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    Volume 1 

    Volume 2 
  • Weiss Reacts to Beginnings:
    • Velvet becomes Pyrrha's tutor in insanity.
    "Do we do it?" Pyrrha whispered.
    "NOW!" Velvet yelled.
    Weiss and Jaune looked up, only having time to release a half-uttered 'What' before the burlap sacks descended upon them.
    • Apparently, Nora once tried to eat Kyubey.
    • Weiss escapes from her bindings and walks off, leaving Jaune still tied up.
  • Sun Reacts to Sun Ragekong:
    • Just the fact that the normally chill Sun lives up to the name by losing it with Blake's talk of manliness.
    • The Noodle Incident involving Sun, Blake, bananas, a train and cows.
    • Ruby demonstrating her perverted side by helping Yang pick out Stripperiffic Halloween outfits.
    • Just the fact that all three characters reacting to the fic get irritated at it.
    • Blake apparently hates her canon self...for not being manly enough.
  • Weiss Reacts to Halloween:
    • Lan's cameos. Especially when she scares the living daylights out of Weiss in the scary maze by accident by saying 'Woof'. Or when she manages to impress Nora.
    • Hell, the scary maze is full of this, from Jaune being kidnapped by Pyrrha halfway through, to Weiss denying her fear repeatedly, to Yang and Blake ditching them there in the first place.
    • Nora has apparently attempted to kidnap people for being adorable before. She tries it on the aforementioned Lan and who's implied to be Nagisa.
    • Also, Nora's obsession with pancakes is taken to a new level when she tries to eat a giant pancake sign, demands pancakes become a Halloween staple and somehow manages to get pancakes and maple syrup while trick-or-treating.
    • Cinder trolling Tohru and Roman- the former by shoving her in a very skimpy costume, the latter by taking him to who was implied to be a Shipper on Deck for the pair.
    • Velvet's complaints about canon.
    Velvet: "W-where's my love of Weiss-sempai?! Monty-sama, why do you do this to me?!!"
    • Cinder suggests burning everyone to death to try and get in the queue for a nice restaurant.
    • Throughout the chapter, Ruby is wearing a full-body penguin costume. This makes it impossible to imagine any scene from it without cracking up.
  • Weiss Reacts to Camping Trips:
    • Yang reenacts the Mystery Food X incident from Persona4, right down to knocking Jaune out with her food. Nora, however, is a Supreme Chef who sends him into food Nirvana when he tries but one slice of her pancakes.
    • The Truth or Dare game. All of it.
    • Ruby recounting her Erotic Dream in Part 3.
    • Blake's utter apathy when Cinder and Yuko try to scare her.
    • "And nobody ate dinner that night." The Shout-Out is inevitable, yet no less delightful for that.
  • Blake Reacts to We Were Close:
    • Yang calling out the author on his blatant fanboying of Fire Emblem Awakening by having her play it in the story.
    • The entire student council is apparently a bunch of mecha fans.
    • Weiss engaging in Comically Missing the Point and somehow misses the blatant hints that Andreas Arc is the reincarnated Kamina.
    • Blake complaining about fics not showing her manliness reaches a new level here. Also, everyone calling Mina a vampire.
    • Yang's increasing jealousy towards Mina, who isn't even a real character, while Blake fawns over her.
    • In part 2, the girls in general, although the Drinking Game and Weiss' responses to everything.
  • In 'Weiss Reacts to Munchkin', Weiss getting absolutely trolled by Yang and Blake when they decide to throw all their monsters at her to screw her over.
  • Blake Reacts to Music Standoffs:
    • Blake's Oh, Crap! at having to face Hokuago Tea-Time. And then her subsequent Unstoppable Rage when she realises a bunch of moeblobs are going to beat her.
    • Also, the fact that Yui completely ignores Blake despite Blake declaring war on her,
    • Blake brings out a dinosaur to try and grab attention from the crowd and away from Mio. So Ritsu drags Mio into a French Maid Outfit, causing the crowd to ignore the dinosaur entirely. Blake's reaction is priceless.
    • The K-On! Girls actually won the competition. Cue Corner of Woe from Blake and smug smile from Weiss.
  • The Winter Animecon is full of this:
    • Pyrrha trying to work up the courage to ask Jaune out to a date is simply Adorkable. And then interrupted by Velvet running Jaune over with a shopping cart and knocking him unconscious.
    • Ruby unwittingly mistaking Mami and Homura for cosplayers. And then Homura proceeding to buy every single Madoka plushie the store can offer.
    • Slen. D. Mann is in the background, casually horrifying people with his presence while trying to buy a game. Bonus for Weiss and Ruby simply assuming he's part of the convention, too.
    • The Gilligan Cut from Yang claiming to be immune to sleep to sleeping in Blake's lap was hilarious, too.
  • The Cockerel Festival, packed full of awesome as it is, contains these too.
  • The Valentine's Day Special:
  • In the Agents of Beacon chapter, Weiss and Yang's reaction to Freezerburn, Nora constantly hinting she wants to "have Ren's babies" and Ren's reactions to all of this. Also, how the chapter starts- Professor Faust unleashed Cthulhu on Beacon, forcing Beth and Tukson to deal with it.
  • Yang using a Naked Apron while taking care of Blake during the Sick Episode.

     Volume 3 
  • Weiss' rage-fuelled rant when Nia dies in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
    Weiss: "Let me get this straight. You tore a hole through reality. Rerouted the energy emitted during the creation of reality. Created a giant robot. Destroyed whole galaxies. All just to get Nia back. And you just….let her die?! At this point…..I really don't think-I seriously don't think anyone is going to stop you if you want to bring her back! That's-and the music?! THE MUSIC IS HAPPY?! THIS ISN'T A HAPPY ENDING! THEY MANAGED TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE BUT EVERYONE WHO DID IT IS FORGOTTEN! SCREW THAT! Excuse me. I have to calm down now, and I'm going to go grab some vanilla sorbet, and MAYBE I can forgive this travesty of an ending!''
  • Weiss managing to turn the tables on the Antic Order when they attempt to use her to get rid of Dove's newspaper in the Newspaper chapter.
    • Winter's fanclub versus Dove and two of his goons versus a very well prepared pair of pranksters with mirrors. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • The Reveal during the Death Battle chapter: Reactsverse Tifa stomped Yang despite the result of the Death Battle.
  • Penny managing to confound Norn during their first meeting. Hell, their interaction during the Anniversary chapter in general.
  • The Valentine's Day special is not to be one-upped:
    • The chapter title and ending actually lampshades the fact that the special was actually posted five days after Valentine's Day.
    • Pyrrha panicking about what to wear while Weiss in her usual manner just wonders what happened to The Ace she met three years ago.
    • Norn's choice of clothes to meet Penny with includes graffiti-print shirts and gold chain necklaces.
    • The whole exchange at the Cosplay Café. Yang works there, and there's apparently a lover's discount- that requires the diners to kiss for the camera. And the reveal that the whole thing is run by the Antic Order.
    • Yang complaining about the tentacles when Jaune brings out the shoggoth that Professor Faust allowed him to use as a reward for the finale of Volume 2.
    • The Noodle Incident that is Nora and Ren's day out. We're not shown what it is, but it resulted in Ren becoming shirtless, Nora wearing a badge supporting her own pairing and it involved Nora and Ren riding around on the rocket lockers. Even funnier is Pyrrha's casual response at being handed a cereal box to sign by said shirtless Ren.
    • Velvet and Vivi showing up at the end, whining about Elf giving Pyrrha all the screentime of the chapter.
  • Yang trolling Pyrrha and Jaune throughout the next chapter about the fanfic Beach Party RWBY,
    • Pyrrha literally faints at the thought of making out with Jaune after all of Yang's teasing.
    • The fact that neither Pyrrha nor Jaune seem bothered that the other thinks very perverted things about them as Yang draws out, either.
  • The characters watch Volume 3...and are just as surprised by it as the fans were.
    Yang: Did...did I just get arrested?! What the hell?! What the hell was that?!
  • As it turns out, Salem exists in the Reactsverse. She's an agony aunt.
  • The school play is also going as horribly wrong as posisble:
    • The Antic Order and the assorted fanclubs trying to push their respective couples onto the roles of Romeo and Juliet. Yang and Blake end up being shoved into the role, much to the others' (mainly Pyrrha and Weiss) relief.
    • The costuming, too. Jaune in a French Maid outfit, Weiss ends up dressed like Kyu and Pyrrha ends up with a donkey mask over her head. Their respective roles? Lady Montague, Friar Law-sorry, the fairy godmother and Lady Capulet.
    • Yang acting flustered in front of Blake after being forced into a Bavarian milkmaid costume. For once, she isn't flaunting her assets. Weiss is appropriately shocked.
    • Pyrrha ending up going into a mini-Heroic BSoD after accidentally groping Jaune's behind due to the aforementioned donkey mask obscuring her sight. Then Jaune ends up reciprocating the gesture by accident during the play during the chaos that ensues...
    • Lia Nikos finally appears in Weiss Reacts after being primarily a main character in the prequel The Diary of Glynda Goodwitch. She seems far nicer than her previous appearance, even calling her daughter Pyr-Pyr and generally seeming more of The Ditz than previously. The moment Pyrrha leaves earshot, however, she immediately changes back to her previous personality, with a Mama Bear bent; she even threatens to castrate Jaune if she even catches him doing anything other than kissing her daughter.
    • Then the play itself happens. It involves a Humongous Mecha, large quantities of blushing and a running game of Xanatos Speed Chess between the Shipper on Deck Cinder and the actors who don't want to be shipped. Needless to say, Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Mandatory Training Arc has its own funny moments:

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