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  • Despite being considered one of the funnier fics in the archive, Weiss Reacts still has some heartwarming moments to go around.

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    Volume One 
  • The entire Music Festival arc. To wit:
    • Freya Schnee, Weiss' mother, showing up to Beacon for Weiss after four years of separation.
    • The Reveal that Blake turned out as she did because of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann coming out when she meets her beloved idol Kamina himself. The latter then hugs her, tells her she'd make a good kid and asks her to help Jaune be as manly as he possibly can be.
    • Later, Ysengrim, Blake's father, showing up to Beacon to watch his daughter. And finally, the chapter ending with Ruby and Weiss affirming their love with not one, but two kisses, in front of all of Beacon, with Weiss' family- whole again, for once- assembled. For once, an arc of Weiss Reacts ends without a single antic from anyone and ends completely happily.
    • Put it this way, there's a reason chapter 72 is one of the most well-known and anticipated chapters.
  • The Nanako Incident:
    • Just the fact that the team are so willing to help out Nanako. Not just the Persona fans Ruby and Yang, but Weiss, Cardin and Jaune- in Cardin's case, he barely even knows who Nanako is and only knows a vague description of her from talking to Rise- and he still helps her out.
    • Cardin gives Nanako one of his plushies as a gift. He isn't the first one to do so.
    • Yu utterly trouncing Dove and Russell for trying to hurt Nanako, and later, the exchange with him, Weiss and Ruby.
    • The small interactions between Ruby and Weiss reminding readers that this takes place just after the ending of chapter 72.
  • Hell, Ruby and Weiss in general. Despite her moaning and groaning, Weiss makes it perfectly clear that she cares about Ruby and loves her, even if she denies it vehemently.
  • It may only be an Imagine Spot, but Shirou!Jaune standing up against Gilgamesh!Cardin for Saber!Weiss' sake.
  • Chapter 21, where Cardin shows his true colors in the Reactsverse as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold when he comforts Weiss, then beats the everloving crap out of Dove for making her cry. Also, Melanie and Miltiades going over to stop Weiss from reading the revenge fic. They may have failed, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Weiss Reacts to Mary Sues, Part 2. Every single person Weiss knows protects her from the Sues- Velvet and Vivi deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to one, Blake delivers a Giga Drill Break to another and Nora takes down a dragon with a railgun for her sake.
    • Also, Cardin knocking a Sue out in one punch for insulting Melanie. Also a Moment of Awesome.
  • A small one in 'Blake and the Great Mecha Battle'- the Seven Swell can only be triggered when the pilots of the Nirvash reach an emotional agreement. So what do Ruby and Weiss do when Blake is about to finish them off? It doubles as a Moment of Awesome for both them- for nearly beating superior pilots- and for Blake- who held the mecha together through said Seven Swell with sheer force of will.
  • Siegfried Schnee. The man is the radical opposite of all other portrayals of Weiss' father, averting Abusive Parents, Manipulative Bastard and Jerkass, and he shows it:
  • Tohru defending a squirrel Faunus from Dove, even giving out an Armor-Piercing Slap when he accidentally insults Yuki (although he goes unnamed) while insulting the Faunus. Also doubles as a signal that she Took a Level in Badass.
  • Yatsuhashi's relationship with Coco. He always makes sure she's comfortable despite her protests. Perhaps this means something more....
  • Minako befriending Pyrrha at the end of the Beacon Dance Arc, as well as Pyrrha swearing to protect Jaune for caring about her as a person.
  • A small one, but Yang cocking Ember Celica to get perverted students to stop staring at her mother. Similarly, Ysengrim talking to Blake, as well as Andreas and Siegfried hugging their children tightly.

     Volume Two 
  • The Kyubey Hunts. Why? Since they were initiated, there have been no contractors from Beacon. Which implies that EVERY year it's been done, Kyubey was killed or chased away from vulnerable students. Also counts as a Funny Moment from how Blake, Minako and Nora treat the Hunts.
  • During the camping arc, Pyrrha comes to realize that her stalking is wrong. Velvet then reminds her that as comic relief they must be yanderes, but it still counts.
  • Blake actually tearing up at the end of the We Were Close special.
  • Yang buying the tickets for Winter Animecon and welcoming Weiss into the Rose / Xiao Long family, showing that for all her insanity and occasional inconsiderateness, she does indeed fill the Cool Big Sis role sometimes. Also notable is that this is one of the only arcs where Yang isn't responsible for anything going wrong- that blame goes to Adam, Raven and Velvet.
    • Minako jumping in with her Persona to save Pyrrha from Adam. Counts as a Moment of Awesome, considering Adam is actually scared by Orpheus Telos.
  • The Christmas special, from Siegfried entrusting Ruby to give Weiss her first real Christmas, to most of the cast teaming up to help make it happen, and finally to Weiss being so happy that everyone would do this for her (even if almost everything went wrong) that she breaks down into tears of joy while hugging Ruby.
  • Quite subtle, but the Schnee family being all together to root for Weiss during the Cockerel Festival. Except Siegmund, of course, but knowing him....
  • The Best Reactsverse Crossover has a few of these:
    • Velvet revealing she only acts like a Stalker with a Crush because she knows the fans enjoy it. Her Genre Savvy extends to her role in the narrative, and although there is a hint of bitterness to it, she primarily loves the chance to entertain people.
    • Ruby, Winter and Yang all undergoing Unstoppable Rage when an Ursa nearly kills Weiss. Especially Yang's line.
  • Yang Reacts to Sick Episodes: Despite her flirting with Blake being treated as comedy beforehand, and even in this very chapter, Yang DOES dedicate the entire day to making sure Blake is getting the best treatment possible. Even if she does wear a Hadaka Apron.
    • More telling is when a delirious Blake asks Yang to kiss her, Yang, who would be over the moon with such an idea, declines. Yang then states that she'd like to kiss Blake- at a point when she'd would remember it.
    • Yang actually hopes that Blake can't remember the above due to how serious she is being about her interest with Blake. Yang acts like a flirt to Blake because she is too nervous to honestly admit to Blake how she feels.
  • The Grimmfather reveals Weiss' true fear; she's afraid of losing Ruby, to the extent that she entirely shuts down when an illusion of a dead Ruby is shown to her and allows an illusory Siegmund to beat her down. This highlights just how much Ruby matters to her; she'd literally rather die than live without her girlfriend.
    • Jaune managing to pull the entire group out of the illusions the Grimmfather places on them using his own, untested Semblance before amplifying their powers to break them out using The Power of Friendship. Crosses over with Moment of Awesome, as Jaune finally comes into his own as a Badass.

     Volume Three 
  • Jaune and Pyrrha FINALLY confessing to each other. It took three volumes and a small Yandere turn for Pyrrha, but it happened. Possibly tempered by the fact that Winter, her romantic rival, found out and was absolutely crushed.
  • The Christmas special in the wake of the former:
    • Yang comforting Winter, from one Cool Big Sis to another. It emphasises just how much nicer Yang has become in comparison to earlier and proves she's really sticking to her promise.
    • Ruby and Weiss trying to snuggle together in a blanket is just filled with Adorkable moments. Also, Weiss contemplates how much Ruby really means to her, to the point of denying that it's just a schoolgirl crush and that her love for Ruby is real.
  • The entire Anniversary chapter. Highlights:
    • Penny declaring that 'any friend of Ruby's is a friend of mine' when she finds out Norn is her friend. And Norn seems happy to hear it, to the point of nearly smiling thinking about it.
    • Velvet and Vivi spend the day before Lover's Day just screwing around and acting like best friends, too.
    • The letters. Pyrrha makes it clear how much Jaune means to her despite constantly apologising throughout it, Andreas gives his son dating advice and tells him to go get the girl and Yang confides in her father how much Blake really means to her and asks him for advice on how to confess.
  • The entire Valentine's Day chapter is filled with this. Examples include:
    • Almost all the interaction between Jaune and Pyrrha consists of Adorkable exchanges.
    • Penny and Norn meeting in person for the first time, then evacuating the restaurant they're in to help people get away from the fire.
    • Winter's loneliness being broken by the newcomer Rook, who keeps her company because it's what he does.
  • The side-story Aftermath is all about Jaune and Pyrrha comforting each other after seeing the events of canon after Pyrrha has nightmares about being shot in the heart by Cinder. Needless to say, it crosses with Tear Jerker.
  • The School Play arc has many examples of this too:
  • The Mandatory Training Arc:
    Jaune: "I've had enough. I won't let you go! Not here, not while I can save you! I love you, Pyrrha. I don't know how many times I've said this, and I'm sorry I haven't said it enough, but I love you! That's why I can't let some bastard like him take you away! If the world wants you dead, that's fine with me. But…'s going to have to get through me first!"
    • Winter's Tranquil Fury when Rook gets hurt. Doubles with Moment of Awesome as she almost literally tears the head off of a Nevermore for touching him.

  • Just the fact that canonical villains like Cinder, Roman and the Malachite twins, and jerkasses like Cardin and Sky are friendly or at least happy to be around the main cast.
  • A meta one: the Reactsverse has inspired countless numbers of people to write their own humourous fics and has brought on various Recursive Fanfiction based off of it.
  • The send-off at the end of Volume One, where the author thanks as many people he can by name and then some.
  • Announcement is a eulogy for Monty Oum and a reflection of how many people he inspired.

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