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  • Ascended Fanon:
    • The character of Tila Sunrise was intended to be a minor character who would appear in the "Dungeons and Dames" bonus comic; due to her popularity both with the site's forumites and the comic's creators, Tila was eventually given a true backstory: she's a successful hotel baroness whose likeness is the basis for the Tila within the D&D expy played in "Dungeons and Dames". This allowed Tila to appear in "Breasts Are the Best" without the creators having to worry about fudging ALL of their canon to make it happen.
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    • Similarly, Promoted Fanboy Sage Freehaven's character was also written into canon in a similar way: he and other forumites pushed the "Dungeons and Dames" version of Sage and Tila together as a couple, so when Sage was given official canonization, he was written in as Tila's love interest/business assistant (in the "Dungeons and Dames" universe, Sage is a weapons merchant who operates out of the Sunrise Guild).
    • Perhaps not fanon per sae since he's the artist, but Chalo has incorporated his pre-existing Crest saga, which he's been working on since 2002, into the comic.
  • Schedule Slip: The various comic updates are tied to donations, and even then the creators can shuffle around which one will actually be updated when, so it's sort of a "who knows" on when the main comic or bonus pages will get updates. Chalo's busy schedule and health issues are the biggest reasons for slips, but given that he makes a living off of his artwork, it's certainly understandable to a degree.

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