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Western Animation / What If...? (2021)
aka: Marvel Cinematic Universe

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"Follow me and dare to face the unknown... and ponder the question... What if...?"
"Space. Time. Reality. It's more than a linear path. It's a prism of endless possibility."
Uatu the Watcher

What If...? is an animated superhero Anthology series created for Disney+ by A.C. Bradley (Tales of Arcadia), based on the Marvel Comics title of the same name. The series will be the 28th installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the 5th installment of Phase 4, the 4th series to be produced for Disney+, and the first animated series set in the universe.

Like the comic book it's based on (which named the trope that shares its name), What If...? explores how the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would've been impacted if certain events happened differently, while omniscient narrator Uatu (voiced by Jeffrey Wright) occasionally weighs in on what he's observing.

Some confirmed hypothetical outcomes seen in the series include Peggy Carter becoming a super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers, T'Challa becoming Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill, and a Zombie Apocalypse set within the MCU. In addition to Wright as Uatu, the series will feature voice acting from the same actors of the films (including Hayley Atwell and the late Chadwick Boseman in his final MCU contribution).


While there were many animated series based on Marvel Comics before, What If...? is the first animated title produced by Marvel Studios, and is among the first series to be developed by them for Disney+. The first season will debut in August 2021, and a second season has already been ordered.

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