with the Abyssals as they field an entire armada.
  • Blasphemous Boast: The Aircraft Carrier Water Demon, Lorelei, drops one in Chapter 44.
    Lorelei: Their jet fighters and plane count is impressive, no doubt about that, but you forget one thing, Dyson.
    I am the Aircraft Carrier Water Demon.
    When you look up at the skies and hope for a miracle, pray to me, and my planes shall deliver fire and brimstone from above on a level that will make even God envious.
  • Battle Aura: The stronger and/or more experienced ship girls and Abyssals possess one, focusing on the battle and pushing aside all irrelevant thoughts to devote their all into taking out the enemy.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Shigure and Jintsuu, so far.
  • Blood Knight: The 8th Fleet, in spades. The fact that almost all of them are ax-crazy 'helps' to push them beyond their statistical limits and perform better than any auxiliary fleet in the world.
    • Nagato counts, although she does a far better job of hiding it and keeping a cool head in battle.
  • Bloodier and Gorier: This story focuses on how the Abyssal War would really inflict damage on ship girls and Abyssals alike, which means that this trope comes into full effect when battles occur. These are a few examples so far into the story.
    • In Chapter 11, Junyou loses her left forearm and hand, and suffers from internal injuries due to shells coming into contact with her abdomen, causing internal bleeding. Tenryuu beheads an Abyssal Wo-Class while in combat in the same chapter.
    • Chapter 17 describes how much damage a life-sized battleship shell would deal to a humanoid destroyer. Let's just say.... Also, Kasumi gets a crater in her chest, while a missile barrage kills several ship girls and even outright sinks one.
    • The 8th Fleet takes this to the extreme with their bloody fighting techniques in Chapters 22 to 24 by slitting throats, setting on fire, kill via surgical equipment or flaming sword, etc etc. It's not pretty.
    • Chapter 43 to 48 is choke-full of this, with ship girls suffering extensive third-degree burns, get half their bodies blown off and killed left and right, and the Abyssals also suffer massive losses on their side in the large-scale battle.
  • Breath Weapon: Hayasui's fuel attack, Dragon's Desolating Sigh. It helps that her kind is built to drink fuel, thus most of the health hazards don't apply to her.
  • Bullet Catch: Made possible by a ship girl's enhanced reflexes and superhuman capabilities, this is demonstrated several times by ship girls who are skilled enough to pull it off.
  • Charles Atlas Superpower: Ship girls who possess neither innate talent nor unlockable potential simply train harder than most in order to improve their stamina, physique and techniques, allowing them to stay relevant in battle.
  • Contemplate Our Navels: The characters sometimes question their origins and contemplate life questions, the three principles of strength which arise from talent, potential and experience, as well as the nature of reincarnation and the yin-yang nature of ship girls and Abyssals. The manifestations of the ship girl soul in their dream world further explores these questions.
  • The Corruption: This is postulated to be what happens when a ship girl sinks; you get revived, brainwashed to fight against mankind, your past memories are wiped and will be sent out to fight those whom you once considered allies.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: In Chapter 53, Amatsukaze thoroughly thrashes the 2nd Fleet, and only leaves Chitose alive to carry their corpses back to Yokosuka, and Shimakaze gets Amatsukaze's prosthetic arm run through her chest for daring to stand up to the Abyssal J.O.A.N. destroyer.
  • Dating Catwoman: Yuubari and Akashi engage in reunion sex upon meeting each other after eight years before reaffirming their love for each other, despite the fact that Yuubari is now an Abyssal, who are enemies of the ship girls.
  • Death Ray: A staple technique of Abyssal Beasts, to fire a Hyper Beam that annihilates anything in the way, but can't be used in succession.
  • Discount Lesbians: The ship girls are crafted to be bisexual, and can fall in love with Admirals of either gender or other ship girls, explaining the in-game behavior of ship girls who are attracted to their sisters and the in-story polyamorous relationship of Admiral Mako.
  • Dissonant Serenity: How Unryuu ends up on the infamous 8th Fleet; she suppresses all emotion and lets go of all material attachments to this world, calmly fighting on without thinking twice about losing limbs or taking damage in order to improve her performance, effectively making her a Terminator in spirit.
  • Double Jump: Named Cloud Walk, this is a special move of destroyers (and certain skilled light cruisers) who attain their Kai or Kai Ni remodels and gain boost gauges, and because they're the fastest and lightest class, most destroyers can do them, although it takes time to perfect.
  • During the War: The Abyssal War began long before the main character was crafted, and is already nearing its twentieth year as a war (almost) entirely fought on the seas. Too bad the Abyssals are hatching a plan to turn it into a full-blown World War by invading the land and skies... which they do.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The story pre-rewrite was considerably more word-ridden and detracted from the main plot more often due to the author's inexperience and his lack of focus on any particular genre, resulting in a creator backlash when the story was nuked and was rewritten, stating personal reasons for finding his past work unsatisfactory and not meeting his standards. It's gotten better.
  • Earth Is a Battlefield: In which the seven seas, which takes up about 71% of Earth's surface, have become the battlefields where ship girls and Abyssals do battle.
    • And soon, so will the remaining 29% when Apocalypse comes to fruition.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Mentioned almost verbatim by Unryuu in Chapter 46 as she gets taken out by Kiso (and Akashi), who are both on the same fleet as her, when Unryuu suffers considerable damage but intends to fight on.
  • Everyone Can See It: Between Kaga and Zuikaku, except for Kaga herself. One of the subplots is Junyou enlisting the carriers' (and everyone else's if need be) assistance to help Zuikaku get together with Kaga.
  • Everyone Is Bi: All of the ship girls are created to be bisexual to allow them to love anyone regardless of gender, explaining some of the ship girls' romantic love towards their own sisters and towards other ship girls, but are fully capable of falling in love with human males, male Admirals being the most convenient candidates.
  • Everything Breaks: In a non-gaming version of this trope, the battlefields are capable of being destroyed, an example being an entire building which is demolished with explosives and dropped on a street in Chapter 60 order to slow down the advancing Abyssals and force their armored vehicles to take detours.
  • Eye Scream:
    • A Ru-Class battleship (likely) got shot in the eye in Chapter 11.
    • Junyou activates her night-vision in order to observe The Flying Dutchman, and several searchlights being shone her way instantly blinds her.
    • One Wo-Class clearly loses an eye in the aftermath of Chapter 37.
  • Final Solution: Praised as being an effective method of mass extermination, the Abyssals intend to wipe out all of mankind via this method after improving on the speed and efficiency of processing humans.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: Hayasui takes advantage of her fleet oiler status in order to fuel a flamethrower while Akitsu Maru uses a 12-gauge Benelli M4 shotgun with Dragon's Breath shells, amongst their other weapons of choice.
  • Flash Step: Named Shukuchi, it is a special technique of light cruisers (and certain Kai Ni destroyers) who specialize in agility and can blitz across the battlefield, making them hard to hit. It does take practice to perfect, however.
  • Fun with Acronyms: J.O.A.N. is used to categorize the Abyssal units who are uniquely designed to lead the land invasion with their Beasts which can transform into vehicle forms, and stands for Joint Offensive Abyssal Newtype.
  • Geo Effects: The Abyssals once lured an entire armada out from the province of Aceh, Indonesia into the ocean before submerging and allowing the incoming tsunami to wipe out the ship girl armada in the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.
  • Girl-on-Girl Is Hot: Admiral Mako kisses Aoba in Chapter 9, and kisses Mutsu in Chapter 39.
    • The last third of Chapter 49. It's named REVITALIZE for a reason.
    • And in Chapter 52, Akashi has sex with an Abyssalized Yuubari.
    • Hiei has sex with Haruna in the second half of Chapter 63.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Aoba, with her research and curiosity for the unknown, attempts to experiment and tinker with a ship girl's psyche by herself and attain what are essentially superpowers. She now has to live in a copper-shielded room like a hermit because she can't turn it off.
  • Heads-Up Display: The ship girls possess them as androids, although they have to activate their ship girl modes to be able to see them.
  • Immortality Begins at Twenty: Destroyers age faster than any other class while carriers and battleships hardly age, leading theorists to come to the conclusion that their growth plateaus when reaching adulthood.
  • Improbably Female Cast: Every one of the ship girls are, well, female, and so are the Abyssals. The Admiral is female and is into girls, and the number of male characters in the story can be counted on one hand.
  • In Your Nature to Destroy Yourselves: The conversation with Woxanne in Chapter 7 hints that the Abyssals see humans as this, unable to truly unite as one people due to their self-destructive tendencies and shortsightedness. Subverted as of Chapter 60.
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: Done in Chapter 38 in order to communicate with the sentient soul. They enter a dream world by invoking a phenomenon called Kyoka Suigetsu and negotiate with their soul to draw out more power, which is then used to power New Wave technology or powers.
  • Kansas City Shuffle: Done by Admiral Mako when she uses the submarines to lay naval mines in secret, making it look as if that's what she's attempting to secretly do, which the Abyssals notice but dismiss as insignificant as they plan to go above them. Turns out the mines, which don't look any different from ordinary naval mines, are rigged with a nasty surprise beforehand which the Abyssals overlooked as a result...
  • Kill All Humans: The Abyssals are hell-bent on bringing about the extermination of all mankind for reasons unknown.
  • Meaningful Name: Several Abyssal Princesses and their Beasts possess meaningful names, some include:
    • The Re-Class is named WReck while her tailed Beast is named Quetzalcoatl, a feathered-serpent god.
    • The Battleship Symbiotic Water Demon is named Phoebe while her twin-headed Beast is named Jaunus, after the two-headed Roman god.
    • The Northern Water Princess is named Helena while her spherical Beast which is stuck to her back is named Atlas.
  • Mildly Military: Somewhat justified, as the ship girls are all seasoned war veterans and (mostly) know how to conduct themselves.
  • Oh, Crap!: When the Infiltration Fleet realizes that Apocalypse will consists of a full-on World War being waged on a global scale.
    • Whenever The Flying Dutchman makes its appearance, especially its first.
    • When Admiral Mako starts to suspect that the Abyssals have already built land (and likely air)-based war vehicles to start the next world war
    • Not explicitly stated, but the Abyssals likely got one of their own in Chapter 45 when the ship girls Banzai Charge their position after the bombers, jet fighters and battleships soften them up from all directions.
    • In Chapter 51, a hydrogen bomb is test fired via ICBM and detonates over the Pacific Ocean in a show of force by the Abyssals. To say that everyone panics is an understatement.
  • Oh, Crap, There Are Fanfics of Us!: It is acknowledged that there exists doujinshi featuring the ship girls in this world, and it's something no one wants to talk about, practically being a berserk button amongst the most often-featured ship girls.
  • One-Liner: Several can double as badass boasts in their own right.
    • A few of them are dropped in Chapter 23.
      Akashi: [In response to Southern War Princess's 'I am a god' comment] Oh, if you're a god, then I wonder if I can cut you up and obtain a blood sample for further studies? I haven't operated on a god before, so my apologies if I appear a little over-enthusiastic.
      Ise: You extol about what you've accomplished as an Abyssal Princess, and how you're almost godlike when compared to us, who are practically ants to you.
      But I ask of you this question.
      Was it a written rule of this world where ants couldn't kill gods?
      Fire beats armor, bitches!
      Two barbecued Abyssals, coming right up!
    • Haruna had this to say in response to Sendai's 'Well, I'd say that we're pretty fucked, so anyone got a way to unfuck us?'.
      Haruna: Do not worry. More than one, Haruna has eight. [Fires all eight large-caliber cannons]
    • Said back-to-back in Chapter 46.
      Re-Class: And since I know you're related to her, Little Miss Chuunibyou, I'll make it simple.
      Since she isn't here, how loud do I have to make you squeal in pain to get her to double-time it here and meet me again?
      Kiso: [In response] The only way you're meeting my sister again is as a taxidermied Abyssal head which will be mounted outside the 8th Fleet's bedroom.
    • In Chapter 47, Ise harpoons an Abyssal destroyer by throwing her katana.
      Ise: I put the cute in execute!
      I put the laughter in slaughter!
      And the katana in the Abyssal, ahaha!
    • Yamato fired back at a Symbiotic Battleship Princess after beating her in the Battle of Twelve Navies.
      Yamato: If you want to come at me with your gang of clones in my sea next time, bring it on any day.
      I'll kick all of your asses and keep our great ocean salty with your tears.
  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore : The ship girls, having fought the Abyssals on the sea for two decades, have their world flipped upside down as Apocalypse comes into play, the Abyssals having prepared air and ground forces as they nuke Atlanta, New Orleans and Chicago in order to herald the start of World War III and invade every country on Earth.
  • Nuke 'em: Sakawa, possessing a Beast large enough to launch an ICBM loaded with a hydrogen bomb warhead, demonstrates her might by test-firing it into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The amount of destruction caused even at that distance is horrifying, Nagato and Saratoga rightfully going into full-blown panic attacks.
    • And then Atlanta, New Orleans and Chicago gets nuked...
  • Magikarp Power: Downplayed, but still present. Although nowhere as serious as a water-type fish Pokemon, ship girls who possess incredible potential are initially weak and will have to work hard to unlock their full potential (determined by their past accomplishments in World War 2 as well as available remodels), but they will gain strength beyond measure with their Kai Ni remodels.
  • Parrying Bullets: Made possible by their enhanced reflexes and superhuman capabilities, ship girls with swords are capable of doing this to fired shells of smaller calibers, as evidenced by Kiso demonstrating this in Chapter 9.
  • Playing with Fire: Amatsukaze possesses this power, complementing her fiery tsundere personality in her past life.
  • Pre Ass Kicking One Liner:
    • Chapter 14 has two. When Hyuga ends up sparring against Yamato, she has to say to the aspiring Yamato-Class battleship.
      Hyuga: Maintain your hold on your weapon. Don't drop your guard for a second. Keep your eyes on me at all times. Because if you don't...
      [Hyuga's battle aura flares up] ...You'll be dead before you know it.
    • In the same chapter, in response to Hyuga's line, 'Well now, Nagato-san. It looks as if it's just us two left.', Nagato had this to say.
      Hyuga: No, Hyuga-san. It'll be just me. You're going down.
    • Kiso gives out one to the Southern War Princess in Chapter 23,
      Kiso: Kuma-Class Torpedo Cruiser, Kiso! And this here's my beloved sword, The Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven!
      But there's no need for you to worry your pretty little head over trying to remember my swords's name, because it'll be coming off that elegant neck of yours soon enough as I grant you a resplendent death!
    • Kitakami has one for the Re-Class Abyssal in Chapter 37 as the Re-Class boasts about her invincibility.
      Kitakami: Well, it's quite clear why you'd think of yourself in such a manner.
      In all your past battles, you certainly haven't met anyone like me, which explains why you didn't turn and run at the sight of me approaching.
      Good thing I met you tonight.
      I'm gonna do what your superiors never got around to doing and beat those delusions of invincibility out of your little mind.
    • Chapter 43 has a Kai Ni Yuudachi from another base boasting,
      Yuudachi: Just because it's daytime right now, doesn't mean the nightmares stop haunting you, baby!
      Let's get this party started!
    • Yamato has one for Dyson the Symbiotic Battleship Princess after being mockingly asked if her sword was truly able to cut through everything in Chapter 48.
      Yamato: I don't need to be able to cut everything under the sun.
      Right now, your armored skin and steel flesh will do.
  • Razor Wind: A technique of Yamato, named Heaven Splitting Blade, is to put her battleship strength behind her blade and slash down with all her might, splitting the ocean with an air compression wave. Made possible by her nigh-unmatched super-strength.
  • Rousing Speech: Nagato gives one in Chapter 45, when she tries to convince the ship girls to charge the Abyssal armada in order to engage in a decisive close-quarters engagement after the Abyssals are forced into retreating due to Admiral Mako's naval mine trap.
    Nagato: Behind us are the humans, not just of Japan but also the world, whose fate rests on our shoulders. Standing beside us are our comrades who fight, sweat and bleed alongside us! And standing before us and impeding our path to victory are the Abyssals, who threaten everything which we hold dear!
    So where else must we move but forward, into the fray?!
  • Science-Fiction Fanfic: Artificial Human gynoids fending off an Alien Invasion by genocidal aliens rising from deep beneath the ocean.
  • Sea Mine: Rose to prominence as mankind and the Fairies learnt to craft Anti-Abyssal naval mines, passively deterring Abyssals from sailing into certain areas.
  • Sea Monster: The existing Abyssal Beasts, and even the more bestial Abyssal mook units can qualify, but several New Wave Beasts certainly take the cake with Sakawa's island turtle and Lorelei's Mosasaurus and Kronosaurus Beasts, two of her four Beasts which are currently revealed.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Several of the chapter titles are shout-outs to existing works.
      • Chapter 5 appears to reference Daft Punk's Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
      • Chapter 22 appears to reference an obscure musical work, also named Freaks of Nuture by Holy Wave.
      • Chapter 38 as well as the third cover image for the story clearly references Ghost in the Shell.
      • Chapter 40 references Creedence Clearwater Revival's Bad Moon Rising.
      • Chapter 43 is named after the book of war strategies by Sun Tzu.
      • Chapter 45 and Nagato's line are based on King Henry's 'Once More Unto The Breach' speech in Henry V.
      • Chapter 51 is based on Pink Floyd's Two Suns In The Sunset.
    • The fourth cover image for the fanfic, as well as the Author's Note in Chapter 51 is based on Solaire's sun worship quote and pose in Dark Souls.
    • In Chapter 7, Kagerou drops a quote from Lethal Weapon, although it's misuse mirrors that of Peter from Family Guy.
    • Akashi uses her repair hooks to reel lighter enemies in like Pudge from Dota 2, and in Chapter 23, she quotes one of the hero's lines in the game.
    • Chapter 31 has two. One is a redrawn Captain America cover which featured Saratoga punching Bismarck in the face. The second is a quote commonly associated with the Titanic, 'God himself couldn't sink this ship.'.
    • In Chapter 51, Sakawa quotes Robert Oppenheimer's famous (but probably mistranslated) quote, which was quoted from the Bhagavad Gita.
    • Chapter 52 references Frankenstein, School Days and Sherlock Holmes, especially the conflict between the world-famous detective and the Napoleon of Crime with the song Bobby Darin's 'Beyond The Sea' used to illustrate Yuubari's feelings and end goal concerning Akashi.
  • Speculative Fiction: The story contains beings made from steel to be superhuman, have artificial intelligence which can learn and grow like humans, and a mysterious power source which is commonly referred to as their soul. Naturally, the lines between science-fiction and fantasy are blurred with its impossibly advanced technology, and the inherent bisexuality of the ship girls naturally lead to...
  • Speculative Fiction LGBT: The ship girls are bisexual, and even though it has been stated in-story that it is possible for them to be attracted to males, being an Amazon Brigade means that there is a lot of girl-on-girl action during the down time between battles.
  • The Dreaded: The Flying Dutchman is quickly becoming one, being a life-sized, submersible Nagato-Class battleship with various new weapons alongside its large-caliber cannons and vertical-launch missiles, as well as its ability to sortie more Abyssals when it surfaces.
  • Token Evil Teammate: The 8th Fleet, what with the bloody path of Abyssal corpses they leave in their wake and warped personalities, which makes everyone else hesitant to work with them and doubles as the chaotic good of the series due to being undeniably on the side of good despite their questionable tactics and personal views.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Innately talented ship girls possess strong stats the moment they are crafted, but lack the training and experience needed to make full use of their talents and strengths, although it is possible to subvert this with enough time, experience and training.
  • War Fic: In that the ship girls fight the Abyssals in a naval war that spans decades even before the start of the story.
  • War Is Hell: The fic centers around how a (slightly) more realistic Kantai Collection war would be fought, which includes ship girls and Abyssals being immolated, losing limbs, getting killed in gruesome ways before being revived, and more.
  • Warfare Regression: The Abyssals are capable of crash-diving in the time it takes for airborne missiles to reach them and they can evade (relatively) slow-moving warship cannons, and the Abyssal War goes back to sortieing infantry units known as ship girls on the ocean to engage in close-quarters combat, with humans assisting by sortieing destroyers and jet fighters to assist in shelling support.
  • Wham Line: Several, most of them coming from everyone else but the ship girls of Yokosuka.
    • The end of Chapter 12 gives a good one, although who's saying it constitutes as a spoiler.
      Yuubari: All hands on deck.
      Sortie The Flying Dutchman.
    • Chapter 19 features one from Admiral Mako.
      Admiral Mako: Oh Ooyodo, my dear. I'm not just afraid of them building tanks, warships or even planes without our knowledge.
      I'm afraid that those may not be the only things that they've built.
    • The Abyssal commander Yuubari gives another in Chapter 29.
      Yuubari: Capture? Oh no, Dyson-chan. Like I told you, we're to deal maximum damage to them in this battle. To that end, we're going to sortie ten Princesses.
      We will give no quarter in this battle.
      Everyone will die.
    • The soul manifestations of Tatsuta and Tenryuu only have this foreboding answer when asked of the possibility that an Abyssal might get access to New Wave powers in Chapter 38.
      !Tatsuta: Well, we power both ship girls and Abyssals.
      So long as their technology is up to par, they should also be capable of speaking to us like you are doing right now and gain access to the same power source, no?
  • World of Action Girls: The fanfic mostly consists of ship girls, female soldiers who fight a war against female aliens, with a lesbian Admiral being in charge of one of Japan's largest naval bases.
  • Your Head Asplode: An uncommon way to die in war, and it's often the Abyssals who get this treatment.
  • Zerg Rush: End of Chapter 45 features one. Somewhat justified, seeing that the Abyssals are retreating due to being partially wiped out by their trap, and they have battleships shelling, swarms of bombers and the JASDF's jet fighters covering their advance, so it's not a suicidal Banzai Charge.