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This is a character sheet for the web comic Las Lindas.

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     Main Cast 

Mora Linda

Kissing up to the boss? Please, by all means!

Age: 30
Species: Shorthorn Cow
Likes: Wine, Sunning, Lovin'
First Appearance: LL#1

Mora is the star of Las Lindas. She’s the sole owner of her family’s vegetable farm, alone after the passing of her mother and the estrangement from the remainder of her small family. Mora was born with a short fuse and a fiery soul, clashing with anyone who disagrees with her and ultimately leaving home at a young age because of her unwillingness to accept her family’s way of life. Mora grew up a harsh and selfish woman, living many temporary lives as she lived an eternal childhood of drinking and fun. She grew to rely on her home-grown natural beauty to celebrate every day and drink her troubles away every night, waking in bed with whomever would take her; no man satisfied her. Mora is untamable, strong-willed, and very independent. She’s lived a life without a future and was immune to regret. Only the sudden news of her mother’s passing was significant enough to transform her wild nights into the long days of field work back on her rustic family farm. Las Lindas, now dilapidated from many years without Mora’s family’s care, is now Mora’s refuge to reflect upon herself and mature. Unfortunately, the demanding stress of keeping her family’s business from those who seek to take it has been taxing her too strongly. Now she seeks help and able workers to come to Las Lindas and get it running just as her parents had, and she sure has found herself a colorful bunch of characters indeed.


I work for a peaceful life. What else would I need?

Age: ???
Species: Bull
Likes: Crafts, Painting, Peanut Brittle
First Appearance: LL#13

Minos is an inexplicable man who literally wandered up into Mora’s life. Age, previous work record, where he is from, and what he is doing here are all unknown. After an accidental meeting, Minos came to the farm saying only that he wanted to live his life in peace. Minos surely did not know who he was dealing with, as Mora’s been successfully pulling his heartstrings ever since he arrived. Minos sees something in Mora he hasn't in years and is finally starting to yield a little in order to be with her. Minos doesn't talk much and doesn't believe in idle conversation. He will often ignore a direct question or supply an insufficient answer just to remain veiled and independent. However, at times when the situation demands it the most, Minos will sagely provide the means for peace to prevail. As a great equalizing force with both the wisdom and the muscle to sway the lives of others, Minos is often thought of as Mora’s much needed other half, calmly assessing situations and doing what is best regardless of opposing forces. Minos grew on Mora’s good side rather quickly by working unlike anyone Mora has ever seen before. He works long hours, demands nothing in return, and simply makes himself useful during his off hours with few hobbies or plans for the future. What is known about the curious powerhouse is the fact that he takes great enjoyment working the rustic chores of Mora’s farm. Almost as if he understands his task on a greater level than everyone else, every job he touches turns to gold. The members of the farm have grown to trust Minos despite his mysterious nature, but still feel he is otherworldly because not only does Minos finish his laborious tasks with relative ease; he finishes them in record time. Sometimes, on rare occasion, some say they have seen him execute feats of obviously immortal strength.

  • Noble Demon: Even during his time as the Emperor's dragon, he is shown to have had a strong sense of honor and duty, and refused to kill unless absolutely necessary.
  • The Peter Principle: Hands on, hard working farmhand? He's great at that. A suit wearing, higher position management type...not so much.

Miles Lionheart

People don’t live very long. So why should I waste all of my time being poor and ordered around

Age: 24
Species: American Shorthair Cat
Likes: Engineering, Women, Aviation
First Appearance: LL#8

Miles is the self-proclaimed most awesome individual in the universe. Miles spent his early college years under the strain of indignity, unable to conform to student life mainly due to a lack of ambition or goal. Miles’ earlier frustrations forge a strong belief of individualism in him where he believes that other people should never have control over what he says or does. And this feeling causes him to speak his mind with confidence and gusto, always knowing that he is the “only one who’s got it right.” Miles’ need to be free conflicts with his desire for companionship time and time again and he is desperately searching for someone who understands him and will often temporarily abandon his own self-righteousness to get intimate. But it never lasts for long. The people Miles meets often find his views repugnant, feeling he’s a selfish egoist who is only after money, sex, and fun. But in truth, Miles is just trying to exist in the present, and live in the only world that matters. Mora’s farm is a paradise to him, where he can deliver little effort, get paid, and enjoy the company of many potential lovers as Las Lindas’ amicable rogue.

  • Made a Slave: His first appearance is Mora blackmailing him into working on the farm for free Or Else she tells the police he was illegally soliciting sex.

Ria "Taffy " Rudiger

Don't worry, dear. I'll take care of you. We're all family under this roof

Age: 26
Species: Snowshoe Rabbit
Likes: Cooking, Sweets, Tabletop Gaming
First Appearance: LL#8

Taffy is a receptive young woman who feels she’s responsible for keeping all of Las Lindas healthy, safe, and happy. She was recruited to Las Lindas as a simple maid and cook, but she also brought with her an invaluable essence of comfort, making Las Lindas feel like a real home. But despite her dedication to Mora being greatly appreciated, Taffy’s selfless nature seems to stem from lack of self-esteem and this worries those who care about her. Taffy is unable to take charge of a situation, often looking to others to support and guide her through life. And she will often find herself viscerally unable to refuse someone she cares about, postponing her goals of education and self-fulfillment in light of other’s needs. Taffy makes the happiness of others her personal responsibility, and the farm and those in it have become the family she always wanted.

Rachael Saleigh

There's nothing wrong with high standards. It's your problem that you don't meet them.

Age: 23
Species: Bombay Cat
Likes: Workouts, Football, Gr 8 Juice
First Appearance: LL#54

Rachael Saleigh was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, privileged yet unloved. She ran away from home on impulse at a very young age to escape a life she didn't want and has repeated this strategy many times before Las Lindas. In her earliest years, she was shy and abashed from the constant flaunting as an intelligent child-prodigy. But Rachael is now hard from the cruelties of life, striking at it with brute force and serpentine tongue to distance herself from anything she feels is unsafe or unworthy of her time. Rachael’s strongest trait is her ability to focus and understand exactly what she needs to do to succeed. But due to her regimental self-maintenance, she is spiteful to anyone who doesn't meet her unusually high standards. Rachael believes her only happy moments in life were those with Sarah. And Rachael’s sense of duty stems from a desire to see Sarah kept healthy and safe, as Rachael believes herself to be Sarah’s one chance for a better life. And Sarah, in turn, is the only person that gives Rachael’s life happiness and meaning, creating a motherly protectiveness as well as their sisterly bond. Rachael views her life on the farm as a chance to finally do things ‘the right way’ for herself and her sister, but still retains the skills and attitude it took to live in much harder circumstances.

  • Berserk Button: Try anything with Sarah, and she will make you suffer.
  • Foil: To Mora, arguably. Mora had most, if not all, of the aspects of her good life given to her on a silver platter. Rachael, by contrast, had to work tooth and nail her entire life just to survive, much less live a good life.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Revealed to be one in her past, which led to her running away from home in the first place.

Sarah Silkie

We did it, Rach! We found our new home! Now let's do our part to help!

Age: 18
Species: American Shorthair Cat
Likes: Friends, Climbing, Flowers
First Appearance: LL#54

Sarah believes that her life is a wonderful adventure. A life full of love, treasure, and the fun of pursuing both. She’s young at heart and seems immune to the maturity others gain in harsh circumstances, maintaining a childish air through her years. Even though her life has been one of poverty, Sarah was raised by her surrogate sister Rachael while on the run from those they steal from to survive. While this life would have easily hardened many children, Rachael dedicated herself to protecting Sarah’s innocence and making sure that the adventure of Sarah’s life was sheltered from tragedy. Sarah now lives happily on Las Lindas, projecting family roles onto the first people she’s been able to get to know. Taffy, her mother. Randal, a big brother. Everyone at Las Lindas is now becoming something more to Sarah, making her afraid to return to their transient life. But this doesn’t get Sarah down. She’s vibrant, beautiful, and enjoying every day at Las Lindas, probably because she never does any work.

  • Womanchild: She rarely, if ever, behaves or thinks like someone above the age of 10 at most.

Idward Focks

I consider surrounding myself with the most beautiful things in life to be the noblest of pursuits.

Age: 24
Species: Artic Fox
Likes: Literature, Fantasy, Culture
First Appearance: LL#39

Idward Focks is a man Mora encountered on her initial adventures into the world. While their time together was short, Idward remembers it as a defining moment where he thinks he’s met the woman he will be with for eternity, despite her protests. Mora’s beauty, current position, and reckless attitude are all very attractive to the young fox, who always felt that women like Mora simply didn’t exist outside of fantasy, and now he pursues her as his “once in a lifetime” opportunity to have it all. Idward is an accomplished fantasy writer, having created many literary works across his career of varying success and his popularity is mostly attributed to his unconventional nature. Idward has difficulty separating the fantasy he’s engulfed in with reality, resulting in his speech blurring between that of a normal person and his crafted romantic characters. Idward is extremely comfortable with new, fantastic things, like the presence of his now visible “muses”, Din and Jin.

  • Author Avatar: Most forget that Id'ward Focks was originally the avatar of Id_fox.

Randal Hawthorne

All of my strength comes from my family. Now that they are together again, I feel like I can do anything.

Age: 33
Species: Border Collie
Likes: Shampoo, Soccer, Spicy Food
First Appearance: LL#154

Randal is Diana Linda’s adopted son, living in her home from a toddler to a college bound adult. And ever since his earliest waking memory he has been best friends with Diana’s biological daughter, Mora Linda. The circumstances of Randal’s adoption are tragic; however he holds no memory of his original parents. Diana’s care was perfect and her love for Randal was uncompromising. Randal, to this day, still considers Diana to be his real mother and is purposefully evasive when told otherwise, which, unfortunately, means Randal has arguably taken the death of Diana the hardest. While the others that have known Diana can accept her passing and grow, Randal continues to suffer in her absence and it has affected his life more than any other event. Randal had to part from the Las Lindas household when Mora and Alejandra both announced their plans to leave, but did so very reluctantly. He returned out of loyalty to Las Lindas multiple times a month to visit his adopted mother and tell her of his achievements playing soccer while in college. This put a lot of strain on his existing friendships and relationships at that time, making the charismatic, energetic dog unhappily alone. After Diana’s death, he vanished. Randal only returned later to find Mora once he heard the Las Lindas homestead was again becoming the home he remembered.

  • Bishounen: Has been mistaken for a girl at least once. Partially due to the girl's shampoo he uses.
  • Lethal Chef: Apparently, his cooking's not too's just too spicy.


There’s so much more to this 'living' thing than I’d thought. I gotta learn all I can about it!

Age: 0
Species: Resident Spirit
Likes: Mora, Sarah, Excitement
First Appearance: LL#112

Digit is Mora’s ‘Resident Spirit’ for Las Lindas. Resident spirits are priceless additions to their owner’s life because they are very versatile, personal servants that harmonize with their owner to better understand their needs. The scope of their utility is so broad that they can bring the house they serve virtually to life through automation. Digit’s link to Mora allows her to understand the business of Las Lindas and how to serve it best. Digit monitors many of the ‘automatic’ tasks on the farm like irrigation, electrical power, and even house security. But the reality is that Digit is only fulfilling a small bit of her potential. Resident spirits learn about life through the link to their master and grow in tandem with them. But Mora hasn’t been willing to fully embrace Digit as she was seemingly forced into Mora’s life by Ambar, leaving her suspicious of Digit’s true purpose. Digit’s resulting inexperience, compounded with the side effect of her childish naïveté, seem to get her into trouble at every turn. The one clear thing about Digit is that she intends to serve her owner the best she can and become all she can be, knowing full well what wonders she will be able to accomplish if Mora will let Digit into her heart.


Age: ~60
Species: Nymphs
Likes: Trickery, Sprinkles, Wicked Cosplay
First Appearance: LL#380

Din and Jin are nymphs, sentient creatures composed of intangible energy that can manipulate reality in ways no one else can. While there are supposedly more of them and other strange and fantastic creatures out there somewhere, Din and Jin are special in that they take great amusement in directly interfering in the lives of mortals and have targeted Las Lindas for their latest and greatest schemes of trickery, shenanigans, and otherwise blatant tom-foolery. Din and Jin are always together, rarely separating for any reason other than to execute one of their plans. But after meeting Idward on the beaches of Aruba, Din and Jin have begun to see things differently from one another and are now challenging each other to “bets” to see who is right about love and lust. Din and Jin are invisible to everyone except to those that they choose. They can fly effortlessly, don’t need to eat or breathe, and live for a span of time just shy of eternity. But Din and Jin have a singular, unique ability that defines them as nymphs. They can see and alter the emotions, dreams, and memories of mortals with the power of suggestion. They use this information for their own amusement by changing the mundane into the unexpected. While they are not completely without morals, they often will abandon their sense of right and wrong just for the sake of experimentation and fun.

  • Evil Redhead: Din counts for this when she and Jin use Sarah to try and kill Digit.
  • Knights of Cerebus: Their actions caused the most serious arc to date.
  • The Nicknamer: They have a special name for almost every cast member. (Minos is the Strong One, Idward is the Artist, Sarah is the Clueless One, etc)
    • Subverted in the case that, according to the forums, they don't believe mortal names mean a thing, since they think it is easy to change it, so they name everyone according to the way they see them.

Alejandra Alej/Patches Coldthorne

It was the ends that were destructive, but not the means. I’m putting all I’ve earned on the line for the chance to get it right this time.

Age: 30
Species: Holstein Cow
Likes: Sauna, Gunnery, Cars
First Appearance: LL#46

Alejandra knows the ins and outs of the commercial world like the back of her hand. As a shining example of rags to riches, Alejandra came from humble beginnings as a farmer’s daughter to founding one of the most dominant forces of Gossamer’s agricultural market. Emboldened by years of success, she has grown used to getting what she wants from anyone, whether it is a lucrative partnership contract or preferential treatment from city officials. But the emergence of Las Lindas farm has caused her to feel threatened with not only the possibility of direct competition, but with the chance that her rival, Mora Linda, might once again take something that she feels is rightfully hers. Alejandra’s dedication to her title is the most prominent symptom of her lust for power, wanting to live in the idea of her success rather than simply enjoying it. And at times when this idea is challenged, she seeks “unorthodox” methods in preserving her image as a prominent figure in her industry.

  • An Aesop: Don't dedicate your life to revenge; you'll end up screwing yourself over.
  • Hot Librarian: She has all of the physical qualities of this despite not actually being a librarian.
  • Noodle Incident: Her and Mora competing for a man named James when they were younger.
  • Pet Rat: The group of men harassing Mora in chapter one work for her.
  • Promotion to Parent: As is the case with Mora and Digit, she's a surrogate one to Phi.

Tootsie Roswell

Why does it need a rocket launcher? Like, rockets aren't going to launch themselves, are they?!

Age: 28
Species: Mouse
Likes: Science, Cheese, Tabletop Gaming
First Appearance: LL#49

Tootsie is Alejandra’s trusted personal assistant and the lead of Alejandra’s research and development at her company. Tootsie’s genius was easy for Alejandra to spot when they first met at the bottom of the totem pole in Alexandria Dairy. Because of that, Tootsie has been kept very close to Alejandra both as a loyal friend and extremely valuable asset. The financial resources Tootsie’s earned at her position have allowed others to gaze into the complex and dangerously frivolous imagination of this mouse, as she has created things that border outside-the-box invention and mad-scientist super weapon. Tootsie’s reasoning for why she augments the mundane into the monolithic causes her co-workers to question her sanity and moral compass, but she has contributed many grand designs to Alejandra’s intellectual property over the years, making her immune to the consequences of her actions. Tootsie is extremely grateful to Alejandra for making life so much more fun and, as thanks, she dedicates all of her time to serving her boss’ personal needs.

  • Relationship Upgrade: Unlike Smithers, she eventually get up the nerve to tell Alej how she feels, and after a few rough spots they finally start a proper relationship.


Boring rules prevail only when fun leaders do nothing.

Age: ???
Species: Bear
Likes: Chinese Dresses, Paraiso, Meddling
First Appearance: LL#94

Ambar is the esteemed representative of the Prime race and widely loved around the world as a noble public servant and genuinely wonderful person. Ambar is the Prime’s first elected official, serving in the place of the absent queen, the last of the Prime’s royal bloodline. While it is expected for the elected ‘High Prime’ to step down once the real queen emerges, many question if this tradition will ever happen due to the love for Ambar’s compassion and efficiency in government. Ambar’s natural cunning and awe-inspiring intellect allowed her to earn her fortune as the C.E.O. of a research institute before and during her administration. Her life-defining invention, the versatile energy-based material known as “Nano-Zell”, reshaped the livelihoods of the Primes on many levels and ushered them into a time of unequaled prosperity. On a more personal level, she is fun-loving and flirtatious, never forgetting that she is an attractive woman and active socialite. Recently, we have discovered Minos knows this woman well enough to ask for favors. And now that Ambar’s attention has been focused on the young Las Lindas farm, who knows what will become of it.

  • Berserk Button: she doesn't take too kindly of being called a hamster.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: She's one of the most popular characters on the "Ask the Cast" section of the forums.
  • Moral Myopia/Omniscient Morality License: She rigs the Harvest Fair competition-a sacred ritual, by the way-in Mora's favor because she has a crush on her. She also tries to feed Alejandra a big ol' shit sandwich by forcing her into a tie with Mora by Rules Lawyering; and forbids her from complaining. When Alejandra of course takes umbrage, she makes good on her threat and disqualifies her. Then she has the gall to admit she rigged the whole thing in front of a huge crowd.

Vincent Sirius


I'm here to be your resident spirit, Miss Alejandra.

Age: ???
Species: Resident Spirit
Likes: Alejandra, Digit, Reason
First Appearance: LL#380

Alejandra's timid and senstive resident spirit.

  • Walking Spoiler: Her very existence is tied to a key turning point in Alej's growth.

Sunny Cooper

It's OK! I got this under control. I'M THE MANAGER!

Age: 22
Species: Golden Retriever
Likes: Fishing, Being Organized, Dating
First Appearance: LL#402

Sunny applied to the Las Lindas farm with the dream that she would one day own the place. While some might see a manager’s position as a step in a long ladder for their career, for Sunny it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she could not pass up. And now that luck’s dealt her an impossibly good hand, she’s in it to win it. Not only would Las Lindas give her the peace and stability a nice paycheck would bring for her own beloved parents, but it would give her the chance to work for a woman she really looks up to. While Sunny’s introduction to the farm was anything but conventional and Mora may have to deal with her hero-worship from time to time, Sunny attempts to cover for her lack of experience and training with sheer, unadulterated, enthusiasm.


People sometimes say Geecku is strange. But these funny places you build don’t look like anything normal at all.

Age: ???
Species: Gecko
Likes: Sex, Nature, Sex, Hunting, Sex, Nudity, Sex, Sex
First Appearance: LL#380

Geecku is a feral woman who grew up in the jungles of Africa, independent of all civilization. It is hard to imagine how a young child, let alone an infant, can survive the dangers of such an environment. However, Geecku is a unique woman, to say the very least. While her mind may not be terribly advanced, her body is supernatural and she possesses many abilities no else one on Neo Earth has. Her body seems to swell with the very essence of life, making her immune to all disease and poisonous material that would mortally endanger normal people. Bearing no weapons and no armor, she attacks large predatory beasts for food with fang and claw. All damage she sustains, no matter how severe, is regenerated in time as if her body is continuously growing anew, and Geecku’s superior agility and hair-trigger reaction time prevent her from being struck in the first place. While Geecku does travel, she hates living in any populated area and often seeks her lakes and jungles for the serenity of nature. But luckily for everyone that has met Geecku, mostly by accident, Geecku is not a monster. She retains the gleeful sense of adventure of a child and only shows her mature age through a wanton desire for sex. Geecku’s sexual appetite is voracious and insurmountable. Geecku will attract travelers, explorers, or just anyone into her lairs to mate and it’s rumored that Geecku has had over a thousand partners in her lifetime.


     Learning Curves 

Traci “Tiggs” Biggs

Hey, you know what always cheers me up? Eating out at a nice restaurant, and who knows? It might just work for you too!

Age: 22
Species: Tiger
Likes: Fishing, Helping Friends, Vixy
First Appearance: LC#2

Traci was a girl who came out of nowhere one day and decided that she was going to rub shoulders with the richest and most popular clique in Prism’s University. As a middle class suburban girl with a bank account the size of her peer’s typical credit card limit, she was able to win over a group of business inheritors, professional models, and other upper-crust socialites with nothing more than her smile. But due to her overwhelmingly perky mannerisms, she’s never really blended into the culture of the elite and has often been referred to as a “coffee girl” for the clique she’s joined. Tiggs lives with Vixy, a fellow student she idolizes to the level of outright imitation. While it may earn Tiggs some mockery from other students, Tiggs is inseparable from Vixy and even copies her clothing and hairstyle with the hope of being further accepted. While she spends so much time forming and keeping friendships between Vixy and Miles’ groups of friends, she has little time for herself to grow, and due to her actually copying the class schedule of her friends as well, it’s debatable if she will ever graduate. Tiggs has one signature passion, and that is to eat out. Tiggs has a personal goal to eat one of every kind of food in the entire world. Nothing is more fun for Tiggs than to take her hard-earned friends out to eat at a place she’s discovered to be phenomenal. As a matter of fact, her nickname, Tiggs, was lovingly bestowed upon her by her male friends who admire her full figure, and she still to this day hasn’t gotten the joke. It stuck.

  • Ascended Extra: Her first appearance had her as part of Miles' college backstory. She became impressed and attracted with him for speaking out against a professor, and later slept with him. She's become a far more unique and developed character since.


You only find me conceited because you’re lacking. I guess jealousy is all you’ll ever have.

Age: 20
Species: Fox
Likes: Fashion, Shopping, Being Popular
First Appearance: LC#2

Vixy is the most popular girl in Prism University. And in order to maintain that title, she dedicates every waking moment of her life to asserting herself onto others, completely ignoring her class work. Vixy displays zero interest in passing her courses and venomous rumors circle when she still does for unknown reasons. Vixy also sits on a mountain of inherited wealth that spurs the jealousy of her materialistic peers. While other members of Vixy’s clique just have exorbitant allowances, Vixy is allowed to directly tap into the funds produced by her mother Carmesi and her chain of fitness outlets. Due to this, Vixy has no goals in life, feeling strangely empty in how nothing will ever challenge her or have meaning. So she spends each and every day trying to outshine those around her for love and attention. As they say, adversity builds character. But due to the fact that graduating doesn’t really mean anything to Vixy, she tends to get jealous and angry far too easily for someone of her age. She is known to become aggressive and challenging to other women and form rivalries easily. Her personality is an unhealthy mix of self-centered vanity and the desire for friendship and recognition. This puts her at odds with other students, of course, as she seems to look down upon others while still remaining close to them. But despite her arrogance, she seems secretly needy of someone to validate her prestige as if she is not really sure of it herself.

Ann Gustave

I felt like a fish outta water out in these foreign parts. If it weren’t for Davey and the girls, I might’ve forgotten what it felt like to have a spot to call ‘home.’

Age: 20
Species: Red Fox
Likes: Farm Life, Shotguns, Cool Hats
First Appearance: LC#3

Ann grew up in the temperate belt of North America’s agricultural foundation. From there she grew accepting of a simple life with no extravagant dreams to speak of. But all of that changed when her parents discovered a scholarship program for the financially needy that would allow Ann to study abroad for a greatly reduced rate. Despite her protests and fear, she was quickly shipped overseas. Now in the nation of her home race, she’s never felt more alienated and afraid. And without guidance, she changes majors near every single time she does poorly on a final exam. Ann loves to believe she will do what she is currently studying for the rest of her life, bragging to her friends about the myriad of facts she’s acquired from taking the 101’s of 6 majors, but secretly all she wants is to return to a calmer lifestyle. Ann has found comfort and acceptance in Davin, the quarterback of the school’s most respected and iconic football team. No matter her major, or how poorly she does, Davin gives her a sense of grounding in her life, the feeling that no matter how badly she stumbles, she will have someone to catch her. Other students see Ann clinging to Davin like they were already married, but Davin’s attention is still divided amongst a few girlfriends that knew him long before Ann arrived. Ann’s traditional upbringing makes her leery about sharing Davin in the way Angel wants but she happily accepts the role of a caregiver and peacekeeper in their apartment just to stay closer to her new girlfriends and hopefully hear that Davin’s chosen her as the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Shin Aryoko

Hey. I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well. But don’t worry! I’ve brought all of the homework you missed!

Age: 17
Species: White Tiger
Likes: Martial Arts, Spiritual Philosophy, Study
First Appearance: LC#1

Shin is an amazing student at Miles’ school who is four years ahead in his classes. While others may envy Shin for some gift of intellect, those who really know him are aware that Shin has earned his reputation. Shin is dedicated to his schoolwork like no other, treating even the most minuscule quiz as important as the dreaded advancement examinations that determine if you go up a grade level. His friends often question his reasoning, as Shin never sacrifices his grade to spend time with the group. Shin’s routine is nearly the same every single day as he works on his assignments by night and trains in martial arts classes by day. Shin often lectures the others on what they should be doing but never provides a sufficient reason for why everyone should sacrifice all the fun in their lives just to pass with higher marks. This has made him understandably unpopular, even with his friends, who call him “Runt” due to his shorter size.

Tiare Mehran

Do not blame me for your own failings. You have to seize the opportunity and grow.

Age: 25
Species: Feline
Likes: Nano-Zells, Piano, Scotch
First Appearance: LC#3

Tiare is the oldest of seven siblings, born in the country of India. She grew up quickly in poverty because of the responsibility to her family and desired an education to escape the caste she was born into. She came to Prism University to study a technology that the rest of the world hadn’t fully adopted, the now infamous Nano-Zell tech that the High Prime Ambar invented, in order to be a part of the next imminent paradigm shift that will profit her in the pursuit of repairing and developing resident spirits. Tiare has always been rough around the edges with her classmates and feels strongly that a lot of the information out there is a total waste of her time. But Tiare isn’t truly the machine she’s trying to be. Her emotions are bottled up so badly that she will sometimes lose her self-control and seek outlets. This is where Davin comes in. She was originally deadpan to the jock but warmed up over time because Davin doesn’t load upon her the needs of a relationship. She can drink with him, have sex with him, and just enjoy life while remaining totally independent the next day. All of the students who live with her, especially Angel, want to figure out what makes Tiare tick and give her the normalcy she secretly desires.

  • Ascended Extra: Made a jump to the main comic as the scientist who fixes Digit after the well incident.
  • Badass Bookworm: She saves Digit and tells off Miles in the same instant.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Defintely not in terms of romantic love, but it's clear she knows how deep the relationships between Nanozells and their owners run. Really, she's perfectly pleasant when she's not around jerks (i.e., Miles, Vixy)

Davin Preacher

I’m not really paying attention to all of that noise, man. You gotta work pretty hard to be respected by these classy gals. I’d do anything for them and they know it.

Age: 23
Species: Raccoon
Likes: Sports, Beating Toby, His Gals
First Appearance: LC#1

Davin is a carefree man who is living a life so picture perfect that he will do anything to preserve it. Davin was given independence at sixteen from his parents and has lived in shared housing for students until college, where he purchased a large apartment well beyond his means. Davin opened applications for roommates that could help him live up to the standards he was used to and was graced by the admittance of three beautiful women who more than enjoy his company. Their steady support, both emotionally and financially, has allowed Davin to live his college life to the fullest. Prime University recognized Davin’s skill and made him the star quarterback and captain of their decorated football team. Due to parental connections, Davin’s future political science degree will most likely be put to use in gainful employment. And thanks to all of the time he has from not pursuing that degree, he’s able to host many elaborate parties and has earned many little-black-book-fulls of friends. Davin believes he is in the prime of his life, and with good reason, but secretly fears what the future holds because all good things must come to an end.

Sammy Maclean

Like all of you, I’ve had many kinds of dreams and ambitions growing up. Today, my ambition is to help you achieve yours.

Age: 30
Species: Raccoon
Likes: Costume Sewing, Literature, Chocolate
First Appearance: LC#1

Sammy is a demure bookworm who is looking for the love of her life. She loves literature and is known amongst her friends for being able to finish a book of any size in a single day if she is interested enough in it. Sammy’s notorious for losing track of time when reading, as she often loses herself to daydreams while staring at the pages to imagine herself in the world she’s fantasizing about. Sammy secretly loves to imagine herself a princess, a scientist, or an explorer just to build upon the fantasy and escape into wonder and excitement. Sammy teaches Primary, the basic language of her kind because she has been unable to hold higher positions in her university, as her associates often look down upon her daydreaming as a lack of responsibility or outright stupidity. Sammy now lives under a glass ceiling in her favorite industry and is admittedly unhappy. But recently her situation has changed as new hope for the future has come to her in the unexpected boon of one of her students who is the first person to show genuine interest in her for many years.

Hope Ravenhurst

I want my music to tell the world how much I love it and help people love each other. Because a world with love in it is pretty sweet.

Age: 21
Species: Gazelle Coyote Hybrid
Likes: Music, Surfing, Vespas
First Appearance: LC#2

Hope Ravenhurst is an amazingly bright and cheerful young woman. Hope’s an ever-rising star, following her dreams to become the most successful professional pop-singer in all of Neo Earth. Her voice is soothing and her lyrics are invariably uplifting. And while it doesn’t take much effort to recognize her talent, it does take a monumental effort to remain bleak and depressed while listening to her. Hope’s music, in her eyes, is the best way she can truly touch millions of people at once and make them happy, her only real joy in life. Hope’s a beautiful vibrant person, not only for herself, but to contribute to the image her music creates. She believes it is hypocritical to profess how wonderful the world is yet suffer from it. And thanks to this mindset, she’s taken care of herself both physically and emotionally to a point to where she is easily a very desirable woman and many have fallen in love with her at but a glance.

Angel Loveridge

Our bodies are canvases and the world is full of painters, shaping us into what they want to see. Real freedom is when you learn to paint yourself.

Age: 22
Species: Rabbit
Likes: History, Body Painting, Sexual Exploration
First Appearance: LC#3

Angel is an archetypal ‘experimenting’ college student. Forced out on her own from a dangerous home life, Angel’s worldviews have been construed by violence and addiction. She believes that people are naturally selfish and evil and, in order to circumvent this, Angel lives her life as an opportunist that tries not to get attached to anyone she meets. But when Angel was finally able to make a presence at college, she began to see the merits of life and what it takes to enjoy it. Having no traditional upbringing definitely makes Angel stand out as “unique” and many of her friends say that’s her best trait. But Angel often overreacts to common situations, and makes people uncomfortable with her unusually strong feelings for everything. Despite all she has been through, Angel lives for her unique art of fur tattooing and coloring that no one else practices. She even has covered her entire body in her art. Angel hopes that not only will she make people happy by creating beautiful designs, but she also secretly hopes for the security of the money it will bring if the tattoos really are the “next big thing.”

Tobias “Toby” Wainwright

If you want to meet women, just go up and say hello. Be yourself. If you want to take women home, tell them you know how to massage them.

Age: 22
Species: Lion
Likes: Medicine, Lovin', Beating Davin
First Appearance: LC#1

Tobias is a balanced, stable, and happy man who’s enjoying college life. Because these qualities are usually hard to find, “Toby” stands out as a sore thumb amongst those who are still on their journey to a happy future. Toby is one of Miles’ closest friends in college who, along with Davin, steadily feed him opportunities for both jobs and women. Toby is already learning what he practices, majoring in physiotherapy to help the stressed, the weary, and even the wounded feel better about their lives. Toby’s personal favorite subject is massage therapy, which has made him an immensely popular pick among the girls at his school, and he already works at the university’s clinic as a physical therapist and part-time nurse. He’s unknowingly earned Miles’ jealousy for everything he has, who considers Toby a rival in all things. Lately, however, Toby has a lot more time to spend with his friends and doesn’t seem to be dating any longer. This “forbidden fruit” act has caused some friction among those who know him, but Toby has decided to gamble his entire education, work, and existing relationships on a beautiful teacher named Sammy Maclean who he now has a secret relationship with, while still enrolled as her student. This scandalous relationship will cost him, and her, everything if their love becomes well known. Despite all of the consequences, he considers Sammy to be his new goal for a better life. And even if everything else came crashing down around the both of them, he would still have the love of his life to help him rebuild.

     Knighthood/Crest Diaries 

Joy Ravenhurst

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from! No one messes with a Knight and walks away. You’re going down!

Age: 18
Species: Gazelle Coyote Hybrid
Likes: Football, Fighting, Burgers
First Appearance: KH#1

Joy Ravenhurst is the youngest child of Grace and Kayin, born and raised in Maine, USA. Her parents aren’t sure if it was just sibling rivalry with her sister Hope that made Joy grow up in the image of her father but Joy grew very close to Kayin over a happy childhood filled with fishing, martial arts training, and Rocky movies. As she grew, Joy became curious about her parent’s past. Hints of the modern life they were trying to get Joy to adjust to were completely absent and Joy was insistent on finding out how her father could be such an excellent fighter when he claimed to be a fisherman for all his days. It was then that Joy was told of the Crests and the knights that protected them. This information undoubtedly inspired Joy more than anything ever could. The seemingly inevitable future of school and career melted away like a morning’s frost in the light of what Joy considers to be a much greater purpose. And now with stories of epic adventures, warriors with superhuman powers, and dreams of glory in pursuit of protecting all she loves, Joy trains harder than ever before because she honestly wishes to train to be the very best, like no one ever was. Joy now walks the path of knighthood to make her parents proud and return the love they’ve given her by living up to her father’s legacy of all things Crest. Will this young girl be able to tame the elements and earn the hearts of her Crests while her rivals from school shadow her journey? Go get ’em Joy! Gotta catch ’em all!

  • Carry a Big Stick: Her ancestral weapon is an extendable bo-staff.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Not as much as Drake but if she can't out-punch someone, she's not above grabbing their hands and headbutting them instead.
  • Daddy's Girl: One of the reasons she wants to be a Knight is because her father is one.
  • Foil: To Drake. She's a Hot-Blooded Prime from a rather prestigious family who, snarkiness aside, is very honorable and straightforward and he's a Narakhan street urchin who picked pockets to survive.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: Hikari and Joy have a tug o' war over keeping Joy's stuffed wolf. Joy wins.
  • Honor Before Reason: Despite being completely outclassed by Ayah and her shadow familiars, she tries to attack her anyway. She almost dies.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Training to be one.

Kayin Ravenhurst

Remember your training, they don’t have our resolve or skill. Let them make the first mistake and you’ll have the perfect opening.

Age: ???
Species: Coyote
Likes: Fishing, Family, G Species
First Appearance: KH#1

Kayin Ravenhurst was one of a select generation of Primes that began their life under the Emperor’s rule of conquest. As a young boy, he grew up among many other subjugated races in the Emperor’s service, which varied in loyalty, but was abused due to the Emperor’s secret desire to torture the Primes whenever possible. Kayin was dedicated enough to become a captain of a specialized unit of soldiers meant to service much more loyal generals directly but lacked the zealotry necessary to suppress his emotions. In a show of brazen rebellion, Kayin attacks and successfully wounds his commanding officer during a heated moment of battle and escapes servitude. Kayin’s abilities as a soldier and a considerable amount of luck allow him to meet the Primes that fled their home world and he begins his life anew. Unwilling to return to service, Kayin pursues the myth of the Crests alone. Kayin’s adventures since betraying the Emperor have given him a rewarding life and Kayin now enjoys running a fishing company that supports his growing happy family.

Grace Ravenhurst

Do you feel that? That warm glow deep within you that makes you want to protect others? This isn’t just how I feel. It is who I am.

Age: ???
Species: Gazelle
Likes: Ribbon Dances, Cheesecake, Kayin
First Appearance: KH#1

Grace is a fair maiden that was rescued long ago by a heroic knight. Wrested from her prison, deep in a snow-covered icy citadel, she was carried to safety by Kayin Ravenhurst who only stopped to fight those who wished to take her back. The very few who have gotten to know her admire her for the serenity that permeates her soul and radiates around her like an invisible aura. In one of her husband’s few poetic moments, he described Grace as a woman so pure it was if he was gazing upon new-fallen snow when looking into her eyes. This maiden became a mother after she married Kayin, and now is the parent of Hope and Joy Ravenhurst, two beautiful little girls that are the best of their parents’ traits. Beaming with pride, Grace feels her life is complete and knows a kind of happiness that only a handful of people could ever dream of.

Kate Aryoko

The Crest of Light and Shin's mother, who was brought up in Feudal Japan by a samurai and still carries on the old traditions.

  • Samurai: She was raised by an actual samurai in medieval Japan.




Now come on, ‘steal’ is such a loaded word…

Age: 20
Species: Fennec Fox
Likes: Flirting, Questionable Procurement, Scarves
First Appearance: KH#8

Drake is a natural survivor, though those skills lie underneath a veneer of smooth talking and evasive personality. A Narakhan, he adapted well to scrounging and stealing to survive growing up, so well in fact, that the Narakhan elders took him in and trained him as a hunter of Crests and Knights. But like any other restraint, Drake soon found a way to slip those bonds and join Joy, seeking a way to clear the murderous Ayah off of their backs. While his adherence to law and order is suspect at best, Drake is a loyal companion, knowing that if they were to split apart, the pair would be easy pickings for the darkness that now chases them.

  • Bandage Babe: Wears a sarashi on his stomach and bandages on his wrists, ankles and neck and disdains a shirt.
  • Combat Pragmatist: He's a ninja. Why the hell should he play fair?
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Is a Narakhan with all the associated physical traits but with the exception of being The Trickster, doesn't seem to be that bad a person.
  • The Lancer: As Joy's foil: a green-eyed Narakhan trickster and pickpocket who uses ninjutsu to Joy's pink-eyed staff-wielding, knight-in-shining-armor-in-training Prime.


  • Action Mom: Vixy's mother. She also managed to easily close the distance between her and Joy and Megaton-Kick her.

     Dungeons and Dames 

Tila "Sunrise" Wainwright

The Sunrise is the window to heaven. Tila is living proof of this.

Age: 44
Species: Snow Leopard
Likes: Adventuring, Hospitality, Roast Chicken
First Appearance: Dungeons & Dragons #3

Tila Sunrise is an affable and beautiful snow leopard, born and raised in southern Finland among many crystal lakes and gorgeous mountains. She is now living on the Prime continent with her husband, Richard Wainwright, and chose to retain her maiden name thanks to her incredibly popular chain of hotels christened ‘Sunrise Inns’. Tila is a woman of great passions and few worries. When Richard, a poor author traveling the world for inspiration, wandered into her life, Tila chose to accompany him and spent the next three years appreciating the beauty of Neo-Earth. Such were the greatest years of Tila’s life; a proposal in Spain, a honeymoon in France, and a seemingly never-ending adventure of living off the land and the kindness of those they met along the way. It was only when she became pregnant with Toby that the couple decided to focus on their careers for the sake of his future. While Tila is a kind and generous host, much of her success is born of her inspirations from rabbit culture in France and her hotels now have become the most popular family getaway in the entire nation. Now semi-retired, Tila spends her time doting on her husband and three children, keeping up with the many friends she has earned world-wide. There’s even talks of her likeness being used in fictional works… but only time will tell.

  • Absurdly Youthful Mother: It was recently revealed in Learning Curves 39 that she's Tobias' mother, and the fact that she's in her forties lands her squarely in this category.
  • Ascended Extra
  • Big Beautiful Woman: She has a bit of a belly but has the largest breasts in the series. Also, most of her appearances, especially in "Breasts Are the Best" feature her wearing little to no clothes.
  • For Happiness: Tila believes that providing uninhibitied pleasure is the best way to stay in business in an ever-changing world. As such, she strives to make everyone who stays at her inns feel welcome, and there are times where she makes public appearances at her hotels, livening up the place with a showy giveaway of prizes to those who are currently staying there.
  • Gag Boobs
  • Gentle Giant
  • Ink-Suit Actor: In-Universe example. Idward used Tila's likeness, with her permission, for one of his table-top RPG's more popular campaigns, to create Tila Sunrise, a guild-mistress who has now become an icon for the game itself. She often appears in campaigns players create as well, due to her popularity. In the game, there is little difference between Tila Wainwright and Tila Sunrise.
  • Self-Made Woman: Runs an extremely popular chain of hotels called "Sunrise Inns," which consistently reinvests in itself, expanding on the concept of a medieval inn for the modern era. Car rental and parking, restaurants, bars, and of course, beds, her inns have more in common with a casino than a simple overnight stay hotel. She's even allowed Idward to use her likeness for his table-top RPG, with Sunrise Inns getting extra publicity whenever the "Sunrise Guildhall" makes an appearance in a major company-funded campaign. The rights to her image with the game's company are also well-documented.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Tallest of the cast at eight feet.
  • Third-Person Person: Likes to speak this way.


Of course I play to have fun. Winning and fun are the same thing.

Age: 26
Species: Artic Fox
Likes: Fantasy Culture, Audiobooks, WINNING
First Appearance: Dn D#1

Pepper-Ann is a rash and violent-tempered woman who is frustrated with the way her life has turned out. She constantly feels cheated that there is a world full of successful, beautiful women out there with families and careers and she’s living a life as a five foot tall flat-chested librarian. Despite her longings, she never seems to do much about her career other than loathe those she feels are doing better than her, scoffing at how they must be cheating the system to get by. The outlet of her frustrations is the character Halite, built specifically to maim and conquer everything she lays eyes on. Everyone knows that Halite is Pepper-Ann’s way of venting, so no one overtly tells her what Halite is doing is wrong. They simply fear the outcome if Pepper-Ann’s frustrations were to be released in the real world rather than the fictional.

Cocoa Pau-Da

Hah, you call that strategy? I’ve had small pizzas that were more challenging opponents than you.

Age: 26
Species: Panda
Likes: Fantasy Culture, Coding, Drawing
First Appearance: Dn D#1

Cocoa is what you’d expect from a more committed gamer. Rather than take advantage of the warm temperatures and pristine beaches of Gossamer, Cocoa takes her investments into the games and animation scene seriously. In between running her online business of selling custom web graphics and hanging out with her gal-pals, Cocoa enjoys reading the rule supplements for whatever games she is involved in and then later using her abnormally intimate knowledge with the system to ‘min-max’ and ‘power game’ her avatars into premature godhood. Despite being fairly successful in game and out, Cocoa is extremely insecure about her physical appearance. It is because of this insecurity that she takes on the persona of Dischordia, the physically dashing and large-living amazon of Dungeons and Dames. Dischordia is the product of Cocoa’s desire to do things that she would never do in real life. While Cocoa is shy and reserved, Dischordia is loud and promiscuous. Along with hard drinking and hard partying, Dischordia has a well-deserved reputation for starting fights with anyone she thinks is the least bit snotty or boorish. Dischordia’s fighting style is unique due to her controller’s tendency to use only whatever works the best as opposed to what may be appropriate.

     Breasts are the Best 


What’s the best part about working at the Katbox? Hmm… It’s either the Foosball table or the bottomless candy jar… Decisions.

Age: ???
Species: Feline?
Likes: Everything.
First Appearance: Dn D#5

Nina is a character in Canela’s campaigns designed to irritate and accost the party whenever possible. Nina’s existence is attributed to the casual nature of the Dungeons and Dames’ cast, where they refuse to fully embrace Canela’s desire for theater-quality role play. Nina is, in essence, Canela’s revenge. Nina finds her way into the party through some mandatory quest requirement or subtle game mechanic and then leaves the embittered party after committing some crime or arrogant act time and time again. Nina’s succeeded in wearing at the patience of the players in Canela’s campaign either by stealing from them openly, escaping harm with incredibly cheap “ninja” moves, or just flaunting her immense fantasy bust. Nina currently is under the thumb of the D&D incarnation of Miles, taunting the party yet again from another unassailable position in the party’s main quest line.

  • Mascot: She was the former mascot for Katbox


Welcome to my island, my home, my world and my dreams. Stay with me, please.

Age: 26
Species: Red Panda Swan Hybrid
Likes: Swimming, Sushi, Punch
First Appearance: BB#8

Messiah is the self-proclaimed queen of her home island off the coast of the Prime continent. Being born into paradise made Messiah into an innocent young woman who grew up kind and compassionate, not to mention self-sustaining and patient due to the isolation. Messiah hadn’t left her island home until her early twenties, feeling the wanderlust of youth to see the world. It wasn’t long before her travels exposed her to the harsh reality most women had to endure, one full of noise, stress, and hardship. Even though she longed to return to her island every waking day, she felt extremely grateful for the childhood she was given. She decided to craft a world in which other women could escape and have a piece of the life she was given. Messiah created the first hints of the Paraiso resort shortly afterward, where her family used to fish and sun. Paraiso grew until it engulfed the island, and once it became the primary vacationing spot of the illustrious High Prime, the island itself was renamed to Paraiso in recognition of her success.

     Other Characters 

Diana Linda

I must set an example with my life because my children are always looking up to me.

Age: ~50
Species: Cow
Likes: Gardening, Business, Her Children
First Appearance: LL#190

Diana Linda is Mora’s departed mother. Her memory drives Mora to make Las Lindas into something wonderful, as Diana never abandoned it to her dying day and still remains buried on the property. In life Diana was suffering, suffering from a wandering husband and the loneliness of isolation on a remote farm with many duties. Diana’s home was only filled with servants and farm workers, none of them close to her in any personal way. But due to her husband’s constant lack of presence and that her children were still very young, she had to assume many leadership roles while at the same time dedicating everything she had left to being a mother. Torn between two very demanding tasks, those who knew her said that she was slowly losing herself over time, refusing to allow her home or her children to be neglected and never getting the revitalizing rewards of work and family. But the loneliness and stress were overbearing to her and Las Lindas, as a business, suffered. Once all seemed lost, and her children left home, Diana fell ill a final time without the strength to recover.


Never let someone say you aren’t important because of who you are or because of things we can’t see. Everyone is important.

Age: 21
Species: Human
Likes: Exploration, Philosophy, Long Island Ice Tea
First Appearance: OB#1

Ailana is a native woman who lives on a remote chain of islands in the Atlantic ocean. Women in her tribe are treated extremely poorly and Ailana understandably wants to leave her islands as soon as she can. While Ailana knows of a world beyond the sea, she’s never had the means to leave until a strange animal creature she’d never seen before falls from the sky into her care. Idward is this first Prime that this tribe had ever seen, so Ailana plans to use their superstition against them so that when the next opportunity to leave comes, she can take it as the speaker of a new benevolent god. Due to living as a shared possession, Ailana has no faith in the spiritual teachings of her tribe or any organized religion, feeling that the stories of afterlife and damnation are just the tools of those in power to validate why they treat her so, and she considers it poetic justice that she can use them with similar trickery. Now with such an interesting man like Idward around, and the strange powers that seem to follow him, Ailana has been feeling things she never thought she would, like wonder, hope, and love.

  • Token Human: one of only (thus far) two human characters that have actually been seen in the main story.


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