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Hey kids! Remember, everything you're about to learn is reeeeeeaaal!!!! note 

Look at all the wonders...
that a single class can find!
They decide to shut their mouths,
and open up their minds!
Sex, and shit, and crime and pain...
all this crap will be explained.
And while we're at it, let's try to have some fuuuunnn!
Talking about W.T.F. 101!
— Excerpt from the Expository Theme Tune.

What The F 101 note  is a darkly comedic, adult edutainment animated series created by CollegeHumor alumnus writer Mike Trapp (Bad Internet). Premiering on January 9th, 2019, the series ran as a weekly series on Dropout - a streaming service created by CollegeHumor to host its premium originals.

Described as "The Magic School Bus for adults", the series centers on a fateful detention session at Dunning-Kruger High School. Four teens serving their time are unexpectedly chaperoned by the eccentric Prof. Whitney Foxtrot.


This show provides examples of:

  • Alcohol-Induced Idiocy: The sinking of the White Ship is treated as this in "Party Fouls".
  • Bait-and-Switch: Foxtrot is quite good at these.
    Foxtrot: [talking about the White Ship] After the disaster, King Henry's only living legitimate child was his daughter Matilda.
    Mindy: So I guess she became Queen then, right?
    Foxtrot: No, a woman had never ruled England outright before, and the nobility hated her husband!
  • Bury Your Gays: Subverted. It looks like River's dead at the end of Hoaxes and Scams but she's just trapped in another dimension with Dr. Gamma
  • Camping a Crapper: Mentioned in "Cute Animals": Foxtrot notes most sloths get killed by predators when they descend to the forest floor to defecate.
  • Delinquents: Jason destroys property and fights the others, but he isn't that bad compared to other examples.
  • Driven to Suicide: In "Party Fouls", Foxtrot remarks that in some medieval chronicles, the captain of the White Ship survived the sinking, only to then drown himself when he saw "how royally he had fucked everything up" and gotten everyone aboard, including the King of England's son, killed.
  • Edutainment Show: Much like CollegeHumor's Adam Ruins Everything, each episode focuses on teaching real historical and scientific factiods.
  • For Want of a Nail: Jason in "Party Fouls" remarking on how the death of the King of England's son in a shipwreck caused by Alcohol-Induced Idiocy caused two decades of Civil War.
    Jason: So it was a drunk driving accident that caused almost two decades of war and chaos!?
    Foxtrot: And that was just from a casual last minute hang! Can you imagine what could go wrong at a wedding?
  • Gross-Out Show: The show revels in lingering on disgusting bodily incidents for the sake of educating, but also relevant crass humor. The first episode alone, "Parasites", prolongs the suffering of an orange fish having its tongue replaced by a louse in detail.
  • In Case You Forgot Who Wrote It: Some posters for the show include creator Mike Trapp's name with the title.
  • Naked Apron: August Hildebrant wears one in Self-Experimentation. Considering this show it's not meant to be sexy.
  • Nasty Party: The subject of the "Party Fouls" episode, detailing the sinking of the White Ship, the Ball of the Burning Men and the 1886 Eel Riots.
  • Obligatory Joke: After time-traveling, Jason follows “Where are we?” with “Or, should I say, when are we?”, before being cut off by Professor Foxtrot saying “No. You shouldn’t.”
  • Officially Shortened Title: WTF 101 is the common abbreviation for sites that don't allow for direct usage of "fuck".
  • Shout-Out: The Advanced Military Ops episode has the bat bombs say lines from The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • Straw Feminist: Mindy. Upon hearing that all of the Antechinus males will die by fucking, she's overjoyed.
  • The Stoner: River although in the Duels episode she attempts to be an Erudite Stoner and fails.


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