Characters: Sin Fest

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A self-proclaimed pimp who is ostensibly the main character of the strip.


A hippie feminist girl who is the main target of Slick's attentions.


Nerdy bookworm who reads a lot under a tree.


A weed smoking stoner pig. Slick's best friend.

     Divine Beings 


Needs no further explanation.

The Devil

Needs no explanation.


Needs no further explanation.

The Dragon

Representative of all Eastern religion.




The grim reaper.



A fuchsia colored succubus, also known as Fyoosh. She has undergone extensive character development (and got lots of screen time) since late 2008.

Baby Blue

A blue succubus. Much more evil than her partner.

Angie (AKA "Tangerine"/"Pebbles")

An dark orange succubus created from a country girl.

Absinthe (AKA "Abby)

A Devil girl stripper brought in by the Devil to replace Fuchsia.

Lil' Evil / "Lily"

An (Ex) Satanist fundamentalist.


The bouncer at the Devil Girl Strip Club.


A succubus working as a stripper in the devil girls strip club.


A little scientist demon in charge of Deviltech as well as the Devil's surveillance systems.


You shouldn't do that. Not without proper training.
An new demon, who may be looking to overthrone The Devil. He's also a growing artist and the only known demon able to enter the Reality Zone.

Demon Entourage

Vainglorious' Assistant and general all around toady.



A Christian fundamentalist.

The Cartoonist

Mostly keeps to himself. The owner of Pooch and Percy.

Xanthe Justice (Named here.)

A short, shades-wearing arch-feminist who rides a Big Wheel tricycle.

Clio Merembe

A bicycle riding black feminist girl, who was named here.


The machine expert of the Sisterhood.

Miko/The Fan Girl

A young fan of "It Girl" Monique

The Youngest Sister

A girl first seen being trained by Nana. Also seen with the rest of the Sisterhood


Lil'E's missing mother.

Coffee Shop Lady/Nana

An elderly and benevolent woman who runs a coffee shop. Oh, and also teaches Kung Fu.

Francis Sebastian

The default gay character in Sinfest.

Barack Star

Showed up around the '08 elections to counter Sarah Piglin.


A young fan of the Cartoonist.

The Fifth Sister


A young woman who went on a date with Criminy early in the strip's run. Much later, she works for Hell TV.
  • Ascended Extra: She appeared once before on a date with Criminy only to reappear in a later arc.
  • Fluffy Tamer: She manages to pacify Criminy's devil books, having experience with them from work.
  • Love Hurts: She waited for Criminy to call her back after the date but he never did.

     Other Supernatural Beings 

Ezekiel and Ariel

An inseparable pair of angels.

The Zombie

The zombie of one (or more) of the damned souls who loved Fuchsia's stories. Deprived of these after her Heel-Face Turn, he's now escaped to look for her.

Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty

Not the happiest family, at least these days. Uncle Sam is theoretically well-meaning, but flinchy and easily misguided. Most definitely not depressed. Also, get off his lawn.


Enough said. First seem shooting an arrow to Criminy to fall in love with Fuchsia.

The Overseer

A mysterious and ominous hooded figure that apparently controls the Bomf District on and off the internet.

     Sentient Items/Pets 

Rogue Fembot

A companionship gynoid created by Deviltech and bought by Slick.

Weaponized Fembot

A fembot created by Milton to destroy Fembot. After falling into the Reality Zone, she was destroyed by a self-destruction mechanism. Her memory chip was retrieved by the Sisterhood and uploaded to her copies. Only three survived the escape and they're looking for Rogue Fembot.


A demonic book.


A feminist devilbook.


Slick's laptop.


The Devil's pet three-headed female dog. Her sex is canonically established when Anti-Slick wishes for "hot bitches".

Illuminati Drones

Small, pyramid-shaped flying Cyclopes created by Milton that serve as the Devil's spies.

Enlightened Drones

Illuminati drones, sent forth by Satan, met the Buddha and got Enlightened. Apparently Satan can't zap them back.

Percival and Pooch

A cat (Percy) and dog (Pooch) of the Author Avatar whose antics are mostly irrelevant to the rest of the strip (but are funny!)