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Heartwarming / We Were Young Once

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  • When Thranduil is near death after Oropher's charge, Galadhmir and Gwaelas sit by his bed all night.
    [Galadhmir] sat beside Thranduil's cot in somber vigil until the grey dawn of the next morning. He held his hand all the while to be certain life remained in it as well as to make Thranduil aware in some unconscious way of his continued presence during the darkest hours. He spoke to him softly, saying things he did not expect him to hear, but that helped to lighten the pall of loneliness that seemed to hang over them.
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  • Legolas thinks about all the things Thranduil has seen and done, then wonders how his father can still be alive after all that.
    Thranduil: There must be some reason. If it was only to raise you, it was well worth it.
  • Thranduil announces he will never leave Greenwood. Legolas says he will stay too, "even unto certain death".
    Thranduil: ...if indeed we should come to that final doom from which there is no escaping, and we must make an end worthy of immortal memory, I should be very glad of your company, Legolas.
  • After Thranduil has to sell his crown, Caladwen makes him a new one.


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